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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NBidirMMapPipe_implNamespace for implementation details of BidirMMapPipe
 NRcppThis is a class to support deprecated method to pass function to R's Environment, based in Rcpp::InternalFunction
 NRooStatsNamespace for the RooStats classes
 NROOTNamespace for new ROOT classes and functions
 NRootCsgI've modified some very nice bounding box tree code from Gino van der Bergen's Free Solid Library below
 NstdSTL namespace
 NTMVAAbstract ClassifierFactory template that handles arbitrary types
 C_Ulp_ExponentVector< Vc::sfloat_v >
 CApplicationWindowMain Qt&Root Application Window:
 CBidirMMapPipeBidirMMapPipe creates a bidirectional channel between the current process and a child it forks
 CContDistFree functions adapter needed by UNURAN for onedimensional continuous distributions
 CContextSmall helper to keep current directory context
 CDiscrDistFree functions adapter needed by UNURAN for one-dimensional discrete distribution
 CexponentToDivisor< 1, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 1024, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 128, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 256, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 384, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 512, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 640, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 768, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< 896, center >
 CexponentToDivisor< center, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -1, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -128, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -256, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -384, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -512, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -640, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -768, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< -896, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier< center, center >
 CexponentToMultiplier<-1024, center >
 Chash< std::experimental::basic_string_view< _CharT, _Traits > >
 CHoption_tHistogram option structure
 CHparam_tHistogram parameters structure
 CisEqualType< T, T >
 CMultiDistFree functions adapter needed by UNURAN for multidimensional cont distribution
 CRoo1DMomentMorphFunction1-dimensional morph function between a list of input functions (varlist) as a function of one input parameter (m)
 CRoo2DKeysPdfTwo-dimensional kernel estimation PDF
 CRoo2DMomentMorphFunction2-dimensional morph function between a list of function-numbers as a function of two input parameters (m1 and m2)
 CRooAbsArgRooAbsArg is the common abstract base class for objects that represent a value (of arbitrary type) and "shape" that in general depends on (is a client of) other RooAbsArg subclasses
 CRooAbsPdfRooAbsPdf is the abstract interface for all probability density functions The class provides hybrid analytical/numerical normalization for its implementations, error tracing and a MC generator interface
 CRooAbsRealRooAbsReal is the common abstract base class for objects that represent a real value and implements functionality common to all real-valued objects such as the ability to plot them, to construct integrals of them, the ability to advertise (partial) analytical integrals etc
 CRooArgusBGRooArgusBG is a RooAbsPdf implementation describing the ARGUS background shape
 CRooBCPEffDecayPDF describing decay time distribution of B meson including effects of standard model CP violation
 CSelectionRulesThe class representing the collection of selection rules
 CTApplicationThis class creates the ROOT Application Environment that interfaces to the windowing system eventloop and eventhandlers
 CTApplicationImpABC describing GUI independent application implementation protocol
 CTArcCreate an Arc
 CTArcBallImplements the arc-ball rotation manipulator
 CTArchiveFileClass describing an archive file containing multiple sub-files, like a ZIP or TAR archive
 CTArrayAbstract array base class
 CTArrayCArray of chars or bytes (8 bits per element)
 CTArrayDArray of doubles (64 bits per element)
 CTArrayFArray of floats (32 bits per element)
 CTArrayIArray of integers (32 bits per element)
 CTArrayLArray of longs (32 or 64 bits per element)
 CTArrayL64Array of long64s (64 bits per element)
 CTArraySArray of shorts (16 bits per element)
 CTArrowDraw all kinds of Arrows
 CTASImageImage class
 CTASPaletteEditorThis is a GUI window to edit a color palette
 CTASPluginGSAllows to read PS/EPS/PDF files via GhostScript
 CTAtt3DUse this attribute class when an object should have 3D capabilities
