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SMatrix.h File Reference
#include "Math/MConfig.h"
#include <iosfwd>
#include "Math/Expression.h"
#include "Math/MatrixRepresentationsStatic.h"
#include "Math/SMatrix.icc"
#include "Math/MatrixFunctions.h"
Include dependency graph for SMatrix.h:


class  ROOT::Math::SMatrix< T, D1, D2, R >
 SMatrix: a generic fixed size D1 x D2 Matrix class. More...
struct  ROOT::Math::SMatrixIdentity
struct  ROOT::Math::SMatrixNoInit
class  ROOT::Math::SMatrix< T, D1, D2, R >::SMatrixRow
class  ROOT::Math::SMatrix< T, D1, D2, R >::SMatrixRow_const


 tbb::task_arena is an alias of tbb::interface7::task_arena, which doesn't allow to forward declare tbb::task_arena without forward declaring tbb::interface7


template<class T , unsigned int D1, unsigned int D2, class R >
std::ostream & ROOT::Math::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const ROOT::Math::SMatrix< T, D1, D2, R > &rhs)