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ROOT::Experimental::REveGeomNodeInfo Class Reference

Definition at line 147 of file REveGeomData.hxx.

Public Attributes

std::string fullpath
 full path to node More...
std::string node_name
 node name More...
std::string node_type
 node class name More...
RGeomRenderInfori {nullptr}
 rendering information (if applicable) More...
std::string shape_name
 shape class name (if any) More...
std::string shape_type
 shape type (if any) More...

#include <ROOT/REveGeomData.hxx>

Member Data Documentation

◆ fullpath

std::string ROOT::Experimental::REveGeomNodeInfo::fullpath

full path to node

Definition at line 149 of file REveGeomData.hxx.

◆ node_name

std::string ROOT::Experimental::REveGeomNodeInfo::node_name

node name

Definition at line 151 of file REveGeomData.hxx.

◆ node_type

std::string ROOT::Experimental::REveGeomNodeInfo::node_type

node class name

Definition at line 150 of file REveGeomData.hxx.

◆ ri

RGeomRenderInfo* ROOT::Experimental::REveGeomNodeInfo::ri {nullptr}

rendering information (if applicable)

Definition at line 155 of file REveGeomData.hxx.

◆ shape_name

std::string ROOT::Experimental::REveGeomNodeInfo::shape_name

shape class name (if any)

Definition at line 153 of file REveGeomData.hxx.

◆ shape_type

std::string ROOT::Experimental::REveGeomNodeInfo::shape_type

shape type (if any)

Definition at line 152 of file REveGeomData.hxx.

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