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1 // @(#)root/eve:$Id$
2 // Author: Matevz Tadel 2007
4 /*************************************************************************
5  * Copyright (C) 1995-2007, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6  * All rights reserved. *
7  * *
8  * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9  * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10  *************************************************************************/
12 #ifndef ROOT_TEveCalo
13 #define ROOT_TEveCalo
15 #include "TEveElement.h"
16 #include "TEveProjectionBases.h"
17 #include "TEveProjectionManager.h"
19 #include "TAtt3D.h"
20 #include "TAttBBox.h"
21 #include "TEveCaloData.h"
23 class TClass;
24 class TEveRGBAPalette;
26 class TEveCaloViz : public TEveElement,
27  public TNamed,
28  public TAtt3D,
29  public TAttBBox,
30  public TEveProjectable
31 {
32  friend class TEveCaloVizEditor;
34 private:
35  TEveCaloViz(const TEveCaloViz&); // Not implemented
36  TEveCaloViz& operator=(const TEveCaloViz&); // Not implemented
38 protected:
39  TEveCaloData* fData; // event data reference
40  Bool_t fCellIdCacheOK; // data cell ids cache state
46  Double_t fPhiOffset; // phi range +/- offset
48  Bool_t fAutoRange; // set eta phi limits on DataChanged()
50  Float_t fBarrelRadius; // barrel raidus in cm
51  Float_t fEndCapPosF; // forward end cap z coordinate in cm
52  Float_t fEndCapPosB; // backward end cap z coordinate in cm (should be < 0)
54  Float_t fPlotEt; // plot E or Et.
56  Float_t fMaxTowerH; // bounding box z dimesion
60  Bool_t fValueIsColor; // Interpret signal value as RGBA color.
61  TEveRGBAPalette* fPalette; // Pointer to signal-color palette.
66  void SetupColorHeight(Float_t value, Int_t slice, Float_t& height) const;
68  virtual void BuildCellIdCache() = 0;
70 public:
71  TEveCaloViz(TEveCaloData* data=0, const char* n="TEveCaloViz", const char* t="");
73  virtual ~TEveCaloViz();
75  virtual TEveElement* ForwardSelection();
76  virtual TEveElement* ForwardEdit();
78  virtual void Paint(Option_t* option="");
80  virtual TClass* ProjectedClass(const TEveProjection* p) const;
81  virtual Float_t GetValToHeight() const;
82  virtual void CellSelectionChanged() {}
84  virtual void SetScaleAbs(Bool_t x) { fScaleAbs = x; }
86  TEveCaloData* GetData() const { return fData; }
87  void SetData(TEveCaloData* d);
88  void DataChanged();
89  Float_t GetMaxVal() const;
91  Bool_t AssertCellIdCache() const;
94  Float_t GetDataSliceThreshold(Int_t slice) const;
95  void SetDataSliceThreshold(Int_t slice, Float_t val);
96  Color_t GetDataSliceColor(Int_t slice) const;
97  void SetDataSliceColor(Int_t slice, Color_t col);
101  Float_t GetEndCapPos () const { return fEndCapPosF; } // get end cap position, assuming fEndCapPosF = -fEndCapPosB
108  Bool_t GetPlotEt() const { return fPlotEt; }
109  void SetPlotEt(Bool_t x);
112  Float_t GetMaxTowerH() const { return fMaxTowerH; }
113  Bool_t GetScaleAbs() const { return fScaleAbs; }
115  Float_t GetMaxValAbs() const { return fMaxValAbs; }
117  Float_t GetTransitionEta() const;
120  Float_t GetTransitionTheta() const;
124  TEveRGBAPalette* GetPalette() const { return fPalette; }
125  void SetPalette(TEveRGBAPalette* p);
131  Bool_t GetAutoRange() const { return fAutoRange; }
134  void SetEta(Float_t l, Float_t u);
135  Float_t GetEta() const { return 0.5f*(fEtaMin+fEtaMax); }
136  Float_t GetEtaMin() const { return fEtaMin; }
137  Float_t GetEtaMax() const { return fEtaMax; }
138  Float_t GetEtaRng() const { return fEtaMax-fEtaMin; }
140  void SetPhi(Float_t phi) { SetPhiWithRng(phi, fPhiOffset); }
141  void SetPhiRng(Float_t rng) { SetPhiWithRng(fPhi, rng); }
143  Float_t GetPhi() const { return fPhi; }
144  Float_t GetPhiMin() const { return fPhi-fPhiOffset; }
145  Float_t GetPhiMax() const { return fPhi+fPhiOffset; }
146  Float_t GetPhiRng() const { return 2.0f*fPhiOffset; }
150  ClassDef(TEveCaloViz, 0); // Base-class for visualization of calorimeter eventdata.
151 };
153 /**************************************************************************/
154 /**************************************************************************/
156 class TEveCalo3D : public TEveCaloViz
157 {
158  friend class TEveCalo3DGL;
159 private:
160  TEveCalo3D(const TEveCalo3D&); // Not implemented
161  TEveCalo3D& operator=(const TEveCalo3D&); // Not implemented
163 protected:
173  virtual void BuildCellIdCache();
175 public:
176  TEveCalo3D(TEveCaloData* d=0, const char* n="TEveCalo3D", const char* t="xx");
177  virtual ~TEveCalo3D() {}
178  virtual void ComputeBBox();
181  Float_t GetFrameWidth() const { return fFrameWidth; }
193  ClassDef(TEveCalo3D, 0); // Class for 3D visualization of calorimeter event data.
194 };
196 /**************************************************************************/
197 /**************************************************************************/
199 class TEveCalo2D : public TEveCaloViz,
200  public TEveProjected
201 {
202  friend class TEveCalo2DGL;
204 public:
205  typedef std::vector<TEveCaloData::vCellId_t*> vBinCells_t;
206  typedef std::vector<TEveCaloData::vCellId_t*>::iterator vBinCells_i;
208 private:
209  TEveCalo2D(const TEveCalo2D&); // Not implemented
210  TEveCalo2D& operator=(const TEveCalo2D&); // Not implemented
213  void CellSelectionChangedInternal(TEveCaloData::vCellId_t& cells, std::vector<TEveCaloData::vCellId_t*>& cellLists);
215 protected:
216  std::vector<TEveCaloData::vCellId_t*> fCellLists;
218  std::vector<TEveCaloData::vCellId_t*> fCellListsSelected;
219  std::vector<TEveCaloData::vCellId_t*> fCellListsHighlighted;
224  virtual void BuildCellIdCache();
226  virtual void SetDepthLocal(Float_t x) { fDepth = x; }
228 public:
229  TEveCalo2D(const char* n="TEveCalo2D", const char* t="");
230  virtual ~TEveCalo2D();
232  virtual void SetProjection(TEveProjectionManager* proj, TEveProjectable* model);
233  virtual void UpdateProjection();
234  virtual void ComputeBBox();
236  virtual void CellSelectionChanged();
238  virtual void SetScaleAbs(Bool_t);
240  virtual Float_t GetValToHeight() const;
