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1 // @(#)root/base:$Id$
2 // Author: Rene Brun 08/12/94
4 /*************************************************************************
5  * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *
6  * All rights reserved. *
7  * *
8  * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE. *
9  * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS. *
10  *************************************************************************/
12 #ifndef ROOT_TROOT
13 #define ROOT_TROOT
16 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
17 // //
18 // TROOT //
19 // //
20 // The TROOT object is the entry point to the system. //
21 // The single instance of TROOT is accessible via the global gROOT. //
22 // Using the gROOT pointer one has access to basically every object //
23 // created in a ROOT based program. The TROOT object is essentially a //
24 // "dispatcher" with several lists pointing to the ROOT main objects. //
25 // //
26 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
28 #include "TDirectory.h"
29 #include "TList.h"
30 #include "RConfigure.h"
32 #include <atomic>
33 #include <string>
34 #include <vector>
36 class TClass;
37 class TCanvas;
38 class TColor;
39 class TDataType;
40 class TFile;
41 class TStyle;
42 class TVirtualPad;
43 class TApplication;
44 class TInterpreter;
45 class TBrowser;
46 class TGlobal;
47 class TFunction;
48 class TFolder;
49 class TPluginManager;
50 class TProcessUUID;
51 class TClassGenerator;
52 class TVirtualMutex;
53 class TROOT;
54 class TListOfDataMembers;
55 class TListOfEnums;
56 class TListOfFunctions;
58 class TFunctionTemplate;
63 namespace ROOT {
64 namespace Internal {
65  class TROOTAllocator;
67  TROOT *GetROOT2();
69  // Manage parallel branch processing
74  public:
77  };
79  // Manage parallel tree processing
84  public:
87  };
88 } } // End ROOT::Internal
90 namespace ROOT {
91  // Enable support for multi-threading within the ROOT code,
92  // in particular, enables the global mutex to make ROOT thread safe/aware.
93  void EnableThreadSafety();
94  /// \brief Enable ROOT's implicit multi-threading for all objects and methods that provide an internal
95  /// parallelisation mechanism.
96  void EnableImplicitMT(UInt_t numthreads = 0);
97  void DisableImplicitMT();
100 }
102 class TROOT : public TDirectory {
104 friend class TCling;
107 private:
108  Int_t fLineIsProcessing; //To synchronize multi-threads
110  static Int_t fgDirLevel; //Indentation level for ls()
111  static Bool_t fgRootInit; //Singleton initialization flag
112  static Bool_t fgMemCheck; //Turn on memory leak checker
114  TROOT(const TROOT&); //Not implemented
115  TROOT& operator=(const TROOT&); //Not implemented
117 protected:
118  typedef std::atomic<TListOfEnums*> AListOfEnums_t;
120  TString fConfigOptions; //ROOT ./configure set build options
121  TString fConfigFeatures; //ROOT ./configure detected build features
122  TString fVersion; //ROOT version (from CMZ VERSQQ) ex 0.05/01
123  Int_t fVersionInt; //ROOT version in integer format (501)
124  Int_t fVersionCode; //ROOT version code as used in RVersion.h
125  Int_t fVersionDate; //Date of ROOT version (ex 951226)
126  Int_t fVersionTime; //Time of ROOT version (ex 1152)
127  Int_t fBuiltDate; //Date of ROOT built
128  Int_t fBuiltTime; //Time of ROOT built
129  TString fGitCommit; //Git commit SHA1 of built
130  TString fGitBranch; //Git branch
131  TString fGitDate; //Date and time when make was run
132  Int_t fTimer; //Timer flag
133  std::atomic<TApplication*> fApplication; //Pointer to current application
134  TInterpreter *fInterpreter; //Command interpreter
135  Bool_t fBatch; //True if session without graphics
136  TString fWebDisplay; //If not empty it defines where web graphics should be rendered (cef, qt5, browser...)
137  Bool_t fIsWebDisplay; //True if session with graphics on web
138  Bool_t fIsWebDisplayBatch; //True if session with graphics on web and batch mode
139  Bool_t fEditHistograms; //True if histograms can be edited with the mouse
140  Bool_t fFromPopUp; //True if command executed from a popup menu
141  Bool_t fMustClean; //True if object destructor scans canvases
142  Bool_t fReadingObject; //True while reading an object [Deprecated (will be removed in next release)
143  Bool_t fForceStyle; //Force setting of current style when reading objects
144  Bool_t fInterrupt; //True if macro should be interrupted
145  Bool_t fEscape; //True if ESC has been pressed
146  Bool_t fExecutingMacro; //True while executing a TMacro
147  Int_t fEditorMode; //Current Editor mode
148  const TObject *fPrimitive; //Currently selected primitive
149  TVirtualPad *fSelectPad; //Currently selected pad
150  TCollection *fClasses; //List of classes definition
151  TCollection *fTypes; //List of data types definition
152  TListOfFunctionTemplates *fFuncTemplate; //List of global function templates
153  TListOfDataMembers*fGlobals; //List of global variables
154  TListOfFunctions*fGlobalFunctions; //List of global functions
155  TSeqCollection *fClosedObjects; //List of closed objects from the list of files and sockets, so we can delete them if neededCl.
