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1 // @(#)root/hist:$Id$
2 // Author: L. Moneta 08/2008
4 /**********************************************************************
5  * *
6  * Copyright (c) 2008 ROOT Foundation, CERN/PH-SFT *
7  * *
8  **********************************************************************/
10 #ifndef ROOT_TBackCompFitter_H_
11 #define ROOT_TBackCompFitter_H_
13 #include "TVirtualFitter.h"
14 #include "Fit/BasicFCN.h"
15 #include "Fit/FitResult.h"
16 #include "Fit/Fitter.h"
17 #include "Math/IFunctionfwd.h"
18 #include <vector>
20 /*
21  TVirtualFitter backward compatibility implementation using new ROOT::Fit::Fitter
22 */
24 class TGraph;
25 class TFitResult;
27 namespace ROOT {
28  namespace Fit {
29  class FitData;
30  }
31  namespace Math {
32  class Minimizer;
33  }
34 }
39 public:
45  //TBackCompFitter(ROOT::Fit::Fitter & fitter, ROOT::Fit::FitData * );
46  TBackCompFitter( const std::shared_ptr<ROOT::Fit::Fitter> & fitter, const std::shared_ptr<ROOT::Fit::FitData> & data );
48  virtual ~TBackCompFitter();
50 public:
52  enum EStatusBits {
53  kCanDeleteLast = BIT(9) // object can be deleted before creating a new one
54  };
56  // inherited interface
57  virtual Double_t Chisquare(Int_t npar, Double_t *params) const;
58  virtual void Clear(Option_t *option="");
59  virtual Int_t ExecuteCommand(const char *command, Double_t *args, Int_t nargs);
60  virtual void FixParameter(Int_t ipar);
62  virtual void GetConfidenceIntervals(Int_t n, Int_t ndim, const Double_t *x, Double_t *ci, Double_t cl=0.95);
63  virtual void GetConfidenceIntervals(TObject *obj, Double_t cl=0.95);
65  virtual Double_t *GetCovarianceMatrix() const;
66  virtual Double_t GetCovarianceMatrixElement(Int_t i, Int_t j) const;
67  virtual Int_t GetErrors(Int_t ipar,Double_t &eplus, Double_t &eminus, Double_t &eparab, Double_t &globcc) const;
68  virtual Int_t GetNumberTotalParameters() const;
69  virtual Int_t GetNumberFreeParameters() const;
71  virtual Double_t GetParError(Int_t ipar) const;
72  virtual Double_t GetParameter(Int_t ipar) const;
73  virtual Int_t GetParameter(Int_t ipar,char *name,Double_t &value,Double_t &verr,Double_t &vlow, Double_t &vhigh) const;
74  virtual const char *GetParName(Int_t ipar) const;
75  virtual Int_t GetStats(Double_t &amin, Double_t &edm, Double_t &errdef, Int_t &nvpar, Int_t &nparx) const;
76  virtual Double_t GetSumLog(Int_t i);
78  virtual Bool_t IsFixed(Int_t ipar) const ;
80  virtual void PrintResults(Int_t level, Double_t amin) const;
81  virtual void ReleaseParameter(Int_t ipar);
82  virtual void SetFitMethod(const char *name);
83  virtual Int_t SetParameter(Int_t ipar,const char *parname,Double_t value,Double_t verr,Double_t vlow, Double_t vhigh);
85  virtual void SetFCN(void (*fcn)(Int_t &, Double_t *, Double_t &f, Double_t *, Int_t) );
86  // for using interpreted function passed by the user
87  virtual void SetMethodCall(TMethodCall * m) { fMethodCall = m; }
89  // get reference to Fit configuration (NOTE: it will be invalid when class is deleted)
90  ROOT::Fit::FitConfig & GetFitConfig() { return fFitter->Config(); }
92  // get reference to Fit Result object (NOTE: it will be invalid when class is deleted)
93  const ROOT::Fit::FitResult & GetFitResult() const { return fFitter->Result(); }
95  // get a copy of the Fit result returning directly a new TFitResult
96  TFitResult * GetTFitResult() const;
98  // get reference to Fit Data object (NOTE: it will be invalid when class is deleted)
99  const ROOT::Fit::FitData & GetFitData() const { return *fFitData; }
101  // return pointer to last used minimizer
104  // return pointer to last used objective function
107  // scan likelihood value of parameter and fill the given graph.