 CTAttAxisManages histogram axis attributes
 CTAttBBoxHelper for management of bounding-box information
 CTAttBBox2DAbstract base class for elements drawn in the editor
 CTAttCanvasManages canvas attributes
 CTAttFillFill Area Attributes class
 CTAttImageTImage attributes
 CTAttLineLine Attributes class
 CTAttMarkerMarker Attributes class
 CTAttPadManages default Pad attributes
 CTAttTextText Attributes class
 CTAxisClass to manage histogram axis
 CTAxis3DThe 3D axis painter class
 CTBackCompFitterBackward compatible implementation of TVirtualFitter
 CTBase64This code implements the Base64 encoding and decoding
 CTBaseClassEach class (see TClass) has a linked list of its base class(es)
 CTBasketManages buffers for branches of a Tree
 CTBasketSQLImplement TBasket for a SQL backend
 CTBenchmarkThis class is a ROOT utility to help benchmarking applications
 CTBinomialEfficiencyFitterBinomial fitter for the division of two histograms
 CTBitsContainer of bits
 CTBoxCreate a Box
 CTBranchA TTree is a list of TBranches
 CTBranchClonesA Branch for the case of an array of clone objects
 CTBranchElementA Branch for the case of an object
 CTBranchObjectA Branch for the case of an object
 CTBranchRefA branch containing and managing a TRefTable for TRef autoloading
 CTBranchSTLA Branch handling STL collection of pointers (vectors, lists, queues, sets and multisets) while storing them in split mode
 CTBRIKA box with faces perpendicular to the axes
 CTBrowserUsing a TBrowser one can browse all ROOT objects
 CTBrowserImpABC describing GUI independent browser implementation protocol
 CTBtInnerNodeInner node of a TBtree
 CTBtItemItem stored in inner nodes of a TBtree
 CTBtLeafNodeLeaf node of a TBtree
 CTBtNodeAbstract base class (ABC) of a TBtree node
 CTBtreeB-tree class
 CTBtreeIterIterator of btree
 CTBufferBuffer base class used for serializing objects
 CTBuffer3DGeneric 3D primitive description class
 CTBuffer3DCutTubeCut tube segment description class - see TBuffer3DTypes for producer classes
 CTBuffer3DSphereSphere description class - see TBuffer3DTypes for producer classes Supports hollow and cut spheres
 CTBuffer3DTubeComplete tube description class - see TBuffer3DTypes for producer classes
 CTBuffer3DTubeSegTube segment description class - see TBuffer3DTypes for producer classes
 CTBufferFileThe concrete implementation of TBuffer for writing/reading to/from a ROOT file or socket
 CTBufferSQLImplement TBuffer for a SQL backend
 CTBufferSQL2Converts data to SQL statements or read data from SQL tables
 CTBufferXMLClass for serializing/deserializing object to/from xml
 CTButtonA TButton object is a user interface object
 CTCanvasThe Canvas class
 CTCanvasImpABC describing GUI independent main window (with menubar, scrollbars and a drawing area)
 CTCastorFileA TNetFile interfaced to the Castor storage backend
 CTChainA chain is a collection of files containg TTree objects
 CTChainElementA TChainElement describes a component of a TChain
 CTChainIndexA Chain Index
 CTChirpFileRead and write data via a Chirp server
 CTClassThe ROOT global object gROOT contains a list of all defined classes
 CTClassGeneratorObjects following this interface can be passed onto the TROOT object to implement a user customized way to create the TClass objects
 CTClassMenuItemDescribes one element of the context menu associated to a class The menu item may describe
 CTClassRefTClassRef is used to implement a permanent reference to a TClass object
 CTClassTableThis class registers for all classes their name, id and dictionary function in a hash table
 CTClassTreeDraw inheritance tree and their relations for a list of classes
 CTClingThis class defines an interface to the cling C++ interpreter
 CTClingBaseClassInfoEmulation of the CINT BaseClassInfo class
 CTClingCallFuncEmulation of the CINT CallFunc class
 CTClingClassInfoEmulation of the CINT ClassInfo class
 CTClingDataMemberInfoEmulation of the CINT DataMemberInfo class
 CTClingMethodArgInfoEmulation of the CINT MethodInfo class
 CTClingMethodInfoEmulation of the CINT MethodInfo class
 CTClingTypedefInfoEmulation of the CINT TypedefInfo class
 CTClingTypeInfoEmulation of the CINT TypeInfo class
 CTClingValueBridge between cling::Value and ROOT
 CTClonesArrayAn array of clone (identical) objects
 CTCollectionCollection abstract base class
 CTCollectionClassStreamerClass streamer object to implement TClassStreamer functionality for I/O emulation
 CTCollectionMemberStreamerClass streamer object to implement TMemberStreamer functionality for I/O emulation
 CTCollectionMethodBrowsableTCollectionMethodBrowsable extends TCollectionPropertyBrowsable by showing all methods of the collection itself