156  TSeqCollection *fFiles; //List of files
157  TSeqCollection *fMappedFiles; //List of memory mapped files
158  TSeqCollection *fSockets; //List of network sockets
159  TSeqCollection *fCanvases; //List of canvases
160  TSeqCollection *fStyles; //List of styles
161  TCollection *fFunctions; //List of analytic functions
162  TSeqCollection *fTasks; //List of tasks
163  TSeqCollection *fColors; //List of colors
164  TSeqCollection *fGeometries; //List of geometries
165  TSeqCollection *fBrowsers; //List of browsers
166  TSeqCollection *fSpecials; //List of special objects
167  TSeqCollection *fCleanups; //List of recursiveRemove collections
168  TSeqCollection *fMessageHandlers; //List of message handlers
169  TSeqCollection *fStreamerInfo; //List of active StreamerInfo classes
170  TCollection *fClassGenerators; //List of user defined class generators;
171  TSeqCollection *fSecContexts; //List of security contexts (TSecContext)
172  TSeqCollection *fProofs; //List of proof sessions
173  TSeqCollection *fClipboard; //List of clipboard objects
174  TSeqCollection *fDataSets; //List of data sets (TDSet or TChain)
175  AListOfEnums_t fEnums; //List of enum types
176  TProcessUUID *fUUIDs; //Pointer to TProcessID managing TUUIDs
177  TFolder *fRootFolder; //top level folder //root
178  TList *fBrowsables; //List of browsables
179  TPluginManager *fPluginManager; //Keeps track of plugin library handlers
180  TString fCutClassName; //Name of default CutG class in graphics editor
181  TString fDefCanvasName; //Name of default canvas
183  TROOT(); //Only used by Dictionary
184  void InitSystem(); //Operating System interface
185  void InitThreads(); //Initialize threads library
186  void InitInterpreter(); //Initialize interpreter (cling)
187  void ReadGitInfo(); //Read Git commit SHA1 and branch name
188  void *operator new(size_t l) { return TObject::operator new(l); }
189  void *operator new(size_t l, void *ptr) { return TObject::operator new(l,ptr); }
191  friend class ::ROOT::Internal::TROOTAllocator;
195 public:
197  typedef std::vector<std::pair<std::string, int> > FwdDeclArgsToKeepCollection_t;
199  TROOT(const char *name, const char *title, VoidFuncPtr_t *initfunc = 0);
200  virtual ~TROOT();
201  void AddClass(TClass *cl);
203  virtual void Append(TObject *obj, Bool_t replace = kFALSE);
204  void Browse(TBrowser *b);
205  Bool_t ClassSaved(TClass *cl);
206  void CloseFiles();
207  void EndOfProcessCleanups();
208  virtual TObject *FindObject(const char *name) const;
209  virtual TObject *FindObject(const TObject *obj) const;
210  virtual TObject *FindObjectAny(const char *name) const;
211  virtual TObject *FindObjectAnyFile(const char *name) const;
212  TObject *FindSpecialObject(const char *name, void *&where);
213  const char *FindObjectClassName(const char *name) const;
214  const char *FindObjectPathName(const TObject *obj) const;
215  TClass *FindSTLClass(const char *name, Bool_t load, Bool_t silent = kFALSE) const;
216  void ForceStyle(Bool_t force = kTRUE) { fForceStyle = force; }
217  Bool_t FromPopUp() const { return fFromPopUp; }
221  TClass *GetClass(const char *name, Bool_t load = kTRUE, Bool_t silent = kFALSE) const;
222  TClass *GetClass(const std::type_info &typeinfo, Bool_t load = kTRUE, Bool_t silent = kFALSE) const;
223  TColor *GetColor(Int_t color) const;
224  const char *GetConfigOptions() const { return fConfigOptions; }
225  const char *GetConfigFeatures() const { return fConfigFeatures; }
226  const char *GetCutClassName() const { return fCutClassName; }
227  const char *GetDefCanvasName() const { return fDefCanvasName; }
229  Int_t GetEditorMode() const { return fEditorMode; }
230  Bool_t GetForceStyle() const { return fForceStyle; }
231  Int_t GetBuiltDate() const { return fBuiltDate; }
232  Int_t GetBuiltTime() const { return fBuiltTime; }
233  const char *GetGitCommit() const { return fGitCommit; }
234  const char *GetGitBranch() const { return fGitBranch; }
235  const char *GetGitDate();
236  Int_t GetVersionDate() const { return fVersionDate; }
237  Int_t GetVersionTime() const { return fVersionTime; }
238  Int_t GetVersionInt() const { return fVersionInt; }
239  Int_t GetVersionCode() const { return fVersionCode; }
240  const char *GetVersion() const { return fVersion; }
241  TCollection *GetListOfClasses() const { return fClasses; }
247  TSeqCollection *GetListOfFiles() const { return fFiles; }
253  TCollection *GetListOfFunctionOverloads(const char* name) const;
257  TSeqCollection *GetListOfTasks() const { return fTasks; }
268  TList *GetListOfBrowsables() const { return fBrowsables; }
269  TDataType *GetType(const char *name, Bool_t load = kFALSE) const;
270  TFile *GetFile() const { if (gDirectory != this) return gDirectory->GetFile(); else return 0;}
271  TFile *GetFile(const char *name) const;
273  TStyle *GetStyle(const char *name) const;
274  TObject *GetFunction(const char *name) const;
275  TGlobal *GetGlobal(const char *name, Bool_t load = kFALSE) const;
276  TGlobal *GetGlobal(const TObject *obj, Bool_t load = kFALSE) const;
