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RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor Class Reference

Definition at line 45 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 RDrawVisitor (std::shared_ptr< ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSource > ntplSource)
TH1MoveHist ()
void VisitBoolField (const RField< bool > &field) final
void VisitCharField (const RField< char > &field) final
void VisitDoubleField (const RField< double > &field) final
void VisitField (const ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldBase &) final
void VisitFloatField (const RField< float > &field) final
void VisitInt16Field (const RField< std::int16_t > &field) final
void VisitInt64Field (const RField< std::int64_t > &field) final
void VisitInt8Field (const RField< std::int8_t > &field) final
void VisitIntField (const RField< int > &field) final
void VisitStringField (const RField< std::string > &field) final
void VisitUInt16Field (const RField< std::uint16_t > &field) final
void VisitUInt32Field (const RField< std::uint32_t > &field) final
void VisitUInt64Field (const RField< std::uint64_t > &field) final
void VisitUInt8Field (const RField< std::uint8_t > &field) final
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldVisitor
virtual void VisitArrayField (const RArrayField &field)
virtual void VisitBoolField (const RField< bool > &field)
virtual void VisitCharField (const RField< char > &field)
virtual void VisitClassField (const RClassField &field)
virtual void VisitClusterSizeField (const RField< ClusterSize_t > &field)
virtual void VisitDoubleField (const RField< double > &field)
virtual void VisitField (const Detail::RFieldBase &field)=0
virtual void VisitFieldZero (const RFieldZero &field)
virtual void VisitFloatField (const RField< float > &field)
virtual void VisitInt16Field (const RField< std::int16_t > &field)
virtual void VisitInt64Field (const RField< std::int64_t > &field)
virtual void VisitInt8Field (const RField< std::int8_t > &field)
virtual void VisitIntField (const RField< int > &field)
virtual void VisitRecordField (const RRecordField &field)
virtual void VisitRVecField (const RRVecField &field)
virtual void VisitStringField (const RField< std::string > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt16Field (const RField< std::uint16_t > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt32Field (const RField< std::uint32_t > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt64Field (const RField< std::uint64_t > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt8Field (const RField< std::uint8_t > &field)
virtual void VisitVectorBoolField (const RField< std::vector< bool > > &field)
virtual void VisitVectorField (const RVectorField &field)

Private Member Functions

template<typename T >
void FillHistogram (const RField< T > &field)
void FillStringHistogram (const RField< std::string > &field)
void TestHistBuffer ()
 Test collected entries if it looks like integer values and one can use better binning. More...

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< TH1fHist
std::shared_ptr< ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSourcefNtplSource
Inheritance diagram for RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RDrawVisitor()

RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::RDrawVisitor ( std::shared_ptr< ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSource ntplSource)

Definition at line 142 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ FillHistogram()

template<typename T >
void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::FillHistogram ( const RField< T > &  field)

Definition at line 83 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ FillStringHistogram()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::FillStringHistogram ( const RField< std::string > &  field)

Definition at line 108 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ MoveHist()

TH1 * RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::MoveHist ( )

Definition at line 147 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ TestHistBuffer()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::TestHistBuffer ( )

Test collected entries if it looks like integer values and one can use better binning.

Definition at line 51 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitBoolField()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitBoolField ( const RField< bool > &  field)

Definition at line 152 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitCharField()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitCharField ( const RField< char > &  field)

Definition at line 155 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitDoubleField()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitDoubleField ( const RField< double > &  field)

Definition at line 154 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitField()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitField ( const ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldBase )

Implements ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldVisitor.

Definition at line 151 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitFloatField()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitFloatField ( const RField< float > &  field)

Definition at line 153 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitInt16Field()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitInt16Field ( const RField< std::int16_t > &  field)

Definition at line 157 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitInt64Field()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitInt64Field ( const RField< std::int64_t > &  field)

Definition at line 159 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitInt8Field()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitInt8Field ( const RField< std::int8_t > &  field)

Definition at line 156 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitIntField()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitIntField ( const RField< int > &  field)

Definition at line 158 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitStringField()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitStringField ( const RField< std::string > &  field)

Definition at line 160 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitUInt16Field()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitUInt16Field ( const RField< std::uint16_t > &  field)

Definition at line 161 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitUInt32Field()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitUInt32Field ( const RField< std::uint32_t > &  field)

Definition at line 162 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitUInt64Field()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitUInt64Field ( const RField< std::uint64_t > &  field)

Definition at line 163 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ VisitUInt8Field()

void RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::VisitUInt8Field ( const RField< std::uint8_t > &  field)

Definition at line 164 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fHist

std::unique_ptr<TH1> RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::fHist

Definition at line 48 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

◆ fNtplSource

std::shared_ptr<ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSource> RFieldProvider::RDrawVisitor::fNtplSource

Definition at line 47 of file RFieldProvider.hxx.

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