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1 // @(#)root/base:$Id: 5214d7dc2746ceb518366bc6c4f4068b652d5241 $
2 // Author: Rene Brun 12/12/94
4 /*************************************************************************
5  * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6  * All rights reserved. *
7  * *
8  * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9  * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10  *************************************************************************/
12 #ifndef ROOT_TStyle
13 #define ROOT_TStyle
15 #include "TNamed.h"
16 #include "TAttLine.h"
17 #include "TAttFill.h"
18 #include "TAttMarker.h"
19 #include "TAttText.h"
20 #include "TAttAxis.h"
21 #include "TColor.h"
23 #ifndef R__LESS_INCLUDES
24 #include "TArrayI.h"
25 #endif
27 class TBrowser;
29 class TStyle : public TNamed, public TAttLine, public TAttFill, public TAttMarker, public TAttText {
31 private:
32  TAttAxis fXaxis; ///< X axis attributes
33  TAttAxis fYaxis; ///< Y axis attributes
34  TAttAxis fZaxis; ///< Z axis attributes
35  Float_t fBarWidth; ///< Width of bar for graphs
36  Float_t fBarOffset; ///< Offset of bar for graphs
37  Int_t fColorModelPS; ///< PostScript color model: 0 = RGB, 1 = CMYK
38  Int_t fDrawBorder; ///< Flag to draw border(=1) or not (0)
39  Int_t fOptLogx; ///< True if log scale in X
40  Int_t fOptLogy; ///< True if log scale in y
41  Int_t fOptLogz; ///< True if log scale in z
42  Int_t fOptDate; ///< True if date option is selected
43  Int_t fOptStat; ///< True if option Stat is selected
44  Int_t fOptTitle; ///< True if option Title is selected
45  Int_t fOptFile; ///< True if option File is selected
46  Int_t fOptFit; ///< True if option Fit is selected
47  Int_t fShowEventStatus; ///< Show event status panel
48  Int_t fShowEditor; ///< Show pad editor
49  Int_t fShowToolBar; ///< Show toolbar
51  Int_t fNumberContours; ///< Default number of contours for 2-d plots
52  TAttText fAttDate; ///< Canvas date attribute
53  Float_t fDateX; ///< X position of the date in the canvas (in NDC)
54  Float_t fDateY; ///< Y position of the date in the canvas (in NDC)
55  Float_t fEndErrorSize; ///< Size of lines at the end of error bars
56  Float_t fErrorX; ///< Per cent of bin width for errors along X
57  Color_t fFuncColor; ///< Function color
58  Style_t fFuncStyle; ///< Function style
59  Width_t fFuncWidth; ///< Function line width
60  Color_t fGridColor; ///< Grid line color (if 0 use axis line color)
61  Style_t fGridStyle; ///< Grid line style
62  Width_t fGridWidth; ///< Grid line width
63  Width_t fLegendBorderSize; ///< Legend box border size
64  Color_t fLegendFillColor; ///< Legend fill color
65  Style_t fLegendFont; ///< Legend font style
66  Double_t fLegendTextSize; ///< Legend text size. If 0 the size is computed automatically
67  Int_t fHatchesLineWidth; ///< Hatches line width for hatch styles > 3100
68  Double_t fHatchesSpacing; ///< Hatches spacing for hatch styles > 3100
69  Color_t fFrameFillColor; ///< Pad frame fill color
70  Color_t fFrameLineColor; ///< Pad frame line color
71  Style_t fFrameFillStyle; ///< Pad frame fill style
72  Style_t fFrameLineStyle; ///< Pad frame line style
73  Width_t fFrameLineWidth; ///< Pad frame line width
74  Width_t fFrameBorderSize; ///< Pad frame border size
75  Int_t fFrameBorderMode; ///< Pad frame border mode
76  Color_t fHistFillColor; ///< Histogram fill color
77  Color_t fHistLineColor; ///< Histogram line color
78  Style_t fHistFillStyle; ///< Histogram fill style
79  Style_t fHistLineStyle; ///< Histogram line style
80  Width_t fHistLineWidth; ///< Histogram line width
81  Bool_t fHistMinimumZero; ///< True if default minimum is 0, false if minimum is automatic
82  Double_t fHistTopMargin; ///< Margin between histogram's top and pad's top
83  Bool_t fCanvasPreferGL; ///< If true, rendering in canvas is with GL
84  Color_t fCanvasColor; ///< Canvas color
85  Width_t fCanvasBorderSize; ///< Canvas border size
86  Int_t fCanvasBorderMode; ///< Canvas border mode
87  Int_t fCanvasDefH; ///< Default canvas height
88  Int_t fCanvasDefW; ///< Default canvas width
89  Int_t fCanvasDefX; ///< Default canvas top X position
90  Int_t fCanvasDefY; ///< Default canvas top Y position
91  Color_t fPadColor; ///< Pad color
92  Width_t fPadBorderSize; ///< Pad border size
93  Int_t fPadBorderMode; ///< Pad border mode
94  Float_t fPadBottomMargin; ///< Pad bottom margin
95  Float_t fPadTopMargin; ///< Pad top margin
96  Float_t fPadLeftMargin; ///< Pad left margin
97  Float_t fPadRightMargin; ///< Pad right margin
98  Bool_t fPadGridX; ///< True to get the grid along X
99  Bool_t fPadGridY; ///< True to get the grid along Y
100  Int_t fPadTickX; ///< True to set special pad ticks along X
101  Int_t fPadTickY; ///< True to set special pad ticks along Y
102  Float_t fPaperSizeX; ///< PostScript paper size along X
103  Float_t fPaperSizeY; ///< PostScript paper size along Y
104  Float_t fScreenFactor; ///< Multiplication factor for canvas size and position
105  Color_t fStatColor; ///< Stat fill area color
106  Color_t fStatTextColor; ///< Stat text color
107  Width_t fStatBorderSize; ///< Border size of Stats PaveLabel
108  Style_t fStatFont; ///< Font style of Stats PaveLabel
109  Float_t fStatFontSize; ///< Font size in pixels for fonts with precision type 3
110  Style_t fStatStyle; ///< Fill area style of Stats PaveLabel
111  TString fStatFormat; ///< Printing format for stats
112  Float_t fStatX; ///< X position of top right corner of stat box
113  Float_t fStatY; ///< Y position of top right corner of stat box
114  Float_t fStatW; ///< Width of stat box
115  Float_t fStatH; ///< Height of stat box
116  Bool_t fStripDecimals; ///< Strip decimals in axis labels
117  Int_t fTitleAlign; ///< Title box alignment
118  Color_t fTitleColor; ///< Title fill area color
119  Color_t fTitleTextColor; ///< Title text color
120  Width_t fTitleBorderSize; ///< Border size of Title PavelLabel
121  Style_t fTitleFont; ///< Font style of Title PaveLabel
122  Float_t fTitleFontSize; ///< Font size in pixels for fonts with precision type 3
123  Style_t fTitleStyle; ///< Fill area style of title PaveLabel
124  Float_t fTitleX; ///< X position of top left corner of title box
125  Float_t fTitleY; ///< Y position of top left corner of title box
126  Float_t fTitleW; ///< Width of title box
