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ROOT enables statistically sound scientific analyses and visualization of large amounts of data: today, more than 1 exabyte (1,000,000,000 gigabyte) are stored in ROOT files. The Higgs was found with ROOT!


As high-performance software, ROOT is written mainly in C++. You can use it on Linux, macOS, or Windows; it works out of the box. ROOT is open source: use it freely, modify it, contribute to it!

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ROOT comes with an incredible C++ interpreter, ideal for fast prototyping. Don’t like C++? ROOT integrates super-smoothly with Python thanks to its unique dynamic and powerful Python ⇄ C++ binding. Or what about using ROOT in a Jupyter notebook?

How to run ROOT Macros in VS Code (31 Mar 2021)

Visual Studio Code offers some great functionalities when it comes to coding, such as IntelliSense, debugging, built-in Git, and many more through extensions. In this blog post I’m going to show how to configure VS Code in order to use all of these awesome features when creating and editing ROOT Macros!

New PyTorch Interface in TMVA! (25 Mar 2021)

What if we combine PyTorch and TMVA? Ever wondered how ROOT utilizes powerful external MVA libraries making them easily accessible with a direct integration into the TMVA workflow? These interfaces between TMVA and Python frameworks are powered by the PyMVA backbone. All PyMVA methods provide the same plug-and-play mechanisms as TMVA.

View ROOT Files directly in VS Code! (11 Mar 2021)

As a heavy user of ROOT, many of the results of my data analysis are saved in ROOT Files and, honestly, I always found it a bit annoying to glance over them. The good news is that that isn’t the case any longer! Let me present ROOT File Viewer, an extension for Visual Studio Code that makes use of the wonderful JavaScript ROOT to display ROOT Files directly within VS Code, with just a click!

A Snap package for ROOT on Linux (15 Jan 2021)

There is a new experimental package format for ROOT, based on the Snap package manager from Canonical. This package can be ideal for new ROOT users, new Linux users, or people whose ROOT requirements might be entirely satisfied with an immutable container image.

Implementing and tuning RANLUX++ for ROOT (30 Nov 2020)

ROOT comes with support for different pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs). This post discusses the recent implementation of RANLUX++ and how I tuned its performance. Because of its theoretical strengths and its performance, this generator might become the default in future versions of ROOT.

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