ROOT version 5.16 Development Notes

2007-06-28 21:52  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Axel:
	Don't take the rootmap directive for libABC when looking for the one for
2007-06-28 18:00  pcanal

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	Insure that GetSharedLibDeps issue the same reply whether the parameters has or has not an extension
2007-06-28 17:21  brun

	* proofd/inc/XProofProtocol.h:
	From Gerri:
	Fix typo in the definition of kQueryLogPaths preventing TProofMgr::GetSessionLogs()
	to work correctly.
2007-06-28 12:14  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Axel:
	filter out _all_ cintdlls from TCint::GetSharedLibs()
2007-06-28 12:04  axel

	* cintex/python/
	Suppress spurious info message that libReflex has already been loaded.
	TSystem knows that libCintex depends on libReflex, so just load libCintex.
2007-06-28 12:00  axel

	* cint/src/v6_struct.cxx:
	When autoloading a lib work on a copy of the libname.
	ROOT re-reads its rootmap files upon loading a dependent lib,
	and updates and thus corrupts the original library name.
2007-06-28 11:43  axel

	* reflex/
	Use LIBDIR to locate
2007-06-28 08:15  brun

	* pyroot/src/Adapters.cxx:
	From Wim:
	 o) use scoped name to determine whether argument dictionaries are loaded
2007-06-28 08:14  brun

	* vmc/inc/TMCProcess.h:
	From Andrei:
	- added case kPLightDetection in TMCProcess.h
	- correct notification of energy deposition for optical photons detected at the surphace of a photocathode. One has to define a skin surface with optical properties for the sensitive volume representing the photocathode and define REFLECTIVITY and EFFICIENCY arrays for the requested energy bins:
	  gMC->DefineOpSurface("surfPc", kGlisur, /*kUnified*/, kDielectric_metal, kPolished, 0.);
	  gMC->SetMaterialProperty("surfPc", "EFFICIENCY", kNbins, dEckov, dQePc);
	  gMC->SetMaterialProperty("surfPc", "REFLECTIVITY", kNbins, dEckov, dReflMet);
	  gMC->SetSkinSurface("skinPc", "Rpc", "surfPc");
	This change is mandatory to run with g4root.
2007-06-27 08:06  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Stamp pro version 5.16.00
2007-06-26 23:14  rdm

	* test/RootIDE/: .cvsignore, LinkDef.h, Makefile, TGRootIDE.cxx,
	TGRootIDE.h, main.cxx:
	remove dos line endings.
2007-06-26 18:23  rdm

	* net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	from Bertrand:
	need a spacial case for gSshCmd for Win32.
2007-06-26 17:48  pcanal

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	Forward the rootmap unloading to Cint (by claiming there is no library to load for the class)
2007-06-26 17:16  axel

	* cint/:, src/v6_parse.cxx:
	Fix #if defined (FOO) (space in front of opening paranthesis).
	cintdll for string is already in libCore
2007-06-26 16:58  rdm

	* net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	another try to get rid of "Unmatched "" when remote shell is tcsh.
2007-06-26 15:17  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Fixed side effects of the previous correction - TF1 object were
	excluded as browsables
2007-06-26 15:15  rdm

	* net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	add check for remote shell being ksh.
2007-06-26 14:43  rdm

	* gl/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGLParametricEquationGL.h,
	src/TGLParametric.cxx, src/TGLParametricEquationGL.cxx,
	From Matevz:
	Added support for display of parametric surfaces.
2007-06-26 14:43  rdm

	* gl/src/: TF2GL.cxx, TH2GL.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	Add mising ctor initializations.
2007-06-26 14:37  rdm

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/.cvsignore:
	ignore cint/lib/dll_stl/rootcint_valarray.h.
2007-06-26 12:42  brun

	* cint/, cint/lib/prec_stl/valarray,
	From Axel:
	enable cintdlls for string, vectorbool, stdexcept, climits and (on all
	but windows, for now) valarray.
2007-06-26 12:38  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofSched.cxx:
	Add protection in GetNumWrokers (the number of workers returned must not be
	larger than the number of available workers).
2007-06-26 12:34  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Remove a dependency on libHist introduced in previous correction.
2007-06-26 12:01  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	fixes SegV after a double-click on a TFormula object in the browser.
2007-06-26 11:59  brun

	* gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	During PadPaint() call Paint() also for non-3D objects as they can internally host additional 3D objects.
2007-06-26 10:52  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	Fix one more portability problem on Windows.
2007-06-26 10:44  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	Fix a fatal compilation error on Windows with VC7.1
2007-06-26 09:41  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	prevent warning in case of directories starting with the name "rootmap".
2007-06-25 23:51  pcanal

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	In TSystem::Load and TSystem::CompileMacro (aka ACLiC) use TInterpreter::LoadLibraryMap
	to insure that an existing rootmap file for the requested library is loaded
	prior to the library load itself.  This insures consistency of ROOT/Cint
	internal representation of the loaded library (avoid issue with hard linked
	library on Windows and some Mac).
2007-06-25 23:11  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	Fix the bound of the loop setting TBasket::fBranch in TBranch::Streamer
2007-06-25 21:33  brun

	* gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	Fix a typo (double_t instead of Double_t)
2007-06-25 21:30  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Solve valgrind complaints about invalid read (double deletion)
	- Quick fix for browsing geometries
2007-06-25 21:25  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLViewer.h, src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	Added support for recursive pad traversal during PadPaint().
2007-06-25 19:25  moneta

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	fix some spelling mistakes in the doc for the chi2test
2007-06-25 18:07  axel

	* cint/src/v6_scrupto.cxx:
	Don't call the d'tor on a static member if we didn't allocate it (e.g. when parsing only). Fixes a problem with rootcint reported by MINOS and Matevz.
2007-06-25 17:40  rdm

	* config/
	extended comment concerning the DynamicPath directive.
2007-06-25 17:39  rdm

	* meta/inc/TCint.h, meta/inc/TInterpreter.h, meta/src/TCint.cxx,
	made LoadLibraryMap() public and changed signature to:
	   Int_t   LoadLibraryMap(const char *rootmapfile = 0);
	a specific mapfile can be loaded using the rootmapfile argument.
	This method is now silently ignoring duplicates when scanning LD_LIBRARY_PATH
	for .rootmap files. The entries from the first occurance are maintained, as
	the dynamic loader is doing.
	New method
	   Int_t   UnloadLibraryMap(const char *library);
	remove all entries coming from the specified library.
	To be used by ACLiC.
2007-06-25 17:37  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	In TClass::CanSplit return kFALSE for classes containing "TVector" or "TMatrix".
	The previous test on inheritance on TVectorD did not work anymore since
	we moved TVectorD to a typedef.
2007-06-25 17:34  rdm

	* base/: inc/TEnv.h, src/TEnv.cxx:
	Add new method IgnoreDuplicates(Bool_t ignore). When set any duplicate
	entries will be silently ignored, instead of producing a warning message.
	This is used when loading rootmap files from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
2007-06-25 16:42  brun

	* io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	Undo previous changes in TDirectoryFile::Browse.
2007-06-25 15:52  brun

	* io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Fix problem browsing geometries
2007-06-25 10:57  brun

	* tutorials/matrix/invertMatrix.C:
	Remove debug statements
2007-06-25 10:47  brun

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	Temporarily disable autoloading for typedefs. It does not work.
2007-06-25 10:46  brun

	* tutorials/matrix/: invertMatrix.C, solveLinear.C:
	Changes such that the two scripts can be executed via CINT or ACLIC.
2007-06-25 09:30  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	Fix an error reported by valgrind when calling TRootBrowser::AddToHistory
2007-06-25 09:18  brun

	* tutorials/matrix/: invertMatrix.C, solveLinear.C:
	Move comments and add new comments
2007-06-24 20:48  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLUtil.h, src/TGLUtil.cxx, src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	From Matevz
	Rotate T2F/TH2 objects so that their up-direction is consistent with the gl-viewer convention.
2007-06-24 20:44  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixTSparse.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	The protected routines :
	   AMultB , AMultBt. APlusB, AMinusB
	performed a check on an array that was not necessarily initialized .
	These routines are used
	by some of the constructors .
2007-06-24 12:29  brun

	* tutorials/tree/JetEvent.cxx:
	Add missing include TMath.h
2007-06-24 12:23  brun

	* tutorials/quadp/portfolio.C:
	Add missing include TMath.h
2007-06-24 12:15  brun

	* tutorials/matrix/invertMatrix.C:
	Add missing include TMath.h
2007-06-24 12:07  brun

	* tutorials/foam/foam_demo.C:
	Add missing include TMath.h
2007-06-24 11:48  brun

	* tutorials/graphs/approx.C:
	Use gPad->DrawFrame instead of VC1->DrawFrame
2007-06-24 11:13  brun

	* hist/src/TAxis.cxx:
	In TAxis::Copy also copy bin labels if any.
2007-06-23 23:23  brun

	* gl/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TF2GL.h, inc/TGLAdapter.h, inc/TGLAxis.h,
	inc/TGLBoxPainter.h, inc/TGLContext.h, inc/TGLHistPainter.h,
	inc/TGLLegoPainter.h, inc/TGLObject.h, inc/TGLOrthoCamera.h,
	inc/TGLParametric.h, inc/TGLPlotPainter.h, inc/TGLSurfacePainter.h,
	inc/TGLTF3Painter.h, inc/TGLViewer.h, inc/TGLWidget.h, inc/TH2GL.h,
	inc/TPointSet3DGL.h, src/TF2GL.cxx, src/TGLAdapter.cxx,
	src/TGLAxis.cxx, src/TGLBoxPainter.cxx, src/TGLContext.cxx,
	src/TGLHistPainter.cxx, src/TGLLegoPainter.cxx,
	src/TGLOrthoCamera.cxx, src/TGLParametric.cxx,
	src/TGLPlotPainter.cxx, src/TGLSAViewer.cxx, src/TGLScene.cxx,
	src/TGLSelectRecord.cxx, src/TGLSurfacePainter.cxx,
	src/TGLTF3Painter.cxx, src/TGLViewer.cxx, src/TGLViewerBase.cxx,
	src/TGLWidget.cxx, src/TH2GL.cxx, src/TPointSet3DGL.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	1. TGLViewer performs internal loop on pad-primitives.
	2. Timur: generalization of gl-plot-painters to allow external access.
	3. Support usage of gl-plot-painters in gl-viewer.
	4. Provide a default gl-sharing context for resource optimization.
2007-06-23 23:22  brun

	* hist/: inc/TF2.h, inc/TF3.h, src/TF2.cxx, src/TF3.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	Added virtual function CreateHistogram() that creates and fills a
	histogram that is needed for its visualization.
2007-06-23 23:22  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	Paint() and PaintModified(): if 3d-viewer supports internal
	loop on primitives call TVirtualViewer3D::PadPaint() instead of
	performing internal loop.
2007-06-23 23:21  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualViewer3D.h:
	From Matevz:
	Added virtual functions Bool_t CanLoopOnPrimitives() and void
	PadPaint(TVirtualPad*) that allow 3d-viewers to perform their own loop
	on pad primitives.
2007-06-23 23:21  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualGL.h:
	From Matevz:
	Added virtual function ExtractViewport().
2007-06-22 23:59  ganis

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Jan:
	When processing datasets 'by name' use a '#' as separator instead of
	a ':', to follow more closely the URI rules; the syntax is now "name[#[dir/]objname]".
2007-06-22 23:47  ganis

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	Port of some crucial bug fixes from the XROOTD CVS head:
	  - Fixes in XrdClientConnMgr to avoid race conditions from concurrent
	    connection attempts
	  - Fixes in XrdClientAdmin to handle properly redirections
	  - Fix in XrdOlbManager for proper request caching
	  - Improved definition of validity for XrdSysPrivGuard
	  - Port of Windows makefiles to MSVC8.0 (B. Bellenot)
2007-06-22 22:05  rdm

	* Makefile:
	From Axel:
	install python source, too.
2007-06-22 19:16  ganis

	* proof/inc/TProof.h, proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/src/TProof.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	Add support for global package directories. The colon-separated list of directories
	to be searched for is defined by the directive
	Proof.GlobalPackageDirs  globaldir1[:globaldir2[:globaldir3[:...]]]
	which can be included in the xrootd config file via the xpd.putrc directive
	xpd.putrc Proof.GlobalPackageDirs  globaldir1[:globaldir2[:globaldir3[:...]]]
	The directories must be readable by the user (a check is made in TProofServ::Setup).
	Packages are searched first in the user local cache and then in the global
	directories (in the given order, so that the first occurence is used).
	The content of the global package directories is listed by TProof::ShowPackages().
	The functionality is available also locally on the client. The Proof.GlobalPackageDirs
	has to be specified in the users $HOME/.rootrc .
	Global packages can be directly enabled via TProof::EnablePackage(<package_name>).
2007-06-22 18:55  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Remove dependency on libRint introduced by mistake (foolish me).
	Thanks to Gerri to have reported this.
2007-06-22 18:44  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Fix for TEntryList to take into account the change in TChain::GetReadEntry.
2007-06-22 18:33  ganis

	* proofd/: inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h, src/XrdProofdManager.cxx,
	- Fix a few problems affecting the case in which either proof.conf or a groupfile
	  definition were undefined.
	- Make sure that LD_LIBRARY_PATH for 'proofserv' contains only the ROOT dist needed.
2007-06-22 18:06  brun

	* gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	From Matevz & Bertrand:
	Fix for a problem when runnning "view with GL" and coming from GlinPad
2007-06-22 17:50  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	Fixed problem when setting the fit range by slider for graphs.
2007-06-22 17:27  brun

	* io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	In TDirectoryFile destructor remove a piece of code that will be executed
	by the TDirectory destructor (thanks Ilka for reporting the duplication).
2007-06-22 17:11  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLViewer.h, src/TGLViewer.cxx, src/TGLViewerBase.cxx:
	From Bertrand & Matevz:
	Fix a problem when viewing geometries with GLinPad
2007-06-22 17:08  brun

	* thread/src/TLockFile.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- solve compilation problem on Windows (added #include <time.h>)
2007-06-22 17:02  antcheva

	* qt/src/TGQt.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	minor fix in #if statement
2007-06-22 16:13  axel

	* cint/src/v6_val2a.cxx:
	Remove warnings on comparison signed/unsigned
2007-06-22 16:05  axel

	* cint/src/v6_val2a.cxx:
	Merge changes from revisions 1.14-1.20 back in, got lost with 1.21.
2007-06-22 15:34  axel

	* reflex/src/PluginFactoryMap.cxx:
	Invert the precedence of the rootmaps read by the plugin service: first ones (as defined by LD_LIBRARY_PATH) have now highest precedence.
	Allow warnings to be issued about conflicting directives (to cerr for now) if Debug() is set.
2007-06-22 15:30  brun

	* test/RootIDE/TGRootIDE.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Fix to properly open html files from the file list.
	(Thanks to Valeriy for the report)
2007-06-22 15:28  moneta

	* mathcore/: build/,
	build/, build/,
	build/, doc/Transformation.html, doc/main.html,
	- update files for standalone build
	- update documentation
2007-06-22 15:12  axel

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, src/HISTORY, src/bc_exec.cxx,
	src/bc_inst.cxx, src/common.h, src/v6_cast.cxx, src/v6_decl.cxx,
	src/v6_expr.cxx, src/v6_ifunc.cxx, src/v6_newlink.cxx,
	src/v6_opr.cxx, src/v6_parse.cxx, src/v6_pcode.cxx,
	src/v6_quote.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx, src/v6_val2a.cxx,
	From Paul, Philippe, Diego, and me:
	import of CINT v5-16-21.
	* - fix value cast functions
	* - distinguish char, short, int, long, and unsigned ones.
	* - fix type determination of integer literals
	* - improve memory and speed performance of dict setup collection
	* - fix library un/reloading issues with member setup functions
	* - fix an issue with parameter default values and wrappers for virtual
	*   functions
	* - fix a problem with by-reference parameters, where the reference was
	*   built to the wrong parameter
	* - fix partial template specialization for non-type template arguments
	* - don't alloc space for static members during dictionary generation
	* - support "#if defined MACRO", the alternative form of "#if defined(MACRO)"
2007-06-22 15:07  axel

	* cint/src/v6_value.h:
	Initial revision
2007-06-22 15:07  axel

	* cint/: Makefile, README.txt, RELNOTE.txt, configure,
	src/v6_decl.cxx, src/v6_opr.cxx, src/HISTORY, src/bc_exec.cxx,
	src/bc_inst.cxx, src/common.h, src/v6_expr.cxx, src/v6_ifunc.cxx,
	src/v6_newlink.cxx, src/v6_parse.cxx, src/v6_pcode.cxx,
	src/v6_quote.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx, src/v6_tmplt.cxx,
	src/v6_val2a.cxx, src/v6_value.cxx, src/v6_value.h, inc/G__ci.h,
	src/v6_cast.cxx, test/staticmem1.cxx, test/t1134.cxx,
	import v5-16-21
2007-06-22 14:51  moneta

	* mathcore/: inc/Math/GenVector/Transform3D.h, test/stress3D.cxx:
	- add multiplication of transfoamrtion with rotation and translations
	- add tests for all these operations
2007-06-22 14:21  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofSched.cxx:
	 In GetWorkers, always add the master line.
2007-06-22 10:55  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend, thread/, thread/inc/LinkDef.h,
	thread/inc/TLockFile.h, thread/src/TLockFile.cxx:
	From Jan-Fiete:
	new class TLockFile that uses a file for locking.
	Use it in scope-blocks like:
	   TLockFile lock("");
	   // do something you need the lock for
	} // lock is automatically released
	Since the lock file is created using TFile::Open() it can be placed
	on remote file systems.
2007-06-22 10:21  ganis

	* proofd/: src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx, inc/XrdProofdClient.h,
	 Improve the definition of the default max number of old sessions logs.
2007-06-22 10:19  brun

	* test/Makefile:
	Changes to clean the new RootIDE directory
2007-06-22 10:18  brun

	* test/RootIDE/: LinkDef.h, Makefile, TGRootIDE.cxx, TGRootIDE.h,
	From Bertrand:
	New test directory RootIDE including a nice GUI illustrating the use of TGTextEdit
	together with the new features recently introduced in the browser to view html pages
	or remote login sessions. see details in TGRootIDE.cxx
2007-06-22 10:09  brun

	* icons/GoBack.gif, icons/GoForward.gif, icons/GoHome.gif,
	icons/ReloadPage.gif, icons/StopLoading.gif, icons/htmlfile.gif,
	icons/info.gif, test/rhtml/GoBack.gif, test/rhtml/GoForward.gif,
	test/rhtml/GoHome.gif, test/rhtml/ReloadPage.gif,
	test/rhtml/StopLoading.gif, test/rhtml/htmlfile.gif,
	Move the icons previously in test/rhtml into the icons directory.
	These icons are general icons, also to be used in the new test/RootIDE directory
2007-06-22 09:27  antcheva

	* qt/: inc/TQtClientWidget.h, src/GQtGUI.cxx, src/TGQt.cxx,
	From Valeri Fine:
	A new approach to paint the ROOT GUI widget background has
	been introduced to break the "race" conditions. Fixed side
	effects seen under Qt3.
2007-06-22 09:17  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx, hist/src/THLimitsFinder.cxx:
	Fix possible uninitialized variables in TGaxis::PaintAxis and THLimitsFinder
2007-06-21 22:07  axel

	* html/src/TDocParser.cxx:
	Remove debug statement
2007-06-21 21:14  pcanal

	* tree/inc/TVirtualIndex.h, tree/src/TChain.cxx,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/inc/TChainIndex.h,
	treeplayer/inc/TTreeIndex.h, treeplayer/src/TChainIndex.cxx,
	Add new method TVirtualIndex::Append
	Use it to insurge that the existing indexes are properly concatenated
	when doing a TTree or TChain Merge.
2007-06-21 19:30  brun

	* proofd/src/: XrdProofGroup.cxx, XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	Fix compiler warnings about possible uninitialized variables.
2007-06-21 19:27  brun

	* gl/src/: TGLAxis.cxx, TGLText.cxx:
	Remove compiler warnings about possible uninitialized variables.
2007-06-21 19:15  axel

	* html/src/TDocParser.cxx:
	Allow spaces between method name and opening parathesis, fixes
2007-06-21 17:42  pcanal

	* sessionviewer/src/TSessionViewer.cxx, tree/src/TChain.cxx,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormula.h,
	treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	Modify TChain::GetReadEntry to now returns the current entry of the chain
	instead of the underlying tree. (To get the previous value do
	mychain->GetTree()->GetReadEntry()).  Thus Entry$ nows returns/draws/scans
	the value of the entry number in the chain.
2007-06-21 17:17  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGDNDManager.cxx:
	Added missing ClassImp(TGDragWindow) and ClassImp(TGDNDManager).
2007-06-21 17:15  couet

	* gl/src/TGLText.cxx:
	- From Bertrand: Suppress warning on windows.
2007-06-21 16:55  couet

	* gl/:, inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGLAxis.h, inc/TGLText.h,
	src/TGLAxis.cxx, src/TGLText.cxx:
	- New classes TGLtext to draw text using OGL and TGLAxis to draw
	  axis using OGL.
2007-06-21 16:34  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/GenVector/LorentzRotation.h:
	fix a problem on Solaris
2007-06-21 16:17  brun

	* net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Added comments in TApplicationRemote::Browse(Tbrowser *b)
	  (fixes coding conventions)
2007-06-21 16:13  moneta

	* mathcore/:, inc/Math/LinkDef_GenVector.h,
	inc/Math/Translation3D.h, inc/Math/GenVector/LorentzRotation.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/Quaternion.h, inc/Math/GenVector/Rotation3D.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/Translation3D.h, src/LorentzRotation.cxx,
	src/Quaternion.cxx, src/Rotation3D.cxx, src/Transform3D.cxx,
	src/Translation3D.cxx, test/coordinates4D.cxx,
	- add translation class on request by LHCb for combination with Transform3D and rotations
	- inline some of the operations on the rotation and transformation classes for better performances
2007-06-21 13:31  ganis

	* proofd/: inc/XrdProofdPlatform.h, src/XrdProofdClient.cxx,
	 Fix portability problems on Solaris
2007-06-21 12:46  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofGroup.cxx:
	 Fix a bug in testing group membership.
2007-06-21 12:33  ganis

	* proofd/inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h:
	 Remove extra qualification of LoadScheduler (bug #27370)
2007-06-21 12:31  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	 Remove unused variable
2007-06-21 12:28  brun

	* tmva/src/: GeneticPopulation.cxx, GeneticRange.cxx,
	MethodCFMlpANN.cxx, MethodCuts.cxx, MethodFisher.cxx,
	MethodKNN.cxx, MethodLikelihood.cxx, MethodSVM.cxx,
	MethodSeedDistance.cxx, MetricEuler.cxx, MetricManhattan.cxx,
	MinuitFitter.cxx, MinuitWrapper.cxx, ModulekNN.cxx,
	RuleEnsemble.cxx, RuleFit.cxx, SeedDistance.cxx, Tools.cxx:
	From Joerg Stelzer:
	 -fix compilation errors on Solaris
	 -fix coding conventions
2007-06-21 10:50  rdm

	* proofplayer/: inc/TPerfStats.h, src/TPerfStats.cxx:
	add the number of workers to the proofquerylog table.
2007-06-21 10:47  rdm

	* proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	added new data member fGroupPriority. This priority is obtained by
	GetPriority() which makes an SQL query in the proofpriority table, which
	has the format:
	CREATE TABLE proofpriority (
	   group         VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL,
	   priority      INT
	This prority is then forwarded to the xrootd on the workers.
2007-06-21 10:44  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx:
	rename GetSlaveInfo() to GetListOfSlaveInfos() to be compatible with other
	list getters.
2007-06-21 10:00  ganis

	* proofd/: inc/XrdProofSched.h, inc/XrdProofWorker.h,
	inc/XrdProofdManager.h, src/XrdProofSched.cxx,
	src/XrdProofWorker.cxx, src/XrdProofdManager.cxx:
	 New files:
	  XrdProofWorker.h, .cxx:
	   - class describing a worker (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	  XrdProofdManager.h, .cxx:
	   - class mapping manager fonctionality
	    (code previuosly in XrdProofdProtocol moved in here)
	  XrdProofdSched.h, .cxx:
	   - Scheduler interface and basic implementation
2007-06-21 09:46  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	 Patch adding support for basic scheduling functionality and to
	 improve the modularity of the XrdProofdProtocol-related code.
2007-06-21 09:41  ganis

	* proofd/: inc/XrdProofGroup.h, inc/XrdProofServProxy.h,
	inc/XrdProofdAux.h, inc/XrdProofdClient.h, inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h,
	src/XrdProofGroup.cxx, src/XrdProofServProxy.cxx,
	src/XrdProofdAux.cxx, src/XrdProofdClient.cxx:
	 Patch adding support for basic scheduling functionality and to
	 improve the modularity of the XrdProofdProtocol-related code.
	 New files:
	  XrdProofWorker.h, .cxx:
	   - class describing a worker (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	  XrdProofdManager.h, .cxx:
	   - class mapping manager fonctionality
	    (code previuosly in XrdProofdProtocol moved in here)
	  XrdProofdSched.h, .cxx:
	   - Scheduler interface and basic implementation
2007-06-21 09:15  ganis

	* proofd/inc/XrdProofdTrace.h:
	  Add new tracing option 'inflt' to trace inflate factor related issues
2007-06-21 09:12  ganis

	* proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	  Add member to store the inflate factor and methods to handle it.
	  Apply inflate factor if defined.
2007-06-21 09:06  ganis

	* proofx/: inc/TXSocket.h, src/TXSocket.cxx:
	  Set dedicated flag when kPROOF_PROCESS is sent (needed for scheduling).
	  Synchronize message type definition with XProofProtocol.h
2007-06-21 09:03  ganis

	* proofd/inc/XProofProtocol.h:
	  Add/Move in here a few definition used for scheduling.
2007-06-20 21:07  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	 - add a protection in browsing remote TBranchElements
2007-06-20 16:45  brun

	* base/inc/TRemoteObject.h, base/src/TRemoteObject.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	- Documented (shortly) new class TRemoteObject
	- Improvements in TRootBrowser for special case of browsing remote
2007-06-20 16:41  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualGL.h:
	From Timur:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-06-20 15:32  antcheva

	* tutorials/gui/guitest.C:
	Fixes related to the TestMsgBox test:
	- Made check button ids to correspond to their assigned functionality;
	- Create the array of check buttons in proper order that corresponds to
	  assigned labels/functionality.
2007-06-20 15:31  antcheva

	* test/guitest.cxx:
	Fix related to the TestMsgBox test:
	- Made check button ids to correspond to their assigned functionality.
2007-06-20 12:18  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend, tmva/src/MetricEuler.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Additional fix for Windows
2007-06-20 11:41  brun

	* tmva/: inc/Config.h, inc/FitterBase.h, inc/GeneticAlgorithm.h,
	inc/GeneticFitter.h, inc/IFitterTarget.h, inc/IMetric.h,
	inc/MCFitter.h, inc/MethodFDA.h, inc/MethodKNN.h,
	inc/MethodSeedDistance.h, inc/MetricEuler.h, inc/MetricManhattan.h,
	inc/MinuitFitter.h, inc/MinuitWrapper.h, inc/ModulekNN.h,
	inc/NodekNN.h, inc/RuleFit.h, inc/RuleFitAPI.h, inc/SeedDistance.h,
	inc/SimulatedAnnealing.h, inc/SimulatedAnnealingFitter.h,
	src/Factory.cxx, src/FitterBase.cxx, src/GeneticAlgorithm.cxx,
	src/GeneticFitter.cxx, src/GeneticPopulation.cxx,
	src/IFitterTarget.cxx, src/IMetric.cxx, src/MCFitter.cxx,
	src/MethodFDA.cxx, src/MethodFisher.cxx, src/MethodKNN.cxx,
	src/MethodLikelihood.cxx, src/MethodSeedDistance.cxx,
	src/MetricEuler.cxx, src/MetricManhattan.cxx, src/MinuitFitter.cxx,
	src/MinuitWrapper.cxx, src/ModulekNN.cxx, src/MsgLogger.cxx,
	src/PDF.cxx, src/RuleFitAPI.cxx, src/SeedDistance.cxx,
	src/SimulatedAnnealing.cxx, src/SimulatedAnnealingFitter.cxx,
	src/TActivationIdentity.cxx, src/Timer.cxx, test/
	From Joerg Stelzer:
	Fix several portability problems.
2007-06-20 10:30  moneta

	* hist/src/: TF1Helper.cxx, TF1Helper.h:
	fix a coding convention violation
2007-06-20 10:10  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLContextPrivate.h, src/TGLContextPrivate.cxx:
	From Timur:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-06-20 09:40  brun

	* proofplayer/src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-06-20 09:01  antcheva

	* qt/src/TGQt.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	This patch should fix the color mismatch.
2007-06-20 09:00  antcheva

	* qt/src/TQtWidget.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	The small patch to remove run-time Qt4 warning.
2007-06-20 08:22  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	  Fix bug in the logic used to create the table of available workers, affecting the
	  case when a proof.conf file is not specified.
2007-06-20 02:22  rdm

	* proofplayer/: inc/TFileMerger.h, src/TFileMerger.cxx:
	From Andreas:
	I removed the Cp() function since it is now in TFile.
	I call the Merge() functions for objects, where it is defined. If no merge
	function is defined, I just add all objects into the outputfile without
	merging them.
2007-06-20 02:14  rdm

	* alien/src/TAlienCollection.cxx:
	From Andreas:
	use TFile::Cp() now instead of copy in TFileMerger.
2007-06-20 02:12  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Andreas:
	add missing dependency for libRAliEn which depends on libProofPlayer.
2007-06-20 00:21  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	dependency of libManLisa on libNet and libRIO was missing.
2007-06-19 17:36  brun

	* tmva/src/SimulatedAnnealingCuts.cxx:
	Removing obsolete file.
2007-06-19 16:11  rdm

	* rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx:
	From Giulia Taurelli:
	latest version of TRFIOFile, no need for explicit rfio_parse() anymore.
2007-06-19 16:02  brun

	* tmva/src/MetricEuler.cxx:
	From Lorenzo:
	Fix for MacOS
2007-06-19 15:50  rdm

	* base/: inc/TRemoteObject.h, src/TRemoteObject.cxx:
	add cvs ident lines.
2007-06-19 15:26  brun

	* tmva/: inc/BinarySearchTree.h, inc/BinarySearchTreeNode.h,
	inc/BinaryTree.h, inc/Config.h, inc/Configurable.h,
	inc/CrossEntropy.h, inc/DataSet.h, inc/DecisionTree.h,
	inc/DecisionTreeNode.h, inc/Event.h, inc/Factory.h,
	inc/FitterBase.h, inc/GeneticANN.h, inc/GeneticAlgorithm.h,
	inc/GeneticBase.h, inc/GeneticCuts.h, inc/GeneticFitter.h,
	inc/GeneticGenes.h, inc/GeneticPopulation.h, inc/GeneticRange.h,
	inc/GiniIndex.h, inc/IFitterTarget.h, inc/IMethod.h, inc/IMetric.h,
	inc/Interval.h, inc/KDEKernel.h, inc/LinkDef.h, inc/MCFitter.h,
	inc/MethodANNBase.h, inc/MethodBDT.h, inc/MethodBase.h,
	inc/MethodBayesClassifier.h, inc/MethodCFMlpANN.h,
	inc/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.h, inc/MethodCFMlpANN_def.h,
	inc/MethodCommittee.h, inc/MethodCuts.h, inc/MethodFDA.h,
	inc/MethodFisher.h, inc/MethodHMatrix.h, inc/MethodKNN.h,
	inc/MethodLikelihood.h, inc/MethodMLP.h, inc/MethodPDERS.h,
	inc/MethodRuleFit.h, inc/MethodRuleFitJF.h, inc/MethodSVM.h,
	inc/MethodSeedDistance.h, inc/MethodTMlpANN.h,
	inc/MethodVariable.h, inc/Methods.h, inc/MetricEuler.h,
	inc/MetricManhattan.h, inc/MinuitFitter.h, inc/MinuitWrapper.h,
	inc/MisClassificationError.h, inc/ModulekNN.h, inc/MsgLogger.h,
	inc/Node.h, inc/NodekNN.h, inc/Option.h, inc/PDF.h, inc/Ranking.h,
	inc/Reader.h, inc/RootFinder.h, inc/Rule.h, inc/RuleCut.h,
	inc/RuleEnsemble.h, inc/RuleFit.h, inc/RuleFitAPI.h,
	inc/RuleFitParams.h, inc/SdivSqrtSplusB.h, inc/SeedDistance.h,
	inc/SeparationBase.h, inc/SimulatedAnnealing.h,
	inc/SimulatedAnnealingBase.h, inc/SimulatedAnnealingCuts.h,
	inc/SimulatedAnnealingFitter.h, inc/TActivation.h,
	inc/TActivationIdentity.h, inc/TActivationRadial.h,
	inc/TActivationSigmoid.h, inc/TActivationTanh.h, inc/TNeuron.h,
	inc/TNeuronInput.h, inc/TNeuronInputAbs.h, inc/TNeuronInputSqSum.h,
	inc/TNeuronInputSum.h, inc/TSpline1.h, inc/TSpline2.h, inc/Timer.h,
	inc/Tools.h, inc/Types.h, inc/VariableDecorrTransform.h,
	inc/VariableIdentityTransform.h, inc/VariableInfo.h,
	inc/VariablePCATransform.h, inc/VariableTransformBase.h,
	inc/Version.h, inc/Volume.h, src/BinarySearchTree.cxx,
	src/BinarySearchTreeNode.cxx, src/BinaryTree.cxx, src/Config.cxx,
	src/Configurable.cxx, src/CrossEntropy.cxx, src/DataSet.cxx,
	src/DecisionTree.cxx, src/DecisionTreeNode.cxx, src/Event.cxx,
	src/Factory.cxx, src/FitterBase.cxx, src/GeneticANN.cxx,
	src/GeneticAlgorithm.cxx, src/GeneticBase.cxx, src/GeneticCuts.cxx,
	src/GeneticFitter.cxx, src/GeneticGenes.cxx,
	src/GeneticPopulation.cxx, src/GeneticRange.cxx, src/GiniIndex.cxx,
	src/IFitterTarget.cxx, src/IMetric.cxx, src/Interval.cxx,
	src/KDEKernel.cxx, src/MCFitter.cxx, src/MethodANNBase.cxx,
	src/MethodBDT.cxx, src/MethodBase.cxx,
	src/MethodBayesClassifier.cxx, src/MethodCFMlpANN.cxx,
	src/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.cxx, src/MethodCommittee.cxx,
	src/MethodCuts.cxx, src/MethodFDA.cxx, src/MethodFisher.cxx,
	src/MethodHMatrix.cxx, src/MethodKNN.cxx, src/MethodLikelihood.cxx,
	src/MethodMLP.cxx, src/MethodPDERS.cxx, src/MethodRuleFit.cxx,
	src/MethodRuleFitJF.cxx, src/MethodSVM.cxx,
	src/MethodSeedDistance.cxx, src/MethodTMlpANN.cxx,
	src/MethodVariable.cxx, src/MetricEuler.cxx,
	src/MetricManhattan.cxx, src/MinuitFitter.cxx,
	src/MinuitWrapper.cxx, src/MisClassificationError.cxx,
	src/ModulekNN.cxx, src/MsgLogger.cxx, src/Node.cxx, src/Option.cxx,
	src/PDF.cxx, src/Ranking.cxx, src/Reader.cxx, src/RootFinder.cxx,
	src/Rule.cxx, src/RuleCut.cxx, src/RuleEnsemble.cxx,
	src/RuleFit.cxx, src/RuleFitAPI.cxx, src/RuleFitParams.cxx,
	src/SdivSqrtSplusB.cxx, src/SeedDistance.cxx,
	src/SeparationBase.cxx, src/SimulatedAnnealing.cxx,
	src/SimulatedAnnealingBase.cxx, src/SimulatedAnnealingCuts.cxx,
	src/SimulatedAnnealingFitter.cxx, src/TActivationIdentity.cxx,
	src/TActivationRadial.cxx, src/TActivationSigmoid.cxx,
	src/TActivationTanh.cxx, src/TNeuron.cxx, src/TSpline1.cxx,
	src/TSpline2.cxx, src/TSynapse.cxx, src/Timer.cxx, src/Tools.cxx,
	src/Types.cxx, src/VariableDecorrTransform.cxx,
	src/VariableIdentityTransform.cxx, src/VariableInfo.cxx,
	src/VariablePCATransform.cxx, src/VariableTransformBase.cxx,
	src/Volume.cxx, test/BDT.C, test/ClassApplication.C,
	test/TMVAGui.C, test/TMVAnalysis.C, test/,
	test/TMVApplication.C, test/annconvergencetest.C,
	test/compareanapp.C, test/correlationscatters.C,
	test/efficiencies.C, test/likelihoodrefs.C, test/mutransform.C,
	test/mvaeffs.C, test/mvas.C, test/mvaweights.C, test/network.C,
	test/probas.C, test/rulevisCorr.C, test/rulevisHists.C,
	test/tmvaglob.C, test/variables.C:
	From Joerg Stelzer:
	New version of TMVA
2007-06-19 14:55  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h, base/inc/TApplication.h,
	base/inc/TRemoteObject.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	base/src/TRemoteObject.cxx, gui/inc/TGFSContainer.h,
	gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx, gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx,
	net/inc/TApplicationRemote.h, net/inc/TApplicationServer.h,
	net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx, net/src/TApplicationServer.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	New class TRemoteObject to enable browsing of remote system files or ROOT files.
2007-06-19 08:57  antcheva

	* qt/src/TGQt.cxx:
	Fixed warning:
	qt/src/TGQt.cxx:2158: warning: unused parameter `int*dash'
2007-06-19 08:54  antcheva

	* qtroot/:, src/TQtRootGuiFactory.cxx:
	A small patch for "qtroot" package to:
	- move "gSystem->Load("Gui")  from "qtroot" to "qt"
	- fix some bugs in the Qt project
2007-06-19 08:51  antcheva

	* qt/: inc/TQtClientWidget.h, inc/TQtWidget.h,
	inc/TVirtualX.interface.h, src/GQtGUI.cxx, src/TGQt.cxx,
	src/TQtApplication.cxx, src/TQtClientWidget.cxx, src/TQtWidget.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	The various corrections to account the difference between Qt3
	and Qt4 API and fix the ROOT Bug report 23601.
	 TGQt, TQtClientWidget::
	 - new method  TGQt::NeedRedraw
	   and custom TQtClientWidget::paintEvent   handler
	   to synchronize Qt and ROOT paint operation
	 -  The new data-member "shadow widget" to provide
	    the "rubber band" like operations.
	 - Provide the custom paintEvent handler to
	 - Apply CoreApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_ImmediateWidgetCreation)
	   to optimize X11 drawing under Qt4
	- Implement an interface to the Qt4 font and line attribute handling.
2007-06-19 07:06  brun

	* pyroot/src/PyBufferFactory.cxx:
	From Wim:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-06-18 19:58  pcanal

	* tutorials/gui/guitest.C:
	fix the fC array to be consistently numberer
2007-06-18 16:24  brun

	* gl/src/TGLWidget.cxx:
	Fix for Linux when TGLWidget is used by an appilcation directly (thanks Bertrand for reporting)
2007-06-18 13:52  wouter

	* roofitcore/: inc/RooPlot.h, src/RooPlot.cxx:
	   o RooPlot
	     - Fix Savannah #27244. Propagate SetName() and SetTitle() calls
	       of RooPlot to contained TH1
2007-06-18 12:58  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLContext.h, inc/TGLContextPrivate.h,
	a better way to fixs the compilation problem on Solaris.
2007-06-18 12:10  rdm

	* reflex/
	libReflexDict was not deleted in distclean.
2007-06-18 11:44  brun

	* gl/inc/TGLContext.h:
	From Timur:
	Fix a compilation error on Solaris.
2007-06-18 11:30  rdm

	* build/win/
	From Axel:
	remove export symbol file (.def) after DLL has been built.
2007-06-18 11:29  rdm

	* build/unix/
	From Axel:
	remove dictionary sources / objects before creating a distribution.
2007-06-18 10:26  axel

	* cint/
	Remove windows files used to link against cintdlls (.lib, .exp) - nobody will ever do that.
2007-06-18 09:54  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLViewer.h, inc/TGLWidget.h, src/TGLSAViewer.cxx,
	src/TGLViewer.cxx, src/TGLWidget.cxx:
	From Timur:
	Fix for timer problems on some Linuxes.
2007-06-18 09:26  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualX.h, base/src/TVirtualX.cxx,
	config/Makefile.depend, gui/src/TGClient.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	-Add a new method in TVirtualx to facilitate the integration of Qt4
	   virtual Bool_t       NeedRedraw(ULong_t tgwindow, Bool_t force);
	-Modify Makefile.depend to add new dependencies for libQt
2007-06-18 09:11  brun

	* gl/inc/TGLContextPrivate.h:
	Eliminate EOL characters
2007-06-18 09:06  brun

	* gl/inc/TGLContextPrivate.h:
	Fix a fatal typo in latest fix.
2007-06-18 09:02  brun

	* gl/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGLClip.h, inc/TGLContext.h,
	inc/TGLContextPrivate.h, inc/TGLFormat.h, inc/TGLLogicalShape.h,
	inc/TGLManipSet.h, inc/TGLOverlay.h, inc/TGLRnrCtx.h,
	inc/TGLScene.h, inc/TGLSelectBuffer.h, inc/TGLSelectRecord.h,
	inc/TGLViewer.h, inc/TGLViewerBase.h, inc/TGLWidget.h,
	src/TGLClip.cxx, src/TGLContext.cxx, src/TGLContextPrivate.cxx,
	src/TGLFormat.cxx, src/TGLLogicalShape.cxx, src/TGLManipSet.cxx,
	src/TGLOverlay.cxx, src/TGLPhysicalShape.cxx, src/TGLRnrCtx.cxx,
	src/TGLScene.cxx, src/TGLSelectBuffer.cxx, src/TGLSelectRecord.cxx,
	src/TGLViewer.cxx, src/TGLViewerBase.cxx, src/TGLWidget.cxx,
	From Matev and Timur:
	1. Allow unique identification of shared GL contexts via
	TGLContextIdentity class.
	1. Improved overlay selection handling.
	2. Perform GL context check before rendering, possibly invalidating
	   registered display-lists.
	3. Minimize updates for window expose and resize events.
2007-06-16 05:19  pcanal

	* io/src/: TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx,
	Add I/O support for a varying length array of polymorphic
	pointers to objects.
	Int_t fN;
	MyClass** fAry; //[fN]
	MyClass** fAryAry[10]; //[fN]
	fAry = new MyClass*[fN];
	fAryAry[0] = new MyClass*[fN];
	fAry[0] = new MyClass;
	fAry[1] = new DerivedFromMyClass;
	fAryAry[0][0] = new MyClass;
	fAryAry[0][1] = new DerivedFromMyClass;
	This is implement using a different file format for data member
	which are variable size arrays of pointers to objects.
	We plan on triggering on the file version (5.15/09) which in practice
	means that any file that
	  a) was written with 5.15/09 (the development code) prior to the checking
	  b) contains variable size arrays of pointers to objects.
	will __partially__ not be readable with the new code (more exactly it will
	issue a lot of warning messages and lose 'only' the objects from
	the variable size arrays of pointers to objects.
2007-06-15 16:44  brun

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	From Axel:
	with this patch, TSystem::Load() returns "success" if a lib is requested
	to be loaded and the (alphabetically) first class that is supposed to be
	in that lib has already been loaded.
2007-06-15 16:41  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/Math.h:
	add new files required by the previous committed patch
2007-06-15 16:40  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/GenVector/eta.h:
	add new files required by the previous committed patch
2007-06-15 16:37  brun

	* treeviewer/src/TTreeViewer.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	Removed settings of the windows' decoration - this takes place
	in TGMainFrame ctor now
2007-06-15 16:13  antcheva

	* gui/src/: TRootBrowser.cxx, TRootCanvas.cxx:
	Removed settings of the windows' decoration - this takes place
	in TGMainFrame ctor now
2007-06-15 15:46  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	Fixed the bug #27222 at by
	setting defaults for the windows' decoration in TGMainframe constructor:
	   fMWMValue = kMWMDecorAll;
	   fMWMFuncs = kMWMFuncAll;
	   fMWMInput = kMWMInputModeless;
2007-06-15 15:34  moneta

	* unuran/
	- remove all previous directory containing unuran sources before doing untar
2007-06-15 14:36  brun

	* cont/: inc/TClassTable.h, src/TClassTable.cxx:
	Add a new static function TClassTavle::At
	    // Returns class at index from sorted class table. Don't use this iterator
	    // while modifying the class table. The class table can be modified
	    // when making calls like TClass::GetClass(), etc.
	    // Returns 0 if index points beyond last class name.
2007-06-15 14:35  brun

	* meta/: inc/TVirtualStreamerInfo.h, src/TVirtualStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Add a new static function TVirtualStreamerInfo::SetFactory(TVirtualStreamerInfo *factory)
	This function can be used to initialize a dedicated factory instead of using the
	default version created by the plug-in manager.
2007-06-15 13:42  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdROOT.cxx:
	   Limit the timeout for ROOT version validation to 60 seconds, which
	   should largerly cover delays due to heavy load in the machine.
2007-06-15 13:38  ganis

	* proofx/src/: TXProofMgr.cxx, TXSocket.cxx:
	   Reduce the default amount of notification in case of login failures
	   due to invalid "credentials" (user unknown or not allowed, invalid
	   group, ...)
2007-06-15 13:38  couet

	* tutorials/image/trans_graph.C:
	- From V.Onuchin:
	  Mods which allow to run this script by clicking with a ROOT browser,
	  i.e. in gui mode (add switching back to GUI mode at the end of script).
2007-06-15 12:03  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx:
	Added details about menu classes (see
2007-06-15 11:22  moneta

	* mathcore/: inc/Math/GenVector/Cartesian3D.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/LorentzVector.h, inc/Math/GenVector/Polar3D.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/PtEtaPhiE4D.h, inc/Math/GenVector/PtEtaPhiM4D.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/PxPyPzE4D.h, inc/Math/GenVector/PxPyPzM4D.h,
	test/coordinates3D.cxx, test/coordinates4D.cxx, test/stress3D.cxx:
	- fix a bug in the eta calculation for eta values <~-20
	- port fixes from the HEAD in implementation of SetXYZ and addition of the
	  default constructor for the coordinate system classes
2007-06-15 11:17  moneta

	* mathcore/test/coordinates3D.cxx:
	fix a problem when testing vectors with phi close to Pi
2007-06-14 23:01  rdm

	* net/: inc/TWebFile.h, src/TWebFile.cxx:
	code cleanup for the direct reading from un-modded web server.
2007-06-14 22:18  brun

	* tutorials/graphs/motorcycle.C:
	When calling TPad::DrawFrame, one must use the current pad (gPad)
2007-06-14 17:42  moneta

	* mathcore/test/: coordinates3D.cxx, coordinates4D.cxx:
	add tests for large eta and small rho (for bug reported by CMS)
2007-06-14 17:40  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/GenVector/eta.h:
	file eta.h was added on branch v5-14-00-patches on 2007-06-15 14:40:49 +0000
2007-06-14 17:40  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/GenVector/: Cartesian3D.h, Cylindrical3D.h,
	Polar3D.h, PxPyPzE4D.h, PxPyPzM4D.h, eta.h:
	- fix a bug reported by CMS in the calculation of eta when Z is >> Rho and is negative.
	 - re-organize the eta calculations in the eta.h file to avoid redoing the implementations in every coordinate system file
2007-06-14 11:17  couet

	* graf/: inc/TPie.h, inc/TPieSlice.h, src/TPie.cxx:
	- From Guido Volpi:
	  * Cleanup in TPie and TPieSlice in the methods that evaluates if the pointer
	    is the slice area or in the area.
	  * The labels now are not printed over the pie area.
	  * Added the SetAngle3D() and GetAngle3D() method to change the perspecive
	    angle if the 3d option is used.
2007-06-14 11:16  ganis

	* proofd/: inc/XrdProofdPlatform.h, src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	  Fix compilation warnings about an unused variable.
2007-06-14 08:52  rdm

	* base/src/Stringio.cxx:
2007-06-14 08:51  rdm

	* net/: inc/TWebFile.h, src/TWebFile.cxx:
	use standrard HTTP/1.0 protocol using "Range:" option to read ROOT files
	from any httpd without need for a special mod-root module. Just put the
	ROOT file in a directory exported by the httpd.
2007-06-14 07:12  brun

	* pyroot/src/: Converters.cxx, Converters.h, MethodHolder.cxx,
	PyBufferFactory.cxx, PyROOT.h, Pythonize.cxx, RootWrapper.cxx:
	From Wim:
	 o) allow fix-up of buffer object size
	 o) added write access to public class static data members
	 o) fixed passing of python IntType through int& out-param
	 o) updated int& and Py_ssize_t handling
	 o) fix handling of const/non-const overloads with covariant return types
2007-06-13 21:36  brun

	* math/src/TMath.cxx:
	Add a missing namespace TMath:: when calling NormQuantile.
2007-06-13 21:33  brun

	* math/src/TMath.cxx:
	In TMath::StudentQuantile fix a problem when ndf=1 reported at
2007-06-13 19:47  rdm

	* etc/proof/:, xpd.groups.sample:
	from Gerri:
	   - add description of the new directives introduced on Jun 12, 2007.
	   - example of group definition file
2007-06-13 18:27  couet

	* graf/: inc/TGraphPolar.h, src/TGraphPolar.cxx:
	- From Bastien Dalla Piazza:
	  - New options allowing to draw only the polar axis or radial axis.
	  - Possibility to define text string as labels.
	  - Clean up: avoid duplicated code.
2007-06-13 17:32  moneta

	* tutorials/fit/TestBinomial.C:
	add a new tutorial for fit on binomial (efficiency) histograms
2007-06-13 15:53  moneta

	* hist/src/TBinomialEfficiencyFitter.cxx:
	- fix a bug in the Fit method
	- load  a TVirtualFitter according to the default type specified in TVirtualFitter
2007-06-12 22:29  rdm

	* gl/: inc/TGLContext.h, inc/TGLFormat.h, inc/TGLWidget.h,
	src/TGLContext.cxx, src/TGLFormat.cxx, src/TGLWidget.cxx:
	add missing cvs ident lines.
2007-06-12 20:31  rdm

	* ftgl/
	on Mac OS X 10.3 we need to link explicitly with -lz.
2007-06-12 20:03  ganis

	* proofplayer/src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx:
	  - Take the fgNetworkFasterThanHD parameter from the rootrc-like variable
	  - Fix a few typos in Info statements
2007-06-12 20:01  ganis

	* proofplayer/src/TPerfStats.cxx:
	  Take the SQL server coordinates from the rootrc-like variables
	  ProofServ.QueryLogDB, ProofServ.QueryLogUser, ProofServ.QueryLogPasswd
	  instead of from environment variables.
2007-06-12 17:38  moneta

	* tutorials/fit/ErrorIntegral.C:
	update tutorials for new IntegralError function
2007-06-12 17:32  brun

	* gl/inc/: TGLContext.h, TGLWidget.h:
	From Timur:
	Comments after ClassDef added.
2007-06-12 17:29  moneta

	* hist/: inc/TF1.h, inc/TProfile2D.h, src/TF1.cxx,
	src/TF1Helper.cxx, src/TF1Helper.h, src/TProfile2D.cxx:
	- add TF1::IntegralError to calculate error on the integral after fitting
	    using a  function defined in TF1Helper
	- implement a dummy TProfile2D::Rebin2D to signal an error message and avoid the calling of TH2::Rebin2D
2007-06-12 16:53  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLSAViewer.h, src/TGLSAViewer.cxx:
	From Timur:
	Make TGLSAViewer::SavePicture working again.
2007-06-12 16:50  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLUtil.h, src/TGLManipSet.cxx, src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	added methods for control of static draw-quality
	in selection mode render manipulators with lower LOD
	a) bugfix, scene time-stamp was not increased after automatic scene update;
	b) revert to old color switching for physical shapes: 1(black)->42(light brown)
2007-06-12 16:03  brun

	* main/src/pmain.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	   - Take loglevel from argc #5
	   - Use logfile path generated by XrdProofdProtocol.cxx
2007-06-12 15:51  ganis

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proofx/inc/TXProofServ.h,
	  New files:
	  XrdProofGroup.h, .cxx
	    - Class describing a group and its properties
	  XrdProofdClient.h, .cxx
	    - Class describing a Xpd client (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	  XrdROOT.h, .cxx
	    - Class describing a ROOT version (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	  XrdProofdAux.h, .cxx
	    - Utility tools (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	    - Platform-dependent system includes and defines common to all implementation
	      files (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.cxx)
	  Patched files:
	  XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx
	    - Adapt to file re-organization
	    - Rationalization fo the way the relevant info is passed to 'proofserv':
	      a minimal set of environment variables is kept, the remaining parameters
	      are passed via a rootrc-like file created in the session working dir
	    - New directive "xpd.groupfile" to read a file defining groups and their
	    - New directive "xpd.datasetdir" to define the root path under which the
	      user data set dirs are created
	    - New directive "xpd.putrc" to input rootrc-like directives to be passed
	      straight to proofserv
	  TProofServ.cxx, TXProofServ.h, .cxx
	    - Read the session rootrc in the constructor
	    - Take relevant parameters from the session rootrc file
	    - Move protocol number up to 14 to be able to handle backward compatibility
	      issues due to changes in the info transfer mode between xpd and proofserv
	    - Take loglevel from argc #5
	    - Use logfile path generated by XrdProofdProtocol.cxx
2007-06-12 15:51  ganis

	* proofd/inc/XrdProofGroup.h, proofd/inc/XrdProofdAux.h,
	proofd/inc/XrdProofdClient.h, proofd/inc/XrdProofdPlatform.h,
	proofd/inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h, proofd/inc/XrdROOT.h,
	proofd/src/XrdProofGroup.cxx, proofd/src/XrdProofdAux.cxx,
	proofd/src/XrdProofdClient.cxx, proof/inc/TProof.h,
	proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx, proofd/src/XrdROOT.cxx:
	  New files:
	  XrdProofGroup.h, .cxx
	    - Class describing a group and its properties
	  XrdProofdClient.h, .cxx
	    - Class describing a Xpd client (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	  XrdROOT.h, .cxx
	    - Class describing a ROOT version (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	  XrdProofdAux.h, .cxx
	    - Utility tools (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx)
	    - Platform-dependent system includes and defines common to all implementation
	      files (extracted from XrdProofdProtocol.cxx)
	  Patched files:
	  XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx
	    - Adapt to file re-organization
	    - Rationalization fo the way the relevant info is passed to 'proofserv':
	      a minimal set of environment variables is kept, the remaining parameters
	      are passed via a rootrc-like file created in the session working dir
	    - New directive "xpd.groupfile" to read a file defining groups and their
	    - New directive "xpd.datasetdir" to define the root path under which the
	      user data set dirs are created
	    - New directive "xpd.putrc" to input rootrc-like directives to be passed
	      straight to proofserv
	  TProofServ.cxx, TXProofServ.h, .cxx
	    - Read the session rootrc in the constructor
	    - Take relevant parameters from the session rootrc file
	    - Move protocol number up to 14 to be able to handle backward compatibility
	      issues due to changes in the info transfer mode between xpd and proofserv
	    - Take loglevel from argc #5
	    - Use logfile path generated by XrdProofdProtocol.cxx
2007-06-12 15:11  moneta

	* minuit2/: src/FumiliBuilder.cxx, src/MnHesse.cxx,
	src/TFitterMinuit.cxx, src/VariableMetricBuilder.cxx,
	- fix a problem in getting the covarianc matrix in TFitterMinuit
	- pass max number of function calls when using MnHesse from Fumili or from the VariableMetric.
2007-06-12 12:30  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofConn.cxx, proofx/src/TXSlave.cxx:
	  - If available, save the group info in fGroup
	  - If available, send over the group info during the login handshake
2007-06-12 12:25  brun

	* gl/inc/TGLContextPrivate.h:
	From Timur:
	Add missing include
2007-06-12 12:22  brun

	* gl/:, inc/TGLContext.h, inc/TGLFormat.h,
	inc/TGLScene.h, inc/TGLUtil.h, inc/TGLWidget.h, src/TGLContext.cxx,
	src/TGLFormat.cxx, src/TGLPShapeObjEditor.cxx, src/TGLSAViewer.cxx,
	src/TGLScene.cxx, src/TGLWidget.cxx:
	From Matev:
	1. Timur's new version of TGLWidget/Format/Context;
	2. Fix for map element destruction order (Bertrand);
	3. fixes for solaris in TGLScene.
2007-06-12 12:06  ganis

	* proof/: inc/TSlave.h, src/TProof.cxx, src/TSlave.cxx:
	  TSlave.h, .cxx
	  - Add new data member fGroup specifying the group the user runs under.
	  - If available, display the group in Print()
	  - If available, add the group information while creating the worker session
	  - If available, display the group in Print()
2007-06-12 10:16  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	In case of a broken symlink do not show a modal message box saying:
	"Can't read file attributs of <filename>: No such file or directory".
	Only the an info message is printed on the ROOT prompt.
2007-06-12 10:15  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGFileDialog.h, src/TGFileDialog.cxx:
	Several improvements and fixes:
	1) Replaced fOverWR and fMultiSel check buttons with a single
	one fCheckB. The functionality of fOverWR assigned to fCheckB
	in case the file dialog is created as SaveAs dialog; accordingly
	the functionality of fMultiSel is assigned to fCheckB in case of
	Open file dialog.
	2) Fixed several memory leaks.
	3) Fixed SegV when Cancel button was clicked before the file
	list was created/visualized in the dialog. It happens because of
	changes in Revision 1.38 of TGFSContainer. The GUI events cannot be
	allowed without any control/protection of user interaction.
	4) Fixed SegV because of double deletion when closing the dialog via WM.
2007-06-11 21:56  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h, base/inc/TBuffer3D.h, base/inc/TVirtualGL.h,
	base/inc/TVirtualViewer3D.h, base/src/TBuffer3D.cxx,
	base/src/TVirtualGL.cxx, base/src/TVirtualViewer3D.cxx,
	gl/inc/CsgOps.h, gl/inc/LinkDef.h, gl/inc/TArcBall.h,
	gl/inc/TGLBoundingBox.h, gl/inc/TGLBoxPainter.h,
	gl/inc/TGLCamera.h, gl/inc/TGLClip.h, gl/inc/TGLContext.h,
	gl/inc/TGLCylinder.h, gl/inc/TGLDisplayListCache.h,
	gl/inc/TGLDrawFlags.h, gl/inc/TGLDrawable.h, gl/inc/TGLFaceSet.h,
	gl/inc/TGLFormat.h, gl/inc/TGLHistPainter.h, gl/inc/TGLIncludes.h,
	gl/inc/TGLKernel.h, gl/inc/TGLLegoPainter.h, gl/inc/TGLLightSet.h,
	gl/inc/TGLLightSetEditor.h, gl/inc/TGLLockable.h,
	gl/inc/TGLLogicalShape.h, gl/inc/TGLManip.h, gl/inc/TGLManipSet.h,
	gl/inc/TGLObject.h, gl/inc/TGLOrthoCamera.h, gl/inc/TGLOutput.h,
	gl/inc/TGLOverlay.h, gl/inc/TGLPShapeObj.h,
	gl/inc/TGLPShapeObjEditor.h, gl/inc/TGLPShapeRef.h,
	gl/inc/TGLParametric.h, gl/inc/TGLPerspectiveCamera.h,
	gl/inc/TGLPhysicalShape.h, gl/inc/TGLPlotBox.h,
	gl/inc/TGLPlotPainter.h, gl/inc/TGLPolyLine.h,
	gl/inc/TGLPolyMarker.h, gl/inc/TGLQuadric.h,
	gl/inc/TGLRenderArea.h, gl/inc/TGLRnrCtx.h,
	gl/inc/TGLRotateManip.h, gl/inc/TGLSAFrame.h, gl/inc/TGLSAViewer.h,
	gl/inc/TGLScaleManip.h, gl/inc/TGLScene.h, gl/inc/TGLSceneBase.h,
	gl/inc/TGLSceneInfo.h, gl/inc/TGLSelectBuffer.h,
	gl/inc/TGLSphere.h, gl/inc/TGLStopwatch.h,
	gl/inc/TGLSurfacePainter.h, gl/inc/TGLTF3Painter.h,
	gl/inc/TGLTransManip.h, gl/inc/TGLUtil.h, gl/inc/TGLViewer.h,
	gl/inc/TGLViewerBase.h, gl/inc/TGLViewerEditor.h,
	gl/inc/TGLWidget.h, gl/inc/TPointSet3DGL.h, gl/inc/TRootGLU.h,
	gl/inc/TRootGLX.h, gl/inc/TX11GL.h, gl/inc/gl2ps.h,
	gl/src/CsgOps.cxx, gl/src/TArcBall.cxx, gl/src/TGLBoundingBox.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLBoxPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLCamera.cxx, gl/src/TGLClip.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLContext.cxx, gl/src/TGLCylinder.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLDisplayListCache.cxx, gl/src/TGLDrawFlags.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLDrawable.cxx, gl/src/TGLFaceSet.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLFormat.cxx, gl/src/TGLHistPainter.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLKernel.cxx, gl/src/TGLLegoPainter.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLLightSet.cxx, gl/src/TGLLightSetEditor.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLLockable.cxx, gl/src/TGLLogicalShape.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLManip.cxx, gl/src/TGLManipSet.cxx, gl/src/TGLObject.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLOrthoCamera.cxx, gl/src/TGLOutput.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLOverlay.cxx, gl/src/TGLPShapeObj.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLPShapeObjEditor.cxx, gl/src/TGLPShapeRef.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLParametric.cxx, gl/src/TGLPerspectiveCamera.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLPhysicalShape.cxx, gl/src/TGLPlotBox.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLPlotPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLPolyLine.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLPolyMarker.cxx, gl/src/TGLQuadric.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLRenderArea.cxx, gl/src/TGLRnrCtx.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLRotateManip.cxx, gl/src/TGLSAFrame.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLSAViewer.cxx, gl/src/TGLScaleManip.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLScene.cxx, gl/src/TGLSceneBase.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLSceneInfo.cxx, gl/src/TGLSelectBuffer.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLSphere.cxx, gl/src/TGLStopwatch.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLSurfacePainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLTF3Painter.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLTransManip.cxx, gl/src/TGLUtil.cxx, gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLViewerBase.cxx, gl/src/TGLViewerEditor.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLWidget.cxx, gl/src/TPointSet3DGL.cxx, gl/src/TX11GL.cxx,
	gl/src/gl2ps.c, tutorials/gl/glViewerExercise.C,
	tutorials/gl/glViewerLOD.C, win32gdk/inc/LinkDef.h,
	win32gdk/inc/TGWin32GL.h, win32gdk/inc/TGWin32VirtualGLProxy.h,
	win32gdk/src/TGWin32GL.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualGLProxy.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	Major restructuring of GL viewer-scene relationship (Matevz)
	The main idea was to generalize current GL infrustructure so that the
	following features can be done in the future:
	1. Full pad rendering via GL including 3D histo/func painters and 2D graphics.
	2. Implementation of GL canvas (with independent viewers serving as pads).
	3. Multi-view event-visualization front-end.
	4. Inclusion of external scenes (non-ROOT-gl) in ROOT viewer.
	   Rendering of ROOT scenes in external GL frameworks.
	Changes on the code level
	0. Extend current scene/viewer classes into a 2-level class hierarchy.
	   New classes TGLViewerBase and TGLSceneBase.
	1. Allow scenes to be shared among viewers. View-specific scene-cache
	   needs to be kept at the viewer side.
	2. Viewer now manages a list of scenes. It is possible to put together
	   a combination of scenes (e.g. one showing geometry, another one tracks
	   and yet another clusters). Each scene can define its own clipping object.
	3. Provide API for fine-grained control over rendered object removal,
	   creation and update. This allows for efficient scene-updates.
	4. Disentangle selection, clipping and other markup objects from
	   within viewer-scene singleton.
	   New classes TGLClipSet, TGLManipSet.
	6. Disentangle selection management.
	7. Separate overlay rendering to allow any number of active GL-GUI
	   elements (like manipulators are now).
	   New classes TGLOverlayElement.
	8. Trailing white space has been removed in all files.
	Restructure low-level interface to OpenGL (Timur)
	1. Allow sharing GL resources among viewers.
	2. Do not bind GL-output (windowed or offscreen) to ROOT GUI.
	New classes TGLContext, TGLFormat, TGLWidget.
	This oboletes TGLKernel and TVirtualGL classes.
2007-06-11 16:50  brun

	* meta/src/TFunction.cxx:
	From Axel:
	remove a work-around that is not needed anymore after a recent fix in
	CINT. TFunction's default arguments are now wrong for const char* - they
	are surrounded by an extra pair of "". See the symptom at e.g. in
	TRootBrowser::TRootBrowser(TBrowser* b = 0, const char* title = ""ROOT
	Browser"", UInt_t width = 800, UInt_t height = 500).
2007-06-11 16:39  axel

	* html/src/TDocParser.cxx:
	Improve disambiguation of function call vs. function declaration (veto '=' in return type)
2007-06-11 16:09  axel

	* html/: inc/TClassDocOutput.h, src/TClassDocOutput.cxx,
	src/TDocOutput.cxx, src/TDocParser.cxx:
	Report constness of function and parameter default values also in method doc if method is unique without overload resolution.
	HTML-escape '"' in link tooltips.
2007-06-11 15:26  moneta

	* mathcore/: build/, doc/Transformation.html,
	doc/, doc/main.html, doc/vector.html, inc/Math/Math.h,
	fix a warning on Solaris and update documentation
2007-06-11 15:26  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/Math.h:
	file Math.h was added on branch v5-14-00-patches on 2007-06-15 14:41:00 +0000
2007-06-11 14:04  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	Fix a problem reported by Bertrand and affecting RootShower.
2007-06-11 12:45  brun

	* tutorials/fit/multidimfit.C:
	Adapt script to latest version of TRandom.
2007-06-11 12:00  moneta

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	change behaviour in TH1::Divide for binomial error calculations.
	For the case of efficiency = 1 ( bin1 = bin2) set an error equal to zero.
	Update doc to mention to use TGraphAsymmErrors when an error different than zero is wanted.
2007-06-10 09:32  brun

	* tutorials/io/importCode.C:
	do not import dirs with binaries only
2007-06-10 09:05  brun

	* base/src/TMacro.cxx:
	Protect TMacro::ReadFile when reading binary files or files with lines with more than 10000 characters.
2007-06-09 07:39  brun

	* roofit/src/RooGExpModel.cxx:
	Comment a debug print statement
	see: <>
2007-06-08 17:46  brun

	* geom/, geom/inc/LinkDef1.h, geom/inc/TGeoManager.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoNavigator.h, geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoNavigator.cxx, geompainter/src/TGeoChecker.cxx,
	From Andrei & Mihaela:
	I managed together with Mihaela to split out all navigation functionality out of TGeoManager into a new class TGeoNavigator (attached diff, .h and .cxx). The changes are fully backward compatible and did not require modifying the streamer of TGeoManager. We have tested with:
	- /roottest/root/io/geo - the reference changes a bit (name of a class)
	- aliroot with G3
	- /test/stressGeometry
	New feature: one has a default navigator for a geometry but may add several others for parallel navigation:
	TGeoNavigator *navig = new TGeoNavigator(gGeoManager);
	Int_t inav = gGeoManager->AddNavigator(navig);
	.... and then switch back to the default navigator:
	One may also derive from TGeoNavigator and implement its own navigation (I doubt that this will ever happen but you never know...)
2007-06-08 15:34  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	Dummy checkin to fix CVS log for previous checkin:
	fix check of default arguments for derived functions' wrappers
2007-06-08 11:45  rdm

	* pgsql/: inc/TPgSQLStatement.h, src/TPgSQLServer.cxx,
	fix coding conventions.
2007-06-08 11:21  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	From Axel:
	Cache the extremely (and surprisingly) costly TUnixSystem::GetUserInfo()
	results. This speeds up the creation of the file open dialog dramatically.
2007-06-08 11:19  rdm

	* Makefile:
	make sure an old /etc/root is deleted before installing a fresh copy, to
	avoid old or obsolete files to remain.
2007-06-08 11:17  rdm

	* auth/src/TAuthenticate.cxx, main/src/pmain.cxx,
	net/src/TServerSocket.cxx, proof/src/TProof.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofMgr.cxx, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	- Do not explicitely set full paths when loading plugin libraries.
2007-06-08 10:27  brun

	* gpad/inc/TCanvas.h:
	Implement an inline function TCanvas::SetSavePad setting the member fSavePad.
	This function may be useful when manipulating the current pad from a GUI.
2007-06-08 08:10  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	Change in TCanvas::SetDoubleBuffer in view of the support for QT4.
2007-06-07 15:45  rdm

	* ftgl/: inc/FTVectoriser.h, src/FTVectoriser.cxx:
	fix compilation problem on Apple with Intel icc.
2007-06-07 15:25  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGFSContainer.h, src/TGFSContainer.cxx,
	Fixed a SegV caused by changes in Revision 1.38 of TGFSContainer.cxx,
	in which the line gSystem->ProcessEvents() was introduced while filling
	TGFileContainer to not block the GUI if the current directory contains
	many files. This change caused SegV in the File dialog when the Cancel
	button is clicked during the directory feeling (reported by Axel).
	New data member and corresponding getter/setter methods of
	TGFileContainer class:
	Bool_t fDisplayStat; // kFALSE to interrupt display directory
	                     // contents in case of many files inside
	Follow-up changes in TGFileDialog::ProcessMessage method when Cancel
	button was clicked.
2007-06-07 12:35  ganis

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	  Add the possibility to specify the directory and the object names
	  when processing datasets 'by name'. The syntax is "name[:[dir/]objname]".
2007-06-07 11:23  ganis

	* proof/inc/TDSet.h, proof/src/TDSet.cxx, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	  Fix compatibility problem between for a new client talking to an
	  old server due to recent changes in TDSet.
2007-06-07 10:48  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Valeriy O.
	  - do not change cursor while selecting items,
	    oterwise cursor is constantly switched from/to
	    watch, hand, pointer shape.
	  - use forced redraw for list_tree, list_view in many places
	    of the code by using TGClient::NeedRedraw(widget, kTRUE)
	    to clean the content and fully redraw immediately.
2007-06-07 10:45  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGLayout.h, src/TGLayout.cxx:
	From Valeriy O.
	New data member Bool_t fModified of TGTileLayout class.
	New virtual method TGLayoutManager::IsModified() and
	TGTileLayout::IsModified(). This method is used to indicate
	that subframes changed their positions after layout.
	For example, for TGTileLayout and derived layout managers
	after calling Layout method positions of frames can be unchanged.
	So, the returned value will be kFALSE.
2007-06-07 10:43  antcheva

	* gui/src/: TGTextEntry.cxx, TGLabel.cxx:
	From Valeriy O.
	In SetTextJustify method set correspondent gravity bits
	to minimize repainting of widgets during resizing.
2007-06-07 10:42  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGButton.h, src/TGButton.cxx:
	From Valeriy O.
	Made TGTextButton::SetTextJustify(Int_t tmode) virtual.
	In SetTextJustify method set correspondent gravity bits
	to minimize repainting of widgets during resizing.
2007-06-07 10:06  brun

	* test/stressGeometry.cxx:
	From Axel:
	Add missing include TSystem.h
2007-06-07 10:05  brun

	* hist/: inc/TBinomialEfficiencyFitter.h,
	Fix Frank's name and add a few more lines in the class description (thanks Axel)
2007-06-07 09:48  rdm

	* configure:
	"make install" is only needed when building with --prefix.
2007-06-07 09:09  brun

	* hist/: inc/TBinomialEfficiencyFitter.h,
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-06-07 09:02  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-06-07 08:54  brun

	* ftgl/inc/FTTextureGlyph.h:
	Fix a compilation error with gcc4.1 (thanks Robert Hatcher).
2007-06-07 00:41  pcanal

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	Fix by finishing the fix 1.209
	(In ProcessLineFast, we need to use the copy of the argument since
	the application init uses the Form buffer)
2007-06-06 18:28  rdm

	* Makefile, README/CREDITS, config/Makefile.depend, ftgl/,
	ftgl/inc/FTBBox.h, ftgl/inc/FTBitmapGlyph.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTCharToGlyphIndexMap.h, ftgl/inc/FTCharmap.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTContour.h, ftgl/inc/FTExtrdGlyph.h, ftgl/inc/FTFace.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTFont.h, ftgl/inc/FTGL.h, ftgl/inc/FTGLBitmapFont.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTGLExtrdFont.h, ftgl/inc/FTGLOutlineFont.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTGLPixmapFont.h, ftgl/inc/FTGLPolygonFont.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTGLTextureFont.h, ftgl/inc/FTGlyph.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTGlyphContainer.h, ftgl/inc/FTLibrary.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTList.h, ftgl/inc/FTOutlineGlyph.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTPixmapGlyph.h, ftgl/inc/FTPoint.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTPolyGlyph.h, ftgl/inc/FTSize.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTTextureGlyph.h, ftgl/inc/FTVector.h,
	ftgl/inc/FTVectoriser.h, ftgl/src/FTBitmapGlyph.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTCharmap.cxx, ftgl/src/FTContour.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTExtrdGlyph.cxx, ftgl/src/FTFace.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTFont.cxx, ftgl/src/FTGLBitmapFont.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTGLExtrdFont.cxx, ftgl/src/FTGLOutlineFont.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTGLPixmapFont.cxx, ftgl/src/FTGLPolygonFont.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTGLTextureFont.cxx, ftgl/src/FTGlyph.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTGlyphContainer.cxx, ftgl/src/FTLibrary.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTOutlineGlyph.cxx, ftgl/src/FTPixmapGlyph.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTPoint.cxx, ftgl/src/FTPolyGlyph.cxx,
	ftgl/src/FTSize.cxx, ftgl/src/FTTextureGlyph.cxx,
	From Olivier:
	import the FTGL package provided by Henry Maddocks to allow TTF font
	display in OpenGL.
2007-06-06 18:21  rdm

	* mysql/
	white space.
2007-06-06 17:33  brun

	* gl/inc/TGLPlotPainter.h, gl/inc/TGLTF3Painter.h,
	gl/src/TGLBoxPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLHistPainter.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLPlotPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLTF3Painter.cxx,
	From Timur:
	1. This is experimental slicing for tf3.
	2. Small fix in TGLHistPainter.
	3. Small mods in TLGTH3Slice
	4. small addition in gltf3 tutorial (commented by defualt) - nice "torus" shape instead of Klein.
2007-06-06 16:14  axel

	* cint/src/v6_tmplt.cxx:
	Fix std::string c'tor call for solaris (even though it's less performant)
2007-06-06 15:39  antcheva

	* gui/inc/TGListBox.h:
	Removed previous mods from Valeriy Onuchin because of
	side-effects when removing entries from a list box (the
	view port area was not redrawn)
2007-06-06 13:12  rdm

	* pgsql/inc/TPgSQLStatement.h:
	fix dictionary generation problem.
2007-06-06 12:51  rdm

	* README/CREDITS, mysql/src/TMySQLStatement.cxx,
	pgsql/inc/LinkDef.h, pgsql/inc/TPgSQLServer.h,
	pgsql/inc/TPgSQLStatement.h, pgsql/src/TPgSQLServer.cxx,
	From Dennis Box:
	A Postgres implementation of TSQLStatement.
	The purpose and intent of TSQLStatement is documented at
	The following commentary corresponds item by item to the above url:
	1) Creation of statement
	Prepared statements were not explicitly
	supported in PostGreSQL API libpq until server version 8.2.3
	released 12/2006.
	This implementation checks if prepared statements are supported
	at compile time and 'stubs' out TPgSQLStatement if necessary.
	2) Insert data into data base
	MySQL and ODBC both use the following idiom for insert placeholders:
	  TSQLStatement* stmt = serv->Statement("INSERT INTO TESTTABLE (ID1,\
	      ID2, FFIELD ) VALUES (?, ?, ? )", 100);
	Unfortunately for code portability, Oracle implements the same statement
	like so:
	  TSQLStatement* stmt = serv->Statement("INSERT INTO TESTTABLE (ID1,\
	      ID2, FFIELD ) VALUES (:1,:2,:3 )", 100);
	Even more unfortunately, postgres chose to do it this way:
	  TSQLStatement* stmt = serv->Statement("INSERT INTO TESTTABLE (ID1,\
	      ID2, FFIELD ) VALUES ($1, $2, $3 )", 100);
	3) Getting data from database
	Libpq API supports sending/retrieving data as choice of string types or
	native types from server. Unfortunately, some native types are poorly
	documented, for example date and time native representation varies depending
	on compiler options given when server was built. Dates can be
	either 64 bit ints or double precision floating point, representing
	(+/-)microseconds since epoch (which was chosen to be 2001-01-01 00:00:01)
	Native format values come as big-endian values meaning they need to
	be swapped on linux but not on solaris, and the various time
	manipulation functions the server uses are not exposed in the libpq
	I elected to use the 'string' format for this first implementation, if
	the API changes to make dealing with dates and times in native format
	more palatable I may re-write this class in hopes of making it faster.
	4. Working with date/time parameters
	Fully supported, see item 3
	5. Binary data
	Fully supported, see attached test program.  Note that postgres calls
	these columns 'bytea'  type instead of 'blob' type.
2007-06-06 12:21  ganis

	* proofplayer/src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx:
	  Add protection in case no valid file has been found
2007-06-06 12:03  rdm

	* proofplayer/: inc/TPerfStats.h, src/TPerfStats.cxx:
	write PROOF query log info in a SQL DB. This info can be used for quota
	and user priority calculation. The data is stored in a table "proofquerylog"
	with the definition:
	CREATE TABLE proofquerylog (
	   user          VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL,
	   group         VARCHAR(128),
	   begin         DATETIME,
	   end           DATETIME,
	   walltime      INT,
	   cputime       FLOAT,
	   bytesread     BIGINT,
	   events        BIGINT
	This information will only be stored if in the file the option
	   xpd.querylogdb  mysql:// alice alicaf
	is specified.
2007-06-06 11:52  rdm

	* proof/inc/TProofServ.h:
	add new data member fGroup which specifies the group the user runs under.
2007-06-06 11:51  rdm

	* mysql/inc/TMySQLServer.h, mysql/src/TMySQLServer.cxx,
	net/inc/TSQLServer.h, odbc/inc/TODBCServer.h,
	oracle/inc/TOracleServer.h, sql/src/TSQLFile.cxx:
	- add more detailed comment on how to connect to a MySQL DB
	- change method IsSupportStatement() to HasStatement()
2007-06-06 10:25  brun

	* proofplayer/: inc/TFileMerger.h, src/TFileMerger.cxx:
	Replace TFileMerger::MergeRecursive by the hadd function MergeROOTfile.
	Extend the class interface to support the functionality required by hadd,
	such that a future version of hadd can use TFileMerger.
2007-06-06 09:55  ganis

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	  Drop a debug printout left by mistake
2007-06-06 08:35  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoCache.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	Remove a useless print message.
2007-06-05 22:07  brun

	* graf/src/: TLegend.cxx, TPaveLabel.cxx:
	In the TLegend and TPaveLabel constructors use gStyle->GetTextFont() instead
	of the hardwired values 42 and 62.
2007-06-05 20:22  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	From Diego and me: create func call wrapper if derived class's func has more default parameters.
	Fixes problem with default parameter values spotted by Ilka.
2007-06-05 13:10  rdm

	* build/unix/
	From Axel:
	- fix CVSROOT
	- use personalized /tmp/${USER}
	- be more verbose on where changed files are, and what needs to be done
	  by hand
	- remind the user to put kudoz into the commit message.
2007-06-05 12:45  brun

	* hist/src/: TH1.cxx, TH2.cxx, TH3.cxx:
	In all SetBinContent functions set fTsumw=0 to force the recomputation
	of the statistics by functions like GetMean, GetRMS, GetStats.
2007-06-05 08:34  brun

	* geom/, geom/inc/LinkDef1.h, geom/inc/LinkDef2.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoCache.h, geom/inc/TGeoManager.h,
	geom/src/TGeoCache.cxx, geom/src/TGeoElement.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx, vmc/src/TGeoMCGeometry.cxx:
	From Andrei & Mihaela:
	- TGeoCache.cxx - All obsolete caching options/classes removed. The only remaining 2 classes are TGeoNodeCache and TGeoCacheState. No loss of functionality.
2007-06-05 08:34  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoBuilder.h, src/TGeoBuilder.cxx:
	From Andrei & Mihaela:
	- new class TGeoBuilder (.h/.cxx) attached. All build-type methods in TGeoManager delegated now to this class.  TGeoBuilder is a singleton class that is transparent to the user (for the moment) and can serve several TGeoManager objects in the same session.
	The class can be however used explicitly like:
2007-06-05 08:16  ganis

	* netx/, proofx/
	  Explicitely link to libraries existing only in static version
	  (solution for bug #26839)
2007-06-05 08:10  ganis

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	  Update to introduce critical fixes already in xrootd-CVS:
	  - potential race conditions in the client code
	  - subtle bug in XrdOlbServer.cxx (CVS March 5th, 2007)
	  A new tar-ball will be imported as soon validated.
2007-06-05 08:00  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	  Restore sending of the startup message to clients attaching to
	  non-idle sessions (it got lost in one of the previous patches).
2007-06-05 07:47  ganis

	* proofplayer/: inc/TAdaptivePacketizer.h, inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx, src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	  TAdaptivePacketizer (from Jan)
	   - New version featuring better performance and robustness.
	     Changes include:
	     - simplified and better metric for finding the most loaded file node;
	     - adding a new static member for defining whether network bandwidth or
	       hard disk transfer is greater (TAdaptivePacketizer::fgNetworkFasterThanHD);
	     - it can be set via "proof->SetParameter("PROOF_NetworkFasterThanHD", (Long_t)0);";
	     - fixing the confusion with fProcTime, used also in the progress information;
	     - adding TAdaptivePacketizer::fCumProcTime;
	     - improvements in comments.
	  TProofPlayer.cxx, .h
	   - Remove a few unused includes
	   - Make TAdaptivePacketizer the default
	   - Improve comments
2007-06-05 07:40  ganis

	* proofx/src/TXSlave.cxx:
	  In TXSlave::HandleError, close physical connection after a fatal error.
2007-06-04 20:05  axel

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, inc/Method.h, src/Api.cxx, src/CallFunc.cxx,
	src/HISTORY, src/Method.cxx, src/bc_exec.cxx, src/bc_exec.h,
	src/bc_exec_asm.h, src/bc_inst.cxx, src/bc_inst.h,
	src/bc_parse.cxx, src/common.h, src/fproto.h, src/v6_cast.cxx,
	src/v6_disp.cxx, src/v6_error.cxx, src/v6_func.cxx,
	src/v6_ifunc.cxx, src/v6_init.cxx, src/v6_newlink.cxx,
	src/v6_pause.cxx, src/v6_pcode.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx,
	src/v6_struct.cxx, src/v6_tmplt.cxx, src/v6_var.cxx:
	apply changes from CINT vendor branch, importing cint5-16-20
2007-06-04 19:50  axel

	* cint/: Makefile, README.txt, RELNOTE.txt, src/HISTORY,
	src/Method.cxx, src/bc_exec.cxx, src/bc_inst.h, src/common.h,
	src/v6_error.cxx, src/v6_func.cxx, src/v6_pcode.cxx,
	src/v6_struct.cxx, src/Api.cxx, src/CallFunc.cxx, src/Shadow.cxx,
	src/bc_exec.h, src/bc_exec_asm.h, src/bc_inst.cxx,
	src/bc_parse.cxx, src/fproto.h, src/v6_cast.cxx, src/v6_decl.cxx,
	src/v6_disp.cxx, src/v6_ifunc.cxx, src/v6_init.cxx,
	src/v6_newlink.cxx, src/v6_parse.cxx, src/v6_pause.cxx,
	src/v6_scrupto.cxx, src/v6_shl.cxx, src/v6_tmplt.cxx,
	src/v6_var.cxx, inc/G__ci.h, inc/Method.h, lib/prec_stl/exception:
	import v5-16-20
2007-06-04 19:30  axel

	* cint/: README.txt, RELNOTE.txt, src/Apiif.h, src/BaseCls.cxx,
	src/CallFunc.cxx, src/Class.cxx, src/DataMbr.cxx, src/HISTORY,
	src/Method.cxx, src/Shadow.cxx, src/bc_assign.h, src/bc_autoobj.h,
	src/bc_cfunc.cxx, src/bc_cfunc.h, src/bc_debug.cxx,
	src/bc_exec.cxx, src/bc_exec.h, src/bc_exec_asm.h, src/bc_inst.cxx,
	src/bc_inst.h, src/bc_item.cxx, src/bc_parse.cxx, src/bc_parse.h,
	src/bc_reader.h, src/bc_type.h, src/bc_vtbl.cxx, src/bc_vtbl.h,
	src/common.h, src/fproto.h, src/global.h, src/v6_auxu.cxx,
	src/v6_debug.cxx, src/v6_disp.cxx, src/v6_end.cxx,
	src/v6_error.cxx, src/v6_expr.cxx, src/v6_func.cxx,
	src/v6_global1.cxx, src/v6_global2.cxx, src/v6_ifunc.cxx,
	src/v6_inherit.cxx, src/v6_init.cxx, src/v6_loadfile.cxx,
	src/v6_newlink.cxx, src/v6_pcode.cxx, src/v6_shl.cxx,
	src/v6_struct.cxx, src/v6_stub.cxx, src/v6_typedef.cxx,
	lib/posix/mktypes.c, src/Api.cxx, src/MethodAr.cxx,
	src/bc_autoobj.cxx, src/bc_debug.h, src/bc_eh.h, src/bc_item.h,
	src/rflx_gensrc.cxx, src/rflx_gensrc.h, src/v6_decl.cxx,
	src/v6_parse.cxx, src/v6_pause.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx,
	src/v6_sizeof.cxx, src/v6_tmplt.cxx, src/v6_var.cxx, test/t705.cxx,
	tool/makecint.cxx, inc/Api.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/Shadow.h,
	lib/dll_stl/str.h, lib/longlong/setup:
	import v5-16-19
2007-06-04 19:07  pcanal

	* treeplayer/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TBranchProxy.h,
	inc/TBranchProxyTemplate.h, src/TBranchProxyClassDescriptor.cxx,
	src/TTreePlayer.cxx, src/TTreeProxyGenerator.cxx:
	Extend the support for multi dimensional arrays by replacing the T*Array2*Proxy
	and T*Array3*Proxy by a completely generic T*Array*Proxy.
	Add a few to retrive quickly the size of a (split) TClonesArray (by calling
	GetEntries directly on the proxy object).
2007-06-04 16:08  rdm

	* configure:
	From Gerri:
	- Fix typo in setting buildxrdgsi (bug #26872)
	- Explicitely disable the build of libGlobusAuth and of the globus-related
	  parts of rpdutils when neither globusdir nor GLOBUS_LOCATION are defined
	  (bug #26873)
2007-06-04 14:32  rdm

	* build/win/
	From Axel:
	fix "/include not found" when ROOTSYS not set.
2007-06-04 14:32  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	Fixed a nasty crash in ROOT browser when navigating over ROOT files. The
	reason was related to the use of TDirectory instead of TDirectoryFile
2007-06-04 11:23  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	The method TGDNDManager::HandleClientMessage is called twice
	for any kClientMessage event (in TGFrame::HandleClientMessage
	and in TGMainFrame::HandleClientMessage ).
	The second call in TGMainFrame::HandleClientMessage is removed now.
2007-06-01 16:13  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	Fixed mismatched free() / delete / delete []
	seen with valgrind
2007-06-01 13:42  pcanal

	* treeplayer/inc/TChainIndex.h:
	Implement TChainIndexEntry default constructor
2007-06-01 10:32  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	TCanvas::CopyPixmaps - remove erroneous code.
2007-06-01 09:51  axel

	* cintex/src/CINTVariableBuilder.cxx:
	CINT calls vars in namespaces "static".
2007-05-31 20:08  brun

	* Makefile:
	From Axel:
	this patch removes the files reported at and a few more. I also changed the
	inode number test to take DESTDIR into account
	Cheers, Axel.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-05-31 17:58  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGCanvas.cxx:
	Added protection in MapSubwindows() method in case
	the container was not set yet (fixes the bug 26824)
2007-05-31 17:05  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosx:
	fix warnings in case gfortran is not found.
2007-05-31 16:47  pcanal

	* tree/src/TTreeCloner.cxx:
	Avoid buidling the streamerInfo for a class without a default constructor
2007-05-31 11:30  axel

	* cintex/src/CINTVariableBuilder.cxx:
	CINT calls vars in namespaces "static".
2007-05-31 11:01  brun

	* hist/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TBinomialEfficiencyFitter.h,
	New class from an original code by Frank Fielthaut to make a binomial fit
	of the division of two histograms (efficiency fit)
2007-05-31 09:03  brun

	* guihtml/src/: TGHtmlIndex.cxx, TGHtmlTable.cxx:
	Fix compiler warnings about possible uninitialized variables.
2007-05-31 08:59  brun

	* mathmore/src/KelvinFunctions.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-05-31 08:58  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Start development version 5.15/09
2007-05-30 13:18  rdm

	* unuran/
	dependency on UNURANLIBDEP was missing causing failure of parallel build
	with explicit linking.
2007-05-30 13:16  rdm

	* unuran/
	dependency on UNURANLIBDEP was missing causing failure of parallel build
	with explicit linking.
2007-05-30 13:09  rdm

	* config/: Makefile.linux,
	for architecture "linux" add explicitly the "-m32" option, so that
	ACliC works in compatibility mode when a 32 bit binary is run on a X86_64
	machine. Note this does not allow cross-compilation of ROOT in 32 bit
	mode on a 64 bit machine as most likely the 32 bit dev libs are missing.
2007-05-30 12:59  rdm

	* config/: Makefile.linux,
	for architecture "linux" add explicitly the "-m32" option, so that
	ACliC works in compatibility mode when a 32 bit binary is run on a X86_64
	machine. Note this does not allow cross-compilation of ROOT in 32 bit
	mode on a 64 bit machine as most likely the 32 bit dev libs are missing.
2007-05-30 09:01  brun

	* mathcore/src/3DDistances.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-05-30 08:59  brun

	* tree/src/TEntryListBlock.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-05-30 07:50  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Stamp development version 5.15/08
2007-05-29 21:37  brun

	* gl/src/TGLScene.cxx:
	Comment the following line that generates a crash on the MAC:
2007-05-29 19:11  ganis

	* proofplayer/inc/TPacketizerProgressive.h:
	  Add dummy definition of some functions now required by TVirtualPacketizer
	  preventic the correct instantiation of the class.
2007-05-29 19:01  ganis

	* proofd/
	  Fine-tune previous change because XrdProofd uses some static symbols
	  directly and needs to be linked statically with those xrootd libs existing
	  only as static.
2007-05-29 18:43  moneta

	* mathcore/build/:,,,
	update autoconf Makefiles for new files added in CVS
2007-05-29 18:06  ganis

	* proofplayer/: inc/TAdaptivePacketizer.h, inc/TPacketizer.h,
	inc/TPacketizerProgressive.h, inc/TVirtualPacketizer.h,
	src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx, src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	src/TPacketizerProgressive.cxx, src/TVirtualPacketizer.cxx:
	 From Jan:
	 Consolidation work on similar code in 3 different packetizers.
	 Moving common members of TPacketizer, TAdaptivePacketizer and partly TPacketizerProgressive
	 up to TVirtualPacketizer:
	   - HandleTimer
	   - SplitEventList
	   - GetEntriesProcessed
	   - CreateNewPacket
	   - common member attributes
	 The progressive packetizer was also changed in order to use CreateNewPacket and fProcessed.
2007-05-29 18:01  ganis

	* proofd/
	 From Andreas Peters:
	 Use shared versions of client libs (libXrdClient, etc.) if existing, instead of forcing
	 static linking.
2007-05-29 17:56  brun

	* table/src/: TVolume.cxx, TVolumeView.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	eliminate a "floating point" exception when running with the STAR code.
2007-05-29 17:23  rdm

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	make version 5-14-00f.
2007-05-29 17:18  rdm

	* configure:
	From Gerri:
	the Globus authentication plugin now links statically all Globus libs to
	prevent Globus libs (libssl and libcrypto) to be used by other ROOT plugins.
2007-05-29 17:17  rdm

	* configure:
	From Gerri:
	the Globus authentication plugin now links statically all Globus libs to
	prevent Globus libs (libssl and libcrypto) to be used by other ROOT plugins.
2007-05-29 15:48  ganis

	* netx/src/TXNetFile.cxx:
	 Fix a problem affecting the setting of the default timeout.
2007-05-29 15:16  brun

	* tree/src/TEntryListBlock.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-05-29 15:15  brun

	* mathcore/src/3DDistances.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-05-29 14:41  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	Fixed coding conventions
2007-05-29 14:35  brun

	* mathmore/src/KelvinFunctions.cxx:
	Update macros/documentation to use the ROOT::Math namespace
2007-05-29 13:04  axel

	* html/src/: TDocOutput.cxx, TDocParser.cxx, THtml.cxx:
	Make library dependency left-right.
	Look for func names in sources without leading ':'.
	Guess source files also for mathcore, mathmore.
	Set guessed source file only if it exists.
2007-05-29 10:14  brun

	* mathmore/src/KelvinFunctions.cxx:
	Fix for Solaris CC
2007-05-29 09:53  brun

	Modify contribution of Jason Detwiler for his class KelvinFunctions.
2007-05-29 09:49  brun

	* mathmore/:, inc/Math/KelvinFunctions.h,
	inc/Math/LinkDef.h, src/KelvinFunctions.cxx:
	New class KelvinFunctions to calculate the Kelvin functions Ber(x), Bei(x), Ker(x),
	Kei(x), and their first derivatives.
	The functions in this class have been imported by Jason Detwiler ( from
	CodeCogs GNU General Public License Agreement
	Copyright (C) 2004-2005 CodeCogs, Zyba Ltd, Broadwood, Holford, TA5 1DU,
2007-05-28 16:35  brun

	* hist/src/: TF1.cxx, TF2.cxx, TF3.cxx:
	Add a comment in all TF1, TF2, TF3 constructors using an interpreted or compiled function indicating that the created function cannot be cloned.
	see also:
2007-05-25 21:04  ganis

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	  Add a protection to submit a processing request by name only if the
	  server supports it.
2007-05-25 17:55  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	- Make parameters of any user defined fit function available in SetParameters dialog of the fit panel
	- Allow addition of functions only for predefined functions in ROOT
2007-05-25 15:53  ganis

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx, src/TProofServ.cxx:
	  From Jan:
	  Add support for processing datasets "by name", i.e. by just sending the name
	  of a dataset known by the master.
	  TProof.h, .cxx
	    - New method
	      Long64_t TProof::Process(const char *dsetname, const char *selector,
	                               Option_t *option = "", Long64_t nentries = -1,
	                               Long64_t firstentry = 0, TEventList *evl = 0);
	    - Fix typos in comments
	    - In HandleProcess, retrieve the relevant dataset info "by name" from local
	      dirs in the case only the data set name is specified.
	    - In HandleRetrieve, remove a debug printout left from a previous patch.
2007-05-25 15:36  ganis

	* proof/: inc/TDSet.h, src/TDSet.cxx:
	  From Jan:
	  - Remove unused member fIsTree from TDSetElement
	  - Add protection on the number of entries in TDset::Add(TCollection *)
	  - Fix several typos in comments
2007-05-25 14:46  moneta

	* unuran/:, src/unuran-1.0.0-root.tar.gz,
	- add a new version of Unuran (from Josef Leydold)
	    which contains some fixes for the HINV method
2007-05-25 14:28  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoCache.h, inc/TGeoManager.h, src/TGeoCache.cxx,
	From Andrei:
	GeoManager, TGeoCache = backup current geometry state in case of MANY navigation - fixes some problems in ALICE ITS navigation with GEANT4
2007-05-25 14:28  brun

	* g4root/src/TG4RootNavigator.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	tuned value for a built-in constant related to boundary crossing for photons.
2007-05-25 12:51  moneta

	* tutorials/math/mathcoreGenVector.C:
	add tests for new rotation class
2007-05-25 12:46  moneta

	* mathcore/:, inc/Math/LinkDef_GenVector.h,
	inc/Math/LinkDef_Rotation.h, inc/Math/Math.h,
	inc/Math/RotationZYX.h, inc/Math/GenVector/3DConversions.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/3DDistances.h, inc/Math/GenVector/AxisAngle.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/EulerAngles.h, inc/Math/GenVector/Quaternion.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/Rotation3D.h, inc/Math/GenVector/RotationZYX.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/RotationZYXfwd.h, src/3DConversions.cxx,
	src/3DDistances.cxx, src/AxisAngleXother.cxx, src/Quaternion.cxx,
	src/Rotation3D.cxx, src/RotationZYX.cxx,
	- add a new class RotationZYX describing rotations with 3-2-1 Euler Angles.
	- add conversions to/from ROtation3D and to Quaternion of the new class
	- modify constructor and assignment operator in rotation class and make it a template function
2007-05-25 09:45  brun

	* configure, qt/, qt/inc/TQtWidget.h, qt/src/GQtGUI.cxx,
	From Valeri Fine:
	Changes to install ROOT with QT4.
2007-05-24 16:55  pcanal

	* cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx:
	Send the class version of the content of the TClonesArray (instead of the version of the TClonesArray class itself).  This concludes the schema evolution fix for the content of non-split TClonesArray
2007-05-24 16:09  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLSAViewer.h, inc/TGLViewer.h, src/TGLSAViewer.cxx,
	src/TGLScene.cxx, src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	From Timur:
	Move member fGlArea from TGLSAViewer to TGLScene and reactive the call
	to TGLDisplayListCache::Purgein TGLScene destructor.
	This should fix a problem on MAC when deleting a GL window.
2007-05-24 15:30  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Add more comments in the dodumentation section explaining how to normalize histograms.
	Implement suggestion from <>
2007-05-24 12:39  ganis

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	Fix typo in comment
2007-05-24 10:58  brun

	* hist/src/TF3.cxx:
	Increase  the default value for maxpts in TF3::Integral and make it dependent
	on fNpx, fNpy and fNpz such that this parameter can be modified without recompiling.
2007-05-24 10:56  brun

	* hist/src/TF2.cxx:
	Increase  the default value for maxpts in TF2::Integral and make it dependent
	on fNpx and fNpy such that this parameter can be modified without recompiling.
2007-05-24 09:19  brun

	* proof/src/TDSet.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	fixes following errors:
	proof/src/TDSet.cxx: In member function `virtual void
	proof/src/TDSet.cxx:1350: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value
	proof/src/TDSet.cxx:1373: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value
2007-05-24 07:01  brun

	* cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx:
	Update TClonesArray::Streamer to adapt the call to TBuffer::ReadClones
	to the last changes in TBuffer.
2007-05-24 00:12  pcanal

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h, io/inc/TBufferFile.h, io/src/TBufferFile.cxx:
	restore schema evolution for the content of unsplit TClonesArray (broken since 5.15/02)
2007-05-23 22:11  brun

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	Add missing #include "snprintf.h"
2007-05-23 17:53  rdm

	* Makefile:
	fix install target for Solaris.
2007-05-23 17:43  rdm

	* ged/src/: TGedFrame.cxx, TGedPatternSelect.cxx:
	use "" instead of <> to include snprintf.h include.
2007-05-23 17:42  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx, rootx/src/rootx.cxx:
	describe new option file: to specify files with non-standard .root extension.
2007-05-23 17:38  rdm

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	files can now also be specified on the command line using file:data.dat,
	where data.dat is a .root file but with an unusual file name extension.
	Fixes issue 26057.
2007-05-23 15:37  brun

	* gl/src/TGLSAViewer.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	The line fGedEditor->SetModel(fPad, this, kButton1Down); takes place twice in TGLSAViewer creation: in the constructors and in the Show() method that takes place also in them. In the attached patch I removed this line from both constructors.
2007-05-23 15:30  rdm

	* gfal/src/TGFALFile.cxx:
	fStatCached was not properly initialized in the main ctor.
2007-05-23 15:23  rdm

	* gfal/src/TGFALFile.cxx:
	fStatCached was not properly initialized in the main ctor.
2007-05-23 11:11  rdm

	* tree/inc/TQueryResult.h:
	From Gerri:
	- Remove some unused forward declarations.
2007-05-23 11:11  rdm

	* proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Use FlushLogFile() where relevant.
2007-05-23 11:10  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- In synchronous processing mode, always notify on the main client window the
	  asynchronous messages (kPROOF_MESSAGE) coming from the cluster
2007-05-23 11:10  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProofServ.h, src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Add method SendAsynMessage(const char *, Bool_t lfeed) to send asynchronous
	  messages to the client; this allows the repetition of the same code
	  in many places.
	- Add new member fPrefix which is initialized in the ctor to be, for example,
	  "master-0" and used everywhere, included the Error handler: this allows
	  to avoid recreating the same prefix in many places in the code.
	- Add method FlushLogFile() allowing to hide from the client messages which may
	  important for debugging, but not so relevant for normal operations.
	- Set/Unset the kWriteV3 bit in TDSet when relevant (i.e. when the client
	   protocol is 12 or less).
2007-05-23 11:08  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TDSet.h, src/TDSet.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Add definition of bit 16 as kWriteV3 to flag the case when the streamers
	  should write v3 TDSet / TDSetElements
	- Add dedicated Streamer implementation to read/write v3 TDSet / TDSetElements
2007-05-23 11:08  rdm

	* proof/inc/LinkDef.h:
	From Gerri:
	- do not generate the streamer for TDSet and TDSetElements
	- re-insert the pragma statements for FriendsList_t to be able to
	  read and write TDSet / TDSetElements v3
2007-05-22 16:10  moneta

	* tutorials/math/mathcoreGenVector.C:
	add missing include to run tutorial in compile mode
2007-05-22 15:47  brun

	* tree/: inc/TEntryList.h, inc/TEntryListBlock.h,
	src/TEntryList.cxx, src/TEntryListBlock.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Changes in TEntryListBlock class to allow storing the indices of entries that don't pass. It's used when more than 15/16 of entries pass the selection, so it makes sense to store the non-passing entries as an array instead of storing passing entries as bits. Also, start calling OptimizeStorage() method after each Merge().
2007-05-22 15:35  moneta

	* mathcore/:, inc/Math/Cartesian2D.h,
	inc/Math/DisplacementVector2D.h, inc/Math/LinkDef_GenVector.h,
	inc/Math/Math.h, inc/Math/Point2D.h, inc/Math/Point2Dfwd.h,
	inc/Math/Polar2D.h, inc/Math/PositionVector2D.h, inc/Math/Util.h,
	inc/Math/Vector2D.h, inc/Math/Vector2Dfwd.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/LorentzVector.h, inc/Math/GenVector/Polar2D.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/Polar2Dfwd.h, inc/Math/GenVector/Polar3D.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/PtEtaPhiE4D.h, inc/Math/GenVector/PtEtaPhiM4D.h,
	inc/Math/GenVector/PxPyPzE4D.h, inc/Math/GenVector/PxPyPzM4D.h,
	test/Makefile, test/stress2D.cxx, test/testGenVector.cxx,
	- add 2D vectors according to a request from CMS
	- optimize the 3D and 4D vector classes by adding:
	     -  a default copy constructor (and assignment operator) in all the coordinate system classes. This gives better performances when using gcc 3.2 and 3.4 on lxplus.
	     - re-implement the SetXYZ methods in each coordinate system. This avoid an        un-necessary copy. Also this optimization shows a significant improvement only when using gcc3.2 or 3.4
	- add tests for 2D vectors and a performance test (vectorOperation) which can be run for all vector types.
	- clean up also code and intentation spaces
2007-05-22 13:48  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGScrollBar.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	Improvements in flicker-free painting when resizing
2007-05-22 13:47  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGListBox.h, src/TGListBox.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	Improvements in flicker-free painting when resizing
2007-05-22 13:47  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	Fixed memory leaks.
2007-05-22 13:46  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGTextView.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	Fixed a side effect from previous patch: when opening macro files in
	the ROOT Browser or TGTextEditor, the text was not displayed until
	one moves the scrollbar, or selects the text with the mouse
2007-05-22 13:45  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGLabel.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	Fixed memory leaks.
2007-05-22 13:44  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGFSContainer.h, src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	Fixed memory leaks.
2007-05-22 12:52  rdm

	* configure:
	From Andreas:
	If you don't have GLOBUS installed with the '.la' files (only the shared
	libraries like you get via AliEn or an RPM), then there is Globus library
	dependency missing in the ROOT configure. Add libglobus_gsi_credential_$flavor.
2007-05-22 12:49  brun

	* tutorials/physics/PhaseSpace.C:
	Add comments to indicate that Momentum, Energy are in GeV/V, GeV
2007-05-22 12:48  brun

	* physics/src/TGenPhaseSpace.cxx:
	Add comments to indicate that Momentum, Energy are in GeV/V, GeV
2007-05-22 10:34  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtmlForm.cxx:
	from Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGHtmlForm.cxx fix compiler warnings on Solaris.
2007-05-22 10:13  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGView.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	Improvemnts in flicker-free painting when resizing under X11.
2007-05-22 10:13  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGTextEntry.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	Set gravity bits to make flicker-free painting when
	resizing a text entry under X11.
2007-05-21 23:36  pcanal

	* tree/src/ManualTree2.cxx:
	fix for white space coding conventions
2007-05-21 23:21  pcanal

	* cint/src/v6_pause.cxx:
	fix typo
2007-05-21 18:20  rdm

	* config/Makefile.linux, test/Makefile.arch:
	use also -O2 for linux target.
2007-05-21 16:38  brun

	* vmc/inc/TVirtualMCApplication.h:
	From Andrei:
	Added optional method:
	 Bool_t TVirtualMCApplication::MisalignGeometry(). To be implemented by user application in case misalignment need to be applied to TGeo after ideal geometry was built.
2007-05-21 15:42  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TAttMarkerEditor.h, src/TAttMarkerEditor.cxx,
	Added fSizeForText data member. It is set to kTRUE if the
	"TEXT" draw option uses marker size as a text size setting.
	Follow up changes in TH2Editor.
2007-05-21 14:40  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Call gROOT->GetListOfBrowsers()->Delete() before
	gVirtualX->CloseDisplay() in TWinNTSystem::Exit().
	This fixes win32gdk errors messages when deleting list of browsers
	whereas the Display has already been closed.
2007-05-21 12:30  brun

	* net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- In TApplicationRemote constructor, if ssh connection fails, clean-up and
	 return without waiting on monitor to avoid hanging application.
2007-05-21 11:41  moneta

	* hist/src/TF2.cxx:
	fix a problem constructing TF2 from formula expression. Same now as before (v. 1.37)
2007-05-21 11:11  brun

	* test/MainEvent.cxx:
	Use TTree::SetCacheSize instead of the obsolete TFile::UseCache
2007-05-21 10:39  moneta

	* tutorials/math/exampleFunctor.C:
	add tutorial showing example to create TF1 from functor and class member functions
2007-05-21 10:38  moneta

	* hist/: inc/TF1.h, inc/TF2.h, inc/TF3.h, src/TF1.cxx, src/TF2.cxx,
	add support for creating TF1 from function object (functors) and class member functions
2007-05-21 02:46  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Send back version/arch/compiler info at the end of Setup().
2007-05-21 02:45  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Increase protocol number to 13
	- Receive and store version/arch/compiler info from the workers
	- Print the new info when doing TProof::Print()
2007-05-21 02:45  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TSlave.h, src/TSlave.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Add members for the ROOT version and arch/compiler of the worker
	- Add setters for the new members
	- Print the new info in TSlave::Print()
2007-05-21 02:44  rdm

	* base/: inc/TSystem.h, src/TSystem.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Add new getters for the compiler and compiler version
	     const char *TSystem::GetBuildCompiler()
	     const char *TSystem::GetBuildCompilerVersion()
2007-05-21 02:43  rdm

	* build/: unix/, win/
	From Gerri:
	- Add definition of COMPILERVERS with the version of the compiler
	  (currently filled completely only for gcc and icc)
2007-05-21 02:26  rdm

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Improved check of the XrdSysPrivGuard validity
	- Always export the ROOT version tag to proofserv (it was done only when
	  different from the default one)
2007-05-21 02:22  rdm

	* proofplayer/: inc/TAdaptivePacketizer.h, inc/TPacketizer.h,
	inc/TProofPlayer.h, src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx,
	src/TPacketizer.cxx, src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	use TProof::GetParameter() utility to get parameters from the input list.
2007-05-21 02:21  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx:
	new static utility functions for retrieving parameters from input lists:
	static Int_t  GetParameter(TCollection *c, const char *par, TString &value);
	static Int_t  GetParameter(TCollection *c, const char *par, Long_t &value);
	static Int_t  GetParameter(TCollection *c, const char *par, Long64_t &value);
	static Int_t  GetParameter(TCollection *c, const char *par, Double_t &value);
	simplifies code from:
	   TParameter<Int_t> *par = 0;
	   TObject *obj = input->FindObject("PROOF_ProgressPeriod");
	   Int_t period = 500;
	   if (obj && (par = dynamic_cast<TParameter<Int_t>*>(obj)))
	      period = par->GetVal();
	   Long_t period = 500;
	   TProof::GetParameter(input, "PROOF_ProgressPeriod", period);
2007-05-21 01:25  rdm

	* base/: inc/TTimer.h, src/TTimer.cxx:
	fix type of time in Start() from int to long to be consistent with all other
	appearances of time argument.
2007-05-21 01:22  rdm

	* guihtml/src/TGHtmlIndex.cxx:
	fix warning:
	guihtml/src/TGHtmlIndex.cxx: In member function 'int TGHtml::IndexMod(TGHtmlElement**, int*, char*)':
	guihtml/src/TGHtmlIndex.cxx:261: warning: operation on 'i' may be undefined
2007-05-19 17:47  brun

	* gl/src/TGLScene.cxx:
	In TGLScene destructor , do not call TGLDisplayListCache::Purge, otherwise
	one gets a crash on the MAC when deleting a GL window.
2007-05-19 17:41  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	Protect TGeoManager destructor in case it is called from TROOT destructor.
2007-05-18 18:00  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtmlForm.cxx:
	Comment an unused statement.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-05-18 17:55  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtmlForm.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	Fix compiler warnings.
2007-05-18 17:51  moneta

	* math/:, inc/Math/ParamFunctor.h:
	add ParamFunctor class which will be used by TF1 for creating a TF1 class  from a C++ callable object or from a class member function
2007-05-18 14:57  brun

	* roofitcore/src/RooPlot.cxx:
	Implement a back compatible RooPlot::Streamer.
	      // Version 1 of RooPlot was deriving from TH1 and RooPrintable
	      // Version 2 derives instead from TNamed and RooPrintable
2007-05-18 14:13  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGTextView.h, src/TGTextEdit.cxx, src/TGTextView.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- fixed problem running text editor with Qt layer
	- SetForegroundColor(Pixel_t) method was implemented which allows to
	  set text color for text view/editor.
2007-05-18 13:39  rdm

	* cint/: inc/Method.h, src/Api.cxx, src/CallFunc.cxx,
	src/Method.cxx, src/bc_exec_asm.h, src/bc_inst.cxx, src/bc_inst.h,
	src/common.h, src/fproto.h, src/v6_cast.cxx, src/v6_func.cxx,
	src/v6_ifunc.cxx, src/v6_init.cxx, src/v6_newlink.cxx,
	src/v6_pause.cxx, src/v6_pcode.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx,
	src/v6_struct.cxx, src/v6_var.cxx:
	revert to previous version till side-effects of Diego's mods are understood.
2007-05-18 10:37  brun

	* tree/src/TLeafI.cxx:
	In TLeafI::ReadBasket one must check that fReadEntry in the count branch
	is the same as the one in the branch being read.
	This check is necessary when reading only one branch having a branch counter.
2007-05-18 09:23  moneta

	* mathcore/src/3DConversions.cxx:
	fix a bug in coverting from RotationZ to a Quaternion
2007-05-18 00:21  pcanal

	* tree/: inc/LinkDef2.h, inc/TChain.h, inc/TTree.h,
	src/ManualTree2.cxx, src/ManualTree2.h, src/ManualTree2Body.h:
	Extend TTree::Process(TSelector *sel, ....) so it can handle the case where the selector is interpreted
2007-05-18 00:19  pcanal

	* tree/: inc/TSelectorCint.h, src/TSelectorCint.cxx:
	Add the ability for the TSelectorCint do not 'own' the underlying interpreted selector
2007-05-17 17:06  brun

	* test/rhtml/rhtml.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	 - rhtml.cxx : set watch mouse cursor when downloading page
2007-05-17 17:04  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	 - TWinNTSystem.cxx : add forgotten test/break + cosmetics
2007-05-17 16:28  brun

	* roofitcore/inc/RooPlot.h:
	Add missing forward reference to class TAxis.
2007-05-17 16:15  brun

	* asimage/inc/TASImage.h, asimage/src/TASImage.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TASImage. Remove dependency on libGpad
	- Win32gdk: Remove dependencies on libGpad
2007-05-17 09:58  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	libASImage does not depend on libHist.
2007-05-17 01:53  rdm

	* net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	improve detection of remote default shell and pass different options for
	[t]csh. Also when -d 1 is passed run ssh in -v mode for better debugging.
2007-05-16 23:21  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Prevent parsing error of cast operation in some simples cases
2007-05-16 19:16  brun

	Add Diego Marcos Segura for his contribution to teh CINT wrappers enhancements.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-05-16 18:40  axel

	* cint/: inc/Method.h, src/Api.cxx, src/CallFunc.cxx,
	src/Method.cxx, src/bc_exec_asm.h, src/bc_inst.cxx, src/bc_inst.h,
	src/common.h, src/fproto.h, src/v6_cast.cxx, src/v6_func.cxx,
	src/v6_ifunc.cxx, src/v6_init.cxx, src/v6_newlink.cxx,
	src/v6_pause.cxx, src/v6_pcode.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx,
	src/v6_struct.cxx, src/v6_var.cxx:
	Prevent creation of function call stubs for virtual functions that are implemented in the base class.
	For this to work, this ptrs of derived objects must be adjusted to the non-left-most base class for multiple inheritance.
	G__funcentry now contains a field holding this offset.
	G__MethodInfo has new member func GetThisPointerOffset() returning this offset.
	The bytecode representation of a function call (G__LDFUNC) is extended to store this offset.
	To prevent the setup of derived classes' functions, a stack of dictionary setup routines needed to be implemented.
	Inheritance chains now translate to recursive memfunc_setup calls; thus the "stored" globals needed to be converted into a stack (each call has its own "previous" set of globals).
2007-05-16 18:06  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	Fixed bug #26371 - SegV was caused by not set to 0 fit function parent.
	Improvements in CheckRange and SetFitObject methods
2007-05-16 13:14  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx, rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	   - Define BIT(15) as kProcessRemotely to control remote execution.
	     The definition is public so that it can be set by any application that
	     wants something to be processed on the current remote session, e.g.
	     The new bit replaces both bit kTerminalInput and the boolean fProcessingLine.
	 TApplication.cxx, TRint.cxx, TApplicationRemote.cxx
	   - Cope with the change in TApplication.h
2007-05-16 12:34  brun

	* net/src/TApplicationServer.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	   - Instantiate gBenchmark in the constructor (in analogy with TRInt)
	   - Fix a warning from an uninitialized variable.
2007-05-16 12:05  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtmlDraw.cxx:
	Fix a compiler warning about a possible uninitialized variable "TGFont *font"
	in TGHtml::DrawSelectionBackground.
2007-05-16 12:04  brun

	* asimage/inc/TASImage.h, asimage/src/TASImage.cxx,
	graf/inc/TImage.h, gui/src/TGSpeedo.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	 - add a Option_t parameter in TImage::PaintImage allowing to control
	the image trasparency.
	   (solve small problems on Windows)
2007-05-16 11:26  rdm

	* roofit/
	original re-introduced directly in cvs (needed for previous
	versions) and now add mods for current version.
2007-05-16 09:45  brun

	* test/rhtml/rhtml.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Fix navigation problems with the forward/backward buttons.
2007-05-15 22:12  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Properly handle the case where the return value of a member function is an STL collection
2007-05-15 22:11  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBranchBrowsable.cxx:
	In the TBrowser, when drilling through a TTree and clicking on a member function that returns an object, we now also list the data members
2007-05-15 21:59  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Properly handle the case where the return value of a member function is an STL collection
2007-05-15 21:59  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBranchBrowsable.cxx:
	In the TBrowser, when drilling through a TTree and clicking on a member function that returns an object, we now also list the data members
2007-05-15 14:49  rdm

	* main/src/, net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	several fixes in the ssh tunnnel command:
	- force IPv4 addresssing, on Mac OS X IPv6 is default.
	- ssh commmand to execute is now:
	   "$SHELL -l -c 'roots ... '"
	  this uses the users default shell on the remote machine
	  and forces the sourcing of the login script, e.g. .bash_profile
	  before executing roots. Hence if the user does correctly setup
	  ROOTSYS and PATH in the login script roots will be found.
2007-05-15 14:48  couet

	* graf/src/TLatex.cxx:
	- After a call to GetXsize() the text angle was reset to 0. Now fixed.
2007-05-15 14:02  antcheva

	* tutorials/gui/exec3.C:
	When the slot string defines a global function name, both parameters
	specifying the class name and the receiver should be set to 0 (zero).
	Macro can be compiled now.
2007-05-14 21:54  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Wouter:
	Fix Makefile dependencies. RooFit can now be installed on Windows.
2007-05-14 21:39  wouter

	* roofit/src/: RooGExpModel.cxx, RooGaussModel.cxx:
	   o RooGExpModel, RooGaussModel
	     - Use verboseEval() rather than _verboseEval to make it work on Windows
2007-05-14 20:37  wouter

	* roofitcore/: inc/RooAbsPdf.h, inc/RooResolutionModel.h,
	src/RooAbsPdf.cxx, src/RooResolutionModel.cxx:
	   o RooAbsPdf,RooResolutionModel
	     - Wrap static data members in non-inline accessor for Windows compatibility
2007-05-14 20:04  brun

	* spectrum/src/TSpectrum3.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TSpectrum3::Search. The returned z position was in fact along the y axis. This fixes le problem in Sanannah.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-05-14 19:56  brun

	* roofitcore/inc/RooConvCoefVar.h:
	Fix a typo (thanks Christian Holm)
	There's a silly typo in the forward declaration of `RooAbsAnaConvPdf':
		class RooAbsAnaConfPdf ;
	Should be
		class RooAbsAnaConvPdf ;
2007-05-14 18:29  wouter

	* roofitcore/:, inc/LinkDef2.h, src/RooNumConvPdf.cxx:
	  o, inc/Linkdef2.h
	    - Add RooNumConvPdf
	  o RooNumConvPdf
	    - Change Ident comment string prefix from roofit to roofitcore
2007-05-14 17:26  brun

	* roofit/inc/LinkDef1.h:
	Comment the pragma link statement for class RooNumConvPdf
2007-05-14 17:21  rdm

	* roofit/.cvsignore:
	not needed anymore.
2007-05-14 16:38  wouter

	* roofit/src/Roo2DKeysPdf.cxx, roofit/src/RooArgusBG.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooBCPEffDecay.cxx, roofit/src/RooBCPGenDecay.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooBDecay.cxx, roofit/src/RooBMixDecay.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooBifurGauss.cxx, roofit/src/RooBlindTools.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooBreitWigner.cxx, roofit/src/RooBukinPdf.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooCBShape.cxx, roofit/src/RooChebychev.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooDecay.cxx, roofit/src/RooDstD0BG.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooExponential.cxx, roofit/src/RooGExpModel.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooGaussModel.cxx, roofit/src/RooGaussian.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooHistPdf.cxx, roofit/src/RooKeysPdf.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooLandau.cxx, roofit/src/RooNonCPEigenDecay.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooPolynomial.cxx, roofit/src/RooUnblindCPAsymVar.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooUnblindUniform.cxx, roofit/src/RooVoigtian.cxx,
	   o All classes
	     - Add ROOT style Ident comment string
2007-05-14 16:37  wouter

	* roofitcore/src/: Roo1DTable.cxx, RooAICRegistry.cxx,
	RooAbsAnaConvPdf.cxx, RooAbsArg.cxx, RooAbsBinning.cxx,
	RooAbsCategory.cxx, RooAbsCategoryLValue.cxx, RooAbsCollection.cxx,
	RooAbsData.cxx, RooAbsFunc.cxx, RooAbsGenContext.cxx,
	RooAbsGoodnessOfFit.cxx, RooAbsHiddenReal.cxx,
	RooAbsIntegrator.cxx, RooAbsLValue.cxx, RooAbsMCStudyModule.cxx,
	RooAbsOptGoodnessOfFit.cxx, RooAbsPdf.cxx, RooAbsProxy.cxx,
	RooAbsReal.cxx, RooAbsRealLValue.cxx, RooAbsRootFinder.cxx,
	RooAbsString.cxx, RooAcceptReject.cxx,
	RooAdaptiveGaussKronrodIntegrator1D.cxx, RooAddGenContext.cxx,
	RooAddModel.cxx, RooAddPdf.cxx, RooAddition.cxx, RooArgList.cxx,
	RooArgProxy.cxx, RooArgSet.cxx, RooBinning.cxx,
	RooBrentRootFinder.cxx, RooCatType.cxx, RooCategory.cxx,
	RooCategoryProxy.cxx, RooCategorySharedProperties.cxx,
	RooChi2Var.cxx, RooClassFactory.cxx, RooCmdArg.cxx,
	RooCmdConfig.cxx, RooComplex.cxx, RooConstVar.cxx,
	RooConvCoefVar.cxx, RooConvGenContext.cxx,
	RooConvIntegrandBinding.cxx, RooCurve.cxx, RooCustomizer.cxx,
	RooDLLSignificanceMCSModule.cxx, RooDataHist.cxx,
	RooDataProjBinding.cxx, RooDataSet.cxx, RooDirItem.cxx,
	RooDouble.cxx, RooEffGenContext.cxx, RooEffProd.cxx,
	RooEfficiency.cxx, RooEllipse.cxx, RooErrorVar.cxx,
	RooExtendPdf.cxx, RooFitResult.cxx, RooFormula.cxx,
	RooFormulaVar.cxx, RooGaussKronrodIntegrator1D.cxx,
	RooGenCategory.cxx, RooGenContext.cxx, RooGenProdProj.cxx,
	RooGenericPdf.cxx, RooGlobalFunc.cxx, RooGraphEdge.cxx,
	RooGraphNode.cxx, RooGraphSpring.cxx, RooGrid.cxx,
	RooHashTable.cxx, RooHist.cxx, RooHistError.cxx, RooHtml.cxx,
	RooImproperIntegrator1D.cxx, RooInt.cxx, RooIntegrator1D.cxx,
	RooIntegrator2D.cxx, RooIntegratorBinding.cxx, RooInvTransform.cxx,
	RooLinTransBinning.cxx, RooLinearVar.cxx, RooLinkedList.cxx,
	RooLinkedListElem.cxx, RooLinkedListIter.cxx, RooList.cxx,
	RooListProxy.cxx, RooMCIntegrator.cxx, RooMCStudy.cxx,
	RooMPSentinel.cxx, RooMapCatEntry.cxx, RooMappedCategory.cxx,
	RooMath.cxx, RooMinuit.cxx, RooMultiCatIter.cxx,
	RooMultiCategory.cxx, RooNLLVar.cxx, RooNameReg.cxx,
	RooNameSet.cxx, RooNormListManager.cxx, RooNormManager.cxx,
	RooNormSetCache.cxx, RooNumConvolution.cxx, RooNumIntConfig.cxx,
	RooNumIntFactory.cxx, RooNumber.cxx, RooPlot.cxx, RooPlotable.cxx,
	RooPolyVar.cxx, RooPrintable.cxx, RooProdGenContext.cxx,
	RooProdPdf.cxx, RooProduct.cxx, RooPullVar.cxx,
	RooQuasiRandomGenerator.cxx, RooRandom.cxx,
	RooRandomizeParamMCSModule.cxx, RooRangeBinning.cxx,
	RooRealAnalytic.cxx, RooRealBinding.cxx, RooRealConstant.cxx,
	RooRealIntegral.cxx, RooRealMPFE.cxx, RooRealProxy.cxx,
	RooRealSumPdf.cxx, RooRealVar.cxx, RooRealVarSharedProperties.cxx,
	RooRefCountList.cxx, RooResolutionModel.cxx, RooScaledFunc.cxx,
	RooSegmentedIntegrator1D.cxx, RooSegmentedIntegrator2D.cxx,
	RooSetPair.cxx, RooSetProxy.cxx, RooSharedProperties.cxx,
	RooSharedPropertiesList.cxx, RooSimGenContext.cxx,
	RooSimPdfBuilder.cxx, RooSimultaneous.cxx, RooStreamParser.cxx,
	RooStringVar.cxx, RooSuperCategory.cxx, RooTObjWrap.cxx,
	RooTable.cxx, RooThreshEntry.cxx, RooThresholdCategory.cxx,
	RooTrace.cxx, RooTreeData.cxx, RooTruthModel.cxx,
	   o All classes
	     - Add ROOT-style Ident comment string
2007-05-14 16:32  couet

	* graf/src/TLatex.cxx:
	- From Axel:
	  valgrind was correctly complaining about sscanf accessing invalid memory
	  areas in TLatex. That's caused by not 0-terminated buffers.
	  It is now fixed.
2007-05-14 16:29  axel

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Add doc
2007-05-14 16:27  axel

	* cint/src/: v6_newlink.cxx, v6_shl.cxx:
	don't clear G__initpermanentsl if it's 0
	don't increase constness of arg of typedef'ed type when reading dict (already done when writing dict)
	use c'tor initializer list for G__Sizep2memfunc%s::p (effc++)
2007-05-14 16:05  couet

	* test/stressGraphics.cxx:
	- Undo previous fix: it made stressGraphics crashes on Linux.
2007-05-14 16:01  wouter

	* roofitcore/inc/RooConvCoefVar.h:
	  o RooConvCoefVar
	    - Add missing forward declaration to RooAbsAnaConvPdf
2007-05-14 15:34  brun

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Mark application when typing a remote command. With this change a local canvas
	can be edited while being in remote mode.
2007-05-14 15:29  antcheva

	* gui/inc/TGListView.h:
	Fixed typos in comments
2007-05-14 15:28  antcheva

	* gui/inc/: TGButtonGroup.h, TGTextEdit.h:
	Added copy ctor's and assignment operator as private
	(and not implemented)
2007-05-14 15:27  brun

	* main/src/roots.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	   - Fix coding conventions
2007-05-14 15:27  brun

	* net/: inc/RRemoteProtocol.h, inc/TApplicationRemote.h,
	inc/TApplicationServer.h, src/TApplicationRemote.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	 net/inc/RRemoteProtocol.h, net/inc/TApplicationRemote.h, net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx
	   - For processing request requiring a file (lines starting by .x, .X, .L, .U) do not search
	     locally for the file; send it over only if the server asks for it.
	   - Fix coding conventions
	 net/inc/TApplicationServer.h, net/src/TApplicationServer.cxx
	   - If a file needed to satisfy the processing request (lines starting by .x, .X, .L, .U)
	     is not found in the standard paths, ask the client to send it over.
	   - Execute rootlogon(s) at remote login
	   - Send back only new canvases
	   - In debug mode, do not Delete the log file
2007-05-14 15:26  brun

	* base/: inc/TApplication.h, src/TApplication.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	   - In remote mode, redirect remotely only process-line requests entered via command line
2007-05-14 15:25  brun

	* geom/inc/TVirtualGeoTrack.h, geom/src/TVirtualGeoTrack.cxx,
	geompainter/inc/TGeoTrack.h, geompainter/src/TGeoTrack.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	Fix to compile with gcc option "-effc++"
2007-05-14 14:35  couet

	* base/inc/TVirtualPS.h:
	- Add copy ctor and = optor to suppress warnings with
	  when compiling with the gcc option -effc==
2007-05-14 14:26  brun

	* hist/src/: TH1.cxx, TH2.cxx, TH3.cxx:
	Fix a problem with TH1, TH2, TH3 copy constructors
2007-05-14 13:14  brun

	* base/src/TMessageHandler.cxx:
	From Axel:
	fixes a mismatched new Int_t[], but delete instead of
2007-05-14 12:18  rdm

	* base/src/: TQConnection.cxx, TROOT.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	The attached patch fixes the crash in TROOT dtor when using .q while
	the ROOT browser is active. The crash comes from additional deletion
	attempt of GUI elements in TQSlotPool dtor.
2007-05-14 12:15  rdm

	* roofitcore/doc/: doc.txt, index.txt:
	rename doc.txt to index.txt (THtnl convention).
2007-05-14 12:14  rdm

	* roofit/doc/: doc.txt, index.txt:
	rename doc.txt to index.txt (THtnl convention).
2007-05-14 12:13  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	fix typo -lLib -> -Llib.
2007-05-14 11:20  axel

	* reflex/src/Tools.cxx:
	Don't ignore empty parts when splitting strings.
	Speed and readability optimizations.
2007-05-14 11:19  rdm

	* gui/
2007-05-14 11:09  rdm

	* roofit/doc/doc.txt, roofitcore/doc/doc.txt:
	add reference to the RooFit documentation.
2007-05-14 11:09  rdm

	* Makefile, config/Makefile.depend, roofitcore/
	update's for the new roofitcore and modified roofit directories.
2007-05-14 10:15  rdm

	* roofit/doc/index.txt:
	not needed anymore.
2007-05-14 09:47  rdm

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	replace by roofit cvs contents.
2007-05-14 09:42  rdm

	* configure, build/package/common/libroot-unuran.control,
	build/package/debian/changelog, build/package/debian/copyright,
	build/package/debian/rules, build/package/lib/,
	build/package/lib/makelist, build/package/lib/,
	From Christian Holm:
	Here's some minor changes to split off unuran into it's own package.
	Unuran is GPL'ed and can not be distributed nicely with the rest of the
	LGPL'ed stuff (I think).  I also made some changes to keep the package
	building more quiet and up to standard.
2007-05-14 09:38  rdm

	* net/: inc/TGridJob.h, src/TGridJob.cxx:
	Add interface:
	Int_t GetOutputSandbox(const char *localpath, Option_t *opt = 0);
	to allow actual implementation (gLite) to retrieve the job's sandbox
	to a specific location. As asked for in issue 26198.
2007-05-12 22:11  brun

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Process events while filling TGFileContainer to not block the GUI in case of directories containing many files.
2007-05-12 15:48  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TFriendProxy.cxx:
	add protection in case the friend tree is missing
2007-05-12 12:15  rdm

	* build/win/
	From Axel:
	The check for cint7_tmp.exe was wrong in win/
2007-05-12 00:11  pcanal

	* cint/src/Shadow.cxx:
	remove fix length array
2007-05-11 17:25  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	Temporarily comment out the destruction of the list of Browsers in the TROOT destructor.
	The GUI classes must be fixed before reactivating this line.
2007-05-11 17:18  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	In TGraph::PaintGraph take into account the special case where teh TGraph as an empty name.
	When this happens, the code generated by SaveAs in a .C file contained an invalid pointer.
2007-05-11 17:15  rdm

	* netx/src/TXNetFileStager.cxx:
	From Andreas:
	fix in IsStaged(), return value of IsOnline() iso AccessPathName().
2007-05-11 17:02  rdm

	* configure, build/package/common/,
	build/package/debian/README.Debian, build/package/debian/changelog,
	build/package/debian/rules, build/package/lib/,
	build/package/lib/, build/package/lib/makelist,
	build/package/lib/, build/package/lib/,
	build/package/rpm/, man/man1/genmap.1, reflex/.cvsignore,
	reflex/inc/Reflex/.cvsignore, reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/.cvsignore,
	reflex/inc/Reflex/internal/.cvsignore, reflex/python/.cvsignore,
	reflex/python/genreflex/.cvsignore, reflex/src/.cvsignore,
	reflex/test/.cvsignore, reflex/test/testDict1/.cvsignore,
	reflex/test/testDict2/.cvsignore, unuran/
	From Chistian Holm:
	  * New package names.  Packages that used to be named
	    `root-{bin,doc,common,...}' are now called
	    `root-system-{bin,doc,common,...}'  This is to please the Debian
	    FTP masters so that they might accept ROOT into the main Debian
	  * The above change means a lot of files in the `build/package/...'
	    need to be renamed.
	  * Fix to `unuran/' to allow unpacking the tar-ball an
	    remove it before making packages.  This is also done for roofit
	    and afterimage.   This is required by Debian so that the
	    security team can make patches.
	  * Note, that due to the name change, the packages are not
	    compatible with the old packages.  That means that users will
	    have to completely de-install the old ROOT packages before
	    installing the new ones.
2007-05-11 16:34  rdm

	* netx/src/TXNetSystem.cxx:
	From Andreas:
	I need to pass also opaque information (GetFileAndOptions) and I need
	to mask the '\n' in the opaque information, because in xrootd the
	'\n' is used to separate file names.
2007-05-11 16:26  rdm

	* build/win/
	From Axel:
	We don't want precomp.o (and thus VersionCheck) in the cintdll.
2007-05-11 16:23  rdm

	* alien/inc/TAlienJob.h, alien/inc/TAlienJobStatusList.h,
	alien/inc/TAlienMasterJob.h, alien/inc/TAlienMasterJobStatus.h,
	alien/src/TAlien.cxx, alien/src/TAlienJob.cxx,
	alien/src/TAlienMasterJob.cxx, net/inc/TGridJob.h,
	From Andreas:
	move JobID from int to TString to facilitate gLite plugin development.
2007-05-11 15:12  verkerke

	* roofitcore/src/: RooBanner.cxx, RooPlot.cxx:
	    o RooPlot
	      - Now contains a TH1 pointer, rather than that it inherits from TH1.
	        Forward essential TH1 member function calls to data member
	    o RooBanner
	      - Increment version tag to 2.11
2007-05-11 15:11  verkerke

	* roofitcore/inc/: LinkDef2.h, RooPlot.h:
	    o RooPlot
	      - Now contains a TH1 pointer, rather than that it inherits from TH1.
	        Forward essential TH1 member function calls to data member
	   o LinkDef2
	      - Declare that RooPlot has private Streamer
2007-05-11 12:42  verkerke

	* roofit/inc/RooHistPdf.h, roofit/src/RooHistPdf.cxx,
	roofitcore/inc/RooNumConvPdf.h, roofitcore/src/RooNumConvPdf.cxx:
	more rfc/rfm migration
2007-05-11 12:26  verkerke

	* roofitcore/: inc/RooHistPdf.h, src/RooHistPdf.cxx,
	src/RooIntegratorTest.cxx, src/makedocs.cxx:
	some migrations between rfc and rfm
2007-05-11 12:15  verkerke

	* roofit/inc/LinkDef1.h, roofit/inc/RooBlindTools.h,
	roofit/inc/RooHistPdf.h, roofit/inc/RooUnblindCPAsymVar.h,
	roofit/inc/RooUnblindOffset.h, roofit/inc/RooUnblindPrecision.h,
	roofit/inc/RooUnblindUniform.h, roofit/src/RooBlindTools.cxx,
	roofit/src/RooUnblindUniform.cxx, roofitcore/inc/RooNumConvPdf.h:
	fixes in porting code to ROOT cvs
2007-05-11 12:14  verkerke

	* roofitcore/:, inc/LinkDef1.h, inc/LinkDef2.h,
	inc/LinkDef3.h, inc/RooAbsAnaConvPdf.h, inc/RooAddPdf.h,
	inc/RooEffProd.h, inc/RooEfficiency.h, inc/RooExtendPdf.h,
	inc/RooMCStudy.h, inc/RooProdPdf.h, inc/RooSimPdfBuilder.h,
	inc/RooTruthModel.h, src/RooAbsAnaConvPdf.cxx, src/RooAddPdf.cxx,
	src/RooEffProd.cxx, src/RooEfficiency.cxx, src/RooExtendPdf.cxx,
	src/RooMCStudy.cxx, src/RooProdPdf.cxx, src/RooSimPdfBuilder.cxx,
	fixes in porting code to ROOT cvs
2007-05-11 12:13  brun

	* base/inc/TVersionCheck.h:
	Hide a static function to CINT. With this fix g4root compiles OK.
2007-05-11 11:14  verkerke

	* roofit/inc/LinkDef1.h:
	Add ROOT LinkDef file
2007-05-11 11:13  verkerke

	* roofit/src/: Roo2DKeysPdf.cxx, RooArgusBG.cxx,
	RooBCPEffDecay.cxx, RooBCPGenDecay.cxx, RooBDecay.cxx,
	RooBMixDecay.cxx, RooBifurGauss.cxx, RooBreitWigner.cxx,
	RooBukinPdf.cxx, RooCBShape.cxx, RooChebychev.cxx, RooDecay.cxx,
	RooDstD0BG.cxx, RooExponential.cxx, RooGExpModel.cxx,
	RooGaussModel.cxx, RooGaussian.cxx, RooKeysPdf.cxx, RooLandau.cxx,
	RooNonCPEigenDecay.cxx, RooNovosibirsk.cxx,
	RooParametricStepFunction.cxx, RooPolynomial.cxx, RooVoigtian.cxx:
	Change structure and names of files to that of ROOT CVS repository
2007-05-11 11:13  verkerke

	* roofit/inc/: Roo2DKeysPdf.h, RooArgusBG.h, RooBCPEffDecay.h,
	RooBCPGenDecay.h, RooBDecay.h, RooBMixDecay.h, RooBifurGauss.h,
	RooBreitWigner.h, RooBukinPdf.h, RooCBShape.h, RooChebychev.h,
	RooDecay.h, RooDstD0BG.h, RooExponential.h, RooGExpModel.h,
	RooGaussModel.h, RooGaussian.h, RooKeysPdf.h, RooLandau.h,
	RooNonCPEigenDecay.h, RooNovosibirsk.h,
	RooParametricStepFunction.h, RooPolynomial.h, RooVoigtian.h:
	Change structure and names of files to that of ROOT CVS repository
2007-05-11 11:11  verkerke

	* roofitcore/src/: Roo1DTable.cxx, RooAICRegistry.cxx,
	RooAbsArg.cxx, RooAbsBinning.cxx, RooAbsCategory.cxx,
	RooAbsCategoryLValue.cxx, RooAbsCollection.cxx, RooAbsData.cxx,
	RooAbsFunc.cxx, RooAbsGenContext.cxx, RooAbsGoodnessOfFit.cxx,
	RooAbsHiddenReal.cxx, RooAbsIntegrator.cxx, RooAbsLValue.cxx,
	RooAbsMCStudyModule.cxx, RooAbsOptGoodnessOfFit.cxx, RooAbsPdf.cxx,
	RooAbsProxy.cxx, RooAbsReal.cxx, RooAbsRealLValue.cxx,
	RooAbsRootFinder.cxx, RooAbsString.cxx, RooAcceptReject.cxx,
	RooAdaptiveGaussKronrodIntegrator1D.cxx, RooAddGenContext.cxx,
	RooAddModel.cxx, RooAddition.cxx, RooArgList.cxx, RooArgProxy.cxx,
	RooArgSet.cxx, RooBanner.cxx, RooBinning.cxx,
	RooBrentRootFinder.cxx, RooCatType.cxx, RooCategory.cxx,
	RooCategoryProxy.cxx, RooCategorySharedProperties.cxx,
	RooChi2Var.cxx, RooClassFactory.cxx, RooCmdArg.cxx,
	RooCmdConfig.cxx, RooComplex.cxx, RooConstVar.cxx,
	RooConvCoefVar.cxx, RooConvGenContext.cxx,
	RooConvIntegrandBinding.cxx, RooCurve.cxx, RooCustomizer.cxx,
	RooDLLSignificanceMCSModule.cxx, RooDataHist.cxx,
	RooDataProjBinding.cxx, RooDataSet.cxx, RooDirItem.cxx,
	RooDouble.cxx, RooEffGenContext.cxx, RooEllipse.cxx,
	RooErrorVar.cxx, RooFitResult.cxx, RooFormula.cxx,
	RooFormulaVar.cxx, RooGaussKronrodIntegrator1D.cxx,
	RooGenCategory.cxx, RooGenContext.cxx, RooGenProdProj.cxx,
	RooGenericPdf.cxx, RooGlobalFunc.cxx, RooGraphEdge.cxx,
	RooGraphNode.cxx, RooGraphSpring.cxx, RooGrid.cxx,
	RooHashTable.cxx, RooHist.cxx, RooHistError.cxx, RooHtml.cxx,
	RooImproperIntegrator1D.cxx, RooInt.cxx, RooIntegrator1D.cxx,
	RooIntegrator2D.cxx, RooIntegratorBinding.cxx, RooInvTransform.cxx,
	RooLinTransBinning.cxx, RooLinearVar.cxx, RooLinkedList.cxx,
	RooLinkedListElem.cxx, RooLinkedListIter.cxx, RooList.cxx,
	RooListProxy.cxx, RooMCIntegrator.cxx, RooMPSentinel.cxx,
	RooMapCatEntry.cxx, RooMappedCategory.cxx, RooMath.cxx,
	RooMinuit.cxx, RooMultiCatIter.cxx, RooMultiCategory.cxx,
	RooNLLVar.cxx, RooNameReg.cxx, RooNameSet.cxx,
	RooNormListManager.cxx, RooNormManager.cxx, RooNormSetCache.cxx,
	RooNumConvolution.cxx, RooNumIntConfig.cxx, RooNumIntFactory.cxx,
	RooNumber.cxx, RooPlot.cxx, RooPlotable.cxx, RooPolyVar.cxx,
	RooPrintable.cxx, RooProdGenContext.cxx, RooProduct.cxx,
	RooPullVar.cxx, RooQuasiRandomGenerator.cxx, RooRandom.cxx,
	RooRandomizeParamMCSModule.cxx, RooRangeBinning.cxx,
	RooRealAnalytic.cxx, RooRealBinding.cxx, RooRealConstant.cxx,
	RooRealIntegral.cxx, RooRealMPFE.cxx, RooRealProxy.cxx,
	RooRealSumPdf.cxx, RooRealVar.cxx, RooRealVarSharedProperties.cxx,
	RooRefCountList.cxx, RooResolutionModel.cxx, RooScaledFunc.cxx,
	RooSegmentedIntegrator1D.cxx, RooSegmentedIntegrator2D.cxx,
	RooSetPair.cxx, RooSetProxy.cxx, RooSharedProperties.cxx,
	RooSharedPropertiesList.cxx, RooSimGenContext.cxx,
	RooSimultaneous.cxx, RooStreamParser.cxx, RooStringVar.cxx,
	RooSuperCategory.cxx, RooTObjWrap.cxx, RooTable.cxx,
	RooThreshEntry.cxx, RooThresholdCategory.cxx, RooTrace.cxx,
	RooTreeData.cxx, RooUniformBinning.cxx:
	Change structure and names of files to that of ROOT CVS repository
2007-05-11 11:11  verkerke

	* roofitcore/inc/: LinkDef1.h, LinkDef2.h, LinkDef3.h,
	Roo1DTable.h, RooAICRegistry.h, RooAbsArg.h, RooAbsBinning.h,
	RooAbsCategory.h, RooAbsCategoryLValue.h, RooAbsCollection.h,
	RooAbsData.h, RooAbsFunc.h, RooAbsGenContext.h,
	RooAbsGoodnessOfFit.h, RooAbsHiddenReal.h, RooAbsIntegrator.h,
	RooAbsLValue.h, RooAbsMCStudyModule.h, RooAbsOptGoodnessOfFit.h,
	RooAbsPdf.h, RooAbsProxy.h, RooAbsReal.h, RooAbsRealLValue.h,
	RooAbsRootFinder.h, RooAbsString.h, RooAcceptReject.h,
	RooAdaptiveGaussKronrodIntegrator1D.h, RooAddGenContext.h,
	RooAddModel.h, RooAddition.h, RooArgList.h, RooArgProxy.h,
	RooArgSet.h, RooBinning.h, RooBrentRootFinder.h, RooCatType.h,
	RooCategory.h, RooCategoryProxy.h, RooCategorySharedProperties.h,
	RooChi2Var.h, RooClassFactory.h, RooCmdArg.h, RooCmdConfig.h,
	RooComplex.h, RooConstVar.h, RooConvCoefVar.h, RooConvGenContext.h,
	RooConvIntegrandBinding.h, RooCurve.h, RooCustomizer.h,
	RooDLLSignificanceMCSModule.h, RooDataHist.h, RooDataProjBinding.h,
	RooDataSet.h, RooDirItem.h, RooDouble.h, RooEffGenContext.h,
	RooEllipse.h, RooErrorHandler.h, RooErrorVar.h, RooFit.h,
	RooFitResult.h, RooFormula.h, RooFormulaVar.h,
	RooGaussKronrodIntegrator1D.h, RooGenCategory.h, RooGenContext.h,
	RooGenProdProj.h, RooGenericPdf.h, RooGlobalFunc.h, RooGraphEdge.h,
	RooGraphNode.h, RooGraphSpring.h, RooGrid.h, RooHashTable.h,
	RooHist.h, RooHistError.h, RooHtml.h, RooImproperIntegrator1D.h,
	RooInt.h, RooIntegrator1D.h, RooIntegrator2D.h,
	RooIntegratorBinding.h, RooInvTransform.h, RooLinTransBinning.h,
	RooLinearVar.h, RooLinkedList.h, RooLinkedListElem.h,
	RooLinkedListIter.h, RooList.h, RooListProxy.h, RooMCIntegrator.h,
	RooMPSentinel.h, RooMapCatEntry.h, RooMappedCategory.h, RooMath.h,
	RooMinuit.h, RooMultiCatIter.h, RooMultiCategory.h, RooNLLVar.h,
	RooNameReg.h, RooNameSet.h, RooNormListManager.h, RooNormManager.h,
	RooNormSetCache.h, RooNumConvolution.h, RooNumIntConfig.h,
	RooNumIntFactory.h, RooNumber.h, RooPlot.h, RooPlotable.h,
	RooPolyVar.h, RooPrintable.h, RooProdGenContext.h, RooProduct.h,
	RooPullVar.h, RooQuasiRandomGenerator.h, RooRandom.h,
	RooRandomizeParamMCSModule.h, RooRangeBinning.h, RooRealAnalytic.h,
	RooRealBinding.h, RooRealConstant.h, RooRealIntegral.h,
	RooRealMPFE.h, RooRealProxy.h, RooRealSumPdf.h, RooRealVar.h,
	RooRealVarSharedProperties.h, RooRefCountList.h,
	RooResolutionModel.h, RooScaledFunc.h, RooSegmentedIntegrator1D.h,
	RooSegmentedIntegrator2D.h, RooSetPair.h, RooSetProxy.h,
	RooSharedProperties.h, RooSharedPropertiesList.h,
	RooSimGenContext.h, RooSimultaneous.h, RooStreamParser.h,
	RooStringVar.h, RooSuperCategory.h, RooTObjWrap.h, RooTable.h,
	RooThreshEntry.h, RooThresholdCategory.h, RooTrace.h,
	RooTreeData.h, RooUniformBinning.h:
	Change structure and names of files to that of ROOT CVS repository
2007-05-11 10:16  rdm

	* build/win/
	also add cint7 et al to the precompiled exception list.
2007-05-11 08:37  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	In TBranch::LoadBaskets the member fNBasketsRAM was not incremented.
	As a result when calling TBranch::DropBaskets, not all baskets buffers were dropped.
	This fixes the problem reported by Andreas Petzold at:
2007-05-10 20:20  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	remove some dead code.
2007-05-10 20:19  rdm

	* build/win/
	extend the list of objects not the be linked against the precompiled
	header object. Fixes the problem with TVersionCheck ctor not being
2007-05-10 20:16  rdm

	* base/: inc/TROOT.h, inc/TVersionCheck.h, src/TROOT.cxx,
	don't use an inline function as TVersionCheck ctor but provide an
	implementation in TSystem.cxx. This should prevent linkers from
	collapsing the inlines.
2007-05-10 19:31  rdm

	* net/: inc/RRemoteProtocol.h, inc/TApplicationRemote.h,
	inc/TApplicationServer.h, src/TApplicationRemote.cxx,
	fix cvs tag lines.
2007-05-10 19:30  pcanal

	* cint/src/v6_parse.cxx:
	Add out of bound check in G__exec_statement
2007-05-10 19:12  rdm

	* net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx:
	fix compilation problem on windows.
2007-05-10 19:08  rdm

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	rint/inc/TRint.h, rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	remove dependency of libCore on libRint.
2007-05-10 18:25  rdm

	* main/src/roots.cxx:
	fix compilation problem on Mac OS X <sys/stat.h> needed for chmod().
2007-05-10 18:04  rdm

	* base/inc/TVersionCheck.h:
	disable version check on Win32 till fix is found for extern symbols.
2007-05-10 18:02  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	    - mods to existing files to support remote execution.
2007-05-10 18:01  brun

	* main/, main/src/roots.cxx, main/src/,
	net/inc/LinkDef.h, net/inc/RRemoteProtocol.h,
	net/inc/TApplicationRemote.h, net/inc/TApplicationServer.h,
	net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx, net/src/TApplicationServer.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	    - New files to implement the very first version of the client-server model for remote execution.
	      This version allows to start remote sessions and execute macros displaying the result locally.
	      Optmized TPad/TCanvas updating  is not yet implemented.
2007-05-10 17:17  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	add check for failure of loading dependent libraries in AutoLoad().
2007-05-10 17:06  rdm

	* auth/, base/inc/TObject.h, base/inc/TROOT.h,
	base/inc/TVersionCheck.h, base/src/TROOT.cxx, base/src/TSystem.cxx,
	build/unix/, clib/, krb5auth/,
	main/, metautils/, proofd/,
	reflex/, rootd/, rootx/,
	rpdutils/, utils/
	add plugin version checking. Each library contains a static initializer of
	the new TVersionCheck class that registers its version number. This
	version number is checked in TSystem::Load() against the version of the
	ROOT Core. In case of mismatch Load() returns -2 and prints the error:
	Error in <TUnixSystem::Load>: version mismatch, /Users/rdm/root/lib/ = 51506, ROOT = 51507
	The TVersionCheck.h is included via TObject.h so it works without change
	of Makefiles. A number of's were fixed because they were using
	pre-compiled headers (which include TObject.h and hence TVersionCheck.h)
	while they were not linking against libCore.
2007-05-10 13:02  axel

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Fix "is internal clas" check (forgot a '!')
2007-05-10 08:36  brun

	* tmva/src/MethodBase.cxx:
	Replace call to gSystem->GetEnv("PWD") by gSystem->WorkingDirectory()
	such that it works on Windows too when PWD is not defined.
2007-05-09 19:01  axel

	* html/: inc/THtml.h, src/TDocParser.cxx, src/THtml.cxx:
	Only create output directory when needed.
	Extract one-line C comments properly
	Don't output class description (again) after first method has been written
	Fix module name extraction: skip leading "./"
	Set src files for reflex
	Fix check for internal classes
2007-05-09 18:33  axel

	* reflex/
	Make sure rootcint picks up the correct version of the headers (reflex/in, not include/)
2007-05-09 17:04  antcheva

	* gui/src/: TRootBrowser.cxx, TRootCanvas.cxx:
	No need to create again drag & drop type list - used fDNDTypeList
	from TGMainFrame for drag and drop type settings
2007-05-09 17:03  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGFrame.h, inc/TGTextView.h, inc/TRootEmbeddedCanvas.h,
	src/TGFrame.cxx, src/TGTextView.cxx, src/TRootEmbeddedCanvas.cxx:
	Added new data member fDNDTypeList for drag & drop type settings to
	avoid memory leak (fixes Savannah bug 26190)
2007-05-09 14:51  rdm

	* base/src/TFileInfo.cxx:
	From Jan:
	- making the behavior similar to standard unix file selection rules.
	  If the argument is a directory, we return 0 - nothing selected (until
	  now it depended on whether '/' had been at the end).
	- An instance of TList was not deleted if the directory could not be opened.
2007-05-09 13:11  brun

	* test/rhtml/: GoBack.gif, GoForward.gif, GoHome.gif,
	ReloadPage.gif, StopLoading.gif, htmlfile.gif, info.gif:
	gif files reintroduced in binary format.
2007-05-09 13:10  brun

	* test/rhtml/: GoBack.gif, GoForward.gif, GoHome.gif,
	ReloadPage.gif, StopLoading.gif, htmlfile.gif, info.gif:
	Going to check in again these files in binary format.
2007-05-09 13:09  rdm

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	add protection in error handlers against TROOT not yet being initialized.
2007-05-09 13:02  rdm

	* build/: unix/, win/
	get path of used compiler (use type -path).
2007-05-09 13:00  rdm

	* base/inc/MessageTypes.h:
	From Gerri:
	explicit number messages.
2007-05-09 12:25  rdm

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	add protection in the error handler routine in case gROOT is not yet
	fully initialized. Fix issue 26200.
2007-05-09 12:21  brun

	* test/Makefile:
	From Bertrand:
	 - distclean also rhtml when typing "make distclean" in test directory.
2007-05-09 12:06  brun

	* mlp/src/TMultiLayerPerceptron.cxx:
	From Christophe Delaere:
	"Moved the declaration of 3 matrices to the BFGS-specific part of the code to
	avoid unneeded instantiations when using other training methods."
2007-05-09 12:01  brun

	* test/rhtml/: GoBack.gif, GoForward.gif, GoHome.gif, LinkDef.h,
	Makefile, ReloadPage.gif, StopLoading.gif, htmlfile.gif, info.gif,
	rhtml.cxx, rhtml.h:
	From Bertrand:
	new directory rhtml including a small html browser.
	Run the makefile in the rhtml directory and run the executable rhtml.
	By default the ROOT home page is displayed. You can follow the links.
	This first version has several restrictions, eg
	  -cannot browse pages with Cascaded Style Sheets
	  -cannot access wiki pages
	This test programs illustrates the functionality of the guihtml system,
	see class TGhtml and also how powerful the ROOT GUI can be !
2007-05-09 11:39  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	In the TROOT destructor, delete a few more collections like: fFunctions, fColors, fStyles, fGeometries, fBrowsers and fMessagehandlers. This minimizes the complaints from valgrind
	when exiting from ROOT.
	Note that we still do not delete fClasses, fTypes, fGlobals to avoid nasty effects
	with the order of destruction of these objects.
2007-05-08 22:16  brun

	* io/src/TFile.cxx:
	Add more comments in constructor.
2007-05-08 19:28  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormulaManager.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Fix a small problem, when processing chains on proof with empty selections.
2007-05-08 17:01  rdm

	* proofplayer/: inc/TObjectCache.h, inc/TPacketizerDev.h,
	src/TObjectCache.cxx, src/TPacketizerDev.cxx:
	remove unused classes.
2007-05-08 16:57  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- In RpdLogin, change to user's $HOME after having setresuid to username;
	  this is meant to avoid problems with root squashing in systems having
	  home dirs under NFS.
2007-05-08 16:57  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofChain.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- In Process, add missing setting of the event list in the TDSet instance; this
	  should fix the problem with event lists being ignored - see bug #18495.
	  (from Anna).
2007-05-08 16:56  rdm

	* proofplayer/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TEventIter.h,
	From Gerri:
	- Remove any reference to TObjectCache (following a problem observed
	  by Anna).
	- Remove any reference to TPacketizerDev (it is not used and for testing
	  one can upload a new packetizer as a PAR package)
2007-05-08 16:54  rdm

	* proof/src/TDSet.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- In Add(TCollection *filelist), fix bug in pointer assignment (from Jan).
2007-05-08 15:50  rdm

	* alien/: inc/TAlienCollection.h, inc/TAlienFile.h,
	src/TAlienCollection.cxx, src/TAlienFile.cxx:
	From Andreas:
	TAlienCollection: you can now invert a selection in a
	collection to get all the files which are f.e. not staged.
2007-05-08 15:49  rdm

	* netx/: inc/TXNetFile.h, src/TXNetFile.cxx:
	From Andreas and me:
	- take into account the static settings of opentimeout and
	  only staged files. If you don't have the change in xrootd,
	  the timeout does nothing - it just sets an environment
	  variable. Indeed, xrootd just returns, if the requested waittime of
	  the server is bigger than the timeout. For the moment,
	  there is no better way, but it helps to avoid blocking and
	  does what we need for analysis.
	- removed TXNetFile::Size(), GetSize() should be used.
2007-05-08 15:46  rdm

	* net/inc/TGridCollection.h:
	From Andreas:
	updated some interfaces.
2007-05-08 14:10  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoTube.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata and Alja Mrak-Tadel:
	TGeoTube::MakeBuffer3D() assigns wrong number of segments if tube does not have inner radius.
2007-05-08 12:14  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtmlImage.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Add a protection on temp file being NULL
2007-05-07 17:28  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend, guihtml/src/TGHtml.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	- Add wheel mouse scrolling in TGHtml widget.
	- Add static function to open remote pictures in TGHtmlImage.
2007-05-07 17:19  brun

	* guihtml/src/: TGHtml.cxx, TGHtmlLayout.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	o TGHtml
	 - one more fix for margins drawing.
2007-05-07 17:11  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGTextEdit.cxx:
	Fixed error reported by valgrind about
	Mismatched free() / delete / delete []
2007-05-07 16:06  moneta

	* tutorials/fit/: TwoHistoFit2D.C, fit2a.C, fit2dHist.C,
	fitExclude.C, fitLinear.C, fitMultiGraph.C, graph2dfit.C,
	langaus.C, multidimfit.C:
	add missing includes
2007-05-07 16:03  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtml.cxx:
	Fix for the following compiler warning:
	warning: `TGHtmlElement*savePtr' might be used uninitialized
2007-05-07 16:01  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtml.cxx:
	Fix for drawing margins.
2007-05-07 15:36  moneta

	* tutorials/fit/fit2.C:
	add missing include
2007-05-07 12:56  brun

	* hist/src/TPolyMarker.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- Make SetPolyMarker(Int_t n) compliant with
	  SetPolyMarker(Int_t n, Double_t *x, Double_t *y, Option_t *option)
	  and with the documentation, ie:
	  "If n <= 0 the current arrays of points are deleted"
2007-05-07 11:40  brun

	* base/inc/TDirectory.h:
	Fix coding conventions (well, I hope)
2007-05-07 10:54  moneta

	* unuran/src/unuran-1.0.0-root.tar.gz:
	add again in binary format
2007-05-07 10:54  moneta

	* unuran/src/unuran-1.0.0-root.tar.gz:
	remove to add again in binary format
2007-05-06 16:44  pcanal

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx, treeplayer/src/TFormLeafInfo.cxx:
	fix coding convention
2007-05-06 10:04  brun

	* gui/src/: TGFont.cxx, TGLabel.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-05-06 09:49  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	Fix a problem when saving a canvas in a ROOT file and gDirectory is gROOT.
	In this case gDirectory->OpenFile calls a dummy function.
	The call to TDirectory::OpenFile is replaced by a call to TFile::Open
	via gROOT->ProcessLine.
2007-05-05 19:41  pcanal

	* base/inc/TDirectory.h:
	Fix for older compiler (solaris)
2007-05-05 19:37  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	add the code needed to remove gBranch to the reading of very old files
2007-05-05 17:56  brun

	* cint/src/: bc_parse.cxx, v6_func.cxx:
	From Masa:
	Add protections in case of very long C++ expressions (as for instance
	recently reported by Rof Veenhof).
	"I looked closer into the problem and found the root cause.  This was in fact , not a string overflow, but a bad implementation of overflow workaround.  When Cint sees,
	and if strlen(very_long_expression)>G__ONELINE, then the very_long_expression is evaluated twiece.  This happens in src/func.c line 2276 to 2291.  Please find my quick fix in attached func.c
	but I have not tested it well.   I also added string size check in bc_parse.cxx.  But, this fix is just a small part.  Both fixes are enclosed by #ifndef G__OLDIMPLEMENTATION.
2007-05-05 12:31  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Adapt TGWin32::LoadQueryFont for the non-standard way TGHtml is specifying font names.
	With this patch, html font rendering (bold, italic, size) works on Windows.
2007-05-05 00:15  pcanal

	* base/inc/TDirectory.h, base/src/TDirectory.cxx,
	io/inc/TDirectoryFile.h, io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	Extend the functionality of TDirectory::TContext
	The TContext objects will not longer cd back to a directory
	that was deleted between creation and their deletion.
	For example:
	     TDirectory::TContext ctxt(0);
	     .... do something that change gDirectory.
	     delete f;
	In the prevision implementation this lead to a f->cd() (i.e. core dump).
	In the new implementation this leads to a gROOT->cd().
	With this improvement we now strong recomment to switch code pattern
	similar to:
	   TDirectory *cursav = gDirectory;
	   ... do something that changes gDirectory;
	   if (cursav) cursav->cd();
	(which also leads to a core if cursav is directly or indirectly deleted)
	   TDirectory::TContext ctxt(0);
	   ... do something that changes gDirectory;
	CVS ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-05-04 23:17  brun

	* guihtml/src/TGHtmlSizer.cxx:
	Fix a compiler warning in TGHtml::Sizer: "TGFont *font might be used uninitialized"
2007-05-04 22:41  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFont.cxx, guihtml/
	remove tons of tabs and fix indentation.
2007-05-04 22:40  rdm

	* gui/inc/: TGDNDManager.h, TGTextEditor.h:
	replace NULL by 0.
2007-05-04 22:33  rdm

	* guihtml/src/: TGHtmlParse.cxx, TGHtmlSizer.cxx:
	From Valeri:
	fix AMD64 compilation errors.
2007-05-04 19:32  pcanal

	* tree/: inc/TLeaf.h, inc/TLeafB.h, inc/TLeafC.h, inc/TLeafD.h,
	inc/TLeafElement.h, inc/TLeafF.h, inc/TLeafI.h, inc/TLeafL.h,
	inc/TLeafO.h, inc/TLeafObject.h, inc/TLeafS.h, src/TBasket.cxx,
	src/TBranch.cxx, src/TBranchElement.cxx, src/TBranchObject.cxx,
	src/TLeaf.cxx, src/TLeafB.cxx, src/TLeafC.cxx, src/TLeafD.cxx,
	src/TLeafElement.cxx, src/TLeafF.cxx, src/TLeafI.cxx,
	src/TLeafL.cxx, src/TLeafO.cxx, src/TLeafObject.cxx,
	src/TLeafS.cxx, src/TTreeCloner.cxx:
	The value of TBasket:;fBasket was incorrect in some cases when using
	the TTreeCloner.  This is solved (and thread safetly is improved) by
	removing the gBranch global variable and using alternative mechanism
	to set TBakset::fBasket.
2007-05-04 19:08  brun

	* Makefile, config/Makefile.depend:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	Add new directory guihtml in the default build system.
2007-05-04 19:07  brun

	* guihtml/:, doc/index.txt, inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGHtml.h,
	inc/TGHtmlTokens.h, inc/TGHtmlUri.h, src/TGHtml.cxx,
	src/TGHtmlDraw.cxx, src/TGHtmlElement.cxx, src/TGHtmlForm.cxx,
	src/TGHtmlImage.cxx, src/TGHtmlIndex.cxx, src/TGHtmlLayout.cxx,
	src/TGHtmlParse.cxx, src/TGHtmlSizer.cxx, src/TGHtmlTable.cxx,
	src/TGHtmlTokenMap.cxx, src/TGHtmlUri.cxx:
	Add the new directory guihtml.
	This directory contains classes to parse html documents and render them
	using ROOT graphics classes. This set of classes is based on the xclass95
	toolset developed by Hector Perazza. The adaptation to ROOT graphics
	is by Valeriy Onuchin.
	This first version of the classes cannot yet support documents with CSS2
	(Cascaded Style Sheet). This will be implemented in a second phase.
	A mini browser will be added soon to the repository.
2007-05-04 18:57  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	Fix from Peter Hristov and Matevz tadel:
	The return variable "ret" was declared "Int_t" where it must be "Long_t".
	Due to this bug, stress did not work on Ithanium.
2007-05-04 18:53  brun

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	From Gerri,
	Remove an extra argument in a Warning statement in TApplication::ProcessLine.
2007-05-04 17:47  brun

	* gui/inc/TGFont.h:
	Remove spurious comma in the last item of the enum statement
2007-05-04 17:46  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFont.cxx:
	Changed name of getToken to GetToken
2007-05-04 17:39  brun

	* gui/src/TGFont.cxx:
	Fix a compiler Warning (could be an error) in TGFont::ComputeTextLayout.
	The variable y was not always initialized.
2007-05-04 17:21  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGTextView.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	added set background color of fCanvas
2007-05-04 17:19  antcheva

	* test/guitest.cxx, tutorials/gui/guitest.C:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	  - add comments about impemented undo possiblity via Ctrl-Z
	  - multiline tooltip example for the button that opens the text editor.
2007-05-04 17:18  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/LinkDef2.h, inc/TGFont.h, src/TGFont.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	Changes in font handling connected with html widget development and allows to find  the best matching font specified by family, point size, weight, slant. They include:
	- new structure describing font  attributes
	struct FontAttributes_t {
	   const char *fFamily; // Font family. The most important field.
	   Int_t fPointsize;    // Pointsize of font, 0 for default size,
	                        // or negative number meaning pixel size.
	   Int_t fWeight;       // Weight flag
	   Int_t fSlant;        // Slant flag
	   Int_t fUnderline;    // Non-zero for underline font.
	   Int_t fOverstrike;   // Non-zero for overstrike font.
	- new class TGTextLayout is used to keep track of  string
	measurement information.
	- new TGFont methods (see descriptions in the source):
	Int_t  TextWidth(const char *string, Int_t numChars = -1) const;
	Int_t  XTextWidth(const char *string, Int_t numChars = -1) const;
	Int_t  TextHeight() const { return fFM.fLinespace; }
	void   UnderlineChars(Drawable_t dst, GContext_t gc,
	                      const char *string, Int_t x, Int_t y,
	                      Int_t firstChar, Int_t lastChar) const;
	TGTextLayout *ComputeTextLayout(const char *string, Int_t numChars,
	                                Int_t wrapLength, Int_t justify,
	                                Int_t flags, UInt_t *width,
	                                UInt_t *height) const;
	Int_t  MeasureChars(const char *source, Int_t numChars, Int_t maxLength,
	                    Int_t flags, Int_t *length) const;
	void   DrawCharsExp(Drawable_t dst, GContext_t gc, const char *source,
	                    Int_t numChars, Int_t x, Int_t y) const;
	void   DrawChars(Drawable_t dst, GContext_t gc, const char *source,
	                 Int_t numChars, Int_t x, Int_t y) const;
2007-05-04 17:17  antcheva

	* gui/inc/TGLabel.h:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	possiblity to have multiline labels
2007-05-04 17:16  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGLabel.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	possiblity to have multiline labels/tooltips
2007-05-04 17:15  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGView.h, src/TGView.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	Correct SetBackgroundColor, SetBackgroundPixmap methods
2007-05-04 17:14  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGScrollBar.h, src/TGScrollBar.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	accelerated scrolling via new method SetAccelerated
2007-05-04 17:14  rdm

	* io/: inc/TFile.h, src/TFile.cxx:
	From Andreas:
	- added a static function SetOpenTimeout() to set an open timeout
	- added a static function SetOnlyStaged() to set, that only staged
	  remote files are to be read
	  -> this is currently only implemented for TXNetFile
	- added an option to SetCacheFileDir() function to force all remote file
	  opens through a local file cache (i.e. READ -> CACHEREAD)
2007-05-04 10:24  moneta

	* unuran/:, test/unuranHist.cxx, test/unuranMultiDim.cxx:
	update for new version
2007-05-04 10:23  moneta

	* unuran/src/: TUnuran.cxx, unuran-0.8.1-root.tar.gz,
	add a new version of unuran (1.0.0) and enable support for generation from binned 1d data and for truncated multi-dim distributions
2007-05-03 19:51  pcanal

	* cint/src/v6_pause.cxx:
	Improve re-entrance of G__process_cmd
2007-05-03 19:50  pcanal

	* cint/src/v6_pause.cxx:
	Improve re-entrance of G__process_cmd
2007-05-03 17:27  rdm

	* proof/inc/TDSet.h, proof/src/TDSet.cxx, tree/inc/TChain.h,
	tree/inc/TChainElement.h, tree/src/TChain.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	This is the last patch to synchronize with the CAF:
	TDSet.h, .cxx
	   - Use TCollection instead of TList
	   - Support thre object types in TDSet::Add(TCollection *): TFileInfo, TUrl
	     and TObjString .
	   - Conserve the looked-up status of TChainElements when instantiating
	     from a TChain.
	TChainElement.h, .cxx
	   - Use BIT(15) to flag the looked-up status
	TChain.h, .cxx
	   - Use TCollection instead of TList
	   - Support thre object types in TDSet::Add(TCollection *): TFileInfo, TUrl
	     and TObjString .
	   - Save / Test the looked-up status of elements to avoid multiple lookup;
	     an option is available in TChain::Lookup(Bool_t force = kFALSE) to
	     force a new lookup.
2007-05-03 17:01  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGListView.cxx:
	Fixed memory leak seen after the deletion of ROOT browser
	(not deleted TGVFileSplitter objects in SetHeaders method)
2007-05-03 16:53  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGSplitter.cxx:
	Fixed typos in comments.
2007-05-03 16:10  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TFormLeafInfo.cxx:
	Remove compiler warnings
2007-05-03 14:13  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	Fixed memory leaks in TRootBrowser
2007-05-03 14:12  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Do not create more than one TGDNDManager per ROOT session
2007-05-03 13:55  rdm

	* configure:
	From Gerri:
	  - disable Kerberos if Heimdal implementation is detected
	  - fix a problem handling a failure in the detection of openssl/x509.h
	  - by default, disable globus to avoid spurious build attempts.
2007-05-03 13:53  rdm

	* base/src/TFileInfo.cxx:
	forgot a Printf() (use Info()).
2007-05-03 13:52  rdm

	* net/inc/TFileStager.h, net/src/TFileStager.cxx,
	netx/inc/TXNetFileStager.h, netx/inc/TXNetSystem.h,
	netx/src/TXNetFileStager.cxx, netx/src/TXNetSystem.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	netx/src/TXNetSystem.h, .cxx
	  - New method Prepare for bulk prepare requests
	  - Improved error logging
	  - Instantiate XrdClientAdmin via the new static interface to optimize
	    the connections
	net/inc/TFileStager.h, .cxx
	  - Use TCollection instead of TList
	  - Add static method GetPathName(TObject *o) to extract the path name
	    from supported objects TFileInfo, TUrl, TObjString
	netx/inc/TXNetFileStager.h, .cxx
	  - Use TCollection instead of TList
	  - Improved Admin interface functionality
2007-05-03 12:19  brun

	Add contribution of Kerry Lee to TDatime
2007-05-03 10:15  brun

	* base/: inc/TDatime.h, src/TDatime.cxx:
	Implement a suggestion from
	//add implementation of new Set method in TDatime.cxx
	void TDatime::Set(const char* sqlDateTime)
	   // Expects as input a string in SQL date/time compatible format, like:
	   // yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.
2007-05-02 22:18  pcanal

	* tree/inc/TTree.h, tree/src/TTree.cxx,
	treeplayer/inc/TFormLeafInfo.h, treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormula.h,
	treeplayer/src/TFormLeafInfo.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx,
	Add direct access to the TTree (or TChain) object from TTree::Draw by
	using the keyword 'This':
2007-05-02 21:20  rdm

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Use basic tracing (i.e. w/o mutex locking) in the child  after forking
	  and before execv; this is to avoid problems with locks during fork.
	- fix a problem with the default image definition in reading a
	 'worker/slave' line from the config file when a user name is
	  defined (i.e. worker user@wrkhost).
2007-05-02 21:18  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Add a missing protection
	- Fix a problem with output redirection in case of asynchronous running
2007-05-02 16:37  couet

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	- In Paint2DErrors: in case of option "lego e1" the z axis was painted twice.
2007-05-02 14:47  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitParametersDialog.cxx:
	Protected Set Parameters dialog layout - fixes the bug #26015
2007-05-02 12:14  brun

	* html/src/TClassDocOutput.cxx:
	Fix a bug reported by at
2007-05-02 11:21  rdm

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	 - Use SETBIT macro in TASImage and TESTBIT / CLRBIT in gdk.
	 - Improve scrolling on Windows.
2007-05-02 08:51  brun

	* geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	commenting the output of TGeoPainter::SetVisLevel.
2007-05-01 11:40  brun

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/makefile.msc,
	From Bertrand:
	Patch following problems displaying transparent images in TGHtml (and in general) CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-04-30 22:38  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	in the TGraph destructor, reset fFunctions to 0 to avoid access to a deleted object in TGraph::RecursiveRemove.
2007-04-30 18:01  couet

	* graf/src/TLatex.cxx:
	- Better rendering of the sqrt symbol:
	  * The middle line is not vertical anymore.
	  * The left line is thicker than the two other lines.
	  * The line width depends on text's size.
2007-04-30 17:45  pcanal

	* cint/src/: bc_parse.cxx, v6_decl.cxx, v6_error.cxx:
	From Paul:
	Fix for crash on array initialization reported by Nick West.
	This was a programming error which would not ordinarily have caused
	a problem, but it interacted badly with a compiler bug in gcc 3.2.3.
	The programming mistake was initializing a const int& with an array
	element of type short.  Because this is a const reference the compiler
	should bind the ref to a temporary and copy the array element.  The
	original intent was to bind directly to the array element, but in
	this case there is no difference in the result since no modifications
	are ever made through the reference.  Unfortunately the gcc 3.2.3 compiler
	had a bug, and the generated code did not bind the reference correctly.
	Later versions of the compiler do not have this problem.
	The code fix is to simply use a const short instead of a const int&
	for this variable.
2007-04-30 17:43  pcanal

	* cint/src/: bc_parse.cxx, v6_decl.cxx, v6_error.cxx:
	From Paul:
	Fix for crash on array initialization reported by Nick West.
	This was a programming error which would not ordinarily have caused
	a problem, but it interacted badly with a compiler bug in gcc 3.2.3.
	The programming mistake was initializing a const int& with an array
	element of type short.  Because this is a const reference the compiler
	should bind the ref to a temporary and copy the array element.  The
	original intent was to bind directly to the array element, but in
	this case there is no difference in the result since no modifications
	are ever made through the reference.  Unfortunately the gcc 3.2.3 compiler
	had a bug, and the generated code did not bind the reference correctly.
	Later versions of the compiler do not have this problem.
	The code fix is to simply use a const short instead of a const int&
	for this variable.
2007-04-30 16:43  rdm

	* asimage/
	use system ungif if available.
2007-04-30 16:39  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkim-win32.c:
	From Bertrand:
	Attempt to use standard mbstowcs instead of custom gdk_nmbstowchar_ts.
	This allows do display accented and some special characters in
	TGTextView and in coming TGHtml widget.
2007-04-30 14:52  couet

	* graf/src/TPaveStats.cxx:
	- The previous fix (revision 1.29) broke the automatic computation of the
	  title size in TPaveStats::Paint. This fix makes it work again and takes
	  also into account the problem which was supposed to be fixed in revision
2007-04-30 13:06  rdm

	* asimage/src/libAfterImage.tar.gz:
	fix configure (by running autoconf on FC6 and applying our local mods).
	Configure does now not use anymore XtMalloc and libXt to test if the
	X11 libs are installed. XtMalloc is part of libXt and not libX11.
	In the past this was not a problem as libXt was part of x11-devel or
	xorg-devel, but now FC6, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. have made a separate
	libXt-devel or equivalent package. Now a proper libX11 function is used
	for testing libX11 availability. This should solve a number of problems
	where libAfterImage was built without X11 support.
2007-04-30 12:44  rdm

	* base/: inc/TFileInfo.h, src/TFileInfo.cxx:
	From Jan and Gerri:
	Added two static methods to create a list of TFileInfo's:
	   TList *TFileInfo::CreateList(const char *file)
	where 'file' is a text file with each line defining a file URL
	   TList *TFileInfo::CreateListMatching(const char *files)
	where 'files' is
	   i)   directory path; all regular files in the directory are added
	   ii)  a file path; a list with a single element is created
	   iii) a file-path containing wildcards '*' in the file name; a list with
	        all the files consistent with the path are added.
2007-04-29 09:06  brun

	* gui/src/: TRootBrowser.cxx, TRootCanvas.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	 - Allow to drag and drop any object that has a default constructor
	   (required by TBufferFile) but is not a TFolder and not a TClass
	   (to avoid dragging ROOT class from list of classes) from TBrowser.
	 - Added check (obj->IsA()->GetMethodAllAny("Draw")) in method
	   HandleDNDdrop() of TRootCanvas and TRootEmbeddedCanvas
	   before calling obj->Draw().
2007-04-29 07:36  brun

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	Extend G__ONELINE from 256 to 512 characters.
2007-04-28 08:25  brun

	* base/src/TStyle.cxx:
	Add more comments in TStyle::SetOptFit
2007-04-27 18:49  pcanal

	* tree/: inc/TBranch.h, src/TBranch.cxx:
	Remove unused parameters from TBranch::Init
2007-04-27 17:24  axel

	* reflex/:, inc/LinkDef.h:
	No dict for DictionaryGenerator
2007-04-27 15:06  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	Make use of the new environment variable Canvas.SavePrecision in TCanvas::SaveSource.
	   // When outputing floating point numbers, the default precision is 7 digits.
	   // The precision can be changed (via system.rootrc) by changing the value
	   // of the environment variable "Canvas.SavePrecision"
	This is the best solution to the problem reported at: <>
2007-04-27 15:04  brun

	* config/
	Add a new envronment variable
	#set the default precision when writing floating point numbers in TCanvas::SaveSource
	Canvas.SavePrecision        7
2007-04-27 13:43  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- Complete the help of PaintImage (new parameters).
	- Indent, remove TABs and trailing spaces.
2007-04-27 13:07  couet

	* asimage/inc/TASImage.h, asimage/src/TASImage.cxx,
	- From V.Onuchin:
	  extend this method to allow to draw a part of an image
	  on window (previously the whole image was drawn).
	  PaintImage(Drawable_t wid, Int_t x, Int_t y, Int_t xsrc, Int_t ysrc,
	             UInt_t wsrc, UInt_t hsrc);
	     wid - a window where image is drawn
	     x,y - window coordinates where image is drawn
	     xsrc, ysrc, wsrc, hsrc - an image area to be drawn.
2007-04-27 12:21  brun

	* math/inc/TMath.h:
	Implement a suggestion from Jason Detwiler: two new functions in TMath
	   inline Double_t Sqrt2()    { return 1.4142135623730950488016887242097; }
	   // Euler-Mascheroni Constant
	   inline Double_t EulerGamma() { return 0.577215664901532860606512090082402431042; }
2007-04-27 11:27  brun

	* tree/src/TEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Fix in view of PROOF
2007-04-27 10:45  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGTextEdit.h, src/TGTextView.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Replace hidden class TGTextEditHist by its base class TList as return code of TGTextEdit::GetHistory()
	- Improve IsTextFile() in TGTextView.cxx
2007-04-27 10:36  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	iImplement the following return status from TGraph::Fit:
	   The function return the status of the fit in the following form
	     fitResult = migradResult + 10*minosResult + 100*hesseResult
	   The fitResult is 0 is the fit is OK.
	   The fitResult is negative in case of an error not connected with the fit.
2007-04-27 10:35  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Implement the following return status from TH1::Fit:
	   The function return the status of the fit in the following form
	     fitResult = migradResult + 10*minosResult + 100*hesseResult + 1000*improveResult
	   The fitResult is 0 is the fit is OK.
	   The fitResult is negative in case of an error not connected with the fit.
2007-04-27 10:34  brun

	* tree/inc/TTree.h, tree/inc/TVirtualTreePlayer.h,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/inc/TTreePlayer.h,
	-Change the return type of TTree::Fit and TTree::UnbinnedFit from Long64_t to Int_t
	to be consistent with the return type of TH1::Fit and TGraqph::Fit.
	-TTree::Fit and TTree::UnbinnedFit have now the following return status:
	   The function return the status of the fit in the following form
	     fitResult = migradResult + 10*minosResult + 100*hesseResult + 1000*improveResult
	   The fitResult is 0 is the fit is OK.
	   The fitResult is negative in case of an error not connected with the fit.
	   The number of entries used in the fit can be obtained via
	   If the number of selected entries is null the function returns -1
2007-04-27 00:00  pcanal

	* io/src/TEmulatedCollectionProxy.cxx:
	Fix an internal inconsistency of the layout of emulated collection of fundamental type
	(when the sizeof is less than sizeof(void*).
	Fix a problem in the use of TClass::Move in the case of an std::map
2007-04-26 18:42  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Bertrand
	Fix a problem reported by Nick West and affecting the browsing of ROOT files
	containing a TCanvas.
2007-04-26 15:55  axel

	* reflex/test/: test_Reflex_simple1.cxx, test_Reflex_unit.cxx:
	Silence cast warnings in test
2007-04-26 15:47  axel

	* reflex/inc/: LinkDef.h, Reflex/Kernel.h:
	Move CPP # to column 0 (silly solaris cpp)
	don't generate dict for RuntimeError on solaris
2007-04-26 13:07  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From V.Onuchin:
	o TASImage::TypeFromMagicNumber
	   - added few more image types detected by "magic number"
	     according to
2007-04-26 11:06  brun

	* pythia6/src/TPythia6Decayer.cxx:
	Specify option "All" when calling TPythia6::ImportParticles in TPythia6Decayer::ImportParticles
2007-04-26 10:58  axel

	* reflex/inc/Reflex/Kernel.h:
	hide class visibility attrib from CINT; fixes G__Reflex rootcint issues with GCC4
2007-04-26 10:37  brun

	* geombuilder/src/TGeoMaterialEditor.cxx:
	Fix typo in previous fix
2007-04-26 10:24  brun

	* geombuilder/src/TGeoMaterialEditor.cxx:
	From Axel,
	Add a missing "%" in a Form statement in TGeoMixtureEditor::UpdateElements()
2007-04-26 10:03  axel

	* reflex/
	Build the rootmap for libReflexDict, not libReflex
2007-04-26 09:40  couet

	* asimage/: inc/TASImage.h, src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	o TASImage
	  - ReadImage method
	    in case when image doesn't have file extension detection of image
	    type is done by reading "magic number" (first bytes of file).
	  - WriteImage  method
	     more comments added on "how to create animated image".
2007-04-25 19:24  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Axel:
	Add missing dependencies to build Reflex.
2007-04-25 18:52  axel

	* reflex/inc/LinkDef.h:
	Add LinkDef.h and veto non-classes from entry in rootmap (autoloader makes CINT think it's a class)
2007-04-25 18:50  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	Fix dict for static namespace members
2007-04-25 18:47  axel

	* reflex/
	Add a separate (CINT) dictionary library for Reflex, incl rootmap
2007-04-25 18:45  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	Implement "option=..." syntax for pragma link line
	Supported so far: nomap (that's new), nostreamer (-) noinputoper (!) evolution (+)
	Rename local rootflag vars
	"nomap" is only used by ROOT's rlibmap utility: vetoes entry in rootmap file
2007-04-25 16:59  couet

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	- Apply the valid fix suggested here:
	  "TGraph::PaintGrapHist shifts points by half-a-bin when painting
	   lines in low-res". The following macro show the problem:
	   void lowRes(int nbins=10000) {
	      c = new TCanvas("lowRes","lowRes",0,0,700,800);
	      TH1F *h1 = new TH1F("h1","my histogram",nbins,-3,3);
	      for (int i=0;i<1000000;i++) h1->Fill(gRandom->Gaus(0,1));
	      h1->SetMarkerStyle(20); h1->Draw("EP");
	      TH1F *h12 = h1->DrawCopy("l same");
	   Before this fix the line plot and the error plot were shifted.
2007-04-25 15:12  brun

	Add new contributions:
	N: Daniel Barna
	D: CINT install target
	N: André Felipe
	E: (
	D: CINT contributions
2007-04-25 15:11  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Start development cycle 5.15/07
2007-04-25 14:51  axel

	* reflex/: src/PluginFactoryMap.cxx, src/PluginService.cxx,
	test/test_Reflex_simple2.cxx, test/testDict2/ClassO.h:
	Merges from HEAD
2007-04-25 13:01  axel

	* reflex/:, build/, inc/Reflex/Kernel.h,
	inc/Reflex/, inc/Reflex/PropertyList.h,
	inc/Reflex/Builder/TypeBuilder.h, python/genreflex/,
	python/genreflex/, python/genreflex/,
	python/genreflex/, test/test_Reflex_simple2.cxx,
	test/testDict2/Class2Dict.h, test/testDict2/selection.xml:
	Sync with HEAD:
	* for autotools, by André Felipe: put internal headers into proper subdir
	* Fix pointer detection for arg passing by value:
	do not remove "const", but check for "* const" instead
	solves problem with SPI/AA nightlies
	add test (vector<const ClassO*>)
	* Fix pattern matching for types with space:
	also remove spaces in patterns (introduce n_pattern)
	add test (vector<const ClassO*>)
	* Don't recursively strip const when const stripping is requested:
	don't convert "const int(*const)(const char*) const" into "int(*)(char*)"
	* Make Reflex parsable by CINT
	* Add selection.xml attribute rootmap="FALSE" for class tag.
	It vetoes rootmap entry of class(es) matching the selection rule.
	Test parsing of that attrib (but no test for its output, yet).
2007-04-25 12:46  axel

	* reflex/python/genreflex/
	Fix pointer detection for arg passing by value:
	do not remove "const", but check for "* const" instead
	Don't recursively strip const when const stripping is requested:
	don't convert "const int(*const)(const char*) const" into "int(*)(char*)"
2007-04-25 09:51  brun

	* pythia6/src/TPythia6.cxx:
	Replace #include "TMCParticle6.h" by "TMCParticle.h"
2007-04-25 08:12  brun

	* io/src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	fix for
2007-04-24 22:18  pcanal

	* cont/src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx:
	Properly init the Env on PushBack (Solve savannah issue 25397)
2007-04-24 20:55  brun

	* gl/src/TGLCylinder.cxx:
	Remove two dummy lines
2007-04-24 20:51  brun

	* gl/src/TGLCylinder.cxx:
	Protection added in TGLMesh::GetNormal.
2007-04-24 20:37  brun

	* html/src/TClassDocOutput.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TClassDocOutput::CreateDotClassChartIncl,  replacing
	  delete real;
	  delete [] real
2007-04-24 17:41  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Change version number to 5.15/06
2007-04-24 17:16  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	TGraph::Fit now returns the status of the fit (result of
2007-04-24 17:12  brun

	* tutorials/hist/hbars.C:
	Fix a problem with the TLegend, specifying the right pointers.
2007-04-24 16:21  axel

	* reflex/: build/, inc/Reflex/
	for autotools, by André Felipe: put internal headers into proper subdir
2007-04-24 15:34  couet

	* test/stressGraphics.ref:
	- The error on Test 25 was not big enough on Windows.
2007-04-24 15:31  couet

	* test/stressGraphics.cxx:
	- Modify this test to be able to run it interactively in ROOT. Like:
	root [0] .L stressGraphics.cxx
	root [1] stressGraphics(0)
	Before this fix CINT, issued warnings about the global variable gC.
2007-04-24 15:20  axel

	* reflex/test/testDict2/ClassO.h:
	file ClassO.h was added on branch merge_reflex on 2007-04-25 12:51:12 +0000
2007-04-24 15:20  axel

	* reflex/: python/genreflex/,
	python/genreflex/, test/testDict2/ClassO.h,
	Fix pointer detection for arg passing by value:
	  do not remove "const", but check for "* const" instead
	  solves problem with SPI/AA nightlies
	  add test (vector<const ClassO*>)
	Fix pattern matching for types with space:
	  also remove spaces in patterns (introduce n_pattern)
	  add test (vector<const ClassO*>)
	Don't recursively strip const when const stripping is requested:
	  don't convert "const int(*const)(const char*) const" into "int(*)(char*)"
2007-04-24 14:58  rdm

	* net/src/TSocket.cxx:
	in Recv methods close the socket in case low level recv() return 0, which
	means EOF, i.e. remote side of socket is closed. Fixes issue 25607.
2007-04-24 12:08  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	From Bertrand:
	- Use desktop coordinates when receiving drop event from Windows Explorer.
2007-04-24 12:01  brun

	* gui/src/TGTextEditor.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-04-24 12:00  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	In TTreeFormula::IsLeafInteger we return kTRUE if the leaf type is "Char_t"
2007-04-24 10:15  brun

	* win32gdk/: gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c, src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Added ability do drag files from Windows Explorer to ROOT :-)
	(i.e. pictures files to TCanvas or text files to TGTextView)
2007-04-24 08:18  brun

	* tmva/src/VariableIdentityTransform.cxx:
	I have removed the line with the cout statement.
2007-04-23 19:54  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Improve the FindBranch and FindLeaf so that TTreeFormula finds an existing branch even in the presence of base classes (The consequence is that it was using the top level branch instead of the lower level branch.  See
2007-04-23 19:34  pcanal

	* tree/: inc/TBranchElement.h, src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	Improve the FindBranch and FindLeaf so that TTreeFormula finds an existing branch even in the presence of base classes (The consequence is that it was using the top level branch instead of the lower level branch.  See
2007-04-23 18:20  brun

	* pythia6/: inc/TMCParticle.h, src/TMCParticle.cxx:
	Add renamed class TMCParticle
2007-04-23 18:20  brun

	* pythia6/: inc/TMCParticle6.h, src/TMCParticle6.cxx:
	Removing class TMCParticle6 (will be renamed TMCParticle)
2007-04-23 12:58  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In TH1::KolmogorovTest, implement a suggestion from
2007-04-23 12:50  brun

	* hist/src/: TProfile.cxx, TProfile2D.cxx:
	Fix a bug in the DrawCopy functions.
2007-04-23 12:40  brun

	* gui/src/: TRootCanvas.cxx, TRootEmbeddedCanvas.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Use also TUrl for uri-list format in TRootCanvas::HandleDNDdrop
	  and in TRootEmbeddedCanvas::HandleDNDdrop
2007-04-23 11:07  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGTextEditor.h, src/TGCanvas.cxx, src/TGTextEditor.cxx,
	src/TGTextView.cxx, src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	 - Improve TGLVEntry picking for Drag operation
	 - Use Turl for uri-list format in TGTextView::HandleDNDdrop
	 - Update file infos in TGTextEditor when a file has been dropped
	 - Change highlight color in TGTextEditor
2007-04-23 11:04  brun

	* geombuilder/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGeoMaterialEditor.h,
	src/TGeoManagerEditor.cxx, src/TGeoMaterialEditor.cxx,
	From Mihaela:
	a patch including a new class for mixture editing. It can be started from the TGeoManagerEditor from the material category and works with the latest patch in TGeo from Andrei. It provides the basic functionality for creating/editing mixtures.
2007-04-23 11:03  brun

	* g4root/: inc/TG4RootNavigator.h, src/TG4RootNavigator.cxx,
	From Andrei:
	- modifications for speeding up tracking performance for geantinos
2007-04-23 10:58  brun

	* geom/inc/TGeoArb8.h, geom/inc/TGeoBBox.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoCompositeShape.h, geom/inc/TGeoCone.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoEltu.h, geom/inc/TGeoHalfSpace.h, geom/inc/TGeoHype.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoManager.h, geom/inc/TGeoMaterial.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoNode.h, geom/inc/TGeoParaboloid.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoPcon.h, geom/inc/TGeoPgon.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoScaledShape.h, geom/inc/TGeoShape.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoShapeAssembly.h, geom/inc/TGeoSphere.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoTorus.h, geom/inc/TGeoTrd1.h, geom/inc/TGeoTrd2.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoTube.h, geom/inc/TGeoXtru.h, geom/src/TGeoBBox.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoCompositeShape.cxx, geom/src/TGeoCone.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoEltu.cxx, geom/src/TGeoHalfSpace.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoHype.cxx, geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoNode.cxx, geom/src/TGeoParaboloid.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPcon.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPgon.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoScaledShape.cxx, geom/src/TGeoShapeAssembly.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoSphere.cxx, geom/src/TGeoTorus.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoTube.cxx, geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx,
	geompainter/inc/TGeoChecker.h, geompainter/src/TGeoChecker.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	- new method  TGeoShape::GetMeshNumbers() that allows getting the number of points, segments and polygons in the mesh of any shape - to be used by an upgrade of the overlap checker
	- addition in the overlap checker to use the above info
	- modifications in TGeoManager for improving performance for tracking geantinos with G4root interface
2007-04-23 08:51  brun