127  Float_t fTitleH; ///< Height of title box
128  Float_t fLegoInnerR; ///< Inner radius for cylindrical legos
129  TString fLineStyle[30]; ///< String describing line style i (for postScript)
130  TString fHeaderPS; ///< User defined additional Postscript header
131  TString fTitlePS; ///< User defined Postscript file title
132  TString fFitFormat; ///< Printing format for fit parameters
133  TString fPaintTextFormat; ///< Printing format for TH2::PaintText
134  Float_t fLineScalePS; ///< Line scale factor when drawing lines on Postscript
135  Int_t fJoinLinePS; ///< Determines the appearance of joining lines on PostScript, PDF and SVG
136  Int_t fCapLinePS; ///< Determines the appearance of line caps on PostScript, PDF and SVG
137  Double_t fTimeOffset; ///< Time offset to the beginning of an axis
138  Bool_t fIsReading; ///<! Set to FALSE when userclass::UseCurrentStyle is called by the style manager
139  Float_t fImageScaling; ///< Image scaling to produce high definition bitmap images
141 public:
144  TStyle();
145  TStyle(const char *name, const char *title);
146  TStyle(const TStyle &style);
147  TStyle& operator=(const TStyle& style);
148  virtual ~TStyle();
149  inline Int_t AxisChoice(Option_t *axis) const {
150  // Return axis number (1 for X, 2 for Y, 3 for Z)
151  UChar_t a = *axis;
152  a -= (a >= 'x') ? 'x' : 'X'; // toupper and a-='X'; intentional underflow
153  return (a > 2) ? 0 : (Int_t)(a+1);
154  };
155  virtual void Browse(TBrowser *b);
156  static void BuildStyles();
157  virtual void Copy(TObject &style) const;
158  virtual void cd();
160  virtual Int_t DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py);
161  Int_t GetNdivisions(Option_t *axis="X") const;
163  Color_t GetAxisColor(Option_t *axis="X") const;
164  Color_t GetLabelColor(Option_t *axis="X") const;
165  Style_t GetLabelFont(Option_t *axis="X") const;
166  Float_t GetLabelOffset(Option_t *axis="X") const;
167  Float_t GetLabelSize(Option_t *axis="X") const;
168  Color_t GetTitleColor(Option_t *axis="X") const; //return axis title color of pad title color
169  Style_t GetTitleFont(Option_t *axis="X") const; //return axis title font of pad title font
170  Float_t GetTitleOffset(Option_t *axis="X") const; //return axis title offset
171  Float_t GetTitleSize(Option_t *axis="X") const; //return axis title size
172  Float_t GetTickLength(Option_t *axis="X") const;
174  Float_t GetBarOffset() const {return fBarOffset;}
175  Float_t GetBarWidth() const {return fBarWidth;}
176  Int_t GetDrawBorder() const {return fDrawBorder;}
178  Float_t GetErrorX() const {return fErrorX;}
183  Int_t GetCanvasDefH() const {return fCanvasDefH;}
184  Int_t GetCanvasDefW() const {return fCanvasDefW;}
185  Int_t GetCanvasDefX() const {return fCanvasDefX;}
186  Int_t GetCanvasDefY() const {return fCanvasDefY;}
187  Int_t GetColorPalette(Int_t i) const;
189  Float_t GetDateX() const {return fDateX;}
190  Float_t GetDateY() const {return fDateY;}
191  const char *GetFitFormat() const {return fFitFormat.Data();}
198  Int_t GetNumberOfColors() const;
199  Color_t GetPadColor() const {return fPadColor;}
206  Bool_t GetPadGridX() const {return fPadGridX;}
207  Bool_t GetPadGridY() const {return fPadGridY;}
208  Int_t GetPadTickX() const {return fPadTickX;}
209  Int_t GetPadTickY() const {return fPadTickY;}
210  Color_t GetFuncColor() const {return fFuncColor;}
211  Style_t GetFuncStyle() const {return fFuncStyle;}
212  Width_t GetFuncWidth() const {return fFuncWidth;}
213  Color_t GetGridColor() const {return fGridColor;}
214  Style_t GetGridStyle() const {return fGridStyle;}
215  Width_t GetGridWidth() const {return fGridWidth;}
233  Int_t GetOptDate() const {return fOptDate;}
234  Int_t GetOptFile() const {return fOptFile;}
235  Int_t GetOptFit() const {return fOptFit;}
236  Int_t GetOptStat() const {return fOptStat;}
237  Int_t GetOptTitle() const {return fOptTitle;}
238  Int_t GetOptLogx() const {return fOptLogx;}
239  Int_t GetOptLogy() const {return fOptLogy;}
240  Int_t GetOptLogz() const {return fOptLogz;}
241  const char *GetPaintTextFormat() const {return fPaintTextFormat.Data();}
242  void GetPaperSize(Float_t &xsize, Float_t &ysize) const;
244  Int_t GetShowEditor() const {return fShowEditor;}
248  Color_t GetStatColor() const {return fStatColor;}
251  Style_t GetStatFont() const {return fStatFont;}
253  Style_t GetStatStyle() const {return fStatStyle;}
254  const char *GetStatFormat() const {return fStatFormat.Data();}
255  Float_t GetStatX() const {return fStatX;}
256  Float_t GetStatY() const {return fStatY;}
257  Float_t GetStatW() const {return fStatW;}
258  Float_t GetStatH() const {return fStatH;}
260  Double_t GetTimeOffset() const {return fTimeOffset;} //return axis time offset
261  Int_t GetTitleAlign() {return fTitleAlign;} // return the histogram title TPaveLabel alignment
262  Color_t GetTitleFillColor() const {return fTitleColor;} //return histogram title fill area color
263  Color_t GetTitleTextColor() const {return fTitleTextColor;} //return histogram title text color
265  Float_t GetTitleFontSize() const {return fTitleFontSize;} //return histogram title font size
266  Width_t GetTitleBorderSize() const {return fTitleBorderSize;} //return border size of histogram title TPaveLabel
267  Float_t GetTitleXOffset() const {return GetTitleOffset("X");} //return X axis title offset
268  Float_t GetTitleXSize() const {return GetTitleSize("X");} //return X axis title size
269  Float_t GetTitleYOffset() const {return GetTitleOffset("Y");} //return Y axis title offset
270  Float_t GetTitleYSize() const {return GetTitleSize("Y");} //return Y axis title size
271  Float_t GetTitleX() const {return fTitleX;} //return left X position of histogram title TPavelabel
272  Float_t GetTitleY() const {return fTitleY;} //return left bottom position of histogram title TPavelabel
273  Float_t GetTitleW() const {return fTitleW;} //return width of histogram title TPaveLabel
274  Float_t GetTitleH() const {return fTitleH;} //return height of histogram title TPavelabel
275  const char *GetHeaderPS() const {return fHeaderPS.Data();}
276  const char *GetTitlePS() const {return fTitlePS.Data();}
277  const char *GetLineStyleString(Int_t i=1) const;
278  Int_t GetJoinLinePS() const {return fJoinLinePS;} ///< Returns the line join method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See `TPostScript::SetLineJoin` for details.
