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X3DBuffer.h File Reference
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struct  _x3d_data_
struct  _x3d_sizeof_


#define gSize3D   (*gFuncSize3D())


typedef struct _x3d_sizeof_ Size3D
typedef struct _x3d_data_ X3DBuffer


int AllocateX3DBuffer ()
void FillX3DBuffer (X3DBuffer *buff)
Size3DgFuncSize3D ()

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ gSize3D

#define gSize3D   (*gFuncSize3D())

Definition at line 40 of file X3DBuffer.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Size3D

typedef struct _x3d_sizeof_ Size3D

◆ X3DBuffer

typedef struct _x3d_data_ X3DBuffer

Function Documentation

◆ AllocateX3DBuffer()

int AllocateX3DBuffer ( )

Definition at line 25 of file X3DBuffer.c.

◆ FillX3DBuffer()

void FillX3DBuffer ( X3DBuffer buff)

Definition at line 140 of file X3DBuffer.c.

◆ gFuncSize3D()

Size3D* gFuncSize3D ( )

Definition at line 25 of file TVirtualPad.cxx.