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Legacy Physics Classes

Legacy physics classes.

Legacy physics vector package

The references below are for legacy use cases.

Please use the currenty physics classes as described in the Manual instead of these legacy classes:

Legacy statistics classes

Please consider using RooStats instead of TRolke. For non-trivial cases use RooStats instead of TFeldmanCousins. TRobustEstimator and TGenPhaseSpace have no current alternatives.


class  TFeldmanCousins
 Class to calculate the CL upper limit using the Feldman-Cousins method as described in PRD V57 #7, p3873-3889. More...
class  TGenPhaseSpace
 Utility class to generate n-body event, with constant cross-section (default) or with Fermi energy dependence (opt="Fermi"). More...
class  TLorentzRotation
 The TLorentzRotation class describes Lorentz transformations including Lorentz boosts and rotations (see TRotation) More...
class  TLorentzVector
class  TQuaternion
 Quaternion is a 4-component mathematic object quite convenient when dealing with space rotation (or reference frame transformation). More...
class  TRobustEstimator
 Minimum Covariance Determinant Estimator - a Fast Algorithm invented by Peter J.Rousseeuw and Katrien Van Dreissen "A Fast Algorithm for the Minimum covariance Determinant Estimator" Technometrics, August 1999, Vol.41, NO.3. More...
class  TRolke
 This class computes confidence intervals for the rate of a Poisson process in the presence of uncertain background and/or efficiency. More...
class  TRotation
 The TRotation class describes a rotation of objects of the TVector3 class. More...
class  TVector2
 TVector2 is a general two vector class, which can be used for the description of different vectors in 2D. More...
class  TVector3