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ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloDataHist Class Reference

Definition at line 295 of file REveCaloData.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 REveCaloDataHist ()
 ~REveCaloDataHist () override
Int_t AddHistogram (TH2F *hist)
 Add new slice to calo tower.
void DataChanged () override
 Update limits and notify data users.
void GetCellData (const REveCaloData::CellId_t &id, REveCaloData::CellData_t &data) const override
 Get cell geometry and value from cell ID.
void GetCellList (Float_t etaMin, Float_t etaMax, Float_t phi, Float_t phiRng, vCellId_t &out) const override
 Get list of cell IDs in given eta and phi range.
void GetEtaLimits (Double_t &min, Double_t &max) const override
 Get eta limits.
TH2FGetHist (Int_t slice) const
 Get histogram in given slice.
void GetPhiLimits (Double_t &min, Double_t &max) const override
 Get phi limits.
THStackGetStack ()
void Rebin (TAxis *ax, TAxis *ay, vCellId_t &in, Bool_t et, RebinData_t &out) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData
 REveCaloData (const char *n="REveCaloData", const char *t="")
 ~REveCaloData () override
Bool_t Empty () const
void FillExtraSelectionData (nlohmann::json &, const std::set< int > &) const override
void FillImpliedSelectedSet (Set_t &impSelSet, const std::set< int > &sec_idcs) override
 Populate set impSelSet with derived / dependant elements.
virtual Float_t GetEps () const
virtual TAxisGetEtaBins () const
virtual std::string GetHighlightTooltip (const std::set< int > &) const
std::string GetHighlightTooltip (const std::set< int > &secondary_idcs) const override
virtual Float_t GetMaxVal (Bool_t et) const
Int_t GetNSlices () const
virtual TAxisGetPhiBins () const
REveCaloDataSelectorGetSelector ()
Color_t GetSliceColor (Int_t slice) const
 Get color for given slice.
Float_t GetSliceThreshold (Int_t slice) const
 Get threshold for given slice.
Char_t GetSliceTransparency (Int_t slice) const
 Get transparency for given slice.
Bool_t GetWrapTwoPi () const
virtual void InvalidateUsersCellIdCache ()
 Invalidate cell ids cache on back ptr references.
void ProcessSelection (vCellId_t &sel_cells, UInt_t selectionId, Bool_t multi)
 Process newly selected cells with given select-record.
SliceInfo_tRefSliceInfo (Int_t s)
bool RequiresExtraSelectionData () const override
virtual void SetEps (Float_t eps)
virtual void SetEtaBins (std::unique_ptr< TAxis > ax)
virtual void SetPhiBins (std::unique_ptr< TAxis > ax)
void SetSelector (REveCaloDataSelector *iSelector)
void SetSliceColor (Int_t slice, Color_t col)
 Set color for given slice.
void SetSliceThreshold (Int_t slice, Float_t threshold)
 Set threshold for given slice.
void SetSliceTransparency (Int_t slice, Char_t t)
 Set transparency for given slice.
void SetWrapTwoPi (Bool_t w)
Int_t WriteCoreJson (nlohmann::json &j, Int_t rnr_offset) override
 Write core json.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveElement
 REveElement (const REveElement &e)
 Copy constructor.
 REveElement (const std::string &name="", const std::string &title="")
 Default constructor.
virtual ~REveElement ()
virtual Bool_t AcceptElement (REveElement *el)
 Check if el can be added to this element.
virtual void AddAunt (REveAunt *au)
 Add el into the list aunts.
virtual void AddElement (REveElement *el)
 Add el to the list of children.
virtual void AddStamp (UChar_t bits)
 Add (bitwise or) given stamps to fChangeBits.
virtual void Annihilate ()
 Optimized destruction without check of reference-count.
virtual void AnnihilateElements ()
 Annihilate elements.
Bool_t ApplyVizTag (const TString &tag, const TString &fallback_tag="")
 Set the VizTag, find model-element from the VizDB and copy visualization-parameters from it.
virtual void BuildRenderData ()
 Write transformation Matrix to render data.
virtual Bool_t CanEditElement () const
virtual Bool_t CanEditMainColor () const
virtual Bool_t CanEditMainTrans () const
virtual Bool_t CanEditMainTransparency () const
virtual void CheckReferenceCount (const std::string &from="<unknown>")
 Check external references to this and eventually auto-destruct the render-element.
virtual void ClearStamps ()
virtual void CloneChildrenRecurse (REveElement *dest, Int_t level=0) const
 Clone children and attach them to the dest element.
virtual REveElementCloneElement () const
 Clone the element via copy constructor.
virtual REveElementCloneElementRecurse (Int_t level=0) const
 Clone elements and recurse 'level' deep over children.
virtual void CopyVizParams (const REveElement *el)
 Copy visualization parameters from element el.
virtual void CopyVizParamsFromDB ()
 Copy visualization parameters from the model-element fVizModel.
void CSCApplyMainColorToAllChildren ()
