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1 // @(#)root/html:$Id$
2 // Author: Axel Naumann 2007-01-09
4 /*************************************************************************
5  * Copyright (C) 1995-2007, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6  * All rights reserved. *
7  * *
8  * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9  * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10  *************************************************************************/
12 #ifndef ROOT_TDocParser
13 #define ROOT_TDocParser
15 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
16 // //
17 // TDocParser //
18 // //
19 // Parses documentation in source files //
20 // //
21 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
23 #include <list>
24 #include <set>
25 #include <map>
27 #include "TObject.h"
28 #include "THashList.h"
29 #include "TString.h"
31 class TBaseClass;
32 class TClass;
33 class TClassDocOutput;
34 class TDocOutput;
35 class THtml;
37 class TDocMethodWrapper: public TObject {
38 public:
39  virtual TMethod* GetMethod() const = 0;
40  virtual Int_t GetOverloadIdx() const = 0;
41  enum { kDocumented = 14 };
42 };
44 class TDocParser: public TObject {
45 protected:
46  enum EDocContext {
51  };
53 public:
54  enum ESourceInfo {
61  };
62  enum EAccess {
66  };
78  };
80  kCXXComment = BIT(4), // kComment is a C++ comment, or macro/html/latex content is surrounded by /* */
83  };
85 protected:
86  THtml* fHtml; // THtml object using us
87  TDocOutput* fDocOutput; // TDocOutput invoking us
88  UInt_t fLineNo; // current line number
89  TString fLineRaw; // current line
90  TString fLineStripped; // current line without surrounding spaces
91  TString fLineComment; // current line with links and directives for doc
92  TString fLineSource; // current line with links
93  TString fComment; // current comment
94  TString fFirstClassDoc; // first class-doc found - per file, taken if fLastClassDoc is empty
95  TString fLastClassDoc; // last class-doc found - becomes class doc at ClassImp or first method
96  TClass* fCurrentClass; // current class context of sources being parsed
97  TClass* fRecentClass; // recently seen class context of sources being parsed, e.g. for Convert()
98  TString fCurrentModule; // current module context of sources being parsed
99  TString fCurrentMethodTag;// name_idx of the currently parsed method
100  Int_t fDirectiveCount; // index of directive for current method
101  Long_t fLineNumber; // source line number
102  TString fCurrentFile; // current source / header file name
103  std::map<std::string /*name*/, Int_t > fMethodCounts; // number of undocumented overloads
104  EDocContext fDocContext; // current context of parsed sources for documenting
105  std::list<UInt_t> fParseContext; // current context of parsed sources
106  Bool_t fCheckForMethod; // whether to check the current line for a method
107  enum {
114  } fClassDocState; // whether we found the class description
115  Bool_t fCommentAtBOL; // at the beginning of the current line, fParseContext contained kComment
116  TString fClassDescrTag; // tag for finding the class description
117  TString fSourceInfoTags[kNumSourceInfos]; // tags for source info elements (copyright, last changed, author)
118  TList fDirectiveHandlers;// handler for doc directives (TDocDirective objects)
119  Bool_t fAllowDirectives; // whether directives are to be interpreted
120  std::set<UInt_t> fExtraLinesWithAnchor; // lines that need an additional anchor
121  TString fSourceInfo[kNumSourceInfos];// author, last changed, ...
122  THashList fMethods[3]; // methods as TMethodWrapper objects (by access)
123  TList fDataMembers[6]; // data members (by access, plus enums)
125  static std::set<std::string> fgKeywords; // C++ keywords
130  virtual void ExpandCPPLine(TString& line, Ssiz_t& pos);
131  virtual Bool_t HandleDirective(TString& keyword, Ssiz_t& pos,
132  TString& word, Ssiz_t& copiedToCommentUpTo);
133  virtual void InitKeywords() const;
134  virtual TClass* IsDirective(const TString& line, Ssiz_t pos, const TString& word, Bool_t& begin) const;
135  TMethod* LocateMethodInCurrentLine(Ssiz_t& posMethodName, TString& ret,
136  TString& name, TString& params, Bool_t& isconst,
137  std::ostream &srcOut, TString &anchor,
138  std::ifstream& sourcefile, Bool_t allowPureVirtual);
139  void LocateMethodsInSource(std::ostream& out);
140  void LocateMethodsInHeaderInline(std::ostream& out);
141  void LocateMethodsInHeaderClassDecl(std::ostream& out);
142  void LocateMethods(std::ostream& out, const char* filename,
143  Bool_t lookForSourceInfo = kTRUE,
144  Bool_t useDocxxStyle = kFALSE,
145  Bool_t allowPureVirtual = kFALSE,
146  const char* methodPattern = 0,
147  const char* sourceExt = 0);
148  virtual Bool_t ProcessComment();
149  void RemoveCommentContext(Bool_t cxxcomment);
150  void WriteClassDoc(std::ostream& out, Bool_t first = kTRUE);
