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TGLVector3 Class Reference

3 component (x/y/z) vector class.

This is part of collection of utility classes for GL in TGLUtil.h/cxx These provide const and non-const accessors Arr() / CArr() to a GL compatible internal field - so can be used directly with OpenGL C API calls. They are not intended to be fully featured just provide minimum required.

Definition at line 247 of file TGLUtil.h.

Public Member Functions

 TGLVector3 ()=default
 TGLVector3 (const Double_t *src)
 Construct a vector with components (src[0], src[1], src[2])
 TGLVector3 (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z)
 Construct a vector with components (x,y,z)
 ClassDefNV (TGLVector3, 1)
Double_t Mag () const
void Normalise ()
TGLVector3 operator- () const
TGLVector3operator/= (Double_t val)
TGLVector3operator= (const TGLVertex3 &v)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TGLVertex3
 TGLVertex3 ()
 Construct a default (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) vertex.
 TGLVertex3 (const TGLVertex3 &other)
 Construct a vertex from 'other'.
 TGLVertex3 (Double_t *v)
 Construct a vertex with components (v[0], v[1], v[2])
 TGLVertex3 (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z)
 Construct a vertex with components (x,y,z)
 ~TGLVertex3 ()
 Destroy vertex object.
Double_tArr ()
const Double_tCArr () const
 ClassDefNV (TGLVertex3, 1)
void Dump () const
 Output vertex component values to std::cout.
void Fill (Double_t val)
void Maximum (const TGLVertex3 &other)
void Minimum (const TGLVertex3 &other)
void Negate ()
TGLVertex3operator*= (Double_t f)
const TGLVertex3operator+= (const TGLVector3 &val)
TGLVertex3 operator- () const
const TGLVertex3operator-= (const TGLVector3 &val)
TGLVertex3operator= (const TGLVertex3 &rhs)
Bool_t operator== (const TGLVertex3 &rhs) const
Double_toperator[] (Int_t index)
const Double_toperator[] (Int_t index) const
void Set (const Double_t *xyz)
void Set (const TGLVertex3 &other)
void Set (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z)
void Shift (Double_t xDelta, Double_t yDelta, Double_t zDelta)
 Offset a vertex by components (xDelta, yDelta, zDelta)
void Shift (TGLVector3 &shift)
 Offset a vertex by vector 'shift'.
Double_tX ()
Double_t X () const
Double_tY ()
Double_t Y () const
Double_tZ ()
Double_t Z () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TGLVertex3
Bool_t ValidIndex (UInt_t index) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from TGLVertex3
Double_t fVals [3]

#include <TGLUtil.h>

Inheritance diagram for TGLVector3:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TGLVector3() [1/3]

TGLVector3::TGLVector3 ( )

◆ TGLVector3() [2/3]

TGLVector3::TGLVector3 ( Double_t  x,
Double_t  y,
Double_t  z 

Construct a vector with components (x,y,z)

Definition at line 151 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

◆ TGLVector3() [3/3]

TGLVector3::TGLVector3 ( const Double_t src)

Construct a vector with components (src[0], src[1], src[2])

Definition at line 159 of file TGLUtil.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClassDefNV()

TGLVector3::ClassDefNV ( TGLVector3  ,

◆ Mag()

Double_t TGLVector3::Mag ( ) const

Definition at line 298 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ Normalise()

void TGLVector3::Normalise ( )

Definition at line 304 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ operator-()

TGLVector3 TGLVector3::operator- ( ) const

Definition at line 292 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ operator/=()

TGLVector3 & TGLVector3::operator/= ( Double_t  val)

Definition at line 283 of file TGLUtil.h.

◆ operator=()

TGLVector3 & TGLVector3::operator= ( const TGLVertex3 v)

Definition at line 254 of file TGLUtil.h.

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