void CSCApplyMainColorToMatchingChildren ()
void CSCApplyMainTransparencyToAllChildren ()
void CSCApplyMainTransparencyToMatchingChildren ()
void CSCImplySelectAllChildren ()
void CSCTakeMotherAsMaster ()
void DecDenyDestroy ()
 Decreases the deny-destroy count of the element.
void DecImpliedSelected ()
virtual void Destroy ()
 Destroy this element.
virtual void DestroyElements ()
 Destroy all children of this element.
virtual void DestroyMainTrans ()
 Destroy the main transformation matrix, it will always be taken as identity.
virtual void DestroyOrWarn ()
 Destroy this element. Prints a warning if deny-destroy is in force.
void DisableListElements (Bool_t rnr_self=kFALSE, Bool_t rnr_children=kFALSE)
 Disable rendering of children and their list contents.
void EnableListElements (Bool_t rnr_self=kTRUE, Bool_t rnr_children=kTRUE)
 Enable rendering of children and their list contents.
virtual void ExportToCINT (const char *var_name)
 Export render-element to CINT with variable name var_name.
REveElementFindChild (const TString &name, const TClass *cls=nullptr)
 Find the first child with given name.
REveElementFindChild (TPRegexp &regexp, const TClass *cls=nullptr)
 Find the first child whose name matches regexp.
Int_t FindChildren (List_t &matches, const TString &name, const TClass *cls=nullptr)
 Find all children with given name and append them to matches list.
Int_t FindChildren (List_t &matches, TPRegexp &regexp, const TClass *cls=nullptr)
 Find all children whose name matches regexp and append them to matches list.
REveElementFirstChild () const
 Returns the first child element or 0 if the list is empty.
UChar_t GetChangeBits () const
TClassGetChildClass () const
const char * GetCName () const
REveCompoundGetCompound ()
const char * GetCTitle () const
Int_t GetDenyDestroy () const
 Returns the number of times deny-destroy has been requested on the element.
Bool_t GetDestroyOnZeroRefCnt () const
 Returns state of flag determining if the element will be destroyed when reference count reaches zero.
ElementId_t GetElementId () const
int GetImpliedSelected ()
virtual Color_t GetMainColor () const
Color_tGetMainColorPtr () const
virtual Char_t GetMainTransparency () const
REveElementGetMother ()
const std::string & GetName () const
REveRenderDataGetRenderData () const
virtual Bool_t GetRnrAnything () const
virtual Bool_t GetRnrChildren () const
virtual Bool_t GetRnrSelf () const
virtual Bool_t GetRnrState () const
REveSceneGetScene ()
virtual REveElementGetSelectionMaster ()
 Returns the master element - that is:
const std::string & GetTitle () const
void * GetUserData () const
REveElementGetVizModel () const
const TStringGetVizTag () const
Bool_t HasAunts () const
Bool_t HasChild (REveElement *el)
 Check if element el is a child of this element.
Bool_t HasChildren () const
virtual Bool_t HasMainColor () const
virtual Bool_t HasMainTrans () const
bool HasMother ()
bool HasScene ()
void IncDenyDestroy ()
 Increases the deny-destroy count of the element.
void IncImpliedSelected ()
virtual void InitMainTrans (Bool_t can_edit=kTRUE)
 Initialize the main transformation to identity matrix.
TClassIsA () const
 Return class for this element Return REveElement class in case dicitonary is not exisiting.
Bool_t IsPickable () const
REveElementLastChild () const
 Returns the last child element or 0 if the list is empty.
virtual void NameTitleChanged ()
 Virtual function called when a name or title of the element has been changed.
Int_t NumAunts () const
Int_t NumChildren () const
virtual void ProjectAllChildren (Bool_t same_depth=kTRUE)
 If this is a projectable, loop over all projected replicas and add the projected image of all children there.
virtual void ProjectChild (REveElement *el, Bool_t same_depth=kTRUE)
 If this is a projectable, loop over all projected replicas and add the projected image of child 'el' there.
virtual void PropagateMainColorToProjecteds (Color_t color, Color_t old_color)
 Propagate color to projected elements.
virtual void PropagateMainTransparencyToProjecteds (Char_t t, Char_t old_t)
 Propagate transparency to projected elements.
virtual void PropagateRnrStateToProjecteds ()
 Propagate render state to the projected replicas of this element.
virtual void PropagateVizParamsToChildren (REveElement *el=nullptr)
 Propagate visualization parameters from element el (defaulting to this) to all children.
virtual void PropagateVizParamsToProjecteds ()
 Propagate visualization parameters to dependent elements.
virtual REveTransPtrMainTrans (Bool_t create=kTRUE)
 Return pointer to main transformation.
void RecheckImpliedSelections ()
 Call this if it is possible that implied-selection or highlight has changed for this element or for implied-selection this element is member of and you want to maintain consistent selection state.