242  const TEveCalo2D::vBinCells_t& GetBinLists() const { return fCellLists; }
244  ClassDef(TEveCalo2D, 0); // Class for visualization of projected calorimeter event data.
245 };
246 /**************************************************************************/
247 /**************************************************************************/
249 class TEveCaloLego : public TEveCaloViz
250 {
251  friend class TEveCaloLegoGL;
252  friend class TEveCaloLegoOverlay;
254 public:
259 private:
260  TEveCaloLego(const TEveCaloLego&); // Not implemented
261  TEveCaloLego& operator=(const TEveCaloLego&); // Not implemented
263 protected:
271  Int_t fNZSteps; // Z axis label step in GeV
280  EBoxMode_e fBoxMode; // additional scale info
286  Float_t fFixedHeightValIn2DMode; // 1% of whole height
291  virtual void BuildCellIdCache();
293 public:
294  TEveCaloLego(TEveCaloData* data=0, const char* n="TEveCaloLego", const char* t="");
295  virtual ~TEveCaloLego(){}
297  virtual void ComputeBBox();
298  virtual void SetData(TEveCaloData* d);
300  Color_t GetFontColor() const { return fFontColor; }
301  void SetFontColor(Color_t ci) { fFontColor=ci; }
303  Color_t GetGridColor() const { return fGridColor; }
304  void SetGridColor(Color_t ci) { fGridColor=ci; }
306  Color_t GetPlaneColor() const { return fPlaneColor; }
312  Int_t GetNZSteps() const { return fNZSteps; }
315  Int_t GetPixelsPerBin() const { return fPixelsPerBin; }
318  Bool_t GetAutoRebin() const { return fAutoRebin; }
327  void Set2DMode(E2DMode_e p) { f2DMode = p; }
336  void SetBoxMode(EBoxMode_e p) { fBoxMode = p; }
339  Bool_t GetDrawHPlane() const { return fDrawHPlane; }
342  Float_t GetHPlaneVal() const { return fHPlaneVal; }
350  ClassDef(TEveCaloLego, 0); // Class for visualization of calorimeter histogram data.
351 };
353 #endif
TEveRGBAPalette * AssertPalette()
Make sure the TEveRGBAPalette pointer is not null.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:378
Color_t fGridColor
Definition: TEveCalo.h:267
Abstract base class for classes that hold results of a non-linear projection transformation.
void SetNZSteps(Int_t s)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:313
void SetNormalizeRebin(Bool_t s)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:322
TEveCaloData * GetData() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:86
Float_t GetMaxTowerH() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:112
TEveProjection::EPType_e fOldProjectionType
Definition: TEveCalo.h:212
A generic, speed-optimised mapping from value to RGBA color supporting different wrapping and range t...
Float_t GetEta() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:135
A central manager for calorimeter event data.
Definition: TEveCaloData.h:26
Float_t GetPhi() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:143
void SetHasFixedHeightIn2DMode(bool x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:331
void SetEta(Float_t l, Float_t u)
Set eta range.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:137
Float_t fMaxTowerH
Definition: TEveCalo.h:56
void SetForwardEndCapPos(Float_t z)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:105
void SetPalette(TEveRGBAPalette *p)
Set TEveRGBAPalette object pointer.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:347
TEveCalo3D(const TEveCalo3D &)
void SetPlotEt(Bool_t x)
Set E/Et plot.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:148
Bool_t fValueIsColor
Definition: TEveCalo.h:60
float Float_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:55
Color_t fFontColor
Definition: TEveCalo.h:266
Bool_t GetNormalizeRebin() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:321
Float_t GetMaxValAbs() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:115
virtual void SetDepthLocal(Float_t x)
Base-class implementation – just sets fDepth.
Definition: TEveCalo.h:226
void SetMaxTowerH(Float_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:111
bool GetHasFixedHeightIn2DMode() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:330
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:64
virtual void SetScaleAbs(Bool_t)
Set absolute scale in projected calorimeter.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:706
OpenGL renderer class for TEveCaloLego.
Bool_t GetRnrEndCapFrame() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:187
void SetDataSliceColor(Int_t slice, Color_t col)
Set slice color in data.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:129
void SetDrawNumberCellPixels(Int_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:346
Bool_t GetRnrBarrelFrame() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:188
virtual TEveElement * ForwardSelection()
Management of selection state and ownership of selected cell list is done in TEveCaloData.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:95
Char_t GetFrameTransparency() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:191
void SetPhiWithRng(Float_t x, Float_t r)
Set phi range.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:170
TEveCaloViz & operator=(const TEveCaloViz &)
E2DMode_e Get2DMode()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:328
int Int_t
Definition: CPyCppyy.h:43
void SetPhi(Float_t phi)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:140
Bool_t fNormalizeRebin
Definition: TEveCalo.h:276
Float_t GetPhiMax() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:145
Bool_t fRnrEndCapFrame
Definition: TEveCalo.h:166
Use this attribute class when an object should have 3D capabilities.
