class ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters

Function Members (Methods)

boolAdd(const char*, double)
boolAdd(const char*, double, double)
boolAdd(const char*, double, double, double, double)
doubleError(unsigned int) const
doubleError(const char*) const
vector<double>Errors() const
voidFix(unsigned int)
voidFix(const char*)
unsigned intIndex(const char*) const
ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParametersMnUserParameters(const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters& par)
ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParametersMnUserParameters(const vector<double>&, const vector<double>&)
const char*Name(unsigned int) const
ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters&operator=(const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters& par)
const ROOT::Minuit2::MinuitParameter&Parameter(unsigned int) const
const vector<ROOT::Minuit2::MinuitParameter>&Parameters() const
vector<double>Params() const
const ROOT::Minuit2::MnMachinePrecision&Precision() const
voidRelease(unsigned int)
voidRelease(const char*)
voidRemoveLimits(unsigned int)
voidRemoveLimits(const char*)
voidSetError(unsigned int, double)
voidSetError(const char*, double)
voidSetLimits(unsigned int, double, double)
voidSetLimits(const char*, double, double)
voidSetLowerLimit(unsigned int, double)
voidSetLowerLimit(const char*, double)
voidSetPrecision(double eps)
voidSetUpperLimit(unsigned int, double)
voidSetUpperLimit(const char*, double)
voidSetValue(unsigned int, double)
voidSetValue(const char*, double)
const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserTransformation&Trafo() const
doubleValue(unsigned int) const
doubleValue(const char*) const
unsigned intVariableParameters() const

Data Members


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Function documentation

MnUserParameters(const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters& par)
MnUserParameters(const vector<double>& , const vector<double>& )
MnUserParameters(const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters& par)
MnUserParameters& operator=(const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters& par)
const MnUserTransformation& Trafo()
{return fTransformation;}
unsigned int VariableParameters()
const std::vector<ROOT::Minuit2::MinuitParameter>& Parameters()
 access to parameters (row-wise)
std::vector<double> Params()
 access to parameters and errors in column-wise representation
std::vector<double> Errors()
bool Add(const char* , double , double )
 Add free Parameter Name, Value, Error
bool Add(const char* , double , double , double , double )
 Add const Parameter Name, vale
bool Add(const char* , double )
void Fix(unsigned int)
 interaction via external number of Parameter
void Release(unsigned int)
void SetValue(unsigned int, double)
void SetError(unsigned int, double)
void SetLimits(unsigned int, double, double)
void SetUpperLimit(unsigned int, double)
void SetLowerLimit(unsigned int, double)
void RemoveLimits(unsigned int)
double Value(unsigned int)
double Error(unsigned int)
void Fix(const char*)
 interaction via Name of Parameter
void Release(const char*)
void SetValue(const char*, double)
void SetError(const char*, double)
void SetLimits(const char*, double, double)
void SetUpperLimit(const char*, double)
void SetLowerLimit(const char*, double)
void RemoveLimits(const char*)
double Value(const char*)
double Error(const char*)
unsigned int Index(const char* ) const
convert Name into external number of Parameter
const char* Name(unsigned int ) const
void SetPrecision(double eps)

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