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1 // @(#)root/hist:$Id$
2 // Author: Christian Holm Christensen 07/11/2000
4 #ifndef ROOT_TMultiDimFit
5 #define ROOT_TMultiDimFit
7 #include "TNamed.h"
8 #include "TVectorD.h"
9 #include "TMatrixD.h"
10 #include "TList.h"
11 #include "TVirtualFitter.h"
13 class TBrowser;
15 class TMultiDimFit : public TNamed {
17 public:
18  enum EMDFPolyType {
22  };
24 private:
25  static TMultiDimFit* fgInstance; // Static instance
26 protected:
28  TVectorD fQuantity; // Training sample, dependent quantity
29  TVectorD fSqError; // Training sample, error in quantity
30  Double_t fMeanQuantity; // Mean of dependent quantity
31  Double_t fMaxQuantity; // Max value of dependent quantity
32  Double_t fMinQuantity; // Min value of dependent quantity
33  Double_t fSumSqQuantity; // SumSquare of dependent quantity
34  Double_t fSumSqAvgQuantity; // Sum of squares away from mean
36  TVectorD fVariables; // Training sample, independent variables
37  Int_t fNVariables; // Number of independent variables
38  TVectorD fMeanVariables; // mean value of independent variables
39  TVectorD fMaxVariables; // max value of independent variables
40  TVectorD fMinVariables; // min value of independent variables
42  Int_t fSampleSize; // Size of training sample
44  TVectorD fTestQuantity; // Test sample, dependent quantity
45  TVectorD fTestSqError; // Test sample, Error in quantity
46  TVectorD fTestVariables; // Test sample, independent variables
48  Int_t fTestSampleSize; // Size of test sample
50  Double_t fMinAngle; // Min angle for acepting new function
51  Double_t fMaxAngle; // Max angle for acepting new function
52  Int_t fMaxTerms; // Max terms expected in final expr.
53  Double_t fMinRelativeError; // Min relative error accepted
54  Int_t *fMaxPowers; // [fNVariables] maximum powers
55  Double_t fPowerLimit; // Control parameter
58  TMatrixD fFunctions; // Functions evaluated over sample
59  Int_t fMaxFunctions; // max number of functions
60  Int_t *fFunctionCodes; // [fMaxFunctions] acceptance code
61  Int_t fMaxStudy; // max functions to study
62  Int_t fMaxFuncNV; // fMaxFunctions*fNVariables
64  TMatrixD fOrthFunctions; // As above, but orthogonalised
65  TVectorD fOrthFunctionNorms; // Norm of the evaluated functions
68  Int_t *fMaxPowersFinal; // [fNVariables] maximum powers from fit;
69  Int_t *fPowers; // [fMaxFuncNV] where fMaxFuncNV = fMaxFunctions*fNVariables
70  Int_t *fPowerIndex; // [fMaxTerms] Index of accepted powers
72  TVectorD fResiduals; // Vector of the final residuals
73  Double_t fMaxResidual; // Max redsidual value
74  Double_t fMinResidual; // Min redsidual value
75  Int_t fMaxResidualRow; // Row giving max residual
76  Int_t fMinResidualRow; // Row giving min residual
77  Double_t fSumSqResidual; // Sum of Square residuals
79  Int_t fNCoefficients; // Dimension of model coefficients
80  TVectorD fOrthCoefficients; // The model coefficients
81  TMatrixD fOrthCurvatureMatrix; // Model matrix
82  TVectorD fCoefficients; // Vector of the final coefficients
83  TVectorD fCoefficientsRMS; // Vector of RMS of coefficients
84  Double_t fRMS; // Root mean square of fit
85  Double_t fChi2; // Chi square of fit
86  Int_t fParameterisationCode; // Exit code of parameterisation
88  Double_t fError; // Error from parameterization
89  Double_t fTestError; // Error from test
90  Double_t fPrecision; // Relative precision of param
91  Double_t fTestPrecision; // Relative precision of test
92  Double_t fCorrelationCoeff; // Multi Correlation coefficient
93  TMatrixD fCorrelationMatrix; // Correlation matrix
94  Double_t fTestCorrelationCoeff; // Multi Correlation coefficient
96  TList* fHistograms; // List of histograms
97  Byte_t fHistogramMask; // Bit pattern of hisograms used