Definition: TAtt3D.h:19
Float_t GetForwardEndCapPos() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:102
TEveCaloLego(const TEveCaloLego &)
Float_t GetTransitionEtaBackward() const
Get transition eta between barrel and backward end-cap cells.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:227
Float_t fBarrelRadius
Definition: TEveCalo.h:50
void SetFixedHeightValIn2DMode(float x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:334
Float_t GetEndCapPos() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:101
TEveCaloViz(const TEveCaloViz &)
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:61
Float_t fFixedHeightValIn2DMode
Definition: TEveCalo.h:286
TEveCaloData::vCellId_t fCellList
Definition: TEveCalo.h:164
void SetPixelsPerBin(Int_t bw)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:316
void Set2DMode(E2DMode_e p)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:327
Float_t GetTransitionThetaBackward() const
Get transition angle between barrel and backward end-cap cells.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:219
Int_t fCellPixelFontSize
Definition: TEveCalo.h:289
Char_t fPlaneTransparency
Definition: TEveCalo.h:269
Int_t GetDrawNumberCellPixels()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:345
virtual void BuildCellIdCache()=0
virtual void UpdateProjection()
This is virtual method from base-class TEveProjected.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:536
void SetFrameTransparency(Char_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:190
Float_t fEndCapPosB
Definition: TEveCalo.h:52
void SetProjection(EProjection_e p)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:325
Float_t GetEtaRng() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:138
Float_t fMaxValAbs
Definition: TEveCalo.h:58
Bool_t fCellIdCacheOK
Definition: TEveCalo.h:40
virtual void ComputeBBox()
Fill bounding-box information of the base-class TAttBBox (virtual method).
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:837
Float_t fMaxESumBin
Definition: TEveCalo.h:221
void SetFontColor(Color_t ci)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:301
void SetBarrelRadius(Float_t r)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:100
Float_t GetEtaMin() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:136
void SetCellPixelFontSize(Int_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:348
std::vector< TEveCaloData::vCellId_t * > fCellListsSelected
Definition: TEveCalo.h:218
float GetFixedHeightValIn2DMode() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:333
void SetAutoRange(Bool_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:132
Double_t x[n]
Definition: legend1.C:17
void SetRnrEndCapFrame(Bool_t r)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:185
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:322
Visualization of a calorimeter event data in 2D.
Definition: TEveCalo.h:199
Bool_t GetValueIsColor() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:128
Int_t fPixelsPerBin
Definition: TEveCalo.h:275
EProjection_e GetProjection() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:324
EBoxMode_e fBoxMode
Definition: TEveCalo.h:280
The TNamed class is the base class for all named ROOT classes.
Definition: TNamed.h:29
Color_t GetGridColor() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:303
Bool_t fHasFixedHeightIn2DMode
Definition: TEveCalo.h:285
Float_t GetPhiMin() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:144
virtual void SetScaleAbs(Bool_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:84
Bool_t fAutoRebin
Definition: TEveCalo.h:274
Float_t fPlotEt
Definition: TEveCalo.h:54
static constexpr double s
Base-class for non-linear projections.
std::vector< CellId_t > vCellId_t
Definition: TEveCaloData.h:146
TEveRGBAPalette * GetPalette() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:124
Bool_t fAutoRange
Definition: TEveCalo.h:48
Float_t GetTransitionTheta() const
Get transition angle between barrel and end-cap cells, assuming fEndCapPosF = -fEndCapPosB.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:183
virtual ~TEveCaloViz()
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:78
Manager class for steering of projections and managing projected objects.
short Color_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:81
Bool_t GetScaleAbs() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:113
Float_t GetHPlaneVal() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:342
virtual void CellSelectionChanged()
Sort selected cells in eta or phi bins for selection and highlight.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:652
Float_t GetTransitionThetaForward() const
Get transition angle between barrel and forward end-cap cells.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:201
Double_t fEtaMin
Definition: TEveCalo.h:42
void SetDataSliceThreshold(Int_t slice, Float_t val)
Set threshold for given slice.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:113
void SetRnrFrame(Bool_t e, Bool_t b)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:183
TEveCalo2D(const TEveCalo2D &)
Float_t GetFrameWidth() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:181
Abstract base-class for non-linear projectable objects.
virtual ~TEveCalo2D()
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:507
Float_t fZAxisStep
Definition: TEveCalo.h:272
Bool_t fRnrBarrelFrame
Definition: TEveCalo.h:167
std::vector< TEveCaloData::vCellId_t * > fCellLists
Definition: TEveCalo.h:216
virtual void BuildCellIdCache()
Build list of drawn cell IDs. See TEveCalo3DGL::DirectDraw().