AuntList_tRefAunts ()
const AuntList_tRefAunts () const
List_tRefChildren ()
const List_tRefChildren () const
virtual REveTransRefMainTrans ()
 Return reference to main transformation.
virtual void RemoveAunt (REveAunt *au)
 Remove el from the list of aunts.
virtual void RemoveElement (REveElement *el)
 Remove el from the list of children.
virtual void RemoveElementLocal (REveElement *el)
 Perform additional local removal of el.
virtual void RemoveElements ()
 Remove all elements.
virtual void RemoveElementsLocal ()
 Perform additional local removal of all elements.
void ResetAllCSCBits ()
void ResetCSCBits (UChar_t f)
void SaveVizParams (std::ostream &out, const TString &tag, const TString &var)
 Save visualization parameters for this element with given tag.
void SetChildClass (TClass *c)
void SetCompound (REveCompound *c)
void SetCSCBits (UChar_t f)
void SetDestroyOnZeroRefCnt (Bool_t d)
 Sets the state of flag determining if the element will be destroyed when reference count reaches zero.
void SetEditMainColor (Bool_t x)
void SetEditMainTransparency (Bool_t x)
void SetMainAlpha (Float_t alpha)
 Set main-transparency via float alpha variable.
virtual void SetMainColor (Color_t color)
 Set main color of the element.
void SetMainColorPixel (Pixel_t pixel)
 Convert pixel to Color_t and call SetMainColor().
void SetMainColorPtr (Color_t *colptr)
void SetMainColorRGB (Float_t r, Float_t g, Float_t b)
 Convert RGB values to Color_t and call SetMainColor.
void SetMainColorRGB (UChar_t r, UChar_t g, UChar_t b)
 Convert RGB values to Color_t and call SetMainColor.
virtual void SetMainTransparency (Char_t t)
 Set main-transparency.
void SetName (const std::string &name)
 Set name of an element.
void SetNameTitle (const std::string &name, const std::string &title)
 Set name and title of an element.
void SetPickable (Bool_t p)
void SetPickableRecursively (Bool_t p)
 Set pickable state on the element and all its children.
virtual Bool_t SetRnrChildren (Bool_t rnr)
 Set render state of this element's children, i.e.
virtual Bool_t SetRnrSelf (Bool_t rnr)
 Set render state of this element, i.e.
virtual Bool_t SetRnrSelfChildren (Bool_t rnr_self, Bool_t rnr_children)
 Set state for rendering of this element and its children.
virtual Bool_t SetRnrState (Bool_t rnr)
 Set render state of this element and of its children to the same value.
void SetSelectionMaster (REveElement *el)
void SetTitle (const std::string &title)
 Set title of an element.
virtual void SetTransMatrix (const TGeoMatrix &mat)
 Set transformation matrix from TGeo's matrix.
virtual void SetTransMatrix (Double_t *carr)
 Set transformation matrix from column-major array.
void SetupDefaultColorAndTransparency (Color_t col, Bool_t can_edit_color, Bool_t can_edit_transparency)
 Set up element to use built-in main color and set flags allowing editing of main color and transparency.
void SetUserData (void *ud)
void SetVizModel (REveElement *model)
 Set visualization-parameter model element.
Bool_t SetVizModelByTag ()
 Find model element in VizDB that corresponds to previously assigned fVizTag and set fVizModel accordingly.
void SetVizTag (const TString &tag)
virtual Bool_t SingleRnrState () const
void StampColorSelection ()
void StampElementAdded ()
void StampObjProps ()
void StampObjPropsPreChk ()
void StampTransBBox ()
void StampVisibility ()
Bool_t TestCSCBits (UChar_t f) const
void VizDB_Apply (const std::string &tag)
 Set visual parameters for this object for given tag.
void VizDB_Insert (const std::string &tag, Bool_t replace=kTRUE, Bool_t update=kTRUE)
 Create a replica of element and insert it into VizDB with given tag.
void VizDB_Reapply ()
 Reset visual parameters for this object from VizDB.
void VizDB_UpdateModel (Bool_t update=kTRUE)
 Copy visual parameters from this element to viz-db model.
virtual void WriteVizParams (std::ostream &out, const TString &var)
 Write-out visual parameters for this object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveAuntAsList
 ~REveAuntAsList () override
void AddNieceInternal (REveElement *el) override
bool HasNiece (REveElement *el) const override
bool HasNieces () const override
void RemoveNieceInternal (REveElement *el) override
void RemoveNieces () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveAunt
virtual ~REveAunt ()
virtual bool AcceptNiece (REveElement *)
virtual void AddNiece (REveElement *el)
virtual void RemoveNiece (REveElement *el)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveSecondarySelectable
 REveSecondarySelectable ()=default
virtual ~REveSecondarySelectable ()
Bool_t GetAlwaysSecSelect () const
SelectionSet_tRefHighlightedSet ()
SelectionSet_tRefSelectedSet ()
void SetAlwaysSecSelect (Bool_t f)

