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1 // @(#)root/win32gdk:$Id$
2 // Author: Rene Brun, Olivier Couet, Fons Rademakers, Bertrand Bellenot 27/11/01
4 /*************************************************************************
5  * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6  * All rights reserved. *
7  * *
8  * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9  * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10  *************************************************************************/
12 #ifndef ROOT_TGWin32
13 #define ROOT_TGWin32
16 #include "TVirtualX.h"
18 #include "TTF.h"
21 #if !defined(__CINT__)
23 #include "Windows4Root.h"
24 #include "gdk/gdk.h"
25 #include "gdk/win32/gdkwin32.h"
27 #else
29 typedef ULong_t LPCRITICAL_SECTION;
30 typedef unsigned long DWORD;
31 typedef void* HANDLE;
33 typedef unsigned long XID;
34 typedef XID GdkDrawable;
35 typedef XID GdkCursor;
36 typedef XID GdkColormap;
37 typedef XID GdkWindow;
38 typedef XID GdkVisual;
40 struct GdkGC;
41 struct GdkGCValues;
42 struct GdkWindowAttr;
43 struct GdkColor;
44 struct GdkEvent;
45 struct GdkImage;
46 struct GdkPoint;
47 struct GdkRectangle;
49 struct MSG;
51 #endif
53 typedef unsigned long KeySym;
55 //#define None 0 /* universal null resource or null atom */
57 struct XWindow_t;
59 struct XColor_t {
60  GdkColor color;
61  Bool_t fDefined; // true if pixel value is defined
62  XColor_t() { color.pixel = 0; color.red = color.green = color.blue = 0; fDefined = kFALSE; }
63 };
65 class TExMap;
67 class TGWin32 : public TVirtualX {
69 private:
70  enum EAlign { kNone, kTLeft, kTCenter, kTRight, kMLeft, kMCenter, kMRight,
71  kBLeft, kBCenter, kBRight };
73  FT_Vector fAlign; ///< alignment vector
75  void Align(void);
76  void DrawImage(FT_Bitmap *source, ULong_t fore, ULong_t back, GdkImage *xim,
77  Int_t bx, Int_t by);
78  Bool_t IsVisible(Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
79  GdkImage *GetBackground(Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
80  void RenderString(Int_t x, Int_t y, ETextMode mode);
82  Int_t fMaxNumberOfWindows; ///< Maximum number of windows
83  XWindow_t *fWindows; ///< List of windows
84  TExMap *fColors; ///< Hash list of colors
85  GdkCursor *fCursors[kNumCursors]; ///< List of cursors
87  void CloseWindow1();
88  void PutImage(Int_t offset, Int_t itran, Int_t x0, Int_t y0, Int_t nx,
90  UChar_t *image, Drawable_t id);
91  void RemovePixmap(GdkDrawable *pix);
92  void SetColor(GdkGC *gc, Int_t ci);
93  void SetInput(Int_t inp);
94  void SetMarkerType(Int_t type, Int_t n, GdkPoint *xy);
95  void MakeOpaqueColors(Int_t percent, ULong_t *orgcolors, Int_t ncolors);
96  Int_t FindColor(ULong_t pixel, ULong_t *orgcolors, Int_t ncolors);
97  void ImgPickPalette(GdkImage *image, Int_t &ncol, Int_t *&R, Int_t *&G, Int_t *&B);
99  //---- Private methods used for GUI ----
100  void MapGCValues(GCValues_t &gval, ULong_t &xmask, GdkGCValues &xgval, Bool_t tox = kTRUE);
101  void MapSetWindowAttributes(SetWindowAttributes_t *attr,
102  ULong_t &xmask, GdkWindowAttr &xattr);
103  void MapCursor(ECursor cursor, Int_t &xcursor);
