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class ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions

    Minimizer options

    @ingroup MultiMin

Function Members (Methods)

static ROOT::Math::IOptions&Default(const char* name)
static doubleDefaultErrorDef()
static intDefaultMaxFunctionCalls()
static intDefaultMaxIterations()
static const string&DefaultMinimizerAlgo()
static const string&DefaultMinimizerType()
static doubleDefaultPrecision()
static intDefaultPrintLevel()
static intDefaultStrategy()
static doubleDefaultTolerance()
doubleErrorDef() const
ROOT::Math::IOptions*ExtraOptions() const
static ROOT::Math::IOptions*FindDefault(const char* name)
unsigned intMaxFunctionCalls() const
unsigned intMaxIterations() const
const string&MinimizerAlgorithm() const
ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptionsMinimizerOptions(ROOT::Math::IOptions* extraOpts = 0)
ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptionsMinimizerOptions(const ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions& opt)
const string&MinimizerType() const
ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions&operator=(const ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions& opt)
doublePrecision() const
voidPrint(ostream& os = std::cout) const
static voidPrintDefault(const char* name = 0, ostream& os = std::cout)
intPrintLevel() const
static voidSetDefaultErrorDef(double up)
static voidSetDefaultMaxFunctionCalls(int maxcall)
static voidSetDefaultMaxIterations(int maxiter)
static voidSetDefaultMinimizer(const char* type, const char* algo = 0)
static voidSetDefaultPrecision(double prec)
static voidSetDefaultPrintLevel(int level)
static voidSetDefaultStrategy(int strat)
static voidSetDefaultTolerance(double tol)
voidSetErrorDef(double err)
voidSetExtraOptions(const ROOT::Math::IOptions& opt)
voidSetMaxFunctionCalls(unsigned int maxfcn)
voidSetMaxIterations(unsigned int maxiter)
voidSetMinimizerAlgorithm(const char* type)
voidSetMinimizerType(const char* type)
voidSetPrecision(double prec)
voidSetPrintLevel(int level)
voidSetStrategy(int stra)
voidSetTolerance(double tol)
intStrategy() const
doubleTolerance() const

Data Members

stringfAlgoTypeMinimizer algorithmic specification (Migrad, Minimize, ...)
doublefErrorDeferror definition (=1. for getting 1 sigma error for chi2 fits)
ROOT::Math::IOptions*fExtraOptionsextra options
intfLeveldebug print level
intfMaxCallsmaximum number of function calls
intfMaxItermaximum number of iterations
stringfMinimTypeMinimizer type (Minuit, Minuit2, etc..
doublefPrecisionprecision of the objective function evaluation (value <=0 means left to default)
intfStrategyminimizer strategy (used by Minuit)
doublefToleranceminimize tolerance to reach solution

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Function documentation

void SetDefaultMinimizer(const char* type, const char* algo = 0)
 static methods for setting and retrieving the default options
void SetDefaultErrorDef(double up)
void SetDefaultTolerance(double tol)
void SetDefaultPrecision(double prec)
void SetDefaultMaxFunctionCalls(int maxcall)
void SetDefaultMaxIterations(int maxiter)
void SetDefaultStrategy(int strat)
void SetDefaultPrintLevel(int level)
const std::string & DefaultMinimizerType()
const std::string & DefaultMinimizerAlgo()
double DefaultErrorDef()
double DefaultTolerance()
double DefaultPrecision()
int DefaultMaxFunctionCalls()
int DefaultMaxIterations()
int DefaultStrategy()
int DefaultPrintLevel()
ROOT::Math::IOptions & Default(const char* name)
 retrieve extra options - if not existing create a IOptions
ROOT::Math::IOptions * FindDefault(const char* name)
 find extra options - return 0 if not existing
void PrintDefault(const char* name = 0, ostream& os = std::cout)
 print all the default options for the name given
MinimizerOptions(IOptions * extraOpts = 0)
 constructor using the default options
 pass optionally a pointer to the additional options
 otehrwise look if they exist for this default minimizer
 and in that case they are copied in the constructed instance
MinimizerOptions(const MinimizerOptions & opt)
 copy constructor
MinimizerOptions & operator=(const ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions& opt)
 assignment operators
int PrintLevel() const
 non-static methods for  retrivieng options 
 set print level
{ return fLevel; }
unsigned int MaxFunctionCalls() const
  max number of function calls
{ return fMaxCalls; }
unsigned int MaxIterations() const
 max iterations
{ return fMaxIter; }
int Strategy() const
{ return fStrategy; }
double Tolerance() const
 absolute tolerance
{ return fTolerance; }
double Precision() const
 precision in the objective funciton calculation (value <=0 means left to default)
{ return fPrecision; }
double ErrorDef() const
 error definition
{ return fErrorDef; }
IOptions * ExtraOptions() const
 return extra options (NULL pointer if they are not present)
{ return fExtraOptions; }
const std::string & MinimizerType() const
 type of minimizer
{ return fMinimType; }
const std::string & MinimizerAlgorithm() const
 type of algorithm
{ return fAlgoType; }
void Print(ostream& os = std::cout) const
 print all the options
void SetPrintLevel(int level)
 non-static methods for setting options 
 set print level
{ fLevel = level; }
void SetMaxFunctionCalls(unsigned int maxfcn)
set maximum of function calls
{ fMaxCalls = maxfcn; }
void SetMaxIterations(unsigned int maxiter)
 set maximum iterations (one iteration can have many function calls)
{ fMaxIter = maxiter; }
void SetTolerance(double tol)
 set the tolerance
{ fTolerance = tol; }
void SetPrecision(double prec)
 set the precision
{ fPrecision = prec; }
void SetStrategy(int stra)
 set the strategy
{ fStrategy = stra; }
void SetErrorDef(double err)
 set error def
{ fErrorDef = err; }
void SetMinimizerType(const char* type)
 set minimizer type
{ fMinimType = type; }
void SetMinimizerAlgorithm(const char* type)
 set minimizer algorithm
{ fAlgoType = type; }
void SetExtraOptions(const ROOT::Math::IOptions& opt)
 set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned)