Guide to Programming with the Presentation Framework
CommonPoint information set
Getting started
Developer guides
Usage and tools guidelines
Application documentation
Documented sample programs and sample code
Installation and late-breaking information
Typographical conventions
Reading notation diagrams
Using this tutorial
Accessing the code online
If you need online access...
Tiles--the tutorial program
Introducing the Presentation framework
Creating the model and view
Using the default presentation
Creating the data model
Defining the data structure
Storing the TTile objects
Providing access to the model's data
Supporting selections on the model
The TTilesModel interface
Creating the view
Accessing the model
Using GUI bundles
Initializing and finalizing the view
Using stationery classes
Launching a document
Code walkthrough
TTile: header
TTile: source
TTilesModel: header
TTilesModel: source
TTilesView: header
TTilesView: source
Instantiating the stationery template
Handling mouse events
Mixing in MMouseEventHandler
Code walkthrough
Mixing in MMouseEventHandler
Creating selections and commands
Selecting a tile and issuing a command
Creating the selection class
Creating the command class
Making the command undoable and redoable
Issuing the command
Code walkthrough
TTilesSelection: header
TTilesSelection: source
Command binding
TChangeColorCommand: header
TChangeColorCommand: source
TTilesModel:: CreateSelection
Maintaining a current selection
Tiles current selections
Accessing the current selection
Providing selection feedback
Code walkthrough
TChangeColorCommand:: HandleCanDo
TTilesSelection:: ContainsTile
TTilesView:: GetTilesSelection
TTilesView:: HandleAfterConnectionToViewRoot
Adding menus
Creating a custom presentation
Adding menus
Deriving a presenter class
Overriding TGUIPresenter functions
Storing the menu
Building a menu programmatically
Using a control state to issue commands
Enabling and disabling menu items
Building a menu with the cpConstructor tool
Constructing the menu
Using the cpConstructor tool
Working with export files
Working with archives
Handling actions
Enabling and disabling items from an archived menu
Implementing TCreateTileCommand
Creating a document component using TTilesPresenter
Code walkthrough
TTilesPresenter: header
TTilesPresenter: source
TCreateTileCommand: header
TCreateTileCommand: source
Stationery class instantiation
Adding a mouse interactor
Moving tiles
Creating the move command
Creating the interactor
Code walkthrough
TMoveInteractor: header
TMoveInteractor: source
TMoveCommand: header
TMoveCommand: source
TTilesSelection functions
Supporting cut, copy, and paste operations
Data exchange in the Tiles program
Supporting embedding
Supporting a new version of the model
Code walkthrough
Enabling drag and drop
Dropping a color item onto a tile
How drag and drop items are transported
Creating a drop acceptor
Creating a drag source
Code walkthrough
Mixing in MDropAcceptor
Where to go from here
Extending the Tiles program
Creating your own document component

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