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RQ_OBJECT.h File Reference
#include <TQObject.h>
#include <Varargs.h>
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#define RQ_OBJECT(sender_class)
#define RQ_OBJECT1(sender_class)
#define RQ_OBJECT2(sender_class)

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#define RQ_OBJECT (   sender_class)
#define RQ_OBJECT1(sender_class)
Definition RQ_OBJECT.h:66

Definition at line 87 of file RQ_OBJECT.h.


#define RQ_OBJECT1 (   sender_class)
TQObjSender fQObject;\
TList *GetListOfSignals() const {return fQObject.GetListOfSignals();}\
Bool_t Connect(const char *sig,const char *cl,void *rcvr,const char *slt)\
{fQObject.SetSender(this);fQObject.SetSenderClassName(sender_class);return fQObject.Connect(sig,cl,rcvr,slt);}\
Bool_t Disconnect(const char *sig=nullptr,void *rcvr=nullptr,const char *slt=nullptr){return fQObject.Disconnect(sig,rcvr,slt);}\
void HighPriority(const char *signal_name,const char *slot_name=nullptr){fQObject.HighPriority(signal_name,slot_name);}\
void LowPriority(const char *signal_name,const char *slot_name=nullptr){fQObject.LowPriority(signal_name,slot_name);}\
template <typename... T> void EmitVA(const char *signal_name, Int_t nargs, const T&... params) \
{ fQObject.EmitVA(signal_name,nargs,params...); } \
void Emit(const char *signal){EmitVA(signal, /*nargs*/0);} \
template <typename T> void Emit(const char *signal, const T& arg) { EmitVA(signal, /*nargs*/ 1, arg); } \
bool Bool_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:63
int Int_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:45
A doubly linked list.
Definition TList.h:38
virtual void SetSender(void *sender)
Definition TQObject.h:250
void SetSenderClassName(const char *sclass="")
Definition TQObject.h:251
TList * GetListOfSignals() const
Definition TQObject.h:88
Bool_t Connect(const char *signal, const char *receiver_class, void *receiver, const char *slot)
Non-static method is used to connect from the signal of this object to the receiver slot.
Definition TQObject.cxx:869
void EmitVA(const char *signal_name, Int_t, const T &... params)
Emit a signal with a varying number of arguments.
Definition TQObject.h:100
virtual void LowPriority(const char *signal_name, const char *slot_name=nullptr)
Definition TQObject.cxx:504
Bool_t Disconnect(const char *signal=nullptr, void *receiver=nullptr, const char *slot=nullptr)
Disconnects signal of this object from slot of receiver.
virtual void HighPriority(const char *signal_name, const char *slot_name=nullptr)
Definition TQObject.cxx:477
double T(double x)

Definition at line 66 of file RQ_OBJECT.h.


#define RQ_OBJECT2 (   sender_class)
void Destroyed(){Emit("Destroyed()");}\
void ChangedBy(const char *method){Emit("ChangedBy(char*)",method);}\
void Message(const char *msg){Emit("Message(char*)",msg);}\
std::string Message(const std::string &msg, const std::string &location)
Definition Scanner.cxx:178

Definition at line 81 of file RQ_OBJECT.h.