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textEntries.C File Reference

Detailed Description

This macro gives an example of how to set/change text entry attributes.

To run it do either:

.x textEntries.C
.x textEntries.C++
#include <TGTextEntry.h>
#include <TGButtonGroup.h>
#include <TGLabel.h>
#include <TGComboBox.h>
#include <TApplication.h>
//////////// auxilary class ///////////////////////////////////////////////////
class GroupBox : public TGGroupFrame {
TGComboBox *fCombo; // combo box
TGTextEntry *fEntry; // text entry
GroupBox(const TGWindow *p, const char *name, const char *title);
TGTextEntry *GetEntry() const { return fEntry; }
TGComboBox *GetCombo() const { return fCombo; }
ClassDef(GroupBox, 0)
GroupBox::GroupBox(const TGWindow *p, const char *name, const char *title) :
// Group frame containing combobox and text entry.
TGLabel *label = new TGLabel(horz, title);
fCombo = new TGComboBox(horz);
5, 0, 5, 5));
fCombo->Resize(100, 20);
fEntry = new TGTextEntry(this);
AddFrame(fEntry, new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsExpandX | kLHintsCenterY));
class TextEntryWindow {
TGMainFrame *fMain; // main frame
GroupBox *fEcho; // echo mode (echo, password, no echo)
GroupBox *fAlign; // alignment (left, right, center)
GroupBox *fAccess; // read-only mode
GroupBox *fBorder; // border mode
virtual ~TextEntryWindow() { delete fMain; }
ClassDef(TextEntryWindow, 0);
// Main test window.
TGComboBox *combo;
TGTextEntry *entry;
fMain = new TGMainFrame(gClient->GetRoot(), 10, 10, kVerticalFrame);
// recusively delete all subframes on exit
fEcho = new GroupBox(fMain, "Echo", "Mode:");
fMain->AddFrame(fEcho, new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsExpandX | kLHintsExpandY, 5, 5));
combo = fEcho->GetCombo();
entry = fEcho->GetEntry();
// add entries
combo->AddEntry("Normal", TGTextEntry::kNormal);
combo->AddEntry("Password", TGTextEntry::kPassword);
combo->AddEntry("No Echo", TGTextEntry::kNoEcho);
combo->Connect("Selected(Int_t)", "TGTextEntry", entry, "SetEchoMode(TGTextEntry::EEchoMode)");
fAlign = new GroupBox(fMain, "Alignment", "Type:");
fMain->AddFrame(fAlign, new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsExpandX | kLHintsExpandY, 5, 5));
combo = fAlign->GetCombo();
entry = fAlign->GetEntry();
// add entries
combo->AddEntry("Left", kTextLeft);
combo->AddEntry("Centered", kTextCenterX);
combo->AddEntry("Right", kTextRight);
combo->Connect("Selected(Int_t)", "TGTextEntry", entry, "SetAlignment(ETextJustification)");
fAccess = new GroupBox(fMain, "Access", "Read-only:");
fMain->AddFrame(fAccess, new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsExpandX | kLHintsExpandY, 5, 5));
combo = fAccess->GetCombo();
entry = fAccess->GetEntry();
// add entries
combo->AddEntry("False", 1);
combo->AddEntry("True", 0);
combo->Connect("Selected(Int_t)", "TGTextEntry", entry, "SetEnabled(Int_t)");
fBorder = new GroupBox(fMain, "Border", "Drawn:");
fMain->AddFrame(fBorder, new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsExpandX | kLHintsExpandY, 5, 5));
combo = fBorder->GetCombo();
entry = fBorder->GetEntry();
// add entries
combo->AddEntry("False", 0);
combo->AddEntry("True", 1);
combo->Connect("Selected(Int_t)", "TGTextEntry", entry, "SetFrameDrawn(Int_t)");
// terminate ROOT session when window is closed
fMain->Connect("CloseWindow()", "TApplication", gApplication, "Terminate()");
// set minimum width, height
fMain->SetWMSizeHints(fMain->GetDefaultWidth(), fMain->GetDefaultHeight(),
1000, 1000, 0, 0);
fMain->SetWindowName("Text Entries");
void textEntries()
// Main program.
new TextEntryWindow();
@ kVerticalFrame
Definition GuiTypes.h:381
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition Rtypes.h:325
R__EXTERN TApplication * gApplication
#define gClient
Definition TGClient.h:166
@ kDeepCleanup
Definition TGFrame.h:50
@ kLHintsRight
Definition TGLayout.h:33
@ kLHintsExpandY
Definition TGLayout.h:38
@ kLHintsLeft
Definition TGLayout.h:31
@ kLHintsCenterY
Definition TGLayout.h:35
@ kLHintsExpandX
Definition TGLayout.h:37
@ kTextCenterX
Definition TGWidget.h:35
@ kTextLeft
Definition TGWidget.h:33
@ kTextRight
Definition TGWidget.h:34
char name[80]
Definition TGX11.cxx:110
virtual void AddEntry(TGString *s, Int_t id)
Definition TGComboBox.h:106
virtual void Select(Int_t id, Bool_t emit=kTRUE)
Make the selected item visible in the combo box window and emit signals according to the second param...
virtual void AddFrame(TGFrame *f, TGLayoutHints *l=0)
Add frame to the composite frame using the specified layout hints.
Definition TGFrame.cxx:1102
Bool_t Connect(const char *signal, const char *receiver_class, void *receiver, const char *slot)
Non-static method is used to connect from the signal of this object to the receiver slot.
Definition TQObject.cxx:866
Valeriy Onuchin 25/08/2007

Definition in file textEntries.C.