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testoptical.C File Reference

Detailed Description

Tests importing/exporting optical surfaces from GDML.

Optical surfaces, skin surfaces and border surfaces are imported in object arrays stored by TGeoManager class. Optical surfaces do not store property arrays but point to GDML matrices describing such properties. One can get the data for such property like: TGeoOpticalSurface *surf = geom->GetOpticalSurface("surf1"); const char *property = surf=>GetPropertyRef("REFLECTIVITY"); TGeoGDMLMatrix *m = geom->GetGDMLMatrix(property); Skin surfaces and border surfaces can be retrieved from the TGeoManager object by using: TObjArray *skin_array = geom->GetListOfSkinSurfaces(); TObjArra8 *border_array = geom->GetListOfBorderSurfaces(); Alternatively accessors by name can also be used: GetSkinSurface(name)/GetBorderSurface(name)

Andrei Gheata

Definition in file testoptical.C.