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Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Algorithm classes from the MathCore Library and MathMore Library libraries.


 One-dimensional Minimization
 Classes for one-dimensional minimization.
 Numerical Integration
 Classes for numerical integration of functions.
 Multi-dimensional Minimization
 Classes implementing algorithms for multi-dimensional minimization.
 Numerical Differentiation
 Classes for numerical differentiation.
 One-dimensional Root-Finding
 Classes implementing algorithms for finding the roots of a one-dimensional function.
 Function Approximation (ChebyshevApprox)
 Numerical algorithm from the MathMore library and implemented using the GSL library.
 Multidimensional ROOT finding
 Classes for finding the roots of a multi-dimensional system.
 Interpolation Classes
 Classes for interpolation of points.


class  ROOT::Math::DistSamplerOptions
 DistSampler options class. More...
class  ROOT::Math::GenAlgoOptions
 class implementing generic options for a numerical algorithm Just store the options in a map of string-value pairs More...
class  ROOT::Math::IOptions
 Generic interface for defining configuration options of a numerical algorithm. More...