151  void WriteMethod(std::ostream& out, TString& ret,
152  TString& name, TString& params,
153  Bool_t isconst,
154  const char* file, TString& anchor,
155  TString& codeOneLiner);
156  void WriteSourceLine(std::ostream& out);
158 public:
159  TDocParser(TClassDocOutput& docOutput, TClass* cl);
160  TDocParser(TDocOutput& docOutput);
161  virtual ~TDocParser();
163  static void AnchorFromLine(const TString& line, TString& anchor);
164  void Convert(std::ostream& out, std::istream& in, const char* relpath,
165  Bool_t isCode, Bool_t interpretDirectives);
166  void DecrementMethodCount(const char* name);
167  virtual void DecorateKeywords(std::ostream& out, const char* text);
168  virtual void DecorateKeywords(TString& text);
169  virtual void DeleteDirectiveOutput() const;
170  const TList* GetMethods(EAccess access) const { return &fMethods[access]; }
171  TClass* GetCurrentClass() const { return fCurrentClass; }
172  void GetCurrentModule(TString& out_module) const;
173  TDocOutput* GetDocOutput() const { return fDocOutput; }
174  Long_t GetLineNumber() const { return fLineNumber; }
175  const TList* GetDataMembers(EAccess access) const { return &fDataMembers[access]; }
176  const TList* GetEnums(EAccess access) const { return &fDataMembers[access+3]; }
177  const char* GetSourceInfo(ESourceInfo type) const { return fSourceInfo[type]; }
178  void SetCurrentModule(const char* module) { fCurrentModule = module; }
180  UInt_t InContext(Int_t context) const;
181  static Bool_t IsName(UChar_t c);
182  static Bool_t IsWord(UChar_t c);
184  virtual void Parse(std::ostream& out);
185  static Bool_t Strip(TString& s);
187  ClassDef(TDocParser,0); // parser for reference documentation
188 };
190 #endif // ROOT_TDocParser
TDocParser(TClassDocOutput &docOutput, TClass *cl)
Constructor called for parsing class sources.
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:150
THtml * fHtml
Definition: TDocParser.h:86
TLine * line
TMethod * LocateMethodInCurrentLine(Ssiz_t &posMethodName, TString &ret, TString &name, TString &params, Bool_t &isconst, std::ostream &srcOut, TString &anchor, std::ifstream &sourcefile, Bool_t allowPureVirtual)
Search for a method starting at posMethodName, and return its return type, its name, and its arguments.
enum TDocParser::@89 fClassDocState
virtual void DeleteDirectiveOutput() const
Delete output generated by prior runs of all known directives; the output file names might have chang...
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:884
#define BIT(n)
Definition: Rtypes.h:83
UInt_t fLineNo
Definition: TDocParser.h:88
TString fSourceInfoTags[kNumSourceInfos]
Definition: TDocParser.h:117
TString fComment
Definition: TDocParser.h:93
void AddClassDataMembersRecursively(TBaseClass *bc)
Add data members of fCurrentClass and of bc to datamembers, recursively.
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:306
UInt_t InContext(Int_t context) const
checks whether we are in a parse context, return the entry closest to the current context...
const TList * GetEnums(EAccess access) const
Definition: TDocParser.h:176
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:131
void DecrementMethodCount(const char *name)
reduce method count for method called name, removing it from fMethodCounts once the count reaches 0...
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:869
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:41
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
void GetCurrentModule(TString &out_module) const
Return the name of module for which sources are currently parsed.
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:967
THashList fMethods[3]
Definition: TDocParser.h:122
void WriteClassDoc(std::ostream &out, Bool_t first=kTRUE)
Write the class description depending (among others) on fClassDocState.
virtual Int_t GetOverloadIdx() const =0
const char * GetSourceInfo(ESourceInfo type) const
Definition: TDocParser.h:177
Long_t fLineNumber
Definition: TDocParser.h:101
void RemoveCommentContext(Bool_t cxxcomment)
remove the top-most comment context that matches cxxcomment,
TString fLastClassDoc
Definition: TDocParser.h:95
virtual Bool_t ProcessComment()
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:326
THashList implements a hybrid collection class consisting of a hash table and a list to store TObject...
Definition: THashList.h:34
virtual void ExpandCPPLine(TString &line, Ssiz_t &pos)
Expand preprocessor statements.
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:911
void WriteSourceLine(std::ostream &out)
Write fLineSource to out.
const TList * GetMethods(EAccess access) const
Definition: TDocParser.h:170
Long_t GetLineNumber() const
Definition: TDocParser.h:174
void Convert(std::ostream &out, std::istream &in, const char *relpath, Bool_t isCode, Bool_t interpretDirectives)
Parse text file "in", add links etc, and write output to "out".
