class TTable::iterator


It is a base class to create a "wrapper" class
holding the plain C-structure array
(1 element of the structure per element)

Function Members (Methods)

TTable::iteratoriterator(const TTable::iterator& iter)
TTable::iteratoriterator(const TTable& table, TTable::iterator::vec_const_iterator& rowPtr)
void*operator void*() const
Bool_toperator!=(const TTable::iterator& t) const
Long_toperator*() const
TTable::iteratoroperator+(Int_t idx)
voidoperator+=(Int_t idx)
TTable::iteratoroperator-(Int_t idx)
Int_toperator-(const TTable::iterator& it) const
voidoperator-=(Int_t idx)
voidoperator=(const TTable::iterator& iter)
Bool_toperator==(const TTable::iterator& t) const
void*rowPtr() const
const Long_t&RowSize() const
const TTable&Table() const

Data Members

const TTable*fThisTable

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Function documentation

TTable & operator=(const TTable::iterator& iter)
iterator(const TTable::iterator& iter)
iterator(const TTable& table, TTable::iterator::vec_const_iterator& rowPtr)
iterator(const TTable& table, TTable::iterator::vec_const_iterator& rowPtr)
           fCurrentRow(* const_cast<vector<Long_t>::iterator *>(&rowPtr) ) {;}
void operator++(int )
{ ++fCurrentRow; }
void operator++(int )
{ fCurrentRow++; }
void operator--(int )
{ --fCurrentRow; }
void operator--(int )
{ fCurrentRow--; }
iterator operator+(Int_t idx)
{ std::vector<Long_t>::iterator addition = fCurrentRow+idx; return iterator(*fThisTable,addition); }
iterator operator-(Int_t idx)
{ std::vector<Long_t>::iterator subtraction = fCurrentRow-idx; return iterator(*fThisTable,subtraction); }
void operator+=(Int_t idx)
{ fCurrentRow+=idx; }
void operator-=(Int_t idx)
{ fCurrentRow-=idx; }
void * rowPtr()
{ return (void *)(((const char *)fThisTable->GetArray()) + (*fCurrentRow)*fRowSize ); }
Int_t operator-(const iterator &it)
{ return (*fCurrentRow)-(*(it.fCurrentRow)); }
Bool_t operator==(const TTable::iterator& t) const
{ return ( (fCurrentRow == t.fCurrentRow) && (fThisTable == t.fThisTable) ); }
Bool_t operator!=(const TTable::iterator& t) const
{ return !operator==(t); }
const Long_t & RowSize()
{ return fRowSize;}

Author: Valery Fine( 03/07/98
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