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Fitter.h File Reference
#include "Fit/BinData.h"
#include "Fit/UnBinData.h"
#include "Fit/FitConfig.h"
#include "Fit/FitExecutionPolicy.h"
#include "Fit/FitResult.h"
#include "Math/IParamFunction.h"
#include <memory>
#include "Math/WrappedFunction.h"
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class  ROOT::Math::BasicFitMethodFunction< FunctionType >
 FitMethodFunction class Interface for objective functions (like chi2 and likelihood used in the fit) In addition to normal function interface provide interface for calculating each data contrinution to the function which is required by some algorithm (like Fumili) More...
class  ROOT::Fit::Fitter
 Fitter class, entry point for performing all type of fits. More...


 Returns the available number of logical cores.
 Namespace for the fitting classes.


typedef BasicFitMethodFunction< ROOT::Math::IMultiGenFunctionROOT::Math::FitMethodFunction
typedef BasicFitMethodFunction< ROOT::Math::IMultiGradFunctionROOT::Math::FitMethodGradFunction