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class ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptions

    DistSampler options class

    @ingroup NumAlgo

Function Members (Methods)

const string&Algorithm() const
static ROOT::Math::IOptions&Default(const char* name)
static const string&DefaultAlgorithm1D()
static const string&DefaultAlgorithmND()
static intDefaultPrintLevel()
static const string&DefaultSampler()
ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptionsDistSamplerOptions(int dim = 0)
ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptionsDistSamplerOptions(const ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptions& opt)
ROOT::Math::IOptions*ExtraOptions() const
static ROOT::Math::IOptions*FindDefault(const char* name)
ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptions&operator=(const ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptions& opt)
voidPrint(ostream& os = std::cout) const
static voidPrintDefault(const char* name = 0, ostream& os = std::cout)
intPrintLevel() const
const string&Sampler() const
voidSetAlgorithm(const char* type)
static voidSetDefaultAlgorithm1D(const char* algo)
static voidSetDefaultAlgorithmND(const char* algo)
static voidSetDefaultPrintLevel(int level)
static voidSetDefaultSampler(const char* type)
voidSetExtraOptions(const ROOT::Math::IOptions& opt)
voidSetPrintLevel(int level)
voidSetSampler(const char* type)

Data Members

stringfAlgoTypeDistSampler algorithmic specification (for Unuran only)
ROOT::Math::IOptions*fExtraOptionsextra options
intfLeveldebug print level
stringfSamplerTypeDistSampler type (Unuran, Foam, etc...)xs

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Function documentation

void SetDefaultSampler(const char* type)
 static methods for setting and retrieving the default options
void SetDefaultAlgorithm1D(const char* algo)
void SetDefaultAlgorithmND(const char* algo)
void SetDefaultPrintLevel(int level)
const std::string & DefaultSampler()
const std::string & DefaultAlgorithm1D()
const std::string & DefaultAlgorithmND()
int DefaultPrintLevel()
ROOT::Math::IOptions & Default(const char* name)
 retrieve extra options - if not existing create a IOptions
ROOT::Math::IOptions * FindDefault(const char* name)
 find extra options - return 0 if not existing
void PrintDefault(const char* name = 0, ostream& os = std::cout)
 print all the default options for the name given
DistSamplerOptions(int dim = 0)
 constructor using the default options
 pass optionally a pointer to the additional options
 otherwise look if they exist for this default minimizer
 and in that case they are copied in the constructed instance
 constructor takes dimension since a different default algorithm
 is used if the dimension is 1 or greater than 1
DistSamplerOptions(const ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptions& opt)
 copy constructor
DistSamplerOptions & operator=(const ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptions& opt)
 assignment operators
int PrintLevel() const
 non-static methods for  retrivieng options 
 set print level
{ return fLevel; }
IOptions * ExtraOptions() const
 return extra options (NULL pointer if they are not present)
{ return fExtraOptions; }
const std::string & Sampler() const
 type of minimizer
{ return fSamplerType; }
const std::string & Algorithm() const
 type of algorithm
{ return fAlgoType; }
void Print(ostream& os = std::cout) const
 print all the options
void SetPrintLevel(int level)
 non-static methods for setting options 
 set print level
{ fLevel = level; }
void SetSampler(const char* type)
 set minimizer type
{ fSamplerType = type; }
void SetAlgorithm(const char* type)
 set minimizer algorithm
{ fAlgoType = type; }
void SetExtraOptions(const ROOT::Math::IOptions& opt)
 set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned)