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1// @(#)root/eve:$Id$
2// Authors: Matevz Tadel & Alja Mrak-Tadel: 2006, 2007
5 * Copyright (C) 1995-2007, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6 * All rights reserved. *
7 * *
8 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10 *************************************************************************/
12#ifndef ROOT_TEveManager
13#define ROOT_TEveManager
15#include "TEveElement.h"
17#include "TSysEvtHandler.h"
18#include "TTimer.h"
19#include "TVirtualPad.h"
21class TMap;
22class TExMap;
23class TMacro;
24class TFolder;
25class TCanvas;
26class TGeoManager;
28class TGTab;
29class TGStatusBar;
30class TGListTree;
31class TGListTreeItem;
32class TGStatusBar;
33class TGWindow;
35class TGLViewer;
37class TEveSelection;
39class TEveBrowser;
40class TEveGedEditor;
42class TEveViewer; class TEveViewerList;
43class TEveScene; class TEveSceneList;
51 TEveManager(const TEveManager&); // Not implemented
52 TEveManager& operator=(const TEveManager&); // Not implemented
56 {
57 private:
58 TRedrawDisabler(const TRedrawDisabler&); // Not implemented
59 TRedrawDisabler& operator=(const TRedrawDisabler&); // Not implemented
62 public:
64 { if (fMgr) fMgr->DisableRedraw(); }
66 { if (fMgr) fMgr->EnableRedraw(); }
68 ClassDef(TRedrawDisabler, 0); // Exception-safe EVE redraw-disabler.
69 };
72 {
73 public:
75 virtual ~TExceptionHandler() { Remove(); }
77 virtual EStatus Handle(std::exception& exc);
79 ClassDef(TExceptionHandler, 0); // Exception handler for Eve exceptions.
80 };
113 // Fine grained scene updates.
116 // Selection / hihglight elements
124 TEveManager(UInt_t w, UInt_t h, Bool_t map_window=kTRUE, Option_t* opt="FI");
125 virtual ~TEveManager();
135 void ClearOrphanage();
137 TEveBrowser* GetBrowser() const { return fBrowser; }
139 TEveGedEditor* GetEditor() const;
140 TGStatusBar* GetStatusBar() const;
144 TEveSceneList* GetScenes() const { return fScenes; }
145 TEveViewerList* GetViewers() const { return fViewers; }
153 TCanvas* AddCanvasTab(const char* name);
154 TGWindow* GetMainWindow() const;
157 TEveViewer* SpawnNewViewer(const char* name, const char* title="", Bool_t embed=kTRUE);
158 TEveScene* SpawnNewScene(const char* name, const char* title="");
161 TMacro* GetMacro(const char* name) const;
163 void EditElement(TEveElement* element);
168 void Redraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras=kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals=kFALSE)
169 {
171 if (resetCameras) fResetCameras = kTRUE;
172 if (dropLogicals) fDropLogicals = kTRUE;
173 }
174 void RegisterRedraw3D();
175 void DoRedraw3D();
176 void FullRedraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras=kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals=kFALSE);
181 void ElementChanged(TEveElement* element, Bool_t update_scenes=kTRUE, Bool_t redraw=kFALSE);
184 // Fine grained updates via stamping.
185 void ElementStamped(TEveElement* element);
187 // These are more like TEveManager stuff.
188 TGListTree* GetListTree() const;
194 void AddElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent=0);
195 void AddGlobalElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent=0);
197 void RemoveElement(TEveElement* element, TEveElement* parent);
198 void PreDeleteElement(TEveElement* element);
200 void ElementSelect(TEveElement* element);
203 // VizDB - Visualization-parameter data-base.
204 Bool_t InsertVizDBEntry(const TString& tag, TEveElement* model,
205 Bool_t replace, Bool_t update);
206 Bool_t InsertVizDBEntry(const TString& tag, TEveElement* model);
207 TEveElement* FindVizDBEntry (const TString& tag);
209 void LoadVizDB(const TString& filename, Bool_t replace, Bool_t update);
210 void LoadVizDB(const TString& filename);
211 void SaveVizDB(const TString& filename);
214 Bool_t GetVizDBUpdate () const { return fVizDBUpdate; }
219 // Geometry management.
220 TGeoManager* GetGeometry(const TString& filename);
223 void RegisterGeometryAlias(const TString& alias, const TString& filename);
225 void SetStatusLine(const char* text);
226 void ClearROOTClassSaved();
228 void CloseEveWindow();
230 static TEveManager* Create(Bool_t map_window=kTRUE, Option_t* opt="FIV");
231 static void Terminate();
233 // Access to internals, needed for low-level control in advanced
234 // applications.
240 ClassDef(TEveManager, 0); // Eve application manager.
#define R__EXTERN
Definition: DllImport.h:27
ROOT::R::TRInterface & r
Definition: Object.C:4
#define h(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:106
static void update(gsl_integration_workspace *workspace, double a1, double b1, double area1, double error1, double a2, double b2, double area2, double error2)
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:45
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:46
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:101
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:63
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:100
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:66
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:325
R__EXTERN TEveManager * gEve
Definition: TEveManager.h:243
char name[80]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:110
The Canvas class.