98  Int_t fBinVarX; // Number of bin in independent variables
99  Int_t fBinVarY; // Number of bin in dependent variables
101  TVirtualFitter* fFitter; //! Fit object (MINUIT)
103  EMDFPolyType fPolyType; // Type of polynomials to use
104  Bool_t fShowCorrelation; // print correlation matrix
105  Bool_t fIsUserFunction; // Flag for user defined function
108  virtual Double_t EvalFactor(Int_t p, Double_t x) const;
109  virtual Double_t EvalControl(const Int_t *powers) const;
110  virtual void MakeCoefficientErrors();
111  virtual void MakeCorrelation();
112  virtual Double_t MakeGramSchmidt(Int_t function);
113  virtual void MakeCoefficients();
114  virtual void MakeCandidates();
115  virtual void MakeNormalized();
116  virtual void MakeParameterization();
117  virtual void MakeRealCode(const char *filename,
118  const char *classname,
119  Option_t *option="");
120  virtual Bool_t Select(const Int_t *iv);
121  virtual Bool_t TestFunction(Double_t squareResidual,
122  Double_t dResidur);
123 public:
124  TMultiDimFit();
125  TMultiDimFit(Int_t dimension,
127  Option_t *option="");
128  virtual ~TMultiDimFit();
130  virtual void AddRow(const Double_t *x, Double_t D, Double_t E=0);
131  virtual void AddTestRow(const Double_t *x, Double_t D, Double_t E=0);
132  virtual void Browse(TBrowser* b);
133  virtual void Clear(Option_t *option=""); // *MENU*
134  virtual void Draw(Option_t * ="d") { }
135  virtual Double_t Eval(const Double_t *x, const Double_t *coeff=0) const;
136  virtual Double_t EvalError(const Double_t *x, const Double_t *coeff=0) const;
137  virtual void FindParameterization(Option_t* option=""); // *MENU*
138  virtual void Fit(Option_t *option=""); // *MENU*
140  Double_t GetChi2() const { return fChi2; }
142  const TVectorD* GetCoefficients() const { return &fCoefficients; }
143  const TVectorD* GetCoefficientsRMS() const { return &fCoefficientsRMS; }
144  Double_t GetError() const { return fError; }
145  Int_t* GetFunctionCodes() const { return fFunctionCodes; }
146  const TMatrixD* GetFunctions() const { return &fFunctions; }
147  virtual TList* GetHistograms() const { return fHistograms; }
148  Double_t GetMaxAngle() const { return fMaxAngle; }
149  Int_t GetMaxFunctions() const { return fMaxFunctions; }
150  Int_t* GetMaxPowers() const { return fMaxPowers; }
152  Int_t GetMaxStudy() const { return fMaxStudy; }
153  Int_t GetMaxTerms() const { return fMaxTerms; }
154  const TVectorD* GetMaxVariables() const { return &fMaxVariables; }
156  const TVectorD* GetMeanVariables() const { return &fMeanVariables; }
157  Double_t GetMinAngle() const { return fMinAngle; }
160  const TVectorD* GetMinVariables() const { return &fMinVariables; }
161  Int_t GetNVariables() const { return fNVariables; }
163  Int_t GetPolyType() const { return fPolyType; }
164  Int_t* GetPowerIndex() const { return fPowerIndex; }
165  Double_t GetPowerLimit() const { return fPowerLimit; }
166  const Int_t* GetPowers() const { return fPowers; }
167  Double_t GetPrecision() const { return fPrecision; }
168  const TVectorD* GetQuantity() const { return &fQuantity; }
174  Double_t GetRMS() const { return fRMS; }
175  Int_t GetSampleSize() const { return fSampleSize; }
176  const TVectorD* GetSqError() const { return &fSqError; }
179  Double_t GetTestError() const { return fTestError; }
181  const TVectorD* GetTestQuantity() const { return &fTestQuantity; }
183  const TVectorD* GetTestSqError() const { return &fTestSqError; }
184  const TVectorD* GetTestVariables() const { return &fTestVariables; }
185  const TVectorD* GetVariables() const { return &fVariables; }
187  static TMultiDimFit* Instance();
188  virtual Bool_t IsFolder() const { return kTRUE; }
189  virtual Double_t MakeChi2(const Double_t* coeff=0);
190  virtual void MakeCode(const char *functionName="MDF", Option_t *option=""); // *MENU*