 CTCollectionPropertyBrowsableA tiny browser helper object (and its generator) for adding a virtual (as in "not actually part of the class", not in C++ virtual) "@size()" method to a collection
 CTCollectionProxyFactoryTCollectionProxyFactory Interface to collection proxy and streamer generator
 CTCollectionStreamerClass streamer object to implement TClassStreamer functionality for I/O emulation
 CTColorThe color creation and management class
 CTColorGradientTColorGradient extends basic TColor
 CTColorWheelDraw the ROOT Color Wheel
 CTCONEA conical tube
 CTConfidenceLevelClass to compute 95% CL limits
 CTCONSA segment of a conical tube
 CTContextMenuThis class provides an interface to context sensitive popup menus
 CTContextMenuImpThis class provides an interface to GUI independent context sensitive popup menus
 CTControlBarA Control Bar is a fully user configurable tool which provides fast access to frequently used operations
 CTControlBarButtonCreated by the TControlBar
 CTControlBarImpABC describing GUI independent control bar
 CTConvertClonesArrayToProxySmall helper to read a TBuffer containing a TClonesArray into any valid collection
 CTCreatePrimitivesCreates new primitives
 CTCrownTo draw a Crown
 CTCTUBA cut tube with 11 parameters
 CTCurlyArcImplements curly or wavy arcs used to draw Feynman diagrams
 CTCurlyLineImplements curly or wavy polylines used to draw Feynman diagrams
 CTCutA specialized string object used for TTree selections
 CTCutGGraphical cut class
 CTDataMemberAll ROOT classes may have RTTI (run time type identification) support added
 CTDataTypeBasic data type descriptor (datatype information is obtained from CINT)
 CTDatimeThis class stores the date and time with a precision of one second in an unsigned 32 bit word (950130 124559)
 CTDCacheFileA TDCacheFile is like a normal TFile except that it may read and write its data via a dCache server (for more on the dCache daemon see
 CTDialogCanvasA canvas specialized to set attributes
 CTDiamondDraw a Diamond
 CTDictAttributeMapThe ROOT object has a list of properties which are stored and retrieved using TDictAttributeMap
 CTDictionaryThis class defines an abstract interface that must be implemented by all classes that contain dictionary information
 CTDirectoryDescribe directory structure in memory
 CTDirectoryFileA ROOT file is structured in Directories (like a file system)
 CTEfficiencyClass to handle efficiency histograms
 CTEllipseDraw Ellipses
 CTELTUA cylinder with an elliptical section
 CtemplateSmall helper to implement the function to create,access and destroy iterators
 CtemplateSmall helper to encapsulate whether to return the value pointed to by the iterator or its address
 CTEmulatedCollectionProxyStreamer around an arbitrary STL like container, which implements basic container functionality
 CTEmulatedMapProxyStreamer around a map container
 CTEntryListA List of entry numbers in a TTree or TChain
 CTEntryListArrayA list of entries and subentries in a TTree or TChain
 CTEntryListBlockUsed by TEntryList to store the entry numbers
 CTEntryListFromFileManages entry lists from different files, when they are not loaded in memory at the same time
 CTEnumImplements the enum type
 CTEnumConstantImplements the constants of the enum type
 CTEnvReads config files, by default named .rootrc
 CTEve3DProjection3D scaling projection
 CTEveArrowClass used for display of a thick arrow
 CTEveArrowEditorGUI editor for TEveArrow
 CTEveArrowGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveArrow
 CTEveBox3D box with arbitrary vertices (cuboid)
 CTEveBoxGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveBox
 CTEveBoxProjectedProjection of TEveBox
 CTEveBoxProjectedGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveBoxProjected
 CTEveBoxSetCollection of 3D primitives (fixed-size boxes, boxes of different sizes, or arbitrary sexto-epipeds, cones)
 CTEveBoxSetGLA GL rendering class for TEveBoxSet
 CTEveBrowserSpecialization of TRootBrowser for Eve
 CTEveCalo2DVisualization of a calorimeter event data in 2D
 CTEveCalo2DGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveCalo2D
 CTEveCalo3DVisualization of a calorimeter event data in 3D
 CTEveCalo3DEditorGUI editor for TEveCalo3D
 CTEveCalo3DGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveCalo3D
 CTEveCaloDataA central manager for calorimeter event data
 CTEveCaloDataHistA central manager for calorimeter data of an event written in TH2F
 CTEveCaloDataVecCalo data for universal cell geometry
 CTEveCaloLegoVisualization of calorimeter data as eta/phi histogram
 CTEveCaloLegoEditorGUI editor for TEveCaloLego
 CTEveCaloLegoGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveCaloLego
 CTEveCaloLegoOverlayGL-overlay control GUI for TEveCaloLego