108  bool Scan(unsigned int ipar, TGraph * gr, double xmin = 0, double xmax = 0);
110  // scan likelihood value for two parameters and fill the given graph.
111  // bool Scan2D(unsigned int ipar, unsigned int jpar, TGraph2D * gr,
112  // double xmin = 0, double xmax = 0, double ymin = 0, double ymax = 0);
114  // create contour of two parameters around the minimum
115  // pass as option confidence level: default is a value of 0.683
116  bool Contour(unsigned int ipar, unsigned int jpar, TGraph * gr , double confLevel = 0.683);
118  // set FCN using new interface
121  // recreate minimizer and FCN for TMinuit fits and standard printout
122  void ReCreateMinimizer();
125 protected:
127  bool ValidParameterIndex(int ipar) const;
128  void DoSetDimension();
130 private:
132  //ROOT::Fit::FitData * fFitData;
133  std::shared_ptr<ROOT::Fit::FitData> fFitData; //! data of the fit
134  std::shared_ptr<ROOT::Fit::Fitter> fFitter; //! pointer to fitter object
138  mutable std::vector<double> fCovar; // cached covariance matrix (NxN)
142  ClassDef(TBackCompFitter,1) // Class providing backward compatibility for fitting by implementing the TVirtualFitter interface
144 };
148 #endif //ROOT_TBackCompFitter_H_
void DoSetDimension()
Private method to set dimension in objective function.
virtual Double_t * GetCovarianceMatrix() const
Get the error matrix in a pointer to a NxN array.
virtual Double_t GetCovarianceMatrixElement(Int_t i, Int_t j) const
Get error matrix element (return all zero if matrix is not available)
float xmin
Definition: THbookFile.cxx:93
virtual void PrintResults(Int_t level, Double_t amin) const
Print the fit result.
auto * m
Definition: textangle.C:8
virtual Int_t GetStats(Double_t &amin, Double_t &edm, Double_t &errdef, Int_t &nvpar, Int_t &nparx) const
Get fit statistical information.
virtual void Clear(Option_t *option="")
Clear resources for consecutive fits.
ROOT::Math::Minimizer * GetMinimizer() const
Return a pointer to the minimizer.
bool Contour(unsigned int ipar, unsigned int jpar, TGraph *gr, double confLevel=0.683)
Create a 2D contour around the minimum for the parameter ipar and jpar if a minimum does not exist or...
ROOT::Math::IMultiGenFunction * GetObjFunction() const
Return a pointer to the objective function (FCN) If fitting directly using TBackCompFitter the pointe...
Returns the available number of logical cores.
Definition: StringConv.hxx:21
virtual Int_t ExecuteCommand(const char *command, Double_t *args, Int_t nargs)
Execute the command (Fortran Minuit compatible interface)
virtual void SetMethodCall(TMethodCall *m)
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:64
virtual Int_t GetNumberFreeParameters() const
bool Scan(unsigned int ipar, TGraph *gr, double xmin=0, double xmax=0)
Scan parameter ipar between value of xmin and xmax A graph must be given which will be on return fill...
#define BIT(n)
Definition: Rtypes.h:83
Base class for all the fit data types: Stores the coordinates and the DataOptions.
Definition: FitData.h:66
ROOT::Math::Minimizer * fMinimizer
pointer to fitter object
void ReCreateMinimizer()
Recreate a minimizer instance using the function and data set objective function in minimizers functi...
virtual void SetFCN(void(*fcn)(Int_t &, Double_t *, Double_t &f, Double_t *, Int_t))
Override setFCN to use the Adapter to Minuit2 FCN interface To set the address of the minimization fu...
Backward compatible implementation of TVirtualFitter.