191  virtual void MakeHistograms(Option_t* option="A"); // *MENU*
192  virtual void MakeMethod(const Char_t* className="MDF", Option_t* option=""); // *MENU*
193  virtual void Print(Option_t *option="ps") const; // *MENU*
195  void SetBinVarX(Int_t nbbinvarx) {fBinVarX = nbbinvarx;}
196  void SetBinVarY(Int_t nbbinvary) {fBinVarY = nbbinvary;}
197  void SetMaxAngle(Double_t angle=0);
198  void SetMaxFunctions(Int_t n) { fMaxFunctions = n; }
199  void SetMaxPowers(const Int_t *powers);
200  void SetMaxStudy(Int_t n) { fMaxStudy = n; }
201  void SetMaxTerms(Int_t terms) { fMaxTerms = terms; }
202  void SetMinRelativeError(Double_t error);
203  void SetMinAngle(Double_t angle=1);
204  void SetPowerLimit(Double_t limit=1e-3);
205  virtual void SetPowers(const Int_t *powers, Int_t terms);
207  ClassDef(TMultiDimFit,2) // Multi dimensional fit class
208 }
209 ;
210 #endif
Int_t * fMaxPowersFinal
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:68
const TVectorD * GetSqError() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:176
Double_t GetPrecision() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:167
virtual Double_t MakeChi2(const Double_t *coeff=0)
Calculate Chi square over either the test sample.
TVirtualFitter * fFitter
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:101
void SetBinVarX(Int_t nbbinvarx)
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:195
virtual Double_t EvalFactor(Int_t p, Double_t x) const
PRIVATE METHOD: Evaluate function with power p at variable value x.
Double_t fError
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:88
TVectorD fResiduals
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:72
Int_t * fPowerIndex
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:70
Int_t fBinVarY
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:99
Double_t fPrecision
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:90
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:62
virtual Double_t EvalError(const Double_t *x, const Double_t *coeff=0) const
Evaluate parameterization error at point x.
static TMultiDimFit * fgInstance
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:25
Bool_t fShowCorrelation
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:104
virtual void Fit(Option_t *option="")
Try to fit the found parameterisation to the test sample.
virtual ~TMultiDimFit()
Int_t fMaxFuncNV
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:62
Int_t fTestSampleSize
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:48
TVectorD fCoefficients
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:82
Double_t fMinRelativeError
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:53
void SetMaxPowers(const Int_t *powers)
Set the maximum power to be considered in the fit for each variable.
TMatrixD fOrthFunctions
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:64
Double_t GetMaxQuantity() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:151
TMatrixD fOrthCurvatureMatrix
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:81
Int_t GetPolyType() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:163
const Int_t * GetPowers() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:166
Double_t fTestError
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:89
Bool_t fIsUserFunction
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:105
Int_t GetSampleSize() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:175
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:41
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
virtual TList * GetHistograms() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:147
Double_t GetTestPrecision() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:180
virtual void Clear(Option_t *option="")
Clear internal structures and variables.
