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ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected Class Referenceabstract

Definition at line 81 of file REveProjectionBases.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 REveProjected ()=default
virtual ~REveProjected ()
 Destructor. More...
Float_t GetDepth () const
REveProjectionManagerGetManager () const
REveProjectableGetProjectable () const
virtual REveElementGetProjectedAsElement ()
 Returns this projected dynamic-casted to REveElement. More...
virtual void SetDepth (Float_t d)
 Set depth coordinate for the element. More...
virtual void SetProjection (REveProjectionManager *mng, REveProjectable *model)
 Sets projection manager and reference in the projectable object. More...
virtual void UnRefProjectable (REveProjectable *assumed_parent, bool notifyParent=true)
 Remove reference to projectable. More...
virtual void UpdateProjection ()=0

Protected Member Functions

void SetDepthCommon (Float_t d, REveElement *el, Float_t *bbox)
 Utility function to update the z-values of the bounding-box. More...
virtual void SetDepthLocal (Float_t d)
 Base-class implementation – just sets fDepth. More...

Protected Attributes

Float_t fDepth {0.}
REveProjectionManagerfManager {nullptr}
REveProjectablefProjectable {nullptr}

Private Member Functions

 REveProjected (const REveProjected &)=delete
REveProjectedoperator= (const REveProjected &)=delete

#include <ROOT/REveProjectionBases.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ REveProjected() [1/2]

ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::REveProjected ( const REveProjected )

◆ REveProjected() [2/2]

ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::REveProjected ( )

◆ ~REveProjected()

REveProjected::~REveProjected ( )


If fProjectable is non-null, *this is removed from its list of projected replicas.

Definition at line 171 of file REveProjectionBases.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDepth()

Float_t ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::GetDepth ( ) const

Definition at line 100 of file REveProjectionBases.hxx.

◆ GetManager()

REveProjectionManager * ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::GetManager ( ) const

Definition at line 98 of file REveProjectionBases.hxx.

◆ GetProjectable()

REveProjectable * ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::GetProjectable ( ) const

Definition at line 99 of file REveProjectionBases.hxx.

◆ GetProjectedAsElement()

◆ operator=()

REveProjected & ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::operator= ( const REveProjected )

◆ SetDepth()

void REveProjected::SetDepth ( Float_t  d)

Set depth coordinate for the element.

Bounding-box should also be updated. If projection type is 3D, this only sets fDepth member.

Reimplemented in ROOT::Experimental::REveTrackListProjected.

Definition at line 217 of file REveProjectionBases.cxx.

◆ SetDepthCommon()

void REveProjected::SetDepthCommon ( Float_t  d,
REveElement el,
Float_t bbox 

Utility function to update the z-values of the bounding-box.

As this is an abstract interface, the element and bbox pointers must be passed from outside.

Definition at line 231 of file REveProjectionBases.cxx.

◆ SetDepthLocal()

◆ SetProjection()

◆ UnRefProjectable()

void REveProjected::UnRefProjectable ( REveProjectable assumed_parent,
bool  notifyParent = true 

Remove reference to projectable.

Definition at line 202 of file REveProjectionBases.cxx.

◆ UpdateProjection()

Member Data Documentation

◆ fDepth

Float_t ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::fDepth {0.}

Definition at line 89 of file REveProjectionBases.hxx.

◆ fManager

REveProjectionManager* ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::fManager {nullptr}

Definition at line 87 of file REveProjectionBases.hxx.

◆ fProjectable

REveProjectable* ROOT::Experimental::REveProjected::fProjectable {nullptr}

Definition at line 88 of file REveProjectionBases.hxx.

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