 CTEveCaloVizBase class for calorimeter data visualization
 CTEveCaloVizEditorGUI editor for TEveCaloEditor
 CTEveChunkManagerVector-like container with chunked memory allocation
 CTEveCompositeFrameAbstract base-class for frame-slots that encompass EVE-windows (sub-classes of TEveWindow)
 CTEveCompositeFrameInMainFrameAn EVE window-slot contained within a TGMainFrame
 CTEveCompositeFrameInPackAn EVE window-slot contained within one frame of a TGPack
 CTEveCompositeFrameInTabAn EVE window-slot contained within one tab of a TGTab
 CTEveCompoundDescription of TEveCompound
 CTEveCompoundProjectedDescription of TEveCompoundProjected
 CTEveContextMenuSpecialization of TContext menu
 CTEveDigitSetBase-class for storage of digit collections; provides transformation matrix (TEveTrans), signal to color mapping (TEveRGBAPalette) and visual grouping (TEveFrameBox)
 CTEveDigitSetEditorEditor for TEveDigitSet class
 CTEveDigitSetGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveDigitSet
 CTEveElementBase class for TEveUtil visualization elements, providing hierarchy management, rendering control and list-tree item management
 CTEveElementEditorEditor for TEveElement class
 CTEveElementListA list of TEveElements
 CTEveElementListProjectedA projected element list – required for proper propagation of render state to projected views
 CTEveElementObjectPtrTEveElement with external TObject as a holder of visualization data
 CTEveEventManagerBase class for event management and navigation
 CTEveExceptionException class thrown by TEve classes and macros
 CTEveFrameBoxDescription of a 2D or 3D frame that can be used to visually group a set of objects
 CTEveFrameBoxGLA class encapsulating GL rendering of TEveFrameBox via a static member function
 CTEveGDoubleValuatorComposite GUI element for selection of range (label, two number-entries and double-slider)
 CTEveGedEditorSpecialization of TGedEditor for proper update propagation to TEveManager
 CTEveGedNameFrameSpecialization of TGedNameFrame used in EVE
 CTEveGedNameTextButtonSpecialization of TGTextButton for EVE name frame
 CTEveGeoManagerHolderException safe wrapper for setting gGeoManager
 CTEveGeoNodeWrapper for TGeoNode that allows it to be shown in GUI and controlled as a TEveElement
 CTEveGeoNodeEditorEditor for TEveGeoNode class
 CTEveGeoPolyShapeDescription of TEveGeoPolyShape
 CTEveGeoShapeWrapper for TGeoShape with absolute positioning and color attributes allowing display of extracted TGeoShape's (without an active TGeoManager) and simplified geometries (needed for non-linear projections)
 CTEveGeoShapeExtractGlobally positioned TGeoShape with rendering attributes and an optional list of daughter shape-extracts
 CTEveGeoShapeProjectedA 3D projected TEveGeoShape
 CTEveGeoTopNodeA wrapper over a TGeoNode, possibly displaced with a global trasformation stored in TEveElement
 CTEveGeoTopNodeEditorEditor for TEveGeoTopNode class
 CTEveGListTreeEditorFrameComposite GUI frame for parallel display of a TGListTree and TEveGedEditor
 CTEveGridStepperProvide discrete position coordinates for placement of objects on regular grids
 CTEveGridStepperEditorEditor for TEveGridStepper class
 CTEveGridStepperSubEditorSub-editor for TEveGridStepper class
 CTEveGTriVecValuatorComposite GUI element for setting three numerical values (label, three number-entries)
 CTEveGValuatorComposite GUI element for single value selection (supports label, number-entry and slider)
 CTEveGValuatorBaseBase class for composite GUI elements for setting of numeric values
 CTEveJetConeDraws a jet cone with leading particle is specified in (eta,phi) and cone radius is given
 CTEveJetConeEditorGUI editor for TEveJetCone
 CTEveJetConeGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveJetCone
 CTEveJetConeProjectedProjection of TEveJetCone
 CTEveJetConeProjectedGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveJetConeProjected
 CTEveLegoEventHandlerA base class of TGLEventHandler
 CTEveLineAn arbitrary polyline with fixed line and marker attributes
 CTEveLineEditorEditor for TEveLine class
 CTEveLineGLGL-renderer for TEveLine class
 CTEveLineProjectedProjected copy of a TEveLine
 CTEveListTreeItemSpecial list-tree-item for Eve
 CTEveMacroSub-class of TMacro, overriding Exec to unload the previous version and cleanup after the execution
 CTEveMagFieldAbstract base-class for interfacing to magnetic field needed by the TEveTrackPropagator
 CTEveMagFieldConstImplements constant magnetic field, given by a vector fB
 CTEveMagFieldDuoImplements constant magnetic filed that switches on given axial radius fR2 from vector fBIn to fBOut
 CTEveManagerCentral application manager for Eve
 CTEventListA TEventList object is a list of selected events (entries) in a TTree