Double_t fMaxAngle
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:51
Double_t GetTestError() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:179
virtual void MakeNormalized()
PRIVATE METHOD: Normalize data to the interval [-1;1].
virtual void MakeRealCode(const char *filename, const char *classname, Option_t *option="")
PRIVATE METHOD: This is the method that actually generates the code for the evaluation the parameteri...
virtual Bool_t TestFunction(Double_t squareResidual, Double_t dResidur)
PRIVATE METHOD: Test whether the currently considered function contributes to the fit...
virtual void MakeParameterization()
PRIVATE METHOD: Find the parameterization over the training sample.
TVectorD fTestVariables
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:46
Double_t fSumSqQuantity
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:33
virtual void MakeCoefficientErrors()
PRIVATE METHOD: Compute the errors on the coefficients.
Double_t fMinAngle
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:50
Int_t fBinVarX
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:98
const TVectorD * GetMinVariables() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:160
const TVectorD * GetTestQuantity() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:181
TVectorD fTestQuantity
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:44
Double_t GetChi2() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:140
TVectorD fTestSqError
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:45
Int_t * fFunctionCodes
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:60
Double_t x[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
Double_t GetRMS() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:174
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:320
void SetPowerLimit(Double_t limit=1e-3)
Set the user parameter for the function selection.
Int_t GetResidualMaxRow() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:171
Double_t fSumSqAvgQuantity
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:34
unsigned char Byte_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:60
The TNamed class is the base class for all named ROOT classes.
Definition: TNamed.h:29
static TMultiDimFit * Instance()
Return the static instance.
TVectorD fSqError
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:29
TMatrixD fCorrelationMatrix
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:93
Int_t GetNCoefficients() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:162
TVectorD fOrthFunctionNorms
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:65
void SetMinAngle(Double_t angle=1)
Set the min angle (in degrees) between a new candidate function and the subspace spanned by the previ...
Double_t fMaxQuantity
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:31
void SetMaxAngle(Double_t angle=0)
Set the max angle (in degrees) between the initial data vector to be fitted, and the new candidate fu...
Byte_t fHistogramMask
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:97
const TVectorD * GetCoefficients() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:142
TList * fHistograms
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:96
virtual void AddRow(const Double_t *x, Double_t D, Double_t E=0)
Add a row consisting of fNVariables independent variables, the known, dependent quantity, and optionally, the square error in the dependent quantity, to the training sample to be used for the parameterization.
Int_t * GetFunctionCodes() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:145
virtual Bool_t Select(const Int_t *iv)
Selection method.
const TVectorD * GetMaxVariables() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:154
const TVectorD * GetQuantity() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:168
Int_t fNVariables
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:37
TVectorD fQuantity
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:28
void SetMaxTerms(Int_t terms)
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:201
TVectorD fMeanVariables
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:38
virtual Double_t EvalControl(const Int_t *powers) const
PRIVATE METHOD: Calculate the control parameter from the passed powers.
Double_t GetResidualSumSq() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:173
const TVectorD * GetMeanVariables() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:156
Double_t fTestPrecision
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:91
A doubly linked list.
Definition: TList.h:44
Int_t GetMaxStudy() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:152
Double_t fMeanQuantity
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:30
Double_t fMaxResidual
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:73
Int_t * fPowers
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:69
Int_t * fMaxPowers
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:54
Using a TBrowser one can browse all ROOT objects.
Definition: TBrowser.h:37
Int_t GetNVariables() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:161
Int_t fMaxFunctions
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:59
virtual void Print(Option_t *option="ps") const
Print statistics etc.
virtual void MakeCandidates()
PRIVATE METHOD: Create list of candidate functions for the parameterisation.
Int_t fSampleSize
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:42
Double_t fSumSqResidual
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:77
Int_t fMaxTerms
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:52
Double_t fChi2
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:85
Double_t GetSumSqAvgQuantity() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:177
Multidimensional Fits in ROOT.
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:15
Int_t fParameterisationCode
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:86
virtual void FindParameterization(Option_t *option="")
Find the parameterization.