279  Int_t GetCapLinePS() const {return fCapLinePS;} ///< Returns the line cap method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See `TPostScript::SetLineCap` for details.
282  Bool_t IsReading() const {return fIsReading;}
283  virtual void Paint(Option_t *option="");
284  virtual void Reset(Option_t *option="");
286  void SetColorModelPS(Int_t c=0);
287  void SetFitFormat(const char *format="5.4g") {fFitFormat = format;}
288  void SetHeaderPS(const char *header);
291  void SetTitlePS(const char *pstitle);
292  void SetJoinLinePS(Int_t joinline=0) {fJoinLinePS=joinline;} ///< Set the line join method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See `TPostScript::SetLineJoin` for details.
293  void SetCapLinePS(Int_t capline=0) {fCapLinePS=capline;} ///< Set the line cap method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See `TPostScript::SetLineCap` for details.
294  void SetLineScalePS(Float_t scale=3) {fLineScalePS=scale;}
295  void SetLineStyleString(Int_t i, const char *text);
296  void SetNdivisions(Int_t n=510, Option_t *axis="X");
297  void SetAxisColor(Color_t color=1, Option_t *axis="X");
298  void SetLabelColor(Color_t color=1, Option_t *axis="X");
299  void SetLabelFont(Style_t font=62, Option_t *axis="X");
300  void SetLabelOffset(Float_t offset=0.005, Option_t *axis="X");
301  void SetLabelSize(Float_t size=0.04, Option_t *axis="X");
303  void SetScreenFactor(Float_t factor=1) {fScreenFactor = factor;}
304  void SetTickLength(Float_t length=0.03, Option_t *axis="X");
305  void SetTitleColor(Color_t color=1, Option_t *axis="X"); //set axis title color or pad title color
306  void SetTitleFont(Style_t font=62, Option_t *axis="X"); //set axis title font or pad title font
307  void SetTitleOffset(Float_t offset=1, Option_t *axis="X"); //set axis title offset
308  void SetTitleSize(Float_t size=0.02, Option_t *axis="X"); //set axis title size or pad title size
309  void SetNumberContours(Int_t number=20);
310  void SetOptDate(Int_t datefl=1);
312  void SetOptFit(Int_t fit=1);
313  void SetOptLogx(Int_t logx=1) {fOptLogx = logx;}
314  void SetOptLogy(Int_t logy=1) {fOptLogy = logy;}
315  void SetOptLogz(Int_t logz=1) {fOptLogz = logz;}
316  void SetOptStat(Int_t stat=1);
317  void SetOptStat(Option_t *stat);
318  void SetOptTitle(Int_t tit=1) {fOptTitle = tit;}
319  void SetBarOffset(Float_t baroff=0.5) {fBarOffset = baroff;}
320  void SetBarWidth(Float_t barwidth=0.5) {fBarWidth = barwidth;}
321  void SetDateX(Float_t x=0.01) {fDateX = x;}
322  void SetDateY(Float_t y=0.01) {fDateY = y;}
323  void SetEndErrorSize(Float_t np=2);
324  void SetErrorX(Float_t errorx=0.5) {fErrorX = errorx;}
326  void SetDrawBorder(Int_t drawborder=1) {fDrawBorder = drawborder;}
327  void SetCanvasColor(Color_t color=19) {fCanvasColor = color;}
331  void SetCanvasDefW(Int_t w=700) {fCanvasDefW = w;}
332  void SetCanvasDefX(Int_t topx=10) {fCanvasDefX = topx;}
333  void SetCanvasDefY(Int_t topy=10) {fCanvasDefY = topy;}
335  void SetLegendFillColor(Color_t color=0) {fLegendFillColor = color;}
336  void SetLegendFont(Style_t font=62) {fLegendFont = font;}
338  void SetPadColor(Color_t color=19) {fPadColor = color;}
339  void SetPadBorderSize(Width_t size=1) {fPadBorderSize = size;}
340  void SetPadBorderMode(Int_t mode=1) {fPadBorderMode = mode;}
341  void SetPadBottomMargin(Float_t margin=0.1) {fPadBottomMargin=margin;}
342  void SetPadTopMargin(Float_t margin=0.1) {fPadTopMargin=margin;}
343  void SetPadLeftMargin(Float_t margin=0.1) {fPadLeftMargin=margin;}
344  void SetPadRightMargin(Float_t margin=0.1) {fPadRightMargin=margin;}
345  void SetPadGridX(Bool_t gridx) {fPadGridX = gridx;}
346  void SetPadGridY(Bool_t gridy) {fPadGridY = gridy;}
347  void SetPadTickX(Int_t tickx) {fPadTickX = tickx;}
348  void SetPadTickY(Int_t ticky) {fPadTickY = ticky;}
350  void SetFuncColor(Color_t color=1) {fFuncColor = color;}
353  void SetGridColor(Color_t color=0) {fGridColor = color;}
355  void SetFrameFillColor(Color_t color=1) {fFrameFillColor = color;}
356  void SetFrameLineColor(Color_t color=1) {fFrameLineColor = color;}
362  void SetHistFillColor(Color_t color=1) {fHistFillColor = color;}
363  void SetHistLineColor(Color_t color=1) {fHistLineColor = color;}
364  void SetHistFillStyle(Style_t styl=0) {fHistFillStyle = styl;}
365  void SetHistLineStyle(Style_t styl=0) {fHistLineStyle = styl;}
367  void SetHistMinimumZero(Bool_t zero=kTRUE);
368  void SetHistTopMargin(Double_t hmax=0.05) {fHistTopMargin = hmax;}
369  void SetPaintTextFormat(const char *format="g") {fPaintTextFormat = format;}
371  void SetPaperSize(EPaperSize size);
372  void SetPaperSize(Float_t xsize=20, Float_t ysize=26);
373  void SetStatColor(Color_t color=19) {fStatColor=color;}
374  void SetStatTextColor(Color_t color=1) {fStatTextColor=color;}
377  void SetStatFont(Style_t font=62) {fStatFont=font;}
378  void SetStatFontSize(Float_t size=0) {fStatFontSize=size;}
379  void SetStatFormat(const char *format="6.4g") {fStatFormat = format;}