 CTEvePadThis was intended as a TPad wrapper to allow smart updates of groups of pads
 CTEvePadHolderException safe wrapper for setting gPad
 CTEveParamListCollection of named parameters
 CTEveParamListEditorGUI editor for TEveParamList
 CTEvePathMarkTSpecial-point on track:
 CTEvePlot3DDescription of TEvePlot3D
 CTEvePlot3DGLOpenGL renderer class for TEvePlot3D
 CTEvePointSelectorTEvePointSelector is a sub-class of TSelectorDraw for direct extraction of point-like data from a Tree
 CTEvePointSelectorConsumerTEvePointSelectorConsumer is a virtual base for classes that can be filled from TTree data via the TEvePointSelector class
 CTEvePointSetTEvePointSet is a render-element holding a collection of 3D points with optional per-point TRef and an arbitrary number of integer ids (to be used for signal, volume-id, track-id, etc)
 CTEvePointSetArrayAn array of point-sets with each point-set playing a role of a bin in a histogram
 CTEvePointSetArrayEditorEditor for TEvePointSetArray class
 CTEvePointSetProjectedProjected copy of a TEvePointSet
 CTEvePolygonSetProjectedA set of projected polygons
 CTEvePolygonSetProjectedGLGL-renderer for TEvePolygonSetProjected class
 CTEveProjectableAbstract base-class for non-linear projectable objects
 CTEveProjectedAbstract base class for classes that hold results of a non-linear projection transformation
 CTEveProjectionBase-class for non-linear projections
 CTEveProjectionAxesAxes for non-linear projections
 CTEveProjectionAxesEditorGUI editor for TEveProjectionAxes
 CTEveProjectionAxesGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveProjectionAxes
 CTEveProjectionManagerManager class for steering of projections and managing projected objects
 CTEveProjectionManagerEditorGUI editor for TEveProjectionManager class
 CTEveQuadSetSupports various internal formats that result in rendering of a set of planar (lines, rectangles, hexagons with shared normal) objects
 CTEveQuadSetGLGL-renderer for TEveQuadSet class
 CTEveRefBackPtrBase-class for reference-counted objects with reverse references to TEveElement objects
 CTEveRefCntBase-class for reference-counted objects
 CTEveRGBAPaletteA generic, speed-optimised mapping from value to RGBA color supporting different wrapping and range truncation modes
 CTEveRGBAPaletteEditorEditor for TEveRGBAPalette class
 CTEveRGBAPaletteOverlayDescription of TEveRGBAPaletteOverlay
 CTEveRGBAPaletteSubEditorSub-editor for TEveRGBAPalette class
 CTEveRhoZProjectionTransformation from 3D to 2D
 CTEveRPhiProjectionXY projection with distortion around given center
 CTEveScalableStraightLineSetStraight-line-set with extra scaling, useful for projectables that need to be scaled in accordance with an external object
 CTEveSceneEve representation of TGLScene
 CTEveSceneInfoTEveUtil representation of TGLSceneInfo
 CTEveSceneListList of Scenes providing common operations on TEveScene collections
 CTEveSecondarySelectableSemi-abstract interface for classes supporting secondary-selection
 CTEveSelectionMake sure there is a SINGLE running TEveSelection for each selection type (select/highlight)
 CTEveSelectorToEventListTSelector that stores entry numbers of matching TTree entries into an event-list
 CTEveShapeAbstract base-class for 2D/3D shapes
 CTEveShapeEditorGUI editor for TEveShape
 CTEveStraightLineSetSet of straight lines with optional markers along the lines
 CTEveStraightLineSetEditorEditor for TEveStraightLineSet class
 CTEveStraightLineSetGLGL-renderer for TEveStraightLineSet class
 CTEveStraightLineSetProjectedProjected replica of a TEveStraightLineSet
 CTEveTextTEveElement class used for displaying FreeType GL fonts
 CTEveTextEditorGUI editor for TEveText
 CTEveTextGLOpenGL renderer class for TEveText
 CTEveTrackVisual representation of a track
 CTEveTrackEditorEditor for TEveTrack class
 CTEveTrackGLGL-renderer for TEveTrack class
 CTEveTrackListA list of tracks supporting change of common attributes and selection based on track parameters
 CTEveTrackListEditorEditor for TEveTrackList class
 CTEveTrackListProjectedSpecialization of TEveTrackList for holding TEveTrackProjected objects
 CTEveTrackProjectedProjected copy of a TEveTrack
 CTEveTrackProjectedGLGL-renderer for TEveTrackProjected class
 CTEveTrackPropagatorHolding structure for a number of track rendering parameters
 CTEveTrackPropagatorEditorGUI editor for TEveTrackPropagator
 CTEveTrackPropagatorSubEditorSub-editor for TEveTrackPropagator class
 CTEveTransTEveTrans is a 4x4 transformation matrix for homogeneous coordinates stored internally in a column-major order to allow direct usage by GL
 CTEveTransEditorEditor for TEveTrans class
 CTEveTransSubEditorSub-editor for TEveTrans class