Int_t * GetPowerIndex() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:164
Bool_t fIsVerbose
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:106
Double_t fMinQuantity
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:32
TVectorD fVariables
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:36
virtual void SetPowers(const Int_t *powers, Int_t terms)
Define a user function.
Double_t GetMinRelativeError() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:159
Double_t GetMeanQuantity() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:155
virtual void AddTestRow(const Double_t *x, Double_t D, Double_t E=0)
Add a row consisting of fNVariables independent variables, the known, dependent quantity, and optionally, the square error in the dependent quantity, to the test sample to be used for the test of the parameterization.
TMatrixD fFunctions
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:58
virtual void MakeMethod(const Char_t *className="MDF", Option_t *option="")
Generate the file <classname>MDF.cxx which contains the implementation of the method: ...
Int_t GetMaxFunctions() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:149
Double_t fMinResidual
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:74
constexpr Double_t E()
Base of natural log: .
Definition: TMath.h:97
virtual Double_t Eval(const Double_t *x, const Double_t *coeff=0) const
Evaluate parameterization at point x.
virtual void MakeHistograms(Option_t *option="A")
Make histograms of the result of the analysis.
Int_t * GetMaxPowers() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:150
EMDFPolyType fPolyType
Fit object (MINUIT)
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:103
const TVectorD * GetVariables() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:185
Double_t GetPowerLimit() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:165
double Double_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:55
int type
Definition: TGX11.cxx:120
void SetMinRelativeError(Double_t error)
Set the acceptable relative error for when sum of square residuals is considered minimized.
Double_t GetError() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:144
Int_t fMinResidualRow
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:76
virtual Bool_t IsFolder() const
Returns kTRUE in case object contains browsable objects (like containers or lists of other objects)...
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:188
TVectorD fCoefficientsRMS
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:83
Int_t fNCoefficients
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:79
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t e
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
virtual void MakeCode(const char *functionName="MDF", Option_t *option="")
Generate the file <filename> with .C appended if argument doesn&#39;t end in .cxx or .C.
Empty CTOR. Do not use.
const TVectorD * GetCoefficientsRMS() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:143
Int_t fMaxStudy
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:61
Double_t fPowerLimit
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:55
Abstract Base Class for Fitting.
Int_t fMaxResidualRow
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:75
char Char_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:29
Double_t GetResidualMax() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:169
Double_t GetMaxAngle() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:148
Double_t GetSumSqQuantity() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:178
Double_t fRMS
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:84
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Double_t b
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
void SetBinVarY(Int_t nbbinvary)
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:196
Double_t GetMinAngle() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:157
virtual void MakeCorrelation()
PRIVATE METHOD: Compute the correlation matrix.
virtual Double_t MakeGramSchmidt(Int_t function)
PRIVATE METHOD: Make Gram-Schmidt orthogonalisation.
Double_t fCorrelationCoeff
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:92
TVectorD fMinVariables
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:40
Int_t GetResidualMinRow() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:172
TVectorD fOrthCoefficients
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:80
void SetMaxStudy(Int_t n)
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:200
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:87
Int_t GetMaxTerms() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:153
void SetMaxFunctions(Int_t n)
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:198
const Int_t n
Definition: legend1.C:16
const TVectorD * GetTestVariables() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:184
virtual void Draw(Option_t *="d")
Default Draw method for all objects.
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:134
const TMatrixD * GetCorrelationMatrix() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:141
virtual void MakeCoefficients()
PRIVATE METHOD: Invert the model matrix B, and compute final coefficients.
TVectorD fMaxVariables
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:39
Int_t GetTestSampleSize() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:182
const TVectorD * GetTestSqError() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:183
Double_t GetMinQuantity() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:158
Double_t GetResidualMin() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:170
virtual void Browse(TBrowser *b)
Browse the TMultiDimFit object in the TBrowser.
const TMatrixD * GetFunctions() const
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:146
Double_t fTestCorrelationCoeff
Definition: TMultiDimFit.h:94