class ROOT::Math::RotationY

Rotation class representing a 3D rotation about the Y axis by the angle of rotation.
For efficiency reason, in addition to the the angle, the sine and cosine of the angle are held

@ingroup GenVector

Function Members (Methods)

ROOT::Math::RotationY::ScalarAngle() const
ROOT::Math::RotationY::ScalarCosAngle() const
voidGetAngle(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar& angle) const
voidGetComponents(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar& angle) const
ROOT::Math::RotationYInverse() const
booloperator!=(const ROOT::Math::RotationY& rhs) const
ROOT::Math::RotationYoperator*(const ROOT::Math::RotationY& r) const
ROOT::Math::PositionVector3D<ROOT::Math::Cartesian3D<double>,ROOT::Math::DefaultCoordinateSystemTag>operator*(const ROOT::Math::PositionVector3D<ROOT::Math::Cartesian3D<double>,ROOT::Math::DefaultCoordinateSystemTag>& v) const
ROOT::Math::DisplacementVector3D<ROOT::Math::Cartesian3D<double>,ROOT::Math::DefaultCoordinateSystemTag>operator*(const ROOT::Math::DisplacementVector3D<ROOT::Math::Cartesian3D<double>,ROOT::Math::DefaultCoordinateSystemTag>& v) const
ROOT::Math::LorentzVector<ROOT::Math::PxPyPzE4D<double> >operator*(const ROOT::Math::LorentzVector<ROOT::Math::PxPyPzE4D<double> >& v) const
ROOT::Math::RotationY&operator*=(const ROOT::Math::RotationY& r)
ROOT::Math::RotationY&operator=(const ROOT::Math::RotationY&)
booloperator==(const ROOT::Math::RotationY& rhs) const
ROOT::Math::RotationYRotationY(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar angle)
ROOT::Math::RotationYRotationY(const ROOT::Math::RotationY&)
voidSetAngle(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar angle)
voidSetComponents(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar angle)
ROOT::Math::RotationY::ScalarSinAngle() const

Data Members

ROOT::Math::RotationY::ScalarfAnglerotation angle
ROOT::Math::RotationY::ScalarfCoscosine of the rotaiton angle
ROOT::Math::RotationY::ScalarfSinsine of the rotation angle

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Function documentation

 ========== Constructors and Assignment =====================

Default constructor (identity rotation)

{ }
explicit RotationY( Scalar angle )
Construct from an angle

void SetAngle(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar angle)
 ======== Components ==============

Set given the angle.

void SetComponents(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar angle)
{ SetAngle(angle); }
void GetAngle(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar& angle) const
Get the angle

{ angle = atan2 (fSin,fCos); }
void GetComponents(ROOT::Math::RotationY::Scalar& angle) const
{ GetAngle(angle); }
Scalar Angle()
Angle of rotation

{ return atan2 (fSin,fCos); }
Scalar SinAngle()
Sine or Cosine of the rotation angle

{ return fSin; }
Scalar CosAngle()
{ return fCos; }
AVector operator*(const AVector & v)
Overload operator * for rotation on a vector

void Invert()
Invert a rotation in place

{ fAngle = -fAngle; fSin = -fSin; }
RotationY Inverse()
Return inverse of  a rotation

{ RotationY t(*this); t.Invert(); return t; }
return ! operator==(const ROOT::Math::RotationY& rhs) const
os << " RotationY(" << r.Angle() << ")

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