 CTEveTriangleSetMade from a list of vertices and a list of triangles (triplets of vertex indices)
 CTEveTriangleSetEditorEditor for TEveTriangleSet class
 CTEveTriangleSetGLGL-renderer for TEveTriangleSet class
 CTEveUtilStandard utility functions for Eve
 CTEveVector2TMinimal, templated two-vector
 CTEveVector4TMinimal, templated four-vector
 CTEveVectorTMinimal, templated three-vector
 CTEveViewerEve representation of TGLViewer
 CTEveViewerListList of Viewers providing common operations on TEveViewer collections
 CTEveViewerListEditorGUI editor for TEveViewerList
 CTEveVSDVisualization Summary Data - a collection of trees holding standard event data in experiment independent format
 CTEveWindowAbstract base-class for representing eve-windows
 CTEveWindowEditorGUI editor for TEveWindow
 CTEveWindowFrameEncapsulates TGFrame into an eve-window
 CTEveWindowManagerManager for EVE windows
 CTEveWindowPackEncapsulates TGPack into an eve-window
 CTEveWindowSlotDescription of TEveWindowSlot
 CTEveWindowTabEncapsulates TGTab into an eve-window
 CTExecTExec is a utility class that can be used to execute a C++ command when some event happens in a pad
 CTExMapThis class stores a (key,value) pair using an external hash
 CTF11-Dim function class
 CTF12A projection of a TF2 along X or Y
 CTF1ConvolutionClass wrapping convolution of two functions
 CTF1NormSumClass adding two functions: c1*f1+c2*f2
 CTF1ParametersTF1 Parameters class
 CTF2A 2-Dim function with parameters
 CTF2GLGL renderer for TF2
 CTF3A 3-Dim function with parameters
 CTFileA ROOT file is a suite of consecutive data records (TKey instances) with a well defined format
 CTFileCacheReadA cache when reading files over the network
 CTFileCacheWriteA cache when writing files over the network
 CTFileCollectionClass that contains a list of TFileInfo's and accumulated meta data information about its entries
 CTFileDrawMapThis class is automatically called by TFile::DrawMap
 CTFileInfoClass describing a generic file including meta information
 CTFileMergerThis class provides file copy and merging services
 CTFileOpenHandleClass holding info about the file being opened
 CTFilePrefetchThe prefetching mechanism uses two classes (TFilePrefetch and TFPBlock) to prefetch in advance a block of tree entries
 CTFitResultExtends the ROOT::Fit::Result class with a TNamed inheritance providing easy possibility for I/O
 CTFitResultPtrProvides an indirection to the TFitResult class and with a semantics identical to a TFitResult pointer, i.e
 CTFITSHDUFITS file interface class
 CTFoamSamplerTFoamSampler class class implementing the ROOT::Math::DistSampler interface using FOAM for sampling arbitrary distributions
 CTFolderA TFolder object is a collection of objects and folders
 CTFormLeafInfoThis class is a small helper class to implement reading a data member on an object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoCastA small helper class to implement casting an object to a different type (equivalent to dynamic_cast)
 CTFormLeafInfoClonesA small helper class to implement reading a data member on a TClonesArray object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoCollectionA small helper class to implement reading a data member on a generic collection object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoCollectionObjectA small helper class to implement reading a data member on a TClonesArray object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoCollectionSizeUsed to return the size of a collection
 CTFormLeafInfoDirectA small helper class to implement reading a data member on an object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoMethodAsmall helper class to implement executing a method of an object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoMultiVarDimA helper class to implement reading a data member on a variable size array inside a TClonesArray object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoMultiVarDimClonesA small helper class to implement reading a data member on a variable size array inside a TClonesArray object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoMultiVarDimCollectionA small helper class to implement reading a data member on a variable size array inside a TClonesArray object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoMultiVarDimDirectA small helper class to implement reading a data member on a variable size array inside a TClonesArray object stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoNumericalA small helper class to implement reading a numerical value inside a collection
 CTFormLeafInfoPointerA small helper class to implement reading a data member by following a pointer inside a branch of TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoReferenceA small helper class to implement the following of reference objects stored in a TTree
