library: libHbook
#include "THbookTree.h"


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class THbookTree: public TTree

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THbookTree(const char* name, Int_t id)
voidTObject::AbstractMethod(const char* method) const
virtual TFriendElement*TTree::AddFriend(const char* treename, const char* filename = "")
virtual TFriendElement*TTree::AddFriend(const char* treename, TFile* file)
virtual TFriendElement*TTree::AddFriend(TTree* tree, const char* alias = "", Bool_t warn = kFALSE)
virtual voidTTree::AddTotBytes(Int_t tot)
virtual voidTTree::AddZipBytes(Int_t zip)
virtual voidTObject::AppendPad(Option_t* option = "")
virtual Long64_tTTree::AutoSave(Option_t* option = "")
virtual Int_tTTree::Branch(TList* list, Int_t bufsize = 32000, Int_t splitlevel = 99)
virtual Int_tTTree::Branch(const char* folder, Int_t bufsize = 32000, Int_t splitlevel = 99)
virtual Int_tTTree::Branch(TCollection* list, Int_t bufsize = 32000, Int_t splitlevel = 99, const char* name = "")
virtual TBranch*TTree::Branch(const char* name, void* address, const char* leaflist, Int_t bufsize = 32000)
TBranch*TTree::Branch(const char* name, void*** addobj, Int_t bufsize = 32000, Int_t splitlevel = 99)
TBranch*TTree::Branch(const char* name, const char* classname, void*** addobj, Int_t bufsize = 32000, Int_t splitlevel = 99)
virtual TBranch*TTree::BranchOld(const char* name, const char* classname, void* addobj, Int_t bufsize = 32000, Int_t splitlevel = 1)
virtual TBranch*TTree::BranchRef()
virtual TBranch*TTree::Bronch(const char* name, const char* classname, void* addobj, Int_t bufsize = 32000, Int_t splitlevel = 99)
virtual voidTTree::Browse(TBrowser*)
virtual Int_tTTree::BuildIndex(const char* majorname, const char* minorname = "0")
TStreamerInfo*TTree::BuildStreamerInfo(TClass* cl, void* pointer = 0)
static TClass*Class()
virtual const char*TObject::ClassName() const
virtual voidTNamed::Clear(Option_t* option = "")
virtual TObject*TNamed::Clone(const char* newname = "") const
virtual TTree*TTree::CloneTree(Long64_t nentries = -1, Option_t* option = "")
virtual Int_tTNamed::Compare(const TObject* obj) const
virtual voidTNamed::Copy(TObject& named) const
virtual voidTTree::CopyAddresses(TTree*)
virtual Long64_tTTree::CopyEntries(TTree* tree, Long64_t nentries = -1)
virtual TTree*TTree::CopyTree(const char* selection, Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual TBasket*TTree::CreateBasket(TBranch*)
Int_tTTree::Debug() const
virtual voidTTree::Delete(Option_t* option = "")
Int_tTAttLine::DistancetoLine(Int_t px, Int_t py, Double_t xp1, Double_t yp1, Double_t xp2, Double_t yp2)
virtual Int_tTObject::DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTTree::Draw(Option_t* opt)
virtual Long64_tTTree::Draw(const char* varexp, const TCut& selection, Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual Long64_tTTree::Draw(const char* varexp, const char* selection, Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual voidTObject::DrawClass() const
virtual TObject*TObject::DrawClone(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual voidTTree::DropBaskets()
virtual voidTTree::DropBuffers(Int_t nbytes)
virtual voidTObject::Dump() const
virtual voidTObject::Error(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual voidTObject::Execute(const char* method, const char* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidTObject::Execute(TMethod* method, TObjArray* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidTObject::ExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTObject::Fatal(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Int_tTTree::Fill()
virtual voidTNamed::FillBuffer(char*& buffer)
virtual TBranch*TTree::FindBranch(const char* name)
virtual TLeaf*TTree::FindLeaf(const char* name)
virtual TObject*TObject::FindObject(const char* name) const
virtual TObject*TObject::FindObject(const TObject* obj) const
virtual Long64_tTTree::Fit(const char* funcname, const char* varexp, const char* selection = "", Option_t* option = "", Option_t* goption = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual const char*TTree::GetAlias(const char* aliasName) const
virtual TBranch*TTree::GetBranch(const char* name)
virtual TBranchRef*TTree::GetBranchRef() const
virtual Bool_tTTree::GetBranchStatus(const char* branchname) const
static Int_tTTree::GetBranchStyle()
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetCacheSize() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetChainEntryNumber(Long64_t entry) const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetChainOffset() const
TFile*TTree::GetCurrentFile() const
Long64_tTTree::GetDebugMax() const
Long64_tTTree::GetDebugMin() const
TDirectory*TTree::GetDirectory() const