104  void MapColorStruct(ColorStruct_t *color, GdkColor &xcolor);
105  void MapModifierState(UInt_t &state, UInt_t &xstate, Bool_t tox = kTRUE);
106  void MapEvent(Event_t &ev, GdkEvent &xev, Bool_t tox = kTRUE);
107  void MapEventMask(UInt_t &emask, UInt_t &xemask, Bool_t tox = kTRUE);
108  void MapKeySym(UInt_t &keysym, UInt_t &xkeysym, Bool_t tox = kTRUE);
110 protected:
111  GdkVisual *fVisual;
112  GdkColormap *fColormap; ///< Default colormap, 0 if b/w
113  Int_t fScreenNumber; ///< Screen number
114  Bool_t fHasTTFonts; ///< True when TrueType fonts are used
115  Bool_t fUseSysPointers; ///< True when using system mouse pointers
116  Int_t fTextAlignH; ///< Text Alignment Horizontal
117  Int_t fTextAlignV; ///< Text Alignment Vertical
118  Int_t fTextAlign; ///< Text alignment (set in SetTextAlign)
119  Float_t fCharacterUpX; ///< Character Up vector along X
120  Float_t fCharacterUpY; ///< Character Up vector along Y
121  Float_t fTextMagnitude; ///< Text Magnitude
122  Int_t fDepth; ///< Number of color planes
123  Int_t fRedDiv; ///< Red value divider, -1 if no TrueColor visual
124  Int_t fGreenDiv; ///< Green value divider
125  Int_t fBlueDiv; ///< Blue value divider
126  Int_t fRedShift; ///< Bits to left shift red, -1 if no TrueColor visual
127  Int_t fGreenShift; ///< Bits to left shift green
128  Int_t fBlueShift; ///< Bits to left shift blue
129  Handle_t fXEvent; ///< Current native (GDK) event
130  TObject* fRefreshTimer; ///< TGWin32RefreshTimer for GUI thread message handler
135  Bool_t fPenModified; ///< line syle || width modified
139  void UpdateFillColor();
140  void UpdateFillStyle();
141  void UpdateLineColor();
142  void UpdateMarkerStyle();
143  void UpdateMarkerColor();
144  void UpdateLineStyle();
146  // needed by TGWin32TTF
147  Bool_t AllocColor(GdkColormap *cmap, GdkColor *color);
148  void QueryColors(GdkColormap *cmap, GdkColor *colors, Int_t ncolors);
149  GdkGC *GetGC(Int_t which) const;
150  XColor_t &GetColor(Int_t cid);
152 public:
153  TGWin32();
154  TGWin32(const char *name, const char *title);
155  virtual ~TGWin32();
157  void DrawText(Int_t x, Int_t y, Float_t angle, Float_t mgn,
158  const char *text, ETextMode mode);
159  void DrawText(Int_t x, Int_t y, Float_t angle, Float_t mgn,
160  const wchar_t *text, ETextMode mode);
161  void SetTextFont(Font_t fontnumber);
162  Int_t SetTextFont(char *fontname, ETextSetMode mode);
163  void SetTextSize(Float_t textsize);
165  Bool_t Init(void *display=0);
166  //UInt_t ExecCommand(TGWin32Command *);
167  void ClearWindow();
168  void ClosePixmap();
169  void CloseWindow();
170  void CopyPixmap(Int_t wid, Int_t xpos, Int_t ypos);
171  void DrawBox(Int_t x1, Int_t y1, Int_t x2, Int_t y2, EBoxMode mode);
172  void DrawCellArray(Int_t x1, Int_t y1, Int_t x2, Int_t y2, Int_t nx, Int_t ny, Int_t *ic);
173  void DrawFillArea(Int_t n, TPoint *xy);
174  void DrawLine(Int_t x1, Int_t y1, Int_t x2, Int_t y2);
175  void DrawPolyLine(Int_t n, TPoint *xy);
176  void DrawPolyMarker(Int_t n, TPoint *xy);
177  void GetCharacterUp(Float_t &chupx, Float_t &chupy);
178  Int_t GetDoubleBuffer(Int_t wid);