 CTFormLeafInfoTTreeA small helper class to implement reading from the containing TTree object itself
 CTFormulaThe F O R M U L A class
 CTFormulaFunctionHelper class for TFormula
 CTFormulaParamOrderFunctor defining the parameter order
 CTFormulaVariableAnother helper class for TFormula
 CTFPBlockThis class represents the encapsulation of a block request
 CTFractionFitterFits MC fractions to data histogram
 CTFrameDefine a Frame
 CTFreeService class for TFile
 CTFriendElementA TFriendElement TF describes a TTree object TF in a file
 CTFumiliMinimizerTFumiliMinimizer class: minimizer implementation based on TFumili
 CTFunctionGlobal functions class (global functions are obtained from CINT)
 CTFunctionTemplateDictionary for function template This class describes one single function template
 CTGaxisThe axis painter class
 CTGCocoaThis class implements TVirtualX interface for MacOS X, using Cocoa and Quartz 2D
 CTGenCollectionProxyProxy around an arbitrary container, which implements basic functionality and iteration
 CTGeometryTGeometry description
 CTGFALFileRead and write data via the underlying Grid access mechanism
 CTGFALSystemDirectory handler for GFAL
 CTGItemContextEmpty object used as context menu support for TGLVTreeEntries
 CTGL5DDataSetEditorGUI editor for OpenGL 5D Painter
 CTGL5DPainterTGL5DPainter implements "gl5d" option for TTree::Draw
 CTGLAdapterAllow plot-painters to be used for gl-inpad and gl-viewer
 CTGLAnnotationGL-overlay annotation
 CTGLAutoRotatorAutomatically rotates GL camera
 CTGLAxisGL Axis
 CTGLAxisPainterBoxUtility class to paint axis in GL
 CTGLBoundingBoxConcrete class describing an orientated (free) or axis aligned box of 8 vertices
 CTGLBoxCutUsed by plot-painters to determine the area of the plot that is cut away
 CTGLBoxPainterPaints TH3 histograms by rendering variable-sized boxes matching the bin contents
 CTGLCameraAbstract base camera class - concrete classes for orthographic and perspective cameras derive from it
 CTGLCameraGuideDraws arrows showing camera orientation in the overlay
 CTGLCameraOverlayA GL overlay element which displays camera furstum
 CTGLClipAbstract clipping shape - derives from TGLPhysicalShape Adds clip mode (inside/outside) and pure virtual method to approximate shape as set of planes
 CTGLClipBoxConcrete clip box object
 CTGLClipPlaneConcrete clip plane object
 CTGLClipSetA collection of concrete TGLClip objects to be selected from
 CTGLClipSetEditorGUI editor for TGLClipSet
 CTGLClipSetSubEditorGUI sub-editor for TGLClipSet
 CTGLColorClass encapsulating color information in preferred GL format - an array of four unsigned bytes
 CTGLColorSetClass encapsulating a set of colors used throughout standard rendering
 CTGLContextThis class encapsulates window-system specific information about a GL-context and alows their proper management in ROOT
 CTGLContextIdentityIdentifier of a shared GL-context
 CTGLCylinderImplements a native ROOT-GL cylinder that can be rendered at different levels of detail
 CTGLEmbeddedViewerMinimal GL-viewer that can be embedded in a standard ROOT frames
 CTGLEventHandlerBase-class and default implementation of event-handler for TGLViewer
 CTGLFaceSetImplements a native ROOT-GL representation of an arbitrary set of polygons
 CTGLFBOFrame-buffer object
 CTGLFontA wrapper class for FTFont
 CTGLFontManagerA FreeType GL font manager
 CTGLFormatEncapsulation of format / contents of an OpenGL buffer
 CTGLH2PolyPainterPaint TH2Poly
 CTGLHistPainterThe histogram painter class using OpenGL
 CTGLIsoPainter"gliso" option for TH3
 CTGLLegoPainterPlot-painter implementing LEGO rendering of TH2 histograms in cartesian, polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinates
 CTGLLightSetEncapsulates a set of lights for OpenGL
 CTGLLightSetSubEditorSub-editor for TGLLightSet
 CTGLLine33D space, fixed length, line class, with direction / length 'vector', passing through point 'vertex'
 CTGLLockableSimple locking interface used by viewer and scene
 CTGLLogicalShapeAbstract logical shape - a GL 'drawable' - base for all shapes - faceset sphere etc
 CTGLManipAbstract base class for viewer manipulators, which allow direct in viewer manipulation of a (TGlPhysicalShape) object - currently translation, scaling and rotation along/round objects local axes
 CTGLManipSetCombine all available manipulators in a collection
 CTGLMatrix16 component (4x4) transform matrix - column MAJOR as per GL
 CTGlobalGlobal variables class (global variables are obtained from CINT)
 CTGLObjectBase-class for direct OpenGL renderers
 CTGLOrthoCameraOrthographic projection camera