	* tmva/src/SdivSqrtSplusB.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-04-22 17:48  brun

	* gui/src/: TGDNDManager.cxx, TGFrame.cxx, TRootCanvas.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	Added ability to drag and drop picture files from TBrowser to TCanvas and TRootEmbeddedCanvas.
2007-04-22 12:09  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	Fix a problem in the RooPlot default constructor due to a recent change
	with gROOT->ReadingObject. When the RooPlot default constructor is called
	with the default arguments the object is nor registered to fDirectory.
2007-04-21 16:42  brun

	* tmva/inc/Option.h:
	Replace second occurence of statement
	  using OptionBase::Print;
	  using Option<T>::Print;
	otherwise intel/icc issues a fatal error.
2007-04-21 16:20  brun

	* tmva/: inc/Config.h, inc/DecisionTreeNode.h,
	inc/GeneticPopulation.h, inc/MethodBase.h,
	inc/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.h, inc/MethodSVM.h, inc/Option.h,
	inc/VariableIdentityTransform.h, src/BinarySearchTreeNode.cxx,
	src/Config.cxx, src/DecisionTree.cxx, src/DecisionTreeNode.cxx,
	src/Event.cxx, src/Factory.cxx, src/GeneticPopulation.cxx,
	src/Interval.cxx, src/KDEKernel.cxx, src/MethodBDT.cxx,
	src/MethodBase.cxx, src/MethodCFMlpANN.cxx,
	src/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.cxx, src/MethodCuts.cxx,
	src/MethodFisher.cxx, src/MethodHMatrix.cxx,
	src/MethodLikelihood.cxx, src/MethodSVM.cxx, src/Node.cxx,
	src/SdivSqrtSplusB.cxx, src/VariableIdentityTransform.cxx,
	src/VariableTransformBase.cxx, test/,
	From Joerg Stelzer
	Fix coding conventions as well as portability problems on Solaris.
2007-04-21 09:57  brun

	* gui/src/TGView.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-04-21 09:45  brun

	* tmva/src/VariableIdentityTransform.cxx:
	This class was forgotten in the new revision.
2007-04-21 09:36  brun

	* tmva/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/VariableIdentityTransform.h,
	src/DataSet.cxx, src/MethodBase.cxx:
	Reactivate class VariableInfo
2007-04-20 18:04  moneta

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	fix a bug in treating underflow and overflow in the chi2 test
2007-04-20 17:16  brun

	* tree/src/TEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Fix a bug in TEntryList::Add(), for the case of adding chain lists to tree lists
2007-04-20 17:07  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGDNDManager.h, src/TGCanvas.cxx, src/TGDNDManager.cxx,
	src/TGFrame.cxx, src/TGView.cxx, src/TRootCanvas.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-04-20 14:28  brun

	* proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-04-20 14:24  brun

	* gui/src/TGText.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGTextEdit.
	   Fix problems with undoing of text insertion.
	- TGTextLine.
	   New method GetWord(ULong_t pos) added which returns
	   a word at position.
	- TGTextView.
	   New signals added (implemented in TGTextEdit):
	    Clicked(const char *word) - emitted on button press.
	    DoubleClicked(const char *word)  - emitted on button double click.
2007-04-20 14:15  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGText.h, inc/TGTextView.h, src/TGText.cxx,
	Remove a compiler warning about a possible non initialized variable
2007-04-20 14:06  brun

	* tmva/inc/Option.h:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a compilation error (with intel icc)
2007-04-20 13:43  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGDNDManager.h, src/TGDNDManager.cxx:
	Fix cvs ident lines.
2007-04-19 23:07  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualX.h, base/src/TVirtualX.cxx, gui/,
	gui/inc/LinkDef3.h, gui/inc/TGCanvas.h, gui/inc/TGDNDManager.h,
	gui/inc/TGFSContainer.h, gui/inc/TGFrame.h, gui/inc/TGTextView.h,
	gui/inc/TRootCanvas.h, gui/inc/TRootEmbeddedCanvas.h,
	gui/src/TGCanvas.cxx, gui/src/TGDNDManager.cxx,
	gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx, gui/src/TGFrame.cxx,
	gui/src/TGTextView.cxx, gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, gui/src/TRootEmbeddedCanvas.cxx,
	win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h, win32gdk/inc/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.h,
	win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.cxx,
	x11/inc/TGX11.h, x11/src/GX11Gui.cxx, x11/src/TGX11.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Added drag and drop support for Linux (Xdnd) and Windows (Clipboard).
	It is now possible to drag an histogram (or any other graphical object)
	from an opened file in TBrowser to any TCanvas.
	It is also possible to drag a text file from TBrowser to a TGTextView
	or TGTextEdit widget (i.e. in TGTextEditor).
	On Linux, it is even possible to drag from a Root application to another
	one, or to drag a text file (i.e. a macro) from the ROOT browser to an
	external editor (i.e. Kate).
	On Windows, drag and drop only works within the same ROOT application
	(for the time being).
2007-04-19 19:23  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeProxyGenerator.cxx:
	Prevent memory leak in case of reuse of the selector
2007-04-19 18:23  brun

	* gui/inc/TGText.h, gui/inc/TGTextEdit.h, gui/inc/TGTextView.h,
	gui/inc/TGView.h, gui/src/TGText.cxx, gui/src/TGTextEdit.cxx,
	gui/src/TGTextView.cxx, gui/src/TGView.cxx, test/guitest.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	TGView, TGTextView, TGTextEdit classes
	The main changes :
	o restructuring and revisiting the code
	 - move all text methods from TGView to TGTextView class.
	o new methods
	  TGTextEdit::SetSelectBack - setting selection background  color
	  TGTextEdit::SetSelectfore - setting color for slected text
	  TGText::AsString - return content as ROOT string.
	o improved painting: exposed events, resizing
	 - compression of exposed events added which
	   eliminates flickering when text_edit widget is resized or
	 - repaint only whose areas which where modified or
	o undo management on Ctrl-Z
	o autoscrolling when  text is selected
	o many small bug fixes:
	  - crash on double click on blank field
	  - selected text in some cases was not correctly removed
	  - etc.
2007-04-19 18:18  axel

	* reflex/inc/Reflex/: Kernel.h, PropertyList.h,
	Builder/CollectionProxy.h, Builder/TypeBuilder.h:
	Make Reflex parsable by CINT
2007-04-19 18:14  axel

	* reflex/: python/genreflex/,
	python/genreflex/, test/testDict2/selection.xml:
	Add selection.xml attribute rootmap="FALSE" for class tag.
	It vetoes rootmap entry of class(es) matching the selection rule.
	Test parsing of that attrib (but no test for its output, yet).
2007-04-19 16:29  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	In TGraph::Fit correct the error on the parameters by sqrt(chisquare/(ndf-1))
	also when fitting with the Linear Fitter.
2007-04-19 14:57  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	add support for the "option[s]=nomap" linkdef pragma specifier to not generate
	for the given type an entry in the rootmap file.
2007-04-19 14:40  rdm

	* netx/, proofx/,
	From Gerri:
	 - Client:
	   - Optmized access to DNS
	   - Caching of created admin instances
	   - Creation of
	 - Server:
	   - fix problem in XrdOdc
	netx/, proofx/
	 - Use instead of
2007-04-19 12:32  brun

	* tmva/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/VariableIdentityTransform.h,
	src/DataSet.cxx, src/Factory.cxx, src/MethodBase.cxx,
	src/MethodCFMlpANN.cxx, src/MethodCuts.cxx, src/MethodFisher.cxx,
	src/MethodHMatrix.cxx, src/MethodSVM.cxx,
	Fix urgent compilation problems on Windows
2007-04-19 11:33  rdm

	* proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TDSet.h, proof/src/TDSet.cxx,
	proofplayer/src/TEventIter.cxx, proofplayer/src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	get rid of not really needed usage of queue, map, pair and list.
	- TDSet.h, .cxx
	  Use TList, TPair instead of std::list<std::pair<... >>
	- TPacketizer.cxx, TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx, TEventIter.cxx,
	  TPacketizerDev.cxx, TPacketizerProgressive.cxx
	  Adapt to the previous change in TDSet
2007-04-19 11:27  rdm

	* proofd/: inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h, inc/XrdProofdResponse.h,
	inc/XrdProofdTrace.h, src/XrdProofConn.cxx,
	src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx, src/XrdProofdResponse.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This fixes a few problems mostly on the server side.
	XrdProofdProtocol.h, .cxx
	  - Make logging more uniform
	XrdProofdResponse.h, .cxx
	  - Fix a bug overwriting  the internal stream string and screwing up logging
	  - Add macro to differentiate between logging with the stream ID string and
	    logging between the general ID string
	  - Do not start the garbage collection thread: if any, obsolete physical
	    connections are removed when a new (logical) connection is started.
2007-04-19 11:25  rdm

	* proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	optimizes the use of TRY / CATCH for exceptions on workers and puts back
	the CopyToCache of the selector binary which was forgotten in one of the
	previous patches.
2007-04-19 08:53  brun

	* tmva/: inc/BinarySearchTree.h, inc/BinarySearchTreeNode.h,
	inc/BinaryTree.h, inc/Config.h, inc/Configurable.h,
	inc/CrossEntropy.h, inc/DataSet.h, inc/DecisionTree.h,
	inc/DecisionTreeNode.h, inc/Event.h, inc/Factory.h,
	inc/GeneticANN.h, inc/GeneticBase.h, inc/GeneticCuts.h,
	inc/GeneticGenes.h, inc/GeneticPopulation.h, inc/GeneticRange.h,
	inc/GiniIndex.h, inc/IMethod.h, inc/Interval.h, inc/KDEKernel.h,
	inc/LinkDef.h, inc/MethodANNBase.h, inc/MethodBDT.h,
	inc/MethodBase.h, inc/MethodBayesClassifier.h,
	inc/MethodCFMlpANN.h, inc/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.h,
	inc/MethodCommittee.h, inc/MethodCuts.h, inc/MethodFisher.h,
	inc/MethodHMatrix.h, inc/MethodLikelihood.h, inc/MethodMLP.h,
	inc/MethodPDERS.h, inc/MethodRuleFit.h, inc/MethodRuleFitJF.h,
	inc/MethodSVM.h, inc/MethodTMlpANN.h, inc/MethodVariable.h,
	inc/Methods.h, inc/MisClassificationError.h, inc/MsgLogger.h,
	inc/Node.h, inc/NodeID.h, inc/Option.h, inc/PDF.h, inc/Ranking.h,
	inc/Reader.h, inc/RootFinder.h, inc/Rule.h, inc/RuleCut.h,
	inc/RuleEnsemble.h, inc/RuleFit.h, inc/RuleFitParams.h,
	inc/SdivSqrtSplusB.h, inc/SeparationBase.h,
	inc/SimulatedAnnealingBase.h, inc/SimulatedAnnealingCuts.h,
	inc/TActivationChooser.h, inc/TActivationIdentity.h,
	inc/TActivationRadial.h, inc/TActivationSigmoid.h,
	inc/TActivationTanh.h, inc/TNeuron.h, inc/TNeuronInputAbs.h,
	inc/TNeuronInputChooser.h, inc/TNeuronInputSqSum.h,
	inc/TNeuronInputSum.h, inc/TSpline1.h, inc/TSpline2.h,
	inc/TSynapse.h, inc/Timer.h, inc/Tools.h, inc/Types.h,
	inc/VariableDecorrTransform.h, inc/VariableIdentityTransform.h,
	inc/VariableInfo.h, inc/VariablePCATransform.h,
	inc/VariableTransformBase.h, inc/Version.h,
	src/BinarySearchTree.cxx, src/BinarySearchTreeNode.cxx,
	src/BinaryTree.cxx, src/Config.cxx, src/Configurable.cxx,
	src/CrossEntropy.cxx, src/DataSet.cxx, src/DecisionTree.cxx,
	src/DecisionTreeNode.cxx, src/Event.cxx, src/Factory.cxx,
	src/GeneticANN.cxx, src/GeneticBase.cxx, src/GeneticCuts.cxx,
	src/GeneticGenes.cxx, src/GeneticPopulation.cxx,
	src/GeneticRange.cxx, src/GiniIndex.cxx, src/IMethod.cxx,
	src/Interval.cxx, src/KDEKernel.cxx, src/MethodANNBase.cxx,
	src/MethodBDT.cxx, src/MethodBase.cxx,
	src/MethodBayesClassifier.cxx, src/MethodCFMlpANN.cxx,
	src/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.cxx, src/MethodCommittee.cxx,
	src/MethodCuts.cxx, src/MethodFisher.cxx, src/MethodHMatrix.cxx,
	src/MethodLikelihood.cxx, src/MethodMLP.cxx, src/MethodPDERS.cxx,
	src/MethodRuleFit.cxx, src/MethodRuleFitJF.cxx, src/MethodSVM.cxx,
	src/MethodTMlpANN.cxx, src/MethodVariable.cxx,
	src/MisClassificationError.cxx, src/MsgLogger.cxx, src/Node.cxx,
	src/Option.cxx, src/PDF.cxx, src/Ranking.cxx, src/Reader.cxx,
	src/RootFinder.cxx, src/Rule.cxx, src/RuleCut.cxx,
	src/RuleEnsemble.cxx, src/RuleFit.cxx, src/RuleFitParams.cxx,
	src/SdivSqrtSplusB.cxx, src/SeparationBase.cxx,
	src/SimulatedAnnealingBase.cxx, src/SimulatedAnnealingCuts.cxx,
	src/TActivationRadial.cxx, src/TActivationSigmoid.cxx,
	src/TActivationTanh.cxx, src/TNeuron.cxx, src/TSpline1.cxx,
	src/TSpline2.cxx, src/TSynapse.cxx, src/Timer.cxx, src/Tools.cxx,
	src/Types.cxx, src/VariableDecorrTransform.cxx,
	src/VariableInfo.cxx, src/VariablePCATransform.cxx,
	src/VariableTransformBase.cxx, src/Volume.cxx, test/BDT.C,
	test/CorrGui.C, test/TMVAGui.C, test/TMVAlogon.C,
	test/TMVAnalysis.C, test/, test/TMVApplication.C,
	test/annconvergencetest.C, test/compareanapp.C,
	test/correlations.C, test/correlationscatters.C,
	test/efficiencies.C, test/likelihoodrefs.C, test/mutransform.C,
	test/mvaeffs.C, test/mvas.C, test/mvaweights.C, test/network.C,
	test/probas.C, test/rulevis.C, test/rulevisCorr.C,
	test/rulevisHists.C, test/tmvaglob.C, test/variables.C:
	from Joerg Stelzer:
	New version of TMVA (3.7.2)
2007-04-18 19:02  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	revert previous unintentional check-in of Diego's patch!
2007-04-18 18:55  axel

	* cint/src/: v6_newlink.cxx, v6_tmplt.cxx:
	add #incl string
2007-04-18 18:52  axel

	* cint/: lib/prec_stl/exception, src/v6_ifunc.cxx,
	add bad_cast
	always use target type's scoped name for conversion operators
	handle templated c'tors
	for parsing templated funcs' parameter types: set current tagnum to the func's declaring tagnum
2007-04-18 18:34  axel

	* reflex/python/genreflex/
	From Ivan Belyaev: const ptrs are ptrs, too - args are passed by value
2007-04-18 18:30  axel

	* reflex/test/: test_Reflex_simple2.cxx, testDict2/Class2Dict.h,
	Add test for const, reference, ptr in fun args and data members
2007-04-18 18:28  axel

	* reflex/
	More dependencies for the tests
2007-04-18 18:27  axel

	* reflex/python/genreflex/
	From Ivan Belyaev: const ptrs are ptrs, too - args are passed by value
2007-04-18 16:56  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	rollback change of yesterday concerning warnings in case of duplicate
	rootmap entries.
2007-04-18 16:29  rdm

	* base/src/TPluginManager.cxx:
	Print("a") now also prints the full path of the plugin library.
2007-04-18 16:28  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	small simplification in LoadClass() using TString.
2007-04-18 15:20  rdm

	* config/
	fix wrong plugin library name (had no consequences as the plugin manager
	now uses the rootmap to load the correct library for a specific class).
2007-04-17 17:57  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGCanvas.cxx:
	Fix in TGContainer::FindItem related to the bug #25629 at
2007-04-17 17:55  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TDSet.h, src/TDSet.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	TDSetElement is now a TNamed and stored in a THashList instead of a TList.
	Insertion of 20000 elements goes from 3 min to 16 sec (with duplication check).
2007-04-17 17:48  rdm

	* base/src/TPluginManager.cxx:
	increase in FindHandler() the debug level in case no plugin is found to > 2.
2007-04-17 17:47  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	allow duplicate entries in the rootmap file. The values of the last duplicate
	key is taken. When started with gDebug>0 duplicates will generate a warning.
2007-04-17 17:10  moneta

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	clean up: replace printf with Info and remove a useless line (thanks to Axel)
2007-04-17 14:08  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGFSContainer.h, src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	- cleanup of includes
2007-04-17 11:31  couet

	* graf/src/TEllipse.cxx:
	- Complete help
2007-04-17 11:06  rdm

	* sessionviewer/src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Add the user name (if any) in the window title.
2007-04-17 11:05  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Do not Reset before processing a query.
2007-04-17 11:05  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Fix float to int convertion for the text progress bar (bug #25101)
	- Make the ".par" extension not mandatory for the first argument to
	  TProof::UploadPackage; now the following is done:
	  1. The ".par" extension is added if missing
	  2. The resulting path is expanded and searched for
	  3. If the file does not exist or it is not readable, a PAR file
	     of the same name is searched for in the package directory
2007-04-17 10:05  brun

	* io/src/TBufferFile.cxx:
	add a missing protection in TBufferFile::ReadVersion in case the buffer has no parent.
2007-04-16 17:52  brun

	* physics/src/TGenPhaseSpace.cxx:
	Remove an obsolete comment in TGenPhaseSpace::Generate
2007-04-16 16:48  antcheva

	* guibuilder/src/TGuiBldDragManager.cxx:
	No need to pass via GetGlobalColorDialog(kFALSE) on every mouse click.
	GUI Builder can use the new color dialog for different color settings
2007-04-16 16:48  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGColorSelect.cxx:
	Do not emit a signal for color preview when the GUI Builder is invoked.
2007-04-16 16:47  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGColorDialog.cxx:
	Made new color dialog working when invoked from the GUI Builder
2007-04-16 15:21  axel

	* reflex/:, src/FunctionBuilder.cxx,
	test/test_ReflexBuilder_unit.cxx, test/test_Reflex_simple1.cxx:
	func members are not static just because they're part of a namespace;
	fix reflex tests to not assume staticness of funcs in namespace;
	fix size of size_t on 64bit in reflex test;
	soname must not have dir
2007-04-16 15:19  axel

	* reflex/:, src/FunctionBuilder.cxx,
	test/test_ReflexBuilder_unit.cxx, test/test_Reflex_simple1.cxx:
	func members are not static just because they're part of a namespace;
	fix reflex tests to not assume staticness of funcs in namespace;
	fix size of size_t on 64bit in reflex test;
	silence makelib in test
2007-04-16 15:03  axel

	* reflex/
	soname must not have dir
2007-04-16 11:14  moneta

	* smatrix/inc/Math/: HelperOps.h, SVector.icc:
	add include<algorithm> required by Solaris for std::copy
2007-04-16 10:56  moneta

	* smatrix/inc/Math/: CramerInversion.icc, CramerInversionSym.icc,
	Dfact.h, Dfactir.h, MatrixInversion.icc, UnaryOperators.h:
	use std::abs instead of std::fabs to avoid a problem on gcc 3.2 and 3.3 when using an smatrix with integer types. Fix bug 25525
2007-04-16 10:35  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- DrawFrame() change gPad to the current pad to fix some inconsistent
	  behavior pointed here:
2007-04-15 08:08  brun

	* graf/src/TPaveStats.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TPaveStats::Paint: The histogram name was not painted
	when the TPaveStats text size was set to a non null value.
2007-04-13 17:10  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/GenVector/Plane3D.h:
	add methods to retrieve the plane coefficients: a,b,c,d. They are requested by CMS
2007-04-13 15:51  moneta

	* smatrix/test/matrix_op.h:
	fix a problem in the test. Use consistently the temp objects for all three cases (CLHEP, SMAtrix and TMatrix)
2007-04-12 17:09  rdm

	* minuit/inc/TFitter.h:
	From Fed:
	declare copy ctor and assignment operator.
2007-04-10 15:23  couet

	* gl/src/: TGLPlotPainter.cxx, TGLTF3Painter.cxx:
	- From Timur:
	  Fix a scaling problem.
2007-04-06 21:49  brun

	* qt/src/TGQt.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	select the correct Qt codec when more then 2 input languages are
	in  use (Thanks Dmitri Naumov)"
2007-04-06 00:31  pcanal

	* cont/src/TEmulatedCollectionProxy.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder:
	R__GenerateTClassForPair makes a TStreamerInfo appropriate for
	an arbitrary pair<> class.  It does this by first fetching
	the TStreamerInfo for pair<const int, int>, cloning it,
	and modifying it for the new types.
	As part of this, it does a Clear() on the element list, then
	Add's the new elements.  However, the Clone() also duplicates
	the elements, and these duplicated elements are not deleted
	by the Clear().  (It looks like the ownership bit is not set for fElements in
	TStreamerInfo.)  Changing the Clear() to Delete() fixes it, as in the patch
2007-04-06 00:29  pcanal

	* io/src/TEmulatedCollectionProxy.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder:
	R__GenerateTClassForPair makes a TStreamerInfo appropriate for
	an arbitrary pair<> class.  It does this by first fetching
	the TStreamerInfo for pair<const int, int>, cloning it,
	and modifying it for the new types.
	As part of this, it does a Clear() on the element list, then
	Add's the new elements.  However, the Clone() also duplicates
	the elements, and these duplicated elements are not deleted
	by the Clear().  (It looks like the ownership bit is not set for fElements in
	TStreamerInfo.)  Changing the Clear() to Delete() fixes it, as in the patch
2007-04-06 00:10  pcanal

	* hist/src/TFormulaPrimitive.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder:
	TFormulaPrimitive::AddFormula takes as an argument a new'd object;
	it is supposed to take ownership of the object.
	However, if a primitive of the same name already exists, the
	object will be leaked.  (There are some duplicates between
	the list in TFormulaPrimitive::BuildBasicFormulas and
2007-04-06 00:07  pcanal

	* hist/src/TFormulaPrimitive.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder:
	TFormulaPrimitive::AddFormula takes as an argument a new'd object;
	it is supposed to take ownership of the object.
	However, if a primitive of the same name already exists, the
	object will be leaked.  (There are some duplicates between
	the list in TFormulaPrimitive::BuildBasicFormulas and
2007-04-05 23:06  pcanal

	* pyroot/src/RootWrapper.cxx:
	Protect against missing ClassInfo (possible in the case of Emulated classes
2007-04-05 23:00  pcanal

	* pyroot/src/RootWrapper.cxx:
	Protect against missing ClassInfo (possible in the case of Emulated classes
2007-04-05 20:03  brun

	* qt/src/TGQt.cxx:
	From Remi Mommsen
	The Qt layer does not honor setting from config.h.
2007-04-05 08:52  brun

	* hist/src/TH3.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-04-04 18:49  pcanal

	* build/unix/
	remove -Iinclude, to improve location independence of ACLiC build
2007-04-04 17:58  brun

	* physics/src/TVector3.cxx:
	From Lorenzo:
	Fix for Savannah bug 25045
2007-04-04 17:46  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH3.h, src/TH2.cxx, src/TH3.cxx:
	From Lorenzo:
	-  fixes projection from a 2D and a 3D histogram in a profile by using the using as weights the bin content instead of the error square (fix for bug 25036)
	-  compute the number of entries in the projected histograms and profiles by summing the effective entries bin by bin
	-  re-implement TH3::ProjectionZ usiong TH3::Project3D
	-  change default values for TH3::ProjectionZ  in TH3.h (use  (0,0) for min and max of bins )
2007-04-04 17:39  brun

	* treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormula.h:
	From Matevz:
	Extra comma after the kIsInteger enum entry in TTreeFormula causes gcc-3.2.3 to complain
2007-04-04 15:21  brun

	* main/src/h2root.cxx:
	The array bigbuf must be allocated on the stack and not the heap via new.
	This solves a problem on amd64 between hbook/fortran and h2root/C++
2007-04-04 14:43  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/TTreeFormula.h, src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Add an optional argument to TTreeFormula::IsInteger, ie
	   virtual Bool_t      IsInteger(Bool_t fast=kTRUE) const;
	TTreeFormula::Init calls this function with fast=kFALSE. In this case
	the current IsInteger function is executed and the result stored in the kIsInteger bit
	of the TTreeFormula. Later when the IsInteger function is called with kTRUE or
	no arguments, the function returns immediatly the value of the kIsInteger bit.
	This also solves another problem encountered when processing TChains.
	It can happen that when TTreePlayer::DrawSelect calls TTreeFormula::IsInteger,
	the TBranch objects of the processed Tree are no more available because the last Tree
	in the chain has been deleted.
2007-04-04 08:54  brun

	* tmva/test/: TMVAGui.C, TMVAnalysis.C:
	The script TMVAnalysis.C can now be run with ACLIC, ie
	   root > .x TMVAnalysis.C+
2007-04-03 18:40  axel

	* reflex/: inc/Reflex/Member.h, inc/Reflex/internal/MemberBase.h,
	src/FunctionMember.cxx, src/FunctionMember.h, src/MemberBase.cxx:
	Implement API to change function parameter names (cf. func implementation)
2007-04-03 18:10  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-04-03 17:20  couet

	* graf/: inc/TBox.h, src/TBox.cxx:
	- Make the operator= public.
	- Change help to new format.
2007-04-03 16:37  brun

	* hist/src/TF1.cxx:
	Modify TF1::DrawCopy such that the function can also work when the object
	is a user class derived from TF1.
2007-04-03 13:43  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGXYLayout.cxx:
	Included the case when rubber flag is not set in the generated code.
2007-04-03 13:10  brun

	* gl/src/: TGLDisplayListCache.cxx, TGLScene.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Added missing protections in GL for Windows.
2007-04-03 10:25  axel

	* reflex/src/: PluginFactoryMap.cxx, PluginService.cxx:
2007-04-03 09:07  brun

	* graf/src/TLegendEntry.cxx:
	In the constructor set all text attributes to 0 such that they will automatically
	inherit the TLegend settings when the TLegend will be painted.
2007-04-02 18:54  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGWindow.cxx:
	Generated pointer names cannot contain space or "::"
2007-04-02 18:53  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	Changes in SaveSorce methods related to the code generation when TGXYLayout is used
2007-04-02 18:53  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGXYLayout.h, src/TGXYLayout.cxx:
	Implemented SavePrimitive for TGXYLayout and TGXYLayoutHints
2007-04-02 17:24  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In TH1::Fit add support for classes derived from TF1 and redefining TF1::EvalPar.
	Instead of calling "new TF1" the user class default constructor is called
	via f1->IsA()->New().
2007-04-02 13:07  rdm

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	fix dynamicpath to always include $ROOTSYS/lib, needed to find the
	.rootmap files.
2007-04-02 12:32  rdm

	* geom/inc/TGeoCache.h:
	From Bertrand:
	As on Windows, GetFreeSpace is defined as the following macro:
	#define GetFreeSpace(w) (0x100000L)
	It has to be undefined in TGeoCache.h
	(compilation of ROOT Event Viewer (REVE) dictionary fails on Windows)
2007-04-02 12:27  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	fix typo breaking Win32 build.
2007-04-02 12:24  rdm

	* configure:
	remove obsolete lib/libProofGui*.
2007-04-02 11:54  rdm

	* Makefile:
	remove $(MAKE) map calls.
2007-04-02 11:53  rdm

	* configure:
	delete old etc/system.rootmap.
2007-04-02 11:42  rdm

	* Makefile, alien/, asimage/, auth/,
	castor/, chirp/, cintex/,
	clarens/, config/Makefile.depend, dcache/,
	eg/, fftw/, fitpanel/, foam/,
	fumili/, g3d/, g4root/, gdml/,
	ged/, geom/, geombuilder/,
	geompainter/, gfal/, gl/,
	gpad/, graf/, gui/,
	guibuilder/, hbook/, hist/,
	histpainter/, html/, io/,
	krb5auth/, ldap/, math/,
	mathcore/, mathmore/, matrix/,
	meta/src/TCint.cxx, minuit/, minuit2/,
	mlp/, monalisa/, mysql/, net/,
	netx/, odbc/, oracle/, peac/,
	pgsql/, physics/, postscript/,
	proof/, proofplayer/, proofx/,
	pyroot/, pythia6/, qt/, qtgsi/,
	qtroot/, quadp/, reflex/,
	rfio/, rint/, roofit/, ruby/,
	sapdb/, sessionviewer/, smatrix/,
	spectrum/, spectrumpainter/, splot/,
	sql/, table/, thread/, tmva/,
	tree/, treeplayer/, treeviewer/,
	unuran/, vmc/, win32gdk/, x11/,
	x11ttf/, x3d/, xml/,
	we now generate for every a library.rootmap file in the lib
	directory. These rootmap files are generated automatically when the
	associated LinkDef file(s) or the config/Makefile.depend is changed.
	No more "make map" needed, rootmaps are always up-to-date!
2007-03-30 23:37  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/: TFormLeafInfo.cxx, TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Extend support for type casting in TTreeFormula.  In particular support the case of casting the object returned value of a function:
	This requires fixing the parsing of nested parathesis.
2007-03-30 18:46  rdm

	* proofd/inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h, proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	This fixes a problem with the selection of a non-default ROOT version
	showing up at the CAF.
2007-03-30 18:44  rdm

	* net/inc/TFileStager.h, net/src/TFileStager.cxx,
	proof/src/TDSet.cxx, tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Anna reported to me the following problem:
	TChain::Lookup (and TDSet::Lookup) makes now use of TFileStager::Locate
	to locate the files. But for local URLs TFileStager is not defined, so
	the lookup fails.
	This patch adds default functionality (based on TSystem::AccessPathName)
	to the base TFileStager, so that it works trasparently for local files.
2007-03-30 18:35  rdm

	* auth/inc/DaemonUtils.h:
	From Gerri:
	the decls of RpdInit at auth/inc/DaemonUtils.h:70 and
	rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:6365 didn't match.
2007-03-30 18:12  antcheva

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	Additional protection against zero pointer of TColorWheel object
2007-03-30 17:07  brun

	* test/stressEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Some minor fixes and remove debug prints
2007-03-30 17:03  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Anna;
	solves the problem of linear formulas with more than 20 parameters
2007-03-30 17:01  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	From Anna:
	changed the comments to TGraph::LeastSquareLinearFit() to describe the real meaning of the parameters
2007-03-30 16:30  moneta

	* unuran/test/: Makefile, unuranDiscrete.cxx, unuranDistr.cxx,
	unuranHist.cxx, unuranMulti2D.cxx, unuranMulti3D.cxx,
	unuranMultiDim.cxx, unuranSimple.cxx:
	improve the tests. Add performance comparisons for Gauss and Poisson and add test for dim 10 and 100
2007-03-30 15:41  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	One more fix to the default arg parsing (don't remove enclosing "")
2007-03-30 15:38  brun

	* tree/src/TEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Fix a bug in the use of the hash algorithm that was preventing stressEntryList
	to work correctly on some systems.
2007-03-30 15:22  moneta

	* unuran/: inc/TUnuranEmpDist.h, src/TUnuran.cxx,
	add methods for generating random numbers from multi-dimensional empirical distributions. They can be used for example to generate random numbers from a TGraph or a TGraph2D
2007-03-30 14:20  couet

	* gl/inc/TGLTF3Painter.h:
	- From Timur:
	  Fix a compilation problem on SUN
2007-03-30 11:58  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	In process, handle the case where the TreeCache object is deleted/newed during the processing (because of a missing file for example)
2007-03-30 09:55  rdm

	* base/src/TBrowser.cxx, base/src/TColor.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	make sure that InitalizeGraphics() is properly called.
2007-03-29 23:32  brun

	* graf/src/: TPaveText.cxx, TPavesText.cxx:
	Add more comments in TPaveText and TpavesText constructors.
2007-03-29 23:11  brun

	* pythia6/inc/TPythia6.h:
	In the inline function TPythia6::GetPROC(i), set explicitily the termination character number 27 to take into account the fact that in Fortran there is no
	character terminator.
2007-03-29 18:37  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	Yet another try to fix the quoting of default values for function parameters.
2007-03-29 18:04  rdm

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	move to version v5-14-00e.
2007-03-29 16:26  pcanal

	* cint/src/: DataMbr.cxx, bc_cfunc.cxx, bc_exec.cxx, bc_exec_asm.h,
	bc_parse.cxx, v6_auxu.cxx, v6_decl.cxx, v6_disp.cxx, v6_end.cxx,
	v6_error.cxx, v6_inherit.cxx, v6_newlink.cxx, v6_pcode.cxx,
	v6_scrupto.cxx, v6_sizeof.cxx, v6_struct.cxx, v6_typedef.cxx,
	From Paul:
	A one-dimensional array of length one was being treated as if it
	were a scalar.  This results in root seeing an incorrect data member
	name, which makes tree I/O offset calculations fail.
	The change here is that var->varlabel[varid][1] is now the actual number
	of array elements (zero for scalars), previously it was offset by one and
	a result of zero was forced to one which resulted in the degeneracy between
	a scalar and a one-dimensional array of length one.
2007-03-29 16:13  pcanal

	* config/Makefile.depend, main/, main/src/hadd.cxx:
	Move the dependency of hadd on libTreePlayer from link time to runtime
2007-03-29 16:10  pcanal

	* config/Makefile.depend, main/, main/src/hadd.cxx:
	Move the dependency of hadd on libTreePlayer from link time to runtime
2007-03-29 15:54  rdm

	* proofd/src/XrdProofConn.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	remove debug statements.
2007-03-29 15:10  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- In TPad::PaintBorder the "dark" and "light" color were not right when
	  the basic color was 0: a red border was drawn around the pads.
2007-03-29 14:52  pcanal

	* config/Makefile.depend, main/
	Link hadd against libTreePlayer to allow support for TTree with a build index until hadd can use the autoloader
2007-03-29 14:52  pcanal

	* config/Makefile.depend, main/
	Link hadd against libTreePlayer to allow support for TTree with a build index until hadd can use the autoloader
2007-03-29 14:08  couet

	* gl/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGLBoxPainter.h, inc/TGLPlotPainter.h,
	inc/TGLTF3Painter.h, inc/TGLUtil.h, src/TGLBoxPainter.cxx,
	src/TGLHistPainter.cxx, src/TGLPlotPainter.cxx,
	src/TGLTF3Painter.cxx, src/TGLUtil.cxx:
	- From Timur:
	  First implementation of the 3D iso surfaces with GL. Example:
	     TCanvas * canvas = new TCanvas("C","C",600,600);
	  (Still needs improvments)
2007-03-29 12:12  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	Removed #ifndef __CINT__ etc statements from generated
	code - not needed anymore with auto loading mechanism
2007-03-29 10:47  pcanal

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	-Increase G__MAXSTRUCT and G__MAXTYPEDEF to 24000. This has no visible effect on the memory used by CINT.
2007-03-29 10:00  moneta

	* unuran/: inc/TUnuranMultiContDist.h,
	pass dimension in constructor of multi-dim distributions
2007-03-28 23:56  pcanal

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	Insure that CINT is always in execute mode (as opposed to declaration mode) when running ProcessLine
2007-03-28 17:43  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	also check if graphics libs need to be loaded after doing .L.
2007-03-28 17:40  rdm

	* x11ttf/src/TGX11TTF.cxx:
	don't use TGX11::Class() since that can lead to the creation of a shadow class
	which is not what we want. Just check on the name "TGX11".
2007-03-28 17:12  axel

	* html/: inc/THtml.h, src/TClassDocOutput.cxx:
	Allow Wiki links for discussions/free-form doc of classes if THtml::SetWikiURL() is set, a la PHP
2007-03-28 16:33  rdm

	* x11ttf/: inc/TGX11TTF.h, src/TGX11TTF.cxx:
	add static method Activate() to switch gVirtualX to TGX11TTF.
2007-03-28 16:32  rdm

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, gui/src/TGClient.cxx:
	in static initializer call TApplication::NeedGraphicsLibs().
2007-03-28 16:31  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	don't check anymore "magic" library names, after every load check if
	the TApplication::fgGraphNeeded flag is set (set via
2007-03-28 16:29  rdm

	* base/: inc/TApplication.h, src/TApplication.cxx:
	add static method NeedGrahicsLibs(). This method should be called from static
	library initializers of libraries that need the low level graphics libs
	(this is currently called from libGpad and libGui). This is more generic
	than looking for the Gpad and Gui names in TSystem::Load() and also works
	if these libs are indirectly loaded like via an ACLiC generated library.
	Also explicitly initialize TGX11TTF if this library was indirectly loaded
	as part of an ACLiC library (we call via ProcessLine() the new static
	TGX11TTF::Activate() method).
2007-03-28 15:38  rdm

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	libXrdPosix was not linked with the XrdSys lib needed for Mac OS X.
2007-03-28 12:41  pcanal

	* cintex/src/CINTScopeBuilder.cxx:
	From Pere:
	Correct the issue
	Fix a bad declaration of the scope of vector<LinkManager::Link*>::iterator as a namespace when declaring a typedef of LinkManager class.
2007-03-28 12:18  pcanal

	* cintex/src/CINTScopeBuilder.cxx:
	From Pere:
	Correct the issue
	Fix a bad declaration of the scope of vector<LinkManager::Link*>::iterator as a namespace when declaring a typedef of LinkManager class.
2007-03-28 11:54  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBasket.cxx:
	Remove memory leak in the case where the buffer is not compressible (rare)
2007-03-28 11:48  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBasket.cxx:
	Remove memory leak in the case where the buffer is not compressible (rare)
2007-03-28 11:39  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBasket.cxx:
	Remove memory leak in the case where the buffer is not compressible (rare)
2007-03-27 17:30  pcanal

	* g3d/src/TView3D.cxx, hist/src/TH3.cxx:
	Re-enable use of buffer not attached to a TFile for TH3 and TView3D
2007-03-27 17:04  moneta

	* unuran/: inc/TUnuranDiscrDist.h, src/TUnuran.cxx:
	fix a bug in setting the sum of a disccrete distribution and in the nuuran log level
2007-03-27 16:52  brun

	* tutorials/matrix/: invertMatrix.C, solveLinear.C:
	From Eddy:
	Fix a problem with enums
2007-03-27 16:47  pcanal

	* hist/src/THStack.cxx:
	Use TClass::DynamicCast instead of the C-Style cast to get the correct object address without introducing a link time dependency.
2007-03-27 15:40  pcanal

	* hbook/: inc/THbookBranch.h, src/THbookBranch.cxx,
	adapt to new TBranch interface
2007-03-26 18:02  pcanal

	* tree/: inc/TBranch.h, inc/TBranchClones.h, inc/TBranchElement.h,
	inc/TBranchObject.h, src/TBranch.cxx, src/TBranchClones.cxx,
	src/TBranchElement.cxx, src/TBranchObject.cxx, src/TBranchRef.cxx,
	Cache the branch mother and direct parent to improve performance
2007-03-26 17:04  pcanal

	* test/dt_DrawTest.C:
	add missing header
2007-03-26 14:18  rdm

	* test/Makefile.win32:
	From Bertrand:
	Added MSVC++ 8.0 SP1 signature in Makefile.win32.
2007-03-24 15:06  rdm

	* netx/, proofx/, xrootd/,
	to be able to use alternative xrootd builds we now link some modules with
	a shared libXrdPosix instead of a static .a. This means that on Mac OS X
	we need to make libXrdPosix.dylib in addition to
2007-03-24 12:12  rdm

	* configure:
	threas are now always enabled so make sure they are in the "features" list.
	This is needed so root-config properly adds the required thread libs
2007-03-23 16:21  moneta

	* tutorials/unuran/unuranFoamTest.C:
	fix name for include TROOT.h for Linux (cap sensitive OS)
2007-03-23 15:37  rdm

	* netx/, proofx/
	From Gerri:
	correct path of external xrootd libraries.
2007-03-23 15:31  moneta

	* mathmore/: inc/Math/GSLRndmEngines.h, inc/Math/Random.h,
	- fix a compilation error on gcc 4.1
	- add Gaussian generators for other GSL methods (Ratio and BM). Ziggurat is used as default.
2007-03-23 14:29  moneta

	* tutorials/math/testrandom.C:
	move testrandom() function at the end of the file, otherwise it will not compile
2007-03-23 14:10  rdm

	* netx/, proofx/
	From Gerri:
	- link with libXrdPosix instead of the static libs libXrdClient.a
	  libXrdOuc.a libXrdNet.a. This solves problems with static symbols
	  when an external version of the plug-in is used (like from external
	  provided xrootd).
2007-03-23 14:08  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	remove all internal ' " ' from the current include path before exporting it
2007-03-23 10:06  rdm

	* win32gdk/: gdk/src/gdk/gdkcursors.h,
	gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkcursor-win32.c, gdk/src/gdk/win32/rc/gdk.rc,
	From Bertrand:
	change busy cursor from "arrow with hourglass" to "hourglass".
2007-03-23 10:04  rdm

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/rc/Busy.cur:
	From Bertrand:
	new busy cursor.
2007-03-22 21:07  rdm

	* cont/src/TCollection.cxx:
	add missing documentation to AddVector().
2007-03-22 16:06  moneta

	* tutorials/unuran/unuranFoamTest.C:
	add macro showing usage of unuran and foam for generating random numbers from a 2d distribution
2007-03-22 15:58  antcheva

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	TColorWheel object excluded from the selected objects in graphics editor.
	It is used in color dialog for selecting colors.
2007-03-22 14:07  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGColorDialog.cxx:
	From Matevz:
	Changed the way how embedded canvas is initialized to avoid error bad
	drawable, XREQ: 62.
2007-03-22 11:36  moneta

	* smatrix/inc/Math/: CramerInversion.icc, CramerInversionSym.icc,
	remove optimized inversion (Cramer method) of 6x6 normal & sym matrices. Results on new 64 bit machines are better using the general inversion method
2007-03-22 11:19  brun

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Add quotes around the path string while exporting ROOTINCLUDEPATH
2007-03-22 11:18  brun

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	 - Use macro basename (instead of name) for the final load message (bug #24943)
2007-03-22 10:32  brun

	* test/Tetris.cxx:
	libGpad must be loaded before executing Tetris
2007-03-22 10:27  brun

	* test/Aclock.cxx:
	This example requires libGpad to be loaded too.
2007-03-22 10:18  couet

	* graf/src/TEllipse.cxx:
	- Make sure that phmin<phimax to fix
	- Modify help to use the new THtml doc.
2007-03-21 18:30  brun

	* graf/: inc/TBox.h, src/TBox.cxx:
	TBox::DrawBox returns now a TBox*.
	The same change will be applied to all other primitives.
2007-03-21 17:02  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Start development version 5.15/05
2007-03-20 17:17  rdm

	* alien/inc/TAlienCollection.h, alien/inc/TAlienResult.h,
	alien/src/TAlienCollection.cxx, alien/src/TAlienResult.cxx,
	net/inc/TGridCollection.h, net/inc/TGridResult.h:
	ALICE needs TEntryList support via AliEn (TEventList removed).
2007-03-20 17:16  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	proofd/inc/XrdProofdTrace.h, proofd/src/XrdProofConn.cxx,
	proofd/src/XrdProofPhyConn.cxx, proofd/src/XrdProofServProxy.cxx,
	fix link dependency, libProofx should NOT be linked with libXrdProofd
	as it initializes some same symbols.
2007-03-20 15:00  brun

	* test/stressEntryList.cxx:
	add more output information in case the test fails.
2007-03-20 12:11  rdm

	* io/src/TFile.cxx:
	make check for new option CACHEREAD case insensitive.
2007-03-20 11:59  brun

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx, zip/src/deflate.c:
	From Axel:
	Fixes for problems reported by valgrind.
2007-03-20 11:53  couet

	* tutorials/gl/gldemos.C:
	- Since the structure change of $ROOTSYS/tutorials/ this pilot macro
	  pointed on the wrong macros' names.
2007-03-20 11:37  moneta

	* smatrix/test/Makefile:
	fix problem linking CLHEP on Windows
2007-03-20 10:55  brun

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	remove a forgotten debug statement
2007-03-20 10:54  brun

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	Fix for thumbnails generation to avoid a crash in ROOT object browser
2007-03-20 09:02  brun

	* alien/: inc/TAlienCollection.h, src/TAlienCollection.cxx,
	src/TAlienFile.cxx, src/TAlienJDL.cxx:
	Fix a long list of coding conventions violations.
2007-03-20 08:53  brun

	* net/inc/TGrid.h:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-20 08:51  brun

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-19 23:02  pcanal

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Specify ReadFile's behavior regarding white spaces and string
2007-03-19 22:40  brun

	* net/inc/LinkDef.h:
	Remove TUrl and TInetAddress from the Net dictionary.
	This was causing funny problems under Windows.
2007-03-19 19:11  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Make development version 5.15/04
2007-03-19 19:08  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx:
	From Philippe
	Remove spurrious error message in the case of a data type of type
	vector<map<UInt_t,Float_t> >
2007-03-19 18:41  rdm

	* alien/inc/TAlienCollection.h, alien/inc/TAlienJobStatusList.h,
	alien/src/TAlienCollection.cxx, alien/src/TAlienJobStatusList.cxx,
	fix bunch of warnings (hidden overloaded methods).
2007-03-19 18:24  brun

	* net/: inc/TGridJobStatusList.h, src/TGridJobStatusList.cxx:
	Remove trailing <CR>
2007-03-19 18:02  rdm

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	From Andreas Peters:
	fix so the Stage() command works. Needed for PROOF on the CAF.
2007-03-19 17:55  rdm

	* alien/inc/TAlien.h, alien/inc/TAlienCollection.h,
	alien/inc/TAlienFile.h, alien/src/TAlien.cxx,
	alien/src/TAlienCollection.cxx, alien/src/TAlienFile.cxx,
	alien/src/TAlienJDL.cxx, alien/src/TAlienJobStatus.cxx,
	coding conventions.
2007-03-19 17:49  moneta

	* tutorials/math/: mathcoreCDF.C, mathcoreVectorCollection.C,
	mathcoreVectorFloatIO.C, mathcoreVectorIO.C:
	fix tutorials
2007-03-19 17:14  rdm

	* alien/inc/LinkDef.h, alien/inc/TAlien.h,
	alien/inc/TAlienCollection.h, alien/inc/TAlienFile.h,
	alien/inc/TAlienJDL.h, alien/inc/TAlienJobStatusList.h,
	alien/src/TAlien.cxx, alien/src/TAlienCollection.cxx,
	alien/src/TAlienFile.cxx, alien/src/TAlienJDL.cxx,
	alien/src/TAlienJobStatus.cxx, alien/src/TAlienJobStatusList.cxx,
	net/inc/LinkDef.h, net/inc/TGrid.h, net/inc/TGridCollection.h,
	net/inc/TGridJDL.h, net/inc/TGridJobStatusList.h,
	From Andreas Peters:
	updated Alien plugin.
2007-03-19 17:02  pcanal

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	remove limitation on title length
2007-03-19 16:55  brun

	* test/stressGeometry.cxx, tutorials/geom/geomAlice.C,
	tutorials/geom/geomAlice_itsv.C, tutorials/geom/geomAtlas.C,
	tutorials/geom/geomBrahms.C, tutorials/matrix/invertMatrix.C:
	Simplify the tutorials and test programs reading geometry files across the web.
	The geometry files are automatically cached locally thanks to the new option "CACHEREAD"
	in TFile::Open.
2007-03-19 16:54  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	Modify TGeoManager::Import to take advantage of the new option "CACHEREAD"
	in TFile::Open. When importing a web file, it is automatically cached
	on the local system.
2007-03-19 16:14  rdm

	* etc/proof/, proof/inc/TProofMgr.h,
	proof/src/TProofMgr.cxx, proofd/inc/XrdProofServProxy.h,
	proofd/inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h, proofd/src/XrdProofConn.cxx,
	proofd/src/XrdProofServProxy.cxx, proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx,
	proofx/inc/TXProofMgr.h, proofx/inc/TXSocket.h,
	proofx/src/TXProofMgr.cxx, proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx,
	proofx/src/TXSlave.cxx, proofx/src/TXSocket.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	- Support for multiple ROOT versions on a PROOF cluster.
	  TProofMgr::ShowROOTVersions() giving the following output:
	root [0] TProof::Mgr("")->ShowROOTVersions()
	Available versions (tag ROOT-vers remote-path PROOF-version):
	 * cvs 5.15/03 /home/ganis/local/root/head/head 12
	   dev 5.15/03 /home/ganis/local/root/head/root 12
	- TProofMgr::SetROOTVersion(const char *version_tag)
	    to change the default for the user, eg
	root [1] TProof::Mgr("")->SetROOTVersion("dev")
	root [2] TProof::Mgr("")->ShowROOTVersions()
	Available versions (tag ROOT-vers remote-path PROOF-version):
	   cvs 5.15/03 /home/ganis/local/root/head/head 12
	 * dev 5.15/03 /home/ganis/local/root/head/root 12
	Available version are defined by the administrator via the
	"xpd.rootsys" directive:
	xpd.rootsys /home/ganis/local/root/head/head cvs
	xpd.rootsys /home/ganis/local/root/head/root dev
	in the xrootd config file.
	- Improve error reporting in TXSocket
	- Fix a problem with resetting a label in TProofProgressDialog
2007-03-19 16:06  moneta

	* unuran/test/: Makefile, unuranSimple.cxx:
	update test adding CLHEP
2007-03-19 16:00  rdm

	* base/inc/TTimeStamp.h:
	add new setter methods:
	SetSec(int sec)
	SetNanoSec(int nsec)
2007-03-19 15:45  rdm

	* netx/src/: TXNetFile.cxx, TXNetFileStager.cxx:
	From Andreas and Gerri:
	- TXNetFileStager: fix problem in setting the prefix
	- TXNetFile: set kXR_new also for 'recreate'
2007-03-19 15:43  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, inc/TProofServ.h, src/TProof.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	- TProof::Load(const char *macro, Bool_t notOnClient) where 'macro' is the
	  name of a macro or the implementation file of a class (in which case the
	  corresponding header should have .h or .hh extension). If notOnClient
	  is kTRUE (default is kFALSE) the class/macro is loaded only
	  on master and workers.
	- Re-usage of valid binaries from macros or selectors (they are cached under
	  <SandBox>/cache), this allows to save a few seconds while running a query
	  with an unchanged and compiled selector.
	- Exports ROOTINCLUDEPATH with the current content of gSystem->GetIncludePath()
	  just before executing so that the path can be used for build
	  purposes (bug #18079)
2007-03-19 15:35  rdm

	* config/Makefile.win32:
	From Axel:
	for the time being suppress truncation warnings in VC++8.
2007-03-19 15:25  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	in upload data sets use now TFile::Cp() instead of the TFileMerger.
2007-03-19 15:24  rdm

	* io/: inc/TFile.h, src/TFile.cxx:
	From Andreas Peters:
	implement generic file copy in static function TFile::Cp().
	This is the same code as is in TFileMerger::Cp() but its natural location
	is TFile. It allows any file (also non-ROOT files) to be copied via any of
	the many ROOT remote file access methods.
	In addition TFile::Open() has now the new option "CACHEREAD" which will
	first use TFile::Cp() to copy the file locally to a cache directory and
	then open the file locally. If the remote file already exists in the cache
	this file will be used directly, unless the remote file has changed.
	For example:
	root [0] TFile::SetCacheFileDir("/tmp/fons")
	root [1] TFile *f = TFile::Open("", "CACHEREAD")
	[TFile::Cp] Total 0.11 MB       |====================| 100.00 % [8.8 MB/s]
	Info in <TFile::Open>: using local cache copy of [/tmp/fons/files/aleph.root]
	root [2] f->GetName()
	(const char* 0x41dd2d0)"/tmp/fons/files/aleph.root"
	To shrink the cache use TFile::ShrinkCacheFileDir().
2007-03-19 14:36  moneta

	* tutorials/fit/minuit2GausFit.C:
	test with fumili2
2007-03-19 14:35  moneta

	* tutorials/math/: mathcoreSpecFunc.C, mathcoreStatFunc.C:
	add missing includes
2007-03-19 14:26  moneta

	* smatrix/test/Makefile:
	fixes for Windows
2007-03-19 14:18  moneta

	* minuit2/inc/: TFcnAdapter.h, Minuit2/MnRefCountedPointer.h:
	remove I/O for class TFcnAdapter and rename method Check to DoCheck to avoid a problem on Solaris
2007-03-19 12:54  brun

	* smatrix/test/matrixOperations.C:
	Replace "#define N 10" by "const Int_t N=10;"
2007-03-19 12:11  moneta

	* minuit2/inc/TFcnAdapter.h:
	add missing include Rtypes
2007-03-19 12:06  moneta

	* minuit2/: inc/TFcnAdapter.h, inc/TFitterMinuit.h,
	src/TFcnAdapter.cxx, src/TFitterFumili.cxx, src/TFitterMinuit.cxx,
	test/Makefile, test/testGraph.cxx:
	fix a problem in GetCovarianceMatrix. Now return a pointer to a vector NxN and not N*(N+1)/2. Update also test and doc
2007-03-19 11:59  axel

	* html/: inc/THtml.h, src/TDocDirective.cxx, src/TDocInfo.cxx,
	Fix coding conventions violation
	Fix typo in THtml::SetMdouleDocPath()
	More sleeping for GUI macro directives (now 1sec)
	Fix title for product doc's class hierarchy
2007-03-19 11:46  antcheva

	* ged/src/TArrowEditor.cxx:
	Updated doc to use new Reference guide features.
2007-03-19 11:46  rdm

	* proofplayer/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TAdaptivePacketizer.h,
	inc/TDrawFeedback.h, inc/TEventIter.h, inc/TFileMerger.h,
	inc/TObjectCache.h, inc/TPacketizer.h, inc/TPacketizerDev.h,
	inc/TPacketizerProgressive.h, inc/TPerfStats.h, inc/TProofDraw.h,
	inc/TProofLimitsFinder.h, inc/TStatus.h, inc/TVirtualPacketizer.h,
	src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx, src/TDrawFeedback.cxx,
	src/TEventIter.cxx, src/TFileMerger.cxx, src/TObjectCache.cxx,
	src/TPacketizer.cxx, src/TPacketizerDev.cxx,
	src/TPacketizerProgressive.cxx, src/TPerfStats.cxx,
	src/TProofDraw.cxx, src/TProofLimitsFinder.cxx, src/TStatus.cxx,
	reflect move from proof to proofplayer directory in the cvs tag line.
2007-03-19 11:33  rdm

	* proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TEventIter.h,
	proof/inc/TObjectCache.h, proof/inc/TStatus.h,
	proof/src/TEventIter.cxx, proof/src/TObjectCache.cxx,
	proof/src/TProof.cxx, proof/src/TStatus.cxx,
	final move of code from libProof to libProofPlayer (to make libProof as small
	as possible).
2007-03-19 11:29  moneta

	* minuit2/src/: MnMinos.cxx, TFitterMinuit.cxx:
	fix problem in suppressing debug information in Minos
2007-03-19 11:24  brun

	Add Josef Leydold for his contribution to UNURAN.
2007-03-19 11:04  couet

	* graf/src/TLegend.cxx:
	- Coding conventions.
2007-03-19 10:57  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	Fixed typo in comment.
2007-03-19 10:56  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGColorDialog.cxx:
	Added missing comment in DoPreview method.
2007-03-19 02:49  rdm

	* base/inc/TColor.h:
	fix double to float truncation warning.
2007-03-19 02:46  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	temporary commenting out of TFileMerger.
2007-03-19 02:36  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend, proof/inc/LinkDef.h,
	proof/inc/TAdaptivePacketizer.h, proof/inc/TDrawFeedback.h,
	proof/inc/TFileMerger.h, proof/inc/TPacketizer.h,
	proof/inc/TPacketizerDev.h, proof/inc/TPacketizerProgressive.h,
	proof/inc/TPerfStats.h, proof/inc/TProof.h,
	proof/inc/TProofLimitsFinder.h, proof/inc/TVirtualPacketizer.h,
	proof/inc/TVirtualProofPlayer.h, proof/src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx,
	proof/src/TDrawFeedback.cxx, proof/src/TFileMerger.cxx,
	proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx, proof/src/TPacketizerDev.cxx,
	proof/src/TPacketizerProgressive.cxx, proof/src/TPerfStats.cxx,
	proof/src/TProof.cxx, proof/src/TProofLimitsFinder.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proof/src/TVirtualPacketizer.cxx,
	proofplayer/inc/LinkDef.h, proofplayer/inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx, proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	more libProof restructuring. Now libProof is also independent of libHist.
	Last remaining step is to remove libTree dependency. On startup proofserv.exe
	now loads 9 libs, was 16.
2007-03-18 19:35  rdm

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, thread/inc/TWin32Mutex.h,
	thread/src/TMutex.cxx, thread/src/TThread.cxx,
	thread/src/TWin32Condition.cxx, thread/src/TWin32Mutex.cxx,
	tutorials/thread/threadsh1.C, win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h,
	win32gdk/src/TGWin32GL.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32ProxyBase.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Here is a patch for win32 implementation of TThread.
	 - Improves speed of a factor 10 in a heavy context switching
	   threaded application (by using critical sections).
	 - Added R__LOCKGUARD2(gROOTMutex) in TThreadTimer.
	 - Added CINT deadlock workaround for WIN32 in TMutex :-\
	 - Protected calls to gInterpreter->Execute() in TCanvas.
	 - Added gSystem->Sleep(10) in tutorial threadsh1.C
2007-03-17 23:01  brun

	* test/stressEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Fix a scope problem preventing a correct execution with CINT and Windows.
2007-03-17 22:04  rdm

	* main/
	link proofserv.exe only with libCore and libCint.
2007-03-17 22:03  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	libProof does also not depend on libTreePlayer anymore.
2007-03-17 20:16  brun

	* test/: stressGraphics.cxx, stressGraphics.ref:
	Several changes in the reference file.
	The file earth.dat was moved from asimage to graphics.
2007-03-17 19:12  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	libProof now independent of libGpad, libGraf and libGraf3d.
2007-03-17 19:04  rdm

	* proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TProofDraw.h,
	proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/inc/TVirtualProofPlayer.h,
	proof/src/TProofDraw.cxx, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	proofplayer/inc/LinkDef.h, proofplayer/inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx, proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	move TProofDraw to proofplayer. Also move the TProofServ GetTreeHeader code
	to proofplayer.
2007-03-17 19:02  rdm

	* sessionviewer/: inc/TProofProgressDialog.h,
	inc/TProofProgressLog.h, inc/TSessionDialogs.h,
	inc/TSessionLogView.h, inc/TSessionViewer.h,
	src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx, src/TProofProgressLog.cxx,
	src/TSessionDialogs.cxx, src/TSessionLogView.cxx,
	correct cvs tag line.
2007-03-17 18:42  brun

	* spectrumpainter/: inc/TSpectrum2Painter.h,
	Replace all Float variables by Double.
2007-03-17 13:03  brun

	* gpad/inc/TColorWheel.h, gpad/src/TColorWheel.cxx,
	gui/inc/TGColorDialog.h, gui/inc/TGColorSelect.h,
	gui/src/TGColorDialog.cxx, gui/src/TGColorSelect.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- add new method TColorWheel::SetCanvas(TCanvas *can)
	- changes in Draw method related to the parent canvas
	- line width changed to 1 (was 2) for better view in a small canvas
	- added two tabs: Color Wheel and Basic Colors
	- in Color Wheel tab implemented visualization of TColorWheel with the possibility to select a color from it
	- in Basic Colors tab is kept old functionality of this class. The text fields for RGB and HLS and OK, Cancel buttons moved to the main dialog frame. They are used also for setting a color selected from the color wheel.
	- New button Preview applies the selected color to the selected object if this dialog is called from the graphics editor. The selection can be confirmed as the final one by clicking the OK button or refused - by clicking on Cancel button.
	- new methods: DoPreview and SetColorInfo
	- many layout changes
	- added aditional frame for comparison between the old and new selected colors
	- new method PreviewColor
2007-03-17 12:02  rdm

	* Makefile, config/Makefile.depend, config/,
	rename libProofGui to libSessionViewer and move the sources from proof to
2007-03-17 12:00  rdm

	* proof/src/: TProofProgressDialog.cxx, TProofProgressLog.cxx,
	TSessionDialogs.cxx, TSessionLogView.cxx, TSessionViewer.cxx:
	move to sessionviewer directory.
2007-03-17 11:59  rdm

	* proof/inc/: LinkDefGui.h, TProofProgressDialog.h,
	TProofProgressLog.h, TSessionDialogs.h, TSessionLogView.h,
	move to sessionviewer directory.
2007-03-17 11:58  rdm

	* sessionviewer/:, inc/LinkDef.h:
	move SessionViewer sources from proof to own sessionviewer directory.
2007-03-17 09:45  brun

	* tree/src/: TEntryList.cxx, TEntryListBlock.cxx:
	Change the documentation of TEntryList and TEntryListBlock to html format
	and add macros generating pictures documenting the two classes.
2007-03-17 09:44  brun

	* tree/doc/macros/: entrylist_figure1.C, entrylist_figure2.C,
	Add macros used for the documentation of TEntryList and TEntryListBlock
2007-03-16 23:19  rdm

	* asimage/src/libAfterImage.tar.gz:
	From Axel:
	fix needed for the doc generation.
2007-03-16 22:16  pcanal

	* base/src/ManualBase4Body.h:
	Fix corrupted upload
2007-03-16 22:07  pcanal

	* base/: inc/LinkDef4.h, src/ManualBase4.cxx, src/ManualBase4.h,
	Add support for TBuffers operator<< and operator>> from the command line
2007-03-16 20:56  pcanal

	* io/src/TBufferFile.cxx:
	Make sure we are not using a slot number rendered obsolete by an
	increase of the size of the TExMap (this can be induced by a call
	the class to WriteClass).
	This prevents the error message:
	   'Error in <TExMap::Expand>: slot 25085 not empty (should never happen)
	seen by Minos and STAR.
	(The only side effect was a possible increase of the data on file due to object
2007-03-16 20:38  rdm

	* configure:
	avoid basename being called without argument.
2007-03-16 19:27  brun

	Add Alja for her contribution to GL and GUI
2007-03-16 19:25  brun

	* test/stressEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	New version with an extended interface
2007-03-16 19:21  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLDisplayListCache.h, src/TGLDisplayListCache.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	Fix crash on Windows with Geometry and GL in pad (thanks to Matevz)
2007-03-16 19:16  brun

	* tree/inc/TEntryListFromFile.h:
	Fix compilation warnings on Windows.
2007-03-16 19:07  axel

	* html/src/TDocDirective.cxx:
	Work-around MSVC7.1 bug
2007-03-16 18:06  rdm

	* Makefile, base/inc/RConfig.h, config/Makefile.depend,
	config/, proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TProof.h,
	proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h, proof/inc/TProofServ.h,
	proof/inc/TProofSuperMaster.h, proof/inc/TVirtualProofPlayer.h,
	proof/src/TProof.cxx, proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proof/src/TProofSuperMaster.cxx,
	proof/src/TVirtualProofPlayer.cxx, proofplayer/,
	proofplayer/inc/LinkDef.h, proofplayer/inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	first step in important restructuring of proofserv.exe to do the same as was
	done with root.exe. At startup proofserv.exe should depend only on the MAINLIBS
	and not much else.
2007-03-16 17:02  pcanal

