class TEveManager


 Central aplicat manager for Reve.
 Manages elements, GUI, GL scenes and GL viewers.

Function Members (Methods)

TEveManager(UInt_t w, UInt_t h)
TCanvas*AddCanvasTab(const char* name)
TGListTreeItem*AddElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent = 0)
TGListTreeItem*AddEvent(TEveEventManager* event)
TGListTreeItem*AddGlobalElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent = 0)
TGListTreeItem*AddToListTree(TEveElement* re, Bool_t open, TGListTree* lt = 0)
static TClass*Class()
static TEveManager*Create()
voidEditElement(TEveElement* element)
voidElementChanged(TEveElement* element, Bool_t update_scenes = kTRUE, Bool_t redraw = kFALSE)
voidElementChecked(TEveElement* element, Bool_t state)
Bool_tElementPaste(TEveElement* element)
voidElementSelect(TEveElement* element)
voidFullRedraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras = kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals = kFALSE)
TEveBrowser*GetBrowser() const
TEveEventManager*GetCurrentEvent() const
TEveViewer*GetDefViewer() const
TEveGedEditor*GetEditor() const
TEveScene*GetEventScene() const
TEveManager::TExceptionHandler*GetExcHandler() const
TGeoManager*GetGeometry(const TString& filename)
TGeoManager*GetGeometryByAlias(const TString& alias)
TEveScene*GetGlobalScene() const
TGLViewer*GetGLViewer() const
Bool_tGetKeepEmptyCont() const
TGListTree*GetListTree() const
TEveGListTreeEditorFrame*GetLTEFrame() const
TMacro*GetMacro(const Text_t* name) const
TFolder*GetMacroFolder() const
TGWindow*GetMainWindow() const
TEveSceneList*GetScenes() const
TGStatusBar*GetStatusBar() const
TEveViewerList*GetViewers() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
voidPreDeleteElement(TEveElement* element)
voidRedraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras = kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals = kFALSE)
voidRegisterGeometryAlias(const TString& alias, const TString& filename)
voidRemoveElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent)
voidRemoveFromListTree(TEveElement* element, TGListTree* lt, TGListTreeItem* lti)
voidScenesChanged(list<TEveElement*>& scenes)
voidSetKeepEmptyCont(Bool_t k)
voidSetStatusLine(const char* text)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
TEveScene*SpawnNewScene(const Text_t* name, const Text_t* title = "")
TEveViewer*SpawnNewViewer(const Text_t* name, const Text_t* title = "", Bool_t embed = kTRUE)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
TEveManager(const TEveManager&)
TEveManager&operator=(const TEveManager&)

Data Members

TEveViewer*fViewerFirst / default gl-viewer.

Class Charts

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Function documentation

TEveManager(UInt_t w, UInt_t h)
TCanvas* AddCanvasTab(const char* name)
 Add a new canvas tab.
TGWindow* GetMainWindow()
 Get the main window, i.e. the first created reve-browser.
TGLViewer* GetGLViewer()
 Get default TGLViewer.
TEveViewer* SpawnNewViewer(const Text_t* name, const Text_t* title = "", Bool_t embed = kTRUE)
 Create a new GL viewer.
TEveScene* SpawnNewScene(const Text_t* name, const Text_t* title = "")
 Create a new scene.
TMacro* GetMacro(const Text_t* name) const
 Find macro in fMacroFolder by name.
void EditElement(TEveElement* element)
 Show element in default editor.
void RegisterRedraw3D()
 Register a request for 3D redraw.
void DoRedraw3D()
 Perform 3D redraw of scenes and viewers whose contents has
void FullRedraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras = kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals = kFALSE)
 Perform 3D redraw of all scenes and viewers.
void ElementChanged(TEveElement* element, Bool_t update_scenes = kTRUE, Bool_t redraw = kFALSE)
 Element was changed, perform framework side action.
 Called from TEveElement::ElementChanged().
void ScenesChanged(list<TEveElement*>& scenes)
 Mark all scenes from the given list as changed.
TGListTree* GetListTree()
 Get default list-tree widget.
AddToListTree(TEveElement* re, Bool_t open, TGListTree* lt = 0)
 Add element as a top-level to a list-tree.
 Only add a single copy of a render-element as a top level.
void RemoveFromListTree(TEveElement* element, TGListTree* lt, TGListTreeItem* lti)
 Remove top-level element from list-tree with specified tree-item.
TGListTreeItem* AddEvent(TEveEventManager* event)
 Add a new event and make it the current event.
 It is added into the event-scene and as a top-level list-tree
TGListTreeItem* AddElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent = 0)
 Add an element. If parent is not specified it is added into
 current event (which is created if does not exist).
TGListTreeItem* AddGlobalElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent = 0)
 Add a global element, i.e. one that does not change on each
 event, like geometry or projection manager.
 If parent is not specified it is added to a global scene.
void RemoveElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent)
 Remove element from parent.
void PreDeleteElement(TEveElement* element)
 Called from TEveElement prior to its destruction so the
 framework components (like object editor) can unreference it.
void ElementSelect(TEveElement* element)
 Select an element.
Bool_t ElementPaste(TEveElement* element)
 Paste has been called.
void ElementChecked(TEveElement* element, Bool_t state)
 An element has been checked in the list-tree.
TGeoManager* GetGeometry(const TString& filename)
 Get geometry with given filename.
 This is cached internally so the second time this function is
 called with the same argument the same geo-manager is returned.
TGeoManager* GetGeometryByAlias(const TString& alias)
 Get geometry with given alias.
 The alias must be registered via RegisterGeometryAlias().
TGeoManager* GetDefaultGeometry()
 Get the default geometry.
 It should be registered via RegisterGeometryName("Default", <URL>).
void RegisterGeometryAlias(const TString& alias, const TString& filename)
 Register 'name' as an alias for geometry file 'filename'.
 The old aliases are silently overwritten.
 After that the geometry can be retrieved also by calling:
void SetStatusLine(const char* text)
 Set the text in the right side of browser's status bar.
TEveManager* Create()
 If global TEveManager* gEve is not set initialize it.
 Returns gEve.
TEveManager(const TEveManager& )
TEveManager& operator=(const TEveManager& )
TExceptionHandler* GetExcHandler()
{ return fExcHandler; }
TEveBrowser* GetBrowser()
{ return fBrowser; }
TEveGListTreeEditorFrame* GetLTEFrame()
{ return fLTEFrame; }
TEveGedEditor* GetEditor()
{ return fEditor; }
TGStatusBar* GetStatusBar()
{ return fStatusBar; }
TEveSceneList* GetScenes()
{ return fScenes; }
TEveViewerList* GetViewers()
{ return fViewers; }
TEveViewer* GetDefViewer()
{ return fViewer; }
TEveScene* GetGlobalScene()
{ return fGlobalScene; }
TEveScene* GetEventScene()
{ return fEventScene; }
TEveEventManager* GetCurrentEvent()
{ return fCurrentEvent; }
TFolder* GetMacroFolder()
{ return fMacroFolder; }
void DisableRedraw()
{ ++fRedrawDisabled; }
void EnableRedraw()
{ --fRedrawDisabled; if (fRedrawDisabled <= 0) Redraw3D(); }
void Redraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras = kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals = kFALSE)
Bool_t GetKeepEmptyCont()
{ return fKeepEmptyCont; }
void SetKeepEmptyCont(Bool_t k)
{ fKeepEmptyCont = k; }

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