179  void GetGeometry(Int_t wid, Int_t &x, Int_t &y, UInt_t &w, UInt_t &h);
180  const char *DisplayName(const char *dpyName = 0);
181  ULong_t GetPixel(Color_t cindex);
182  void GetPlanes(Int_t &nplanes);
183  void GetRGB(Int_t index, Float_t &r, Float_t &g, Float_t &b);
184  virtual void GetTextExtent(UInt_t &w, UInt_t &h, char *mess);
185  virtual void GetTextExtent(UInt_t &, UInt_t &, wchar_t *){}
186  Float_t GetTextMagnitude() {return fTextMagnitude;}
187  Window_t GetWindowID(Int_t wid);
188  Bool_t HasTTFonts() const { return fHasTTFonts; }
189  Int_t InitWindow(ULong_t window);
190  Int_t AddPixmap(ULong_t pix, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
191  void MoveWindow(Int_t wid, Int_t x, Int_t y);
192  Int_t OpenPixmap(UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
193  void QueryPointer(Int_t &ix, Int_t &iy);
194  Pixmap_t ReadGIF(Int_t x0, Int_t y0, const char *file, Window_t id=0);
195  Int_t RequestLocator(Int_t mode, Int_t ctyp, Int_t &x, Int_t &y);
196  Int_t RequestString(Int_t x, Int_t y, char *text);
197  void RescaleWindow(Int_t wid, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
198  Int_t ResizePixmap(Int_t wid, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
199  void ResizeWindow(Int_t wid);
200  void SelectWindow(Int_t wid);
201  void SetCharacterUp(Float_t chupx, Float_t chupy);
202  void SetClipOFF(Int_t wid);
203  void SetClipRegion(Int_t wid, Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
204  void SetCursor(Int_t win, ECursor cursor);
205  void SetDoubleBuffer(Int_t wid, Int_t mode);
206  void SetDoubleBufferOFF();
207  void SetDoubleBufferON();
208  void SetDrawMode(EDrawMode mode);
209  void SetFillColor(Color_t cindex);
210  void SetFillStyle(Style_t style);
211  void SetLineColor(Color_t cindex);
212  void SetLineType(Int_t n, Int_t *dash);
213  void SetLineStyle(Style_t linestyle);
214  void SetLineWidth(Width_t width);
215  void SetMarkerColor(Color_t cindex);
216  void SetMarkerSize(Float_t markersize);
217  void SetMarkerStyle(Style_t markerstyle);
218  void SetOpacity(Int_t percent);
219  void SetRGB(Int_t cindex, Float_t r, Float_t g, Float_t b);
220  void SetTextAlign(Short_t talign=11);
221  void SetTextColor(Color_t cindex);
222  void SetTextMagnitude(Float_t mgn=1) { fTextMagnitude = mgn;}
223  void Sync(Int_t mode);
224  void UpdateWindow(Int_t mode);
225  void Warp(Int_t ix, Int_t iy, Window_t id = 0);
226  Int_t WriteGIF(char *name);
227  void WritePixmap(Int_t wid, UInt_t w, UInt_t h, char *pxname);
228  Window_t GetCurrentWindow() const;
230  //---- Methods used for GUI -----
232  void MapWindow(Window_t id);
233  void MapSubwindows(Window_t id);
234  void MapRaised(Window_t id);
235  void UnmapWindow(Window_t id);
236  void DestroyWindow(Window_t id);
237  void DestroySubwindows(Window_t id);
238  void RaiseWindow(Window_t id);
239  void LowerWindow(Window_t id);
240  void MoveWindow(Window_t id, Int_t x, Int_t y);
241  void MoveResizeWindow(Window_t id, Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
242  void ResizeWindow(Window_t id, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
