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TTimeStamp.cxx File Reference
#include "TTimeStamp.h"
#include "TString.h"
#include "TError.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include "TVirtualMutex.h"
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namespace  ROOT
 tbb::task_arena is an alias of tbb::interface7::task_arena, which doesn't allow to forward declare tbb::task_arena without forward declaring tbb::interface7


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const TTimeStamp &ts)
 Write time stamp to std::ostream.
TBufferoperator<< (TBuffer &buf, const TTimeStamp &ts)
 Write time stamp to TBuffer.
TBufferoperator>> (TBuffer &buf, TTimeStamp &ts)
 Read time stamp from TBuffer.


TVirtualMutexgTimeMutex = nullptr

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<() [1/2]

std::ostream & operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const TTimeStamp ts 

Write time stamp to std::ostream.

Definition at line 60 of file TTimeStamp.cxx.

◆ operator<<() [2/2]

TBuffer & operator<< ( TBuffer buf,
const TTimeStamp ts 

Write time stamp to TBuffer.

Definition at line 83 of file TTimeStamp.cxx.

◆ operator>>()

TBuffer & operator>> ( TBuffer buf,
TTimeStamp ts 

Read time stamp from TBuffer.

Definition at line 74 of file TTimeStamp.cxx.

Variable Documentation

◆ gTimeMutex

TVirtualMutex* gTimeMutex = nullptr

Definition at line 55 of file TTimeStamp.cxx.