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ROOT::Experimental::Detail Namespace Reference


class  RArgsMenuItem
 Menu item which requires extra arguments for invoked class method. More...
class  RCheckedMenuItem
 Menu item with check box. More...
class  RCluster
 An in-memory subset of the packed and compressed pages of a cluster. More...
class  RClusterPool
 Managed a set of clusters containing compressed and packed pages. More...
class  RColumn
class  RColumnElement
 Pairs of C++ type and column type, like float and EColumnType::kReal32. More...
class  RColumnElement< bool, EColumnType::kBit >
class  RColumnElement< char, EColumnType::kByte >
class  RColumnElement< ClusterSize_t, EColumnType::kIndex >
class  RColumnElement< double, EColumnType::kReal64 >
class  RColumnElement< float, EColumnType::kReal32 >
class  RColumnElement< RColumnSwitch, EColumnType::kSwitch >
class  RColumnElement< std::int32_t, EColumnType::kInt32 >
class  RColumnElement< std::int64_t, EColumnType::kInt64 >
class  RColumnElement< std::uint32_t, EColumnType::kInt32 >
class  RColumnElement< std::uint64_t, EColumnType::kInt64 >
class  RColumnElement< std::uint8_t, EColumnType::kByte >
class  RColumnElementBase
class  RFieldBase
class  RFieldFuse
class  RFieldValue
class  RFieldVisitor
 Abstract base class for classes implementing the visitor design pattern. More...
class  RHistBinIter
class  RHistBinPtr
class  RHistBinRef
class  RHistBinStat
class  RHistData
class  RHistImpl
class  RHistImplBase
class  RHistImplPrecisionAgnosticBase
class  RMenuArgument
 Argument description for menu item which should invoke class method. More...
class  RMenuItem
 Base class for menu items, shown on JS side. More...
class  RNTupleAtomicCounter
 A thread-safe integral performance counter. More...
class  RNTupleCompressor
 Helper class to compress data blocks in the ROOT compression frame format. More...
class  RNTupleDecompressor
 Helper class to uncompress data blocks in the ROOT compression frame format. More...
class  RNTupleMetrics
 A collection of Counter objects with a name, a unit, and a description. More...
class  RNTuplePerfCounter
 A performance counter with a name and a unit, which can be activated on demand. More...
class  RNTuplePlainCounter
 A non thread-safe integral performance counter. More...
class  RNTupleTickCounter
 An either thread-safe or non thread safe counter for CPU ticks. More...
class  RNTupleTimer
 Record wall time and CPU time between construction and destruction. More...
class  ROnDiskPage
 A page as being stored on disk, that is packed and compressed. More...
class  ROnDiskPageMap
 A memory region that contains packed and compressed pages. More...
class  ROnDiskPageMapHeap
 An ROnDiskPageMap that is used for an fMemory allocated as an array of unsigned char. More...
class  RPage
 A page is a slice of a column that is mapped into memory. More...
class  RPageAllocatorFile
 Manages pages read from a the file. More...
class  RPageAllocatorHeap
 Uses standard C++ memory allocation for the column data pages. More...
class  RPageDeleter
 A closure that can free the memory associated with a mapped page. More...
class  RPagePool
 A thread-safe cache of column pages. More...
class  RPageSink
 Abstract interface to write data into an ntuple. More...
class  RPageSinkFile
 Storage provider that write ntuple pages into a file. More...
class  RPageSource
 Abstract interface to read data from an ntuple. More...
class  RPageSourceFile
 Storage provider that reads ntuple pages from a file. More...
class  RPageStorage
 Common functionality of an ntuple storage for both reading and writing. More...


using RNTupleAtomicTimer = RNTupleTimer< RNTupleAtomicCounter, RNTupleTickCounter< RNTupleAtomicCounter > >
using RNTuplePlainTimer = RNTupleTimer< RNTuplePlainCounter, RNTupleTickCounter< RNTuplePlainCounter > >


enum  EPageStorageType { EPageStorageType::kSink, EPageStorageType::kSource }

Typedef Documentation

◆ RNTupleAtomicTimer

◆ RNTuplePlainTimer

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ EPageStorageType


Definition at line 57 of file RPageStorage.hxx.