380  void SetStatX(Float_t x=0) {fStatX=x;}
381  void SetStatY(Float_t y=0) {fStatY=y;}
382  void SetStatW(Float_t w=0.19) {fStatW=w;}
383  void SetStatH(Float_t h=0.1) {fStatH=h;}
384  void SetStripDecimals(Bool_t strip=kTRUE);
385  void SetTimeOffset(Double_t toffset);
387  void SetTitleFillColor(Color_t color=1) {fTitleColor=color;}
392  void SetTitleXOffset(Float_t offset=1) {SetTitleOffset(offset,"X");}
393  void SetTitleXSize(Float_t size=0.02) {SetTitleSize(size,"X");}
394  void SetTitleYOffset(Float_t offset=1) {SetTitleOffset(offset,"Y");}
395  void SetTitleYSize(Float_t size=0.02) {SetTitleSize(size,"Y");}
397  void SetTitleY(Float_t y=0.985) {fTitleY=y;}
398  void SetTitleW(Float_t w=0) {fTitleW=w;}
401  void ToggleEditor() { fShowEditor = fShowEditor ? 0 : 1; }
403  void SetIsReading(Bool_t reading=kTRUE);
404  void SetPalette(Int_t ncolors=kBird, Int_t *colors=0, Float_t alpha=1.);
405  void SavePrimitive(std::ostream &out, Option_t * = "");
406  void SaveSource(const char *filename, Option_t *option=0);
408  ClassDef(TStyle, 19); //A collection of all graphics attributes
409 };
414 #endif
Color_t fFuncColor
Function color.
Definition: TStyle.h:57
Int_t GetColorModelPS() const
Definition: TStyle.h:188
Style_t GetFrameLineStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:219
Style_t GetLegendFont() const
Definition: TStyle.h:196
Int_t fOptFit
True if option Fit is selected.
Definition: TStyle.h:46
Width_t fFuncWidth
Function line width.
Definition: TStyle.h:59
Float_t fLineScalePS
Line scale factor when drawing lines on Postscript.
Definition: TStyle.h:134
Int_t GetShowEventStatus() const
Definition: TStyle.h:243
Float_t GetLineScalePS() const
Definition: TStyle.h:280
TString fTitlePS
User defined Postscript file title.
Definition: TStyle.h:131
Color_t GetStatColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:248
Float_t fPadRightMargin
Pad right margin.
Definition: TStyle.h:97
Style_t GetTitleFont(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return title font.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1165
void SetBarWidth(Float_t barwidth=0.5)
Definition: TStyle.h:320
Color_t fLegendFillColor
Legend fill color.
Definition: TStyle.h:64
Color_t GetLabelColor(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return the label color number in the axis.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1065
Float_t fTitleH
Height of title box.
Definition: TStyle.h:127
void SetEndErrorSize(Float_t np=2)
Set the size (in pixels) of the small lines drawn at the end of the error bars (TH1 or TGraphErrors)...
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1290
void SetPadGridX(Bool_t gridx)
Definition: TStyle.h:345
TString fFitFormat
Printing format for fit parameters.
Definition: TStyle.h:132
TString fLineStyle[30]
String describing line style i (for postScript)
Definition: TStyle.h:129
void SetPadLeftMargin(Float_t margin=0.1)
Definition: TStyle.h:343
Int_t GetShowEditor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:244
Float_t GetPadLeftMargin() const
Definition: TStyle.h:204
Int_t fOptStat
True if option Stat is selected.
Definition: TStyle.h:43
void SetTitleY(Float_t y=0.985)
Definition: TStyle.h:397
Bool_t fHistMinimumZero
True if default minimum is 0, false if minimum is automatic.
Definition: TStyle.h:81
Float_t GetLabelSize(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return label size.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1101
Float_t fTitleW
Width of title box.
Definition: TStyle.h:126
short Style_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:78
void SetTitleXSize(Float_t size=0.02)
Definition: TStyle.h:393
void SetStatColor(Color_t color=19)
Definition: TStyle.h:373
void SetFrameBorderMode(Int_t mode=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:361
Color_t GetTitleTextColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:263
Int_t GetNumberContours() const
Definition: TStyle.h:232
float Float_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:55
Style_t GetGridStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:214
void SetStatH(Float_t h=0.1)
Definition: TStyle.h:383
void SetOptFile(Int_t file=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:311
Style_t fFrameLineStyle
Pad frame line style.
Definition: TStyle.h:72
void SetLabelFont(Style_t font=62, Option_t *axis="X")
Set font number used to draw axis labels.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1363
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:64
Int_t fFrameBorderMode
Pad frame border mode.
Definition: TStyle.h:75
Color_t GetAxisColor(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return the axis color number in the axis.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1045
Width_t fFrameBorderSize
Pad frame border size.
Definition: TStyle.h:74
void SetStatStyle(Style_t style=1001)
Definition: TStyle.h:375
Int_t fHatchesLineWidth
Hatches line width for hatch styles > 3100.
Definition: TStyle.h:67
TAttAxis fZaxis
Z axis attributes.
