class TMapRec


This class implements a shared memory region mapped to a file.
Objects can be placed into this shared memory area using the Add()
member function. Whenever the mapped object(s) change(s) call
Update() to put a fresh copy in the shared memory. This extra
step is necessary since it is not possible to share objects with
virtual pointers between processes (the vtbl ptr points to the
originators unique address space and can not be used by the
consumer process(es)). Consumer processes can map the memory region
from this file and access the objects stored in it via the Get()
method (which returns a copy of the object stored in the shared
memory with correct vtbl ptr set). Only objects of classes with a
Streamer() member function defined can be shared.

Function Members (Methods)

TMapRec(const TMapRec&)
TMapRec(const char* name, const TObject* obj, Int_t size, void* buf)
void*GetBuffer(Long_t offset = 0) const
Int_tGetBufSize() const
const char*GetClassName(Long_t offset = 0) const
const char*GetName(Long_t offset = 0) const
TMapRec*GetNext(Long_t offset = 0) const
TObject*GetObject() const
TMapRec&operator=(const TMapRec&)

Data Members

Int_tfBufSizebuffer size
void*fBufferbuffer containing object of class name
char*fClassNameclass name
char*fNameobject name
TMapRec*fNextnext MapRec in list
TObject*fObjectpointer to original object

Class Charts

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Function documentation

void operator=(const TMapRec& )
const char * GetName(Long_t offset = 0) const
{ return fName; }
TMapRec(const char* name, const TObject* obj, Int_t size, void* buf)
const char * GetClassName(Long_t offset = 0) const
{ return (char *)((Long_t) fClassName + offset); }
void * GetBuffer(Long_t offset = 0) const
{ return (void *)((Long_t) fBuffer + offset); }
Int_t GetBufSize()
{ return fBufSize; }
TObject * GetObject()
TMapRec * GetNext(Long_t offset = 0) const
{ return (TMapRec *)((Long_t) fNext + offset); }

Author: Fons Rademakers 08/07/97
Last update: root/io:$Id: TMapFile.h 20882 2007-11-19 11:31:26Z rdm $
Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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