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pserv.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Server program to test parallel sockets.

To run this demo do the following:

void pserv()
// Open a parallel server socket looking for connections on a named
// service or on a specified port.
//TPServerSocket *ss = new TServerSocket("rootserv", kTRUE);
// Accept a connection and return a full-duplex communication socket.
TPSocket *sock = ss->Accept();
delete ss;
int niter, bsize;
sock->Recv(niter, bsize);
printf("Receive %d buffers of %d bytes over %d parallel sockets...\n",
niter, bsize, sock->GetSize());
char *buf = new char[bsize];
// start timer
TStopwatch timer;
// accept data from client
for (int i = 0; i < niter; i++) {
memset(buf, 0, bsize);
int ret = sock->RecvRaw(buf, bsize);
if (ret < 0) {
printf("error receiving\n");
if (buf[0] != 65) {
printf("received data corrupted\n");
delete sock;
delete [] buf;
// stop timer and print results
Double_t rtime = timer.RealTime();
Double_t ctime = timer.CpuTime();
printf("%d bytes received in %f seconds\n", niter*bsize, rtime);
if (rtime > 0) printf("%5.2f MB/s\n", Double_t(niter*bsize/1024/1024)/rtime);
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Definition in file pserv.C.