Definition: TCanvas.h:23
Specialization of TRootBrowser for Eve.
Definition: TEveBrowser.h:130
A list of TEveElements.
Definition: TEveElement.h:433
Base class for TEveUtil visualization elements, providing hierarchy management, rendering control and...
Definition: TEveElement.h:36
std::list< TEveElement * > List_t
Definition: TEveElement.h:71
Base class for event management and navigation.
Composite GUI frame for parallel display of a TGListTree and TEveGedEditor.
Definition: TEveBrowser.h:83
Specialization of TGedEditor for proper update propagation to TEveManager.
Definition: TEveGedEditor.h:27
Exception handler for Eve exceptions.
Definition: TEveManager.h:72
virtual EStatus Handle(std::exception &exc)
Handle exceptions deriving from TEveException.
TRedrawDisabler(const TRedrawDisabler &)
TRedrawDisabler & operator=(const TRedrawDisabler &)
TRedrawDisabler(TEveManager *m)
Definition: TEveManager.h:63
Central application manager for Eve.
Definition: TEveManager.h:50
TMap * fVizDB
Definition: TEveManager.h:85
TExceptionHandler * GetExcHandler() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:127
TEveWindowManager * fWindowManager
Definition: TEveManager.h:97
Bool_t GetVizDBUpdate() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:214
Int_t fRedrawDisabled
Definition: TEveManager.h:105
void DoRedraw3D()
Perform 3D redraw of scenes and viewers whose contents has changed.
void DisableRedraw()
Definition: TEveManager.h:165
void ClearOrphanage()
Clear the orphanage.
void SetStatusLine(const char *text)
Set the text in the right side of browser's status bar.
TGStatusBar * GetStatusBar() const
Returns main window status bar.
TEveViewerList * fViewers
Definition: TEveManager.h:98
void SetKeepEmptyCont(Bool_t k)
Definition: TEveManager.h:179
TGListTree * GetListTree() const
Get default list-tree widget.
TEveViewerList * GetViewers() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:145
TEveElementList * fOrphanage
Definition: TEveManager.h:120
TGeoManager * GetDefaultGeometry()
Get the default geometry.
TTimer fRedrawTimer
Definition: TEveManager.h:111
void RegisterRedraw3D()
Register a request for 3D redraw.
TExMap * PtrToStampedElements()
Definition: TEveManager.h:238
TEveGListTreeEditorFrame * GetLTEFrame() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:138
TEveSelection * fSelection
Definition: TEveManager.h:117
Bool_t fDropLogicals
Definition: TEveManager.h:108
void AddElement(TEveElement *element, TEveElement *parent=0)
Add an element.
Bool_t fTimerActive
Definition: TEveManager.h:110
Bool_t fFullRedraw
Definition: TEveManager.h:106
static void Terminate()
Properly terminate global TEveManager.
TEveSelection * GetSelection() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:129
void CloseEveWindow()
Close button has been clicked on EVE main window (browser).
void ClearROOTClassSaved()
Work-around uber ugly hack used in SavePrimitive and co.
TEveSceneList * GetScenes() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:144
void AddGlobalElement(TEveElement *element, TEveElement *parent=0)
Add a global element, i.e.
void PreDeleteElement(TEveElement *element)
Called from TEveElement prior to its destruction so the framework components (like object editor) can...
TEveGListTreeEditorFrame * fLTEFrame
Definition: TEveManager.h:93
Bool_t fVizDBUpdate
Definition: TEveManager.h:87
TGeoManager * GetGeometryByAlias(const TString &alias)
Get geometry with given alias.
void ScenesChanged(TEveElement::List_t &scenes)
Mark all scenes from the given list as changed.
TGLViewer * GetDefaultGLViewer() const
Get TGLViewer of the default TEveViewer.
TEveViewer * GetDefaultViewer() const
Returns the default viewer - the first one in the fViewers list.
Bool_t GetKeepEmptyCont() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:178
TEveScene * GetGlobalScene() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:147
TCanvas * AddCanvasTab(const char *name)
Add a new canvas tab.
TExceptionHandler * fExcHandler
Definition: TEveManager.h:83
TEveBrowser * GetBrowser() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:137
Bool_t fKeepEmptyCont
Definition: TEveManager.h:109
TEveScene * fGlobalScene
Definition: TEveManager.h:101
TGListTreeItem * AddToListTree(TEveElement *re, Bool_t open, TGListTree *lt=0)
Bool_t ElementPaste(TEveElement *element)
Paste has been called.
void ElementChanged(TEveElement *element, Bool_t update_scenes=kTRUE, Bool_t redraw=kFALSE)
Element was changed, perform framework side action.
void ElementSelect(TEveElement *element)
Select an element.
virtual ~TEveManager()
void EditElement(TEveElement *element)
Show element in default editor.
