RE: Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>: BadAccess

From: Fine, Valeri <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 08:00:29 -0500


Hello Ilka,
Running ROOT (v5.xx) "benchmarks.C" always gives me this (88) error on "hsimple.C" step. (under eXceed v.10, 3 MGhz , 1Gb RAM WinXP). The same test with Qt layer ON runs well, with no problem. It seems to me the problem is coming from the "client" side rarher from the server. My Client is SL 3.02, 512 Mgb RAM. I did not check others.  

Hope this helps


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	Hi Tobias,
	The reported error code (XREQ: 88) is related to the FreeColors. We made
	tests on 2.4.21-32.0.1.EL.cernsmp and did not see the problem. Please
	provide in more details which steps you follow for reproducing the
	reported case.
	Thank you, Ilka
	Tobias Raufer wrote:

>Hi ROOTers,
>We have recently upgraded from ROOT version 4.04/02 to 5.06/00 at two
>different sites and encounter the following reproducible error.
>When trying to close a canvas with the little x button in the corner of
>the window, the following error message occurs:
>Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>: BadAccess (attempt to access private
>resource denied) (XID: 8388608, XREQ: 88)
>If another X window, e. g. a TBrowser, is open at the time the whole
>root session freezes and has to be killed. Looking through the RootTalk
>archives we found the suggestion to set
>X11.FindBestVisual: no
>This did not resolve the problem. It is also not an ssh X11 forwarding
>problem, because it happens when running locally as well.
>We are running Scientific Linux, kernel 2.4.21-32.0.1.Elsmp.
>Has anyone seen a similar problem?
> Tobi
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