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 ROOTR Users Guide
 The ROOT Mathematical Libraries
 MathCore Library
 MathMore Library
 SMatrix Package
 Examples with External Packages
 Generic Vector for 2, 3 and 4 Dimensions
 LorentzVector Classes
 Point3D Classes
 Vector Transformations
 Vector3D Classes
 2D Point and Vector Classes
 Matrix and Vector Operators and Functions
 SMatrix Class Properties
 SVector Class Properties
 The VDT mathematical library
 Civetweb Contributors
 ![Civetweb]( "Civetweb") Civetweb
 Setup a static PROOF cluster with PROOF on Demand
 The Dataset Stager
 Deploying the Virtual Analysis Facility
 A PROOF interface to the AliEn file catalog
 Using the Virtual Analysis Facility