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RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric Class Reference

Common base class for the Hypothesis Test Calculators.

It is not designed to use directly but via its derived classes

Same purpose as HybridCalculatorOriginal, but different implementation.

This is the "generic" version that works with any TestStatSampler. The HybridCalculator derives from this class but explicitly uses the ToyMCSampler as its TestStatSampler.

Definition at line 34 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

Public Member Functions

 HypoTestCalculatorGeneric (const RooAbsData &data, const ModelConfig &altModel, const ModelConfig &nullModel, TestStatSampler *sampler=0)
 Constructor. More...
 ~HypoTestCalculatorGeneric ()
const ModelConfigGetAlternateModel (void) const
const RooAbsDataGetData (void) const
virtual const RooArgSetGetFitInfo () const
virtual HypoTestResultGetHypoTest () const
 inherited methods from HypoTestCalculator interface More...
const ModelConfigGetNullModel (void) const
TestStatSamplerGetTestStatSampler (void) const
virtual void SetAlternateModel (const ModelConfig &altModel)
virtual void SetData (RooAbsData &data)
virtual void SetNullModel (const ModelConfig &nullModel)
void UseSameAltToys ()
 to re-use same toys for alternate hypothesis More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RooStats::HypoTestCalculator
virtual ~HypoTestCalculator ()
virtual void SetCommonModel (const ModelConfig &model)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int CheckHook (void) const
virtual void PostHook () const
virtual int PreAltHook (RooArgSet *, double) const
virtual void PreHook () const
virtual int PreNullHook (RooArgSet *, double) const

Protected Attributes

const ModelConfigfAltModel
unsigned int fAltToysSeed
const RooAbsDatafData
const ModelConfigfNullModel

Private Member Functions

SamplingDistributionGenerateSamplingDistribution (ModelConfig *thisModel, double obsTestStat, RooAbsPdf *impDens=NULL, const RooArgSet *impSnapshot=NULL) const
void SetAdaptiveLimits (Double_t obsTestStat, Bool_t forNull) const
void SetupSampler (const ModelConfig &model) const
 common setup for both models More...

#include <RooStats/HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h>

Inheritance diagram for RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HypoTestCalculatorGeneric()

HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric ( const RooAbsData data,
const ModelConfig altModel,
const ModelConfig nullModel,
TestStatSampler sampler = 0 


When test stat sampler is not provided uses ToyMCSampler and RatioOfProfiledLikelihoodsTestStat and nToys = 1000. User can : GetTestStatSampler()->SetNToys( # )

Definition at line 47 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.cxx.

◆ ~HypoTestCalculatorGeneric()

HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::~HypoTestCalculatorGeneric ( )

Definition at line 93 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckHook()

virtual int RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::CheckHook ( void  ) const

Reimplemented in RooStats::HybridCalculator.

Definition at line 76 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ GenerateSamplingDistribution()

SamplingDistribution* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GenerateSamplingDistribution ( ModelConfig thisModel,
double  obsTestStat,
RooAbsPdf impDens = NULL,
const RooArgSet impSnapshot = NULL 
) const

◆ GetAlternateModel()

const ModelConfig* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetAlternateModel ( void  ) const

Definition at line 60 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ GetData()

const RooAbsData* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetData ( void  ) const

Definition at line 55 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ GetFitInfo()

virtual const RooArgSet* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetFitInfo ( ) const

Reimplemented in RooStats::FrequentistCalculator.

Definition at line 57 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ GetHypoTest()

HypoTestResult * HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetHypoTest ( ) const

inherited methods from HypoTestCalculator interface

several possibilities: no prior nuisance given and no nuisance parameters: ok no prior nuisance given but nuisance parameters: error prior nuisance given for some nuisance parameters:

  • nuisance parameters are constant, so they don't float in test statistic
  • nuisance parameters are floating, so they do float in test statistic

Implements RooStats::HypoTestCalculator.

Reimplemented in RooStats::AsymptoticCalculator.

Definition at line 106 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.cxx.

◆ GetNullModel()

const ModelConfig* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetNullModel ( void  ) const

Definition at line 56 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ GetTestStatSampler()

TestStatSampler* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetTestStatSampler ( void  ) const

Definition at line 66 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ PostHook()

virtual void RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::PostHook ( ) const

Reimplemented in RooStats::FrequentistCalculator.

Definition at line 80 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ PreAltHook()

virtual int RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::PreAltHook ( RooArgSet ,
) const

◆ PreHook()

virtual void RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::PreHook ( ) const

Reimplemented in RooStats::FrequentistCalculator.

Definition at line 79 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ PreNullHook()

virtual int RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::PreNullHook ( RooArgSet ,
) const

◆ SetAdaptiveLimits()

void RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::SetAdaptiveLimits ( Double_t  obsTestStat,
Bool_t  forNull 
) const

◆ SetAlternateModel()

virtual void RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::SetAlternateModel ( const ModelConfig altModel)

◆ SetData()

virtual void RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::SetData ( RooAbsData data)

Implements RooStats::HypoTestCalculator.

Reimplemented in RooStats::AsymptoticCalculator.

Definition at line 62 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ SetNullModel()

virtual void RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::SetNullModel ( const ModelConfig nullModel)

◆ SetupSampler()

void HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::SetupSampler ( const ModelConfig model) const

common setup for both models

Definition at line 77 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.cxx.

◆ UseSameAltToys()

void HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::UseSameAltToys ( )

to re-use same toys for alternate hypothesis

Definition at line 259 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAltModel

const ModelConfig* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::fAltModel

Definition at line 83 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ fAltToysSeed

unsigned int RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::fAltToysSeed

Definition at line 90 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ fData

const RooAbsData* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::fData

Definition at line 85 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ fDefaultSampler

TestStatSampler* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::fDefaultSampler

Definition at line 87 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ fDefaultTestStat

TestStatistic* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::fDefaultTestStat

Definition at line 88 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ fNullModel

const ModelConfig* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::fNullModel

Definition at line 84 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

◆ fTestStatSampler

TestStatSampler* RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::fTestStatSampler

Definition at line 86 of file HypoTestCalculatorGeneric.h.

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