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetDrawOption() const
static Long_tTObject::GetDtorOnly()
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEntries() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEntries(const char* selection)
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEntriesFast() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEntriesFriend() const
virtual Int_tGetEntry(Long64_t entry = 0, Int_t getall = 0)
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEntryNumber(Long64_t entry) const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEntryNumberWithBestIndex(Int_t major, Int_t minor = 0) const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEntryNumberWithIndex(Int_t major, Int_t minor = 0) const
virtual Int_tTTree::GetEntryWithIndex(Int_t major, Int_t minor = 0)
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetEstimate() const
Int_tTTree::GetEvent(Long64_t entry = 0, Int_t getall = 0)
TEventList*TTree::GetEventList() const
virtual Int_tTTree::GetFileNumber() const
virtual Color_tTAttFill::GetFillColor() const
virtual Style_tTAttFill::GetFillStyle() const
virtual const char*TTree::GetFriendAlias(TTree*) const
virtual const char*TObject::GetIconName() const
virtual Int_tGetID()
virtual Int_t*TTree::GetIndex()
virtual Double_t*TTree::GetIndexValues()
virtual TIterator*TTree::GetIteratorOnAllLeaves(Bool_t dir = kIterForward)
virtual TLeaf*TTree::GetLeaf(const char* name)
virtual Color_tTAttLine::GetLineColor() const
virtual Style_tTAttLine::GetLineStyle() const
virtual Width_tTAttLine::GetLineWidth() const
virtual TSeqCollection*TTree::GetListOfAliases() const
virtual TObjArray*TTree::GetListOfBranches()
virtual TList*TTree::GetListOfClones()
virtual TList*TTree::GetListOfFriends() const
virtual TObjArray*TTree::GetListOfLeaves()
Int_tTTree::GetMakeClass() const
virtual Color_tTAttMarker::GetMarkerColor() const
virtual Size_tTAttMarker::GetMarkerSize() const
virtual Style_tTAttMarker::GetMarkerStyle() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetMaxEntryLoop() const
virtual Double_tTTree::GetMaximum(const char* columname)
static Long64_tTTree::GetMaxTreeSize()
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetMaxVirtualSize() const
virtual Double_tTTree::GetMinimum(const char* columname)
virtual const char*TNamed::GetName() const
virtual Int_tTTree::GetNbranches()
TObject*TTree::GetNotify() const
virtual char*TObject::GetObjectInfo(Int_t px, Int_t py) const
static Bool_tTObject::GetObjectStat()
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetOption() const
virtual Int_tTTree::GetPacketSize() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetReadEntry() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetReadEvent() const
virtual Int_tTTree::GetScanField() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetSelectedRows()
virtual Int_tTTree::GetTimerInterval() const
virtual const char*TNamed::GetTitle() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetTotBytes() const
virtual TTree*TTree::GetTree() const
virtual TVirtualIndex*TTree::GetTreeIndex() const
virtual Int_tTTree::GetTreeNumber() const
virtual Int_tGetType()
virtual UInt_tTObject::GetUniqueID() const
virtual Int_tTTree::GetUpdate() const
virtual TList*TTree::GetUserInfo()
virtual Double_t*TTree::GetV1()
virtual Double_t*TTree::GetV2()
virtual Double_t*TTree::GetV3()
virtual Double_t*TTree::GetV4()
virtual Double_t*TTree::GetW()
virtual Double_tTTree::GetWeight() const
virtual Long64_tTTree::GetZipBytes() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::HandleTimer(TTimer* timer)
virtual ULong_tTNamed::Hash() const
virtual voidTTree::IncrementTotalBuffers(Int_t nbytes)
virtual voidTObject::Info(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const char* classname) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const TClass* cl) const
virtual voidInitBranches(Long64_t entry)
virtual voidTObject::Inspect() const
voidTObject::InvertBit(UInt_t f)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsEqual(const TObject* obj) const
virtual Bool_tTTree::IsFolder() const
Bool_tTObject::IsOnHeap() const
virtual Bool_tTNamed::IsSortable() const
virtual Bool_tTAttFill::IsTransparent() const
Bool_tTObject::IsZombie() const
virtual Int_tTTree::LoadBaskets(Long64_t maxmemory = 2000000000)
virtual Long64_tTTree::LoadTree(Long64_t entry)
virtual Long64_tTTree::LoadTreeFriend(Long64_t entry, TTree* T)
virtual voidTNamed::ls(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual Int_tTTree::MakeClass(const char* classname = "0", Option_t* option = "")
virtual Int_tTTree::MakeCode(const char* filename = "0")
virtual Int_tTTree::MakeProxy(const char* classname, const char* macrofilename = "0", const char* cutfilename = "0", const char* option = "0", Int_t maxUnrolling = 3)
