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REveTrans Class Reference

REveTrans is a 4x4 transformation matrix for homogeneous coordinates stored internally in a column-major order to allow direct usage by GL.

The element type is Double32_t as statically the floats would be precise enough but continuous operations on the matrix must retain precision of column vectors.

Cartan angles are stored in fA[1-3] (+z, -y, +x). They are recalculated on demand.

Direct element access (first two should be used with care):

  • operator[i] direct access to elements, i:0->15
  • CM(i,j) element 4*j + i; i,j:0->3 { CM ~ c-matrix }
  • operator(i,j) element 4*(j-1) + i - 1 i,j:1->4

Column-vector access: USet Get/SetBaseVec(), Get/SetPos() and Arr[XYZT]() methods.

For all methods taking the matrix indices: 1->X, 2->Y, 3->Z; 4->Position (if applicable). 0 reserved for time.

Shorthands in method-names: LF ~ LocalFrame; PF ~ ParentFrame; IP ~ InPlace

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