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ROOT::MacOSX::X11::ColorParser Class Reference

Definition at line 34 of file X11Colors.h.


struct  RGB_t

Public Member Functions

 ColorParser ()
bool ParseColor (const TString &colorString, ColorStruct_t &color) const

Private Types

typedef rgb_map::const_iterator const_rgb_iterator
typedef std::map< TString, RGB_trgb_map

Private Member Functions

bool LookupColorByName (const TString &colorName, ColorStruct_t &color) const
bool ParseRGBTriplet (const TString &rgb, ColorStruct_t &color) const

Private Attributes

std::map< TString, RGB_tfX11RGB

#include <X11Colors.h>

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ const_rgb_iterator

typedef rgb_map::const_iterator ROOT::MacOSX::X11::ColorParser::const_rgb_iterator

Definition at line 60 of file X11Colors.h.

◆ rgb_map

Definition at line 59 of file X11Colors.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ColorParser()

ROOT::MacOSX::X11::ColorParser::ColorParser ( )

Definition at line 145 of file X11Colors.mm.

Member Function Documentation

◆ LookupColorByName()

bool ROOT::MacOSX::X11::ColorParser::LookupColorByName ( const TString colorName,
ColorStruct_t color 
) const

Definition at line 123 of file X11Colors.mm.

◆ ParseColor()

bool ROOT::MacOSX::X11::ColorParser::ParseColor ( const TString colorString,
ColorStruct_t color 
) const

Definition at line 75 of file X11Colors.mm.

◆ ParseRGBTriplet()

bool ROOT::MacOSX::X11::ColorParser::ParseRGBTriplet ( const TString rgb,
ColorStruct_t color 
) const

Definition at line 88 of file X11Colors.mm.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fX11RGB

std::map<TString, RGB_t> ROOT::MacOSX::X11::ColorParser::fX11RGB

Definition at line 58 of file X11Colors.h.

  • graf2d/cocoa/inc/X11Colors.h
  • graf2d/cocoa/src/X11Colors.mm