277  TFunction *GetGlobalFunction(const char *name, const char *params = 0, Bool_t load = kFALSE);
278  TFunction *GetGlobalFunctionWithPrototype(const char *name, const char *proto = 0, Bool_t load = kFALSE);
279  TObject *GetGeometry(const char *name) const;
280  const TObject *GetSelectedPrimitive() const { return fPrimitive; }
281  TVirtualPad *GetSelectedPad() const { return fSelectPad; }
282  Int_t GetNclasses() const { return fClasses->GetSize(); }
283  Int_t GetNtypes() const { return fTypes->GetSize(); }
284  TFolder *GetRootFolder() const { return fRootFolder; }
285  TProcessUUID *GetUUIDs() const { return fUUIDs; }
286  const TString &GetWebDisplay() const { return fWebDisplay; }
287  void Idle(UInt_t idleTimeInSec, const char *command = 0);
288  Int_t IgnoreInclude(const char *fname, const char *expandedfname);
289  Bool_t IsBatch() const { return fBatch; }
291  Bool_t IsFolder() const { return kTRUE; }
292  Bool_t IsInterrupted() const { return fInterrupt; }
293  Bool_t IsEscaped() const { return fEscape; }
295  Bool_t IsProofServ() const { return fName == "proofserv" ? kTRUE : kFALSE; }
296  Bool_t IsRootFile(const char *filename) const;
297  Bool_t IsWebDisplay() const { return fIsWebDisplay; }
299  void ls(Option_t *option = "") const;
300  Int_t LoadClass(const char *classname, const char *libname, Bool_t check = kFALSE);
301  TClass *LoadClass(const char *name, Bool_t silent = kFALSE) const;
302  Int_t LoadMacro(const char *filename, Int_t *error = 0, Bool_t check = kFALSE);
303  Long_t Macro(const char *filename, Int_t *error = 0, Bool_t padUpdate = kTRUE);
304  TCanvas *MakeDefCanvas() const;
305  void Message(Int_t id, const TObject *obj);
306  Bool_t MustClean() const { return fMustClean; }
307  Long_t ProcessLine(const char *line, Int_t *error = 0);
308  Long_t ProcessLineSync(const char *line, Int_t *error = 0);
309  Long_t ProcessLineFast(const char *line, Int_t *error = 0);
310  Bool_t ReadingObject() const;
311  void RecursiveRemove(TObject *obj);
312  void RefreshBrowsers();
313  static void RegisterModule(const char* modulename,
314  const char** headers,
315  const char** includePaths,
316  const char* payLoadCode,
317  const char* fwdDeclCode,
318  void (*triggerFunc)(),
319  const FwdDeclArgsToKeepCollection_t& fwdDeclsArgToSkip,
320  const char** classesHeaders,
321  bool hasCxxModule = false);
323  void RemoveClass(TClass *);
324  void Reset(Option_t *option="");
325  void SaveContext();
327  void SetBatch(Bool_t batch = kTRUE) { fBatch = batch; }
328  void SetWebDisplay(const char *webdisplay);
329  void SetCutClassName(const char *name = "TCutG");
330  void SetDefCanvasName(const char *name = "c1") { fDefCanvasName = name; }
332  void SetEditorMode(const char *mode = "");
334  void SetFromPopUp(Bool_t flag = kTRUE) { fFromPopUp = flag; }
335  void SetInterrupt(Bool_t flag = kTRUE) { fInterrupt = flag; }
336  void SetEscape(Bool_t flag = kTRUE) { fEscape = flag; }
339  void SetReadingObject(Bool_t flag = kTRUE);
340  void SetMustClean(Bool_t flag = kTRUE) { fMustClean=flag; }
341  void SetSelectedPrimitive(const TObject *obj) { fPrimitive = obj; }
342  void SetSelectedPad(TVirtualPad *pad) { fSelectPad = pad; }
343  void SetStyle(const char *stylename = "Default");
344  void Time(Int_t casetime=1) { fTimer = casetime; }
345  Int_t Timer() const { return fTimer; }
347  //---- static functions
348  static Int_t DecreaseDirLevel();
349  static Int_t GetDirLevel();
350  static const char *GetMacroPath();
351  static void SetMacroPath(const char *newpath);
352  static Int_t IncreaseDirLevel();
353  static void IndentLevel();
354  static void Initialize();
355  static Bool_t Initialized();
356  static Bool_t MemCheck();
357  static void SetDirLevel(Int_t level = 0);
358  static Int_t ConvertVersionCode2Int(Int_t code);
360  static Int_t RootVersionCode();
361  static const std::vector<std::string> &AddExtraInterpreterArgs(const std::vector<std::string> &args);
362  static const char**&GetExtraInterpreterArgs();
364  static const TString& GetRootSys();
365  static const TString& GetBinDir();
366  static const TString& GetLibDir();
367  static const TString& GetIncludeDir();
368  static const TString& GetEtcDir();
369  static const TString& GetDataDir();
370  static const TString& GetDocDir();
371  static const TString& GetMacroDir();
372  static const TString& GetTutorialDir();
373  static const TString& GetSourceDir();
374  static const TString& GetIconPath();
375  static const TString& GetTTFFontDir();
377  // Backward compatibility function - do not use for new code
378  static const char *GetTutorialsDir();
379  static void ShutDown();
381  ClassDef(TROOT,0) //Top level (or root) structure for all classes
382 };
385 namespace ROOT {
386  TROOT *GetROOT();
387  namespace Internal {
390  inline void SetRequireCleanup(TObject &obj) {
391  obj.SetBit(kIsReferenced);
392  obj.SetUniqueID(0);
393  }
396  return obj.TestBit(kIsReferenced) && obj.GetUniqueID() == 0;
397  }
398  }
400  /// \brief call RecursiveRemove for obj if gROOT is valid
401  /// and obj.TestBit(kMustCleanup) is true.
402  /// Note: this reset the kMustCleanup bit to allow
403  /// harmless multiple call to this function.
405  {
406  if (obj.TestBit(kMustCleanup)) {
408  if (root && root != &obj && (root->MustClean() || Internal::RequiresCleanup(obj))) {
409  root->RecursiveRemove(&obj);
410  obj.ResetBit(kMustCleanup);
411  }
412  }
413  }
414 }
415 #define gROOT (ROOT::GetROOT())
417 #endif
TSeqCollection * fStreamerInfo
Definition: TROOT.h:169
const char * FindObjectPathName(const TObject *obj) const
Return path name of obj somewhere in the //root/...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1466
Bool_t fExecutingMacro
Definition: TROOT.h:146
void SetSelectedPad(TVirtualPad *pad)
Definition: TROOT.h:342
void AddClass(TClass *cl)
Add a class to the list and map of classes.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1042
virtual UInt_t GetUniqueID() const
Return the unique object id.
Definition: TObject.cxx:374
TListOfFunctionTemplates * fFuncTemplate
Definition: TROOT.h:152
UInt_t GetImplicitMTPoolSize()
Returns the size of the pool used for implicit multi-threading.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:617
static const TString & GetTTFFontDir()
Get the fonts directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3124
Int_t GetNtypes() const
Definition: TROOT.h:283
const TObject * GetSelectedPrimitive() const
Definition: TROOT.h:280
A TFolder object is a collection of objects and folders.
Definition: TFolder.h:30
TCanvas * MakeDefCanvas() const
Return a default canvas.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1547
Bool_t GetForceStyle() const
Definition: TROOT.h:230
A collection of TDataMember objects designed for fast access given a DeclId_t and for keep track of T...
TList * GetListOfBrowsables() const
Definition: TROOT.h:268
This class defines an abstract interface to a generic command line interpreter.
Definition: TInterpreter.h:60
static Int_t DecreaseDirLevel()
Decrease the indentation level for ls().
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2725
TFolder * fRootFolder
Definition: TROOT.h:177
Bool_t IsWebDisplay() const
Definition: TROOT.h:297
void SetDefCanvasName(const char *name="c1")
Definition: TROOT.h:330
TSeqCollection * GetListOfMappedFiles() const
Definition: TROOT.h:248
TCollection * GetListOfEnums(Bool_t load=kFALSE)
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1736
ROOT top level object description.
Definition: TROOT.h:102
static const TString & GetMacroDir()
Get the macro directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3029
This class is a specialized TProcessID managing the list of UUIDs.
Definition: TProcessUUID.h:32
TSeqCollection * fProofs
Definition: TROOT.h:172
static const TString & GetTutorialDir()
Get the tutorials directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3050
Bool_t IsEscaped() const
Definition: TROOT.h:293
void RemoveClass(TClass *)
Remove a class from the list and map of classes.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2607
TCollection * GetListOfGlobalFunctions(Bool_t load=kFALSE)
Return list containing the TFunctions currently defined.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1808
void SetLineIsProcessing()
Definition: TROOT.h:337
Int_t LoadMacro(const char *filename, Int_t *error=0, Bool_t check=kFALSE)
Load a macro in the interpreter&#39;s memory.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2241
Returns the available number of logical cores.
Definition: StringConv.hxx:21
TSeqCollection * GetListOfCleanups() const
Definition: TROOT.h:258
TCollection * GetListOfClasses() const
Definition: TROOT.h:241
static const char **& GetExtraInterpreterArgs()
INTERNAL function! Used by rootcling to inject interpreter arguments through a C-interface layer...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2908
TLine * line
void CallRecursiveRemoveIfNeeded(TObject &obj)
call RecursiveRemove for obj if gROOT is valid and obj.TestBit(kMustCleanup) is true.
Definition: TROOT.h:404
TSeqCollection * fGeometries
Definition: TROOT.h:164
TCollection * GetListOfClassGenerators() const
Definition: TROOT.h:261
const char Option_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:62
Dictionary for function template This class describes one single function template.
void DisableImplicitMT()
Disables the implicit multi-threading in ROOT (see EnableImplicitMT).