#define f(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:104
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:43
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:61
TFitResult * GetTFitResult() const
Return a new copy of the TFitResult object which needs to be deleted later by the user...
virtual Double_t GetParError(Int_t ipar) const
Parameter error.
Double_t x[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:322
Constructor needed by TVirtualFitter interface.
Extends the ROOT::Fit::Result class with a TNamed inheritance providing easy possibility for I/O...
Definition: TFitResult.h:32
virtual ~TBackCompFitter()
Destructor - delete the managed objects.
Abstract Minimizer class, defining the interface for the various minimizer (like Minuit2, Minuit, GSL, etc..) Plug-in&#39;s exist in ROOT to be able to instantiate the derived classes like ROOT::Math::GSLMinimizer or ROOT::Math::Minuit2Minimizer via the plug-in manager.
Definition: Minimizer.h:78
virtual Int_t GetNumberTotalParameters() const
Number of total parameters.
const ROOT::Fit::FitData & GetFitData() const
Method or function calling interface.
Definition: TMethodCall.h:37
const ROOT::Fit::FitResult & GetFitResult() const
virtual Bool_t IsFixed(Int_t ipar) const
Query if parameter ipar is fixed.
virtual void FixParameter(Int_t ipar)
Fix the parameter.
virtual Int_t GetErrors(Int_t ipar, Double_t &eplus, Double_t &eminus, Double_t &eparab, Double_t &globcc) const
Get fit errors.
virtual void SetObjFunction(ROOT::Math::IMultiGenFunction *f)
Set the objective function for fitting Needed if fitting directly using TBackCompFitter class The cla...
Documentation for the abstract class IBaseFunctionMultiDim.
Definition: IFunction.h:62
ROOT::Math::IMultiGenFunction * fObjFunc
virtual Double_t GetSumLog(Int_t i)
Sum of log (un-needed)
float xmax
Definition: THbookFile.cxx:93
TGraphErrors * gr
Definition: legend1.C:25
virtual Double_t Chisquare(Int_t npar, Double_t *params) const
Do chisquare calculations in case of likelihood fits Do evaluation a the minimum only.
virtual void ReleaseParameter(Int_t ipar)
Release a fit parameter.
class containg the result of the fit and all the related information (fitted parameter values...
Definition: FitResult.h:47
std::shared_ptr< ROOT::Fit::FitData > fFitData
double Double_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:57
TFitResultPtr Fit(FitObject *h1, TF1 *f1, Foption_t &option, const ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions &moption, const char *goption, ROOT::Fit::DataRange &range)
Definition: HFitImpl.cxx:134
Definition: TObject.h:57
Namespace for new Math classes and functions.
Abstract Base Class for Fitting.
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition: TObject.h:37
static constexpr double eplus
std::vector< double > fCovar
A TGraph is an object made of two arrays X and Y with npoints each.
Definition: TGraph.h:41
virtual Int_t SetParameter(Int_t ipar, const char *parname, Double_t value, Double_t verr, Double_t vlow, Double_t vhigh)
Set (add) a new fit parameter passing initial value, step size (verr) and parameter limits if vlow > ...
std::shared_ptr< ROOT::Fit::Fitter > fFitter
data of the fit
virtual const char * GetParName(Int_t ipar) const
Return name of parameter ipar.
bool ValidParameterIndex(int ipar) const
Check if ipar is a valid parameter index.
virtual void GetConfidenceIntervals(Int_t n, Int_t ndim, const Double_t *x, Double_t *ci, Double_t cl=0.95)
Computes point-by-point confidence intervals for the fitted function.
RooCmdArg Minimizer(const char *type, const char *alg=0)
virtual void SetFitMethod(const char *name)
Set fit method (chi2 or likelihood).
const Int_t n
Definition: legend1.C:16
char name[80]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:109
ROOT::Math::IParamMultiFunction * fModelFunc
Class describing the configuration of the fit, options and parameter settings using the ROOT::Fit::Pa...
Definition: FitConfig.h:46
TMethodCall * fMethodCall
ROOT::Fit::FitConfig & GetFitConfig()
virtual Double_t GetParameter(Int_t ipar) const
Parameter value.