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:459
void SetRnrBarrelFrame(Bool_t r)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:186
ROOT::R::TRInterface & r
Definition: Object.C:4
virtual ~TEveCaloLego()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:295
void InvalidateCellIdCache()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:92
void SetBackwardEndCapPos(Float_t z)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:106
Float_t GetTransitionEtaForward() const
Get transition eta between barrel and forward end-cap cells.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:209
Float_t GetTransitionEta() const
Get transition eta between barrel and end-cap cells, assuming fEndCapPosF = -fEndCapPosB.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:191
Int_t GetCellPixelFontSize()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:347
OpenGL renderer class for TEveCalo2D.
Definition: TEveCalo2DGL.h:25
Color_t GetPlaneColor() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:306
const TEveCalo2D::vBinCells_t & GetBinLists() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:242
virtual void BuildCellIdCache()
Build lists of drawn cell IDs. See TEveCalo2DGL::DirecDraw().
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:559
OpenGL renderer class for TEveCalo3D.
Definition: TEveCalo3DGL.h:20
Bool_t GetPlotEt() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:108
virtual Float_t GetValToHeight() const
Virtual function of TEveCaloViz.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:716
void ResetBBox()
Definition: TAttBBox.h:46
TEveCaloData::vCellId_t fCellList
Definition: TEveCalo.h:264
virtual ~TEveCalo3D()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:177
GUI editor for TEveCaloEditor.
TClass instances represent classes, structs and namespaces in the ROOT type system.
Definition: TClass.h:80
Color_t GetFontColor() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:300
virtual void CellSelectionChanged()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:82
Int_t fDrawNumberCellPixels
Definition: TEveCalo.h:288
Int_t fNZSteps
Definition: TEveCalo.h:271
EProjection_e fProjection
Definition: TEveCalo.h:278
Double_t fPhi
Definition: TEveCalo.h:45
Char_t GetPlaneTransparency() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:309
void SetHPlaneVal(Float_t s)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:343
Char_t fFrameTransparency
Definition: TEveCalo.h:171
Float_t GetDataSliceThreshold(Int_t slice) const
Get threshold for given slice.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:86
void SetGridColor(Color_t ci)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:304
void CellSelectionChangedInternal(TEveCaloData::vCellId_t &cells, std::vector< TEveCaloData::vCellId_t *> &cellLists)
Sort selected cells in eta or phi bins.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:661
void SetPlaneTransparency(Char_t t)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:310
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:90
Visualization of calorimeter data as eta/phi histogram.
Definition: TEveCalo.h:249
void SetupColorHeight(Float_t value, Int_t slice, Float_t &height) const
Set color and height for a given value and slice using slice color or TEveRGBAPalette.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:415
Float_t GetBarrelRadius() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:99
#define d(i)
Definition: RSha256.hxx:102
Color_t fPlaneColor
Definition: TEveCalo.h:268
TEveCalo3D & operator=(const TEveCalo3D &)
std::vector< TEveCaloData::vCellId_t * >::iterator vBinCells_i
Definition: TEveCalo.h:206
double Double_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:57
std::vector< TEveCaloData::vCellId_t * > fCellListsHighlighted
Definition: TEveCalo.h:219
Float_t GetEtaMax() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:137
Bool_t fDrawHPlane
Definition: TEveCalo.h:282
virtual void ComputeBBox()
Fill bounding-box information of the base-class TAttBBox (virtual method).
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:740
TEveCalo2D & operator=(const TEveCalo2D &)
virtual void BuildCellIdCache()
Build list of drawn cell IDs. For more information see TEveCaloLegoGL:DirectDraw().