TEveBrowser * fBrowser
Definition: TEveManager.h:92
void SetUseOrphanage(Bool_t o)
Definition: TEveManager.h:134
Bool_t InsertVizDBEntry(const TString &tag, TEveElement *model, Bool_t replace, Bool_t update)
Insert a new visualization-parameter database entry.
void RemoveElement(TEveElement *element, TEveElement *parent)
Remove element from parent.
void SetVizDBUpdate(Bool_t u)
Definition: TEveManager.h:216
TEveManager(const TEveManager &)
void RegisterGeometryAlias(const TString &alias, const TString &filename)
Register 'name' as an alias for geometry file 'filename'.
TEveSelection * fHighlight
Definition: TEveManager.h:118
TEveWindowManager * GetWindowManager() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:142
TEveGedEditor * GetEditor() const
Returns main object editor.
TEveScene * fEventScene
Definition: TEveManager.h:102
void EnableRedraw()
Definition: TEveManager.h:166
void SaveVizDB(const TString &filename)
Save visualization-parameter database to file filename.
void SetCurrentEvent(TEveEventManager *mgr)
Definition: TEveManager.h:151
TEveViewer * SpawnNewViewer(const char *name, const char *title="", Bool_t embed=kTRUE)
Create a new GL viewer.
TEveElement * FindVizDBEntry(const TString &tag)
Find a visualization-parameter database entry corresponding to tag.
static TEveManager * Create(Bool_t map_window=kTRUE, Option_t *opt="FIV")
If global TEveManager* gEve is not set initialize it.
TEveManager & operator=(const TEveManager &)
void EnforceTimerActive(Bool_t ta)
Definition: TEveManager.h:236
TMacro * GetMacro(const char *name) const
Find macro in fMacroFolder by name.
void FullRedraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras=kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals=kFALSE)
Perform 3D redraw of all scenes and viewers.
TGListTreeItem * AddEvent(TEveEventManager *event)
Add a new event and make it the current event.
Bool_t GetUseOrphanage() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:133
void Redraw3D(Bool_t resetCameras=kFALSE, Bool_t dropLogicals=kFALSE)
Definition: TEveManager.h:168
Bool_t fVizDBReplace
Definition: TEveManager.h:86
TFolder * GetMacroFolder() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:160
TFolder * fMacroFolder
Definition: TEveManager.h:95
TEveSceneList * fScenes
Definition: TEveManager.h:99
TExMap * fStampedElements
Definition: TEveManager.h:114
Bool_t fResetCameras
Definition: TEveManager.h:107
void RemoveFromListTree(TEveElement *element, TGListTree *lt, TGListTreeItem *lti)
Remove top-level element from list-tree with specified tree-item.
TGWindow * GetMainWindow() const
Get the main window, i.e. EVE-browser.
void LoadVizDB(const TString &filename, Bool_t replace, Bool_t update)
Load visualization-parameter database from file filename.
Bool_t GetVizDBReplace() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:213
TMap * fGeometryAliases
Definition: TEveManager.h:90
void SetVizDBReplace(Bool_t r)
Definition: TEveManager.h:215
TGeoManager * GetGeometry(const TString &filename)
Get geometry with given filename.
TEveScene * SpawnNewScene(const char *name, const char *title="")
Create a new scene.
TEveSelection * GetHighlight() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:130
TMap * fGeometries
Definition: TEveManager.h:89
Bool_t fUseOrphanage
Definition: TEveManager.h:121
void ElementStamped(TEveElement *element)
Mark element as changed – it will be processed on next redraw.
TEveElementList * GetOrphanage() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:132
TEveEventManager * fCurrentEvent
Definition: TEveManager.h:103
TEveScene * GetEventScene() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:148
TEveEventManager * GetCurrentEvent() const
Definition: TEveManager.h:149
List of Scenes providing common operations on TEveScene collections.
Definition: TEveScene.h:80
Eve representation of TGLScene.
Definition: TEveScene.h:27
Make sure there is a SINGLE running TEveSelection for each selection type (select/highlight).
Definition: TEveSelection.h:23
List of Viewers providing common operations on TEveViewer collections.
Definition: TEveViewer.h:80
Eve representation of TGLViewer.
Definition: TEveViewer.h:31
Manager for EVE windows.
This class stores a (key,value) pair using an external hash.
Definition: TExMap.h:33
A TFolder object is a collection of objects and folders.
Definition: TFolder.h:30
Base GL viewer object - used by both standalone and embedded (in pad) GL.
Definition: TGLViewer.h:55
A list tree is a widget that can contain a number of items arranged in a tree structure.
Definition: TGListTree.h:195
Provides a StatusBar widget.
Definition: TGStatusBar.h:21
A tab widget contains a set of composite frames each with a little tab with a name (like a set of fol...
Definition: TGTab.h:46
ROOT GUI Window base class.
Definition: TGWindow.h:23
The manager class for any TGeo geometry.
Definition: TGeoManager.h:45
Class supporting a collection of lines with C++ code.
Definition: TMacro.h:31
TMap implements an associative array of (key,value) pairs using a THashTable for efficient retrieval ...
Definition: TMap.h:40
virtual void Remove()
Remove std::exception handler from system handler list.
virtual void Add()
Add std::exception handler to system handler list.
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:136
Handles synchronous and a-synchronous timer events.
Definition: TTimer.h:51
TText * text
auto * m
Definition: textangle.C:8