Definition: TStyle.h:34
void SetDateY(Float_t y=0.01)
Definition: TStyle.h:322
Int_t GetShowToolBar() const
Definition: TStyle.h:245
static constexpr double rad
void SetAxisColor(Color_t color=1, Option_t *axis="X")
Set color to draw the axis line and tick marks.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1273
Double_t GetHistTopMargin() const
Definition: TStyle.h:229
void SetTitleW(Float_t w=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:398
R__EXTERN TStyle * gStyle
Definition: TStyle.h:412
void SetHistLineWidth(Width_t width=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:366
Color_t fStatColor
Stat fill area color.
Definition: TStyle.h:105
Int_t fPadBorderMode
Pad border mode.
Definition: TStyle.h:93
Int_t fCanvasDefX
Default canvas top X position.
Definition: TStyle.h:89
TStyle & operator=(const TStyle &style)
Definition: TStyle.cxx:492
int Int_t
Definition: CPyCppyy.h:43
void SetGridStyle(Style_t style=3)
Definition: TStyle.h:352
Float_t fStatY
Y position of top right corner of stat box.
Definition: TStyle.h:113
Bool_t GetPadGridY() const
Definition: TStyle.h:207
Color_t GetLegendFillColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:195
void GetPaperSize(Float_t &xsize, Float_t &ysize) const
Set paper size for PostScript output.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1132
void SaveSource(const char *filename, Option_t *option=0)
Save the current style in a C++ macro file.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1823
TAttAxis fYaxis
Y axis attributes.
Definition: TStyle.h:33
void SetFrameLineWidth(Width_t width=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:359
Float_t GetImageScaling() const
Definition: TStyle.h:230
Default constructor.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:144
Float_t GetTitleXOffset() const
Definition: TStyle.h:267
Style_t fTitleStyle
Fill area style of title PaveLabel.
Definition: TStyle.h:123
Float_t GetEndErrorSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:177
Int_t GetPadTickY() const
Definition: TStyle.h:209
Width_t fPadBorderSize
Pad border size.
Definition: TStyle.h:92
Float_t fTitleFontSize
Font size in pixels for fonts with precision type 3.
Definition: TStyle.h:122
void SetStatX(Float_t x=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:380
void SetStatBorderSize(Width_t size=2)
Definition: TStyle.h:376
void SetTitleFont(Style_t font=62, Option_t *axis="X")
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1727
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:131
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:61
void SetBarOffset(Float_t baroff=0.5)
Definition: TStyle.h:319
Float_t GetTitleYOffset() const
Definition: TStyle.h:269
TAttText * GetAttDate()
Definition: TStyle.h:162
Float_t fDateY
Y position of the date in the canvas (in NDC)
Definition: TStyle.h:54
Width_t GetLegendBorderSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:194
void SetStatY(Float_t y=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:381
Color_t GetFrameLineColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:217
void SetFrameLineStyle(Style_t styl=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:358
Width_t fTitleBorderSize
Border size of Title PavelLabel.
Definition: TStyle.h:120
void SetTimeOffset(Double_t toffset)
Change the time offset for time plotting.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1802
Float_t GetScreenFactor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:247
Float_t GetTitleY() const
Definition: TStyle.h:272
Int_t fCanvasDefH
Default canvas height.
Definition: TStyle.h:87
Manages histogram axis attributes.
Definition: TAttAxis.h:18
Color_t GetFrameFillColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:216
void SetPadBottomMargin(Float_t margin=0.1)
Definition: TStyle.h:341
const char * GetFitFormat() const
Definition: TStyle.h:191
void SetCapLinePS(Int_t capline=0)
Set the line cap method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See TPostScript::SetLineCap for deta...
Definition: TStyle.h:293
Style_t fFrameFillStyle
Pad frame fill style.
Definition: TStyle.h:71
Int_t GetCanvasDefW() const
Definition: TStyle.h:184
Width_t fFrameLineWidth
Pad frame line width.
Definition: TStyle.h:73
void SetCanvasDefH(Int_t h=500)
Definition: TStyle.h:330
Style_t fTitleFont
Font style of Title PaveLabel.
Definition: TStyle.h:121
void SetLineStyleString(Int_t i, const char *text)
Set line style string using the PostScript convention.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1433
void SetTitlePS(const char *pstitle)
Define a string to be used in the %Title of the Postscript files.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1333
Style_t GetLabelFont(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return label font.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1077
Float_t fPaperSizeY
PostScript paper size along Y.
Definition: TStyle.h:103
Width_t GetFuncWidth() const
Definition: TStyle.h:212
void SetPadBorderSize(Width_t size=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:339
Double_t GetLegendTextSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:197
Int_t GetHatchesLineWidth() const
Definition: TStyle.h:192
Int_t GetCanvasDefX() const
Definition: TStyle.h:185
Int_t fOptLogy
True if log scale in y.
Definition: TStyle.h:40
Color_t GetGridColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:213
Int_t fOptLogx
True if log scale in X.
Definition: TStyle.h:39
Width_t GetHistLineWidth() const
Definition: TStyle.h:227
Int_t GetCanvasBorderMode() const
Definition: TStyle.h:182
void SetCanvasColor(Color_t color=19)
Definition: TStyle.h:327
Double_t GetHatchesSpacing() const
Definition: TStyle.h:193
void SetNdivisions(Int_t n=510, Option_t *axis="X")
Set the number of divisions to draw an axis.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1259
virtual void cd()
Change current style.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:527
void SetOptLogz(Int_t logz=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:315
TString fPaintTextFormat
Printing format for TH2::PaintText.
Definition: TStyle.h:133
Int_t fPadTickX
True to set special pad ticks along X.
Definition: TStyle.h:100
void SetTitleSize(Float_t size=0.02, Option_t *axis="X")
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1769
void SetTitleYSize(Float_t size=0.02)
Definition: TStyle.h:395
Marker Attributes class.
Definition: TAttMarker.h:19
void SetTitleAlign(Int_t a=13)
Definition: TStyle.h:386
Int_t GetTitleAlign()
Definition: TStyle.h:261
void SetNumberContours(Int_t number=20)
Set the default number of contour levels when drawing 2-d plots.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1450
void SetTitleBorderSize(Width_t size=2)
Definition: TStyle.h:391
void SetLegendBorderSize(Width_t size=4)
Definition: TStyle.h:334
Double_t fHistTopMargin
Margin between histogram&#39;s top and pad&#39;s top.