Definition: TROOT.cxx:596
A collection of TFunction objects designed for fast access given a DeclId_t and for keep track of TFu...
static const TString & GetIconPath()
Get the icon path in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3103
Int_t fVersionDate
Definition: TROOT.h:125
void SetExecutingMacro(Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:333
Int_t GetVersionInt() const
Definition: TROOT.h:238
Bool_t fForceStyle
Definition: TROOT.h:143
Bool_t ReadingObject() const
Deprecated (will be removed in next release).
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2439
static Int_t RootVersionCode()
Return ROOT version code as defined in RVersion.h.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2887
Bool_t IsFolder() const
Returns kTRUE in case object contains browsable objects (like containers or lists of other objects)...
Definition: TROOT.h:291
static Bool_t MemCheck()
Return kTRUE if the memory leak checker is on.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2852
TProcessUUID * GetUUIDs() const
Definition: TROOT.h:285
A ROOT file is a suite of consecutive data records (TKey instances) with a well defined format...
Definition: TFile.h:48
TString fVersion
Definition: TROOT.h:122
static void RegisterModule(const char *modulename, const char **headers, const char **includePaths, const char *payLoadCode, const char *fwdDeclCode, void(*triggerFunc)(), const FwdDeclArgsToKeepCollection_t &fwdDeclsArgToSkip, const char **classesHeaders, bool hasCxxModule=false)
Called by static dictionary initialization to register clang modules for headers. ...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2514
const char * GetConfigFeatures() const
Definition: TROOT.h:225
This class implements a mutex interface.
Definition: TVirtualMutex.h:34
void DisableParTreeProcessing()
Globally disables the IMT use case of parallel branch processing, deactivating the corresponding lock...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:481
void InitInterpreter()
Initialize the interpreter.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2037
Bool_t IsImplicitMTEnabled()
Returns true if the implicit multi-threading in ROOT is enabled.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:610
Int_t GetVersionDate() const
Definition: TROOT.h:236
static void Initialize()
Initialize ROOT explicitly.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2837
Definition: TROOT.cxx:383
R__ALWAYS_INLINE Bool_t TestBit(UInt_t f) const
Definition: TObject.h:172
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:131
void RefreshBrowsers()
Refresh all browsers.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2491
int Int_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:41
bool Bool_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:59
R__EXTERN TVirtualMutex * gROOTMutex
Definition: TROOT.h:59
static const TString & GetRootSys()
Get the rootsys directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2925
Int_t fVersionCode
Definition: TROOT.h:124
Int_t GetBuiltDate() const
Definition: TROOT.h:231
void Reset(Option_t *option="")
Delete all global interpreter objects created since the last call to Reset.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2630
const char * GetCutClassName() const
Definition: TROOT.h:226
std::atomic< TApplication * > fApplication
Definition: TROOT.h:133
void SetStyle(const char *stylename="Default")
Change current style to style with name stylename.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2709
TDataType * GetType(const char *name, Bool_t load=kFALSE) const
Return pointer to type with name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1555
TCollection * GetListOfGlobals(Bool_t load=kFALSE)
Return list containing the TGlobals currently defined.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1770
TString fGitCommit
Definition: TROOT.h:129
TStyle * GetStyle(const char *name) const
Return pointer to style with name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1572
const char * GetDefCanvasName() const
Definition: TROOT.h:227
void ls(Option_t *option="") const
To list all objects of the application.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2223
Int_t GetVersionCode() const
Definition: TROOT.h:239
Bool_t FromPopUp() const
Definition: TROOT.h:217
static const TString & GetIncludeDir()
Get the include directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2977
void SetBatch(Bool_t batch=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:327
TObject * Remove(TObject *)
Remove an object from the in-memory list.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2597
void ForceStyle(Bool_t force=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:216
void SetBit(UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
Set or unset the user status bits as specified in f.
Definition: TObject.cxx:693
TString fCutClassName
Definition: TROOT.h:180
static const char * GetTutorialsDir()
Get the tutorials directory in the installation.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3146
TListOfFunctions * GetGlobalFunctions()
Internal routine returning, and creating if necessary, the list of global function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1645
static Int_t fgDirLevel
Definition: TROOT.h:110
static const char * GetMacroPath()
Get macro search path. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2741
TInterpreter * fInterpreter
Definition: TROOT.h:134
TROOT & operator=(const TROOT &)
const char * GetGitDate()
Return date/time make was run.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2453
AListOfEnums_t fEnums
Definition: TROOT.h:175
TObject * GetFunction(const char *name) const
Return pointer to function with name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1580
TSeqCollection * fMappedFiles
Definition: TROOT.h:157
Sequenceable collection abstract base class.
static const std::vector< std::string > & AddExtraInterpreterArgs(const std::vector< std::string > &args)
Provide command line arguments to the interpreter construction.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2898
Int_t fVersionInt
Definition: TROOT.h:123
#define ClassDef(name, id)
Definition: Rtypes.h:326
Bool_t IsParTreeProcessingEnabled()
Returns true if parallel tree processing is enabled.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:494
void SetEditorMode(const char *mode="")
Set editor mode.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2683
TSeqCollection * fCleanups
Definition: TROOT.h:167
Int_t fEditorMode
Definition: TROOT.h:147
Bool_t fMustClean
Definition: TROOT.h:141
static Bool_t Initialized()
Return kTRUE if the TROOT object has been initialized.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2844
void EndOfProcessCleanups()
Execute the cleanups necessary at the end of the process, in particular those that must be executed b...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1244
void SetEscape(Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:336
static Bool_t fgRootInit
Definition: TROOT.h:111
virtual TObject * FindObjectAny(const char *name) const
Return a pointer to the first object with name starting at //root.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1419
Long_t ProcessLineSync(const char *line, Int_t *error=0)
Process interpreter command via TApplication::ProcessLine().
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2363
TSeqCollection * GetListOfSpecials() const
Definition: TROOT.h:256
void Message(Int_t id, const TObject *obj)
Process message id called by obj.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2323
void EnableParTreeProcessing()
Globally enables the parallel tree processing, which is a case of implicit multi-threading in ROOT...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:465
TPluginManager * GetPluginManager() const
Definition: TROOT.h:218
static const TString & GetDocDir()
Get the documentation directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3013
const char * GetConfigOptions() const
Definition: TROOT.h:224
Bool_t IsLineProcessing() const
Definition: TROOT.h:294
TCollection * GetListOfFunctionTemplates()
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1753
void SetFromPopUp(Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:334
void SetMustClean(Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:340
void SaveContext()
Save the current interpreter context.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2650
Bool_t IsInterrupted() const
Definition: TROOT.h:292
Int_t GetNclasses() const
Definition: TROOT.h:282
TCollection * GetListOfFunctionOverloads(const char *name) const
Return the collection of functions named "name".
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1654
TString fWebDisplay
Definition: TROOT.h:136
TSeqCollection * fClipboard
Definition: TROOT.h:173
This class defines an interface to the cling C++ interpreter.
Definition: TCling.h:99
TVirtualPad is an abstract base class for the Pad and Canvas classes.
Definition: TVirtualPad.h:50
TCollection * GetListOfFunctions() const
Definition: TROOT.h:252
TSeqCollection * GetListOfClosedObjects() const
Definition: TROOT.h:246
Bool_t fEscape
Definition: TROOT.h:145
TSeqCollection * fFiles
Definition: TROOT.h:156
TSeqCollection * GetListOfGeometries() const
Definition: TROOT.h:254
void EnableImplicitMT(UInt_t numthreads=0)
Enable ROOT&#39;s implicit multi-threading for all objects and methods that provide an internal paralleli...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:579
virtual void SetUniqueID(UInt_t uid)
Set the unique object id.
Definition: TObject.cxx:704
TCollection * fClasses
Definition: TROOT.h:150
A doubly linked list.
Definition: TList.h:44
Long_t Macro(const char *filename, Int_t *error=0, Bool_t padUpdate=kTRUE)
Execute a macro in the interpreter.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2289
TStyle objects may be created to define special styles.
Definition: TStyle.h:27
Definition: TROOT.h:388
Bool_t fEditHistograms
Definition: TROOT.h:139
Using a TBrowser one can browse all ROOT objects.
Definition: TBrowser.h:37
Bool_t ClassSaved(TClass *cl)
return class status bit kClassSaved for class cl This function is called by the SavePrimitive functio...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1092
Int_t fVersionTime
Definition: TROOT.h:126
void Time(Int_t casetime=1)
Definition: TROOT.h:344
TClass * GetClass(const char *name, Bool_t load=kTRUE, Bool_t silent=kFALSE) const
Return pointer to class with name. Obsolete, use TClass::GetClass directly.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1511
static Bool_t fgMemCheck
Definition: TROOT.h:112
Bool_t IsParBranchProcessingEnabled()
Returns true if parallel branch processing is enabled.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:445
TSeqCollection * fDataSets
Definition: TROOT.h:174
TSeqCollection * fMessageHandlers
Definition: TROOT.h:168
void Browse(TBrowser *b)
Add browsable objects to TBrowser.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1073
void AddClassGenerator(TClassGenerator *gen)
Add a class generator.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1052
TString fDefCanvasName
Definition: TROOT.h:181
void SetCutClassName(const char *name="TCutG")
Set the default graphical cut class name for the graphics editor By default the graphics editor creat...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2662
TGlobal * GetGlobal(const char *name, Bool_t load=kFALSE) const
Return pointer to global variable by name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1613
Bool_t MustClean() const
Definition: TROOT.h:306
Basic data type descriptor (datatype information is obtained from CINT).
Definition: TDataType.h:44
TFolder * GetRootFolder() const
Definition: TROOT.h:284
TPluginManager * fPluginManager
Definition: TROOT.h:179
std::atomic< TListOfEnums * > AListOfEnums_t
Definition: TROOT.h:118
TString fGitBranch
Definition: TROOT.h:130
TSeqCollection * GetListOfCanvases() const
Definition: TROOT.h:250
TSeqCollection * GetListOfDataSets() const
Definition: TROOT.h:265
TSeqCollection * fSecContexts
Definition: TROOT.h:171
Collection abstract base class.