	* rint/src/TTabCom.cxx:
	Use data member instead of hiding it with a local var
2007-03-16 16:59  couet

	* graf/src/TPie.cxx:
	- From Guido Volpi:
	  - removed some unused variables and portion of codes in DistancetoSlice()
	  - improved the rotation of the pie-chart: now the angle offset change
	    following the mouse pointer around the center of the TPie.
2007-03-16 16:54  axel

	* cint/src/common.h:
	match malloc with free in G__params/G__herits
2007-03-16 16:43  moneta

	* mathcore/test/Makefile:
	fix name of library on Windows
2007-03-16 16:40  pcanal

	* cint/inc/Api.h, cint/inc/G__ci.h, cint/src/Apiif.h,
	cint/src/DataMbr.cxx, cint/src/HISTORY, cint/src/Shadow.cxx,
	cint/src/bc_autoobj.cxx, cint/src/bc_cfunc.cxx,
	cint/src/bc_exec.cxx, cint/src/bc_exec_asm.h, cint/src/bc_inst.cxx,
	cint/src/bc_parse.cxx, cint/src/rflx_gensrc.h,
	cint/src/v6_auxu.cxx, cint/src/v6_decl.cxx, cint/src/v6_disp.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_end.cxx, cint/src/v6_error.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_inherit.cxx, cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_pause.cxx, cint/src/v6_pcode.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_scrupto.cxx, cint/src/v6_sizeof.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_struct.cxx, cint/src/v6_typedef.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_var.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Paul, Fons, Rene, Philippe, and Axel: upload of CINT 5.16.19/6.1.19
	* proper treatment of 1dim arrays (!= scalars)
	* split Shadow.h off Api.h
	* prevent temp file flooding on windows
	* remove rootcint temp files when done
2007-03-16 16:40  moneta

	* smatrix/test/Makefile:
	fix name of library on Windows
2007-03-16 16:30  moneta

	* smatrix/test/Makefile:
	fix to treat correctly useReflex case
2007-03-16 16:26  pcanal

	* cont/inc/TVirtualCollectionProxy.h:
	Re-enable access to the abstract interface from CINT
2007-03-16 16:25  axel

	* etc/html/ROOT.css, html/inc/TDocInfo.h,
	html/src/TClassDocOutput.cxx, html/src/TDocDirective.cxx,
	html/src/TDocInfo.cxx, html/src/TDocParser.cxx:
	* fix func doc div containing a directive
	* fix <pre></pre> parsing
	* fix graphics initialization
	* strip macro name for directive
	* handle macro param for directive
	* convert the macro source
	* fix tags (=file names) for directive-generated imgs
	* fix class doc search in headers
	* remove leading ///// in comment
	* add some padding in front of method args
2007-03-16 16:15  axel

	* cint/inc/Shadow.h:
	split Shadow.h off Api.h part 1 - real patch to be cvs ci'ed by someone with access to rootcint
2007-03-16 16:05  moneta

	* mathcore/:, inc/Math/IFunction.h, inc/Math/LinkDef.h,
	inc/Math/LinkDef_Func.h, inc/Math/LinkDef_GenVector.h,
	fix a problem with multiple usage of LinkDef files
2007-03-16 15:58  couet

	* graf/src/TPie.cxx:
	- Use TColor::GetColorBright
2007-03-16 11:54  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Add more documentation to TTree::ReadFile
2007-03-16 11:37  brun

	* tree/src/TEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	the gDirectory was not correctly set in TEntryList::SetTree
2007-03-16 11:19  rdm

	* cint/
	From Axel:
	filter out MAINLIBS from the list of dependencies passed to the linker.
2007-03-16 11:17  rdm

	* cint/
	From Axel:
	filter out MAINLIBS from the list of dependencies passed to the linker.
2007-03-16 09:42  brun

	Add Guido Volpi for his contribution to class TPie
2007-03-16 09:41  moneta

	* tutorials/graphs/motorcycle.C:
	add include files to be able to run in compile mode
2007-03-16 09:22  brun

	Add Jason Detwiler for his contribution to multiple columns in TLegend.
2007-03-16 09:15  brun

	* tree/: inc/TChain.h, src/TChain.cxx:
	To avoid overloading ambiguities (eg calling chain.SetEntryList(0), rename function
	   virtual void      SetEntryList(const char *filename="", Option_t *opt="");
	   virtual void      SetEntryListFile(const char *filename="", Option_t *opt="");
2007-03-16 09:13  brun

	* test/stressEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna;
	New stress program for EntryList (first attempt)
2007-03-16 08:48  brun

	* graf/inc/TLegend.h, graf/src/TLegend.cxx, test/Makefile:
	From Jason Detwiler:
	-Implement support for multiple columns in a TLegend.
2007-03-15 16:08  antcheva

	* fitpanel/: inc/TFitEditor.h, src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	- If selected object has been fitted, its function(s) is recognized and added to the list and can be selected for later use
	- Slider position is adjusted to the function range, if option "R" was used
	- Fixed crash when fit panel is activated and leaving ROOT (.q)
2007-03-15 14:21  brun

	* test/Makefile.win32:
	From Bertrand:
	Solve the problem reported at:
2007-03-15 12:33  brun

	* tree/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TChain.h, inc/TEntryList.h,
	inc/TEntryListFromFile.h, inc/TTree.h, src/TChain.cxx,
	src/TEntryListFromFile.cxx, src/TTree.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Add new functionlity to the TEntryList class to support automatically
	multiple TEntryList (one per TChain file). A new class TEntryListFromFile
	has been developed. It is a utility class called by TChain when a TEntryList
	is set.
	// TEntryListFromFile
	// Manages entry lists from different files, when they are not loaded
	// in memory at the same time.
	// This entry list should only be used when processing a TChain (see
	// TChain::SetEntryList() function). File naming convention:
	// - by default, filename_elist.root is used, where filename is the
	//   name of the chain element.
	// - xxx$xxx.root - $ sign is replaced by the name of the chain element
	// If the list name is not specified (by passing filename_elist.root/listname to
	// the TChain::SetEntryList() function, the first object of class TEntryList
	// in the file is taken.
	// It is assumed that there are as many lists, as there are chain elements,
	// and they are in the same order.
	// If one of the list files can't be opened, or there is an error reading a list
	// from the file, this list is skipped and the entry loop continues on the next
	// list.
2007-03-15 09:51  rdm

	* cintex/: src/CINTFunctional.cxx, test/,
	test/dict/CintexTest.h, test/dict/selection.xml:
	From Wim:
	fix return by reference of integers (see also:
2007-03-15 06:57  brun

	* cintex/: src/CINTFunctional.cxx, test/,
	test/dict/CintexTest.h, test/dict/selection.xml:
	From Wim:
	  o) fix return by reference of integers (see also:
2007-03-15 01:04  rdm

	* cint/
	change $^ to $< to avoid MAINLIBS to be included too.
2007-03-15 01:01  rdm

	* cint/
	change $^ to $< to avoid MAINLIBS to be included too.
2007-03-15 00:25  rdm

	* cint7/
	don't delete cached iosenum.<arch>.
2007-03-14 20:00  pcanal

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	Update to properly handle the fact that internally we use theBigNumber instead of kBigNumber
2007-03-14 19:41  brun

	* math/src/TRandom.cxx, tutorials/math/testrandom.C:
	From Lorenzo:
	new implementation of TRandom::Gaus using the Acceptance-complement ratio
	method from Hoermann-Derflinger. The new algorithm is probably the fastest
	currently existing and it is a factor 2/3 faster than the previous
	polar method.
	The implementation comes from the UNURAN package of W.Hoermann & J. Leydold,
	Institut f. Statistik, WU Wien.
	The documentation in the TRandom class has been as well updated.
2007-03-14 19:28  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	in NextTimeOut() don't use TIter since that calls indirectly malloc().
	Because NextTimeOut() can be called, in case of a SIGALRM, while the
	process is in a free() the malloc() would wait forever in a spin-lock.
2007-03-14 18:54  rdm

	* cint/
	fix parallel make in case of explicit link in which case any target using
	MAKELIB must depend on MAINLIBS.
2007-03-14 18:53  rdm

	* cint/
	fix parallel make in case of explicit link.
2007-03-14 17:12  moneta

	* tutorials/math/testrandom.C:
	add also Unuran tests and update table
2007-03-14 16:55  rdm

	* test/ProofBench/: Makefile_event, README,,
	- add Makefile_event has libEvent(.so|.dylib) as "all" target.
	- generate and SETUP.C with the new return types.
	- update the README (no local linking of Event.h needed anymore).
2007-03-14 16:05  brun

	* tutorials/geom/: building.C, cheongwadae.C, lego.C, mp3player.C,
	robot.C, south_gate.C, station1.C, station2.C, tank.C:
	Add a set of nice macros illustrating the power of the geometry package.
	These macros were developped at the Department of Physics, University of Seoul
	under the supervision of Professor Inkyu Park (,
	for the evaluation of Computational Physics course in 2006.
	-building.C by Hyung Ju Lee (
	 Description: drawing a building where Dept. of Physics is.
	-cheongwadae.C by Hee Jun Shin (
	 Description: drawing the Cheongwadae building which is the Presidential
	 Residence  of the Republic of Korea.
	-lego.C by Soon Gi Kwon(
	 Description: drawing a figure, made of lego block.
	-mp3player.C by Eun Young Kim
	 Description: drawing a mp3 type music player.
	-robot.C by Jin Hui Hwang
	 Description: drawing a famous Korean robot, TaekwonV.
	-south_gate.C by Lan Hee Yang(
	 Description: drawing a famous Korean gate, the South gate, called Namdeamoon
	 in Korean.
	-station1.C by Chang Yeol Lee
	 Description: drawing a space station.
	-station2.C by Dong Ryeol Lee (
	 Description: drawing a space station.
	-tank.C by Dong Gyu Lee (
	 Description: drawing a fine tank.
2007-03-14 15:55  moneta

	* unuran/: doc/index.txt, inc/TUnuran.h, src/TUnuran.cxx:
	add init function for binomial distribution and update doc
2007-03-14 15:45  brun

	* configure:
	From Sebastien Fabro:
	a small patch to build root on sparc linux using gcc. We tested it at Gentoo Linux with our sparc team.
2007-03-14 14:28  brun

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-14 14:26  brun

	* cintex/src/CINTTypedefBuilder.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-14 12:31  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx, geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	a small patch related to color indexing changes in ROOT. Also a small fix in TGeoManager::CdNext().
2007-03-14 11:46  brun

	* graf/src/TWbox.cxx:
	Use TColor::GetColorBright instead of fillcolor+100
2007-03-14 11:27  brun

	* cint/src/global.h:
	Fix a portability problem (MAC)
2007-03-14 11:23  brun

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h, cint/src/CallFunc.cxx, cint/src/Class.cxx,
	cint/src/Method.cxx, cint/src/MethodAr.cxx, cint/src/bc_assign.h,
	cint/src/bc_autoobj.cxx, cint/src/bc_autoobj.h,
	cint/src/bc_cfunc.cxx, cint/src/bc_cfunc.h, cint/src/bc_debug.cxx,
	cint/src/bc_debug.h, cint/src/bc_eh.h, cint/src/bc_exec.cxx,
	cint/src/bc_exec.h, cint/src/bc_exec_asm.h, cint/src/bc_inst.cxx,
	cint/src/bc_inst.h, cint/src/bc_item.h, cint/src/bc_parse.cxx,
	cint/src/bc_parse.h, cint/src/bc_reader.h, cint/src/bc_type.h,
	cint/src/bc_vtbl.cxx, cint/src/bc_vtbl.h, cint/src/common.h,
	cint/src/fproto.h, cint/src/global.h, cint/src/rflx_gensrc.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_debug.cxx, cint/src/v6_disp.cxx, cint/src/v6_end.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_expr.cxx, cint/src/v6_func.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_global1.cxx, cint/src/v6_global2.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_ifunc.cxx, cint/src/v6_init.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_loadfile.cxx, cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_parse.cxx, cint/src/v6_pause.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_scrupto.cxx, cint/src/v6_shl.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_sizeof.cxx, cint/src/v6_struct.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_stub.cxx, cint/src/v6_tmplt.cxx, cint/src/v6_var.cxx,
	From Axel:
	* Create a reference layer for ifunc_tables. Fixes a longstanding
	problem with re-loading of macros / libraries (c.f. ACLiC) visible e.g.
	by plugin manager complaints. Allow access to the internal CINT ifunc
	for PyROOT.
	* scrupto: reset structs below dictpos tagnum but decl in unloaded lib
	to autoload (fixes problem with autoload structs that were not updated
	on lib unload).
	* Allow for multiple shared lib dict init routines (see e.g. problem
	with re-loading libTree with G__Tree, ManualTree2 dicts)
	* Fix decl locations (.so instead of macro.C opening .so).
	* Add d'tor to Rene's func params & inheritance op[] wrappers (mem leak
	on unload)
2007-03-14 10:17  brun

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	Still keeping the current definition of kBigNumber, fix problems like
	in TChain::GetEntries such that chains with more than kBigNumber of entries
	can be created.
2007-03-14 09:30  brun

	* tree/: inc/TChain.h, src/TChain.cxx:
	Undo previous changes with kBigNumber. Cannot work on Windows.
2007-03-14 08:24  brun

	* tree/: inc/TChain.h, src/TChain.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Change the definition of kBigNumber from 1234567890 to 1<<63 -1
	The previous definition was in an enum. The new one is a static variable of type Long64_t.
	This fixes a problem when calling TChain::GetEntries with chains containing more than 1 billion entries.
2007-03-13 18:49  pcanal

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	Remove ACLiC's rootmap files in case of library compilation failure
2007-03-13 17:46  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- The previous patch was working only for pads having the canvas size.
	  Now it works for any pads.
2007-03-13 17:06  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- PaintHatches: for a given hatches index, the hatches' angles varried with
	  the window aspect ratio. Now the hatches' angles are fixed.
2007-03-13 16:35  rdm

	* tutorials/hsimple.C:
	make hsimple.C compilable by ACliC.
2007-03-13 16:35  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	remove leading blanks from lines passed to ProcessLineXXX().
2007-03-13 16:02  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	add protection against mall formed rootmap file.
2007-03-13 15:38  rdm

	* build/package/lib/
	From Gerri;
	needed to build Castor rootd rpms.
2007-03-13 14:11  rdm

	* tutorials/graphics/mandelbrot.C:
	small change so it also works in interpreted mode.
2007-03-13 14:03  brun

	* tutorials/graphics/mandelbrot.C:
	From Luigi  [ ]
	// Example macro of using TExec to handle keyboard events.
	// Uses TComplex to draw the Mandelbrot set.
	// Author : Luigi Bardelli [ ]
	// Pressing the keys 'z' and 'u' will zoom and unzoom the picture
	// near the mouse location, 'r' will reset to the default view.
	// Try it (in compiled mode!) with:   root mandelbrot.C+
	// Details:
	//    when a mouse event occurs the myexec() function is called (by
	//    using AddExec). Depending on the pressed key, the mygenerate()
	//    function is called, with the proper arguments. Note the
	//    last_x and last_y variables that are used in myexec() to store
	//    the last pointer coordinates (px is not a pointer position in
	//    kKeyPress events).
2007-03-13 10:31  rdm

	* configure, globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx,
	proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rootd/src/rootd.cxx, rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h,
	rpdutils/src/globus.cxx, rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	1. Disabling of 'chdir($HOME)' in  'rootd' when running in Castor mode; this is
	   because $HOME  may  point to a directory not available  on the servers.
	2. A few optimizations in the Globus authentication:
	   1. remove strong dependence on the user certificate on the client machine
	      (all the information is retrieved from the proxy, if existing; if not, the
	      certificate is looked for)
	   2. one-time initialization of the server credentials
	   3. separate root path for libs and incs; needed because some installations,
	      e.g. lcg/external, are non standard.
	   4. A number fixes of the coding conventions (lower case for local variables)
	      and of code simplifications
	3. A couple of bug fixes in rpdutils.cxx found by testing these changes
2007-03-13 08:55  brun

	* cintex/src/Cintex.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-12 15:31  rdm

	* cont/: inc/TObjArray.h, src/TObjArray.cxx:
	make TObjArray::operator[] out-of-line (back port from the head). This also
	works around a compiler problem on MacOS X (tcollex failed to link with
2007-03-12 15:14  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.macosxicc:
	add support for Intel icc v10.
2007-03-12 15:11  rdm

	* configure, cint/, cint7/,
	config/Makefile.linuxia64ecc, config/Makefile.linuxicc,
	config/Makefile.linuxx8664icc, config/Makefile.macosxicc,
	proofd/, proofx/
	backport support for the Intel icc v10 compiler.
2007-03-12 14:39  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	In TRootCanvas::ProcessMessage the new TColorWheel object is shown instead of the old table.
2007-03-12 14:38  brun

	* gpad/src/TColorWheel.cxx:
	The Color Wheel is drawn in a canvas 400x400 instead of 600x600.
	The TColorWheel object has its bit kCanDelete set to avoid memory leaks
	in case it is shown with the "View" option of the canvas.
2007-03-12 13:43  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From V.Onuchin:
	  o fix memory leak in DrawCircle, DrawEllipse methods
	  o InitVisual. Init visual if fgVisual->dpy is NULL
2007-03-12 11:24  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Fix uninitialized fRootMapFiles variable.
2007-03-12 10:46  moneta

	* unuran/: doc/index.txt, src/TUnuranEmpDist.cxx:
	fix coding convention violation
2007-03-12 09:52  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	The class description is now in html format.
2007-03-12 09:49  moneta

	* unuran/: doc/index.txt, inc/TUnuranContDist.h,
	inc/TUnuranDiscrDist.h, inc/TUnuranEmpDist.h,
	fixes for the online doc
2007-03-12 08:48  brun

	* base/src/TColor.cxx:
	Update documentation
2007-03-11 08:29  brun

	* base/src/TAttFill.cxx:
	Add reference to the Color Wheel
2007-03-11 08:28  brun

	* gpad/src/TColorWheel.cxx:
	Fix typo in documentation.
2007-03-11 08:17  brun

	* gpad/src/TColorWheel.cxx:
	Add more documentation
2007-03-11 00:13  brun

	* gpad/: inc/TColorWheel.h, src/TColorWheel.cxx:
	In the macro example, return the canvas (required by THtml)
2007-03-11 00:03  brun

	* gpad/src/TColorWheel.cxx:
	Fix a compiler warning.
2007-03-10 23:58  brun

	* gpad/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TColorWheel.h, src/TColorWheel.cxx:
	Add new class to draw the ROOT Color Wheel.
	The wheel contains the recommended 216 colors to be used in web applications.
	The colors in the Color Wheel are created by TColor::CreateColorWheel.
	To view the ColorWheel, do
	  TColorWheel w;
	cvs: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-03-10 09:36  rdm

	* pyroot/src/Converters.cxx:
	From Wim:
	restore void*& function argument converter.
2007-03-10 09:36  rdm

	* pyroot/src/Converters.cxx:
	From Wim:
	restore void*& function argument converter.
2007-03-09 19:06  brun

	* test/RootShower/RootShower.cxx:
	Fix RootShower due to the change in TStyle/TColor
2007-03-09 18:57  moneta

	* unuran/doc/index.txt:
	update the documentation for the new classes
2007-03-09 17:33  pcanal

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	For an stl, calling 'empty' instead of size, is always as fast and often faster
2007-03-09 16:17  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TH1Editor.h, src/TH2Editor.cxx:
	Forgot to remove debugging line.
2007-03-09 16:09  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TCurlyLineEditor.h, inc/TH1Editor.h, inc/TH2Editor.h,
	src/TArrowEditor.cxx, src/TCurlyArcEditor.cxx,
	src/TCurlyLineEditor.cxx, src/TH1Editor.cxx, src/TH2Editor.cxx,
	Improved editors' layout on Windows
	and removed some intermediate container frames
2007-03-09 14:37  rdm

	* configure, auth/src/TAuthenticate.cxx, castor/inc/TCastorFile.h,
	castor/src/TCastorFile.cxx, globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx,
	net/src/TSocket.cxx, proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx,
	rootd/src/rootd.cxx, rootx/src/rootxx.cxx, rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h,
	rpdutils/src/globus.cxx, rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	backport from head fixing the following issues:
	1. Disabling of 'chdir($HOME)' in  'rootd' when running in Castor mode; this is
	   because $HOME  may  point to a directory not available  on the servers.
	2. A few optimizations in the Globus authentication:
	   1. remove strong dependence on the user certificate on the client machine
	      (all the information is retrieved from the proxy, if existing; if not,
	      the certificate is looked for)
	   2. one-time initialization of the server credentials
	   3. separate root path for libs and incs; needed because some installations,
	      e.g. lcg/external, are non standard.
	   4. A number fixes of the coding conventions (lower case for local variables)
	      and of code simplifications
	3. Fixes in TCastorFile, TRFIOFile, TAuthenticate already in head; the
	   possibility to change the authentication mode on the fly is relevant here.
	4. A couple of bug fixes in rpdutils.cxx found by testing these changes
2007-03-09 14:21  rdm

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	fix crash when closing FitEditorPanel.
2007-03-09 12:17  pcanal

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	Add some protection in LoadLibraryMap
2007-03-09 10:54  rdm

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Make version v5-14-00d.
2007-03-09 10:49  rdm

	* pyroot/src/Converters.cxx:
	backport of issue 24100.
2007-03-09 10:21  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Lorenzo:
	Fix a missing dependency (fatal on Windows)
2007-03-09 10:05  moneta

	* unuran/test/Makefile:
	fix a problem on Windows
2007-03-09 09:19  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Stefan Otto
	A new optimization in TFormula::Analyze generalizing the support for recursivity.
2007-03-09 07:08  brun

	* tutorials/pyroot/
	From Wim:
	 o) take change in TView into account in
2007-03-09 07:06  brun

	* pyroot/src/: Adapters.cxx, Converters.cxx, PyBufferFactory.cxx,
	Pythonize.cxx, TPyException.cxx:
	From Wim:
	 o) minor optimizations in Converters.cxx
	 o) fix for coding conventions
	 o) resolved by improved diagnostics
	    on unfinished classes
2007-03-09 00:29  pcanal

	* cont/inc/TRefTable.h, cont/src/TRefTable.cxx,
	tree/inc/TBranchElement.h, tree/inc/TBranchRef.h,
	tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, tree/src/TBranchRef.cxx:
	From Paul:
	Modify TRefTable, TBranchRef, and TBranchElement so that the small
	integer which is assigned to identify a TBranchElement by TRefTable
	is cached so that we need to find it only once, instead of at every
	call to TBranchElement::GetEntry() or TBranchElement::Fill().
2007-03-08 22:21  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Stefan Otto
	-Extend TFormula::Analyze to support more than one level of recursion.
2007-03-08 20:05  moneta

	* unuran/: src/UnuranDistrAdapter.h, test/unuranDistr.cxx:
	fix assert for Windows
2007-03-08 18:12  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx, histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	Make use of the new functions TColor::GetColorBright and TColor::GetColorDark
2007-03-08 18:10  brun

	* base/: inc/TColor.h, src/TColor.cxx:
	Implement two new static functions in TColor
	Int_t TColor::GetColorBright(Int_t n)
	   // Static function: Returns the bright color number corresponding to n
	   // If the TColor object does not exist, it is created.
	   // The convention is that the bright color nb = n+150
	Int_t TColor::GetColorDark(Int_t n)
	   // Static function: Returns the dark color number corresponding to n
	   // If the TColor object does not exist, it is created.
	   // The convention is that the dark color nd = n+100
2007-03-08 17:26  moneta

	* unuran/doc/index.txt:
	add unuran doc file
2007-03-08 17:05  moneta

	* unuran/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TUnuranEmpDist.h,
	fix a problem when generating emp dist from a vector of data
2007-03-08 17:03  moneta

	* tutorials/unuran/unuranDemo.C:
	udpate tutorials showing the new functionality in Unuran
2007-03-08 16:55  rdm

	* netx/
	From Bertrand:
	Added -DNOGDI flag in netx/, solving compilation error on
	netx\src\TXNetSystem.cxx(507) : error C2039: 'SetPortA' : is not a
	member of 'TUrl'
	        include\TUrl.h(35) : see declaration of 'TUrl'
	make: *** [netx/src/TXNetSystem.o] Error 2
	Due to the following statement in Winspool.h: #define SetPort SetPortA
	Adding -DNOGDI in compilation flags avoid to include Winspool.h through
2007-03-08 16:53  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	ACliC uses the list of non-default rootmap files loaded in the current session.
2007-03-08 16:52  rdm

	* meta/inc/TCint.h, meta/inc/TInterpreter.h, meta/src/TCint.cxx,
	new method GetRootMapFiles() which returns an array of non-default rootmap
	files which have been loaded. This list is needed by ACliC to generate
	a rootmap file considering all loaded user classes and libraries.
	Also support <file>.rootmap files in addition to rootmap<file> names.
2007-03-08 13:21  brun

	* base/src/TColor.cxx:
	One must include <cmath> for gcc4 (use of the floor function)
2007-03-08 13:17  brun

	* base/: inc/TColor.h, src/TColor.cxx:
	-Move the following functions from TStyle to TColor
	   static Int_t  CreateGradientColorTable(UInt_t Number, Double_t* Length,
	                    Double_t* Red, Double_t* Green, Double_t* Blue, UInt_t NColors);
	   static Int_t  GetColorPalette(Int_t i);
	   static Int_t  GetNumberOfColors();
	   static void   SetPalette(Int_t ncolors, Int_t *colors);
	-Move the data member fPalette previously in TStyle as a static member of TColor.
	-In TColor::InitializeColors, add the call to TColor::CreateColorWheel
	to create all the ROOT ColorWheel colors.
2007-03-08 13:17  brun

	* base/: inc/TStyle.h, src/TStyle.cxx:
	-The implementation of the color functions is moved to the class TColor.
	-The old gStyle functions dealing with colors are kept for back compatibility.
	They call the new TColor functions.
2007-03-08 13:16  brun

	* base/inc/Rtypes.h:
	-Extend the EColor enum with more colors and changing the definition
	of the basic colors (used by the new ROOT ColorWheel)
	enum EColor { kWhite =0,   kBlack =1,   kGray=920
	             ,kRed   =632, kGreen =416, kBlue=600, kYellow=400, kMagenta=616, kCyan=432
	             ,kOrange=800, kSpring=820, kTeal=840, kAzure =860, kViolet =880, kPink=900};
2007-03-08 13:09  rdm

	* net/inc/TFileStager.h, netx/inc/TXNetFileStager.h,
	netx/inc/TXNetSystem.h, netx/src/TXNetFileStager.cxx,
	netx/src/TXNetSystem.cxx, proof/src/TDSet.cxx, tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This patch introduces TFileStager::Locate and uses it to improve lookup
	performances in TDSetElement::Lookup and TChain::Lookup.
	There is a further optimization to be done in XrdClientAdmin under discussion
	with Fabrizio. But that should have no (or very little) impact on this
2007-03-08 12:47  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGListTree.h, src/TGListTree.cxx:
	From Alja:
	added a boolean data-member TGListTree::fAutoCheckBoxPic controlling
	automatic changing of check-box pictures done in TGListTree::UpdateChecked().
2007-03-08 12:43  rdm

	* castor/inc/TCastorFile.h, castor/src/TCastorFile.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	These fix several free/delete mismatches in TCastorFile and TRFIOFile.
	Also, for TCastorFile, makes the on-the-fly choice of the authentication
	method more efficient. This is important for near future attempts of
	LHCb to use globus in addition to uidgid.
2007-03-08 12:41  rdm

	* auth/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	fixes a bug in the negotiation mechanism preventing, in some case, the
	full list of mechanisms to be tried.
2007-03-08 12:37  rdm

	* auth/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	The passwd dialog was loading all the graphic libraries even when not used.
	Now done just before the first use.
2007-03-08 12:36  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	use GetEntriesFast() in loop over dependent libs.
2007-03-08 10:48  moneta

	* unuran/inc/: TUnuranBaseDist.h, TUnuranEmpDist.h:
	add include of Rtypes required by ClassDef
2007-03-08 10:38  moneta

	* unuran/test/unuranHist.cxx:
	add a misisng include file
2007-03-08 10:37  moneta

	* unuran/test/unuranDiscrete.cxx:
	add a misisng include file
2007-03-08 10:34  moneta

	* unuran/: inc/TUnuranDistr.h, inc/TUnuranDistrMulti.h,
	src/TUnuranDistr.cxx, src/TUnuranDistrMulti.cxx:
	remove obsolete files which have been renamed
2007-03-08 10:31  moneta

	* unuran/:, inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TUnuran.h,
	inc/TUnuranBaseDist.h, inc/TUnuranContDist.h,
	inc/TUnuranDiscrDist.h, inc/TUnuranEmpDist.h,
	inc/TUnuranMultiContDist.h, src/TUnuran.cxx,
	src/TUnuranContDist.cxx, src/TUnuranDiscrDist.cxx,
	src/TUnuranEmpDist.cxx, src/TUnuranMultiContDist.cxx,
	src/UnuranDistrAdapter.h, test/Makefile, test/unuranDiscrete.cxx,
	test/unuranDistr.cxx, test/unuranHist.cxx, test/unuranMulti2D.cxx,
	- add support for discrete distribution and empirical distribution. Empirical distributions are currently a set of unbinned data and generation proceed using a gaussian kernel-smoothing method for finding the parent dist.
	- re-design distribution classes and clean up TUnuran class
	- improve existing tests and add new tests for discrete and empirical distributions
2007-03-08 00:17  pcanal

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	On MacOS we can not keep track of the dependencies of the library
	generated by ACLiC via an hard link (because we do not produce the dylib).
	So now, on MacOS, we keep track of those dependencies using a rootmap file
	(named rootmap_MyScript_cxx for MyScript.cxx).  This fixes roottest on MacOS.
2007-03-07 20:48  pcanal

	* asimage/
	Fix linking on Mac 10.3
2007-03-07 18:15  rdm

	* gui/src/TGClient.cxx:
	revert previous change in GetFontByName(), in batch mode return
	FontStruct_t -1 (i.e. font exist, which does not matter since it
	will not be displayed anyway). This allows libGui to be loaded in
	batch mode with out segv.
2007-03-07 16:12  rdm

	* base/inc/TUrl.h:
	From Gerri:
	fFileOA needs to be reset when {fFile,fOptions,fAnchor} are updated,
	otherwise GetFileAndOptions may return a wrong value (in the case
	it has already been called once).
2007-03-07 12:20  rdm

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h, cint/src/v6_parse.cxx,
	From Wim and Axel:
	backport of fix for issue 23388, handling of temporariesby PyROOT/CINT
	of classes with new/delete operators.
2007-03-07 12:02  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	in Load() be more specific and use libGpad and libGui instead of Gpad and Gui.
2007-03-07 11:29  rdm

	* pyroot/src/Adapters.cxx:
	From Wim:
	backport from head of fix for issue 24080.
2007-03-07 10:51  brun

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-07 10:46  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	In TGraphAsymmErrors::Paint, take into account the graph fill style when painting the boxes
	with option "e2"
2007-03-07 10:33  rdm

	* cintex/src/: CINTScopeBuilder.cxx, ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx,
	CINTScopeBuilder.cxx, ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	From Pere:
	Making Cintex more robust on dictionary autoload order (fixes issue 24450).
2007-03-06 16:53  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	The signal "RangeAxisChanged()" should be disconnected from UpdateGUI slot in
	RecursiveRemove method (fixes <>)
2007-03-06 16:23  axel

	* cint7/src/Apiif.cxx:
	Add protection for !defined(G__EXCEPTIONWRAPPER)
2007-03-06 15:53  brun

	* base/src/TQConnection.cxx, meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Axel:
	fixes a problem with TQSlot, which used a local
	G__ClassInfo gcl as the class context for a G__CallFunc. As soon as gcl
	went out of scope, the G__CallFunc's class info became invalid. It fixes
	an error visible with guitest.C reported by valgrind.
	Also contains a fix for TCint's doc.
2007-03-06 15:35  axel

	* cint/src/: Api.cxx, v6_init.cxx:
	Initialize G__isconst; set it for G__ClassInfo2G__value()'s result
2007-03-06 15:28  moneta

	* smatrix/:, doc/index.txt, inc/LinkDef.h,
	inc/LinkDefD32.h, inc/Math/HelperOps.h, test/Makefile,
	test/matrixOperations.C, test/matrix_op.h, test/stressKalman.cxx,
	Fix a bug in the += and -= operators for symmetric matrices when using an expressions, like in operations A += B+C. The operation was performed both for the upper and lower diagonal elements, resulting then in applying the expression two times. A corresponding test has been added in testSMatrix.cxx
	Thanks to Wouter Hulsbergen (LHCb for finding this bug)
	Add fixes also in LinkDef (committed after 5.15.02)  to prevent possible problem in the dictionary generation
2007-03-06 11:59  axel

	* reflex/
	Fix quoting of genreflex params
2007-03-06 11:32  brun

	* graf/inc/TSpline.h:
	Add the following getter functions:
	   virtual Double_t GetDelta() const {return fDelta;}
	   virtual Int_t    GetNp()    const {return fNp;}
	   virtual Double_t GetXmin()  const {return fXmin;}
	   virtual Double_t GetXmax()  const {return fXmax;}
2007-03-06 11:15  moneta

	* smatrix/:, doc/index.txt, inc/Math/HelperOps.h,
	Fix a bug in the += and -= operators for symmetric matrices when using an expressions, like in operations A += B+C. The operation was performed both for the upper and lower diagonal elements, resulting then in applying the expression two times. A corresponding test has been added in testSMatrix.cxx
2007-03-06 11:15  moneta

	* smatrix/doc/index.txt:
	file index.txt was added on branch v5-14-00-patches on 2007-03-06 14:28:07 +0000
2007-03-06 09:47  brun

	* tmva/doc/index.txt:
	Add Reference to the new TMVA Users Guide
2007-03-05 21:38  rdm

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Remove unnecessary check.
2007-03-05 20:53  brun

	* castor/src/TCastorFile.cxx:
	From Gerri,
	Fix a problem preventing to link with the old Castor library on Windows.
2007-03-05 16:35  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosx:
	fix building with gfortran.
2007-03-05 16:35  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	LoadLibraryMap(): maintain directory order as specified in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
2007-03-05 16:34  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	LoadLibraryMap(): maintain directory order as specified in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
2007-03-05 16:02  couet

	* asimage/: inc/TASImage.h, src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From V.Onuchin
	  TASImage::Image2Drawable. Fix for drawing images with transparency.
2007-03-05 15:28  rdm

	* base/src/TUrl.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	use GetEntryFast() i.s.o. GetEntry() in the loops over the special protocols
	in TUrl. This reduces by about a factor 4 the time spent in these loops ...
2007-03-05 15:26  rdm

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32ProxyBase.cxx,
	winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	- Fix a problem of threads switching when running several ROOT sessions
	  (was using 100% CPU load).
	- Allows to run threads on multiple CPUs (multicore or hyperthreaded CPU).
2007-03-05 15:24  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h:
	From Gerri:
	add pragma for function to test offline files (R_ISOFF).
2007-03-05 15:21  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	DirName(): return "." in case no pathname does not contain a directory.
	Also removed static array of 1000.
	Load(): add test for gApplication being 0.
2007-03-05 13:37  couet

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	- Rotated text aligned center or right horizontally was misplaced.
2007-03-05 12:49  rdm

	* config/, win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/gdkcursors.h,
	win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/rc/gdk.rc, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	fixes for the previous cursor patch.
2007-03-05 11:42  rdm

	* base/src/TEnv.cxx:
	don't issue a warning in case of duplicate resources where the resource
	and value are exactly the same. Fixes bug 24157.
2007-03-05 11:42  rdm

	* base/src/TEnv.cxx:
	don't issue a warning in case of duplicate resources where the resource
	and value are exactly the same. Fixes bug 24157.
2007-03-05 10:53  rdm

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/rc/: X-cursor.cur, center-ptr.cur,
	circle.cur, color-picker.cur, crosshair.cur, cursor00.cur,
	cursor02.cur, cursor04.cur, cursor06.cur, cursor08.cur,
	cursor0a.cur, cursor0c.cur, cursor0e.cur, cursor10.cur,
	cursor12.cur, cursor14.cur, cursor16.cur, cursor18.cur,
	cursor1a.cur, cursor1c.cur, cursor1e.cur, cursor20.cur,
	cursor22.cur, cursor24.cur, cursor26.cur, cursor28.cur,
	cursor2a.cur, cursor2c.cur, cursor2e.cur, cursor30.cur,
	cursor32.cur, cursor34.cur, cursor36.cur, cursor38.cur,
	cursor3a.cur, cursor3c.cur, cursor3e.cur, cursor40.cur,
	cursor42.cur, cursor44.cur, cursor46.cur, cursor48.cur,
	cursor4a.cur, cursor4c.cur, cursor4e.cur, cursor50.cur,
	cursor52.cur, cursor54.cur, cursor56.cur, cursor58.cur,
	cursor5a.cur, cursor5c.cur, cursor5e.cur, cursor60.cur,
	cursor62.cur, cursor64.cur, cursor66.cur, cursor68.cur,
	cursor6a.cur, cursor6c.cur, cursor6e.cur, cursor70.cur,
	cursor72.cur, cursor74.cur, cursor76.cur, cursor78.cur,
	cursor7a.cur, cursor7c.cur, cursor7e.cur, cursor80.cur,
	cursor82.cur, cursor84.cur, cursor86.cur, cursor88.cur,
	cursor8a.cur, cursor8c.cur, cursor8e.cur, cursor90.cur,
	cursor92.cur, cursor94.cur, cursor96.cur, cursor98.cur,
	dnd-ask.cur, dnd-copy.cur, dnd-link.cur, dnd-move.cur,
	dnd-none.cur, dot.cur, dotbox.cur, exchange.cur, fleur.cur,
	gobbler.cur, gumby.cur, hand1.cur, hand2.cur, heart.cur,
	left-ptr-watch.cur, left-ptr.cur, pencil.cur, pirate.cur, plus.cur,
	question-arrow.cur, right-ptr.cur, sb-down-arrow.cur,
	sb-h-double-arrow.cur, sb-left-arrow.cur, sb-right-arrow.cur,
	sb-up-arrow.cur, sb-v-double-arrow.cur, shuttle.cur, spider.cur,
	spraycan.cur, star.cur, top-left-corner.cur, top-right-corner.cur,
	umbrella.cur, xterm.cur:
	From Bertrand:
	new cursors.
2007-03-05 10:10  rdm

	* config/, win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/gdk.def,
	win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Allow to use system mouse pointers instead of ROOT built-in ones.
	Option added in rootrc to change the behavior:
	Win32.UseSysPointers:    yes
	By default set to system pointers.
2007-03-05 10:01  rdm

	* configure, castor/inc/TCastorFile.h, castor/src/TCastorFile.cxx,
	From Gerri and Giulia Taurelli:
	Add support for CASTOR 2.1.2-4 and higher.
2007-03-05 09:42  antcheva

	* qt/src/TQtWidget.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	Allow the symbol "+" to be a part of the file directory
	name. There was a clash with the ROOT file name convention
	to treat "+" as a flag of the "animated" pixmap file.
	PS: STAR NFS directory do have the "+" in the directory
	name. This is why the problem was discovered.
2007-03-04 17:05  rdm

	* test/Makefile.arch:
	take into account the setting of ROOTBUILD=debug.
2007-03-04 17:04  rdm

	* cint/iosenum/iosenum.freebsd, cint/iosenum/iosenum.freebsd5,
	cint/iosenum/iosenum.linuxdeb, cint/iosenum/iosenum.linuxdeb2,
	cint/iosenum/iosenum.linuxrh42, cint/iosenum/iosenum.linuxrh51,
	cint/iosenum/iosenum.linuxsuse6, config/ARCHS,
	config/Makefile.freebsd, config/Makefile.linuxdeb,
	config/Makefile.linuxrh42, config/Makefile.linuxrh51,
	config/Makefile.linuxsuse6, config/Makefile.mklinux:
	remove makefiles and iosenum's from obsolete platforms.
2007-03-04 16:18  rdm

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	From Gerri:
	There were a couple of serious bugs in XrdClientReadV affecting the 'readv'
2007-03-04 11:54  brun

	* gl/src/TGLSurfacePainter.cxx:
	From Timur:
	to fix gl surface crashes on win32.
2007-03-04 10:53  brun

	* test/Makefile:
	From Bertrand:
	Re-enable compilation of test/threads.exe on Windows.
2007-03-03 16:07  pcanal

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	Add explicit note on the use of free standing function and method in TTree::Draw
2007-03-02 19:11  rdm

	* x11ttf/
	fix for older version of "make".
2007-03-02 16:37  couet

	* hist/: src/Haxis.cxx, inc/TH1.h:
	- Two new methods: TH1::SetTitleFont and TH1::GetTitleFont.
	- The axis attributes setters in Haxis.cxx now allow to change an attribute
	  on 1, 2 or 3 axis at the same time. This is compatible with the TStyle
	- Update the doc in the axis attributes setters.
	  Note: may be the Haxis.cxx file should be merged with TH1.cxx.
2007-03-02 15:05  rdm

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/inc/TColor.h,
	base/src/TApplication.cxx, base/src/TColor.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	move TColor initialization from TApplication to TColor and call the
	initialization at the appropriate places. Fixes a number of issues with
	colors not being correctly set.
2007-03-02 14:51  rdm

	* test/: vmatrix.cxx, vvector.cxx:
	Fatal called with wrong arugments.
2007-03-02 14:34  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	remove redundant check.
2007-03-02 14:34  rdm

	* x11ttf/: inc/TGX11TTF.h, src/TGX11TTF.cxx:
	override Init() method that is used to set the TTF smoothing style for
	which fDepth is needed which is set in the base class Init(). This is
	needed due to some code reorganization in TApplication (TGX11TTF loading
	now done before creation of TGClient).
2007-03-02 11:24  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TBrowser.cxx,
	base/src/TSystem.cxx, gpad/src/TPad.cxx, graf/src/TImage.cxx,
	gui/src/TGFrame.cxx, gui/src/TGWindow.cxx, gui/src/TGuiBuilder.cxx,
	html/src/TDocDirective.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Fix graphics libraries loading/initialization.
2007-03-02 09:52  brun

	* g4root/src/TG4RootDetectorConstruction.cxx,
	g4root/src/TG4RootNavigator.cxx, geom/inc/TGeoManager.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoPhysicalNode.h, geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPhysicalNode.cxx, geom/src/TGeoVolume.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	TGeo: - implementation of TGeoManager::CdNext() allowing positioning the current state to the next entered volume - used by g4root interface
	 - implementation of TGeoManager::RefreshPhysicalNodes() that need to be called after applying misalignment to ideal geometry to update the node pointers so they will reflect the new geometry objects created. This will also lock geometry. TGeoPhysicalNode is now a TNamed.
	 - adjustments in G4 root to deal with MANY's and assemblies by using TGeoManager::CdNext()
2007-03-02 09:16  brun

	* tutorials/fit/ErrorIntegral.C:
	Add a new tutorial from Lorenzo
	// Macro to estimate the error in the integral of a fitted function taking into account the
	// errors in the parameters resulting from the fit.
	// The error is estimated also using the correlations values obtained from the fit
	// run the macro doing:
	//  .x ErrorIntegral.C
	// Author: Lorenzo Moneta
2007-03-02 08:31  brun

	* minuit2/src/MnLineSearch.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-01 18:22  couet

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	- In Chi2Test() help the 2 pictures are replaced by a macro execution.
2007-03-01 18:19  couet

	* tutorials/math/chi2test.C:
	- Add comments
2007-03-01 18:12  couet

	* tutorials/math/chi2test.C:
	- Modify the macro to make it usable for the doc
2007-03-01 17:43  brun

	* minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	In TMinuit::SetPrintLevel, also remove warnings when printlevel is set to -1
2007-03-01 17:38  brun

	* io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx, sql/src/TBufferSQL2.cxx,
	sql/src/TSQLObjectData.cxx, xml/src/TBufferXML.cxx:
	From Sergey Linev:
	1. While name of the class is changed, one should use TDirectoryFile class instead of
	   TDirectory at the moment, then new directory object is created.
	2. Appropriate change done in non-binary part of TDirectoryFile::Streamer() that old version of
	   class can be read.
2007-03-01 17:08  brun

	* io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	From sergey Linev:
	One more update proposed by Sergey in TStreamerInfo::Streamer
2007-03-01 11:37  brun

	* io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Implement a suggestion from Sergey Linev in TStreamerInfo::Streamer to avoid
	a possible bootstrap problem.
2007-03-01 11:32  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoVolume.cxx, hist/src/TH2.cxx,
	Replace last occurences to statements like
2007-03-01 10:51  couet

	* graf/src/TArrow.cxx:
	- new doc
2007-03-01 10:48  couet

	* tutorials/graphics/arrow.C:
	- Return the canvas to produce picture for the documentation.
2007-03-01 10:42  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Axel:
	speed optimizations
2007-03-01 10:31  rdm

	* gui/inc/TGClient.h:
	make ctor public again.
2007-03-01 10:12  rdm

	* config/
	make UseXft no the default for the time being. Also remove "adobe" from
	the font specification.
2007-03-01 09:57  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	fix typo in argv compression.
2007-03-01 09:21  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	remove used argv's, stress -b 30 should work again.
2007-03-01 09:12  brun

	* minuit2/src/MnLineSearch.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-03-01 08:55  brun

	* graf/src/: TGraph.cxx, TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx, TGraphErrors.cxx:
	In the SavePrimitive functions add the TPaveStats object (if one) to the list
	of functions using the correct pointer name.
2007-03-01 08:54  brun

	* graf/src/TMultiGraph.cxx:
	In TMultiGraph::SavePrimitive the TPaveStats object (when one) was added twice
	to the list of functions.
2007-03-01 07:10  brun

	* hist/inc/TPolyMarker.h:
	Add missing include "TString.h"
2007-03-01 02:09  rdm

	* x11ttf/src/TGX11TTF.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	same improvements to Xft rendering.
2007-03-01 02:09  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGClient.h, src/TGClient.cxx, src/TGWindow.cxx:
	make TGClient ctor protected and allow only a few friend classes to create
	a TGClient (prevents accidental new TGClient from CINT).
2007-03-01 02:07  rdm

	* config/, gui/src/TGResourcePool.cxx:
	replace -adobe- in font spec by generic -*-.
2007-03-01 02:07  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	make sure TGX11TTF is created before TGClient so we can use TTF fonts in
	the GUI.
2007-02-28 19:10  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, meta/inc/TCint.h, meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Axel:
	* Name TROOT collections.
	* Re-enable TCint's special handling and cleanup, now with caching.
2007-02-28 19:04  couet

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	- Rewrite Chi2Test doc using new THtml.
	  (still some work to do in the rest TH1.cxx)
2007-02-28 17:50  brun

	* proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Implement a cleaner receipe to avoid deadlock situations when terminating
2007-02-28 11:35  brun

	* graf/src/TImage.cxx:
	In TImage::Open fix a bug when deleting the local char array.
2007-02-28 10:54  couet

	* graf/src/TGraphPolar.cxx:
	- new doc
2007-02-28 10:43  couet

	* graf/src/TCrown.cxx:
	- new doc
2007-02-27 22:37  pcanal

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Revert TWinNTSystem::Load to report the error status of the loading of its parameter rather than the loading of the last of the 'load request'
2007-02-27 22:13  brun

	* pyroot/src/Converters.cxx:
	From Wim:
	  o) fix 32 bit cutoff (Int_t used where Long_t needed) when converting
	     unsigned long (long)s, solving
2007-02-27 20:11  brun

	* pyroot/src/Adapters.cxx:
	From Wim:
	 o) fix; only strip namespaces in
	    current class, not in template parameters
2007-02-27 20:00  pcanal

	* meta/inc/TVirtualStreamerInfo.h:
	Generate the dictionary for the public function of the Abstract interface
2007-02-27 19:32  axel

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, src/common.h, src/v6_loadfile.cxx,
	src/v6_newlink.cxx, src/v6_struct.cxx:
	Implement forward declared classes, so autoloading is not triggered for ptr to class. tagnum setup is done via new API func G__get_linked_tagnum_fwd().
	Reduce the number of unnecessary fopens (work-around mavc8 runtime lib bug)
	Initialize G__srcfile.breakpoint
	Passes all roottests except for ./root/meta/evolution/foreign
2007-02-27 17:08  couet

	* hist/src/TF1.cxx:
	- Better version of the documentation.
2007-02-27 15:31  moneta

	* smatrix/test/: Makefile, matrixOperations.C:
	update makefile and fix macro
2007-02-27 14:16  couet

	* tutorials/image/trans_graph.C:
	- From V.Onuchin:
	  This tutorial new demonstrates:
	  - how to directly access and manipulate ARGB pixel values of an image.
	  - how to make a part of an image to be transparent.
	  - how to merge/alphablend an image with transparent colors
	    with some background image.
2007-02-27 14:08  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, graf/src/TImage.cxx:
	- From V.Onuchin
	  TASImage, TImage, Open method - expanding of file name added.
2007-02-27 11:52  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGClient.cxx:
	From Axel:
	GetFontByName() should really return 0 if it can't find the font
	because there are none.
2007-02-27 09:20  brun

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	Remove a dummy statement introduced during the memory reduction exercise
2007-02-27 09:04  axel

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	Keep leading and trailing char for non-string default values.
2007-02-26 18:27  couet

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	- New documentation.
2007-02-26 18:24  brun

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx:
	From Axel:
	protect argv manipulation from missing macos kernel protection.
2007-02-26 17:20  couet

	* hist/src/TF1.cxx:
	- New documentation.
2007-02-26 17:10  brun

	* g4root/src/TG4RootNavigator.cxx, geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	patches in geom/g4root related to navigation based on GEANT4. Fixed some wrong flags settings.
2007-02-26 16:32  brun

	* math/src/TMath.cxx:
	Small improvement in TMath::IsInside in case the 1st and last point are not identical.
2007-02-26 16:01  brun

	* proof/inc/TProofChain.h, tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	From Anna:
	Because of my TEntryList connected changes, TEventLists stopped working on proof. This fix should solve this problem.
	So, now for proof everything should be the same way it was before TEntryList introduction.
2007-02-26 15:46  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TFormula::GetParameter(const char*)
2007-02-26 15:39  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx, proof/src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	Following latest mods for delayed loading, TProofProgressDialog was not
	working properly anymore (due to gClient usage before initialization of
	graphics libs).
	Thanks to Anna for reporting the bug.
2007-02-26 12:02  axel

	* cint/src/v6_struct.cxx:
	Fix G__search_tagname vs. autoload vs. declaration
2007-02-26 10:27  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGListView.cxx:
	Make sure that fMaxSize is initialized properly in ResizeColumns method.
2007-02-26 09:39  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TGraph::ExecuteEvent in case the fHistogram pointer is null.
	In this case TPad::Range should not be called.
2007-02-26 09:16  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	Modify TGraph::DistancetoPrimitive to select the graph when clicking inside
	the graph if it has been drawn with the fill area option.
2007-02-23 18:42  axel

	* html/src/: TDocDirective.cxx, TDocParser.cxx, THtml.cxx:
	Fix missing empty lines in directives
	Rewind dictionary after doc macro execution
	Make sure class table gets rebuilt after call to THtml::SetSourceDir()
	Embed img inside span to be xhtml compliant even in pre
	Load graphic libs if needed, before a macro triggers it and we rewind CINT after the macro
	Find module doc when pwd!=ROOTSYS
	Find doc macros when pwd!=ROOTSYS or macro file name has (relative) path
	Specify full path to mathcore/... sources (to find their doc/ when pwd!=ROOTSYS)
	Allow determination of product==ROOT even for BOOTLIBS
	Fix THtml's doc
	Allow lines in doc macros to be hidden from source tab: must end on *HIDE*
2007-02-23 16:02  couet

	* graf/: doc/macros/greekletters.C, src/TLatex.cxx:
	- New documentation.
2007-02-23 15:59  brun

	* test/Makefile.win32:
	From Bertrand:
	Modified test/Makefile.win32 following latest changes (libs
2007-02-23 15:57  brun

	* graf/doc/macros/mathsymbols.C:
	Add new directory graf/doc/macros with a first macro mathsymbols.C
2007-02-23 12:12  brun

	* g4root/src/TG4RootDetectorConstruction.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	a small improvement in g4root in the algorithm of creating G4 hierarchy that avoids creating volumes that are not in the hierarchy.
2007-02-23 12:11  brun

	* geom/src/: TGeoPhysicalNode.cxx, TGeoVolume.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	a patch in TGeoVolume::MakeCopyNodes that correcly sets the mother volume pointer in nodes that are copied. Prevents a crash in G4root when some container volumes are transformed in assemblies (ITS)
2007-02-23 10:51  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From V.Onuchin:
	  Improve text size in batch mode (now closer to the size in interactive mode)
2007-02-23 10:46  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- Remove a compilation warning.
2007-02-23 10:37  couet

	* base/: doc/macros/fonts.C, doc/macros/textalign.C,
	doc/macros/textangle.C, src/TAttText.cxx:
	- New documentation.
2007-02-23 10:17  couet

	* base/src/TAttFill.cxx:
	- New documentation.
2007-02-23 09:42  brun

	* base/doc/macros/fillpatterns.C:
	From Olivier:
	New macro used in the html documentation.
2007-02-22 23:58  brun

	* cint/src/v6_struct.cxx:
	Remove debug statements with a problem.
2007-02-22 23:37  brun

	* cint/src/v6_struct.cxx:
	Preset the data structure G__iheritance when allocating it.
2007-02-22 21:58  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h:
	From Bertrand:
	Fix a compilation error under Solaris.
2007-02-22 21:46  brun

	* cint/src/: BaseCls.cxx, Class.cxx, Method.cxx, bc_item.cxx,
	common.h, v6_debug.cxx, v6_disp.cxx, v6_ifunc.cxx, v6_inherit.cxx,
	v6_newlink.cxx, v6_sizeof.cxx, v6_struct.cxx, v6_tmplt.cxx,
	Implemented the same solution for the G__inheritance data structure
	that I implemented for G__ifunc_table. Instead of using fixed size arrays,
	use dynamic arrays thanks to an intermediate operator [].
	Also a gain in memory for all classes (not only at startup).
2007-02-22 17:45  brun

	* asimage/src/TASPaletteEditor.cxx, base/src/TColor.cxx,
	graf/src/TImage.cxx, guibuilder/src/TRootGuiBuilder.cxx,
	html/src/TDocParser.cxx, proof/src/TSessionViewer.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	- Removal of gClient->GetRoot() in several TGMainFrame ctor.
	- Initialize graphics libs at TImage creation time.
2007-02-22 17:38  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- Better version of DrawColorTable
2007-02-22 17:27  couet

	* postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From V.Onuchin:
	  Empty boxes were not drawn correctly.
2007-02-22 16:40  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, hist/src/TGraph2DErrors.cxx,
	hist/src/THStack.cxx, tree/src/TBranchBrowsable.cxx,
	From Axel:
	Remove unnecessary includes.
2007-02-22 16:24  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	Follow-up changes in SavePrimitive methods related to automatic graphics initialization in GUI classes
2007-02-22 15:11  couet

	* asimage/inc/TASImage.h, asimage/src/TASImage.cxx,
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  TImage, TASImage new method  introduced -
	  DrawText(Text *text, Int_t x, Int_t y)
	  which allows to draw TText object in TImage, where x,y are in pixels.
2007-02-22 15:10  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, gui/src/TGFrame.cxx,
	gui/src/TGWindow.cxx, tutorials/gui/CPUMeter.C,
	tutorials/gui/Slider3Demo.C, tutorials/gui/WorldMap.C,
	tutorials/gui/buttonChangelabel.C, tutorials/gui/buttonsLayout.C,
	tutorials/gui/guilabels.C, tutorials/gui/listBox.C,
	tutorials/gui/mditest.C, tutorials/gui/numberEntry.C,
	tutorials/gui/splitterVertical.C, tutorials/gui/statusBar.C,
	From Bertrand:
	automatic graphics initialization in gui classes.
	I also replaced all gClient->GetRoot() by 0 in tutorials.
2007-02-22 15:09  couet

	* postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  Fixed problems with alignment of rotated text.
2007-02-22 12:51  brun

	* alien/inc/TAlienFile.h, base/inc/TVirtualMonitoring.h,
	gui/inc/TGTableLayout.h, monalisa/inc/TMonaLisaWriter.h,
	From Federico:
	Some small mods for effc++
2007-02-22 12:27  brun

	* cint/src/: Class.cxx, common.h, v6_ifunc.cxx, v6_newlink.cxx,
	One more change in common.h to get rid of the limitation on G__MAXFUNCPARA.
	We also gain additional space in memory.
2007-02-22 11:59  couet

	* base/src/TAttLine.cxx:
	- Help improvments.
2007-02-22 11:51  couet

	* base/src/TAttMarker.cxx:
	- Help improvements.
2007-02-22 10:42  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	Add a missing ";" when calling TF1::InitStandardFunctions() in TROOT::GetFunction.
2007-02-21 22:54  brun

	* graf/src/: TGraphPolar.cxx, TPie.cxx, TPieSlice.cxx:
	From Axel:
	Replace include "TPad.h" by "TVirtualPad.h"
	Including TPad.h had a catastrophic side-effect of introducing dependencies of graf on gpad.
2007-02-21 18:35  couet

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	- The title offset could not be smaller than 0.1. There is no reasons
	  why it should not be.
2007-02-21 18:13  brun

	* gl/src/TGLDisplayListCache.cxx, gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	- Replaced some direct calls to gl functions by gVirtualGL ones,
	 allowing GLViewer to work again on Windows :-\
	- Make sure that Gpad and GUI libs are loaded with TGuiBuilder.
2007-02-21 18:08  brun

	* base/inc/TAttLine.h:
	Add missing declaration of Riosfwd.h that is needed in case the class
	is directly by a user class.
2007-02-21 18:01  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- Better version of DrawColorTable().
2007-02-21 16:40  couet

	* postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin
	  Fix to improves text alignment.
2007-02-21 14:45  brun

	* graf/src/: TArrow.cxx, TCrown.cxx:
	From Jan Musinski:
	Add the missing SetBit(kCanDelete) in TArrow::DrawArrow and TCrown::DrawCrown.
2007-02-21 14:03  brun

	* graf/src/TArc.cxx:
	In TArc::DrawArc, one must set the kCanDelete bit for the cloned object
	(thanks jan Musinski)
2007-02-21 13:39  couet

	* base/src/TAttLine.cxx:
	- Fix a typo in help text.
2007-02-21 12:50  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TBrowser.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	Make sure that Gpad and GUI libs are loaded with TBrowser
2007-02-21 11:35  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	another fix in TGeoXtru for extruded polygons having 2 sections at same Z position.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-02-21 11:32  couet

	* postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  Better text scaling.
2007-02-21 10:52  brun

	* Makefile, base/inc/TVirtualMutex.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	cint/src/v6_struct.cxx, gpad/src/TPad.cxx, rint/src/TRint.cxx,
	win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx,
	winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Axel and Bertrand:
	Fix autoloads problem on Windows.
2007-02-21 10:33  couet

	* base/src/TAttLine.cxx:
	- Help update using the new THtml facilities.
2007-02-21 10:20  couet

	* postscript/inc/TImageDump.h, postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx,
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  Implement the line styles > 4
2007-02-20 22:13  brun

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, src/Class.cxx, src/Method.cxx,
	src/MethodAr.cxx, src/bc_cfunc.cxx, src/bc_vtbl.cxx, src/common.h,
	src/v6_disp.cxx, src/v6_end.cxx, src/v6_ifunc.cxx,
	src/v6_newlink.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx, src/v6_shl.cxx,
	src/v6_sizeof.cxx, src/v6_struct.cxx, src/v6_stub.cxx:
	-Change back the G__MAXFUNCPARA from 20 to 40.
	-The structure G__ifunc_table has been modified to remove
	the previous extremely expensive structure. Instead of allocating
	many arrays of size proportional to G__MAXFUNCPARA, an array of
	G__MAXFUNCPARA pointers is created. Structures of type G__paramfunc
	are allocated only for the effective number of function arguments.
	This change has requested a deep editing of several CINT functions.
	Thanks to Axel for helping with a nice sed script and proposing
	the nice idea of an "[]" operator to access the new G__paramfunc
	The net result is that with G__MAXFUNCPARA=40, the real memory
	footprint has decreased from 10.3 MBytes to 8 MBytes when getting
	the ROOT prompt. The gain is nearly 10 MBytes when running with
	the usual graphics libs (eg running benchmarks.C).
2007-02-20 18:08  axel

	* etc/html/HELP.html:
	Fix layout + charset of help file
2007-02-20 16:53  moneta

	* mathmore/inc/Math/LinkDef.h:
	add pragma for nested classes
2007-02-20 16:53  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/LinkDef_GenVector.h:
	add pragma for nested classes
2007-02-20 16:09  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TF1Editor.h, src/TF1Editor.cxx:
	Improvements and minor fixes.
2007-02-20 15:38  pcanal

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Fix { positorion preventing compilation
2007-02-20 14:25  brun

	* x11ttf/src/TGX11TTF.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error on Solaris (in case R__HAS_XFT is not set)
2007-02-20 13:53  rdm

	* netx/inc/TXNetFileStager.h:
	fix hiding warning of the Stage() method.
2007-02-20 13:42  couet

	* base/src/TAttMarker.cxx:
	- Write valid HTML according to
2007-02-20 13:37  rdm

	* asimage/src/libAfterImage.tar.gz:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	second attempt of import of this new version. Problems on Win32 are now
2007-02-20 12:16  rdm

	* x11ttf/src/TGX11TTF.cxx:
	Forgot to check in one crucial file with the main changes for Xft.
2007-02-20 10:44  rdm

	* configure, base/inc/TVirtualX.h, base/src/TVirtualX.cxx,
	config/, config/, win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h,
	win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, x11/inc/TGX11.h, x11/src/GX11Gui.cxx,
	x11ttf/, x11ttf/inc/TGX11TTF.h:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	add Xft support to ROOT X11. This is an important extension as it allows
	GUI text to be rendered (server side) with TrueType fonts making the GUI
	much more readable. During configuration we check for Xft availability.
	At run time the user can decide to use or not use it via the:
	X11.UseXft:   yes/no
	flag in the rootrc file. The default is to use it when the capability
	is compiled in the ROOT libraries.
2007-02-19 20:26  pcanal

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Add code to allow the schema evolution from a container of double to
	the _same_ container of Double32_t and vice et versa.
2007-02-19 19:51  brun

	* base/inc/: TBuffer.h, TQCommand.h, TQConnection.h, TVirtualFFT.h,
	TVirtualFitter.h, TVirtualGL.h, TVirtualPS.h, TVirtualPad.h,
	TVirtualPadEditor.h, TVirtualViewer3D.h:
	Undo all the changes excluding functions from the abstract interface
	to be visible from CINT.
	Too many side-effects and not enough energy to solve the problem.
	a real pity: we are waisting 1 MByte of real memory with ROOT Core.
2007-02-19 19:39  brun

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TASImage, TImageDump
	 Fix drawing of bottom aligned text in batch mode
2007-02-19 17:16  rdm

	* base/inc/TVirtualX.h:
	Remove the exclusion of most functions from the CINT interface, the
	GUI was failing.
2007-02-19 17:13  moneta

	* smatrix/inc/: LinkDef.h, LinkDefD32.h:
	add #pragma link C++ nestedclass otherwise dictionary is not correctly built
2007-02-19 17:02  brun

	* cont/inc/TCollection.h:
	Remove the exclusion of most functions from the CINT interface
2007-02-19 16:48  rdm

	* base/inc/TQObject.h:
	re-export all methods to CINT, they are needed for the signal-slots.
2007-02-19 16:38  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.macosx:
	with the latest Fink we have now gfortran and all the old CERN libs.
2007-02-19 15:32  brun

	* tutorials/gui/WorldMap.C:
	Move file from image to gui
2007-02-19 15:32  brun

	* tutorials/: gui/worldmap.jpg, image/WorldMap.C,
	Move files from image to gui
2007-02-19 15:30  brun

	* tutorials/graphics/: earth.C, earth.dat:
	These two files are moved from image to graphics.
2007-02-19 15:29  brun