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:402
virtual ~TDocParser()
destructor, checking whether all methods have been found for gDebug > 3
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:211
static Bool_t Strip(TString &s)
strips &#39; &#39;, tabs, and newlines from both sides of str
TList fDataMembers[6]
Definition: TDocParser.h:123
Bool_t fCheckForMethod
Definition: TDocParser.h:106
static constexpr double s
TList fDirectiveHandlers
Definition: TDocParser.h:118
TDocOutput * fDocOutput
Definition: TDocParser.h:87
TString fClassDescrTag
Definition: TDocParser.h:116
virtual void Parse(std::ostream &out)
Locate methods, starting in the source file, then inline, then immediately inside the class declarati...
static Bool_t IsWord(UChar_t c)
Check if c is a valid first character for C++ name.
A doubly linked list.
Definition: TList.h:44
virtual TClass * IsDirective(const TString &line, Ssiz_t pos, const TString &word, Bool_t &begin) const
return whether word at line&#39;s pos is a valid directive, and returns its TDocDirective&#39;s TClass object...
Bool_t fAllowDirectives
Definition: TDocParser.h:119
TClass * fCurrentClass
Definition: TDocParser.h:96
void WriteMethod(std::ostream &out, TString &ret, TString &name, TString &params, Bool_t isconst, const char *file, TString &anchor, TString &codeOneLiner)
Write a method, forwarding to TClassDocOutput.
TString fCurrentMethodTag
Definition: TDocParser.h:99
static void AnchorFromLine(const TString &line, TString &anchor)
Create an anchor from the given line, by hashing it and convertig the hash into a custom base64 strin...
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:381
virtual Bool_t HandleDirective(TString &keyword, Ssiz_t &pos, TString &word, Ssiz_t &copiedToCommentUpTo)
Process directives to the documentation engine, like "Begin_Html" / "End_Html", "Begin_Macro" / "End_...
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:977
Bool_t fCommentAtBOL
Definition: TDocParser.h:115
static Bool_t IsName(UChar_t c)
Check if c is a valid C++ name character.
TClass * fRecentClass
Definition: TDocParser.h:97
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:42
TString fCurrentModule
Definition: TDocParser.h:98
std::map< std::string, Int_t > fMethodCounts
Definition: TDocParser.h:103
Int_t fDirectiveCount
Definition: TDocParser.h:100
TClass instances represent classes, structs and namespaces in the ROOT type system.
Definition: TClass.h:75
void LocateMethodsInHeaderInline(std::ostream &out)
Given fCurrentClass, look for methods in its header file, and extract documentation to out...
virtual TMethod * GetMethod() const =0
Each class (see TClass) has a linked list of its base class(es).
Definition: TBaseClass.h:33
void LocateMethodsInHeaderClassDecl(std::ostream &out)
Given fCurrentClass, look for methods in its header file&#39;s class declaration block, and extract documentation to out, while beautifying the header file in parallel.
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:88
long Long_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:50
int Ssiz_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:63
TString fSourceInfo[kNumSourceInfos]
Definition: TDocParser.h:121
TString fLineRaw
Definition: TDocParser.h:89
std::set< UInt_t > fExtraLinesWithAnchor
Definition: TDocParser.h:120
TString fLineComment
Definition: TDocParser.h:91
TString fCurrentFile
Definition: TDocParser.h:102
TText * text
virtual void DecorateKeywords(std::ostream &out, const char *text)
Expand keywords in text, writing to out.
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:450
TString fFirstClassDoc
Definition: TDocParser.h:94
int type
Definition: TGX11.cxx:120
static std::set< std::string > fgKeywords
Definition: TDocParser.h:125
EParseContext Context() const
Definition: TDocParser.h:129
void SetCurrentModule(const char *module)
Definition: TDocParser.h:178
std::list< UInt_t > fParseContext
Definition: TDocParser.h:105
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition: TObject.h:37
TString fLineStripped
Definition: TDocParser.h:90
EDocContext fDocContext
Definition: TDocParser.h:104
Definition: file.py:1
TDocOutput * GetDocOutput() const
Definition: TDocParser.h:173
Each ROOT class (see TClass) has a linked list of methods.
Definition: TMethod.h:38
virtual void InitKeywords() const
fill C++ keywords into fgKeywords
void LocateMethods(std::ostream &out, const char *filename, Bool_t lookForSourceInfo=kTRUE, Bool_t useDocxxStyle=kFALSE, Bool_t allowPureVirtual=kFALSE, const char *methodPattern=0, const char *sourceExt=0)
Collect methods from the source or header file called filename.
#define c(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:101
void AddClassMethodsRecursively(TBaseClass *bc)
Add accessible (i.e.
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:235
unsigned char UChar_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:34
Definition: first.py:1
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:87
TClass * GetCurrentClass() const
Definition: TDocParser.h:171
Definition: THtml.h:40
char name[80]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:109
void LocateMethodsInSource(std::ostream &out)
Given fCurrentClass, look for methods in its source file, and extract documentation to out...
const TList * GetDataMembers(EAccess access) const
Definition: TDocParser.h:175
TString fLineSource
Definition: TDocParser.h:92