Definition: TStyle.h:82
Fill Area Attributes class.
Definition: TAttFill.h:19
Double_t x[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
void SetFrameFillColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:355
void SetLabelColor(Color_t color=1, Option_t *axis="X")
Set axis labels color.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1343
Float_t GetTitleFontSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:265
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:322
Bool_t GetPadGridX() const
Definition: TStyle.h:206
void SetHistFillColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:362
Int_t GetPadTickX() const
Definition: TStyle.h:208
The TNamed class is the base class for all named ROOT classes.
Definition: TNamed.h:29
Width_t fHistLineWidth
Histogram line width.
Definition: TStyle.h:80
Int_t fCanvasDefW
Default canvas width.
Definition: TStyle.h:88
void SetTitleX(Float_t x=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:396
Bool_t fStripDecimals
Strip decimals in axis labels.
Definition: TStyle.h:116
Int_t fCapLinePS
Determines the appearance of line caps on PostScript, PDF and SVG.
Definition: TStyle.h:136
Int_t GetOptFit() const
Definition: TStyle.h:235
Float_t fPadTopMargin
Pad top margin.
Definition: TStyle.h:95
void SetCanvasBorderSize(Width_t size=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:328
void SetPadTickX(Int_t tickx)
Definition: TStyle.h:347
Float_t fDateX
X position of the date in the canvas (in NDC)
Definition: TStyle.h:53
Style_t fLegendFont
Legend font style.
Definition: TStyle.h:65
Style_t GetHistFillStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:225
Float_t GetStatX() const
Definition: TStyle.h:255
Float_t GetTitleX() const
Definition: TStyle.h:271
void SetTitleTextColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:388
Int_t fOptDate
True if date option is selected.
Definition: TStyle.h:42
void ToggleEventStatus()
Definition: TStyle.h:400
Int_t GetOptDate() const
Definition: TStyle.h:233
void SetHeaderPS(const char *header)
Define a string to be inserted in the Postscript header.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1312
static constexpr double s
Style_t fStatStyle
Fill area style of Stats PaveLabel.
Definition: TStyle.h:110
Int_t fColorModelPS
PostScript color model: 0 = RGB, 1 = CMYK.
Definition: TStyle.h:37
Double_t fLegendTextSize
Legend text size. If 0 the size is computed automatically.
Definition: TStyle.h:66
Int_t GetFrameBorderMode() const
Definition: TStyle.h:222
void SetTitleYOffset(Float_t offset=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:394
Float_t GetBarWidth() const
Definition: TStyle.h:175
Int_t GetColorPalette(Int_t i) const
Return color number i in current palette.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1057
Width_t fStatBorderSize
Border size of Stats PaveLabel.
Definition: TStyle.h:107
Int_t fDrawBorder
Flag to draw border(=1) or not (0)
Definition: TStyle.h:38
Style_t GetStatStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:253
Float_t fStatH
Height of stat box.
Definition: TStyle.h:115
Style_t fHistLineStyle
Histogram line style.
Definition: TStyle.h:79
Color_t fStatTextColor
Stat text color.
Definition: TStyle.h:106
short Color_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:81
Color_t fTitleTextColor
Title text color.
Definition: TStyle.h:119
void SetCanvasDefY(Int_t topy=10)
Definition: TStyle.h:333
Width_t GetFrameBorderSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:221
void SetTitleColor(Color_t color=1, Option_t *axis="X")
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1706
void SetFuncStyle(Style_t style=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:349
Style_t fFuncStyle
Function style.
Definition: TStyle.h:58
void SetStatFont(Style_t font=62)
Definition: TStyle.h:377
Int_t fCanvasBorderMode
Canvas border mode.
Definition: TStyle.h:86
void SetOptLogx(Int_t logx=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:313
void SetGridColor(Color_t color=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:353
void SetCanvasPreferGL(Bool_t prefer=kTRUE)
Definition: TStyle.h:325
TStyle objects may be created to define special styles.
Definition: TStyle.h:29
Float_t fTitleX
X position of top left corner of title box.
Definition: TStyle.h:124
Float_t GetErrorX() const
Definition: TStyle.h:178
const char * GetPaintTextFormat() const
Definition: TStyle.h:241
void SetGridWidth(Width_t width=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:354
Using a TBrowser one can browse all ROOT objects.
Definition: TBrowser.h:37
Float_t GetLegoInnerR() const
Definition: TStyle.h:231
Float_t fImageScaling
Image scaling to produce high definition bitmap images.
Definition: TStyle.h:139
void SetPadBorderMode(Int_t mode=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:340
void SetCanvasBorderMode(Int_t mode=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:329
Color_t fFrameLineColor
Pad frame line color.
Definition: TStyle.h:70
TAttText fAttDate
Canvas date attribute.
Definition: TStyle.h:52
void SetHistFillStyle(Style_t styl=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:364
Width_t fGridWidth
Grid line width.
Definition: TStyle.h:62
Float_t GetTitleH() const
Definition: TStyle.h:274
Float_t fBarWidth
Width of bar for graphs.
Definition: TStyle.h:35
Color_t fTitleColor
Title fill area color.
Definition: TStyle.h:118
void SetPadColor(Color_t color=19)
Definition: TStyle.h:338
Int_t GetPadBorderMode() const
Definition: TStyle.h:201
Style_t GetStatFont() const
Definition: TStyle.h:251
void SetFrameLineColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:356
auto * a
Definition: textangle.C:12
Float_t GetStatY() const
Definition: TStyle.h:256
Float_t GetTitleYSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:270
const char * GetLineStyleString(Int_t i=1) const
Return line style string (used by PostScript).
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1114
void SetOptDate(Int_t datefl=1)
If optdate is non null, the current date/time will be printed in the canvas.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1496
Float_t GetStatW() const
Definition: TStyle.h:257
void SetTitleStyle(Style_t style=1001)
Definition: TStyle.h:389
void SetIsReading(Bool_t reading=kTRUE)
Sets the fIsReading member to reading (default=kTRUE).
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1324
Float_t GetPadBottomMargin() const
Definition: TStyle.h:202
Width_t GetCanvasBorderSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:181
void SetScreenFactor(Float_t factor=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:303
Float_t GetPadRightMargin() const
Definition: TStyle.h:205
Text Attributes class.
Definition: TAttText.h:18
Bool_t GetHistMinimumZero() const
Definition: TStyle.h:228
TString fHeaderPS
User defined additional Postscript header.