243  void IconifyWindow(Window_t id);
244  void ReparentWindow(Window_t id, Window_t pid, Int_t x, Int_t y);
245  void SetWindowBackground(Window_t id, ULong_t color);
246  void SetWindowBackgroundPixmap(Window_t id, Pixmap_t pxm);
247  Window_t CreateWindow(Window_t parent, Int_t x, Int_t y,
248  UInt_t w, UInt_t h, UInt_t border,
249  Int_t depth, UInt_t clss,
250  void *visual, SetWindowAttributes_t *attr,
251  UInt_t wtype);
252  Int_t OpenDisplay(const char *dpyName=0);
253  void CloseDisplay();
254  Display_t GetDisplay() const;
255  Visual_t GetVisual() const { return 0; }
256  Int_t GetScreen() const { return 0; }
257  Int_t GetDepth() const;
258  Colormap_t GetColormap() const { return (Colormap_t) fColormap; }
259  Atom_t InternAtom(const char *atom_name, Bool_t only_if_exist);
260  Window_t GetDefaultRootWindow() const;
261  Window_t GetParent(Window_t id) const;
262  FontStruct_t LoadQueryFont(const char *font_name);
263  FontH_t GetFontHandle(FontStruct_t fs);
264  void DeleteFont(FontStruct_t fs);
265  GContext_t CreateGC(Drawable_t id, GCValues_t *gval);
266  void ChangeGC(GContext_t gc, GCValues_t *gval);
267  void CopyGC(GContext_t org, GContext_t dest, Mask_t mask);
268  void DeleteGC(GContext_t gc);
269  Cursor_t CreateCursor(ECursor cursor);
270  void SetCursor(Window_t id, Cursor_t curid);
271  Pixmap_t CreatePixmap(Drawable_t id, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
272  Pixmap_t CreatePixmap(Drawable_t id, const char *bitmap, UInt_t width,
273  UInt_t height, ULong_t forecolor, ULong_t backcolor,
274  Int_t depth);
275  Pixmap_t CreatePixmapFromData(unsigned char *bits, UInt_t width, UInt_t height);
276  Pixmap_t CreateBitmap(Drawable_t id, const char *bitmap,
277  UInt_t width, UInt_t height);
278  void DeletePixmap(Pixmap_t pmap);
279  Bool_t CreatePictureFromFile(Drawable_t id, const char *filename,
280  Pixmap_t &pict, Pixmap_t &pict_mask,
281  PictureAttributes_t &attr);
282  Bool_t CreatePictureFromData(Drawable_t id, char **data,
283  Pixmap_t &pict, Pixmap_t &pict_mask,
284  PictureAttributes_t &attr);
285  Bool_t ReadPictureDataFromFile(const char *filename, char ***ret_data);
286  void DeletePictureData(void *data);
287  void SetDashes(GContext_t gc, Int_t offset, const char *dash_list, Int_t n);
288  Bool_t ParseColor(Colormap_t cmap, const char *cname, ColorStruct_t &color);
289  Bool_t AllocColor(Colormap_t cmap, ColorStruct_t &color);
290  void QueryColor(Colormap_t cmap, ColorStruct_t &color);
291  void FreeColor(Colormap_t cmap, ULong_t pixel);
292  Int_t EventsPending();
293  void NextEvent(Event_t &event);
294  void Bell(Int_t percent);
295  void CopyArea(Drawable_t src, Drawable_t dest, GContext_t gc,
296  Int_t src_x, Int_t src_y, UInt_t width, UInt_t height,
297  Int_t dest_x, Int_t dest_y);
298  void ChangeWindowAttributes(Window_t id, SetWindowAttributes_t *attr);
299  void ChangeProperty(Window_t id, Atom_t property, Atom_t type,
300  UChar_t *data, Int_t len);
301  void DrawLine(Drawable_t id, GContext_t gc, Int_t x1, Int_t y1, Int_t x2, Int_t y2);
302  void ClearArea(Window_t id, Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