Definition: TCollection.h:63
void(* VoidFuncPtr_t)()
Definition: Rtypes.h:77
TSeqCollection * GetListOfSecContexts() const
Definition: TROOT.h:262
static Int_t ConvertVersionCode2Int(Int_t code)
Convert version code to an integer, i.e. 331527 -> 51507.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2868
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:42
void ReadGitInfo()
Read Git commit information and branch name from the etc/gitinfo.txt file.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2402
void SetApplication(TApplication *app)
Definition: TROOT.h:326
void SetWebDisplay(const char *webdisplay)
Specify where web graphics shall be rendered.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2793
virtual TObject * FindObject(const char *name) const
Returns address of a ROOT object if it exists.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1306
TObject * GetGeometry(const char *name) const
Return pointer to Geometry with name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1729
Bool_t RequiresCleanup(TObject &obj)
Definition: TROOT.h:395
This class implements a plugin library manager.
static const TString & GetSourceDir()
Get the source directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3082
Int_t LoadClass(const char *classname, const char *libname, Bool_t check=kFALSE)
Check if class "classname" is known to the interpreter (in fact, this check is not needed anymore...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2156
Objects following this interface can be passed onto the TROOT object to implement a user customized w...
static void IndentLevel()
Functions used by ls() to indent an object hierarchy.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2829
TClass instances represent classes, structs and namespaces in the ROOT type system.
Definition: TClass.h:75
virtual void Append(TObject *obj, Bool_t replace=kFALSE)
Append object to this directory.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1064
TFile * GetFile() const
Definition: TROOT.h:270
Int_t GetBuiltTime() const
Definition: TROOT.h:232
Int_t GetEditorMode() const
Definition: TROOT.h:229
Global variables class (global variables are obtained from CINT).
Definition: TGlobal.h:28
Definition: TROOT.cxx:519
Bool_t IsRootFile(const char *filename) const
Return true if the file is local and is (likely) to be a ROOT file.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2203
TString fName
Definition: TNamed.h:32
Bool_t GetEditHistograms() const
Definition: TROOT.h:228
Int_t Timer() const
Definition: TROOT.h:345
void InitSystem()
Initialize operating system interface.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1945
TInterpreter * GetInterpreter() const
Definition: TROOT.h:220
TSeqCollection * fSpecials
Definition: TROOT.h:166
const Bool_t kFALSE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:88
TString fGitDate
Definition: TROOT.h:131
static void SetDirLevel(Int_t level=0)
Return Indentation level for ls().
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2860
long Long_t
Definition: RtypesCore.h:50
The Canvas class.
Definition: TCanvas.h:27
Bool_t IsExecutingMacro() const
Definition: TROOT.h:290
TSeqCollection * GetListOfColors() const
Definition: TROOT.h:242
TListOfFunctions * fGlobalFunctions
Definition: TROOT.h:154
Long_t ProcessLine(const char *line, Int_t *error=0)
Process interpreter command via TApplication::ProcessLine().
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2343
Bool_t IsWebDisplayBatch() const
Definition: TROOT.h:298
TSeqCollection * fCanvases
Definition: TROOT.h:159
TSeqCollection * GetListOfSockets() const
Definition: TROOT.h:249
TVirtualPad * GetSelectedPad() const
Definition: TROOT.h:281
void EnableThreadSafety()
Enables the global mutex to make ROOT thread safe/aware.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:548
TFunction * GetGlobalFunctionWithPrototype(const char *name, const char *proto=0, Bool_t load=kFALSE)
Return pointer to global function by name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1700
void SetReadingObject(Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2444
void SetEditHistograms(Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:331
TString fConfigOptions
Definition: TROOT.h:120
void InitThreads()
Load and initialize thread library.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2026
void RecursiveRemove(TObject *obj)
Recursively remove this object from the list of Cleanups.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2477
Describe directory structure in memory.
Definition: TDirectory.h:34
TSeqCollection * GetListOfStyles() const
Definition: TROOT.h:251
TSeqCollection * GetListOfFiles() const
Definition: TROOT.h:247
static const TString & GetEtcDir()
Get the sysconfig directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2987
Int_t GetVersionTime() const
Definition: TROOT.h:237
Bool_t fFromPopUp
Definition: TROOT.h:140
Int_t fTimer
Definition: TROOT.h:132
void EnableParBranchProcessing()
Globally enables the parallel branch processing, which is a case of implicit multi-threading (IMT) in...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:416
Bool_t fBatch
Definition: TROOT.h:135
Long_t ProcessLineFast(const char *line, Int_t *error=0)
Process interpreter command directly via CINT interpreter.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2380
void CloseFiles()
Close any files and sockets that gROOT knows about.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1166
virtual ~TROOT()
Clean up and free resources used by ROOT (files, network sockets, shared memory segments, etc.).
Definition: TROOT.cxx:904
The color creation and management class.
Definition: TColor.h:19
TSeqCollection * fStyles
Definition: TROOT.h:160
void SetInterrupt(Bool_t flag=kTRUE)
Definition: TROOT.h:335
Bool_t fReadingObject
Definition: TROOT.h:142
TSeqCollection * GetListOfStreamerInfo() const
Definition: TROOT.h:259
TCollection * fClassGenerators
Definition: TROOT.h:170
const char * GetGitCommit() const
Definition: TROOT.h:233
Int_t IgnoreInclude(const char *fname, const char *expandedfname)
Return 1 if the name of the given include file corresponds to a class that is known to ROOT...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1895
static Int_t GetDirLevel()
return directory level
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2733
Bool_t IsProofServ() const
Definition: TROOT.h:295
Int_t fBuiltTime
Definition: TROOT.h:128
Mother of all ROOT objects.