	* tutorials/image/: earth.C, earth.dat:
	Remove these 2 files from image. They will be moved to graphics.
2007-02-19 15:20  brun

	* geom/src/: TGeoManager.cxx, TGeoXtru.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	a patch for a tracking problem observed separately by Sue and Ivana:
	1. protection in TGeoXtru::DistFromInside/Outside in case the proposed step is bigger than TGeoShape::Big()
	2. correction in computing safety for TGeoXtru shape that was underestimating safety value.
2007-02-19 12:23  brun

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	-Increase G__MAXSTRUCT and G__MAXTYPEDEF to 24000. This has no visible effect on the
	memory used by CINT.
	-Decrease G__MAXFUNCPARA from 40 to 20. This has a very visible effect on
	the memory used by CINT (saves 20% of the memory for a normal ROOT application)
	-If you have a class with a function having more than 20 arguments, exclude it
	from the CINT interface with a "ifndef __CINT__" statement.
2007-02-19 12:17  brun

	* quadp/inc/TQpProbSparse.h:
	Do not expose the MakeData function with more than 20 arguments to
	the interactive interface.
2007-02-19 10:34  rdm

	* Makefile:
	proof and thread are now not optional compiles anymore.
2007-02-19 09:20  brun

	* main/src/h2root.cxx:
	The variable bigbuf must be a global variable on 64 bits platforms,
	otherwise the function locf from cernlib used to compute the difference
	between two addresses will not work.
2007-02-18 21:50  rdm

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	remove TPadView3D.h include.
2007-02-18 19:13  brun

	* cont/inc/TBtree.h:
	Do not expose a large subset of TBtree to a CINT interface.
2007-02-18 18:03  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	small typo in comment.
2007-02-18 18:00  rdm

	* Makefile, main/
	don't use anymore ROOTULIBS when linking root.exe.
2007-02-18 17:50  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h, base/inc/TPadView3D.h,
	base/inc/TVirtualPad.h, base/src/TPadView3D.cxx, gpad/inc/TPad.h,
	table/inc/LinkDef.h, table/inc/TTablePadView3D.h,
	table/src/TPolyLineShape.cxx, table/src/TTablePadView3D.cxx,
	table/src/TVolume.cxx, table/src/TVolumePosition.cxx,
	Move the class TPadView3D from base to table, this class being used only by table, and rename it TTableView3D.
	Change the signature of TPad::GetView3D and ResetView3D with the TPadView*
	class changed to TObject*
2007-02-18 16:42  brun

	* gpad/inc/TView.h:
	Remove an ifndef __CINT__ forgotten during the development.
2007-02-18 16:42  brun

	* tutorials/graphics/: basic3d.C, tornado.C:
	Replace calls to the TView constructor by TView::CreateView.
2007-02-18 16:35  rdm

	* alien/inc/TAlienResult.h, alien/src/TAlienResult.cxx,
	config/Makefile.depend, net/inc/TGridResult.h:
	remove dependency of libNet on libTree.
2007-02-18 16:00  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualUtil3D.h, base/src/TVirtualUtil3D.cxx,
	g3d/inc/TUtil3D.h, g3d/src/TUtil3D.cxx:
	Remove obsolete classes.
2007-02-18 15:59  brun

	* config/
	 -remove old plug-in TVirtualUtil3D
	 -Add new plug-in TView
2007-02-18 15:58  brun

	* eg/src/TGenerator.cxx, g3d/inc/TPolyMarker3D.h,
	g3d/src/TMarker3DBox.cxx, g3d/src/TNode.cxx,
	g3d/src/TPolyMarker3D.cxx, geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx,
	histpainter/src/TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx, proof/src/TProofDraw.cxx,
	proofplayer/src/TProofDraw.cxx, table/src/TTable.cxx,
	table/src/TVolume.cxx, table/src/TVolumeView.cxx,
	-Replace all calls to the TView constructor by a call to the new static
	function  TView::CreateView.
2007-02-18 15:58  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h, g3d/inc/LinkDef.h, g3d/inc/TView3D.h,
	g3d/src/TView3D.cxx, gpad/inc/LinkDef.h, gpad/inc/TView.h,
	cvs ci base/inc/LinkDef1.h g3d/inc/LinkDef.h gpad/inc/LinkDef.h \
	  gpad/inc/TView.h gpad/src/TView.cxx \
	  g3d/inc/TView3D.h g3d/src/TView3D.cxx
2007-02-18 15:56  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h, base/inc/TQCommand.h,
	base/inc/TQConnection.h, base/inc/TQObject.h,
	base/inc/TVirtualFFT.h, base/inc/TVirtualFitter.h,
	base/inc/TVirtualGL.h, base/inc/TVirtualPS.h,
	base/inc/TVirtualPad.h, base/inc/TVirtualPadEditor.h,
	base/inc/TVirtualViewer3D.h, base/inc/TVirtualX.h,
	cont/inc/TCollection.h, cont/inc/TVirtualCollectionProxy.h,
	For abstract interfaces, generate the CINT stub functions only for
	the strict minimum of functions.
	Keep only one pure function known to CINT such that CINT can
	recognize that the class is abstract and has pure functions.
	This optimization gains about one megabyte of generated code.
2007-02-17 09:23  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	In TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide
	 -Do not store points with a null efficiency
	 -Do not generate the high error such that efficiency+yerror>1
2007-02-16 19:14  brun

	* ruby/src/rrenums.h:
	Remove the Ruby interface for enums kOpenTriangleDown and kFullCross.
2007-02-16 18:23  couet

	* base/: inc/TAttMarker.h, src/TAttMarker.cxx:
	- The list of marker style has been updated.
	- The help is now written using the new THtml features.
2007-02-16 17:57  couet

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	- Modify the SetBinContent(...) methods having special code for time axis.
	  The time axis case is now well separated. With the old version the
	  following macro did not work. The 2nd plot had twice more bins than the
	  1st one.
	   void timetest2() {
	      TDatime sdate(2006, 05, 20, 00, 00, 00);
	      TH1F *h = new TH1F("h", "", 5, 0, 86400);
	      for ( Int_t i = 1; i <= 5; i++ ) h->SetBinContent(i, 1);
	      TCanvas *c = new TCanvas("c", "", 50, 50, 900, 600);
	      c->Divide(1, 2); c->cd(1); h->Draw();
	      c->cd(2); TH1F *h2 = (TH1F*)h->Clone("h2");
	      h2->Scale(0.5); h2->Draw();
2007-02-16 16:05  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  small mods related to the last fix to avoid warning messages.
2007-02-16 15:44  brun

	* base/src/TBrowser.cxx:
	Use the plugin manager to make sure that the shared libs containing the concrete
	implementations of the browser are loaded.
2007-02-16 15:29  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  TImageDump, TASImage fix generation text in batch mode.
2007-02-16 14:36  rdm

	* configure:
	From Gerri:
	extends the check on the CASTOR version to the patch-level
	and enables CASTOR2, for the time being, only for versions
	2.1.0-* and 2.1.1-* ...
2007-02-16 13:15  rdm

	* oracle/src/TOracleServer.cxx:
	Add extensive description how to setup the Oracle instantclient libraries
	and how to use the Oracle plugin.
2007-02-16 13:14  rdm

	* configure:
	remove the --disable-thread otpion. ROOT needs system thread (pthread)
	to build. Refine the Oracle instantclient occi.h include search path.
2007-02-16 11:37  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoCompositeShape.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	composites with several CSG levels ignored the global matrix of the volume having this shape.
2007-02-16 09:37  brun

	* tutorials/graphics/quarks.C:
	This tutorial was deleted by mistake in version 5.14 when reorganizing tutorials.
2007-02-16 09:03  brun

	* asimage/src/libAfterImage.tar.gz:
	Reintroduce previous version of the tar file. The new version does not compile on Windows and Solaris.
2007-02-16 00:52  rdm

	* base/src/TString.cxx:
	fix in IsFloat(), allow two - or + symbols in a float like:
	-1.0e-1. Fixes bug 23834.
2007-02-16 00:34  rdm

	* asimage/src/libAfterImage.tar.gz:
	From Valeri Onuchin and Sasha Vasko:
	new version of libAfterImage that fixes "TImageDump error (2)" reported by
2007-02-16 00:32  rdm

	* Makefile, config/Makefile.depend, config/,
	io/, rfio/, xml/
	correct some dependencies after the introduction of libRIO.
2007-02-16 00:08  pcanal

	* cint/lib/posix/mktypes.c:
	remove unnecessary condition
2007-02-16 00:05  pcanal

	* cint/lib/posix/mktypes.c:
	define int64_t and uint64_t
2007-02-15 22:10  brun

	* Makefile:
	On Windows, set BOOTLIBS=ROOTLIBS until we understand a plugin manager problem.
2007-02-15 21:31  brun

	* html/src/TDocDirective.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error on Solaris.
2007-02-15 21:25  brun

	* Makefile, main/
	-Define BOOTLIBS to be libCore, libCint only
	-root.exe is created with BOOTLIBS instead of ROOTLIBS
2007-02-15 21:00  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Implement dependencies on libRIO also for non Woindows system when using explicit link.
2007-02-15 19:20  brun

	* html/src/TDocOutput.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error with gcc.
	: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-02-15 18:33  axel

	* etc/html/ROOT.css:
	Workaround for safari bug
2007-02-15 18:32  axel

	* html/: inc/TDocDirective.h, inc/TDocOutput.h, inc/TDocParser.h,
	inc/THtml.h, src/TClassDocOutput.cxx, src/TDocDirective.cxx,
	src/TDocOutput.cxx, src/TDocParser.cxx, src/THtml.cxx:
	Generate product doc, re-group code for re-use in module/product doc
	Add all gEnv configs also as setters/getters; use gEnv in THtml c'tor, afterwards only getters
	write search link on each page
	shorten the class inh dot diagrams for complex hierarchies
	Allow trailing stuff in ViewCVS link
	remove spurious empty lines in directive output
	fix latex column chopping (one char missing at end)
	Rename a few internal funcs
	Create unique directive output GIFs
	update THtml doc
	Add special handling for smatrix "source" dir
	Skip empty sourceinfos (author,...) in footer
2007-02-15 18:10  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend, rfio/, xml/
	Fix dependency problems linked with the new libRIO library.
2007-02-15 16:29  brun

	* io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Use TVirtualStreamerInfo::CanOptimize instead of teh static member fgOptimize,
	otherwise we cannot link on Windows.
2007-02-15 16:26  brun

	* config/
	Add libRIO in the list of libs in root-config --libs
2007-02-15 16:04  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx, eg/src/TGenerator.cxx, g3d/src/TNode.cxx,
	geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx, gpad/src/TClassTree.cxx,
	gpad/src/TPad.cxx, graf/src/TGraph.cxx, graf/src/TGraphPolar.cxx,
	graf/src/TPie.cxx, gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx, hist/src/TH1.cxx,
	hist/src/THStack.cxx, histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx,
	proof/src/TDrawFeedback.cxx, proofplayer/src/TDrawFeedback.cxx,
	table/src/TTable.cxx, table/src/TVolume.cxx,
	table/src/TVolumeView.cxx, treeplayer/src/TFileDrawMap.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx, treeviewer/src/TTreeViewer.cxx:
	-replace calls to gROOT->GetMakeDefCanvas()() by gROOT->MakeDefCanvas()
2007-02-15 16:04  brun

	* gpad/: inc/TCanvas.h, src/TCanvas.cxx:
	 -change the signature of
	   void TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas()
	   TCanvas *TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas()
2007-02-15 16:04  brun

	* base/: inc/TROOT.h, src/TROOT.cxx:
	  -Remove static member fgMakeDefCanvas
	  -Replace static function TROOT::GetMakeDefCanvas returning a pointer
	    to a function creating a canvas (in fact TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas)
	    by a direct call via CINT to TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas.
	  -The static function TROOT::SetMakeDefCanvas has been removed.
2007-02-15 16:03  brun

	* config/
	-The plugin "TVirtualSttreamerInfo" loads the class TStreamerInfo from
	the new library libRIO instead of libCore.
2007-02-15 16:03  brun

	* Makefile, config/Makefile.depend, io/
	-The io classes are now in a new shared library libRIO that is not part
	of libCore anymore. libRIO is dynamically linked at run time when
	an I/O operation is performed.
	-$ROOTSYS/bin/root.exe is now linked only with libCore, libCint and libRint.
	All other libs are dynamically linked via the plugin manager.
	-We still keep the old list of libs in `root-config --libs`
2007-02-14 19:25  rdm

	* config/, net/inc/LinkDef.h, net/inc/TFileStager.h,
	net/src/TFileStager.cxx, netx/inc/LinkDef.h,
	netx/inc/TXNetFileStager.h, netx/inc/TXNetSystem.h,
	netx/src/TXNetFileStager.cxx, netx/src/TXNetSystem.cxx:
	From Gerri and Andreas Peters:
	provide a new file stager interface via an abstract class TFileStager,
	placed in 'net', with TXNetFileStager as concrete implementation in netx.
	The plug-in manager takes care of loading libNetx (or any other future
	stager plug-in, like SRM (?)).
	The Stage(TList *) is currently implemented in net/src/TFileStager.cxx
	as it goes through the list issuing the requests one by one. I have,
	however, made it virtual so that, as soon as the bug with block submission
	in xrootd is fixed, we can implement it in TXNetFileStager.
	To issue a stage (prepare) request one has to do the following
	root[] stg = TFileStager::Open("root://")
	root[] stg->Stage("/alice/sim/2006/pp_minbias/121/168/")
	root[] stg->IsStaged("/alice/sim/2006/pp_minbias/121/168/")
	the protocol/host specification is cached at initialization so it is not
	needed anymore for the commands; but it will not harm: this will also work:
	root[] stg = TFileStager::Open()
	root[] stg->Stage("root://")
	root[] stg->IsStaged("root://")
2007-02-14 19:10  rdm

	* netx/src/TXNetFile.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	patch (from Andreas) which fixes a problem with setting the 'mkpath' flag
	while opening a file.
2007-02-14 19:08  rdm

	* base/src/TPluginManager.cxx, cint/src/Method.cxx:
	From Axel:
	add protection in case plugin manager uses a plugin function from a macro.
2007-02-14 17:42  brun

	* meta/src/TGenericClassInfo.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a problem affecting SEAL, cintex/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx reported by Pere.
2007-02-14 17:29  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Start developmentcycle 5.15/03
2007-02-14 16:05  brun

	* smatrix/test/stressKalman.cxx:
	Fix a typo (TROOT.h instead of TRoot.h)
2007-02-14 16:05  brun

	* config/
	Fix the name of the library ("") for the plugin TVirtualStreamerInfo.
2007-02-14 09:13  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend, rpdutils/
	From Axel:
	Fix a dependency problem preventing to build with explict linking
	two shared libs with the win32gcc version.
2007-02-14 06:27  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	In ShowMember, std::string no longer need a special case.
	This fix enables I/O for C-style array of strings
2007-02-13 23:56  pcanal

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	In ShowMember, std::string no longer need a special case.  This fix enable I/O for C-style array of strings
2007-02-13 22:49  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Stamp development release 5.15/02
2007-02-13 22:43  brun

	* ruby/src/drr.cxx:
	From Jakob:
	Fix problem reported at
2007-02-13 22:23  rdm

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	implement delayed loading of graphics libraries. The libraries
	(TGuiFactory, TVirtualX, TColor's, etc) will be loaded and initialized
	only when libGpad is loaded.
2007-02-13 22:15  rdm

	* base/inc/TApplicationImp.h:
	forgot to set fApplicationName.
2007-02-13 22:14  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TCanvas::DrawClonePad when copying the Draw option.
2007-02-13 21:45  brun

	* graf/doc/index.txt:
	Fix a typo
2007-02-13 21:44  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Axel:
	Qtlib depends on libGraf (for TImage).
2007-02-13 21:29  rdm

	* config/
	TWin32GuiFactory does not exist anymore.
2007-02-13 21:28  rdm

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h, base/src/TBuffer.cxx, io/inc/TBufferFile.h:
	some  cleanups in comments and removal of duplicate inline.
2007-02-13 21:22  axel

	* html/: inc/TDocParser.h, src/TDocOutput.cxx, src/TDocParser.cxx,
	surround converted module doc by <pre></pre>;
	fix libdep calculation;
	simplify libdep graph (no libCore dependencies, no need to loop over all of lib's classes);
	fix classdescr and module doc prob discovered with mathcore;
	protect chars from being signed when invoking isspace;
	don't write comment of directive ate it;
	Replace special hcars for index chars;
	take all doc for doc++ style method doc until we see one of "{};"
2007-02-13 21:08  brun

	* pyroot/doc/index.txt:
	The pointer to the PyRoot chapter in the Users Guide was wrong.
2007-02-13 17:51  moneta

	* minuit2/doc/index.txt:
	add index doc file
2007-02-13 17:51  moneta

	* smatrix/doc/index.txt:
	add index doc file
2007-02-13 17:48  moneta

	* mathmore/doc/index.txt:
	add index doc file
2007-02-13 17:48  moneta

	* mathcore/doc/index.txt:
	add index doc file
2007-02-13 16:42  moneta

	* minuit2/inc/Minuit2/MnPrint.h:
	use #(x) instead of __STRING(x) for Windows and Solaris
2007-02-13 16:11  roiser

	* cintex/src/CINTClassBuilder.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder:
	fixing memory leak when calculating class offsets with instance
2007-02-13 16:09  roiser

	* cintex/src/CINTClassBuilder.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder:
	fixing memory leak when calculating class offsets with instance
2007-02-13 15:44  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	also export typedefs to rootmap file. Now the autoloader works when doing:
	TMatrix m;
	which is a typedef for TMatrixT<Float_t>.
2007-02-13 15:42  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h:
	remove twice declared typedef pragma.
2007-02-13 15:28  rdm

	* matrix/inc/LinkDef.h:
	add typedef for TMatrix.
2007-02-13 15:27  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, config/
2007-02-13 15:26  rdm

	* base/src/TPluginManager.cxx:
	use gROOT->LoadClass(cls) to load a plugin. This call uses the rootmap
	info and allows the loading of all dependent libs as specified in the
	rootmap file. If this fails (when no rootmap) fallback to
	gROOT->LoadClass(cls, lib) to explicitly load a plugin (but this may
	fail if not all dependent libs are first loaded).
2007-02-13 15:23  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx, gui/src/TGApplication.cxx:
	move gInterpreter->EnableAutoLoading() before LoadGraphicsLibs() so that
	the plugin manager can use the rootmap info to load all dependent libs.
2007-02-13 15:21  rdm

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
2007-02-13 13:14  moneta

	* minuit2/:, inc/Minuit2/MnPrint.h,
	src/BasicMinimumError.cxx, src/CombinedMinimumBuilder.cxx,
	src/FumiliBuilder.cxx, src/FumiliErrorUpdator.cxx,
	src/FumiliMinimizer.cxx, src/MnCovarianceSqueeze.cxx,
	src/MnFunctionCross.cxx, src/MnGlobalCorrelationCoeff.cxx,
	src/MnHesse.cxx, src/MnMinos.cxx, src/MnPosDef.cxx,
	src/MnSeedGenerator.cxx, src/SimplexBuilder.cxx,
	src/TFitterMinuit.cxx, src/VariableMetricBuilder.cxx:
	improve debugging by using ROOT TError when building Minuit2 in ROOT. In the standalone builds use by default now std::cerr
2007-02-13 10:55  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	 TASImage::FromWindow, TASImage::WriteImage. The syncronization added which
	 allows to fix problems with generation of image from window.
2007-02-13 09:37  brun

	* config/, rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	Following Vincenzo's email, I changed slightly the definition of the Rint.Includes variable.
	# When the interactive ROOT starts, it can automatically load some frequently
	# used includes. However, this introduces several overheads
	#   -A long list of cint and system files must be kept open during the session
	#   -The initialisation takes more time (noticeable when using gdb or valgrind)
	#   -Memory overhead of about 5 Mbytes (1/3 of the ROOT executable) when including <vector>
	# You can set the variable below to 0 to disable the loading of these includes at startup
	# You can set the variable to 1 (default) to load only <iostream> , <string> and <RTypesCint.h>
	# You can set it to 2 to load in addition <vector> and <pair>
	# We strongly recommend setting the variable to 2 if your scripts include <vector>
	# and you execute your scripts multiple times.
	Rint.Includes:    1
2007-02-13 09:03  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend, mysql/
	Add missing dependencies on libNet for MySQL lib.
2007-02-13 08:59  brun

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	In the TRint constructor, include <vector> and <pair> only if
	the Env variable Rint.IncludeVector is not null.
2007-02-13 08:58  brun

	* config/
	Introduce new Env variable "Rint.IncludeVector"
	By default it is set to 1, ie the "include <vector> statement will be executed
	by default at the start of an interactive ROOT session.
	However including <vector> generates an important overhead at startup time
	when using gdb or valgrind, for instance.
	In addition it generates a memory overhead of 5 MBytes, ie ONE THIRD of
	the total ROOT executable at the time of the first prompt.
	You can save these overheads by setting this variable to 0.
2007-02-13 06:36  brun

	* hist/src/TAxis.cxx:
	Remove unused reference to TVirtualX.h.
2007-02-13 01:23  rdm

	* config/: Makefile.linuxicc, Makefile.macosxicc:
	use icpc instead of icc to build the pch.
2007-02-13 00:41  rdm

	* rootd/src/rootd.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	fixes for the problem with absolute paths for the admin functions.
2007-02-13 00:40  rdm

	* configure, config/
	From Gerri:
	if xrootd is not available use TNetFile and TNetSystem as plugins for
	the "root://" protocol, otherwise TXNetFile and TXNetSystem.
2007-02-13 00:33  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
2007-02-13 00:20  rdm

	* oracle/, pgsql/
	add missing dependencies.
2007-02-12 20:40  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add dependency on libNet for module krb5auth
2007-02-12 20:31  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add dependency on libNet for module pgsql.
2007-02-12 19:42  rdm

	* castor/
	also add $(CASTORLIBDEP) to the dependencies.
2007-02-12 19:36  brun

	* castor/, config/Makefile.depend:
	Add missing dependencies on libNet for Oracle and Castor libs.
2007-02-12 19:03  brun

	* cont/src/TObjArray.cxx:
	In TObjArray::randomize, use random isnstead of rand on non Windows system.
2007-02-12 18:49  rdm

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	make patch version v5-14-00c.
2007-02-12 18:16  moneta

	* unuran/test/: unuranMulti2D.cxx, unuranMulti3D.cxx,
	add missing includes
2007-02-12 18:14  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoPhysicalNode.h, src/TGeoPhysicalNode.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	The matrix is now owned by the user. There is still has the possibility to delegate ownership to TGeoManager by calling RegisterYourself().
2007-02-12 18:14  moneta

	* mathmore/test/: testInterpolation.cxx, testRandomDist.cxx:
	add missing includes
2007-02-12 18:13  brun

	* pyroot/src/PyROOT.h:
	From Bertrand:
	Allows to build PyROOT with MSVC 8.0 - fix the following error:
	Adapters.cxx C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
	8\VC\INCLUDE\xlocale(1832) : error C2039: '_invalid_parameter' : is not
	a member of '`global namespace''
	C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\INCLUDE\xlocale(1832) :
	error C3861: '_invalid_parameter': identifier not found
	make: *** [pyroot/src/Adapters.o] Error 2
2007-02-12 18:11  moneta

	* mathcore/test/stress3D.cxx:
	add missing include
2007-02-12 18:09  moneta

	* smatrix/test/stressKalman.cxx:
	add missing include
2007-02-12 18:04  moneta

	* smatrix/test/matrix_op.h:
	add missing include<vector>
2007-02-12 17:12  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend, odbc/, tree/
	add where needed dependencies on libNet.
2007-02-12 16:38  rdm

	* io/
	add some comments in case we make libRIO stand alone.
2007-02-12 16:37  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx, config/
	remove dependency on TNetSystem, now loaded from libNet via plugin manager.
2007-02-12 16:37  rdm

	* io/src/TFile.cxx:
	remove dependency on TWebFile and TNetFile, are loaded from libNet via
	plugin manager.
2007-02-12 16:07  rdm

	* Makefile, config/Makefile.depend, config/,
	take Net out of libCore and make a stand-alone libNet. root-config --libs
	includes libNet so that the end-user does not notice any difference.
	Makefile.depend option are currently being added for Windows.
2007-02-12 15:57  brun

	* tmva/test/
	 not specify suffix .so in gSystem->Load (to be portable on Windows too)
2007-02-12 15:56  rdm

	* base/inc/TInetAddress.h, base/inc/TUrl.h,
	base/src/TInetAddress.cxx, base/src/TUrl.cxx, meta/inc/TRealData.h,
	correct cvs tag line to reflect package change of these files.
2007-02-12 15:55  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h, base/inc/TFree.h, base/src/TFree.cxx,
	io/inc/LinkDef.h, io/inc/TFree.h, io/src/TFree.cxx:
	move TFree from base to io.
2007-02-12 14:44  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h, meta/inc/LinkDef.h:
	moved TRealData from base to meta.
2007-02-12 14:42  rdm

	* base/: inc/TRealData.h, src/TRealData.cxx:
	moved to meta.
2007-02-12 14:35  rdm

	* base/, base/inc/LinkDef3.h, net/inc/LinkDef.h:
	move TUrl and TInetAddress to base since they are used in base.
2007-02-12 14:35  rdm

	* net/: inc/TInetAddress.h, inc/TUrl.h, src/TInetAddress.cxx,
	moved to base.
2007-02-12 14:26  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	<vector> was included twice.
2007-02-12 14:25  rdm

	* clib/inc/Getline.h:
	make Getline.h self consistent (need DllImport.h).
2007-02-12 14:24  rdm

	* base/inc/TException.h:
	use multiple inclusion protection for includes.
2007-02-12 14:15  brun

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	Move include Getline.h after all other includes (need R__EXTERN)
2007-02-12 14:09  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	-Remove unused includes (following the recent cleanup):
	 #include "TDataMember.h"
	 #include "TDataType.h"
	 #include "TRealData.h"
	 #include "TDatime.h"
	 #include "TSystem.h"
2007-02-12 14:07  rdm

	* net/inc/TGridResult.h:
	replace TEventList.h by forward declaration.
2007-02-12 14:05  rdm

	* proof/inc/TDSet.h, proof/inc/TEventIter.h,
	proof/inc/TPacketizerProgressive.h, proof/inc/TProof.h,
	proofplayer/inc/TPacketizerProgressive.h, proof/inc/TProofChain.h,
	proof/inc/TSlave.h, proof/src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx,
	proof/src/TDSet.cxx, proof/src/TEventIter.cxx,
	proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx, proof/src/TPacketizerDev.cxx,
	proof/src/TPacketizerProgressive.cxx, proof/src/TProof.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofChain.cxx, proof/src/TProofQueryResult.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proofplayer/src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx,
	proofplayer/src/TEventIter.cxx, proofplayer/src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	replace a large amount of includes from .h files and replace them
	with forward declarations.
2007-02-12 13:05  moneta

	* minuit2/: inc/Minuit2/MnPrint.h, src/BasicMinimumError.cxx,
	src/FumiliBuilder.cxx, src/FumiliErrorUpdator.cxx,
	src/MnCovarianceSqueeze.cxx, src/MnFunctionCross.cxx,
	src/MnGlobalCorrelationCoeff.cxx, src/MnMinos.cxx,
	src/MnPosDef.cxx, src/Numerical2PGradientCalculator.cxx,
	src/SimplexBuilder.cxx, src/VariableMetricBuilder.cxx:
	remove some warning messages
2007-02-12 11:33  brun

	* cont/doc/: Understanding_Collections.html, index.txt:
	Add html file about Understanding Collections
2007-02-12 11:22  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoPhysicalNode.h, src/TGeoPhysicalNode.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	a modification in TGeoPNEntry class making fMatrix data member const.
	Note that there is a small trick however made to register this matrix to TGeoManager (e.g. the manager will own the matrix when cleaning-up)
2007-02-12 10:55  brun

	* cont/doc/index.txt, graf/doc/index.txt, gui/doc/index.txt,
	hist/doc/index.txt, io/doc/index.txt, math/doc/index.txt,
	matrix/doc/index.txt, proof/doc/index.txt, pyroot/doc/index.txt,
	thread/doc/index.txt, tree/doc/index.txt:
	Add more documents to the documentation files.
2007-02-12 10:52  brun

	* net/doc/index.txt:
	Add directory doc files for "net"
2007-02-12 10:46  brun

	* physics/doc/index.txt:
	Add doc directory files for "physics"
2007-02-12 10:42  brun

	* minuit/doc/index.txt:
	Add doc directory for "minuit"
2007-02-12 10:36  brun

	* hbook/doc/index.txt:
	Add doc directory files for "hbook"
2007-02-12 10:32  brun

	* guibuilder/doc/index.txt:
	Add the doc directory files for "guibuilder"
2007-02-12 10:17  couet

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	- In PaintAxis: in case (range>31536000) the daylight saving option is now
	  ON, as it is in the normal case. This case has been forgotten in Revision
2007-02-12 10:10  brun

	* geom/doc/index.txt:
	Add the doc files for "geom"
2007-02-11 12:48  brun

	* proof/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "proof" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 12:43  brun

	* meta/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "meta" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 12:28  brun

	* cont/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "cont" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 12:04  brun

	* roofit/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "roofit" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:58  brun

	* tmva/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "tmva" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:48  brun

	* math/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "math" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:40  brun

	* ruby/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "ruby" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:37  brun

	* pyroot/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "pyroot" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:32  brun

	* vmc/doc/index.txt:
	Add one more reference.
2007-02-11 11:30  brun

	* vmc/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "vmc" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:18  brun

	* thread/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "thread" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:14  brun

	* foam/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "foam" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:09  brun

	* matrix/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "matrix" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 11:03  brun

	* gui/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "gui" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 10:56  brun

	* graf/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "graf" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 10:49  brun

	* hist/doc/index.txt:
	Add documentation for directory "hist" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-11 10:38  brun

	* tree/: doc/index.txt, src/TTree.cxx:
	Add documentation for directory "tree" with pointers to existing web pages.
2007-02-10 19:07  brun

	* io/: inc/TKeyMapFile.h, src/TKeyMapFile.cxx:
	Add this class to io
2007-02-10 17:28  brun

	* qt/src/GQtGUI.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	- Remove the redundant assert() that triggered the unreasonable code crash time by time
	 CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-02-10 16:46  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h, base/inc/TKeyMapFile.h,
	base/src/TKeyMapFile.cxx, io/inc/LinkDef.h, io/inc/TKeyMapFile.h,
	Move class TKeyMapFile from base to io.
2007-02-10 16:40  brun

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	In TRint, remove dependency on TMapFile.h.
	Like in TClass, use the declaration
	R__EXTERN void *gMmallocDesc; //is used and set in TMapFile and TClass
2007-02-10 16:38  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	Do not call anymore R__SetZipMode(1) in TROOT.
	It is the default value in the zip package.
2007-02-10 16:33  brun

	* base/src/TUUID.cxx, cont/src/TObjArray.cxx:
	On non-Windows systems use random/srandom instead of rand/srand.
2007-02-10 14:37  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, math/src/TRandom3.cxx:
	Do not initialize gRandom in TROOT but in TRandom3.
	With this change, there are no more dependencies of base on the math library.
2007-02-10 14:32  brun

	* cont/src/TObjArray.cxx:
	In TObjArray::Randomize, do not use TRandom, but the system rand() function.
2007-02-10 13:21  brun

	* base/src/TUUID.cxx:
	Do not use TRandom in TUUID. The posix rand and srand functions are
	perfectly ok for TUUID, that requires only a random number between 0 and 65536.
	We still keep the initialisation of the random number (via srand) dependent
	of the process id.
2007-02-10 12:09  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef3.h:
	add TParameter<Float_t>.
2007-02-10 11:17  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Do not use gFile anymore (use branch->GetFile() instead)
2007-02-10 10:17  brun

	* io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	In the main constructor, call the default base class TDirectory constructor.
2007-02-10 08:53  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	With the type change (Bool_t to TSelector) the member fSelectorUpdate
	must be initialized to 0 instead of kFALSE.
2007-02-10 08:36  pcanal

	* treeplayer/: inc/TTreePlayer.h, src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	Change fSelectorUpdate from Bool_t to TSelector* to hold the value
	of the selector being processed so that UpdateFormulaLeaves can update it
	instead of blindly update the possibly
	idle fSelector __and__ the possibly invalid (because of file reload)
	fSelectorFromFile. (This resolves the crash in roottest/root/tree/selector)
2007-02-10 05:55  pcanal

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h:
	When using #pragma function, one can not name the argument (otherwise the type is not properly looked up)
2007-02-10 05:10  pcanal

	* io/src/TBufferFile.cxx:
	Add missing protection in WriteProcessID when there is no file
2007-02-10 04:31  pcanal

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder: Fix for a problem reported by ATLAS at
2007-02-09 19:11  pcanal

	* base/src/: ManualBase4.cxx, ManualBase4Body.h:
	Finish the manual generation, by replacing the cint wrapper functions by the inclusion of ManualBase4Body.h
2007-02-09 19:10  pcanal

	* base/
	Add hints explaining the steps to take to complete the manual generateion of the ManualBase4 dictionary
2007-02-09 19:09  brun

	* io/doc/index.txt:
	New file for the io directory documentation with pointers to existoing html pages. These files will be include shortly in the io/doc directory.
2007-02-09 19:07  brun

	* io/src/: TDirectoryFile.cxx, TFile.cxx:
	Move documentation in the functions at the top of the files to be nicely
	documented by the new version of THtml.
2007-02-09 19:04  brun

	* pyroot/src/Executors.cxx:
	From Wim:
	  o) fix for
2007-02-09 18:46  rdm

	* base/src/TTimeStamp.cxx:
	From Olivier and me:
	Fix in TTimeStamp::GetZoneOffet(). The offset on Mac OS X and Free and Open
	BSD was the oposite from Linux/Unix and Windows. The offset returned by this
	routine is now defined as:
	This is the value in seconds one must add to the local time to arrive at
	Coordinated Universal Time, so it is negative east of the Prime Meridian.
	the difference was due in the way the offset was obtained on the different
	platforms. The redefinition results in the offset flipping sign on Mac/BSD
	to be in lign with the other platforms.
2007-02-09 18:27  moneta

	* tutorials/fit/: minuit2FitBench.C, minuit2GausFit.C:
	add missing TMath
2007-02-09 18:24  moneta

	* minuit2/: inc/TFcnAdapter.h, inc/TFumiliFCN.h,
	inc/Minuit2/FCNBase.h, inc/Minuit2/MnLineSearch.h,
	src/FumiliBuilder.cxx, src/MnHesse.cxx, src/MnLineSearch.cxx,
	src/MnPrint.cxx, src/MnSeedGenerator.cxx,
	src/NegativeG2LineSearch.cxx, src/TBinLikelihoodFCN.cxx,
	src/TFitterMinuit.cxx, src/TFumiliFCN.cxx,
	src/VariableMetricBuilder.cxx, test/testGraph.cxx,
	- add SetErrorDef() function in the Minuit2::FCNBase to be able to change dynamically the error definition.
	  Implement it in the conccrete classes used by ROOT (TChi2FCN,...) and modify eht TFitterMinuit class to use it.
	 - multiply by 2  the Likelihood functions to be consistent with what exist in TFitter and use by default then a value of 1 for Up.
	- add in  BasicFunctionGradient a flag to distinguish when the gradient is of Fumili type
	- FumiliBuilder:
	  - do alway Hessian calculation after reaching minimum to check edm and to get correct covariance matrix.
	  - perform line search when full Newton step does not improve function value
	- MnLineSearch:
	  - add flag to control debug
	  - start iterations from 1 and count also first function evaluation (at step =1) to be compatible with Fortran Version (max number is now the same, while before was n + 2).
	- NegativeG2LineSearch : use a step size for the search equal to the gradient step. Before in the case only of negative gradient it was multiplied by the gradient value. Not it is sme as in the Fortran version.
	- MnPrint: ad more precision in the printout
	- TFitterMinuit:
	  - don't delete the MinuitFCN object in  Clear().
	  - add support for "SET Err" command.
	  - do not print covariance matrix and correlation if debug level is < 0
2007-02-09 18:12  couet

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	- In SavePrimitives the contour levels in case of LogZ were not saved
	  correctly. See:
2007-02-09 16:20  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	Documented Minimization tab in class description.
2007-02-09 15:35  axel

	* cint/: inc/Api.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/Type.h, src/Type.cxx,
	src/v6_decl.cxx, src/v6_end.cxx, src/v6_inherit.cxx,
	src/v6_newlink.cxx, src/v6_opr.cxx, src/v6_parse.cxx,
	src/v6_scrupto.cxx, src/v6_struct.cxx, src/v6_tmplt.cxx:
	manual import of v5.16.18 >:-/
2007-02-09 15:16  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	Replace calls to gROOT->AddClass and gROOT->RemoveClass
	by TClass::AddClass and TClass::RemoveClass respectively.
2007-02-09 15:13  axel

	* cint/: src/v6_random.cxx, test/t1283.cxx:
	Initial revision
2007-02-09 15:13  axel

	* cint/: README.txt, RELNOTE.txt, inc/Api.h, inc/G__ci.h,
	include/ReadF.h, include/makeit.bat, lib/dll_stl/setup.bat,
	lib/dll_stl/setupbc.bat, lib/longlong/make.bat,
	lib/longlong/setup.bat, lib/longlong/setupbc.bat,
	lib/posix/setup.bat, lib/posix/setupbc.bat, lib/posix/setupsc.bat,
	lib/socket/setup.bat, lib/socket/setupbc.bat,
	lib/stdstrct/setup.bat, lib/stdstrct/setupbc.bat,
	lib/win32api/make.bat, lib/win32api/setup.bat,
	lib/win32api/setupbc.bat, lib/win32api/setupsc.bat,
	main/G__setup.c, src/Apiif.cxx, src/Apiif.h, src/HISTORY,
	src/Makeapi, src/Makebcdict, src/Makefile, src/v6_decl.cxx,
	src/v6_end.cxx, src/v6_inherit.cxx, src/v6_loadfile.cxx,
	src/v6_newlink.cxx, src/v6_opr.cxx, src/v6_parse.cxx,
	src/v6_random.cxx, src/v6_scrupto.cxx, src/v6_shl.cxx,
	src/v6_sizeof.cxx, src/v6_struct.cxx, stl/algo.h, stl/algobase.h,
	test/t1283.cxx, test/testall.cxx, tool/makecint.cxx,
	tool/ifdef/Makefile.bcc5, tool/ifdef/setup.bat:
	import v5-16-18
2007-02-09 14:59  axel

	* html/src/: TDocDirective.cxx, TDocParser.cxx:
	Work-around for X11 sync problem when processing a macro in non-batch mode;
	strlen fix for comment-consistes-of-identical-chars test
2007-02-09 14:47  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	I committed the wrong version of DScott's changes.
2007-02-09 14:20  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	From Scott Snyder:
	Fix for a problem reported by ATLAS at
2007-02-09 14:12  brun

	* matrix/src/TVectorT.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	update of TVectorT :
	The element-by-element vector divisions were not
	protected for division through zero .
2007-02-09 13:50  couet

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	- In SetPoint: if fHistogram exists it is deleted. When a point is added
	  the current fHistogram, it it exists, is invalid. A new one will be
	  recomputed next time the TGraph will be plotted.
2007-02-09 13:39  couet

	* tutorials/fit/graph2dfit.C:
	- Make sure that the fitted surface and the TGraph2D cloud of points have
	  the same Z range when they are plotted on top of each others.
2007-02-09 13:31  couet

	* tutorials/graphs/graph2derrorsfit.C:
	- Make sure that the fitted surface and the points are plotted using the
	  same range in Z.
2007-02-09 12:51  rdm

	* alien/inc/TAlienCollection.h, cont/inc/TOrdCollection.h,
	graf/inc/TGraphSmooth.h, gui/inc/TGDockableFrame.h,
	gui/inc/TGListView.h, gui/inc/TGTableLayout.h, meta/inc/TCint.h,
	monalisa/inc/TMonaLisaWriter.h, proof/inc/TDSet.h,
	proof/inc/TFileMerger.h, proof/src/TDSet.cxx,
	proofplayer/inc/TFileMerger.h, tree/inc/TEntryList.h:
	From Federico:
	effc++ corrections.
2007-02-09 11:16  rdm

	* io/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TArchiveFile.h, inc/TBufferFile.h,
	inc/TCollectionProxyFactory.h, inc/TContainerConverters.h,
	inc/TDirectoryFile.h, inc/TEmulatedCollectionProxy.h,
	inc/TEmulatedMapProxy.h, inc/TFile.h, inc/TFileCacheRead.h,
	inc/TFileCacheWrite.h, inc/TGenCollectionProxy.h,
	inc/TGenCollectionStreamer.h, inc/TKey.h, inc/TMapFile.h,
	inc/TStreamerInfo.h, inc/TZIPFile.h, src/TArchiveFile.cxx,
	src/TBufferFile.cxx, src/TCollectionProxyFactory.cxx,
	src/TContainerConverters.cxx, src/TDirectoryFile.cxx,
	src/TEmulatedCollectionProxy.cxx, src/TEmulatedMapProxy.cxx,
	src/TFile.cxx, src/TFileCacheRead.cxx, src/TFileCacheWrite.cxx,
	src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx, src/TGenCollectionStreamer.cxx,
	src/TKey.cxx, src/TMapFile.cxx, src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx, src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx,
	correct cvs ident line (base/cont/meta -> io).
2007-02-09 11:15  rdm

	* math/: inc/TComplex.h, inc/TMath.h, inc/TRandom.h,
	inc/TRandom1.h, inc/TRandom2.h, inc/TRandom3.h, src/TComplex.cxx,
	src/TMath.cxx, src/TRandom.cxx, src/TRandom1.cxx, src/TRandom2.cxx,
	correct cvs ident line (base -> math).
2007-02-09 10:58  antcheva

	* fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	From Lorenzo:
	- set correctly the default fitter to Minuit2 after Fumili2
2007-02-09 10:43  rdm

	* meta/src/: TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx,
	moved to io.
2007-02-09 10:40  roiser

	* reflex/python/genreflex/:,
	From Scott Snyder:
	fix concerning tyepdef'd return values to fundamental types. In this case
	the stub function shall also allocate a static and return it's address.
2007-02-09 09:56  brun

	* sql/inc/TBufferSQL2.h, sql/src/TBufferSQL2.cxx,
	xml/inc/TBufferXML.h, xml/src/TBufferXML.cxx:
	Change the signatures of IncrementLevel and DecrementLevel to agree with
	the recent changes in TBuffer.
2007-02-09 09:37  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h, io/inc/TBufferFile.h, io/src/TBufferFile.cxx,
	Remove the last references to TStreamerInfo in base directory and fix
	all the consequences.
2007-02-09 09:27  brun

	* main/src/h2root.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	On 64 bit machines, when calling Fortran functions, the return type must be double and not float.
2007-02-09 09:24  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	Use TVirtualStreamerInfo instead of TStreamerInfo when calling TClass::GetClass
	to find the TStreamerInfo version number.
2007-02-09 08:52  brun

	* base/src/: ManualBase4.cxx, ManualBase4.h:
	Regenerate new versions of these files exckluding TStreamerInfo.h (with the new version
	of rootcint)
2007-02-09 08:44  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h:
	reintroduce the statements
	#ifndef G__KCC
	#include "cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h"
	str.h is required to generate the interface for class string.
2007-02-09 08:42  brun

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h:
	Comment the pragma
	#pragma link C++ function swap(string& lhs,string& rhs);
	This line is removed until we understand why we cannot generate the dictionary G__Base2
	when this pragma is included.
2007-02-08 23:56  axel

	* html/: inc/TDocInfo.h, inc/TDocParser.h, inc/THtml.h,
	src/TClassDocOutput.cxx, src/TDocDirective.cxx, src/TDocOutput.cxx,
	src/TDocParser.cxx, src/THtml.cxx:
	Don't display classes in index that are "foreign", i.e. have no local sources
	make rule checker happy
	Allow user setting of etc dir (defaults to $ROOTSYS/etc/html)
	GUI macro output must be saved as GIF
	Fix macro's pwd determination if no current class
	Fix X11 crash saving macro output
	Fix removal of surrounding "//" in "// doc //"
	New THtml::CreateAuxiliaryFiles() takes care of CSS, js, HELP page
2007-02-08 23:49  axel

	* etc/html/: ROOT.css, ROOT.js:
	fix "show inherited", "show non-public": only one class per CSS rule allowed
2007-02-08 20:06  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h:
	for some reason the statement:
	#include "cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h"
	causes rootcint to crash after the recent changes:
	Match rank: file     line  signature
	*  2000002 prec_stl/vector  -1 void swap(TString&,TString&);
	  ffffffff prec_stl/vector  -1 void swap(unsigned int&,unsigned int&);
	*  2000002 prec_stl/string  -1 void swap(string&,string&);
	Warning: #pragma link, function swap(string&lhs,string&rhs) not found cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h:91:
	removing it seems to have no side effects.
2007-02-08 19:46  rdm

	* base/
	remove reference to TArchiveFile and TZIPFile now in io.
2007-02-08 19:38  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef2.h, io/inc/LinkDef.h:
	move TMapRec from base to io.
2007-02-08 19:38  rdm

	* Makefile:
	add io and math to MODULES.
2007-02-08 19:37  rdm

	* base/src/: ManualBase4.cxx, ManualBase4.h, ManualBase4Body.h:
	add back to base/src for the time being.
2007-02-08 19:36  rdm

	* io/src/: ManualBase4.cxx, ManualBase4.h, ManualBase4Body.h:
	move back to base for the time being since they are referenced in
2007-02-08 19:17  rdm

	* Makefile:
	add io and math to core.
2007-02-08 19:16  rdm

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h, base/inc/LinkDef2.h, base/inc/LinkDef3.h,
	cont/inc/LinkDef.h, meta/inc/LinkDef.h:
	remove references to items moved to io and math.
2007-02-08 19:08  rdm

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	moved to io/src.
2007-02-08 19:00  rdm

	* cont/src/: TCollectionProxyFactory.cxx, TContainerConverters.cxx,
	TEmulatedCollectionProxy.cxx, TEmulatedMapProxy.cxx,
	TGenCollectionProxy.cxx, TGenCollectionStreamer.cxx:
	moved to io/src.
2007-02-08 19:00  rdm

	* base/src/: ManualBase4.cxx, ManualBase4.h, ManualBase4Body.h,
	TArchiveFile.cxx, TBufferFile.cxx, TDirectoryFile.cxx, TFile.cxx,
	TFileCacheRead.cxx, TFileCacheWrite.cxx, TKey.cxx, TMapFile.cxx,
	moved to io/src.
2007-02-08 18:52  rdm

	* meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h:
	moved to io/inc.
2007-02-08 18:52  rdm

	* cont/inc/: TCollectionProxyFactory.h, TContainerConverters.h,
	TEmulatedCollectionProxy.h, TEmulatedMapProxy.h,
	TGenCollectionProxy.h, TGenCollectionStreamer.h:
	moved to io/inc.
2007-02-08 18:51  rdm

	* base/inc/: TArchiveFile.h, TBufferFile.h, TDirectoryFile.h,
	TFile.h, TFileCacheRead.h, TFileCacheWrite.h, TKey.h, TMapFile.h,
	moved to io/inc.
2007-02-08 18:44  rdm

	* base/src/: TComplex.cxx, TMath.cxx, TRandom.cxx, TRandom1.cxx,
	TRandom2.cxx, TRandom3.cxx:
	moved to math/src.
2007-02-08 18:26  rdm

	* base/inc/: TComplex.h, TMath.h, TRandom.h, TRandom1.h,
	TRandom2.h, TRandom3.h:
	moved to new math directory.
2007-02-08 18:21  rdm

	* math/inc/LinkDef.h:
	LinkDef for math module.
2007-02-08 18:20  rdm

	* math/
	Makefile for math module.
2007-02-08 18:20  rdm

	* io/inc/LinkDef.h:
	LinkDef for IO module.
2007-02-08 18:19  rdm

	* io/
	makefile for IO module.
2007-02-08 17:53  rdm

	* base/inc/TMathBase.h:
	remove comment about NextPrime being in TObject.cxx.
2007-02-08 17:42  rdm

	* cint7/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	fix for stub function on x86-64 for vararg function in a namespace.
	Fixes bug 23529.
2007-02-08 17:33  rdm

	* cint/src/v6_newlink.cxx:
	fix for stub function on x86-64 for vararg function in a namespace.
	Fixes bug 23529.
2007-02-08 16:09  pcanal

	* cont/inc/TCollectionProxyFactory.h,
	cont/inc/TGenCollectionProxy.h, cont/inc/TGenCollectionStreamer.h,
	io/inc/TCollectionProxyFactory.h, io/inc/TGenCollectionProxy.h,
	io/inc/TGenCollectionStreamer.h, io/inc/TStreamerInfo.h,
	io/src/TGenCollectionStreamer.cxx, io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h, meta/inc/TVirtualStreamerInfo.h,
	meta/src/TClass.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Now that we delay the creation of the generic collection proxy, the typeinfo
	is ambiguous to look up the TClass (for container of Double32_t), so we now
	need to use the TClass pointer (which is straightforward since we now have
	it when we create the collection proxy object).
	Also add code to allow the schema evolution from a container of double to
	the _same_ container of Double32_t and vice et versa.
2007-02-08 16:05  pcanal

	* cont/src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx, io/src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx:
	Use fValue instead of fClass to trigger initialization
2007-02-08 15:42  pcanal

	* cintex/src/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	Use TCollectionProxyInfo and not TCollectionProxyFactory
2007-02-08 12:16  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	Fix a slowdown(infinite loop in some cases) due to a boundary crossing problem.
2007-02-08 11:25  brun

	* html/src/TDocDirective.cxx:
	From Axel:
	workaround a silly MSVC bug.
2007-02-08 11:01  rdm

	* Makefile:
	put module gpad before g3d otherwise build order dependency was not correct
	since now g3d depends on gpad.
2007-02-08 10:51  brun

	* base/src/: TMathBase.cxx, TObject.cxx:
	Implement new file TMathBase.cxx including TMath::NextPrime
2007-02-08 10:08  brun

	* cont/src/: TExMap.cxx, THashTable.cxx, TObjectTable.cxx:
	Include TMathBase.h instead of TMath.h
2007-02-08 10:07  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h, base/inc/TMathBase.h, base/src/TMath.cxx,
	base/src/TObject.cxx, math/inc/TMath.h, math/src/TMath.cxx:
	-Move function NextPrime from TMath to TMathBase. This function is used
	by a few Core classes. This moves make base, cont and meta independent of TMath.h.
	-TMath::NextPrime implementation is in TObject.cxx (we do not have TMathBase.cxx).
2007-02-08 09:45  brun

	* base/src/TStorage.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-02-08 09:06  brun

	* table/src/TVolumePosition.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TView.h
2007-02-08 08:45  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TView.h
2007-02-08 08:41  brun

	* hist/src/TGraph2DErrors.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TView.h
2007-02-08 08:39  brun

	* gl/src/TGLKernel.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TView.h
2007-02-08 06:54  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Fix dependencies for libGeomPainter.
2007-02-08 06:50  brun

	* html/src/: TDocDirective.cxx, TDocOutput.cxx, TDocParser.cxx:
	From Axel:
	bounds check for same-char-line determination, fix offset for
	pre-is-open check.
	>From Maarten: fix test whether dot dir is specified.
2007-02-07 22:53  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	libProof also depends on libGpad.
2007-02-07 22:49  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add missing dependencies on GPADLIB.
2007-02-07 22:16  brun

	* gpad/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TView.h, src/TView.cxx:
	The class TView is moved to gpad.
2007-02-07 22:14  brun

	* base/: inc/LinkDef1.h, inc/TView.h, src/TView.cxx:
	Remove class TView from base. It will be moved to gpad.
2007-02-07 21:57  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Implement TPad::ExecuteEventAxis (adapted from TAxis::ExecuteEvent)
2007-02-07 21:56  brun

	* hist/src/TAxis.cxx:
	-Delete the body of TAxis::ExecuteEvent and instead execute the new
	function TVirtualPad::ExecuteEventAxis.
	-in TPad::UnZoom use TVirtualpad::SetView
	-Remove include TView.h
2007-02-07 21:56  brun

	* gpad/inc/TPad.h:
	-The code of TPad::setView is moved to the implementation file
	-Add new function TPad::ExecuteEventAxis(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py, TAxis *axis)
	This new function is the code of TAxis::ExecuteEvent.
	This move decouples the dependency of TAxis on TView.
2007-02-07 21:56  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualPad.h:
	-Add new virtual function
	  virtual void ExecuteEventAxis(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py, TAxis *axis)
	-Make the argument of TVirtualPad::SetView with default=0.
	-Add forward declaration of class TAxis.
2007-02-07 21:40  brun

	* etc/html/HELP.html, etc/html/ROOT.css, etc/html/ROOT.js,
	etc/html/footer.html, etc/html/header.html, etc/html/shadow.gif,
	etc/html/shadowAlpha.png, html/doc/index.txt,
	html/doc/macros/testmacro.C, html/inc/LinkDef.h,
	html/inc/TClassDocOutput.h, html/inc/TDocDirective.h,
	html/inc/TDocInfo.h, html/inc/TDocOutput.h, html/inc/TDocParser.h,
	html/inc/THtml.h, html/src/TClassDocOutput.cxx,
	html/src/TDocDirective.cxx, html/src/TDocInfo.cxx,
	html/src/TDocOutput.cxx, html/src/TDocParser.cxx,
	From Axel:
	Added functionality:
	* , / (generate images, see
	TDocParser's doc for now)
	* module documentation (e.g. html/doc/index.html)
	* help on help (savannah bug #20755)
	Separate parser and output generator; public interface stays in THtml.
	Create a "hook" for directives like 
 etc, to make it
	easily expandable.
	New layout, bug fix (savannah #20472).
	Missing: lots of doc. Rule checker fixes  :-)
2007-02-07 18:08  antcheva

	* fitpanel/: inc/TFitEditor.h, src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	Added a status bar and functionality in the Minimization tab.
2007-02-07 17:59  brun

	* physics/inc/TLorentzVector.h:
	From Lorenzo:
	-Patch to fix the bug 23486, i.e. to calculate correctly the energy from the  mass and momentum in case of  space-like particles.
	 (with negative mass square) .
2007-02-07 17:35  rdm

	* config/: Makefile.macosx, Makefile.macosx64,
	-Wno-long-double is only needed for Mac OS X <= 10.3.
2007-02-07 17:35  rdm

	* config/ARCHS:
	add extra comment that "linux" is for i386.
2007-02-07 17:04  brun

	* tutorials/pythia/pythiaExample.C:
	Minor change to automatically load the libPythia6 shared lib from
	the directory $ROOTSYS/../pythia6 (was $HOME/pythia6 before).
2007-02-07 17:00  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/GenVector/: PtEtaPhiE4D.h, PtEtaPhiM4D.h,
	- fix a bug in the Et calculation for PtEtaPhiM4D
	- provide correctly support for space-like particles by using a negative Mass and negative M2.
2007-02-07 16:41  rdm

	* base/inc/TBufferFile.h, base/src/TBufferFile.cxx,
	base/src/TKey.cxx, io/inc/TBufferFile.h, io/src/TBufferFile.cxx,
	Change past tense in "had no public..." warning message to "has no public...".
	Some additional whitespace corrections.
2007-02-07 16:37  brun

	* Makefile:
	Go back to previous version. I committed a new version assuming the future directories math and io.
2007-02-07 16:24  brun

	* Makefile, gl/src/TGLHistPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx:
	From Timur:
	-Invert the Zoom/Unzoom convention when using the mouse wheel forward/backward.
2007-02-07 14:21  brun

	* cintex/src/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	Use include TCollectionProxyFactory.h instead of TCollectionProxy.h
2007-02-07 12:46  brun

	* gdml/README:
	From Ben Lloyd:
	Updated version reflecting the current functionality
2007-02-07 10:07  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This adds a text-oriented progress bar while processing in batch mode,
	showing the percentage of events processed and the average rate.
	The format is the same as in TFileMerger::Cp.
	This fixes bug/request #20643.
2007-02-07 10:00  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TFrameEditor.h, inc/TGedEditor.h,
	inc/TGedMarkerSelect.h, inc/TGedToolBox.h, inc/TH1Editor.h,
	inc/TH2Editor.h, src/TFrameEditor.cxx, src/TGedFrame.cxx,
	src/TGedMarkerSelect.cxx, src/TGedPatternSelect.cxx,
	src/TGedToolBox.cxx, src/TH1Editor.cxx, src/TH2Editor.cxx,
	- removed obsolete class TGedToolBox
	- cleanup of includes
2007-02-07 09:58  antcheva

	* ged/inc/LinkDef.h:
	Removed obsolete class TGedToolBox.
2007-02-07 09:53  brun

	* cont/: inc/TCollectionProxy.h, src/TCollectionProxy.cxx:
	Remove these files
2007-02-07 09:52  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	-Replace calls to TCollectionProxy by calls to TVirtualStreamerInfo::Factory
	-Remove dependency of TFile.h
	-Remove dependency on TMapFile.h
	-The global variable gMmallocDesc is initialized to o. It is used by TClass
	but, being a void*, it does not require TMapFile.
2007-02-07 09:52  brun

	* io/inc/TStreamerInfo.h, io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h, meta/inc/TVirtualStreamerInfo.h,
	-Implement an interface to TCollectionProxyFactory via TVirtualstreamerInfo.
	These new functions are implemented to decouple TClass from TCollectionProxyFactory.
2007-02-07 09:52  brun

	* cont/inc/LinkDef.h, cont/inc/TCollectionProxyFactory.h,
	cont/inc/TGenCollectionProxy.h, io/inc/TCollectionProxyFactory.h,
	io/inc/TGenCollectionProxy.h, cont/src/TCollectionProxyFactory.cxx,
	-Rename TCollectionProxy to TCollectionProxyFactory.
	The old name was given the wrong feeling that the class derives from TVirtualCollectionProxy.
2007-02-07 09:51  brun

	* cont/inc/TContainerConverters.h, io/inc/TContainerConverters.h:
	-Change the unfortunate ROOT_TCollectionProxy to ROOT_TContainerConverters
2007-02-07 09:51  brun

	* base/inc/TMapFile.h, base/src/TMapFile.cxx, io/inc/TMapFile.h,
	-The initialisation of the global variable gMmallocDesc is done in TClass.cxx
	and not in TMapFile.cxx. With this change TClass does not depend on TmapFile.
2007-02-07 07:08  brun

	* pyroot/:, src/MethodHolder.cxx, src/TPyException.cxx:
	From Wim:
	 o) fix in docstrings (was missing method names)
	 o) fix for naming convention in TPyException.cxx
	 o) one more attempt at fixing threading
2007-02-07 07:06  brun

	* qtgsi/test/: example1/qtroot.cpp, example2/qtrootexample1.ui.h:
	From Bertrand:
	Added missing #includes, following recent changes.
2007-02-07 07:05  brun

	* qt/src/TQtClientFilter.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	-Remove obsolete code
2007-02-06 18:47  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Add missing #include <float.h>
2007-02-06 18:17  rdm

	* winnt/src/TWin32SplashThread.cxx:
	From Axel:
	in C++ "return" is better than ExitThread. Says MS. And who are we to
	doubt that!
2007-02-06 16:52  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofDraw.cxx, proofplayer/src/TProofDraw.cxx:
	correct debug statement.
2007-02-06 16:51  rdm

	* thread/src/TThread.cxx:
	correctly call a static method.
2007-02-06 16:47  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixT.cxx, TMatrixTBase.cxx, TMatrixTSym.cxx,
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 16:39  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TArrowEditor.h, inc/TAttFillEditor.h,
	inc/TAttLineEditor.h, inc/TAttMarkerEditor.h, inc/TAttTextEditor.h,
	inc/TAxisEditor.h, inc/TCurlyArcEditor.h, inc/TCurlyLineEditor.h,
	inc/TF1Editor.h, inc/TFrameEditor.h,
	inc/TFunctionParametersDialog.h, inc/TGedFrame.h,
	inc/TGraphEditor.h, inc/TLineEditor.h, inc/TPadEditor.h,
	inc/TPaveStatsEditor.h, inc/TStyleDialog.h, inc/TStyleManager.h,
	inc/TStylePreview.h, src/TArrowEditor.cxx, src/TAttFillEditor.cxx,
	src/TAttLineEditor.cxx, src/TAttMarkerEditor.cxx,
	src/TAttTextEditor.cxx, src/TAxisEditor.cxx,
	src/TCurlyArcEditor.cxx, src/TCurlyLineEditor.cxx,
	src/TF1Editor.cxx, src/TFrameEditor.cxx, src/TGedEditor.cxx,
	src/TGraphEditor.cxx, src/TLineEditor.cxx, src/TPadEditor.cxx,
	- cleanup of includes
2007-02-06 16:39  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 16:30  brun

	* tree/src/: TBranch.cxx, TBranchElement.cxx, TBranchObject.cxx,
	TChain.cxx, TEventList.cxx, TLeaf.cxx, TLeafObject.cxx,
	TNtuple.cxx, TNtupleD.cxx, TTree.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 16:20  brun

	* base/src/TInetAddress.cxx, net/src/TInetAddress.cxx,
	physics/src/TLorentzVector.cxx, physics/src/TVector2.cxx,
	physics/src/TVector3.cxx, table/src/TVolumePosition.cxx,
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 16:00  brun

	* hist/src/: TAxis.cxx, TF1.cxx, TF2.cxx, TF3.cxx, TFormula.cxx,
	TGraph2D.cxx, TGraph2DErrors.cxx, TH1.cxx, TH2.cxx, TH3.cxx,
	TPolyMarker.cxx, TProfile.cxx, TProfile2D.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 15:44  brun

	* g3d/src/: TCTUB.cxx, TGeometry.cxx, THelix.cxx, TMarker3DBox.cxx,
	TNode.cxx, TPCON.cxx, TPointSet3D.cxx, TRotMatrix.cxx, TSPHE.cxx,
	TShape.cxx, TTUBE.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 15:35  brun

	* graf/src/: TBox.cxx, TCutG.cxx, TEllipse.cxx, TGaxis.cxx,
	TGraph.cxx, TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx, TGraphErrors.cxx, TLine.cxx,
	TMarker.cxx, TPave.cxx, TPaveStats.cxx, TPaveText.cxx,
	TPolyLine.cxx, TSpline.cxx, TText.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 15:22  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx, geom/src/TGeoVolume.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx, gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 15:20  rdm

	* config/Makefile.linux:
	From Stefano Piano:
	I updated my linux distro, which is a Gentoo Linux on i686 cpu (Intel
	T7400) with gcc version 4.1.1 (Gentoo 4.1.1-r3) and gfortran version 4.1.1.
	I recompiled the blas, lapack and cernlib libraries (2005)
	with gfortran.
	In order to be able to compile root (head version 5.15/01)
	I added the following fortran libraries to Makefile.linux:
	F77LIBS       = -lgfortran -lgfortranbegin -lnsl
	instead of
	F77LIBS       = -lnsl
	Without them I obtain a lot of unresolved symbols
	of gfortran libraries and the compilation fails.
2007-02-06 15:18  brun

	* eg/src/TParticle.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace the lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 15:17  brun

	* base/src/TAttAxis.cxx, base/src/TAttPad.cxx,
	base/src/TRandom3.cxx, base/src/TView.cxx,
	base/src/TVirtualPad.cxx, math/src/TRandom3.cxx:
	In the Streamer functions replace teh lines like
	         TPad::Class()->ReadBuffer(b, this, v, R__s, R__c);
	         b.ReadClassBuffer(TPad::Class(), this, v, R__s, R__c);
2007-02-06 14:30  couet

	* tutorials/graphs/surfaces.C:
	- Fix a typo: "8" was written instead of "*" in the TCanvas declaration.
2007-02-06 14:20  rdm

	* tutorials/gui/guitest.C, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	add Valeri O. to list of authors.
2007-02-06 12:48  rdm

	* cont/: inc/TObjArray.h, src/TObjArray.cxx:
	move two inline methods that were recently made virtual to the implementation.
	Virtual inlines is not a good idea.
2007-02-06 10:47  couet