virtual Int_tTTree::MakeSelector(const char* selector = "0")
char*MakeX(Int_t nvars)
voidTObject::MayNotUse(const char* method) const
Bool_tTTree::MemoryFull(Int_t nbytes)
virtual Long64_tTTree::Merge(TCollection* list, Option_t* option = "")
static TTree*TTree::MergeTrees(TList* list, Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTAttLine::Modify()
virtual Bool_tTTree::Notify()
static voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr)
static voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr, void* vp)
static voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr)
static voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz, void* vp)
TNamed&TNamed::operator=(const TNamed& rhs)
virtual voidTObject::Paint(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::Pop()
TPrincipal*TTree::Principal(const char* varexp = "", const char* selection = "", Option_t* option = "np", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual voidPrint(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual Long64_tTTree::Process(const char* filename, Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual Long64_tTTree::Process(TSelector* selector, Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual Long64_tTTree::Project(const char* hname, const char* varexp, const char* selection = "", Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual TSQLResult*TTree::Query(const char* varexp = "", const char* selection = "", Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual Int_tTObject::Read(const char* name)
virtual Long64_tTTree::ReadFile(const char* filename, const char* branchDescriptor = "")
virtual voidTObject::RecursiveRemove(TObject* obj)
virtual voidTTree::Refresh()
virtual voidTTree::RemoveFriend(TTree*)
virtual voidTTree::Reset(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTAttFill::ResetAttFill(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTAttLine::ResetAttLine(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTAttMarker::ResetAttMarker(Option_t* toption = "")
voidTObject::ResetBit(UInt_t f)
virtual voidTTree::ResetBranchAddresses()
virtual voidTObject::SaveAs(const char* filename = "", Option_t* option = "") const
virtual voidTAttFill::SaveFillAttributes(ostream& out, const char* name, Int_t coldef = 1, Int_t stydef = 1001)
virtual voidTAttLine::SaveLineAttributes(ostream& out, const char* name, Int_t coldef = 1, Int_t stydef = 1, Int_t widdef = 1)
virtual voidTAttMarker::SaveMarkerAttributes(ostream& out, const char* name, Int_t coldef = 1, Int_t stydef = 1, Int_t sizdef = 1)
virtual voidTObject::SavePrimitive(ostream& out, Option_t* option = "")
virtual Long64_tTTree::Scan(const char* varexp = "", const char* selection = "", Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual Bool_tTTree::SetAlias(const char* aliasName, const char* aliasFormula)
virtual voidTTree::SetAutoSave(Long64_t autos = 10000000)
virtual voidTTree::SetBasketSize(const char* bname, Int_t buffsize = 16000)
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f)
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
voidTTree::SetBranchAddress(const char* bname, void** add, TBranch** ptr = 0)
virtual voidTTree::SetBranchAddress(const char* bname, void* add, TClass* realClass, EDataType datatype, Bool_t isptr)
virtual voidTTree::SetBranchAddress(const char* bname, void* add, TBranch** ptr, TClass* realClass, EDataType datatype, Bool_t isptr)
virtual voidTTree::SetBranchStatus(const char* bname, Bool_t status = 1, UInt_t* found = 0)
static voidTTree::SetBranchStyle(Int_t style = 1)
virtual voidTTree::SetCacheSize(Long64_t cachesize = 10000000)
virtual voidTTree::SetChainOffset(Int_t offset = 0)
virtual voidTTree::SetCircular(Long64_t maxEntries)
virtual voidTTree::SetDebug(Int_t level = 1, Long64_t min = 0, Long64_t max = 9999999)
virtual voidTTree::SetDirectory(TDirectory* dir)
virtual voidTObject::SetDrawOption(Option_t* option = "")
static voidTObject::SetDtorOnly(void* obj)
virtual Long64_tSetEntries(Long64_t n = -1)
virtual voidTTree::SetEstimate(Long64_t nentries = 10000)
virtual voidTTree::SetEventList(TEventList* list)
virtual voidTTree::SetFileNumber(Int_t number = 0)
virtual voidTAttFill::SetFillAttributes()
virtual voidTAttFill::SetFillColor(Color_t fcolor)
virtual voidTAttFill::SetFillStyle(Style_t fstyle)
virtual voidSetHbookFile(THbookFile* file)
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineAttributes()
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineColor(Color_t lcolor)
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineStyle(Style_t lstyle)
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineWidth(Width_t lwidth)
virtual voidTTree::SetMakeClass(Int_t make)
virtual voidTAttMarker::SetMarkerAttributes()