Protected Attributes

THStackfHStack {nullptr}
- Protected Attributes inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData
Float_t fEps
std::unique_ptr< TAxisfEtaAxis
Float_t fMaxValE
Float_t fMaxValEt
std::unique_ptr< TAxisfPhiAxis
std::unique_ptr< REveCaloDataSelectorfSelector
vSliceInfo_t fSliceInfos
Bool_t fWrapTwoPi
- Protected Attributes inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveElement
AuntList_t fAunts
Bool_t fCanEditMainColor {kFALSE}
Bool_t fCanEditMainTrans {kFALSE}
Bool_t fCanEditMainTransparency {kFALSE}
UChar_t fChangeBits {0}
TClassfChildClass {nullptr}
List_t fChildren
REveCompoundfCompound {nullptr}
UChar_t fCSCBits {0}
Color_t fDefaultColor {kPink}
Int_t fDenyDestroy {0}
Bool_t fDestroyOnZeroRefCnt {kTRUE}
 Deny-destroy count.
Char_t fDestructing {kNone}
Short_t fImpliedSelected {0}
Color_tfMainColorPtr {nullptr}
std::unique_ptr< REveTransfMainTrans
Char_t fMainTransparency {0}
REveElementfMother {nullptr}
std::string fName
Bool_t fPickable {false}
std::unique_ptr< REveRenderDatafRenderData
 Externally assigned and controlled user data.
Bool_t fRnrChildren {kTRUE}
Bool_t fRnrSelf {kTRUE}
REveScenefScene {nullptr}
REveElementfSelectionMaster {nullptr}
std::string fTitle
void * fUserData {nullptr}
REveElementfVizModel {nullptr}
TString fVizTag
 Element used as model from VizDB.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveAuntAsList
REveElement::List_t fNieces
- Protected Attributes inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveSecondarySelectable
Bool_t fAlwaysSecSelect {kFALSE}
SelectionSet_t fHighlightedSet
SelectionSet_t fSelectedSet

