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TMCParticleStatus Struct Reference

Definition at line 28 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

Public Member Functions

 TMCParticleStatus ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~TMCParticleStatus ()=default
void InitFromParticle (const TParticle *particle)
 Use TParticle information as a starting point. More...
void Print () const
 Print all info at once. More...

Public Attributes

UInt_t fGeoStateIndex = 0
 geo state cache More...
Int_t fId = -1
 Unique ID assigned by the user. More...
Bool_t fIsOutside
 Flags to (re)set for TGeoNavigator's fIsOutside state. More...
TLorentzVector fMomentum
 momentum More...
Int_t fParentId = -1
 Unique ID assigned by the user. More...
TVector3 fPolarization
 polarization More...
TLorentzVector fPosition
 position More...
Int_t fStepNumber = 0
 Number of steps. More...
Double_t fTrackLength = 0.
 Track length. More...
Double_t fWeight = 1.
 weight More...

Private Member Functions

 TMCParticleStatus (const TMCParticleStatus &)
 Copying kept private. More...
TMCParticleStatusoperator= (const TMCParticleStatus &)
 Assignement kept private. More...

#include <TMCParticleStatus.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TMCParticleStatus() [1/2]

TMCParticleStatus::TMCParticleStatus ( )

Default constructor.

◆ ~TMCParticleStatus()

virtual TMCParticleStatus::~TMCParticleStatus ( )

◆ TMCParticleStatus() [2/2]

TMCParticleStatus::TMCParticleStatus ( const TMCParticleStatus )

Copying kept private.

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitFromParticle()

void TMCParticleStatus::InitFromParticle ( const TParticle particle)

Use TParticle information as a starting point.

Definition at line 34 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ operator=()

TMCParticleStatus & TMCParticleStatus::operator= ( const TMCParticleStatus )

Assignement kept private.

◆ Print()

void TMCParticleStatus::Print ( ) const

Print all info at once.

Definition at line 49 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fGeoStateIndex

UInt_t TMCParticleStatus::fGeoStateIndex = 0

geo state cache

Definition at line 88 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fId

Int_t TMCParticleStatus::fId = -1

Unique ID assigned by the user.

Definition at line 90 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fIsOutside

Bool_t TMCParticleStatus::fIsOutside

Flags to (re)set for TGeoNavigator's fIsOutside state.

Definition at line 94 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fMomentum

TLorentzVector TMCParticleStatus::fMomentum


Definition at line 82 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fParentId

Int_t TMCParticleStatus::fParentId = -1

Unique ID assigned by the user.

Definition at line 92 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fPolarization

TVector3 TMCParticleStatus::fPolarization


Definition at line 84 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fPosition

TLorentzVector TMCParticleStatus::fPosition


Definition at line 80 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fStepNumber

Int_t TMCParticleStatus::fStepNumber = 0

Number of steps.

Definition at line 76 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fTrackLength

Double_t TMCParticleStatus::fTrackLength = 0.

Track length.

Definition at line 78 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

◆ fWeight

Double_t TMCParticleStatus::fWeight = 1.


Definition at line 86 of file TMCParticleStatus.h.

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