virtual voidTAttMarker::SetMarkerColor(Color_t tcolor = 1)
virtual voidTAttMarker::SetMarkerSize(Size_t msize = 1)
virtual voidTAttMarker::SetMarkerStyle(Style_t mstyle = 1)
virtual voidTTree::SetMaxEntryLoop(Long64_t maxev = 1000000000)
static voidTTree::SetMaxTreeSize(Long64_t maxsize = 1900000000)
virtual voidTTree::SetMaxVirtualSize(Long64_t size = 0)
virtual voidTTree::SetName(const char* name)
virtual voidTNamed::SetNameTitle(const char* name, const char* title)
virtual voidTTree::SetNotify(TObject* obj)
virtual voidTTree::SetObject(const char* name, const char* title)
static voidTObject::SetObjectStat(Bool_t stat)
virtual voidTTree::SetScanField(Int_t n = 50)
virtual voidTTree::SetTimerInterval(Int_t msec = 333)
virtual voidTNamed::SetTitle(const char* title = "")
virtual voidTTree::SetTreeIndex(TVirtualIndex* index)
virtual voidSetType(Int_t atype)
virtual voidTObject::SetUniqueID(UInt_t uid)
virtual voidTTree::SetUpdate(Int_t freq = 0)
virtual voidTTree::SetWeight(Double_t w = 1, Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTTree::Show(Long64_t entry = -1, Int_t lenmax = 20)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual Int_tTNamed::Sizeof() const
virtual voidTTree::StartViewer()
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
virtual voidTObject::SysError(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
Bool_tTObject::TestBit(UInt_t f) const
Int_tTObject::TestBits(UInt_t f) const
virtual Long64_tTTree::UnbinnedFit(const char* funcname, const char* varexp, const char* selection = "", Option_t* option = "", Long64_t nentries = 1000000000, Long64_t firstentry = 0)
virtual voidTTree::UseCurrentStyle()
virtual voidTObject::Warning(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Int_tTObject::Write(const char* name = "0", Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0)
virtual Int_tTObject::Write(const char* name = "0", Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0) const
virtual TBranch*TTree::BranchImp(const char* branchname, TClass* ptrClass, void* addobj, Int_t bufsize, Int_t splitlevel)
virtual TBranch*TTree::BranchImp(const char* branchname, const char* classname, TClass* ptrClass, void* addobj, Int_t bufsize, Int_t splitlevel)
virtual TFile*TTree::ChangeFile(TFile* file)
virtual Bool_tTTree::CheckBranchAddressType(TBranch* branch, TClass* ptrClass, EDataType datatype, Bool_t ptr)
virtual voidTObject::DoError(int level, const char* location, const char* fmt, va_list va) const
const char*TTree::GetNameByIndex(TString& varexp, Int_t* index, Int_t colindex) const
virtual voidTTree::KeepCircular()
virtual voidTTree::MakeIndex(TString& varexp, Int_t* index)

Data Members

enum TTree::ELockStatusBits { kFindBranch
enum TTree::[unnamed] { kForceRead
enum TObject::EStatusBits { kCanDelete
enum TObject::[unnamed] { kIsOnHeap
Int_tfIDHbook identifier
Int_tfTypeRWN (0) or CWN (1)
char*fXstorage area for RWN
Bool_tfInitflag to know if branches computed
THbookFile*fFilepointer to Hbook file
Long64_tTTree::fEntriesNumber of entries
Long64_tTTree::fTotBytesTotal number of bytes in all branches before compression
Long64_tTTree::fZipBytesTotal number of bytes in all branches after compression
Long64_tTTree::fSavedBytesNumber of autosaved bytes
Double_tTTree::fWeightTree weight (see TTree::SetWeight)
Int_tTTree::fTimerIntervalTimer interval in milliseconds
Int_tTTree::fScanFieldNumber of runs before prompting in Scan
Int_tTTree::fUpdateUpdate frequency for EntryLoop
Long64_tTTree::fMaxEntriesMaximum number of entries in case of circular buffers
Long64_tTTree::fMaxEntryLoopMaximum number of entries to process
Long64_tTTree::fMaxVirtualSizeMaximum total size of buffers kept in memory
Long64_tTTree::fAutoSaveAutosave tree when fAutoSave bytes produced
Long64_tTTree::fEstimateNumber of entries to estimate histogram limits
Long64_tTTree::fCacheSize! Maximum size of file buffers
Long64_tTTree::fChainOffset! Offset of 1st entry of this Tree in a TChain
Long64_tTTree::fReadEntry! Number of the entry being processed
Long64_tTTree::fTotalBuffers! Total number of bytes in branch buffers
Int_tTTree::fPacketSize! Number of entries in one packet for parallel root
Int_tTTree::fNfill! Local for EntryLoop
Int_tTTree::fDebug! Debug level
Long64_tTTree::fDebugMin! First entry number to debug
Long64_tTTree::fDebugMax! Last entry number to debug
Int_tTTree::fMakeClass! not zero when processing code generated by MakeClass
Int_tTTree::fFileNumber! current file number (if file extensions)
TObject*TTree::fNotify! Object to be notified when loading a Tree
TDirectory*TTree::fDirectory! Pointer to directory holding this tree
TObjArrayTTree::fBranchesList of Branches
TObjArrayTTree::fLeavesDirect pointers to individual branch leaves
TList*TTree::fAliasesList of aliases for expressions based on the tree branches.
