class ROOT::Math::GSLSimAnParams

GSLSimAnFunc class description.
Interface class for the  objetive function to be used in simulated annealing
If user wants to re-implement some of the methods (like the one defining the metric) which are used by the
the simulated annealing algorithm must build a user derived class.
NOTE: Derived classes must re-implement the assignment and copy constructor to call them of the parent class

@ingroup MultiMin

Function Members (Methods)

ROOT::Math::GSLSimAnParamsGSLSimAnParams(const ROOT::Math::GSLSimAnParams&)
ROOT::Math::GSLSimAnParams&operator=(const ROOT::Math::GSLSimAnParams&)

Data Members

intiters_fixed_Tnumber of iterations at each temperature
intn_triesnumber of points to try for each step
doublestep_sizemax step size used in random walk

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Function documentation

GSLSimAnParams(const ROOT::Math::GSLSimAnParams& )
 constructor with some default values

Author: L. Moneta Thu Jan 25 11:13:48 2007
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Copyright (c) 2006 LCG ROOT Math Team, CERN/PH-SFT *

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