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TOrdCollectionIter Class Reference

Iterator of ordered collection.

Definition at line 96 of file TOrdCollection.h.

Public Member Functions

 TOrdCollectionIter (const TOrdCollection *col, Bool_t dir=kIterForward)
 Create collection iterator. More...
 TOrdCollectionIter (const TOrdCollectionIter &iter)
 Copy ctor. More...
 ~TOrdCollectionIter ()
const TCollectionGetCollection () const
TObjectNext ()
 Return next object in collection. More...
Bool_t operator!= (const TIterator &aIter) const
 This operator compares two TIterator objects. More...
Bool_t operator!= (const TOrdCollectionIter &aIter) const
 This operator compares two TOrdCollectionIter objects. More...
TObjectoperator* () const
 Return current object or nullptr. More...
TIteratoroperator= (const TIterator &rhs)
 Overridden assignment operator. More...
TOrdCollectionIteroperator= (const TOrdCollectionIter &rhs)
 Overloaded assignment operator. More...
void Reset ()
 Reset collection iterator. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TIterator
virtual ~TIterator ()
virtual Option_tGetOption () const
TObjectoperator() ()
Bool_t operator== (const TIterator &other) const

Private Member Functions

 TOrdCollectionIter ()

Private Attributes

const TOrdCollectionfCol
Int_t fCurCursor
Int_t fCursor
Bool_t fDirection

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TIterator
 TIterator ()
 TIterator (const TIterator &)

#include <TOrdCollection.h>

Inheritance diagram for TOrdCollectionIter:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TOrdCollectionIter() [1/3]

TOrdCollectionIter::TOrdCollectionIter ( )

Definition at line 107 of file TOrdCollection.h.

◆ TOrdCollectionIter() [2/3]

TOrdCollectionIter::TOrdCollectionIter ( const TOrdCollection col,
Bool_t  dir = kIterForward 

Create collection iterator.

By default the iteration direction is kIterForward. To go backward use kIterBackward.

Definition at line 453 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ TOrdCollectionIter() [3/3]

TOrdCollectionIter::TOrdCollectionIter ( const TOrdCollectionIter iter)

Copy ctor.

Definition at line 461 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ ~TOrdCollectionIter()

TOrdCollectionIter::~TOrdCollectionIter ( )

Definition at line 112 of file TOrdCollection.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCollection()

const TCollection* TOrdCollectionIter::GetCollection ( ) const

Implements TIterator.

Definition at line 116 of file TOrdCollection.h.

◆ Next()

TObject * TOrdCollectionIter::Next ( )

Return next object in collection.

Returns 0 when no more objects in collection.

Implements TIterator.

Definition at line 502 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ operator!=() [1/2]

Bool_t TOrdCollectionIter::operator!= ( const TIterator aIter) const

This operator compares two TIterator objects.

Reimplemented from TIterator.

Definition at line 531 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ operator!=() [2/2]

This operator compares two TOrdCollectionIter objects.

Definition at line 543 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ operator*()

TObject * TOrdCollectionIter::operator* ( ) const

Return current object or nullptr.

Reimplemented from TIterator.

Definition at line 551 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

TIterator & TOrdCollectionIter::operator= ( const TIterator rhs)

Overridden assignment operator.

Reimplemented from TIterator.

Definition at line 472 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ operator=() [2/2]

TOrdCollectionIter & TOrdCollectionIter::operator= ( const TOrdCollectionIter rhs)

Overloaded assignment operator.

Definition at line 487 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

◆ Reset()

void TOrdCollectionIter::Reset ( void  )

Reset collection iterator.

Implements TIterator.

Definition at line 518 of file TOrdCollection.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fCol

const TOrdCollection* TOrdCollectionIter::fCol

Definition at line 102 of file TOrdCollection.h.

◆ fCurCursor

Int_t TOrdCollectionIter::fCurCursor

Definition at line 103 of file TOrdCollection.h.

◆ fCursor

Int_t TOrdCollectionIter::fCursor

Definition at line 104 of file TOrdCollection.h.

◆ fDirection

Bool_t TOrdCollectionIter::fDirection

Definition at line 105 of file TOrdCollection.h.

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