303  Bool_t CheckEvent(Window_t id, EGEventType type, Event_t &ev);
304  void SendEvent(Window_t id, Event_t *ev);
305  void WMDeleteNotify(Window_t id);
306  void SetKeyAutoRepeat(Bool_t on = kTRUE);
307  void GrabKey(Window_t id, Int_t keycode, UInt_t modifier, Bool_t grab = kTRUE);
308  void GrabButton(Window_t id, EMouseButton button, UInt_t modifier,
309  UInt_t evmask, Window_t confine, Cursor_t cursor,
310  Bool_t grab = kTRUE);
311  void GrabPointer(Window_t id, UInt_t evmask, Window_t confine,
312  Cursor_t cursor, Bool_t grab = kTRUE,
313  Bool_t owner_events = kTRUE);
314  void SetWindowName(Window_t id, char *name);
315  void SetIconName(Window_t id, char *name);
316  void SetIconPixmap(Window_t id, Pixmap_t pic);
317  void SetClassHints(Window_t id, char *className, char *resourceName);
318  void SetMWMHints(Window_t id, UInt_t value, UInt_t funcs, UInt_t input);
319  void SetWMPosition(Window_t id, Int_t x, Int_t y);
320  void SetWMSize(Window_t id, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
321  void SetWMSizeHints(Window_t id, UInt_t wmin, UInt_t hmin,
322  UInt_t wmax, UInt_t hmax, UInt_t winc, UInt_t hinc);
323  void SetWMState(Window_t id, EInitialState state);
324  void SetWMTransientHint(Window_t id, Window_t main_id);
325  void DrawString(Drawable_t id, GContext_t gc, Int_t x, Int_t y,
326  const char *s, Int_t len);
327  Int_t TextWidth(FontStruct_t font, const char *s, Int_t len);
328  void GetFontProperties(FontStruct_t font, Int_t &max_ascent, Int_t &max_descent);
329  void GetGCValues(GContext_t gc, GCValues_t &gval);
330  FontStruct_t GetFontStruct(FontH_t fh);
331  void FreeFontStruct(FontStruct_t fs);
332  void ClearWindow(Window_t id);
333  Int_t KeysymToKeycode(UInt_t keysym);
334  void FillRectangle(Drawable_t id, GContext_t gc, Int_t x, Int_t y,
335  UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
336  void DrawRectangle(Drawable_t id, GContext_t gc, Int_t x, Int_t y,
337  UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
338  void DrawSegments(Drawable_t id, GContext_t gc, Segment_t *seg, Int_t nseg);
339  void SelectInput(Window_t id, UInt_t evmask);
340  Window_t GetInputFocus();
341  void SetInputFocus(Window_t id);
342  Window_t GetPrimarySelectionOwner();
343  void SetPrimarySelectionOwner(Window_t id);
344  void ConvertPrimarySelection(Window_t id, Atom_t clipboard, Time_t when);
345  void LookupString(Event_t *event, char *buf, Int_t buflen, UInt_t &keysym);
346  void GetPasteBuffer(Window_t id, Atom_t atom, TString &text,
347  Int_t &nchar, Bool_t del);
348  void TranslateCoordinates(Window_t src, Window_t dest, Int_t src_x,
349  Int_t src_y, Int_t &dest_x, Int_t &dest_y, Window_t &child);
350  void GetWindowSize(Drawable_t id, Int_t &x, Int_t &y, UInt_t &w, UInt_t &h);
351  void FillPolygon(Window_t id, GContext_t gc, Point_t *points, Int_t npnt);
352  void QueryPointer(Window_t id, Window_t &rootw, Window_t &childw,
353  Int_t &root_x, Int_t &root_y, Int_t &win_x,
354  Int_t &win_y, UInt_t &mask);
355  void SetForeground(GContext_t gc, ULong_t foreground);
356  void SetClipRectangles(GContext_t gc, Int_t x, Int_t y, Rectangle_t *recs, Int_t n);