Definition: TStyle.h:130
void SetOptFit(Int_t fit=1)
The type of information about fit parameters printed in the histogram statistics box can be selected ...
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1543
const char * GetTitlePS() const
Definition: TStyle.h:276
virtual Int_t DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
Function used by the TStyle manager when drawing a canvas showing the current style.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:657
void SetStatTextColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:374
Style_t GetFrameFillStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:218
virtual void Paint(Option_t *option="")
Show the options from the current style.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1201
virtual void Copy(TObject &style) const
Copy this style.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:535
Int_t fShowEventStatus
Show event status panel.
Definition: TStyle.h:47
Float_t fErrorX
Per cent of bin width for errors along X.
Definition: TStyle.h:56
Int_t GetOptLogy() const
Definition: TStyle.h:239
void SetTickLength(Float_t length=0.03, Option_t *axis="X")
Set the tick marks length for an axis.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1687
virtual ~TStyle()
Definition: TStyle.cxx:477
Double_t fHatchesSpacing
Hatches spacing for hatch styles > 3100.
Definition: TStyle.h:68
void SetStatW(Float_t w=0.19)
Definition: TStyle.h:382
void SetFuncWidth(Width_t width=4)
Definition: TStyle.h:351
void SavePrimitive(std::ostream &out, Option_t *="")
Save a main frame widget as a C++ statement(s) on output stream out.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1881
Color_t fCanvasColor
Canvas color.
Definition: TStyle.h:84
void SetColorModelPS(Int_t c=0)
Define the color model used by TPostScript and TPDF (RGB or CMYK).
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1225
void SetHistTopMargin(Double_t hmax=0.05)
Definition: TStyle.h:368
Float_t fScreenFactor
Multiplication factor for canvas size and position.
Definition: TStyle.h:104
Bool_t fIsReading
! Set to FALSE when userclass::UseCurrentStyle is called by the style manager
Definition: TStyle.h:138
Bool_t fPadGridX
True to get the grid along X.
Definition: TStyle.h:98
Int_t fNumberContours
Default number of contours for 2-d plots.
Definition: TStyle.h:51
Float_t GetDateX() const
Definition: TStyle.h:189
Int_t GetOptLogz() const
Definition: TStyle.h:240
Int_t GetCapLinePS() const
Returns the line cap method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See TPostScript::SetLineCap for ...
Definition: TStyle.h:279
void SetHistMinimumZero(Bool_t zero=kTRUE)
If the argument zero=kTRUE the minimum value for the Y axis of 1-d histograms is set to 0...
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1238
Int_t GetNumberOfColors() const
Return number of colors in the color palette.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1123
void SetTitleH(Float_t h=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:399
Int_t GetOptLogx() const
Definition: TStyle.h:238
#define h(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:106
Definition: TStyle.h:142
const char * GetHeaderPS() const
Definition: TStyle.h:275
void SetDateX(Float_t x=0.01)
Definition: TStyle.h:321
void SetFrameFillStyle(Style_t styl=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:357
Color_t GetTitleFillColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:262
void SetTitleFontSize(Float_t size=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:390
short Width_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:80
Int_t GetJoinLinePS() const
Returns the line join method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See TPostScript::SetLineJoin fo...
Definition: TStyle.h:278
Float_t GetTitleOffset(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return title offset.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1177
TAttAxis fXaxis
X axis attributes.
Definition: TStyle.h:32
Float_t fTitleY
Y position of top left corner of title box.
Definition: TStyle.h:125
include TDocParser_001 C image html pict1_TDocParser_001 png width
Definition: TDocParser.cxx:121
Width_t fLegendBorderSize
Legend box border size.
Definition: TStyle.h:63
Float_t fEndErrorSize
Size of lines at the end of error bars.
Definition: TStyle.h:55
void SetLabelOffset(Float_t offset=0.005, Option_t *axis="X")
Set offset between axis and axis labels.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1379
Color * colors
Definition: X3DBuffer.c:21
Width_t GetTitleBorderSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:266
Float_t GetTitleW() const
Definition: TStyle.h:273
Color_t GetTitleColor(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return title color.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1153
Color_t GetHistFillColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:223
void SetJoinLinePS(Int_t joinline=0)
Set the line join method used for PostScript, PDF and SVG output. See TPostScript::SetLineJoin for de...
Definition: TStyle.h:292
static void BuildStyles()
Create some standard styles.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:509
void SetHatchesLineWidth(Int_t l)
Definition: TStyle.h:289
Bool_t fPadGridY
True to get the grid along Y.
Definition: TStyle.h:99
void SetDrawBorder(Int_t drawborder=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:326
void SetTitleOffset(Float_t offset=1, Option_t *axis="X")
Specify a parameter offset to control the distance between the axis and the axis title.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1750
double Double_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:57
Int_t GetOptStat() const
Definition: TStyle.h:236
TText * text
void SetHistLineStyle(Style_t styl=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:365
Int_t fOptLogz
True if log scale in z.
Definition: TStyle.h:41
Color_t GetHistLineColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:224
Int_t fOptTitle
True if option Title is selected.
Definition: TStyle.h:44
void ToggleEditor()
Definition: TStyle.h:401
Int_t GetDrawBorder() const
Definition: TStyle.h:176
Float_t GetPadTopMargin() const
Definition: TStyle.h:203
Int_t AxisChoice(Option_t *axis) const
Definition: TStyle.h:149
TCanvas * style()
Definition: style.C:1
Double_t y[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
Float_t fPaperSizeX
PostScript paper size along X.
Definition: TStyle.h:102
virtual void Reset(Option_t *option="")
Definition: TStyle.cxx:666
void SetLineScalePS(Float_t scale=3)
Definition: TStyle.h:294
Float_t fPadLeftMargin
Pad left margin.
Definition: TStyle.h:96
Float_t fBarOffset
Offset of bar for graphs.
Definition: TStyle.h:36
Float_t fStatFontSize
Font size in pixels for fonts with precision type 3.
Definition: TStyle.h:109
Style_t fHistFillStyle
Histogram fill style.
Definition: TStyle.h:78
Width_t GetStatBorderSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:250
virtual void Browse(TBrowser *b)
Browse the style object.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:501
Int_t GetCanvasDefH() const
Definition: TStyle.h:183
Int_t fShowEditor
Show pad editor.