Definition: TObject.h:37
Global functions class (global functions are obtained from CINT).
Definition: TFunction.h:28
Bool_t fIsWebDisplay
Definition: TROOT.h:137
TFunction * GetGlobalFunction(const char *name, const char *params=0, Bool_t load=kFALSE)
Return pointer to global function by name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1667
std::vector< std::pair< std::string, int > > FwdDeclArgsToKeepCollection_t
Definition: TROOT.h:197
static Int_t ConvertVersionInt2Code(Int_t v)
Convert version as an integer to version code as used in RVersion.h.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2876
Bool_t IsBatch() const
Definition: TROOT.h:289
#define R__EXTERN
Definition: DllImport.h:27
static Int_t IncreaseDirLevel()
Increase the indentation level for ls().
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2821
TCollection * GetListOfTypes(Bool_t load=kFALSE)
Return a dynamic list giving access to all TDataTypes (typedefs) currently defined.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1847
static const TString & GetDataDir()
Get the data directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2997
Int_t fBuiltDate
Definition: TROOT.h:127
const char * GetGitBranch() const
Definition: TROOT.h:234
TFunctionTemplate * GetFunctionTemplate(const char *name)
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1600
TColor * GetColor(Int_t color) const
Return address of color with index color.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1529
Bool_t fIsWebDisplayBatch
Definition: TROOT.h:138
TCollection * fFunctions
Definition: TROOT.h:161
A collection of TEnum objects designed for fast access given a DeclId_t and for keep track of TEnum t...
Definition: TListOfEnums.h:32
const char * FindObjectClassName(const char *name) const
Returns class name of a ROOT object including CINT globals.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1446
static void SetMacroPath(const char *newpath)
Set or extend the macro search path.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2767
auto * l
Definition: textangle.C:4
TListOfDataMembers * fGlobals
Definition: TROOT.h:153
static const TString & GetLibDir()
Get the library directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2956
TSeqCollection * fClosedObjects
Definition: TROOT.h:155
TClass * FindSTLClass(const char *name, Bool_t load, Bool_t silent=kFALSE) const
return a TClass object corresponding to &#39;name&#39; assuming it is an STL container.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1477
TSeqCollection * GetClipboard() const
Definition: TROOT.h:264
you should not use this method at all Int_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Int_t Double_t Double_t Double_t Double_t b
Definition: TRolke.cxx:630
Int_t fLineIsProcessing
Definition: TROOT.h:108
TSeqCollection * fTasks
Definition: TROOT.h:162
TSeqCollection * fColors
Definition: TROOT.h:163
TCollection * fTypes
Definition: TROOT.h:151
const char * proto
Definition: civetweb.c:16604
void SetSelectedPrimitive(const TObject *obj)
Definition: TROOT.h:341
TSeqCollection * fBrowsers
Definition: TROOT.h:165
static void ShutDown()
Shut down ROOT.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:3071
TSeqCollection * GetListOfProofs() const
Definition: TROOT.h:263
#define gDirectory
Definition: TDirectory.h:223
static const TString & GetBinDir()
Get the binary directory in the installation. Static utility function.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:2935
virtual TObject * FindObjectAnyFile(const char *name) const
Scan the memory lists of all files for an object with name.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1429
void ResetBit(UInt_t f)
Definition: TObject.h:171
This class creates the ROOT Application Environment that interfaces to the windowing system eventloop...
Definition: TApplication.h:39
TList * fBrowsables
Definition: TROOT.h:178
A collection of TFunction objects designed for fast access given a DeclId_t and for keep track of TFu...
TSeqCollection * fSockets
Definition: TROOT.h:158
TObject * FindSpecialObject(const char *name, void *&where)
Returns address and folder of a ROOT object if it exists.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1360
virtual Int_t GetSize() const
Return the capacity of the collection, i.e.
Definition: TCollection.h:182
Bool_t fInterrupt
Definition: TROOT.h:144
TSeqCollection * GetListOfMessageHandlers() const
Definition: TROOT.h:260
void Idle(UInt_t idleTimeInSec, const char *command=0)
Execute command when system has been idle for idleTimeInSec seconds.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:1859
TSeqCollection * GetListOfBrowsers() const
Definition: TROOT.h:255
const Bool_t kTRUE
Definition: RtypesCore.h:87
void SetLineHasBeenProcessed()
Definition: TROOT.h:338
char name[80]
Definition: TGX11.cxx:109
TString fConfigFeatures
Definition: TROOT.h:121
TProcessUUID * fUUIDs
Definition: TROOT.h:176
TSeqCollection * GetListOfTasks() const
Definition: TROOT.h:257
void DisableParBranchProcessing()
Globally disables the IMT use case of parallel branch processing, deactivating the corresponding lock...
Definition: TROOT.cxx:432
const TObject * fPrimitive
Definition: TROOT.h:148
void SetRequireCleanup(TObject &obj)
Definition: TROOT.h:390
TVirtualPad * fSelectPad
Definition: TROOT.h:149
const TString & GetWebDisplay() const
Definition: TROOT.h:286
TApplication * GetApplication() const
Definition: TROOT.h:219
const char * GetVersion() const
Definition: TROOT.h:240
Default ctor.
Definition: TROOT.cxx:647