 CTGLOutputWrapper class for GL capture & output routines
 CTGLOverlayButtonGL-overlay button
 CTGLOverlayElementAn overlay element
 CTGLOverlayListManage a collection of overlay elements
 CTGLOvlSelectRecordSelection record for overlay objects
 CTGLPadPainter"Delegating" part of TGLPadPainter
 CTGLParametricEquationA parametric surface is a surface defined by a parametric equation, involving two parameters (u, v):
 CTGLParametricEquationGLGL-renderer wrapper for TGLParametricEquation
 CTGLPerspectiveCameraPerspective projection camera - with characteristic foreshortening
 CTGLPhysicalShapeConcrete physical shape - a GL drawable
 CTGLPlane3D plane class - of format Ax + By + Cz + D = 0
 CTGLPlot3DDescription of TGLPlot3D
 CTGLPlotBoxImplementation of a box around a histogram/function for plot-painters
 CTGLPlotCameraCamera for TGLPlotPainter and sub-classes
 CTGLPlotCoordinatesHelper class for plot-painters holding information about axis ranges, numbers of bins and flags if certain axis is logarithmic
 CTGLPlotPainterBase class for plot-painters that provide GL rendering of various 2D and 3D histograms, functions and parametric surfaces
 CTGLPolyLineTo draw a 3D polyline in a GL window
 CTGLPShapeObjWrap TGLPysicalShape into TObject so that it can be edited using GED
 CTGLPShapeObjEditorGUI editor for TGLPShapeObj
 CTGLPShapeRefBase class for references to TGLPysicalShape that need to be notified when the shape is destroyed
 CTGLQuadricWrapper class for GLU quadric shape drawing object
 CTGLRectViewport (pixel base) 2D rectangle class
 CTGLRnrCtxAggregates data for a given redering context as needed by various parts of the ROOT's OpenGL infrastructure
 CTGLRotateManipRotate manipulator - attaches to physical shape and draws local axes widgets - rings drawn from attached physical center, in plane defined by axis
 CTGLSAFrameStandalone GL Viewer GUI main frame
 CTGLSAViewerThe top level standalone GL-viewer - created via plugin manager
 CTGLScaleManipScale manipulator - attaches to physical shape and draws local axes widgets with box heads
 CTGLSceneTGLScene provides management and rendering of ROOT's default 3D /object representation as logical and physical shapes
 CTGLSceneBaseScene base-class – provides basic interface expected by the TGLViewer or its sub-classes:
 CTGLSceneInfoBase class for extended scene context
 CTGLScenePadImplements VirtualViewer3D interface and fills the base-class visualization structures from pad contents
 CTGLSelectBufferEncapsulates OpenGL select buffer
 CTGLSelectRecordStandard selection record including information about containing scene and details ob out selected object (TGLPhysicalShape*, TObject* or simply a void* for foreign scenes)
 CTGLSphereImplements a native ROOT-GL sphere that can be rendered at different levels of detail
 CTGLStopwatchStopwatch object for timing GL work
 CTGLSurfacePainterImplements painting of TH2 with "SURF" option
 CTGLTextGL Text
 CTGLTF3PainterPlot-painter for TF3 functions
 CTGLTH3SliceA slice of a TH3
 CTGLTransManipTranslation manipulator - attaches to physical shape and draws local axes widgets with arrow heads
 CTGLUtilWrapper class for various misc static functions - error checking, draw helpers etc
 CTGLVector33 component (x/y/z) vector class
 CTGLVertex33 component (x/y/z) vertex class
 CTGLViewerBase GL viewer object - used by both standalone and embedded (in pad) GL
 CTGLViewerBaseBase class for GL viewers
 CTGLViewerEditorGUI editor for TGLViewer
 CTGLWidgetGL window with context
 CTGQuartzThis is non-GUI part of TVirtualX interface, implemented for MacOS X, using CoreGraphics (Quartz)
 CTGraphA Graph is a graphics object made of two arrays X and Y with npoints each
 CTGraph2DGraphics object made of three arrays X, Y and Z with the same number of points each
 CTGraph2DErrorsGraph 2D class with errors
 CTGraph2DPainterThe TGraphDelaunay painting class
 CTGraphAsymmErrorsTGraph with assymetric error bars
 CTGraphBentErrorsA TGraphBentErrors is a TGraph with bent, assymetric error bars
 CTGraphDelaunayTGraphDelaunay generates a Delaunay triangulation of a TGraph2D
 CTGraphEdgeAn edge object connecting two nodes which can be added in a TGraphStruct
 CTGraphErrorsA TGraphErrors is a TGraph with error bars
 CTGraphNodeA graph node object which can be added in a TGraphStruct
 CTGraphPainterThe graph painter class
 CTGraphPolarTo draw a polar graph
 CTGraphPolargramTo draw polar axis
 CTGraphQQThis class allows to draw quantile-quantile plots
 CTGraphSmoothA helper class to smooth TGraph
 CTGraphStructThe Graph Structure is an interface to the graphviz package
 CTGraphTimeTGraphTime is used to draw a set of objects evolving with nsteps in time between tmin and tmax