TEventList*TTree::fEventList! Pointer to event selection list (if one)
TArrayDTTree::fIndexValuesSorted index values
TArrayITTree::fIndexIndex of sorted values
TVirtualIndex*TTree::fTreeIndexPointer to the tree Index (if any)
TList*TTree::fFriendspointer to list of friend elements
TList*TTree::fUserInfopointer to a list of user objects associated to this Tree
TVirtualTreePlayer*TTree::fPlayer! Pointer to current Tree player
TList*TTree::fClones! List of cloned trees which share our addresses
TBranchRef*TTree::fBranchRefBranch supporting the TRefTable (if any)
UInt_tTTree::fFriendLockStatus! Record which method is locking the friend recursion
static Int_tTTree::fgBranchStyleOld/New branch style
static Long64_tTTree::fgMaxTreeSizeMaximum size of a file containg a Tree
TStringTNamed::fNameobject identifier
TStringTNamed::fTitleobject title
Color_tTAttLine::fLineColorline color
Style_tTAttLine::fLineStyleline style
Width_tTAttLine::fLineWidthline width
Color_tTAttFill::fFillColorfill area color
Style_tTAttFill::fFillStylefill area style
Color_tTAttMarker::fMarkerColorMarker color index
Style_tTAttMarker::fMarkerStyleMarker style
Size_tTAttMarker::fMarkerSizeMarker size

Class Description

 A wrapper class supporting Hbook ntuples (CWN and RWN).              
 The normal TTree calls can be used, including TTree::Draw().         
 Data read directly from the Hbook file via THbookFile.               
 IMPORTANT NOTE                                                       
 When setting the branch address (via THbookTree::SetBranchAddress)   
 for a branch in an Hbook block containing several names, eg          
    Hbook block SELEVN with the following variables:                  
  *      1   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * WGGS        
  *      2   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * AM12        
  *      3   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * AM34        
  *      4   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * AM14        
  *      5   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * AM32        
  *      6   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * PtPI(4)     
  *      7   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * PHIPI(4)    
  *      8   * R*4  *         *              * SELEVN   * THTPI(4)    
 one must define a C struct like:                                     
   struct {                                                           
      Float_t Wggs;                                                   
      Float_t Am12;                                                   
      Float_t Am34;                                                   
      Float_t Am14;                                                   
      Float_t Am32;                                                   
      Float_t Ptpi[4];                                                
      Float_t Phipi[4];                                               
      Float_t Thtpi[4];                                               
   } event;                                                           
 and set ONLY the first variable address with:                        

default constructor
THbookTree(const char *name,Int_t id)
Int_t GetEntry(Long64_t entry, Int_t /*getall*/)
get one entry from the hbook ntuple
void InitBranches(Long64_t entry)
Initialize the branch addresses
void Print(Option_t *option)
Print an overview of the hbook ntuple
Long64_t SetEntries(Long64_t n)
Set the number of entries in the tree header and its branches
THbookFile * GetHbookFile()
{return fFile;}
Int_t GetID()
{return fID;}
Int_t GetType()
{return fType;}
Float_t * GetX()
{return (Float_t*)fX;}
char * MakeX(Int_t nvars)
{fX = new char[nvars]; return fX;}
void SetHbookFile(THbookFile *file)
{fFile = file;}
void SetType(Int_t atype)
{fType = atype;}

Author: Rene Brun 18/02/2002
Last update: root/hbook:$Name: $:$Id: THbookTree.cxx,v 1.11 2006/05/13 17:28:15 brun Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2002, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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