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class ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions

    Base class for Numerical integration  options
    common in 1D and multi-dimension
    This is an internal class and is not supposed to be instantiated by the user

    @ingroup Integration

Function Members (Methods)

    This is an abstract class, constructors will not be documented.
    Look at the header to check for available constructors.

doubleAbsTolerance() const
ROOT::Math::IOptions*ExtraOptions() const
virtual stringIntegrator() const
ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions&operator=(const ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions& opt)
doubleRelTolerance() const
voidSetAbsTolerance(double tol)
voidSetExtraOptions(const ROOT::Math::IOptions& opt)
voidSetRelTolerance(double tol)
voidSetWKSize(unsigned int size)
unsigned intWKSize() const

Data Members

doublefAbsToleranceabsolute tolerance
ROOT::Math::IOptions*fExtraOptionsextra options
intfIntegTypeIntegrator type (value converted from enum)
unsigned intfNCalls(max) funxtion calls
doublefRelTolerancerelative tolerance
unsigned intfWKSizeworkspace size

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Function documentation

BaseIntegratorOptions & operator=(const ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions& opt)
 assignment operators
virtual ~BaseIntegratorOptions()
 protected constructor to avoid user creating this class
{ ClearExtra(); }
std::string Integrator() const
 name of 1D integrator
double AbsTolerance() const
 non-static methods for  retrivieng options 
 absolute tolerance
{ return fAbsTolerance; }
double RelTolerance() const
 absolute tolerance
{ return fRelTolerance; }
unsigned int WKSize() const
 size of the workspace
{ return fWKSize; }
IOptions * ExtraOptions() const
 return extra options
{ return fExtraOptions; }
void SetAbsTolerance(double tol)
 non-static methods for setting options 
 set the abs tolerance
{ fAbsTolerance = tol; }
void SetRelTolerance(double tol)
 set the relative tolerance
{ fRelTolerance = tol; }
void SetWKSize(unsigned int size)
 set workspace size
{ fWKSize = size; }
void SetExtraOptions(const ROOT::Math::IOptions& opt)
 set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned)
void ClearExtra()