357  void Update(Int_t mode = 0);
358  Region_t CreateRegion();
359  void DestroyRegion(Region_t reg);
360  void UnionRectWithRegion(Rectangle_t *rect, Region_t src, Region_t dest);
361  Region_t PolygonRegion(Point_t *points, Int_t np, Bool_t winding);
362  void UnionRegion(Region_t rega, Region_t regb, Region_t result);
363  void IntersectRegion(Region_t rega, Region_t regb, Region_t result);
364  void SubtractRegion(Region_t rega, Region_t regb, Region_t result);
365  void XorRegion(Region_t rega, Region_t regb, Region_t result);
366  Bool_t EmptyRegion(Region_t reg);
367  Bool_t PointInRegion(Int_t x, Int_t y, Region_t reg);
368  Bool_t EqualRegion(Region_t rega, Region_t regb);
369  void GetRegionBox(Region_t reg, Rectangle_t *);
370  char **ListFonts(const char *fontname, Int_t max, Int_t &count);
371  void FreeFontNames(char **fontlist);
372  Drawable_t CreateImage(UInt_t width, UInt_t height);
373  void GetImageSize(Drawable_t id, UInt_t &width, UInt_t &height);
374  void PutPixel(Drawable_t id, Int_t x, Int_t y, ULong_t pixel);
375  void PutImage(Drawable_t id, GContext_t gc, Drawable_t img,
376  Int_t dx, Int_t dy, Int_t x, Int_t y,
377  UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
378  void DeleteImage(Drawable_t img);
379  unsigned char *GetColorBits(Drawable_t wid, Int_t x, Int_t y, UInt_t width, UInt_t height);
380  Int_t AddWindow(ULong_t qwid, UInt_t w, UInt_t h);
381  void RemoveWindow(ULong_t qwid);
382  void ShapeCombineMask(Window_t id, Int_t x, Int_t y, Pixmap_t mask);
383  UInt_t ScreenWidthMM() const;
385  void DeleteProperty(Window_t, Atom_t&);
386  Int_t GetProperty(Window_t, Atom_t, Long_t, Long_t, Bool_t, Atom_t,
387  Atom_t*, Int_t*, ULong_t*, ULong_t*, unsigned char**);
388  void ChangeActivePointerGrab(Window_t, UInt_t, Cursor_t);
389  void ConvertSelection(Window_t, Atom_t&, Atom_t&, Atom_t&, Time_t&);
390  Bool_t SetSelectionOwner(Window_t, Atom_t&);
391  void ChangeProperties(Window_t id, Atom_t property, Atom_t type,
392  Int_t format, UChar_t *data, Int_t len);
393  void SetDNDAware(Window_t win, Atom_t *typelist);
394  void SetTypeList(Window_t win, Atom_t prop, Atom_t *typelist);
395  Window_t FindRWindow(Window_t win, Window_t dragwin, Window_t input, int x, int y, int maxd);
396  Bool_t IsDNDAware(Window_t win, Atom_t *typelist);
398  Bool_t GUIThreadMessageFunc(MSG* msg);
399  Bool_t IsCmdThread() const;
400  void SetUserThreadId(ULong_t id);
402  static void Lock();
403  static void Unlock();
405  ClassDef(TGWin32,0) //Interface to Win32
406 };
408 #endif
Definition: TGWin32.h:70
Handle_t FontStruct_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:38
static double B[]
Semi-Abstract base class defining a generic interface to the underlying, low level, native graphics backend (X11, Win32, MacOS, OpenGL...).
Definition: TVirtualX.h:58
float xmin
Definition: THbookFile.cxx:93
XWindow_t * fWindows
List of windows.
Definition: TGWin32.h:83
Definition: GuiTypes.h:344
short Style_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:76
Bool_t fHasTTFonts
True when TrueType fonts are used.
