class PictureAttributes_t


Types used by the GUI classes.

Function Members (Methods)

PictureAttributes_t(const PictureAttributes_t&)
PictureAttributes_t&operator=(const PictureAttributes_t&)

Data Members

UInt_tfClosenessallowable RGB deviation
Colormap_tfColormapcolormap to use
Int_tfDepthdepth of window
UInt_tfHeightheight of picture
Mask_tfMaskmask specifying which attributes are defined
UInt_tfNpixelsnumber of used color pixels
ULong_t*fPixelslist of used color pixels (if set use delete[])
UInt_tfWidthwidth of picture
UInt_tfXHotspotpicture x hotspot coordinate
UInt_tfYHotspotpicture y hotspot coordinate

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