Definition: TStyle.h:48
void SetLegoInnerR(Float_t rad=0.5)
Definition: TStyle.h:302
Color_t fHistFillColor
Histogram fill color.
Definition: TStyle.h:76
Width_t GetPadBorderSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:200
Color_t fFrameFillColor
Pad frame fill color.
Definition: TStyle.h:69
void SetPadTopMargin(Float_t margin=0.1)
Definition: TStyle.h:342
Style_t fGridStyle
Grid line style.
Definition: TStyle.h:61
Color_t fPadColor
Pad color.
Definition: TStyle.h:91
void SetPaperSize(EPaperSize size)
Set paper size for PostScript output.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1656
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition: TObject.h:37
Bool_t IsReading() const
Definition: TStyle.h:282
Int_t fJoinLinePS
Determines the appearance of joining lines on PostScript, PDF and SVG.
Definition: TStyle.h:135
void SetLabelSize(Float_t size=0.04, Option_t *axis="X")
Set size of axis labels.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1394
#define R__EXTERN
Definition: DllImport.h:27
Width_t GetFrameLineWidth() const
Definition: TStyle.h:220
Float_t GetStatFontSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:252
void SetTitleXOffset(Float_t offset=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:392
void SetStatFontSize(Float_t size=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:378
Float_t GetTitleSize(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return title size.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1189
Style_t GetHistLineStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:226
Int_t fOptFile
True if option File is selected.
Definition: TStyle.h:45
void SetLegendFont(Style_t font=62)
Definition: TStyle.h:336
Int_t fTitleAlign
Title box alignment.
Definition: TStyle.h:117
Int_t fShowToolBar
Show toolbar.
Definition: TStyle.h:49
Float_t GetDateY() const
Definition: TStyle.h:190
Float_t GetTickLength(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return tick length.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1141
Style_t GetFuncStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:211
auto * l
Definition: textangle.C:4
void SetHatchesSpacing(Double_t h)
Definition: TStyle.h:290
void SetTitleFillColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:387
Color_t fGridColor
Grid line color (if 0 use axis line color)
Definition: TStyle.h:60
Definition: file.py:1
Short_t Max(Short_t a, Short_t b)
Definition: TMathBase.h:212
Float_t GetStatH() const
Definition: TStyle.h:258
Width_t fCanvasBorderSize
Canvas border size.
Definition: TStyle.h:85
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Double_t b
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
void SetOptLogy(Int_t logy=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:314
void SetOptStat(Int_t stat=1)
The type of information printed in the histogram statistics box can be selected via the parameter mod...
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1591
Float_t GetLabelOffset(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return label offset.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1089
void SetOptTitle(Int_t tit=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:318
TString fStatFormat
Printing format for stats.
Definition: TStyle.h:111
Color_t GetFuncColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:210
#define c(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:101
Color_t GetCanvasColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:180
Definition: TColor.h:109
void SetPadTickY(Int_t ticky)
Definition: TStyle.h:348
Float_t GetBarOffset() const
Definition: TStyle.h:174
Style_t GetTitleStyle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:264
void SetStatFormat(const char *format="6.4g")
Definition: TStyle.h:379
Int_t GetCanvasDefY() const
Definition: TStyle.h:186
unsigned char UChar_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:36
Double_t fTimeOffset
Time offset to the beginning of an axis.
Definition: TStyle.h:137
Width_t GetGridWidth() const
Definition: TStyle.h:215
void SetPaintTextFormat(const char *format="g")
Definition: TStyle.h:369
Bool_t fCanvasPreferGL
If true, rendering in canvas is with GL.
Definition: TStyle.h:83
void SetFitFormat(const char *format="5.4g")
Definition: TStyle.h:287
Color_t GetStatTextColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:249
Int_t GetNdivisions(Option_t *axis="X") const
Return number of divisions.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1033
void SetLegendFillColor(Color_t color=0)
Definition: TStyle.h:335
Bool_t GetCanvasPreferGL() const
Definition: TStyle.h:179
void SetPadRightMargin(Float_t margin=0.1)
Definition: TStyle.h:344
Color_t fHistLineColor
Histogram line color.
Definition: TStyle.h:77
void SetErrorX(Float_t errorx=0.5)
Definition: TStyle.h:324
void SetPadGridY(Bool_t gridy)
Definition: TStyle.h:346
void SetHistLineColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:363
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:89
Int_t GetStripDecimals() const
Definition: TStyle.h:259
const Int_t n
Definition: legend1.C:16
Float_t fStatW
Width of stat box.
Definition: TStyle.h:114
Float_t fPadBottomMargin
Pad bottom margin.
Definition: TStyle.h:94
Line Attributes class.
Definition: TAttLine.h:18
void ToggleToolBar()
Definition: TStyle.h:402
void SetPalette(Int_t ncolors=kBird, Int_t *colors=0, Float_t alpha=1.)
See TColor::SetPalette.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1784
Float_t fStatX
X position of top right corner of stat box.
Definition: TStyle.h:112
Int_t fCanvasDefY
Default canvas top Y position.
Definition: TStyle.h:90
void SetFuncColor(Color_t color=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:350
Style_t fStatFont
Font style of Stats PaveLabel.
Definition: TStyle.h:108
char name[80]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:109
Int_t GetOptFile() const
Definition: TStyle.h:234
Float_t fLegoInnerR
Inner radius for cylindrical legos.
Definition: TStyle.h:128
void SetImageScaling(Float_t s)
Definition: TStyle.h:370
void SetCanvasDefW(Int_t w=700)
Definition: TStyle.h:331
void SetStripDecimals(Bool_t strip=kTRUE)
Set option to strip decimals when drawing axis labels.
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1815
void SetCanvasDefX(Int_t topx=10)
Definition: TStyle.h:332
const char * GetStatFormat() const
Definition: TStyle.h:254
void SetFrameBorderSize(Width_t size=1)
Definition: TStyle.h:360
Int_t GetOptTitle() const
Definition: TStyle.h:237
Color_t GetPadColor() const
Definition: TStyle.h:199
const char * Data() const
Definition: TString.h:364
Int_t fPadTickY
True to set special pad ticks along Y.
Definition: TStyle.h:101
Double_t GetTimeOffset() const
Definition: TStyle.h:260
void SetLegendTextSize(Double_t size=0.)
Definition: TStyle.h:337
Float_t GetTitleXSize() const
Definition: TStyle.h:268