	* postscript/: inc/TImageDump.h, src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  More fixes related to the last TImageDump, TASImage changes.
2007-02-06 02:07  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	remove links to enabled packages on the client when exiting PROOF.
2007-02-06 01:12  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofDraw.cxx, proofplayer/src/TProofDraw.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- do not set kCanDelete bit for the data member fGraph to avoid screwing
	  up the output list and the canvas (savannah bug #21791).
2007-02-06 01:09  rdm

	* proofx/src/TXProofMgr.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- in GetSessionLogs, make 'isess' sign-insensitive (request #22552)
2007-02-06 01:08  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- make a printout statement conditional on gDebug
2007-02-06 01:07  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx, proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- restart the dispatch timer after notification
	- simplify the constructor for the stop timer
2007-02-06 00:39  rdm

	* build/rmkdepend/main.c:
	From Axel:
	fixes wrong filename in error msg.
2007-02-06 00:12  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx, src/TProofServ.cxx:
	ClearPackage() also unloads and deletes the specified packages on the
2007-02-05 23:15  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	-Modify the rootcint function WriteAutoStreamer to generate the following style of code
	void Myclass::Streamer(TBuffer &R__b)
	   // Stream an object of class Myclass.
	   if (R__b.IsReading()) {
	   } else {
	instead of
	void Myclass::Streamer(TBuffer &R__b)
	   // Stream an object of class Myclass.
	   if (R__b.IsReading()) {
	   } else {
2007-02-05 19:11  brun

	* cont/src/TContainerConverters.cxx,
	io/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx, meta/inc/TStreamerElement.h,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx, sql/inc/TSQLFile.h,
	sql/src/TSQLFile.cxx, tree/src/TBranch.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchBrowsable.cxx, tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, tree/src/TTreeCloner.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TFormLeafInfo.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TTreeProxyGenerator.cxx, xml/src/TXMLPlayer.cxx:
	-Implement necessary casts due to TVirtualStreamerinfo.
2007-02-05 19:11  brun

	* meta/src/TGenericClassInfo.cxx:
	-use TVirtualStreamerinfo instead of TStreamerInfo.
2007-02-05 19:10  brun

	* meta/: inc/TClass.h, src/TClass.cxx:
	-Replace all occurences of TStreamerInfo by TVirtualStreamerInfo.
	-Move the implementation of the TClass::ReadBuffer and TClass::WriteBuffer
	to TBufferFile.
2007-02-05 19:09  brun

	* base/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx, io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	-cast to TStreamerinfo to use directlt TStreamerInfo functions.
2007-02-05 19:09  brun

	* io/inc/TStreamerInfo.h, io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h, meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	-The class derives from TVirtualStreamerInfo instead of TNamed.
	-Remove the static functions that have been moved to TVirtualStreamerInfo
2007-02-05 19:08  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h, base/inc/TBufferFile.h,
	base/src/TBufferFile.cxx, io/inc/TBufferFile.h,
	-Implement the new following functions in TBuffer
	   // Utilities for TClass
	   virtual   Int_t    ReadClassEmulated(TClass *cl, void *object) = 0;
	   virtual   Int_t    ReadClassBuffer(TClass *cl, void *pointer) = 0;
	   virtual   Int_t    ReadClassBuffer(TClass *cl, void *pointer, Int_t version, UInt_t start, UInt_t count) = 0;
	   virtual   Int_t    WriteClassBuffer(TClass *cl, void *pointer) = 0;
2007-02-05 19:07  brun

	* config/
	-Add new plugin TVirtualStreamerInfo that by default calls TStreamerInfo.
2007-02-05 19:07  brun

	* meta/inc/LinkDef.h:
	Add new class TVirtualStreamerInfo
2007-02-05 19:06  brun

	* meta/: inc/TVirtualStreamerInfo.h, src/TVirtualStreamerInfo.cxx:
	-New abstract interface implemented to separate TClass from the I/O sub-system.
	The interface declares a large fraction of the functions in TStreamerInfo.
2007-02-05 19:05  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	-Fix a bug in the recent extension of TH1::Rebin (thanks Constantin Loizides)
2007-02-05 18:28  antcheva

	* ged/src/TH1Editor.cxx:
	- minor fix in Dividers method
2007-02-05 18:24  antcheva

	* ged/src/TH2Editor.cxx:
	- missing method separator line
2007-02-05 17:24  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, postscript/src/TImageDump.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin.
	  The gif file generated in batch from a single TPad is now correct
	  (size and background color).
2007-02-05 17:07  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	initialize fmaxrfd and fmaxwfd to -1 (0 is a valid socket id) and check
	for them to be -1 to do nothing (and not 0).
2007-02-05 15:20  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	introduce macro R__PRIVATE to mark private methods as hidden so they won't
	be exported from the shared library (reduces load time). Put R__PRIVATE
	in front of some private methods, like:
	R__PRIVATE Int_t TProof::Exec(const char *cmd, ESlaves list, Bool_t plusMaster)
	Int_t fileGlobal R__PRIVATE;
	R__PRIVATE expands only for GCC >= 3.3. In all other cases it is a noop.
2007-02-05 15:15  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosx:
	for Mac use the -fvisibility-inlines-hidden option. This reduces the number
	of exported symbols in a shared library by hidding all inlines.
2007-02-05 15:04  rdm

	* proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
2007-02-05 14:40  brun

	* clib/src/snprintf.c:
	From Bertrand:
	Fix a bug with snprintf on windows when a precision was specified before
	another argument.
	(i.e. "%.4e %s")
2007-02-05 14:23  rdm

	* cint7/, reflex/
	use -ldl only when not being on Win32.
2007-02-05 13:28  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootContextMenu.cxx:
	- additional fix in TRootContextMenu::Dialog to avoid side effects
2007-02-05 12:55  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootContextMenu.cxx:
	Fix in TRootContextMenu::Dialog method: anytime the
	argument name contained a '*' the argument type was
	considered as "char *" what is not true for cases as
	"Double_t *" etc.
2007-02-05 11:44  rdm

	* proofd/: inc/XrdProofServProxy.h, src/XrdProofServProxy.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	- fix issue giving a "permission denied" in the creation of a subdirectory to
	  store credentials for authentication
	- fix issue breaking the shutdown machinery in the case of multiple
2007-02-05 11:40  rdm

	* proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	introduce single shot timer for proofserv termination. This timer makes
	sure that there is still at least on item the will make DispatchOneEvent
	return as all sockets are already closed.
2007-02-05 11:38  rdm

	* base/src/TTimer.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	this patch sets the timer resolution in such a way that it is 10ms for
	timeouts <= 200s and 5 / 100000 of timeout for longer timeouts.
	There is no magic behind this fraction: it just gives 10ms at 200s and
	it covers with some margin the drift we observe on the CAF for 1h delays
	(117 ms vs 36 * 5 = 180ms).
	With this change things on the CAF work fine.
2007-02-05 11:36  rdm

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	fixed unsed arg "where" warning.
2007-02-05 11:24  moneta

	* unuran/: inc/TUnuranDistr.h, inc/TUnuranDistrMulti.h,
	src/TUnuranDistr.cxx, src/TUnuranDistrMulti.cxx,
	test/unuranDistr.cxx, test/unuranSimple.cxx:
	remove direct include of TF1 in the header files and use a forward declaration. Move the corresponding functions using TF1 in the implementation files. Add include TF1 in the tests
2007-02-05 11:21  rdm

	* pgsql/src/TPgSQLServer.cxx:
	From Dennis Box:
	I was looking at TPgSQLServer.cxx and I noticed some unimplemented
	functionality which I knew how to fix:
	1) SelectDataBase(const char* dbname) actually changes connection to
	   specified database 'dbname'
	2) GetColumns(db,table,wc) is implemented
	3) ServerInfo() is implemented
2007-02-05 10:41  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	if nothing to select (socket or timer) return instead of going through
2007-02-05 10:40  moneta

	* mathcore/inc/Math/GenVector/PxPyPzM4D.h:
	avoid nan in case of spacelike vectors
2007-02-04 18:56  brun

	* g3d/inc/TPolyMarker3D.h:
	Add missing include TString.h
2007-02-04 18:53  brun

	* graf/inc/TLegendEntry.h:
	Add missing include TString.h
2007-02-04 18:42  brun

	* config/Makefile.precomp:
	For precompiled headers use TObject.h instead of TH1.h.
2007-02-04 18:39  brun

	* base/inc/Gtypes.h, base/inc/Htypes.h, base/inc/LinkDef1.h,
	base/inc/Rtypes.h, base/inc/TAttAxis.h, base/inc/TAttFill.h,
	base/inc/TAttLine.h, base/inc/TAttMarker.h, base/inc/TAttPad.h,
	base/inc/TAttText.h, base/inc/TDatime.h, base/inc/TPadView3D.h,
	base/inc/TPoint.h, base/inc/TVirtualGL.h, config/Makefile.precomp,
	cont/inc/TArray.h, gl/inc/TGLSphere.h, graf/inc/TPoints.h,
	graf/inc/TTF.h, hist/inc/THLimitsFinder.h,
	histpainter/inc/Hparam.h, proof/inc/TProofServ.h,
	qt/inc/TQtMarker.h, tree/inc/TBranch.h:
	-Move typedefs previously in Htypes.h and Gtypes.h to Rtypes.h
	-Move enum EColorType to Rtypes.h
	-Move enum EMarkerStyle to TAttMarker
	-Move enum ELineStyle to TAttLine
	-Replace all references to Htypes.h or Gtypes.h by Rtypes.h
2007-02-04 18:36  brun

	* gpad/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TAttCanvas.h, inc/TAttFillCanvas.h,
	inc/TAttLineCanvas.h, inc/TAttMarkerCanvas.h, inc/TAttTextCanvas.h,
	inc/TDrawPanelHist.h, inc/TFitPanel.h, inc/TFitPanelGraph.h,
	src/TAttFillCanvas.cxx, src/TAttLineCanvas.cxx,
	src/TAttMarkerCanvas.cxx, src/TAttTextCanvas.cxx,
	src/TDrawPanelHist.cxx, src/TFitPanel.cxx, src/TFitPanelGraph.cxx,
	Remove obsolete classes.
2007-02-04 10:58  brun

	* xrootd/
	From Bertrand;
	Fix a problem preventing the installation of xrootd after a "make clean"
2007-02-04 08:54  brun

	* histpainter/: inc/THistPainter.h, src/THistPainter.cxx:
	Use forward declarations of TH1 and TCutG
2007-02-04 08:48  brun

	* ged/: inc/TH1Editor.h, src/TH1Editor.cxx:
	Use forward declaration of TH1
2007-02-03 20:41  brun

	* test/stressGraphics.cxx:
	Add missing include TH2.h
2007-02-03 20:40  brun

	* test/Event.h:
	Add missing include TBits.h
2007-02-03 20:36  brun

	* ged/src/TAxisEditor.cxx, ged/src/TF1Editor.cxx,
	histpainter/src/TGraphPainter.cxx, minuit/src/TLinearFitter.cxx:
	add missing includes required on some systems
2007-02-03 19:56  brun

	* spectrum/inc/TSpectrum2Transform.h:
	replace include TH2.h by TNamed.h
2007-02-03 19:54  brun

	* spectrum/inc/TSpectrum2Fit.h:
	Replace include TH2.h by TNamed.h
2007-02-03 19:52  brun

	* cont/: inc/TRefArray.h, src/TRefArray.cxx:
	Use forward declaration of TSystem
2007-02-03 19:45  brun

	* histpainter/: inc/TPaletteAxis.h, src/TPaletteAxis.cxx:
	Use forward declaration of TH1
2007-02-03 19:41  brun

	* histpainter/: inc/TPainter3dAlgorithms.h,
	Use forward declaration of TF3
2007-02-03 19:33  brun

	* tree/inc/TLeaf.h, tree/src/TBranchBrowsable.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchClones.cxx, tree/src/TBranchObject.cxx,
	tree/src/TLeafB.cxx, tree/src/TLeafC.cxx, tree/src/TLeafD.cxx,
	tree/src/TLeafF.cxx, tree/src/TLeafI.cxx, tree/src/TLeafL.cxx,
	tree/src/TLeafO.cxx, tree/src/TLeafS.cxx,
	Use forward declaration of TClonesArray and fix consequences
2007-02-03 19:21  brun

	* histpainter/: inc/TGraphPainter.h, src/TGraphPainter.cxx:
	Use forward declarations of TGraph2D, TGraphDelaunay and TList.
	Set ClassDef version to 0
2007-02-03 19:12  brun

	* ged/: inc/TGraphEditor.h, src/TGraphEditor.cxx:
	Use forward declaration of TGraph
2007-02-03 19:10  brun

	* hist/: inc/TGraphDelaunay.h, src/TGraphDelaunay.cxx:
	Use forward declaration of class TGraph2D
2007-02-03 19:07  brun

	* hist/inc/TGraph2D.h, hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx,
	minuit/src/TFitter.cxx, minuit/src/TLinearFitter.cxx,
	Use forward declarations of classes TAxis, TF2, TH2 and TList.
	Fix consequences.
2007-02-03 18:56  brun

	* eg/: inc/TGenerator.h, src/TGenerator.cxx:
	Use forward declaration of TClonesArray
2007-02-03 18:44  brun

	* ged/: inc/TFunctionParametersDialog.h, src/TF1Editor.cxx,
	Use forward declaration of TF1.
	Remove include TH1.h
2007-02-03 18:41  brun

	* fitpanel/: inc/TFitParametersDialog.h,
	Use forwartd declaration of TF1.
2007-02-03 18:35  brun

	* ged/inc/TF1Editor.h:
	Remove include TF1.h
2007-02-03 18:33  brun

	* eg/: inc/TDatabasePDG.h, src/TDatabasePDG.cxx:
	Use forward declaration of THashList
2007-02-03 18:28  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/TChainIndex.h, src/TChainIndex.cxx:
	Use forward declarations of TTreeIndex and TTreeFormula.
2007-02-03 18:23  brun

	* tree/inc/TBranchClones.h:
	Use forward declaration of TClonesArra.
2007-02-03 18:21  brun

	* ged/inc/TAxisEditor.h:
	Use forward declaration of TAxis instead of include TAxis.h
2007-02-03 11:21  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixTSparse.cxx:
	Remove keyword inline in the implementation of
	Element TMatrixTSparse<Element>::operator()(Int_t rown,Int_t coln) const
	This ws fatal on Solaris.
2007-02-03 10:03  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx, math/src/TMath.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-02-03 09:46  brun

	* proof/src/TSessionViewer.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	- Reset modified flag in query frame. Should solve the point 1) reported at:
2007-02-03 09:44  brun

	* test/: stressGeometry.cxx, stressLinear.cxx, vmatrix.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	- Add missing #include "TMath.h" in several files in test directory
2007-02-03 09:16  brun

	* minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	In TMinuit::Contour set the last point equal to first point in order to cle the contour line.
2007-02-03 07:50  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	Add TMath.h where required following the removal of TMath.h from TMatrixTUtils.hCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-02-03 07:40  brun

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, hist/src/TH1.cxx,
	hist/src/TPrincipal.cxx, matrix/inc/TMatrixTSparse.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixTUtils.h, matrix/src/TMatrixT.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixTBase.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixTSparse.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixTSym.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixTUtils.cxx,
	matrix/src/TVectorT.cxx, minuit/src/TLinearFitter.cxx,
	mlp/src/TMLPAnalyzer.cxx, physics/inc/TLorentzVector.h,
	physics/src/TQuaternion.cxx, physics/src/TRotation.cxx,
	quadp/src/TGondzioSolver.cxx, quadp/src/TMehrotraSolver.cxx,
	quadp/src/TQpSolverBase.cxx, splot/src/TSPlot.cxx,
	tmva/src/DataSet.cxx, tmva/src/DecisionTree.cxx,
	tmva/src/MethodBDT.cxx, tmva/src/MethodCFMlpANN.cxx,
	tmva/src/MethodFisher.cxx, tmva/src/MethodLikelihood.cxx,
	From Eddy:
	Remove the inclusion of TMath.h in TMatrixTUtils.h and fix all the consequences
2007-02-02 21:27  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	Fix problems on Windows.
2007-02-02 21:18  brun

	* tmva/src/RuleFitParams.cxx:
	Fix problem on Windows.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-02-02 21:14  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	Remove calls to TMath.h from the incvlude files
2007-02-02 21:09  brun

	* physics/: inc/TFeldmanCousins.h, src/TFeldmanCousins.cxx:
	Remove TMath.h from the header files
2007-02-02 20:16  brun

	* tmva/inc/: RuleFitParams.h, TNeuronInputAbs.h,
	Remove dependencies from TMath in the tmva header files.
	Use TMathBase.h instead.
2007-02-02 20:08  brun

	* hist/: inc/TConfidenceLevel.h, inc/TLimit.h,
	src/TConfidenceLevel.cxx, src/TLimit.cxx:
	Move implementation of inline functions calling TMath to the implementation files.
2007-02-02 19:03  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx, math/src/TMath.cxx:
	From Lorenzo:
	patch for fixing the calculation of Dmax in the Kolmogorov test when there are identical values in the two data sets. Thanks to Ivan Melo for finding this bug ( bug 23408 in Savannah)
2007-02-02 18:22  pcanal

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	In TClass::Move, modify the registry only when needed
2007-02-02 18:05  pcanal

	* cont/src/TEmulatedCollectionProxy.cxx,
	Information the emulated object address registry when the object contains
	in an emulated STL collections are moved (due to the underlying storage
	needing to be increased)
2007-02-02 18:03  pcanal

	* meta/: inc/TClass.h, src/TClass.cxx:
	1. Add a new function TClass::Move which, for now, only information the
	address registry of emulated object of the object move ... later this
	should be enhanced to really 'move' the object from one place to the
	2. Factor the emulated object address registry access code.
	3. Remove the use of Form directly in a function call that ends up
	being recursive (and hence the 2nd pass was modifying the first pass's
2007-02-02 11:37  pcanal

	* test/: Aclock.h, Hello.cxx, Hello.h:
	add TList headers
2007-02-02 10:09  rdm

	* cintex/src/Cintex.cxx:
	From Pere:
	Fix for problem reported at
2007-02-02 09:16  brun

	* cintex/src/Cintex.cxx:
	From Pere:
	Fix for problem reported at
2007-02-02 09:12  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-02-02 09:08  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-02-02 09:06  brun

	* cont/: inc/TCollectionProxy.h, src/TCollectionProxy.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions.
2007-02-02 00:04  rdm

	* test/README:
	mention correct location of main ROOT README file.
2007-02-01 23:02  pcanal

	* cont/inc/TGenCollectionProxy.h,
	cont/src/TGenCollectionStreamer.cxx, io/inc/TGenCollectionProxy.h,
	io/inc/TGenCollectionStreamer.h, io/src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx,
	Adapt to the change in TCollectionProxy
2007-02-01 23:00  pcanal

	* cont/: inc/TCollectionProxy.h, src/TCollectionProxy.cxx:
	Remove code that migrated to TCollectionProxyInfo.  Use this class in the interfaces.  TCollectionProxy could now be renamed TCollectionProxyFactory
2007-02-01 22:59  pcanal

	* cintex/src/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	Use the new TCollectionProxyInfo.
2007-02-01 22:59  pcanal

	* meta/: inc/TClass.h, inc/TGenericClassInfo.h, src/TClass.cxx,
	Add support for the new TCollectionProxyInfo.
2007-02-01 22:58  pcanal

	* base/src/ManualBase4.cxx, io/src/ManualBase4.cxx,
	Remove dependency on TCollectionProxy.h
2007-02-01 22:57  pcanal

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	1. Due to a weakness in CINT (privacy level of nested classies is hard
	to get to),  we need re-instate the '#define private public' trick which
	is still required to properly deal with nested private and protected
	classes ...  This shall be visited again when Cint has been fully upgraded
	to use Reflex.
	2. Delay the construction of the CollectionProxy object to when the TClass
	object is created.  The dictionary now depend on the light weight TCollectionProxyInfo
	instead of TCollectionProxy (which depends on the I/O).  This new object
	is stored in the TGenericClassInfo.
	3. The dependency of TCollectionProxy is added __only__ when required by the
	content of the dictionary
2007-02-01 22:53  pcanal

	* cont/inc/TCollectionProxyInfo.h:
	New class holding the information needed to create a TGenCollectionProxy
2007-02-01 17:55  rdm

	* proof/inc/TSessionDialogs.h, proof/inc/TSessionViewer.h,
	proof/src/TSessionDialogs.cxx, proof/src/TSessionViewer.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	- Implement this feature request:
	- Fix the bug reported at:
2007-02-01 17:24  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 17:20  brun

	* proof/inc/TStatus.h, proof/src/TStatus.cxx,
	proofplayer/inc/TStatus.h, proofplayer/src/TStatus.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h or forward declaration
2007-02-01 17:19  brun

	* g4root/src/TG4RootDetectorConstruction.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 17:17  brun

	* proofx/src/TXSocketHandler.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 17:13  brun

	* sql/src/TSQLObjectData.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 17:11  brun

	* geom/src/: TGeoMaterial.cxx, TGeoMedium.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 17:08  brun

	* treeplayer/inc/TFriendProxyDescriptor.h:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 17:05  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TFriendProxyDescriptor.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 17:04  brun

	* graf/inc/TGraph.h, tree/inc/TEntryList.h:
	Add missing forward declarations
2007-02-01 17:00  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGFrame.h, src/TGDockableFrame.cxx,
	src/TGMdiMainFrame.cxx, src/TGMdiMenu.cxx, src/TGStatusBar.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 16:53  brun

	* gui/src/TGCanvas.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 16:40  brun

	* pyroot/src/Adapters.cxx:
	Add missing include TList.h
2007-02-01 16:33  brun

	* proof/src/TProofResourcesStatic.cxx:
	Add a missing include of TList.h
2007-02-01 16:26  brun

	* tree/inc/TTree.h, tree/src/ManualTree2.cxx,
	tree/src/TTreeCache.cxx, treeplayer/inc/TBranchProxy.h,
	treeplayer/src/TBranchProxy.cxx, treeplayer/src/TFriendProxy.cxx:
	Use forward declarations instead of includes.
2007-02-01 16:21  rdm

	* base/inc/TError.h:
	needs stdarg.h since it uses va_list.
2007-02-01 16:20  rdm

	* net/inc/TServerSocket.h:
	needs forward declaration of TSeqCollection.
2007-02-01 15:58  brun

	* g3d/src/TAxis3D.cxx, ged/inc/TGedEditor.h,
	ged/src/TFunctionParametersDialog.cxx, hist/inc/TAxis.h,
	hist/inc/TF1.h, hist/inc/TH1.h, hist/src/TAxis.cxx,
	hist/src/TF1.cxx, hist/src/TH1.cxx, hist/src/TH2.cxx,
	hist/src/TH3.cxx, hist/src/THStack.cxx, hist/src/TProfile.cxx,
	hist/src/TProfile2D.cxx, hist/src/TProfile3D.cxx,
	main/src/hadd.cxx, proof/src/TSessionViewer.cxx,
	sessionviewer/src/TSessionViewer.cxx, spectrum/src/TSpectrum.cxx,
	Use a forward declaration of TList instead of including TList.h
2007-02-01 15:51  rdm

	* cint/, config/Makefile.depend:
	dependency is on MAINLIBS not only CORE.
2007-02-01 15:21  brun

	* proof/inc/TDSet.h, proof/inc/TProofChain.h,
	proof/inc/TSessionDialogs.h, sessionviewer/inc/TSessionDialogs.h,
	tree/inc/TBranchBrowsable.h, tree/inc/TTree.h:
	-Use forward declarations of TList required by the change in TNamed.h
2007-02-01 15:21  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH1.h, src/TF3.cxx, src/TH1.cxx, src/TH2.cxx,
	src/TH3.cxx, src/THStack.cxx:
	-Use forward declarations of TList and TVirtualHistPainter.
2007-02-01 15:20  brun

	* base/inc/TNamed.h:
	-Do not include TList.h.
2007-02-01 15:20  brun

	* base/inc/: TError.h, TQObject.h:
	-Remove inclusion of Varargs.h
2007-02-01 14:49  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  In TASImage::DrawGlyph Clip text drawn outside of image.
2007-02-01 13:54  brun

	* gpad/src/TCreatePrimitives.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	The reason of the reported crash at  is a SegV when a graphical cut begins with double-click because gr=0.
2007-02-01 10:46  brun

	* cint/
	From Bertrand:
	Fix cintdlls build problem on Windows (was trying to link against libCore.dll).
2007-02-01 09:27  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Bertrand:
	Fix a typo in Makefile.depend
2007-01-31 23:32  brun

	* cint/, config/Makefile.depend:
	From Philippe,
	Fix dependency problems when running with make -j and explicit linking (macosx)
2007-01-31 20:59  pcanal

	* meta/src/TGenericClassInfo.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	remove the dictionary's direct dependency on TStreamerInfo
2007-01-31 17:46  rdm

	* proof/src/TSessionDialogs.cxx, proof/src/TSessionViewer.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	Make *.C* and *.c* the default file types in new query dialog.
	Should solve the problem reported at
2007-01-31 16:47  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	Replace the inclusion of TROOT.h by TClass.h in the generated code.
2007-01-31 16:44  brun

	* test/stressGeometry.cxx:
	Add missing include "TROOT.h
2007-01-31 16:43  brun

	* spectrumpainter/inc/TSpectrum2Painter.h:
	Add missing include :TNamed.h
2007-01-31 15:54  brun

	* asimage/inc/TASPaletteEditor.h:
	Add missing forward reference of TVirtualPad.
2007-01-31 15:50  brun

	* spectrumpainter/inc/TSpectrum2Painter.h:
	Add missing forward reference of TColor
2007-01-31 14:31  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx, base/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx,
	Replace calls to TROOT::GetROOT by TClass::
2007-01-31 12:43  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Remove a printf statement in TH1::Rebin
2007-01-31 09:31  rdm

	* proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx, proofplayer/src/TPacketizer.cxx:
2007-01-31 08:33  brun

	* tree/src/TBasket.cxx, tree/src/TBranch.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, tree/src/TBranchObject.cxx,
	tree/src/TChain.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx,
	Fix by Philippe and Stephan Otto for a problem reported at:
	Use TDirectory::TContext to save/restore the current directory.
2007-01-31 06:39  brun

	* tutorials/pyroot/:,,,
	From Wim:
	  o) added full directory paths to, like in benchmarks.C,
	     to take into account the new tutorial directory structure
2007-01-30 19:35  brun

	* tmva/inc/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.h:
	Fix a compiler warning.
2007-01-30 18:58  brun

	* base/inc/TQObject.h:
	From Ilka:
	Fix broken include due to an invalid comment.
2007-01-30 18:26  couet

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	- Option chopth should be initialized to " " in PaintGrapHist otherwise the
	  following macro draws am horizontal line at 0:
	      TCanvas c1;
	      TGraph g;
	      g.SetPoint(0, -1,-1);
	      g.SetPoint(1,  0, 0);
	      g.SetPoint(2,  1, 1);
2007-01-30 17:35  rdm

	* thread/src/TThread.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- create fThreadTimer only when really needed
2007-01-30 17:34  rdm

	* proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h, proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx,
	proofplayer/inc/TProofPlayer.h, proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- call TSystem::DispatchOneEvent() via an asynchronous timer
	  (period 1s) instead of at the end of each processed event;
	  this reduces considerably the overhead when processing many
	  CPU-light events
	- remove some left-over hardcoded settings of the feedback period
	- cleanup the stop/abort timer infrastructure
2007-01-30 17:07  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TH1::Rebin when an array of new bin edges is specified.
2007-01-30 16:38  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Fix in previous optimization, which caused some GUI's to behave wrongly.
2007-01-30 12:55  brun

	* base/src/TStyle.cxx, gui/src/TRootContextMenu.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
2007-01-30 12:49  brun

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx, geombuilder/src/TGeoTabManager.cxx,
	geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx,
	gpad/src/TClassTree.cxx, graf/src/TGraph.cxx, graf/src/TLink.cxx,
	graf/src/TMultiGraph.cxx, gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, guibuilder/src/TGuiBldDragManager.cxx,
	hist/src/TFormula.cxx, hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx, hist/src/TH1.cxx,
	hist/src/TVirtualHistPainter.cxx, histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx,
	html/src/THtml.cxx, meta/src/TClassRef.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
	-Add include TClass.h in classes assuming an implicit include by other classes
2007-01-30 12:33  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	optimize eventloop, instead of looping 3 times over the list
	of all timers do it only once.
2007-01-30 12:24  brun

	* tree/inc/TTree.h, tree/src/ManualTree2Body.h,
	tree/src/TBranchBrowsable.cxx, tree/src/TBranchClones.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, tree/src/TBranchObject.cxx,
	tree/src/TChain.cxx, mlp/src/TMLPAnalyzer.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofChain.cxx, proof/src/TProofDraw.cxx,
	proof/src/TSessionDialogs.cxx, proof/src/TSessionViewer.cxx,
	sessionviewer/src/TSessionViewer.cxx, tree/src/TLeafObject.cxx,
	tree/src/TNtuple.cxx, tree/src/TTree.cxx, tree/src/TTreeCloner.cxx,
	tree/src/TVirtualTreePlayer.cxx, treeplayer/src/TBranchProxy.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TFileDrawMap.cxx, treeplayer/src/TFormLeafInfo.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TTreeProxyGenerator.cxx, xml/src/TBufferXML.cxx,
	xml/src/TXMLFile.cxx, xml/src/TXMLPlayer.cxx,
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
2007-01-30 12:24  brun

	* tmva/src/: MethodANNBase.cxx, MethodBDT.cxx, MethodBase.cxx,
	MethodCommittee.cxx, MethodCuts.cxx, MethodRuleFit.cxx,
	Add calls to TDirectory.h in classes where this class was assumed
	to be included by other includes.
2007-01-30 12:23  brun

	* base/inc/RtypesImp.h:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass.
	-Thanks to this change, a mod in TROOT.h will not trigger anymore
	a full generation and recompilation of all dictionaries.
2007-01-30 11:19  brun

	* tmva/: inc/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.h, src/MethodLikelihood.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
2007-01-30 11:14  brun

	* table/src/: TTable.cxx, TTableDescriptor.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
2007-01-30 11:11  brun

	* sql/src/TBufferSQL2.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
2007-01-30 11:09  brun

	* pyroot/src/: Adapters.cxx, Converters.cxx, Executors.cxx,
	Pythonize.cxx, RootModule.cxx, RootWrapper.cxx,
	TPyClassGenerator.cxx, TPython.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
2007-01-30 10:59  brun

	* proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx, proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
2007-01-30 10:58  brun

	* proof/src/TDSet.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
2007-01-30 09:56  rdm

	* proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx, proofplayer/src/TPacketizer.cxx:
2007-01-30 09:50  couet

	* graf/src/: TLatex.cxx, TText.cxx:
	- Coding conventions.
2007-01-29 18:14  antcheva

	* ged/src/TGedFrame.cxx:
	- fixed error in frame option settings
2007-01-29 17:21  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- by default switch off real-time log feedback, except for
2007-01-29 17:14  brun

	* mlp/src/TMultiLayerPerceptron.cxx:
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
2007-01-29 17:09  brun

	* meta/src/TBaseClass.cxx, io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	meta/src/TCint.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx, meta/src/TDataMember.cxx,
	meta/src/TMethodCall.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx,
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
2007-01-29 16:53  brun

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx, base/src/TBufferFile.cxx,
	base/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx, base/src/TFile.cxx, base/src/TKey.cxx,
	base/src/TMapFile.cxx, base/src/TMessageHandler.cxx,
	base/src/TPluginManager.cxx, base/src/TQConnection.cxx,
	base/src/TQObject.cxx, base/src/TROOT.cxx,
	cont/src/TClassTable.cxx, cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx,
	cont/src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx, io/src/TBufferFile.cxx,
	io/src/TContainerConverters.cxx, io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx,
	io/src/TEmulatedCollectionProxy.cxx, io/src/TFile.cxx,
	io/src/TGenCollectionProxy.cxx, io/src/TKey.cxx,
	-Replace calls to gROOT->GetClass by TClass::GetClass
	-Remove unused references to TROOT.h
2007-01-29 16:51  brun

	* test/stressFit.cxx:
	Add missing include "TROOT.h"
2007-01-29 16:34  couet

	* graf/src/: TLatex.cxx, TText.cxx:
	- In GetBoundingBox, the two 1st parameters of GetControlBox are integers,
	  not doubles.
2007-01-29 16:17  rdm

	* proof/inc/TAdaptivePacketizer.h,
	From Jan:
	- tuning the performance by changing the parameter for preference
	  of local files.
	- adding a new parameter to the AdaptivePacketizer:
	- changing TFileNode::fSlaveCnt to TFileNode::fExtSlaveCnt
	- some more improvements and comments
	- rule out a situation in which a worker opens a file on a filenode
	  whose own workers haven't started processing yet.
2007-01-29 16:14  brun

	* meta/inc/TClass.h:
	Fix typoCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-01-29 16:11  rdm

	* base/inc/MessageTypes.h, proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TProof.h,
	proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	proof/src/TProof.cxx, proof/src/TProofDebug.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proofplayer/src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	proof/src/TSessionViewer.cxx, proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx,
	proofx/src/TXSlave.cxx, sessionviewer/src/TSessionViewer.cxx:
	Frrom Gerri:
	There is a new classes TProofServLogHandler allowing to redirect
	the output to the client in real-time. It has two main constructors,
	one taking an external command (like and opening a pipe,
	the other taking a pointer to a open file. TProofServ uses the class
	via the guard class TProofServLogHandlerGuard to better localize the
	usage. This redirection is not always activated. For the time being it
	is active for Process and Cache actions,and it can be deactivated via
	(for - executed externally - is always ON).
	In particular, with the patch applied, the outputs from BUILD.shi
	will scroll down on the screen, and clicking on "Show logs" in the
	dialog box during process shows the messages and allows to see what
	the session is doing: this is quite nice, because getting
	an empty window from "Show Logs" is frustrating, in my opinion.
	So, all this fixes the bug/request #16845.
	The patch also fixes bug #22555 (hanging while enabling a package
	without and several other small bugs (a couple of unitialized
	variables) or typos.
	It also cleanups the API a bit (we had  SetQueryType and SetQueryMode
	doing exactly the same thing ...).
2007-01-29 16:10  brun

	* asimage/src/TASPaletteEditor.cxx, base/inc/TROOT.h,
	base/src/TQConnection.cxx, base/src/TROOT.cxx,
	base/src/TVirtualViewer3D.cxx, cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx,
	cont/src/TContainerConverters.cxx, fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx,
	ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx, geom/src/TGeoVolume.cxx,
	geombuilder/src/TGeoTabManager.cxx, gl/src/TGLHistPainter.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLLegoPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLUtil.cxx, graf/src/TLatex.cxx,
	hist/src/TAxis.cxx, io/src/TContainerConverters.cxx,
	html/src/THtml.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixTBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TVectorT.cxx, meta/inc/TClass.h, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	meta/src/TClassRef.cxx, meta/src/TIsAProxy.cxx,
	pyroot/src/Converters.cxx, pyroot/src/Executors.cxx,
	pyroot/src/TPyClassGenerator.cxx, qtgsi/src/TQRootCanvas.cxx,
	spectrumpainter/src/TSpectrum2Painter.cxx, xml/src/TXMLPlayer.cxx:
	-Add include "TROOT.h" in all implementation files that were assuming
	that TROOT was included via TClass.h
	-In TClass.h:
	 --Remove the include of TROOT.h
	 --add the following static member
	   static IdMap_t    *fgIdMap;          //Map from typeid to TClass pointer
	 --add the following functions:
	   static void           AddClass(TClass *cl);
	   static void           RemoveClass(TClass *cl);
	 --Replace the inline definitions of GetClass functions by
	   template <typename T> TClass* GetClass(      T**       /* dummy */) { return GetClass((T*)0); }
	   template <typename T> TClass* GetClass(const T**       /* dummy */) { return GetClass((T*)0); }
	-In TClass.cxx:
	 --Instead of forwarding the calls to gROOT->GetClass, move the code
	  originally in TROOT in the TClass::GetClass functions
	 --Move class TMapTypeToTClass from TROOT to TClass.
2007-01-29 15:28  antcheva

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	From Alja Tadel:
	Fixed a bug in recently introduced ReinitWorkspace() method - the Style
	tab was not cleared if the selected object does not have inherited or
	implemented editor.
2007-01-29 12:43  rdm

	* build/unix/
	remove gdml and unuran from static build.
2007-01-29 12:09  brun

	* cont/inc/TVirtualCollectionProxy.h:
	Use forward declaration of TClass instead of TClass.h
2007-01-29 11:54  brun

	* meta/inc/TClass.h:
	Remove inclusion of TStreamerInfo.h
2007-01-29 11:53  brun

	* base/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx, cont/src/TEmulatedMapProxy.cxx,
	cont/src/TGenCollectionStreamer.cxx, io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx,
	io/src/TEmulatedMapProxy.cxx, io/src/TGenCollectionStreamer.cxx:
	Add explicit inclusion of TStreamerInfo.h in view of the removal of this include from TClass.h
2007-01-29 11:34  rdm

	* build/unix/
	fix a non portable test construct (was failing on Solaris).
2007-01-29 11:18  brun

	* base/inc/TQObject.h:
	Remove inclusion of TClass.h. This should reduce considerably the number
	of classes to be recompiled when chamging TClass.h in the future.
2007-01-29 11:06  brun

	* asimage/src/TASPaletteEditor.cxx, base/src/TRandom.cxx,
	fitpanel/inc/TFitEditor.h, math/src/TRandom.cxx,
	fitpanel/src/TFitEditor.cxx, ged/src/TGedFrame.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx, geombuilder/src/TGeoTabManager.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLHistPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLUtil.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx, gpad/src/TClassTree.cxx,
	guibuilder/src/TGuiBldDragManager.cxx, proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx,
	proofplayer/src/TProofPlayer.cxx, proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx,
	qtgsi/src/TQCanvasMenu.cxx, qtgsi/src/TQRootCanvas.cxx,
	Add explicit inclusion of "TClass.h" in view of a future removal of TClass.h
	from TQObject.h.
2007-01-29 09:52  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLViewer.h, inc/TGLViewerEditor.h, src/TGLViewer.cxx,
	From Timur:
	a small fix to enable manipulation with specular light component.
2007-01-29 08:38  brun

	* qt/
	Add missing declaration of class TQtRootSlot
2007-01-28 20:43  brun

	* cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx:
	Remove unused includes TBufferFile.h and TROOT.h.
2007-01-28 19:38  brun

	* base/inc/TFileIO.h, base/inc/TVirtualIO.h, base/src/TFileIO.cxx,
	base/src/TVirtualIO.cxx, config/, cont/src/TRefArray.cxx:
	i-Delete the obsolete classes TVirtualIO and TFileIO.
2007-01-28 19:37  brun

	* base/src/TFolder.cxx:
	-Replace the calls to TVirtualIO by new calls in TBuffer or TDirectory
2007-01-28 19:33  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h:
	-Delete the obsolete classes TVirtualIO and TFileIO.
2007-01-28 19:32  brun

	* xml/src/TKeyXML.cxx:
	Replace references to TBufferFile::kCannotHandleMemberWiseStreaming by
2007-01-28 19:31  brun

	* io/src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx,
	-Implement changes when streaming a referenced object by calling the new
	functions in TBuffer.
2007-01-28 19:31  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	-Replace the call to TVirtualIO::SaveObjectAs by TDirectory::SaveObjectAs.
2007-01-28 19:30  brun

	* gpad/src/TClassTree.cxx:
	-Replace the call to TVirtualIO::SaveObjectAs by TDirectory::SaveObjectAs.
2007-01-28 19:30  brun

	* cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx:
	-Remove dependencies on TFile and TStreamerInfo by calling the new functions
	in TBuffer.
2007-01-28 19:30  brun

	* cont/src/TRefTable.cxx:
	Replace the calls to TVirtualIO by new calls in TBuffer or TDirectory
2007-01-28 19:29  brun

	* base/src/TRef.cxx:
	-Replace the calls to TVirtualIO by new calls in TBuffer or TDirectory
2007-01-28 19:29  brun

	* base/src/TRandom.cxx, math/src/TRandom.cxx:
	-Replace the calls to TVirtualIO by new calls in TBuffer or TDirectory
2007-01-28 19:29  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	-Replace the calls to TVirtualIO by new calls in TBuffer or TDirectory
2007-01-28 19:28  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	-Replace the calls to TVirtualIO by new calls in TBuffer or TDirectory
2007-01-28 19:28  brun

	* base/inc/TFile.h, base/src/TFile.cxx, io/inc/TFile.h,
	-Implement the following two functions:
	   virtual TProcessID *ReadProcessID(UShort_t pidf);
	   virtual UShort_t    WriteProcessID(TProcessID *pid);
2007-01-28 19:28  brun

	* base/inc/TDirectoryFile.h, base/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx,
	io/inc/TDirectoryFile.h, io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	-Implement the changes required by the new version of TDirectory
2007-01-28 19:27  brun

	* base/: inc/TDirectory.h, src/TDirectory.cxx:
	-Implement the following new functions: Some of these functions were
	implemented (temporarily) in the now obsolete class TVirtualIO/TFileIO.
	   virtual TObject    *CloneObject(const TObject *obj);
	   virtual TObject    *FindObjectAnyFile(const char * /*name*/) const {return 0;}
	   virtual TFile      *OpenFile(const char * /*name*/, Option_t * /*option*/ = "", = "",
	                            const char * /*ftitle*/ = "", Int_t /*compress*/ = 1, = 1,
	                            Int_t /*netopt*/ = 0) {return 0;}
	   virtual Int_t       SaveObjectAs(const TObject * /*obj*/, const char * /*filename*/="", Option_t * /*option*/="");="", Option_t * /*option*/="");="");
	   virtual void        SetTRefAction(TObject * /*ref*/, TObject * /*parent*/) {}) {}
2007-01-28 19:27  brun

	* base/inc/TBufferFile.h, base/src/TBufferFile.cxx,
	io/inc/TBufferFile.h, io/src/TBufferFile.cxx:
	-Implement the changes required by the new version of TBuffer.
	-Add the following new functions that are required to complete the separation
	of base and cont from the I/O sub-system. Some of these functions were
	implemented (temporarily) in the now obsolete class TVirtualIO/TFileIO.
	   // Special basic ROOT objects and collections
	   virtual   TProcessID *GetLastProcessID(TRefTable *reftable) const = 0;
	   virtual   UInt_t      GetTRefExecId() = 0;
	   virtual   TProcessID *ReadProcessID(UShort_t pidf) = 0;
	   virtual   UShort_t    WriteProcessID(TProcessID *pid) = 0;
	   // Utilities for TClonesArray
	   virtual   void     ForceWriteInfo(TClonesArray *a) = 0;
	   virtual   Int_t    ReadClones (TClonesArray *a, Int_t nobjects) = 0;
	   virtual   Int_t    WriteClones(TClonesArray *a, Int_t nobjects) = 0;
2007-01-28 19:26  brun

	* base/: inc/TBuffer.h, src/TBuffer.cxx:
	-Move the enum kCannotHandleMemberWiseStreaming from TBufferFile to TBuffer.
	This enum is used by TClonesArray (cannot reference TBufferFile).
2007-01-26 23:06  pcanal

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	- Remove the #define private public since it is no longer used (we
	  really on the Shadow classes to replace this technique).
	- If the destructor of a class is not public, we can not create array
	  of object (because in the case where one of the constructor would
	  throw an exception, the compiler needs to delete the objects in the
	  array it has already created). [This lead to compilation error now
	  that the dictionary are respecting the class privacy].
	- ACLiC will now respect/inforce the access rule (private/protected)
2007-01-26 23:02  pcanal

	* treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormulaManager.h:
	Insure that CINT knows about the privacy of the destructor
2007-01-26 16:47  brun

	* base/inc/TDirectory.h:
	Fix a typo
2007-01-26 16:40  brun

	* base/src/TRandom.cxx, math/src/TRandom.cxx:
	The functions TRandom::ReadRandom and TRandom::WriteRandom invoke now the
	new functions TDirectory::ReadTObject and TDirectory::WriteTObject.
2007-01-26 16:40  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	The functions TObject::Read and TObject::Write invoke now the
	new functions TDirectory::ReadTObject and TDirectory::WriteTObject.
2007-01-26 16:40  brun

	* base/: inc/TFileIO.h, src/TFileIO.cxx:
	Delete the functions TFileIO::ReadObject and TFileIO::WriteObject.
	They are now implemented in TDirectoryFile.
2007-01-26 16:39  brun

	* base/: inc/TVirtualIO.h, src/TVirtualIO.cxx:
	Delete the functions TVirtualIO::ReadObject and TVirtualIO::WriteObject.
	They are now implemented in TDirectory.
2007-01-26 16:39  brun

	* base/inc/TDirectoryFile.h, base/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx,
	io/inc/TDirectoryFile.h, io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	Add the following new functions:
	  virtual Int_t   ReadTObject(TObject *obj, const char *keyname);
	  virtual Int_t   WriteTObject(const TObject *obj, const char *name=0, Option_t *option="");
	Add an optional argument bufsize in the following functions
	  virtual Int_t   Write(const char *name=0, Int_t opt=0, Int_t bufsize=0);
	  virtual Int_t   Write(const char *name=0, Int_t opt=0, Int_t bufsize=0) const ;
	  virtual Int_t   WriteObjectAny(const void *obj, const char *classname, const char *name, Option_t *option="", Int_t bufsize=0);
	  virtual Int_t   WriteObjectAny(const void *obj, const TClass *cl, const char *name, Option_t *option="", Int_t bufsize=0);
2007-01-26 16:39  brun

	* base/: inc/TDirectory.h, src/TDirectory.cxx:
	Add the following new functions:
	  virtual Int_t   ReadTObject(TObject *obj, const char *keyname);
	  virtual Int_t   WriteTObject(const TObject *obj, const char *name=0, Option_t *option="");
	Add an optional argument bufsize in the following functions
	  virtual Int_t   Write(const char *name=0, Int_t opt=0, Int_t bufsize=0);
	  virtual Int_t   Write(const char *name=0, Int_t opt=0, Int_t bufsize=0) const ;
	  virtual Int_t   WriteObjectAny(const void *obj, const char *classname, const char *name, Option_t *option="", Int_t bufsize=0);
	  virtual Int_t   WriteObjectAny(const void *obj, const TClass *cl, const char *name, Option_t *option="", Int_t bufsize=0);
	Add the following static member
	  static Bool_t fgAddDirectory;   //!flag to add histograms, graphs,etc to the directory
	and the functions
	  static  void     AddDirectory(Bool_t add=kTRUE);
	    // Sets the flag controlling the automatic add objects like histograms, TGraph2D, etc
	    // in memory
	    // By default (fAddDirectory = kTRUE), these objects are automatically added
	    // to the list of objects in memory.
	    // Note that in the classes like TH1, TGraph2D supporting this facility,
	    // one object can be removed from its support directory
	    // by calling object->SetDirectory(0) or object->SetDirectory(dir) to add it
	    // to the list of objects in the directory dir.
	    //  NOTE that this is a static function. To call it, use;
	    //     TDirectory::AddDirectory
	  static  Bool_t   AddDirectoryStatus();
	    // static function: see TDirectory::AddDirectory for more comments
	 These two functions are good alternatives to the same functions in TH1.
	 The functions in TH1 are still kept for back compatibility.
2007-01-26 15:08  couet

	* tutorials/gl/glparametric.C:
	- From Timur:
	  glparametric.C - new tutorials, shows how to build and draw 4 different
	  parametric surfaces.
2007-01-26 15:06  couet

	* gl/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGLBoxPainter.h, inc/TGLHistPainter.h,
	inc/TGLLegoPainter.h, inc/TGLParametric.h, inc/TGLPlotPainter.h,
	inc/TGLSurfacePainter.h, inc/TGLTF3Painter.h, inc/TGLUtil.h,
	src/TGLBoxPainter.cxx, src/TGLHistPainter.cxx,
	src/TGLLegoPainter.cxx, src/TGLParametric.cxx,
	src/TGLPlotPainter.cxx, src/TGLSurfacePainter.cxx,
	src/TGLTF3Painter.cxx, src/TGLUtil.cxx:
	- From Timur:
	1. TGLParametricEquation. New class to define parametric surface. It can be
	   defined by a) three equation in a "string form" (mathematical expression,
	   the same as TF2) and as a pointer to function.
	2. TGLParametricPlot. Painter to draw parametric surface. It has most of
	   features other gl-painters have - box cut, zooming etc. + 21 color
	   "schemes": you can change the color of surface (which is under cursor)
	   by pressing 's' or 'S' - the same as TGLTF3Painter + wireframe mode ('w' or
	   'W' key - temporary solution).
2007-01-26 08:55  brun

	* tutorials/pyroot/
	From Valeri Fine:
	New tutorial illustrating how to use Qt with ROOT and Qt
2007-01-26 08:51  brun

	* qt/:, inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGQt.h, inc/TQMimeTypes.h,
	inc/TQtApplication.h, inc/TQtClientFilter.h, inc/TQtClientWidget.h,
	inc/TQtMarker.h, inc/TQtRootSlot.h, inc/TQtSymbolCodec.h,
	inc/TQtTimer.h, inc/TQtWidget.h, src/TGQt.cxx, src/TQMimeTypes.cxx,
	src/TQtRootSlot.cxx, src/TQtWidget.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	    - remove the compilation warning
	TGQt.cxx, TGQt.h
	-  Two new methods:
	    to generate the file names for the simple animations
	 - Add QTDIR to include path and lib path to build
	   the Qt-based applications via ACliC
	 - Fix to take in account the pixmap file name
	   may be followed by the sumbol "+NN"
	  - Remove the CPP flags that introduced
	    the redundant  ROOT version dependency.
	  - Fix to take in account the pixmap file name
	    may be followed by the symbol "+NN"
	 Add two ROOT C++ function (to be ROOT Slots):
	 and the new class
	 to the ROOT dictionary
	 -  Copy ctor and operator=() have been introduced
	QtWidget.h, TQtTimer.h, TQtClientWidget.h TQtClientFilter.h, TQMimeTypes.h
	 - Clean up. Remove the redundant CPP flags
	  Clean up. The dummy copy ctor and operator=() have been introduced
	New TQtRootSlot class:
	(see: TQtRootSlot.h, TQtRootSlot.cxx)
	The new class TQtRootSlot  to connect the Qt signals with the arbitrary ROOT slots.
2007-01-25 23:53  pcanal

	* tree/: inc/TChain.h, inc/TNtuple.h, inc/TNtupleD.h, inc/TTree.h,
	src/TBranchElement.cxx, src/TChain.cxx, src/TNtuple.cxx,
	src/TNtupleD.cxx, src/TTree.cxx:
	When the master tree of a tree 'clone' relationship is deleted, we need
	to reset the address of the branches of the clone ... however we need to
	reset the address only for the cloned branches.  In particular this means
	that calling ResetBranchAddresses on the clone tree is over-zealous (it
	reset branches that may have been added by the user after the cloning).
	Also in the reseting of the branch depends (because of TNtuple and TNtupleD)
	not only of the type of the branch object but also on the type of the TTree.
	(See TNtuple::ResetBranchAddress(TBranch*) for the explanation why).
2007-01-25 20:29  brun

	* test/: Makefile, Makefile.arch, Makefile.win32,
	From Bertrand:
	Added support for MSVC 8.0 (embedding manifest files) in
	test/Makefile.arch, test/Makefile and test/RootShower/Makefile
	Will avoid the kind of problem as reported at:
	And will also remove all .manifest files in test and RootShower
2007-01-25 18:47  pcanal

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	We no longer need to notify the TTree object since the notify is now done via the TClassRef
2007-01-25 18:46  pcanal

	* tree/inc/TLeafObject.h:
	Use TClassRef instead of TClass to have an auto update of pointer when the TClass object is replaced
2007-01-25 18:35  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TH2Editor.h, src/TH2Editor.cxx:
	Implemented functionality related to graphical cut draw options in TH2Editor.
2007-01-25 17:28  couet

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	- In Paint2DErrors and PaintArrows the cuts were not taken into account.
	  Commands like:
	  hpxpy->Draw("ARR [cutg]");
	  hpxpy->Draw("E [cutg]");
	  produced a complete plot.
2007-01-25 15:31  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualIO.cxx:
	Do not delete statics in the destructor.
2007-01-25 15:28  brun

	* test/Makefile.win32:
	From Bertrand:
	Added support for MSVC 8.0 in test/Makefile.win32
	Will avoid the kind of problem as reported at:
2007-01-25 13:00  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Replace the calls via CINT to TFile::SaveObjectAs by a direct call
	to TVirtualIO::SaveObjectAs.
2007-01-25 12:53  brun

	* cont/src/TEmulatedMapProxy.cxx, io/src/TEmulatedMapProxy.cxx:
	Remove unused include TStreamerInfo.h
2007-01-25 12:53  brun

	* cont/src/TGenCollectionStreamer.cxx,
	Remove unused include TStreamerInfo.h
2007-01-25 12:52  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	 -The inclusion of TFile.h and TMapFile.h has been removed.
	 -TROOT::FindObjectAny calls TVirtualIO::FindObjectAny
	With these changes TROOT is now independent of the I/O sub-system.
2007-01-25 12:52  brun

	* io/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx,
	eplace calls to TProcessID::WriteProcessID by TVirtualIO::WriteProcessID
2007-01-25 12:51  brun

	* io/src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx,
	Replace calls to TProcessID::ReadProcessID by TVirtualIO::ReadProcessID
2007-01-25 12:51  brun

	* cont/: inc/TRefTable.h, src/TRefTable.cxx:
	 -The enum kHaveWarnedReadingOld is becoming public instead of protected.
	 -The inclusion of TFile.h has been removed.
	 -TRefArray::Streamer makes use of TVirtualIO::GetLastProcessID.
	With these changes TRefArray is now independent of the I/O sub-system.
2007-01-25 12:50  brun

	* cont/src/TRefArray.cxx:
	CVSnclusion of TFile.h has been removed.
	 -TRefArray::Streamer makes use of the new functions in TVirtualIO
	With these changes TRefArray is now independent of the I/O sub-system.
	: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-01-25 12:50  brun

	* base/src/TRef.cxx:
	 -The inclusion of TFile.h, TStreamerInfo.h, TStreamerElement.h
	  has been removed.
	 -The code previously in TRef::SetAction has been moved to
	 -TRef::Streamer makes use of the new functions in TVirtualIO
	With these changes TRef is now independent of the I/O sub-system.
2007-01-25 12:49  brun

	* base/: inc/TProcessID.h, src/TProcessID.cxx:
	 -Remove the static functions: ReadProcessID and WriteProcessID.
	  These two functions have been moved to TVirtualIO and TFileIO.
	 -Implement new functions;
	    void   CheckInit()
	    static TProcessID  *GetPID();
	    static TObjArray   *GetPIDs();
	With these changes TProcessID is now independent of the I/O sub-system.
2007-01-25 12:49  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	remove direct dependencies of TObject on the I/O classes by using
	the new functions in TVirtualIO. In particular
	 -The inclusion of TFile.h, TBufferFile.h, TDirectory.h, TKey.h,
	  TObjArray.h, TProcessID.h and TRefTable.h has been removed.
	 -TObject::Clone code is replaced by TVirtualIO::CloneObject
	 -TObject::Read  code is replaced by TVirtualIO::ReadObject
	 -TObject::Write code is replaced by TVirtualIO::WriteObject
	 -The references to TProcessID and TRefTable in TObject::Streamer
	  have been replaced by calls to TVirtualIO::readRefUniqueID
	  or TVirtualIO::WriteRefUniqueID.
2007-01-25 12:48  brun

	* tree/src/TTreeCloner.cxx:
	In TTreeCloner::CopyProcessIds replace the call to TProcessID::WriteProcessID
	by a subset of this function that is independent of the I/O sub-system.
2007-01-25 12:48  brun

	* base/src/TRandom.cxx, math/src/TRandom.cxx:
	Replace the direct dependencies on TFile and TObject::Write by
	the new functions Open, ReadObject and WriteObject from TVirtualIO.
2007-01-25 12:48  brun

	* gpad/src/TClassTree.cxx:
	eplace the call via CINT to TFile::SaveObjectAs by a direct call
	to TVirtualIO::SaveObjectAs.
2007-01-25 12:47  brun

	* base/src/TFolder.cxx:
	Replace the call via CINT to TFile::SaveObjectAs by a direct call
	to TVirtualIO::SaveObjectAs.
2007-01-25 12:47  brun

	* base/inc/TFile.h, base/src/TFile.cxx, io/inc/TFile.h,
	Remove the static function TFile::SaveObjectAs.
	This function is replaced by TVirtualIO::SaveObjectAs
2007-01-25 12:47  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h:
	Declare new classes TVirtualIO and TFileIO
2007-01-25 12:47  brun

	* base/: inc/TFileIO.h, src/TFileIO.cxx:
	The concrete implementation of TVirtualIO with the following functions:
	   virtual TObject    *CloneObject(const TObject *obj);
	   virtual TObject    *FindObjectAny(const char *name) const;
	   virtual TProcessID *GetLastProcessID(TBuffer &b, TRefTable *reftable) const;
	   virtual UInt_t      GetTRefExecId();
	   virtual Int_t       ReadObject(TObject *obj, const char *keyname);
	   virtual TObject    *Open(const char *name, Option_t *option = "",
	                            const char *ftitle = "", Int_t compress = 1,
	                            Int_t netopt = 0);
	   virtual UShort_t    ReadProcessID (TBuffer &b, TProcessID *pid);
	   virtual void        ReadRefUniqueID(TBuffer &b, TObject *obj);
	   virtual Int_t       SaveObjectAs(const TObject *obj, const char *filename="", Option_t *option="");
	   virtual void        SetRefAction(TObject *ref, TObject *parent);
	   virtual Int_t       WriteObject(const TObject *obj, const char *name=0, Int_t opt=0, Int_t bufsiz=0) const;
	   virtual UShort_t    WriteProcessID(TBuffer &b, TProcessID *pid);
	   virtual void        WriteRefUniqueID(TBuffer &b, TObject *obj);
2007-01-25 12:46  brun

	* config/
	Declare the new plugin TVirtualIO with default call to TFileIO
2007-01-25 12:46  brun

	* base/: inc/TVirtualIO.h, src/TVirtualIO.cxx:
	New abstract interface class for the I/O sub-system.
	This class is designed to remove direct dependencies of
	the directories base, meta and cont from the concrete I/O classes
	that will be moved to a separate directory "io" in the near future.
	TVirtualIO::GetIO is a static function to be called by the base/cont/meta
	classes doind I/O. When thsi function is called for the first time,
	it instantiate the concrete implementation (TFileIO) via the
2007-01-25 10:45  couet

	* histpainter/src/TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx:
	- In Revision 1.24 the lego plot was changed to draw the 3D boxes from z=0
	  even for bins with negative contents. It was not possible to get the old
	  This functionnality correspond, in fact, to something already existing
	  for 1D histograms: gStyle->SetHistMinimumZero();
	  Now the lego plot behave the same way:
	  If gStyle->SetHistMinimumZero() is set, the 3D boxes are drawn from 0
	  even for bins with negative contents. If this option is not set the 3D
	  boxes are drawn from the histogram minimum, exactly like for 1D
2007-01-24 22:28  pcanal

	* base/inc/TRealData.h, meta/inc/TRealData.h,
	base/src/TRealData.cxx, meta/inc/TClass.h, meta/inc/TDataMember.h,
	meta/src/TClass.cxx, meta/src/TDataMember.cxx,
	In meta (and TRealData) increase the offset from Int_t to Long_t to properly support some use case (pyroot) on 64 bits architecture
2007-01-24 18:58  antcheva

	* ged/: inc/TGedEditor.h, src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	From Alja Tadel:
	- In SetModel() map sub-frames only if the object fModel was changed.
2007-01-24 18:44  brun

	* tree/src/TEntryList.cxx:
	From Anna:
	A small bug fixed in TEntryList.
2007-01-24 18:09  couet

	* tutorials/graphics/piechart.C:
	- Mods to illustrate how to make a legend on a TPie.
2007-01-24 18:06  couet

	* graf/: inc/LinkDef2.h, inc/TPie.h, inc/TPieSlice.h, src/TPie.cxx,
	- From Guido Volpi (and O.Couet):
	  - Introduction of the TPieSlice class to hold the content of any slice.
	    A single slice responds to the mouse if the pointer is near a slice's
	    corner (the pointer became a cross).
	   - TPie now uses TPieSlice.
	   Bug Fix:
	   - The labels using options "tan" or "rad" in some conditions were upside
2007-01-24 17:29  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixTBase.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	a patch for a bug found by Federico Pilo .
	The boundary check in TMatrixTBase::InsertRow was
	too restrictive .
2007-01-24 16:34  rdm

	* Makefile:
	the .gif icons were not copied to the icons directory when installing
	with prefix.
2007-01-24 16:33  rdm

	* Makefile:
	the .gif icons were not copied to the icons directory when installing
	with prefix.
2007-01-24 16:17  rdm

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	improves the check to set the default image on the master.
2007-01-24 16:15  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	properly append line-feed before sending message back upstream.
2007-01-24 16:14  rdm

	* auth/src/TAFS.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	fix a potential memory leak.
2007-01-24 11:12  rdm

	* config/Makefile.linux:
	From Gerri:
	improve gfortran detection, making sure that the detected gfortran matches
	the g++ used.
2007-01-24 10:33  roiser

	* reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/TypeBuilder.h:
	From Pere:
	Changing the dynamic demangler for linux to return basic_string<char> for std::string
2007-01-24 09:09  brun

	* auth/src/TAFS.cxx:
	Fix coding convention
2007-01-24 09:07  brun

	* ged/src/TH2Editor.cxx:
	Fix coding convention
2007-01-24 09:05  brun

	* graf/src/TSpline.cxx:
	Fix coding convention
2007-01-24 01:54  rdm

	* base/src/TUrl.cxx, net/src/TUrl.cxx:
	make malformed url error message more explicit.
2007-01-23 17:41  antcheva

	* gui/src/TRootEmbeddedCanvas.cxx:
	From Timur:
	Added check for gStyle->GetCanvasPreferGL() in TRootEmbeddedCanvas
	constructor in a way it is done in TRootCanvas. This change enables GL
	rendering in TRootEmbeddedCanvas objects.
2007-01-23 17:32  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- Undo the previous fix from Valeri Onuchin. The text drawing on windows was
2007-01-23 16:20  brun

	* gdml/, gdml/, gdml/,
	gdml/, gdml/, gdml/,
	gdml/src/TGDMLParse.cxx, geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	From Ben Lloyd:
	I have made some amendments to the GDML Import, and have implemented new
	functionality to the python implementation for the GDML Export.
2007-01-23 15:22  rdm

	* ged/src/TFrameEditor.cxx, ged/src/TGraphEditor.cxx,
	ged/src/TH1Editor.cxx, ged/src/TH2Editor.cxx,
	ged/src/TPadEditor.cxx, geombuilder/src/TGeoVolumeEditor.cxx,
	gl/src/TGLViewerEditor.cxx, gui/src/TGButton.cxx,
	gui/src/TGButtonGroup.cxx, tutorials/gui/guitest.C:
	From Ilka:
	fixes in TGButton and TGButtonGroup classes related to double emitted
	signals (bug #23011).
	In addition are follow-up changes in different GUI classes where a
	work-around was used by connecting the slots to the signals Released or
	Pressed instead of Clicked.
2007-01-23 14:11  rdm

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- remove commented code; fix a few typos in comments and printouts
2007-01-23 14:10  rdm

	* netx/src/TXNetSystem.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- do not abort the whole ROOT session after a failure
2007-01-23 14:10  couet

	* graf/: inc/TLatex.h, inc/TText.h, src/TLatex.cxx, src/TText.cxx:
	- GetBoundingBox has a new optionnal parameter: Bool_t angle. When it is true
	  the bounding is computed taking care of the text angle. When it is false
	  (default), the horizontal bounding box is computed.
2007-01-23 14:07  rdm

