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ratioplot3.C File Reference

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Example which shows how you can get the graph of the lower plot and set the y axis range for it.

Since the lower plot is not created until TRatioPlot::Draw is called, you can only use the method afterwards.

void ratioplot3() {
auto c1 = new TCanvas("c1", "fit residual simple");
auto h1 = new TH1D("h1", "h1", 50, -5, 5);
h1->FillRandom("gaus", 2000);
h1->Fit("gaus", "0");
auto rp1 = new TRatioPlot(h1);
R__EXTERN TStyle * gStyle
Definition TStyle.h:436
The Canvas class.
Definition TCanvas.h:23
1-D histogram with a double per channel (see TH1 documentation)
Definition TH1.h:670
TAxis * GetXaxis()
Definition TH1.h:324
virtual void FillRandom(const char *fname, Int_t ntimes=5000, TRandom *rng=nullptr)
Fill histogram following distribution in function fname.
Definition TH1.cxx:3519
virtual TFitResultPtr Fit(const char *formula, Option_t *option="", Option_t *goption="", Double_t xmin=0, Double_t xmax=0)
Fit histogram with function fname.
Definition TH1.cxx:3898
TAxis * GetYaxis()
Definition TH1.h:325
virtual void SetMinimum(Double_t minimum=-1111)
Definition TH1.h:405
virtual void SetTitle(const char *title="")
Set the title of the TNamed.
Definition TNamed.cxx:164
Class for displaying ratios, differences and fit residuals.
Definition TRatioPlot.h:43
void SetOptStat(Int_t stat=1)
The type of information printed in the histogram statistics box can be selected via the parameter mod...
Definition TStyle.cxx:1640
return c1
Definition legend1.C:41
TH1F * h1
Definition legend1.C:5
Paul Gessinger

Definition in file ratioplot3.C.