Private Member Functions

REveCaloDataHistoperator= (const REveCaloDataHist &)=delete

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData
typedef std::vector< CellGeom_t >::const_iterator vCellGeom_ci
typedef std::vector< CellGeom_t >::iterator vCellGeom_i
typedef std::vector< CellGeom_tvCellGeom_t
typedef std::vector< CellId_t >::iterator vCellId_i
typedef std::vector< CellId_tvCellId_t
typedef std::vector< SliceInfo_t >::iterator vSliceInfo_i
typedef std::vector< SliceInfo_tvSliceInfo_t
- Public Types inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveElement
typedef std::list< REveAunt * > AuntList_t
enum  EChangeBits {
  kCBColorSelection = BIT(0) , kCBTransBBox = BIT(1) , kCBObjProps = BIT(2) , kCBVisibility = BIT(3) ,
  kCBElementAdded = BIT(4)
typedef std::list< REveElement * > List_t
typedef std::set< REveElement * > Set_t
- Public Types inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveSecondarySelectable
typedef std::set< Int_tSelectionSet_t
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData
static Float_t EtaToTheta (Float_t eta)
- Protected Types inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveElement
enum  ECompoundSelectionColorBits {
  kCSCBImplySelectAllChildren = BIT(0) , kCSCBTakeMotherAsMaster = BIT(1) , kCSCBApplyMainColorToAllChildren = BIT(2) , kCSCBApplyMainColorToMatchingChildren = BIT(3) ,
  kCSCBApplyMainTransparencyToAllChildren = BIT(4) , kCSCBApplyMainTransparencyToMatchingChildren = BIT(5)
enum  EDestruct { kNone , kStandard , kAnnihilate }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveElement
virtual void AnnihilateRecursively ()
 Protected member function called from REveElement::Annihilate().
void assign_element_id_recurisvely ()
void assign_scene_recursively (REveScene *s)
ElementId_t get_mother_id () const
ElementId_t get_scene_id () const
virtual void PreDeleteElement ()
 Vertex / normal / triangle index information for rendering.
virtual void RemoveElementsInternal ()
 Remove all elements.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::REveElement
static const std::string & ToString (Bool_t b)
 Convert Bool_t to string - kTRUE or kFALSE.

#include <ROOT/REveCaloData.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloDataHist:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ REveCaloDataHist()

REveCaloDataHist::REveCaloDataHist ( )


Definition at line 649 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ ~REveCaloDataHist()

REveCaloDataHist::~REveCaloDataHist ( )


Definition at line 661 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddHistogram()

Int_t REveCaloDataHist::AddHistogram ( TH2F hist)

Add new slice to calo tower.

Updates cached variables fMaxValE and fMaxValEt Return last index in the vector of slice infos.

Definition at line 808 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ DataChanged()

void REveCaloDataHist::DataChanged ( )

Update limits and notify data users.

Reimplemented from ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData.

Definition at line 669 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ GetCellData()

void REveCaloDataHist::GetCellData ( const REveCaloData::CellId_t id,
REveCaloData::CellData_t data 
) const

Get cell geometry and value from cell ID.

Implements ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData.

Definition at line 788 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ GetCellList()

void REveCaloDataHist::GetCellList ( Float_t  etaMin,
Float_t  etaMax,
Float_t  phi,
Float_t  phiRng,
REveCaloData::vCellId_t out 
) const

Get list of cell IDs in given eta and phi range.

Implements ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData.

Definition at line 706 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ GetEtaLimits()

void REveCaloDataHist::GetEtaLimits ( Double_t min,
Double_t max 
) const

Get eta limits.

Implements ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData.

Definition at line 836 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ GetHist()

TH2F * REveCaloDataHist::GetHist ( Int_t  slice) const

Get histogram in given slice.

Definition at line 827 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ GetPhiLimits()

void REveCaloDataHist::GetPhiLimits ( Double_t min,
Double_t max 
) const

Get phi limits.

Implements ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData.

Definition at line 845 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

◆ GetStack()

THStack * ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloDataHist::GetStack ( )

Definition at line 320 of file REveCaloData.hxx.

◆ operator=()

REveCaloDataHist & ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloDataHist::operator= ( const REveCaloDataHist )

◆ Rebin()

void REveCaloDataHist::Rebin ( TAxis ax,
TAxis ay,
REveCaloData::vCellId_t ids,
Bool_t  et,
RebinData_t out 
) const


Implements ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloData.

Definition at line 760 of file REveCaloData.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fHStack

THStack* ROOT::Experimental::REveCaloDataHist::fHStack {nullptr}

Definition at line 301 of file REveCaloData.hxx.

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