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:825
std::vector< TEveCaloData::vCellId_t * > vBinCells_t
Definition: TEveCalo.h:205
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t e
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
Base class for calorimeter data visualization.
Definition: TEveCalo.h:26
void DataChanged()
Update setting and cache on data changed.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:256
Bool_t CellInEtaPhiRng(TEveCaloData::CellData_t &) const
Returns true if given cell is in the ceta phi range.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:307
void SetFrameWidth(Float_t w)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:180
void SetValueIsColor(Bool_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:129
virtual void SetData(TEveCaloData *d)
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:817
Float_t fHPlaneVal
Definition: TEveCalo.h:283
void SetBoxMode(EBoxMode_e p)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:336
Double_t fPhiOffset
Definition: TEveCalo.h:46
Bool_t AssertCellIdCache() const
Assert cell id cache is ok.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:293
Bool_t GetAutoRebin() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:318
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t z
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
char Char_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:31
virtual TClass * ProjectedClass(const TEveProjection *p) const
Virtual from TEveProjectable, returns TEveCalo2D class.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:407
Float_t GetBackwardEndCapPos() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:103
Float_t GetMaxVal() const
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:159
Int_t GetPixelsPerBin() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:315
auto * l
Definition: textangle.C:4
EBoxMode_e GetBoxMode()
Definition: TEveCalo.h:337
Helper for management of bounding-box information.
Definition: TAttBBox.h:17
void SetPhiRng(Float_t rng)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:141
Float_t fFrameWidth
Definition: TEveCalo.h:169
Float_t GetPhiRng() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:146
void SetEndCapPos(Float_t z)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:104
void SetPlaneColor(Color_t ci)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:307
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Double_t b
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
Float_t fEndCapPosF
Definition: TEveCalo.h:51
Cell data inner structure.
Definition: TEveCaloData.h:114
Color_t GetDataSliceColor(Int_t slice) const
Get slice color from data.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:121
void SetDrawHPlane(Bool_t s)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:340
void AssignCaloVizParameters(TEveCaloViz *cv)
Assign parameters from given model.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:321
void SetAutoRebin(Bool_t s)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:319
Visualization of a calorimeter event data in 3D.
Definition: TEveCalo.h:156
void SetData(TEveCaloData *d)
Set calorimeter event data.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:239
TEveRGBAPalette * fPalette
Definition: TEveCalo.h:61
virtual void SetProjection(TEveProjectionManager *proj, TEveProjectable *model)
Set projection manager and model object.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:549
Color_t fFrameColor
Definition: TEveCalo.h:170
void SetMaxValAbs(Float_t x)
Definition: TEveCalo.h:114
TEveCaloLego & operator=(const TEveCaloLego &)
GL-overlay control GUI for TEveCaloLego.
TEveCaloData * fData
Definition: TEveCalo.h:39
Base class for TEveUtil visualization elements, providing hierarchy management, rendering control and...
Definition: TEveElement.h:33
const Int_t n
Definition: legend1.C:16
Bool_t GetAutoRange() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:131
Bool_t GetDrawHPlane() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:339
virtual Float_t GetValToHeight() const
Get transformation factor from E/Et to height.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:358
Float_t fMaxEtSumBin
Definition: TEveCalo.h:222
E2DMode_e f2DMode
Definition: TEveCalo.h:279
Bool_t fScaleAbs
Definition: TEveCalo.h:57
virtual void ComputeBBox()
Fill bounding-box information of the base-class TAttBBox (virtual method).
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:471
Double_t fEtaMax
Definition: TEveCalo.h:43
Int_t GetNZSteps() const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:312
void GetRnrFrame(Bool_t &e, Bool_t &b) const
Definition: TEveCalo.h:184
virtual TEveElement * ForwardEdit()
Management of selection state and ownership of selected cell list is done in TEveCaloData.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:105
virtual void Paint(Option_t *option="")
Paint this object. Only direct rendering is supported.
Definition: TEveCalo.cxx:396