Definition: TGWin32.h:114
void GetWindowAttributes(NSObject< X11Window > *window, WindowAttributes_t *dst)
Bool_t fFillColorModified
Definition: TGWin32.h:132
float Float_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:53
UInt_t Mask_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:40
th1 SetTextAlign(11)
float ymin
Definition: THbookFile.cxx:93
#define g(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:105
image html pict1_TGaxis_012 png width
Define new text attributes for the label number "labNum".
Definition: TGaxis.cxx:2551
Float_t fTextMagnitude
Text Magnitude.
Definition: TGWin32.h:121
ULong_t Time_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:41
Bool_t HasTTFonts() const
Returns True when TrueType fonts are used.
Definition: TGWin32.h:188
Description of a X11 color.
Definition: TGWin32.h:59
Definition: GuiTypes.h:58
Handle_t Cursor_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:33
Bool_t fUseSysPointers
True when using system mouse pointers.
Definition: TGWin32.h:115
pt SetTextColor(4)
Bool_t fMarkerColorModified
Definition: TGWin32.h:137
Handle_t GContext_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:37
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:131
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:41
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
FT_Vector fAlign
alignment vector
Definition: TGWin32.h:73
Int_t fRedDiv
Red value divider, -1 if no TrueColor visual.
Definition: TGWin32.h:123
Handle_t Drawable_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:30
Int_t fRedShift
Bits to left shift red, -1 if no TrueColor visual.
Definition: TGWin32.h:126
Definition: TVirtualX.h:44
This class is the basic interface to the Win32 graphics system.
Definition: TGWin32.h:67
short Font_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:75
Handle_t Display_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:26
Int_t fTextAlignV
Text Alignment Vertical.
Definition: TGWin32.h:117
#define G(x, y, z)
#define R(a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:110
Handle_t FontH_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:34
Int_t fBlueDiv
Blue value divider.
Definition: TGWin32.h:125
static const double x2[5]
Int_t fGreenDiv
Green value divider.
Definition: TGWin32.h:124
Double_t x[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
unsigned long KeySym
Definition: TGWin32.h:53
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:320
NSPoint TranslateCoordinates(NSView< X11Window > *fromView, NSView< X11Window > *toView, NSPoint sourcePoint)
Handle_t fXEvent
Current native (GDK) event.
Definition: TGWin32.h:129
void Init(TClassEdit::TInterpreterLookupHelper *helper)
Definition: TClassEdit.cxx:121
Handle_t Atom_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:36
Bool_t fPenModified
line syle || width modified
Definition: TGWin32.h:135
void SetLineType(CGContextRef ctx, Int_t n, Int_t *dash)
Definition: QuartzLine.mm:50
Definition: TGWin32.h:62
Bool_t fLineColorModified
Definition: TGWin32.h:134
unsigned long XID
Definition: TGX11.h:35
Int_t fGreenShift
Bits to left shift green.
Definition: TGWin32.h:127
Float_t GetTextMagnitude()
Returns the current font magnification factor.
Definition: TGWin32.h:186
m SetMarkerColor(kBlue)
lv SetLineColor(kBlue)
short Color_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:79
void DrawPolyLine(CGContextRef ctx, Int_t n, TPoint *xy)
Definition: QuartzLine.mm:135
Definition: TPoint.h:31
point * points
Definition: X3DBuffer.c:20
Int_t fTextAlign
Text alignment (set in SetTextAlign)
Definition: TGWin32.h:118
Int_t fTextAlignH
Text Alignment Horizontal.
Definition: TGWin32.h:116
float ymax
Definition: THbookFile.cxx:93
Definition: GuiTypes.h:213
ROOT::R::TRInterface & r
Definition: Object.C:4
GdkVisual * fVisual
Definition: TGWin32.h:111
th1 SetTextSize(0.12)
void DrawFillArea(CGContextRef ctx, Int_t n, TPoint *xy, Bool_t drawShadow)
XPoint xy[kMAXMK]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:122
Bool_t fFillStyleModified
Definition: TGWin32.h:133
pt SetTextFont(42)
a SetFillStyle(0)
Handle_t Visual_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:27
Colormap_t GetColormap() const
Returns handle to colormap.
