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RooProdPdf.h File Reference
#include "RooAbsPdf.h"
#include "RooListProxy.h"
#include "RooLinkedList.h"
#include "RooAICRegistry.h"
#include "RooCacheManager.h"
#include "RooObjCacheManager.h"
#include "RooCmdArg.h"
#include <vector>
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class  RooProdPdf::CacheElem
class  RooProdPdf
 RooProdPdf is an efficient implementation of a product of PDFs of the form

\[ \prod_{i=1}^{N} \mathrm{PDF}_i (x, \ldots) \]

. More...



typedef RooArgListpRooArgList
typedef RooLinkedListpRooLinkedList

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Definition at line 28 of file RooProdPdf.h.

◆ pRooLinkedList

Definition at line 29 of file RooProdPdf.h.