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Web Display

A Graphical User Interface based on WEB technology.


 CEF Web Display
 Classes for web display using the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
 QT5 Web Display
 Classes for web display using QT5.
 ROOT 6 Web Display
 To display ROOT 6 canvases in the web browser.


class  RCanvasPainter
 New implementation of canvas painter, using RWebWindow. More...
class  ROOT::RWebDisplayArgs
 Holds different arguments for starting browser with RWebDisplayHandle::Display() method. More...
class  ROOT::RWebDisplayHandle
 Handle of created web-based display Depending from type of web display, holds handle of started browser process or other display-specific information to correctly stop and cleanup display. More...
class  ROOT::RWebWindow
 Represents web window, which can be shown in web browser or any other supported environment. More...
class  ROOT::RWebWindowsManager
 Central instance to create and show web-based windows like Canvas or FitPanel. More...