Definition: TGWin32.h:258
h1 SetFillColor(kGreen)
Float_t fCharacterUpX
Character Up vector along X.
Definition: TGWin32.h:119
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:42
m SetMarkerStyle(20)
const Handle_t kNone
Definition: GuiTypes.h:87
gr SetMarkerSize(1.3)
void DrawPolyMarker(CGContextRef ctx, const std::vector< TPoint > &marker, Size_t markerSize, Style_t markerStyle)
short Short_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:35
f1 SetLineWidth(4)
float xmax
Definition: THbookFile.cxx:93
lv DrawLine(0.33, 0.0, 0.33, 1.0)
#define h(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:106
Handle_t Colormap_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:32
short Width_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:78
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:88
long Long_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:50
Color * colors
Definition: X3DBuffer.c:19
void SetTextMagnitude(Float_t mgn=1)
Sets the current text magnification factor to "mgn".
Definition: TGWin32.h:222
static const double x1[5]
Int_t fDepth
Number of color planes.
Definition: TGWin32.h:122
TText * text
Float_t fCharacterUpY
Character Up vector along Y.
Definition: TGWin32.h:120
const int kNumCursors
Definition: TVirtualX.h:43
int type
Definition: TGX11.cxx:120
unsigned long ULong_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:51
TCanvas * style()
Definition: style.C:1
Double_t y[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
static constexpr double s
GdkColormap * fColormap
Default colormap, 0 if b/w.
Definition: TGWin32.h:112
static void GetPixel(int y, int width, Byte_t *scline)
Get pixels in line y and put in array scline.
Definition: TGWin32.cxx:4288
Bool_t fMarkerStyleModified
Definition: TGWin32.h:136
NSCursor * CreateCursor(ECursor currentCursor)
#define org(otri, vertexptr)
Definition: triangle.c:1037
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition: TObject.h:37
void GetColor(Float_t v, Float_t vmin, Float_t vmax, Int_t type, Float_t *rgba)
This function creates color for parametric surface&#39;s vertex, using its &#39;u&#39; value. ...
Definition: TGLUtil.cxx:3844
Int_t fMaxNumberOfWindows
Maximum number of windows.
Definition: TGWin32.h:82
Handle_t Window_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:28
GdkColor color
Definition: TGWin32.h:60
lv SetLineStyle(3)
Int_t fScreenNumber
Screen number.
Definition: TGWin32.h:113
Definition: file.py:1
void DrawBox(CGContextRef ctx, Int_t x1, Int_t y1, Int_t x2, Int_t y2, bool hollow)
#define dest(otri, vertexptr)
Definition: triangle.c:1040
Handle_t Region_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:31
Handle_t Pixmap_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:29
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Double_t b
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
TExMap * fColors
Hash list of colors.
Definition: TGWin32.h:84
Int_t GetScreen() const
Returns screen number.
Definition: TGWin32.h:256
Bool_t fDefined
true if pixel value is defined
Definition: TGWin32.h:61
unsigned char UChar_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:34
Int_t fBlueShift
Bits to left shift blue.
Definition: TGWin32.h:128
Visual_t GetVisual() const
Returns handle to visual.
Definition: TGWin32.h:255
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:87
const Int_t n
Definition: legend1.C:16
TObject * fRefreshTimer
TGWin32RefreshTimer for GUI thread message handler.
Definition: TGWin32.h:130
char name[80]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:109
This class stores a (key,value) pair using an external hash.
Definition: TExMap.h:33
virtual void GetTextExtent(UInt_t &, UInt_t &, wchar_t *)
Returns the size of the specified character string "mess".
Definition: TGWin32.h:185
ULong_t Handle_t
Definition: GuiTypes.h:25