Release 6.30/02 - 2023-11-28


This release addresses a security issue found after the initial release of 6.30.00. Please upgrade!

Other than that, these are the highlights for 6.30.00 and 6.30.02:

RDataFrame now has a ProgressBar to do the obvious and RDatasetSpec to programmatically define metadata and input files. See that in action in the tutorial / df106_HiggsToFourLeptons.C.

Distributed RDataFrame - just like many other parts of ROOT - got a performance boost!

A new plot type, TScatter is now available: it’s able to draw a scatter plot of four variables in a single plot.

Minuit2 is now the default minimizer.

In other news, this release adds support for GCC 13 and macOS 14. It requires C++17. Python2 support is now deprecated.

Release Notes

The release notes for this release can be found here.

Binary distributions

Instead of manually downloading this binary, please explore first whether your package manager already provides this version. This way, you will automatically keep up-to-date with the latest stable versions with no manual maintenance on your side.

Platform Files Size
Almalinux 8.8 root_v6.30.02.Linux-almalinux8.8-x86_64-gcc8.5.tar.gz 269M
Almalinux 9.3 root_v6.30.02.Linux-almalinux9.3-x86_64-gcc11.4.tar.gz 284M
Centosstream 8 root_v6.30.02.Linux-centosstream8-x86_64-gcc8.5.tar.gz 272M
Centosstream 9 root_v6.30.02.Linux-centosstream9-x86_64-gcc11.3.tar.gz 287M
Fedora 37 root_v6.30.02.Linux-fedora37-x86_64-gcc12.3.tar.gz 283M
Fedora 38 root_v6.30.02.Linux-fedora38-x86_64-gcc13.2.tar.gz 287M
Fedora 39 root_v6.30.02.Linux-fedora39-x86_64-gcc13.2.tar.gz 287M
Ubuntu 20.04 root_v6.30.02.Linux-ubuntu20.04-x86_64-gcc9.4.tar.gz 278M
Ubuntu 22.04 root_v6.30.02.Linux-ubuntu22.04-x86_64-gcc11.4.tar.gz 282M
Ubuntu 23.04 root_v6.30.02.Linux-ubuntu23.04-x86_64-gcc12.3.tar.gz 283M
macOS 12.7 arm64 Xcode 14 root_v6.30.02.macos-12.7-arm64-clang140.pkg 423M
macOS 12.7 arm64 Xcode 14 root_v6.30.02.macos-12.7-arm64-clang140.tar.gz 270M
macOS 12.7 x86_64 Xcode 14 root_v6.30.02.macos-12.7-x86_64-clang140.pkg 437M
macOS 12.7 x86_64 Xcode 14 root_v6.30.02.macos-12.7-x86_64-clang140.tar.gz 281M
macOS 13.6 arm64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-13.6-arm64-clang150.pkg 445M
macOS 13.6 arm64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-13.6-arm64-clang150.tar.gz 282M
macOS 13.6 x86_64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-13.6-x86_64-clang150.pkg 459M
macOS 13.6 x86_64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-13.6-x86_64-clang150.tar.gz 293M
macOS 14.1 arm64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-14.1-arm64-clang150.pkg 445M
macOS 14.1 arm64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-14.1-arm64-clang150.tar.gz 282M
macOS 14.1 x86_64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-14.1-x86_64-clang150.pkg 459M
macOS 14.1 x86_64 Xcode 15 root_v6.30.02.macos-14.1-x86_64-clang150.tar.gz 293M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 32-bit x86 (debug) root_v6.30.02.win32.vc17.debug.exe 237M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 32-bit x86 (debug) 359M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 32-bit x86 root_v6.30.02.win32.vc17.exe 119M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 32-bit x86 163M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 64-bit x64 (debug) root_v6.30.02.win64.vc17.debug.exe 245M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 64-bit x64 (debug) 372M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 64-bit x64 root_v6.30.02.win64.vc17.exe 125M
Windows Visual Studio 2022 64-bit x64 171M

Source distribution

Platform Files Size
source root_v6.30.02.source.tar.gz 176M

Installations in CVMFS

Standalone installations with minimal external dependencies are available at:



The entire ROOT source can be obtained from our public Git repository:

git clone

The release specific tag can be obtained using:

cd root
git checkout -b v6-30-02 v6-30-02

See instructions to build from source.


Windows 10/7/… are supported. We offer two packaging types:

  • exe: a regular Windows installer package also setting up the required environment variables. With uninstall via “Control Panel” / “Add or Remove Programs”. Simply download and start. You can double-click ROOT to run it; ROOT files get registered with Windows.
  • tar: unpack e.g. with 7zip. Start ROOT in a Microsoft Visual Studio Prompt (in Start / Programs / Microsoft Visual Studio / Tools). If you installed ROOT to C:\root then call C:\root\bin\thisroot.bat before using ROOT to set up required environment variables.

Important installation notes

  • You must download the binary built with the exact same version of Visual Studio than the one installed on your system.
  • Do not untar in a directory with a name containing blank characters.
  • Take the release version if performance matters.
  • If you want to debug your code you need the ROOT debug build (you cannot mix release / debug builds due to a Microsoft restriction).