	* auth/
	make "map-afs" conditional on AFS being build.
2007-01-23 12:31  rdm

	* configure, auth/, auth/inc/AFSAuth.h,
	auth/inc/AFSAuthTypes.h, auth/inc/LinkDefAFS.h, auth/inc/TAFS.h,
	auth/src/AFSAuth.cxx, auth/src/TAFS.cxx, config/,
	main/src/pmain.cxx, rpdutils/, rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This patch cleans up the AFS code and adds the possibility to instantiate
	a token from any ROOT session.
	There is a new class, TAFS, wrapper around a few C functions to create,
	verify and destroy a token. This new code is available as a plugin library
	libAFSAuth. In a ROOT session you can do
	            root[] TAFS::Init()
	to initialize a token in the default domain. You will be prompted for the
	password. This creates an instance of TAFS and saves a pointer to it in
	the global gAFS. Then
	            root[] gAFS->Verify()
	shows the seconds left to token expiration.
	The C function are in AFSAuth.cxx; AFSAuth.o is linked to rpdutils.o so
	that the same code is used there.
	In PROOF, pmain.cxx loads libAFSAuth using the plugin manager when it
	is told that AFS credentials are available (in the form of a file in the
2007-01-23 12:27  brun

	* graf/: inc/TSpline.h, src/TSpline.cxx:
	Use forward declarations of TH1, TAxis.
2007-01-23 12:26  brun

	* tmva/src/: MethodBase.cxx, MethodLikelihood.cxx:
	Do not assume that TH1.h is included via TSpline.h
2007-01-23 12:12  brun

	* graf/inc/TGraph.h, graf/src/TGraphBentErrors.cxx,
	graf/src/TGraphErrors.cxx, graf/src/TGraphPolar.cxx,
	graf/src/TGraphQQ.cxx, proof/src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx,
	use forward declarations of TGraph, TH1, TAxis instead of includes.
2007-01-23 12:09  brun

	* spectrum/: inc/TSpectrum.h, inc/TSpectrum2.h, inc/TSpectrum3.h,
	inc/TSpectrumFit.h, inc/TSpectrumTransform.h, src/TSpectrum.cxx,
	src/TSpectrum2.cxx, src/TSpectrum3.cxx:
	use forward declaration of TH1 instead of TH1.h
2007-01-23 12:02  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	Remove several dependencies on TH1.h, TGraph.h
2007-01-23 12:00  brun

	* tmva/inc/PDF.h:
	Remove dependencies on TGraph.h and TH1.h
2007-01-23 11:35  brun

	* graf/: inc/TGraphPolar.h, src/TGraphPolar.cxx:
	Remove dependencies on:
	#include "TH1.h"
	#include "TCanvas.h"
	#include "TEllipse.h"
	#include "TLine.h"
	#include "TLatex.h"
	#include "TGaxis.h"
	#include "TFrame.h"
2007-01-23 11:29  brun

	* qtgsi/inc/TQRootCanvas.h:
	Remove dependency on TPad.h
2007-01-23 11:25  brun

	* tmva/inc/IMethod.h:
	Remove dependency on TDirectory.h and TTree.h
2007-01-23 11:21  brun

	* tmva/inc/Factory.h:
	Remove dependencies on TTreeFormula, TMatrixD and TDirectory.
2007-01-23 11:14  brun

	* base/inc/TFileCacheRead.h, base/inc/TFileCacheWrite.h,
	io/inc/TFileCacheRead.h, io/inc/TFileCacheWrite.h:
	Use forward declaration of TFile instead of including TFile.h
2007-01-23 11:07  brun

	* table/src/TTable.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 11:06  brun

	* hist/src/TH3.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 10:59  brun

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 10:55  brun

	* g3d/src/TShape.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
	This changes removes all dependencies on the I/O system from directory g3d.
2007-01-23 10:53  brun

	* g3d/src/TMarker3DBox.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 10:48  brun

	* base/src/TView.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 10:45  brun

	* base/src/TFolder.cxx:
	emove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 10:41  brun

	* asimage/src/TASPaletteEditor.cxx:
	Remove first part of dependency on TFile
2007-01-23 10:36  brun

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 10:24  brun

	* gpad/src/: TCanvas.cxx, TPad.cxx:
	Remove remaining dependencies on the I/O system in the gpad and graf directories.
2007-01-23 10:13  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx, io/src/TFile.cxx:
	In TFile::SaveObjectAs save and restore the current directory.
2007-01-23 10:04  brun

	* gpad/src/TClassTree.cxx:
	In TClassTree::SaveAs use the new function TFile::SaveObjectAs via gROOT->ProcessLine.
	This change removes direct dependencies of TFile
2007-01-23 09:50  brun

	* base/inc/TFile.h, base/src/TFile.cxx, io/inc/TFile.h,
	In order to further reduce dependencies on the I/O system, a new static function
	is added to TFile:
	Int_t TFile::SaveObjectAs(const TObject *obj, const char *filename, Option_t * /*option*/)
	   // Save object in filename (static function)
	   // if filename is null or "", a file with "objectname.root" is created.
	   // The name of the key is the object name.
	   // If the operation is successful, it returns the number of bytes written to the file
	   // otherwise it returns 0.
	This function wil be typically called via CINT from places where time is not critical.
2007-01-23 09:48  brun

	* xml/src/TBufferXML.cxx:
	Fix compiler warnings about unused argument
2007-01-23 09:29  antcheva

	* ged/src/TH2Editor.cxx:
	Fixed the following bug in DoAddError method: when drawing in 3-D a
	histogram without errors, draw options were concatenated  with the applied
	ones for the 2-D case.
2007-01-23 09:20  brun

	* graf/src/TPaveStats.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 09:11  brun

	* base/src/TAttAxis.cxx:
	Remove dependency from TFile (thanks to new function TBuffer::GetVersionOwner)
2007-01-23 07:10  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h, base/inc/TBufferFile.h,
	base/src/TBufferFile.cxx, io/inc/TBufferFile.h,
	Implement new function
	  virtual Int_t TBuffer::GetVersionOwner() const
	It returns the version number of the buffer owner. In case of TBufferFile,
	it returns the file version number.
	This new function is introduced to further reduce the dependencies on the I/O system.
2007-01-23 02:28  rdm

	* base/inc/TString.h:
	stdarg.h is needed for va_list.
2007-01-23 00:04  pcanal

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	add initilization of fList
2007-01-22 19:19  antcheva

	* fitpanel/: inc/TFitEditor.h, src/TFitEditor.cxx:
	- added methods CreateGeneralTab() and CreateMinimizationTab()
2007-01-22 19:01  antcheva

	* ged/src/TAttLineEditor.cxx:
	- cosmetics
2007-01-22 18:22  brun

	* tutorials/math/principal.C:
	Use option "D" when calling the TPrincipal constructor.
	In this way we get all the histograms described in TPrincipal::MakeHistograms.
2007-01-22 17:48  couet

	* graf/src/TLatex.cxx:
	- In case the font size in pixel (precision 3) the values returned by
	  GetBoundingBox were not correct. The following macro can be used as test
	     TCanvas *c = new TCanvas("c","c",600,600);
	     UInt_t w,h;
	     TLatex *l1;
	     l1 = new TLatex(0.,0.2,"C(x) = #int^{x}_{0}cos(#frac{#pi}{2}t^{2})dt");
	     l1->SetTextFont(42); l1->SetTextSize(0.03);
	     l1->GetBoundingBox(w, h);
	     printf(">>> w = %d h = %d <<<\n",w,h);
	     TLatex *l2;
	     l2 = new TLatex(0.,0.6,"C(x) = #int^{x}_{0}cos(#frac{#pi}{2}t^{2})dt");
	     l2->SetTextFont(43); l2->SetTextSize(18);
	     l2->GetBoundingBox(w, h);
	     printf(">>> w = %d h = %d <<<\n",w,h);
	  The first TLatex is drawn with a size in NDC and the second with a size in
2007-01-22 17:36  brun

	* base/src/TKey.cxx, io/src/TKey.cxx:
	For forward compatibility (people creating files with the new version
	and reading them with an old version), we encode the name of the directory
	as "TDirectory" when creating a new file directory.
2007-01-22 16:47  couet

	* graf/: inc/TAttImage.h, src/TAttImage.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	- TImagePalette:
	  New constructor TImagePalette::TImagePalette(Int_t ncolors, Int_t *colors)
	  added. This allows to create image palette corresponding to
	  TStyle::SetPalette method.
	  This constructor is "100% compatible" with TStyle::SetPalette method.
	  To test it, one can run tutorials/image/hist2image.C by creating "rainbow
	  TImagePalette *pal = new TImagePalette(1, 0);
2007-01-22 16:44  couet

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx:
	- From Valeri Onuchin:
	  TASImage::Image2Drawable: Fix for win32. Image mask generation was missing.
2007-01-22 16:38  brun

	* base/src/TKey.cxx, io/src/TKey.cxx:
	In TKey::ReadKeyBuffer, when the name of the key is "TDirectory", it must be
	changed to "TDirectoryFile"
2007-01-22 15:15  brun

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx:
	Remove unnecessary declarations in TBuffer.cxx, since we moved most of the code
	to TBufferFile.cxx.
2007-01-22 14:56  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	Fix an unfortunate typo.
2007-01-22 14:50  brun

	* meta/: inc/TClass.h, src/TClass.cxx:
	remove the static global member fgObjectVersionRepository from TClass.h.
	This multimap object is in fact used only in TClass.cxx.
	Move the definition of the object to TClass.cxx and remove the very expensive
	declaration of <map> in TClass.h
2007-01-22 13:21  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This improves error handling when proof.conf is missing.
2007-01-22 12:39  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx, src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This adds a boolean flag to TProof::SetParallel  to make the choice random
	(savannah request #22557).
2007-01-22 12:36  rdm

	* config/, etc/proof/, proofd/,
	proofd/inc/XrdProofConn.h, proofd/inc/XrdProofdProtocol.h,
	proofd/src/XrdProofConn.cxx, proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- Last part of the patch to fully activate authentication in XProofd.
	- Further additions:
	   - creation of a default list of workers based on the number of CPUs
	    (to automatically start a local cluster with #workers == #CPUs)
	   - support fo usernames longer than 8 chars (bug #22598).
2007-01-22 12:31  rdm

	* auth/
	DaemonUtils.d was not included causing DaemonUtils.cxx not to be recompiled
	when needed.
2007-01-22 12:21  rdm

	* auth/src/DaemonUtils.cxx:
	add Varargs.h.
2007-01-22 12:18  rdm

	* auth/inc/DaemonUtils.h:
	make independent of now missing Vararg.h.
2007-01-22 11:50  brun

	* cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx:
	Fix a missing protection in the TClonesArray copy constructor and assignment operator
	If the number of slots of a TClonesArray is larger than the number of objects
	actually stored in it (i.e., GetSize() > GetEntries()), then copying that
	TClonesArray to another TClonesArray will generate a segfault.
	This bug was reported as  <>
2007-01-22 10:35  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	Fix  a typo that was fatal on Solaris (in LinkDef1.h)
2007-01-22 09:52  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	New version of Roofit where dependencies on TTree.h in RooData.h have been removed.
	With the previous version a change in TTree was forcing the complete recompilation of RooFit
2007-01-22 08:57  brun

	* tree/inc/TChain.h, tree/inc/TEntryList.h, tree/inc/TTree.h,
	tree/src/TChain.cxx, tree/src/TEntryList.cxx,
	tree/src/TEntryListBlock.cxx, tree/src/TTree.cxx,
	treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormula.h, treeplayer/inc/TTreePlayer.h,
	treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx,
	From Anna:
	Extend the functionality of TEntryList and add the following info in TTree::Draw
	   //     Saving the result of Draw to a TEventList or a TEntryList
	   //     =========================================================
	   //  TTree::Draw can be used to fill a TEventList object (list of entry numbers)
	   //  instead of histogramming one variable.
	   //  If varexp0 has the form >>elist , a TEventList object named "elist"
	   //  is created in the current directory. elist will contain the list
	   //  of entry numbers satisfying the current selection.
	   //  If option "entrylist" is used, a TEntryList object is created
	   //  Example:
	   //    tree.Draw(">>yplus","y>0")
	   //    will create a TEventList object named "yplus" in the current directory.
	   //    In an interactive session, one can type (after TTree::Draw)
	   //       yplus.Print("all")
	   //    to print the list of entry numbers in the list.
	   //    tree.Draw(">>yplus", "y>0", "entrylist")
	   //    will create a TEntryList object names "yplus" in the current directory
	   //  By default, the specified entry list is reset.
	   //  To continue to append data to an existing list, use "+" in front
	   //  of the list name;
	   //    tree.Draw(">>+yplus","y>0")
	   //      will not reset yplus, but will enter the selected entries at the end
	   //      of the existing list.
	   //      Using a TEventList or a TEntryList as Input
	   //      ===========================
	   //  Once a TEventList or a TEntryList object has been generated, it can be used as input
	   //  for TTree::Draw. Use TTree::SetEventList or TTree::SetEntryList to set the
	   //  current event list
	   //  Example1:
	   //     TEventList *elist = (TEventList*)gDirectory->Get("yplus");
	   //     tree->SetEventList(elist);
	   //     tree->Draw("py");
	   //  Example2:
	   //     TEntryList *elist = (TEntryList*)gDirectory->Get("yplus");
	   //     tree->SetEntryList(elist);
	   //     tree->Draw("py");
	   //  If a TEventList object is used as input, a new TEntryList object is created
	   //  inside the SetEventList function. In case of a TChain, all tree headers are loaded
	   //  for this transformation. This new object is owned by the chain and is deleted
	   //  with it, unless the user extracts it by calling GetEntryList() function.
	   //  See also comments to SetEventList() function of TTree and TChain.
	   //  If arrays are used in the selection critera, the entry entered in the
	   //  list are all the entries that have at least one element of the array that
	   //  satisfy the selection.
	   //  Example:
	   //      tree.Draw(">>pyplus","fTracks.fPy>0");
	   //      tree->SetEventList(pyplus);
	   //      tree->Draw("fTracks.fPy");
	   //  will draw the fPy of ALL tracks in event with at least one track with
	   //  a positive fPy.
	   //  To select only the elements that did match the original selection
	   //  use TEventList::SetReapplyCut or TEntryList::SetReapplyCut.
	   //  Example:
	   //      tree.Draw(">>pyplus","fTracks.fPy>0");
	   //      pyplus->SetReapplyCut(kTRUE);
	   //      tree->SetEventList(pyplus);
	   //      tree->Draw("fTracks.fPy");
	   //  will draw the fPy of only the tracks that have a positive fPy.
	   //  Note: Use tree->SetEventList(0) if you do not want use the list as input.
2007-01-22 08:26  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	Fix in RooDirItem , a side-effect of the TDirectory changes.
2007-01-22 07:03  brun

	* base/inc/TDirectoryFile.h, base/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx,
	io/inc/TDirectoryFile.h, io/src/TDirectoryFile.cxx:
	The new class was forgotten in my previous check-in
2007-01-22 06:58  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h, base/inc/TDirectory.h, base/inc/TFile.h,
	base/inc/TROOT.h, base/inc/TUUID.h, base/src/TDirectory.cxx,
	base/src/TFile.cxx, base/src/TKey.cxx, base/src/TMapFile.cxx,
	io/inc/TFile.h, io/src/TFile.cxx, io/src/TKey.cxx,
	io/src/TMapFile.cxx, sql/src/TKeySQL.cxx, sql/src/TSQLFile.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TFileDrawMap.cxx, xml/src/TKeyXML.cxx,
	WARNING!!!  This is an important change.
	This is the continuation of the effort to structure libCore into
	independent sub-packages.
	A new class TDirectoryFile is introduced. It derives from TDirectory
	and takes from TDirectory all the I/O functions.
	All the classes (except TROOT) deriving from TDirectory are now derived
	from TDirectoryFile. TDirectory keeps the previous API for back compatibility
	with several functions made virtual.
	This change should be back compatible, except if the user codes creates
	a file sub-directory by direct invokation of the TDirectory constructor
	instead of calling TDirectory::mkdir.
	Note that TMapFile is not yet fully adapted to the new scheme.
2007-01-21 23:13  rdm

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	From Gerri:
	The patch to link XrdSys in XrdSeckrb5 did not get in and symbol remains
2007-01-21 23:04  rdm

	* netx/src/TXNetSystem.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	investigating the upload-dataset problem of Antonio Bulgheroni I have
	found a bug in the way TXNetSystem treated rootd-fallback.
2007-01-21 17:44  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosxicc:
	put support for icc 8.1 back. Some people seems to use this compiler still.
2007-01-21 17:43  rdm

	* cint7/, cintex/, reflex/
	fix for fbsd and obsd that don't have -ldl (which is part of clib on
	those platforms).
2007-01-21 07:51  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, base/src/TStopwatch.cxx, rootx/src/rootx.cxx:
	Remove vms directory and references to R__VMS except from RConfig.h
2007-01-20 21:51  brun

	* base/inc/TObject.h:
	TObject::DoError requires <stdarg.h> on Solaris.
2007-01-20 20:29  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h, base/inc/TBufferFile.h, base/inc/TObject.h,
	base/inc/TString.h, base/src/TError.cxx, base/src/TObject.cxx,
	base/src/TPluginManager.cxx, base/src/TQCommand.cxx,
	base/src/TQConnection.cxx, base/src/TQObject.cxx,
	base/src/TString.cxx, cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx,
	cont/src/TCollection.cxx, io/inc/TBufferFile.h,
	io/src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx, matrix/src/TVectorT.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx, proofx/src/TXSlave.cxx,
	thread/src/TThread.cxx, tree/src/TBasket.cxx, tree/src/TBranch.cxx,
	treeplayer/src/TTreeProxyGenerator.cxx, xml/src/TKeyXML.cxx:
	-Remove Varargs.h from TString.h and TObject.h and add this include
	in the few files that need it.
	-Move the following enums from TBuffer.h to TBufferFile.h
	   enum { kMapSize = 503 };
	   enum { kStreamedMemberWise = BIT(14) }; //added to version number to know if a collection has been stored member-wise
	   enum { kNotDecompressed = BIT(15) };    //indicates a weird buffer, used by TBasket
	   enum { kCannotHandleMemberWiseStreaming = BIT(17), //if set TClonesArray should not use memeber wise streaming
	          kTextBasedStreaming = BIT(18) };            // indicates if buffer used for XML/SQL object streaming
2007-01-20 18:04  rdm

	* freetype/
	on Mac OS X freetype can now also be compiled with icc (before we had
	to force it to gcc).
2007-01-20 16:07  rdm

	* asimage/src/libAfterImage.tar.gz:
	small fix to be able to compile on the latest seed of Mac OS X Leopard.
2007-01-20 10:49  brun

	* base/src/TString.cxx:
	Remove unused code. More cleanup is still required in TString to move
	existing code in ReadString and WriteString to TBufferFile.
2007-01-20 10:46  brun

	* base/src/TBufferFile.cxx, io/src/TBufferFile.cxx:
	Remove printf statements from ReadString and WriteString.
	These two functions are used by TMessage.
2007-01-20 10:34  brun

	* sql/: inc/TBufferSQL2.h, src/TBufferSQL2.cxx:
	Move the dummy implementation of ReadString and WriteString to the implementation file.
2007-01-20 10:00  brun

	* hist/: inc/TGraph2D.h, src/TGraph2D.cxx:
	Implement TGraph2D::SetNameTitle. This is required when changing
	the name of a TGraph2D, otherwise the directory hashlist is not updated.
2007-01-19 19:55  brun

	* base/src/TRandom1.cxx, math/src/TRandom1.cxx:
	Fix a portability problem on Solaris; use TMath::Power instead of pow
2007-01-19 19:25  brun

	* xml/src/TBufferXML.cxx, sql/inc/TBufferSQL2.h,
	Call TBufferFile:: instead of TBuffer:: functions
2007-01-19 18:31  brun

	* xml/src/TBufferXML.cxx:
	TBufferXML::ReadTString and WriteTString were missing
2007-01-19 17:47  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h, base/inc/TBuffer.h, base/inc/TBufferFile.h,
	base/inc/TString.h, base/src/TBuffer.cxx, base/src/TBufferFile.cxx,
	base/src/TKey.cxx, base/src/TMapFile.cxx, base/src/TObject.cxx,
	base/src/TString.cxx, cont/inc/TBits.h, cont/src/TExMap.cxx,
	io/inc/TBufferFile.h, io/src/TBufferFile.cxx, io/src/TKey.cxx,
	io/src/TMapFile.cxx, graf/src/TDiamond.cxx, graf/src/TPaveText.cxx,
	graf/src/TPavesText.cxx, hist/src/TFormula.cxx, net/inc/TMessage.h,
	net/src/TMessage.cxx, netx/src/TXNetFile.cxx,
	sql/inc/TBufferSQL2.h, sql/src/TBufferSQL2.cxx,
	tree/inc/TBufferSQL.h, tree/src/TBasket.cxx, tree/src/TBranch.cxx,
	tree/src/TBufferSQL.cxx, tree/src/TTree.cxx, xml/inc/TBufferXML.h,
	CVs been changed into a pure abstract interface.
	The concrete implementation is in the new class TBufferFile.
	All classes previously deriving from TBuffer derive now from TBufferFile, ie
	  TBuffer  <- TBufferFile  <- TMessage
	                           <- TBufferXML
	                           <- TBufferSQL
	                           <- TBufferSQL2
	Because there are several problems with C++ operators overloading,
	The I/O operators are defined in TBuffer. These are inline functions
	calling C++ virtual functions defined in TBuffer and overloaded
	by TBufferFile and all other derived classes when necessary.
	The previous implementation of TBuffer.h included <vector> and Bytes.h.
	The two include statements have been moved to TBufferFile.h. As a result the
	compilation of the ROOT system is now slightly faster and a big bonus
	is that changes in TBufferFile or Bytes.h will affect only TBufferFile
	and will not force the recompilation of the entire system.
	This change has some side-effects. If you assumed that include <vector>
	was done by TBuffer.h, you may have to specify this include directly
	in your class. This was the case for a few ROOT classes.
	 : ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-01-19 16:43  rdm

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, cint/inc/G__ci.h,
	proofd/src/XProofProtUtils.cxx, proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx,
	Port to Solaris 10 with gcc 3.4.6 on i386.
2007-01-19 12:06  pcanal

	* config/Makefile.linuxicc:
	remove spurrious endif statement
2007-01-19 08:21  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx, math/src/TMath.cxx:
	From Jason Det:
	TMath::BinomialI(p, n, k) is meant to return the probability of observing k
	or more events of probability p in n trials. The function simply wraps
	TMath::BetaIncomplete(x, a, b) because of the simple relationship between the
	functions. However, BetaIncomplete is ill-defined for a=0, which corresponds
	to k=0 in BinomialI. But Binomial(p, n, 0) should always give 1.0, since the
	probability of getting 0 or more events is always 100%. So this bug can be
	quickly fixed by adding the following if() statement in the body of
	BinomialI() before the call to BetaIncomplete():
	  if(k <= 0) return 1.0;
	Although the same problem does not occur for k = n, I would still recommend
	adding also the following if() statements before the call to BetaIncomplete()
	to cut down on computation time:
	  if(k > n) return 0.0;
	  if(k == n) return TMath::Power(p, n);
2007-01-19 00:13  rdm

	* base/inc/Varargs.h:
	Fix for FreeBSD in the VA_COPY case.
2007-01-18 23:45  rdm

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	From Gerri:
	fix fir krb5 and typo in my previous patch.
2007-01-18 19:06  rdm

	* xrootd/src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	add fix needed for Solaris CC5.
2007-01-18 18:11  rdm

	* config/:,
	From Gerri:
	- add the possibility to source a script for static environment
	  configurations (requested by ALICE).
	- add $XRDDIR/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH before launching the daemons.
2007-01-18 18:11  rdm

	* main/src/
	From Gerri:
	- fix a couple of typos; remove any reference to TVirtualProof.
2007-01-18 18:10  rdm

	* proofx/src/TXSlave.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- add a few missing protections on fSocket.
2007-01-18 18:09  rdm

	* proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- suppress redefinition of $HOME (already done by the launching daemon).
2007-01-18 18:09  rdm

	* proof/src/: TProofResourcesStatic.cxx, TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- turn into conditional Info(...) some Error(...) messages to avoid fake error messages
	  in the case a default config file is missing.
2007-01-18 18:04  rdm

	* xrootd/:, src/xrootd-20060928-1600.src.tgz:
	From Gerri:
	fix for Solaris 10 i386 and first introduction of authentication modules.
2007-01-18 14:00  rdm

	* base/inc/Bytes.h, cint/, cint7/,
	config/Makefile.linuxia64ecc, config/Makefile.linuxicc,
	config/Makefile.linuxx8664icc, config/Makefile.macosxicc,
	proofd/, proofx/, test/Makefile.arch,
	test/RootShower/Makefile, treeplayer/
	Port to the Intel v10 compiler. Intel has just released a beta for this
	compiler that will also support 64 bit Mac OS X.
2007-01-18 11:59  brun

	* gui/inc/TGDockableFrame.h:
	Remove dependency on TMessage.h
2007-01-18 11:33  brun

	* test/stressVector.cxx:
	Add missing include <vector>
2007-01-18 11:29  brun

	* tutorials/fit/FittingDemo.C:
	Add missing TMath.h
2007-01-17 22:25  brun

	* table/src/TVolume.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	small patch to fix a typo introduced recently
2007-01-17 22:24  brun

	* proofx/src/TXProofServ.cxx:
	Following the recent changes in TMacro, TObjString must be included.
2007-01-17 18:20  brun

	* base/inc/TMacro.h, base/src/TMacro.cxx, proof/src/TProofLog.cxx,
	From Axel:
	I've implemented TMacro::Exec taking an Int_t* error, just as the
	several ProcessLine()s do. I've also cleaned the #includes, shortened a
	few expressions, fixed a bug with the filename extraction, and made sure
	that the fParams member gets copied for the copy c'tor and the
	assignment op.
	Now proof doesn't build anymore; the patch is included as well.
2007-01-17 18:14  rdm

	* config/Makefile.linux:
	add test for gfortran and use that instead of g77 (needed for FC6).
2007-01-17 18:06  antcheva

	* ged/src/TGedFrame.cxx:
	From Axel:
	- replaced Event_t */*event*/ by Event_t * /*event*/ to avoid by Event_t * /*event*/ to avoid to avoid
	MSVC warnings about the "*/" outside a comment
2007-01-17 18:06  antcheva

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	From Axel:
	- replaced TObject */*obj*/ by TObject * /*obj*/ to avoid MSVC by TObject * /*obj*/ to avoid MSVC to avoid MSVC
	warnings about the "*/" outside a comment
2007-01-17 18:05  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGTextEditor.cxx:
	From Axel:
	- added #include "TObjString.h" (as a step before removing it from TMacro.h)
2007-01-17 17:15  antcheva

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	- updated class description
2007-01-17 16:54  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- In TPad::Print :
	 Fix the bug reported in
	 "[" and "]" are special characters for ExpandPathName. They may appear
	 at the end of the PS filename (see TPad::Print help). In that case, they
	 are now removed before performing ExpandPathName and put back afterwards.
	 It was decided to do the fix in TPad::Print and not in ExpandPathName
	 because ExpandPathName is a low level function and modifying it may
	 produce unwanted side effects.
2007-01-17 16:27  rdm

	* build/win/
	From Axel:
	Fix wrong gSystem->GetIncludePath() problem as
	reported at
2007-01-17 16:26  rdm

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Axel:
	this patch removes a few unused vars, and fixes two switch cases that
	were labels.
2007-01-17 14:59  antcheva

	* gui/inc/TGTextEditDialogs.h:
	- typo in comments
2007-01-17 14:08  couet

	* hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx:
	- Update Draw() help.
2007-01-17 12:55  brun

	* base/: inc/TMacro.h, inc/TROOT.h, src/TMacro.cxx, src/TROOT.cxx:
	From Axel:
	This patch forwards the return value for TROOT::ProcessLine*(),
	implements it as a return value to TMacro::Exec(), and fixes the
	constructor for TMacro(filename). The old algorithm failed e.g. for
	./whatever.C ("whatever.C" would have been the file name). Make doc a
	bit more explicit.
2007-01-17 12:51  rdm

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Make patch release v5-14-00b.
2007-01-17 12:40  rdm

	* netx/
	Forgot to link against libXrdSys.a which caused:
	dyld: Symbol not found: __Z10Swap_n2hlly
	on MacOS X Intel (issue 22597).
2007-01-17 12:37  rdm

	* netx/
	Forgot to link against libXrdSys.a which caused:
	dyld: Symbol not found: __Z10Swap_n2hlly
	on MacOS X Intel.
2007-01-17 09:37  brun

	* physics/src/TVector2.cxx:
	Fix coding convention
2007-01-17 08:32  brun

	* pyroot/: inc/TPyException.h, src/MethodHolder.cxx,
	src/MethodProxy.cxx, src/TPyException.cxx,
	From Wim and Scott Snyder:
	  o) fix for the exception passing between C++ and python callbacks
2007-01-16 18:01  brun

	* graf/inc/TImage.h, graf/src/TImage.cxx, gui/inc/TGObject.h,
	From Axel:
	Implemented TGObject::SaveAs(const char* filename = "", Option_t* option = "")
	allowing to save TGObject to a file using TImage.
	The file type is determined by the extension of the filename parameter.
	I.e. fFrame->SaveAs("myframe.gif").
2007-01-16 16:53  rdm

	* config/
	typo : must be ; for Windows paths.
2007-01-16 15:41  rdm

	* base/src/TEnv.cxx:
	avoid reading ./.rootrc twice in case the workingdirectory is ~.
2007-01-16 15:41  rdm

	* base/src/TEnv.cxx:
	avoid reading ./.rootrc twice in case the workingdirectory is ~.
2007-01-16 15:40  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, config/, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx,
	Fix problem with MacroPath and DynamicPath expansion in case the paths
	are extended via ~/.rootrc and/or ./.rootrc files. Fixes issue 22954.
2007-01-16 15:38  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, config/, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx,
	Fix problem with MacroPath and DynamicPath expansion in case the paths
	are extended via ~/.rootrc and/or ./.rootrc files. Fixes issue 22954.
2007-01-16 15:31  brun

	* cont/inc/TCollectionProxy.h:
	Do not assume that include <vector> will be done by TBuffer.h
2007-01-16 15:28  brun

	* tmva/inc/: Option.h, SimulatedAnnealingBase.h:
	Do not assume that include <vector> will be done by TBuffer.h
2007-01-16 15:28  brun

	* unuran/inc/TUnuranDistrMulti.h:
	Do not assume that include <vector> will be done by TBuffer.h
2007-01-16 15:28  brun

	* oracle/inc/TOracleResult.h:
	Do not assume that include <vector> will be done by TBuffer.h
2007-01-16 12:49  brun

	* treeviewer/: inc/TPaveVar.h, inc/TTreeViewerOld.h,
	src/TPaveVar.cxx, src/TTreeViewerOld.cxx:
	Remove two obsolete classes
2007-01-16 11:59  brun

	* x3d/src/TViewerX3D.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TClass.h
2007-01-16 10:37  brun

	* tmva/: inc/BinaryTree.h, inc/DecisionTreeNode.h, inc/IMethod.h,
	inc/Ranking.h, inc/Reader.h, inc/Tools.h, inc/Types.h,
	src/Factory.cxx, src/MethodBase.cxx:
	Remove dependencies on TROOT.h
2007-01-16 10:36  brun

	* g3d/src/: TAxis3D.cxx, TMaterial.cxx, TNodeDiv.cxx,
	TRotMatrix.cxx, TUtil3D.cxx:
	Remove dependencies on TROOT.h
2007-01-16 10:14  brun

	* hist/src/: TGraphDelaunay.cxx, TH1K.cxx:
	Remove dependencies on TROOT.h
2007-01-16 10:04  brun

	* geom/src/: TGeoArb8.cxx, TGeoBBox.cxx, TGeoCone.cxx,
	TGeoEltu.cxx, TGeoHype.cxx, TGeoPara.cxx, TGeoPcon.cxx,
	TGeoPgon.cxx, TGeoScaledShape.cxx, TGeoShapeAssembly.cxx,
	TGeoSphere.cxx, TGeoTorus.cxx, TGeoTrd1.cxx, TGeoTrd2.cxx,
	TGeoTube.cxx, TGeoXtru.cxx:
	Remove dependencies on TROOT.h
2007-01-16 09:35  brun

	* gl/src/: TGLBoundingBox.cxx, TGLBoxPainter.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 09:30  brun

	* foam/src/TFoamMaxwt.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 09:23  brun

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 09:20  brun

	* guibuilder/src/TGuiBldDragManager.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 09:18  brun

	* newdelete/src/: MemCheck.cxx, NewDelete.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 09:16  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32GL.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 09:13  brun

	* minuit2/src/: TFitterFumili.cxx, TFitterMinuit.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 08:57  brun

	* gui/src/: TGCanvas.cxx, TGFSComboBox.cxx, TGLayout.cxx,
	TGListBox.cxx, TGListView.cxx, TGMsgBox.cxx, TGScrollBar.cxx,
	TGTab.cxx, TGTableLayout.cxx, TGTextEntry.cxx, TGWindow.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 08:45  brun

	* gpad/src/TSliderBox.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 08:44  brun

	* cont/src/TClassTable.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h
2007-01-16 08:26  brun

	* main/src/hadd.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2007-01-16 06:52  brun

	* base/inc/TMathBase.h:
	Add a few more comments.
2007-01-15 23:11  rdm

	* base/inc/TMathBase.h:
	fix other typo in comment.
2007-01-15 23:08  rdm

	* base/src/TAttLine.cxx, base/src/TFile.cxx, base/src/TStyle.cxx,
	Add back <cmath>.
2007-01-15 18:13  brun

	* test/stressSpectrum.cxx:
	Add missing include "TMath.h"
2007-01-15 18:12  brun

	* test/stressGraphics.cxx:
	Add missing include "TMath.h"
2007-01-15 18:11  brun

	* test/stressShapes.cxx:
	Add missing include "TMath.h"
2007-01-15 17:57  brun

	* html/inc/THtml.h:
	Remove unused TROOT.h
2007-01-15 17:55  brun

	* tmva/src/SdivSqrtSplusB.cxx:
	Fix a problem with cmath on Solaris
2007-01-15 17:50  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	Fix a problem in the TGraph assigment operator
2007-01-15 17:38  brun

	* matrix/inc/TMatrixTBase.h:
	Remove include "TROOT.h"
2007-01-15 17:28  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/TSelectorEntries.h, src/TSelectorEntries.cxx:
	Remove includes TROOT.h, TChain.h, TClass.h from TSelectorEntries.h
2007-01-15 17:15  rdm

	* proof/src/TSessionDialogs.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	Change file type filter in New Chain Dialog.
2007-01-15 17:13  brun

	* graf/src/TLegend.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TLegend::SetHeader (thanks to Roland Kuhn)
2007-01-15 17:10  brun

	* asimage/src/TASPaletteEditor.cxx, g3d/src/TMarker3DBox.cxx,
	g3d/src/TPolyMarker3D.cxx, geompainter/src/TGeoChecker.cxx,
	geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx, gl/src/TGLUtil.cxx,
	gpad/src/TCreatePrimitives.cxx, gpad/src/TPad.cxx,
	graf/inc/TGraphPolar.h, graf/src/TCutG.cxx,
	graf/src/TGraphPolar.cxx, graf/src/TMultiGraph.cxx,
	graf/src/TSpline.cxx, hbook/src/THbookFile.cxx, hist/inc/TH1.h,
	hist/src/TAxis.cxx, hist/src/TH2.cxx, hist/src/TH3.cxx,
	hist/src/THLimitsFinder.cxx, hist/src/THStack.cxx,
	minuit/src/TFitter.cxx, mlp/src/TNeuron.cxx,
	sessionviewer/src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx, tmva/src/TSpline1.cxx,
	tmva/src/TSpline2.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Remove TMath.h from TH1.h and add TMath.h to all files previously assuming TMath.h
	via TH1.h
	This should complete the changes related to TMath.
2007-01-15 16:24  brun

	* gpad/inc/TClassTree.h:
	Use forward declaration of TClass instead of include "TClass.h"
2007-01-15 16:22  brun

	* roofit/roofit_2.10.src.tgz:
	New version with missing includes like TMath.h or TClass.h added.
2007-01-15 16:04  brun

	* tmva/src/MethodLikelihood.cxx:
	Add missing include TClass.h
2007-01-15 16:02  brun

	* gl/src/: TGLBoxPainter.cxx, TGLSurfacePainter.cxx,
	Add missing includes TROOT.h or TClass.h
2007-01-15 15:31  roiser

	* reflex/python/genreflex/
	Better sorting of classes needed for propagation to CINT. A simple sort is
	not enough. We need to make sure that e.g. template parameters are propagated
	before. Otherwise CINT cannot cope with the classes defined afterwards.
2007-01-15 15:31  roiser

	* reflex/python/genreflex/
	Better sorting of classes needed for propagation to CINT. A simple sort is
	not enough. We need to make sure that e.g. template parameters are propagated
	before. Otherwise CINT cannot cope with the classes defined afterwards.
2007-01-15 15:30  brun

	* hist/inc/TVirtualHistPainter.h:
	Remove reference to TClass.h
2007-01-15 15:27  brun

	* tree/inc/TVirtualTreePlayer.h:
	Use forward declaration of TClass instead of include "TClass.h"
2007-01-15 15:27  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h, base/inc/TMathBase.h, math/inc/TMath.h:
	Fix wrong info in comments
2007-01-15 15:08  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add missing dependency of libPhysics for libPythia6
2007-01-15 14:45  brun

	* table/: inc/TTableDescriptor.h, inc/TVolumePosition.h,
	Remove dependencies on TClass.h
2007-01-15 14:25  brun

	* test/RootShower/MyDetector.cxx:
	Add missing include "TMath.h"
2007-01-15 14:24  brun

	* physics/: inc/TVector3.h, src/TVector3.cxx:
	Fix a side effect (Inline declaration to be removed) from my previous changes
2007-01-15 13:51  brun

	* base/src/TMapFile.cxx, base/src/TRandom1.cxx,
	io/src/TMapFile.cxx, math/src/TRandom1.cxx:
	include <cmath> is required
2007-01-15 13:46  brun

	* physics/: inc/TVector2.h, inc/TVector3.h, src/TVector2.cxx,
	Remove dependencies from TMath.h
2007-01-15 12:52  rdm

	* base/src/TAttAxis.cxx, base/src/TAttLine.cxx, base/src/TFile.cxx,
	base/src/TMapFile.cxx, base/src/TRandom1.cxx, base/src/TStyle.cxx,
	io/src/TFile.cxx, io/src/TMapFile.cxx, math/src/TRandom1.cxx,
	<cmath> not needed anymore after introduction of TMathBase.h.
2007-01-15 12:30  brun

	* gl/: inc/TGLKernel.h, inc/TGLUtil.h, src/TGLBoundingBox.cxx,
	src/TGLCylinder.cxx, src/TGLFaceSet.cxx, src/TGLKernel.cxx,
	src/TGLPolyMarker.cxx, src/TGLRotateManip.cxx, src/TGLUtil.cxx:
	Remove dependencies on TMath.h
2007-01-15 12:23  rdm

	* cintex/: src/CINTTypedefBuilder.cxx, src/CINTTypedefBuilder.h,
	src/CINTUtils.cxx, src/Cintex.cxx, test/,
	test/dict/CintexTest.h, test/dict/selection.xml:
	From Pere:
	Backport of fix for
2007-01-15 12:00  brun

	* geombuilder/src/TGeoHypeEditor.cxx,
	geombuilder/src/TGeoTubeEditor.cxx, gui/inc/TGDimension.h,
	gui/src/TGDimension.cxx, gui/src/TGNumberEntry.cxx,
	gui/src/TGSpeedo.cxx, gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	Remove dependency on TMath.h in TGDimension that forced a complete recompilation
	of the gui ged geombuilder fitpanel proff, etc packages
2007-01-15 11:40  brun

	* table/inc/TTablePoints.h:
	Remove dependencies on TMath.h
2007-01-15 11:38  brun

	* quadp/inc/: TQpDataBase.h, TQpDataDens.h, TQpLinSolverBase.h,
	TQpProbBase.h, TQpResidual.h, TQpSolverBase.h, TQpVar.h:
	Remove dependencies on TMath.h, TClass.h and TROOT.h
2007-01-15 11:26  brun

	* graf/: inc/TLatex.h, src/TLatex.cxx:
	Remove dependency of TMath.h in TLatex.h
2007-01-15 11:16  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixTBase.h, inc/TMatrixTUtils.h,
	src/TDecompBK.cxx, src/TDecompBase.cxx, src/TDecompChol.cxx,
	src/TDecompLU.cxx, src/TDecompSVD.cxx, src/TDecompSparse.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDEigen.cxx, src/TMatrixDSymEigen.cxx,
	src/TMatrixTLazy.cxx, src/TMatrixTSparse.cxx,
	REmove several dependencies on TMath.h
2007-01-15 11:15  brun

	* cont/src/: TClonesArray.cxx, TCollection.cxx, TObjArray.cxx,
	Remove several dependencies on TMath.h
2007-01-15 11:03  brun

	* meta/src/: TClass.cxx, TStreamerElement.cxx:
	Remove dependencies of TMath in directory meta.
2007-01-15 10:05  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFileDialog.cxx:
	- Fix in TGFileDialog::ProcessMessage related to the
	"Create New Folder" button functionality. The new folder
	was created always into the working directory of ROOT,
	not where the TGFileDialog had navigated to (thanks to
	Fred L Youhanaie for reporting that)
2007-01-15 08:34  brun

	* main/src/hadd.cxx:
	From Constantin Loizides:
	Support also compression level 9
2007-01-13 21:26  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Implement suggestion of URL: <>
	When specifying the Branch schema of a TTree, in principle it would suffice
	to indicate the branch data type once for each consecutive branch. However,
	it seems TTree::ReadFile requires explicitly indicating the consecutive
	string-type branches. For example, for this file contents:
	  20	/LST06	ifds	1000	30	6	100
	  10	/LST06	ifds	1000	40	8	150
	  20	/LST06	ifds	100	100	11	100
	  10	/LST06	ifds	100	150	20	150
2007-01-13 20:53  brun

	* cintex/: src/CINTTypedefBuilder.cxx, src/CINTTypedefBuilder.h,
	src/CINTUtils.cxx, src/Cintex.cxx, test/,
	test/dict/CintexTest.h, test/dict/selection.xml:
	From Pere:
	URL: <>
	It has been noticed by Steven Blusk (LHCb) with the following lines of python
	that the method setTransformation(...) was not being called depending on what
	has been loaded in terms of libraries (dictionaries) before.
	myDetElem = det['/dd/Structure/LHCb/AfterMagnetRegion/T/IT']
	std = gaudimodule.gbl.std
	This method expects 3 "const vector<double>&". The reason it was not being
	called is that CINT didn't find a match with arguments of the type "const
	vector<double>&" since a typdef from vector<double> to
	vector<double,allocator<double> > has been defined by some libraries (e.g., which does not really make sense in C++.
	The easiest solution has  been to fake Cintex and cope with the case a
	typedef of this sort has been defined by changing to signature, at the same
	time force the definition of such typdefs at the initialization on Cintex for
	the most common cases in order to avoid a dependency of the loading order of
	libraries having these typedefs generated by rootcint.
2007-01-13 10:10  brun

	* test/Aclock.h:
	Add missing include TMath.h
	cVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2007-01-12 18:02  brun

	* tmva/src/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.cxx:
	Use <cmath>
2007-01-12 17:59  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx, io/src/TFile.cxx:
	TFile needs <cmath>
2007-01-12 17:03  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h, base/inc/TMathBase.h, base/inc/TString.h,
	base/src/TBuffer.cxx, base/src/TColor.cxx, base/src/TFile.cxx,
	base/src/TFileCacheRead.cxx, base/src/TKey.cxx,
	base/src/TMapFile.cxx, base/src/TProcessID.cxx,
	base/src/TRandom1.cxx, base/src/TString.cxx, base/src/TStyle.cxx,
	base/src/TView.cxx, base/src/TZIPFile.cxx,
	cont/src/TCollection.cxx, cont/src/TObjectTable.cxx,
	eg/src/TPrimary.cxx, g3d/src/TAxis3D.cxx, g3d/src/TCTUB.cxx,
	g3d/src/TGTRA.cxx, g3d/src/THelix.cxx, g3d/src/TPARA.cxx,
	g3d/src/TPCON.cxx, g3d/src/TPGON.cxx, g3d/src/TPolyLine3D.cxx,
	g3d/src/TRotMatrix.cxx, g3d/src/TSPHE.cxx, g3d/src/TShape.cxx,
	g3d/src/TTRAP.cxx, g3d/src/TTUBE.cxx, g3d/src/TTUBS.cxx,
	g3d/src/TXTRU.cxx, g4root/src/TG4RootSolid.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoArb8.cxx, geom/src/TGeoBBox.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoBoolNode.cxx, io/src/TFile.cxx,
	io/src/TFileCacheRead.cxx, io/src/TKey.cxx, io/src/TMapFile.cxx,
	io/src/TZIPFile.cxx, math/inc/TMath.h, math/src/TRandom1.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoCone.cxx, geom/src/TGeoElement.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoEltu.cxx, geom/src/TGeoHalfSpace.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoHelix.cxx, geom/src/TGeoHype.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx, geom/src/TGeoMatrix.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoNode.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPara.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoParaboloid.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPatternFinder.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPcon.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPgon.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPolygon.cxx, geom/src/TGeoScaledShape.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoShape.cxx, geom/src/TGeoShapeAssembly.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoSphere.cxx, geom/src/TGeoTorus.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoTrd1.cxx, geom/src/TGeoTrd2.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoTube.cxx, geom/src/TGeoVoxelFinder.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx, gpad/src/TClassTree.cxx,
	gpad/src/TSliderBox.cxx, graf/src/TArrow.cxx,
	graf/src/TAttImage.cxx, graf/src/TCrown.cxx,
	graf/src/TPolyLine.cxx, hist/src/TPolyMarker.cxx,
	meta/src/TClass.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx,
	proof/src/TAdaptivePacketizer.cxx, proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	proofplayer/src/TPacketizer.cxx, sql/src/TBufferSQL2.cxx,
	table/inc/TTablePoints.h, table/src/TPointsArray3D.cxx,
	table/src/TPolyLineShape.cxx, tmva/inc/RuleFitParams.h,
	tmva/src/SdivSqrtSplusB.cxx, tmva/src/SimulatedAnnealingBase.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranch.cxx, tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx,
	tree/src/TChain.cxx, tree/src/TQueryResult.cxx,
	tree/src/TTreeCloner.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeIndex.cxx,
	vmc/inc/TVirtualMCApplication.h, vmc/src/TGeoMCGeometry.cxx,
	   TMath::Abs, TMath::Min, TMath::Max, TMath::Sign, TMath::Range
	These functions are unfortunately not defined in a standard way in std::
	This include is referenced by a new version of TMath.h.
	As a result, TMath.h is back compatible with the previous version.
	TMathBase.h is used in place of TMath.h in all the classes
	that will go into the future miniCore library.
	TMath.h and the TMath implementation will go into a new math sub-directory.
	TString.h uses TMathBase.h instead of TMath.h.
	As a result, it was necessary to include "TMath.h" in some classes
	assuming that TMath was included via TString and using other functions
	than the ones defined in TMathBase.h
2007-01-12 12:04  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Add two new envs to define the location of the 'motd' and 'noproof'
	files (PROOFMOTD and PROOFNOPROOF). This was requested by Jan-Fiete
	to be able to pickup the files from alicecaf AFS public.
2007-01-12 12:03  rdm

	* proofd/src/XrdProofdProtocol.cxx:
	FRom Gerri:
	Add a missing protection when retrieving logs of older sessions; this
	bug was found by Jan-Fiete and I did fix it already on the CAF but
	not yet in CVS.
2007-01-12 12:02  rdm

	* proof/src/: TProof.cxx, TProofChain.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Correctly remove a chain form the internal list in TProof at closing;
	this was introduced during the move tree -> proof of TDset and related
	things (TProofChain) and is causing some hangs in ~TProof.
2007-01-12 11:59  couet

	* hist/src/THStack.cxx:
	- THStack::Paint: if the first histogram in the stack has alphanumeric
	  labels on X-axis, they are now displayed.
2007-01-12 11:28  brun

	* base/src/TStopwatch.cxx:
	Minor fix for Windows
2007-01-12 11:24  brun

	* base/src/TComplex.cxx, math/src/TComplex.cxx:
	Reintroduce previous version of TComplex
2007-01-12 11:20  brun

	* base/src/TAttLine.cxx, base/src/TBenchmark.cxx,
	base/src/TBuffer.cxx, base/src/TColor.cxx, base/src/TComplex.cxx,
	base/src/TFile.cxx, base/src/TKey.cxx, base/src/TMapFile.cxx,
	base/src/TStopwatch.cxx, base/src/TString.cxx, base/src/TStyle.cxx,
	base/src/TZIPFile.cxx, io/src/TFile.cxx, io/src/TKey.cxx,
	io/src/TMapFile.cxx, io/src/TZIPFile.cxx, math/src/TComplex.cxx:
	Replace "TMath.h" by <cmath> and calls to
	  TMath::Sqrt by sqrt
	  TMath::Abs by std::abs
	  TMath::Min by std::min
	  TMath::Max by std::max
2007-01-12 10:31  brun

	* base/src/TAttAxis.cxx:
	Replace "TMath.h" by <cmath> and calls to TMath::Abs by abs
2007-01-12 10:27  brun

	* base/src/TRandom1.cxx, base/src/TRandom2.cxx,
	base/src/TRandom3.cxx, math/src/TRandom1.cxx,
	math/src/TRandom2.cxx, math/src/TRandom3.cxx:
	Remove dependency on "TMath.h"
2007-01-12 10:21  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	Remove dependency of TObject on TMath
2007-01-12 09:28  rdm

	* configure:
	fix a errorneous check in check_lib64.
2007-01-11 11:21  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoArb8.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	fix for an unitialized variable in TGeoTrap::Safety.
2007-01-10 19:56  rdm

	* build/unix/
	make sure the right source gets exported for the patch releases.
2007-01-10 19:50  rdm

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Make patch release version v5-14-00a.
2007-01-10 19:27  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	Month was off by one.
2007-01-10 19:26  rdm

	* treeplayer/src/TChainIndex.cxx:
	In TChainIndex::DeleteIndices prevent a double delete.
	This fix the bug report
2007-01-10 19:26  rdm

	* cint/src/v6_opr.cxx:
	Backport from head:
	move in G__bstore() function, test to long double before that of double.
2007-01-10 19:13  rdm

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Sergey Skononov:
	This bug is connected with fixing bug #22317 which I submitted previously.
	Unfortunately, I got it only after release 5.14 was published.
	Due to the fix in THistPainter::PaintBarH the PaintAxis call was moved to the
	very end of the routine. But, actually, it should come before the X and Y axis
	pointers being permuted back. As I checked, now it looks like X axis
	attributes have effect on the Y axis and vice versa.
	Back-port from head.
2007-01-10 19:10  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	use stat64() on systems that support it. Fixes savannah: 22768.
2007-01-10 18:43  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	- Fix in TGFileItem ctor - in ROOT browser (detailed list view)
	months were displayed as numbers from 00 to 11, instead
	of from 01 to 12 (thanks to Jan for reporting this bug)
2007-01-10 17:54  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx, math/src/TMath.cxx:
	TMath::Hash calls now TString::Hash.
2007-01-10 17:49  brun

	* base/: inc/TString.h, src/TString.cxx:
	Copy the code from TMath::Hash to TString::Hash.
	TMath::Hash will be modified to call the TString::Hash static function.
	This change is made to facilitate the removal of TMath.h from the base directory.
2007-01-10 17:11  rdm

	* base/: inc/TString.h, src/TString.cxx:
	From Axel:
	TString& TSubString::String()
	and replaced TString* fStr; by TString& fStr, to syntactically enforce
	fStr being initialized. It always is, and it's always expected to be, so
	using a TString& is a bit cleaner.
2007-01-10 15:55  antcheva

	* gui/src/TGComboBox.cxx:
	- Removed empty statement in TGFontTypeComboBox ctor
2007-01-10 15:54  antcheva

	* gui/: inc/TGListView.h, src/TGListView.cxx:
	- Added new method ResizeColumns() for backward compatibilities.
	Use this method after all entries are on place. It will resize column
	headers showing whole items' names.
2007-01-10 12:30  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	In TTree::Branch(TList*, ..  do not append a "." in the branch name
	when the object in the list is a TClonesArray.
2007-01-10 12:07  roiser

	* reflex/test/test_Reflex_unit.cxx:
	fix error unit test on linux
2007-01-10 12:02  roiser

	* reflex/test/test_Reflex_unit.cxx:
	fix error unit test on linux
2007-01-10 11:55  roiser

	* reflex/: inc/Reflex/SharedLibrary.h, test/test_Reflex_unit.cxx:
	fix bug #22339, genmap not finding input file
	going back to a simpler implementation of error reporting. Only dl* function
	errors need to reported for this class
2007-01-10 11:04  roiser

	* reflex/python/genreflex/
	From Pere:
	- for the ordering patch, remove dependency on python 2.4
2007-01-10 10:51  roiser

	* reflex/python/genreflex/
	From Pere:
	- for the ordering patch, remove dependency on python 2.4
2007-01-10 10:31  roiser

	* reflex/python/genreflex/:,
	From Pere:
	- ordering of dictionary classes needed for a proper conversion to CINT
	- remove warning on windows
2007-01-10 10:30  roiser

	* reflex/python/genreflex/:,
	From Pere:
	- ordering of dictionary classes needed for a proper conversion to CINT
	- remove warning on windows
2007-01-10 10:09  brun

	* README/CREDITS, main/src/hadd.cxx:
	Fix a typo in comment
2007-01-10 10:06  brun

	* main/src/hadd.cxx:
	From Tobby Burnett
	Add support for indirect files
	  Wildcarding and indirect files are also supported
	    hadd result.root  myfil*.root
	   will merge all files in myfil*.root
	    hadd result.root file1.root @list.txt file2. root myfil*.root
	    will merge file1. root, file2. root, all files in myfil*.root
	    and all files in the indirect text file list.txt ("@" as the first
	    character of the file indicates an indirect file. An indirect file
	    is a text file containing a list of other files, including other
	    indirect files, one line per file).
2007-01-10 09:52  roiser

	* reflex/inc/Reflex/SharedLibrary.h:
	fix bug #22339, genmap not finding input file
	going back to a simpler implementation of error reporting. Only dl* function
	errors need to reported for this class
2007-01-10 09:51  roiser

	* reflex/test/test_Reflex_unit.cxx:
	unit test to check bug #22339, genmap not finding input file
2007-01-09 19:24  pcanal

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Protect GetBranch and GetLeaf against null pointer argument
2007-01-09 18:01  brun

	* hist/src/: TH1.cxx, TH2.cxx, TH3.cxx:
	Simplify the TH1, TH2, TH3::Copy functions, still adding the possibility
	to copy histograms of different types. For instance if we have a TH1F* h1
	we can do now:
	   TH1D h2;
	ie the h1 histogram will be copied into the empty h2
2007-01-09 13:46  roiser

	* cintex/test/
	adapt test to PyROOT changes
2007-01-09 12:44  rdm

	* Makefile, build/unix/
	From Axel:
	fix "make install" problem in Win32 cygwin using gcc
	(see also
2007-01-09 11:36  rdm

	* pyroot/src/Pythonize.cxx:
	backport of fix for
2007-01-09 06:35  brun

	* table/src/: TTable.cxx, TVolume.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	- TTable::TTable(const TTable&)  --  initialize the fN data-member in the TTable copy ctor in advance
	- TVolume::GetObjectInfo  initialize the Z  component of the of the selected 3D object position to report it properly
2007-01-09 06:31  brun

	* pyroot/src/: Adapters.cxx, Converters.cxx, MethodHolder.cxx,
	PropertyProxy.cxx, PropertyProxy.h, Pythonize.cxx, RootModule.cxx,
	TCustomPyTypes.cxx, TCustomPyTypes.h:
	From Wim:
	 o) for added custom Float and Int types
	    that can be used to pass through double& and long&
	 o) for added setting and resetting after
	    of gErrorIgnoreLevel when testing the existence of iterator classes
	 o) further Reflex support: public data members
2007-01-08 20:03  pcanal

	* tree/src/TTreeCache.cxx:
	 avoid division by zero in entry number estimation
2007-01-08 15:40  couet

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	- From Valeri Fine:
	  Protection added in TPad::Clear() in case fCanvas does not exist yet.
2007-01-08 11:56  roiser

	* reflex/inc/Reflex/PluginService.h:
	From Pere:
	Performance improvement for the PluginSvc
2007-01-08 11:54  roiser

	* reflex/inc/Reflex/PluginService.h:
	From Pere:
	Performance improvement for the PluginSvc
2007-01-08 10:56  brun

	* tutorials/gui/: c1.png, fore.xpm:
	Remove unused files
2007-01-06 10:24  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TChainIndex.cxx:
	In TChainIndex::DeleteIndices prevent a double delete
	This fix the bug report
2007-01-03 19:50  pcanal

	* tree/src/TTreeCache.cxx:
	avoid division by zero in entry number estimation
2007-01-03 19:50  pcanal

	* cint/src/v6_opr.cxx:
	From Masa:
	What I found was, in opr.c G__bstore() function, test to
	long double comes after that of double.
	   if('d'==defined->type || 'd'==expressionin.type) { // double
	   else ('q'==defined->type || expressionin.type) { // long double
	If one of the value is double, it falls into case (1).  Solution is to
	move long double part prior to double.  I realize there is same problem
	with long long too.
2007-01-03 16:44  wverkerke

	* roofitcore/: inc/RooNumIntConfig.h, src/RooAddition.cxx,
	     - Fix dependency
	   o RooAddition
	     - Fix bug in copy ctor
	   o RooBanner
	     - Increase version tag to v2.11
	   o RooNumIntConfig
	     - Add fwd class declaration to code compiles on g++ 4.1
2007-01-03 15:43  brun

	* physics/src/TRotation.cxx:
	TRotation & SetZAxis(const TVector3& axis, const TVector3& zxPlane)
	set Y axis
	should be
	set Z axis
2007-01-03 15:24  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Sergey Skononov:
	This bug is connected with fixing bug #22317 which I submitted previously.
	Unfortunately, I got it only after release 5.14 was published.
	Due to the fix in THistPainter::PaintBarH the PaintAxis call was moved to the
	very end of the routine. But, actually, it should come before the X and Y axis
	pointers being permuted back. As I checked, now it looks like X axis
	attributes have effect on the Y axis and vice versa.
2007-01-03 14:17  brun

	* Makefile:
	Remove a line introduced for debugging (thanks Nick West)
2007-01-02 15:05  brun

	* mlp/src/TMultiLayerPerceptron.cxx:
	From Christophe Delaere:
	   Fix a problem reported by Herbert Greenlee
	The fortran-generated code was indeed
	protected, but not the C++/python versions.
	   Herbert Greelee said:
	"Neural network code generated by TMultiLayerPerceptron contains code
	 similar to the following in "neuron" methods:
	    return ((1/(1+exp(-input)))*1)+0;
	 This code is vulnerable to floating point overflows for moderately large
	 negative values of "input."  The mathematical function itself is well
	 defined for all values of input.  This is a computer arithmetic problem.
	 A better computer science implementation of this function is needed that
	 avoids floating point overflows in the intermediate results."
2006-12-31 03:42  rdm

	* build/unix/
	exclude modules: castor, unuran and gdml.
2006-12-22 10:36  brun

	* tutorials/image/: fore.xpm, mditestbg.xpm:
	Add these 2 missing files
2006-12-21 17:45  rdm

	* tutorials/thread/threadsh1.C:
	some fine tuning so it runs smoother.
2006-12-21 15:08  brun

	* base/src/TAttText.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- Some parts of the help are modified to match the latest changes in
	- New picture showing how the fonts look like. The macro producing this
	  picture is also included in the help.
	- Some clean up in the help (remove the "stars") to make it easier to
2006-12-21 14:33  brun

	* g4root/src/TG4RootNavigator.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	precision problem fix in navigation
2006-12-21 14:32  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoVolume.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	gsposp handled properly
2006-12-21 11:57  couet

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	- Revisit the head comments.
	  * Since the last mods in TPostScript:Text, some pieces of documentation
	    were wrong.
	  * Some HTML reference (<A>) pointed to nothing.
	  * The HTML formatting in the "Color Model" paragraph was wrong.
	  * Cosmetic in comments.
2006-12-21 11:48  couet

	* tutorials/graphics/piechart.C:
	- Illustrate the "No Out-Line" option to be conform with the picture in
	  the reference manual.
2006-12-21 11:21  brun

	* cintex/src/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	Fix coding conventions
2006-12-21 08:59  brun

	* g4root/README:
	Correct a wrong info in the README file. g4root requires a version of geant4 > 8.2
2006-12-20 21:25  pcanal

	* reflex/inc/Reflex/Base.h:
	From Paul:
	The "Base::ToScope() const" function did not properly invoke the
	"Type::operator Scope() const" function (it attempted to cast to
	a "const Scope&", which doesn't call the operator function).
	The result was that a Type was being returned as if it were a Scope,
	which caused very hard to understand problems much later on.
	The fix casts to "const Scope", instead of "const Scope&", which
	does result in a call to the conversion operator.
2006-12-20 21:09  pcanal

	* cintex/src/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	From Markus/Pere:
	A problem has been detected by Ioannis running the POOL regression tests with
	the latest ROOT production release. The problem shows up in a rather complex
	model (CMS inspired I think) involving a vector of pairs containing objects
	embedding pool::Refs in split mode. The wrong offset is calculated for the
	pool::Ref producing a core dump when doing a dynamic_cast.
	The origin of the problem is the fix made for a bug detected by CMS when
	classes with reflex dictionaries contained embedded objects described only
	with CINT dictionaries.
	Markus has debugged the problem and the fix is attached to this report. It is
	important to produce a patch version of ROOT 5.14 with this fix.
2006-12-20 21:08  pcanal

	* cintex/src/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	From Markus/Pere:
	A problem has been detected by Ioannis running the POOL regression tests with
	the latest ROOT production release. The problem shows up in a rather complex
	model (CMS inspired I think) involving a vector of pairs containing objects
	embedding pool::Refs in split mode. The wrong offset is calculated for the
	pool::Ref producing a core dump when doing a dynamic_cast.
	The origin of the problem is the fix made for a bug detected by CMS when
	classes with reflex dictionaries contained embedded objects described only
	with CINT dictionaries.
	Markus has debugged the problem and the fix is attached to this report. It is
	important to produce a patch version of ROOT 5.14 with this fix.
2006-12-20 09:23  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoElement.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	Fix a problem reported by Brett Wiren
	After creating 15 elements ROOT's
	TGeoElementTable's underlying TObjArray overflows.  This was due to a
	hard coded array size and unchecked insertion.
2006-12-19 17:25  couet

	* gpad/src/: TButton.cxx, TInspectCanvas.cxx:
	- In the construtor, set fLogx and fLogy to kFALSE, in some case (during
	  an "Inspect" procedure) they might be equal to kTRUE which produced a
	  completly screwed up output.
2006-12-19 15:02  brun

	* tree/src/: TEntryList.cxx, TEntryListBlock.cxx:
	From Anna:
	a fix for some bugs in TEntryList and TEntryListBlock that I found while testing.
2006-12-19 08:53  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Fix wrong comments in the description of the maximum bin content for TH1C,S histograms.
	Because both positive and negative contents are accepted, the maximum bin content
	is 127 for TH1C and 32767 for TH1S
2006-12-18 17:05  couet

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	- Change in SetFillPatterns to make sure the line width will be properly
	  reset after a filled pattern area is drawn.
	- Remove an unused variable.
2006-12-18 10:45  brun

	* tutorials/: graphs/motorcycle.C, splot/TestSPlot.C:
	These two tutorials can now be executed from any directory.
2006-12-17 19:55  brun

	* tutorials/graphs/motorcycle.dat:
	In the restructuring of the tutorials directory, I forgot to check-in
	the file motorcycle.dat required to run motorcycle.C
2006-12-15 17:18  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Start development version 5.15/01
2006-12-14 19:05  brun

	* cintex/src/ROOTClassEnhancer.cxx:
	From Pere:
	Fix a problem with Cintex affecting the LHCb test suite

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